Love Song for Two [Human] Voices. An orchid grows patiently under a tree.

It grows more and more like the female of a certain species of wasp. The orchid is a confidence trickster about to perpetuate a cruel trick on the male of this certain species of wasp. However, it is possible the male will not notice the deception or perhaps will not care particularly – this is often a characteristic of the male of any species. But I wonder how does the orchid feel? Perhaps she soon comes to believe she is a wasp and not, after all, a flower. Does she believe in the secret night of the erotic dreams of an orchid that the sexual encounter she is planning with the wasp will cause her wings to flutter, to move slowly and begin to propel her through the air. Does she believe her small vegetable womb will bear free creatures with wings who will fly with their father? Does the male wasp, holding her tightly, thrusting deep inside her brightly coloured flower cunt, encourage her in these thoughts? Does he notice or does he believe the alchemy of his fucking will transform his lover into flight? Perhaps none of these thoughts troubled him; her thoughts, her aspirations of flight and freedom. He already thought, because he hadn’t thought; that she, a creature the same as he, was resting quietly on the upper most surface of the plant – peaceful, sleeping, erotic wasp woman.

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