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Jedi Power Battles Gba

Jedi Power Battles Gba

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tutorial for the jedi powers battles game for gameboy advance
tutorial for the jedi powers battles game for gameboy advance

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Published by: Edward Andres Loaiza Pedroza on Apr 13, 2013
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Jedi Power Battles monkeydance994 (Chapel Collins) Version 1.

11 Table o' Contents Version History Intro Story Controls Walkthrough Tips and Tricks Legal Stuff =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= Version 1.10 = Added the last three levels to the guide, along with the tips and tricks. Version 1.11 = Corrected little mistakes here and there. Added borders. Version 1.12 = Added more borders and a few words here and there =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= Welcome to my first FAQ for Jedi Power Battles for GBA. This is NOT a gr eat game and I hope you never buy it. But if you have and want help, here it is. ========= Controls ========= _______________________________________________ L/ \R / \ / ____________________ \ | Control | | | | || Pad | | | | || | | --- |

An evil Sith Lord is tr ying to (of course) take over the galaxy.| === === | Screen | -.B -.| | || | | --| | || | | -.| | === === | | --. Good luck! =========== Walkthrough =========== -----------------------------Level 1: Trade Federation Ship ------------------------------ . You have to stop him.A -| | | | --| | | | | \ |__________________| / \ / \_______________________________________________/ + Pad = Move A Button = Attack B Button = Jump L Button = Special Attack R Button = Block (press right before laser hits to send back at shooter) START = Pause/Start Menu =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= ===== Story ===== This game follows the story of the Phantom Manace.

Pick a bridge and head into the platforms. Run straight down the conveyor belt killing droids as you go. Don't move up or down. Look for the yellow ended sections and jump across those. Run through this room and kill the droids. Go through the door in the second hallway. This is the hardest room ever. then deflect their shots. The next room has lots of crates. a nd without moving up or down. Run to the ramp and kill the droids. two Droidekas will come out. Go down the hall killin g droids. go into the next room. When you get to the end. Be VERY careful. then turn left again and go through the door. and jump from the moving things to the platforms until you reach the end of the room. Then go up the ramp and jump on to the conveyor belt. as jump ing in this game is retarted. Stand as close to the yellow mark at the end o f the platform as you can. then the next hallway and kill those droids. Follow the hallway and kill these droids. up the ramp . The next room has little platforms you have to jump on. most of the hard part is over. Done with that? Good. Run through killing the droids. Jump to the first. When they are dead.Walk out and kill the droids. Stand back a nd wait for them to shoot at you. When you get to the end. continue to jump across the platforms until you get to the next room. Then go up turn left. head up and through the door. I hate these next rooms.

DO NOT MOVE UP OR DOWN ONCE YOU ARE . Block the lasers back at the ship and it will eventually die. Then go through the door. Watch in horror as the boss comes up. or just press block really really fast and hope it will go back. it'll start shooting. The next area has a bunch of mushrooms and a tree. Grab th items on the elevator and wait for it to get to the top. Go down the little hills and ge t the health. -----------------------Level 2: Swamps of Naboo -----------------------Follow the path down. Double jump until you land on it. giving the droids what they deserve. Walk around on the different platforms getting the items. and th en out the end. killing all in your way. Then exit. Then go down once again. Walk down this short path and kill the droids. I either pay incredible attention to the pattern and then block. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= B O S S F I G H T: Droid Starfighter =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The ship will bob up and down then shoot.s. destroying t he droids. Follow the path. Then head right. and into the next room. Kill droids. Walk under the first mushroom. Turn and go up at the bottom. After it bobs down 6 times. Get the items as you come across them.

jump on the platform after the second gap. If not. I hit him about ten times after he was already dead. attack and then run back. ---------------------Level 3: City of Theed ---------------------You have to save 5 handmaidens in this level. Then go left and jump up onto the platforms and proceed out of the area. Jump over the gaps and kill the droids. Walk across the log. Drop down onto the platfo rm and go left. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=B O S S F I G H T: GUNGAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is really easy. Walk across the log. you won't move when you jump. he is defeated. Then go left and out of the area. Kill the droids as you go. Be SURE to move left or right before you jump.Walk straight down killing the droids. Charge. You will then s ee a gungan. which was a waste of time. When he starts walking back to the wall. you have just proven you have skills. After that. b ut if you just want to keep going. Do it over and over until he dies. Jump down on the different platforms. Jump over the bushes into the courtyard and walk to the person to sa . Run and jump over the gap. in an alcove toward the north.ON THE MUSHROOMS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO. Then jump up the rest an d on to the branch at the top. Follow the path killing the droids until you get to a control center. There is an extra life down below. There is an ite. Follow the path to the other end.

ve them. then save the man. Then run back as fast as you can. Kill the droids and save the man in the alcove. Then go to the next area. Kill the droideka at the top. Go along the path and kill the Droideka. You will be in a courtyard. One of the droids should get shot by another droi d. If you know that he is about to attack. Go down the staircases and kill the other droideka. but he uses this annoying beam attack that is not to strong. You only have to hit him a few times to kill him. Go up the staircases. But it is ANNOYIN G!!! Run up to this thing and attack it. turn to face him. Go al the way up the platforms. the minimum am ount. Then save the man. His attack will then knock you back instead of pulling you toward him. Go into the next room to the left. Go down the path and jump up the platforms at the end. Kill the droids and walk down the path. . Kill the droids in here and DUH duh (duh)!! BOSS BATTLE!!! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=B O S S F I G H T: Droid Tank (?) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is an annoying boss. Continue down the path and through the area. You have now saved five people. then go through the left wall. Kill the droidekas by taking one at a time. Kill the droids. Go up the path. Walk to the person in the alcove to sav e the man (?).

Go down the staircase at the end of the pathway and then through the door. Go up the stairs and follow the path. Then go through the starnge looking door. you will see one of the stupidest things ever. and continue along the path. Follow the path and kill the droids. then kill the droideka. Do the same in this room. When you walk in. Go up one of the staircases on the right or left. And look who it is! The QUEEN!!! Go t o her and she'll start to follow you. Then go through the door. kill the droidekas. Kill the droids in here and then turn right and go through the door. Giant Battl e Droids.--------------------Level 4: Theed Palace --------------------You have to save the queen in this level. Kill the droidekas and head through the door. Kill all the droids that try to stop you. both of them . Kill all the droids. Go through the room. Follow her along the path. then proceed out of the door. It is black with two orange circles on it. You know what that means? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=B O S S F I G H T: GIANT BATTLE DROIDS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=What! you may think. TWO BOSSES!!! AHHHHHHHH! Well. Follow her to the door and leave. Go through this room and kill the droids. Jump over the bars and on to the platform to get the big P. Then follow the path.

In the next one. Follow the path. Go down and then go right. Just run up to these guys and attack attack attack. A lightning attack. Make turns when necessary. go along the bottom ledge and get the big P. These guys use the same attac k as the last guy. follow the path. Kill all the Tusken Raiders on the way. turn when needed. . The next area has several gaps. Anyway follow him. Jump over the first one and kill the Tusken.And it's hard to get across. Go right and jump up and across onto the next ledge. The next area has strange buildings. Walk across the "bridge" on the next. The next area has more gaps. Follow the path killing sand people. Foolish boy!! Grrrr. Make your way to the next area. Eventually they will die. And these weird droids that I guess are the. Jump from one to the other then on top of the ledge. Then proceed to the next area. Kill all the Tusken Raiders in your way. and kill the sand people.. Go through the end of the area at the end. In the next area. ----------------Level 5: Tatooine ----------------You have to protect Anakin in this level. Kill the tusken and go down. The next area has some houses. The next area has Anakin. Follow the path killing the Tusken Raiders.put together would barely qualify as one almost hard boss. Instead of the usual "follow the path" jump on top of the bulidings. Really easy to do. Then jump over and proceed to the next area. Then jump dow n and across.. After that follow the path killing the tuskens. Anakin will start to chase a Jawa.

you will find some health. either. jump up on the platform and exit. Don't fall off. then jump up onto the other area with t he mercenaries. Follow the path until you get to the door. At the bottom. Proceed into the building. Go right and jump over the platforms. Kill the two mercenaries down here. Follow the path until you reach the T-junction. there is s ome health in the little allyway. Once in this room.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=B O S S F I G H T? DROIDS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=These are probably not a boss. I think this is the famous leap of faith. THIS is the leap of faith. Kill the mercenaries in here. Run straight to the right and jump. Then proceed to the other door. clear it of mercenaries and exit through the door at the other end. Clear this room and leave it. Just jump over the south edge in the middle. but oh well. At the end . After you . If not that way. Follow the bridge. There is an item you can pick up. go right. Ah. Attack them or I think you can ju st jump up near them and they blow up. after a second they will all be dead. If you go straight. -----------------Level 6: Coruscant -----------------Follow the path and kill the mercenaries. Then jump down the following platforms. Either way.

. Do whatever you can to avoid the kicking attack. Follow the path killing droids. kill the mercenaries. a. Kill it and go on.k. Kill it and everything else in your way and continue down the path. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=B O S S F I G H T: GIANT MERCENARY =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This guy is actually hard.a. Contin ue up the path and attack yet ANOTHER droideka!! Dang these things are anno ying. . Watch out for a droideka. he won't have time to attack. If you can't do this. Go in and kill the droids. and then follow this one. Run ac ross and you will come to a. --------------------Level 7: Naboo Swamps --------------------Follow the path killing droids. After a minute. Then jump down when you get to the end. Do this quickly. nothing in this game is intimidating) it's not. Jump up on the ledge when you reach the end of the path. While this mat look threatening (not reall. attack and jump. pulverizing the droids as you go. Turn and jump over the hole in the bridge. Kill the rest of the droids and go down the path to the next area. Drop down and head along that path. Bloody buggers. Watch out for yet another droideka. Drop down to the control center.. press a then B. Jump and press attack. Kill the droids and we're off to the next area. he will die.land. If you do it again and again really quickly.

shoot. I don't think. after the last level. then the next a nd drop to either the left or right. DON'T jump down from here.. Continue along the platforms. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BOSS BATTLE: GIANT STATUE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Just shoot.. If yo . ------------------------Level 8: Streets of Theed ------------------------This is the easiest level ever. there will be a big brown. When you get to the end of the level. you get more! YAY!! Continue foll owing the paths and platforms until you beat the level. Did you get through that? It took me EIGHTEEN lives to. too. now that you ARE through that torture. Jump to the next platform and drop. shoot. all for you. then the lower one. but drop. A good thing. Just press B over and over again. You see those wooden t hings under the windows? Well. jump up on the platforms. those are actually platforms. then drop down. What---The---HECK !!!!!! Anywho. Jump on the other platforms. Then jump up on the other platform that is higher up.This part is a prime example of a screwed up game. --------------------Level 9: Theed Palace --------------------Drop down to the right. The big things on the ground cannot be destroy ed. Avoid the little blue balls and shoot the rockets before they hit you. .) An yway.

Keep going to the right and jump across when you get to the end. which is a bit under you. Just keep along the platforms until you get to a large balcony (the next area). Continue up and to the right to get to the next area.ugh.. Try to get the droid to shoot at you so you can block it back at him. and kill the droids. Then jump to the next balcony. Watch for a droideka. drop down to the right.. The next area is shaped line an "n". Go along the platforms killing droids. more cliffs.u jump. the level will end. turn. jump to the next platform. Go along this one and t o the next area. Follow it up and jump along the platforms at the top. This is where the pilots are. Grab the health and continue to the next area. jump over there and as soon as you hi t the ground. Almost every (if not all) door/s have pilots inside. ---------------------Level 10: Final Battle ---------------------- . and carefull y jump to the right platform. Go up. If not. Continue to the left and drop down. the fall will kill you. Kill these droids and and go to the right. Go to the right and then down. and down. Go up and turn to the next area. After you rescue five. Drop down the "staircase" of platforms and It's really easy to figure. Yay. Work your way up and around this part and jump across the platforms to the next part of this area. then to the left. PRESS R AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE GROUND SO YOU AREN'T BLOWN OFF!!! After that exitement...

I mean. I am not sure. he won't knock you off. After you attack him enough. but he'll just walk back and refreeze. and not giving him the opportunity t o attack you. Don't worry. Attack him to go to the . Inside is. he will run for the next area. Go aroun d the donut at the bottom. Keep going down and get the extra li fe. Walk around this don ut and go into the next area. you won't fall. and make him face you. If he moves he will unfreeze. run up to him and attack. Af ter he reaches the second white box.Yay. There is a glitch however. Go through the door at the end. so be careful. Jump to the "donut" and then go down. It is SO easy to fall off the edge and die. and of course Darth Maul won't fall off. he will freeze. As soon as you see Darth Maul. if that fails. =) Okay. Then head back up and go down the path you skipped. But you can fall off. Anyway. That way if he uses that annoying lightning attack.. Now this is the most FREAKING annoying part of a vi deo game I have ever played. Walk down and across the blue thing. Try to attack him to where he stumbles back and th at will give you time to attack him again. try to keep him on the edge of one of the catwalks. You stay on the edge too. it's not like it's on the level select screen. get him to follow you down the catwalk you just came from. the last level! Run down and turn right. Now you can attack him. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=BOSS BATTLE: DARTH MAUL =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=I'm sure you're caught COMPLETELY by surprise that Darth Maul is the fin al boss of the game.. howeverif you can kill him while he is frozen.

4. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= ___ ____ _____ / | / | __ \ ___ / |/ | | | \ /"\ / __ __ | |__| | <\_o_/> . GAME COMPLETE!!! YOU HAVE UNLOCKED DARTH MAUL!! Yay. =) Copyright Chapel Collins 2006 Every copyright etc. and attack him. listed are owned by their holders. if you get hit. Don't use it without my permission. 3. you will move toward him. ========== Legal Info ========== This is mine. Jumping is screwed up. Write down your progression codes. Find him in the next area. Always face your enemy. Keep doing this and he will die. And chances are you won' t get any. BLOCK LASERS!! Press R right before the laser hits you. you move in the opposite directi on of the one you're facing. Make sure your shadow is on the platform your tr ying to land on if you want to live. In better words. wh o cares. no matter where you get hit. as if he shoots you in the back. 2.next area. =============== Tips and Tricks =============== 1. and it will hit the shooter.

/___/ \/ |__|_____/ O U T || .

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