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20110915 TOUR2011 Warsaw Majewski PFAStandardOnTheWayToGLOBALGAP

20110915 TOUR2011 Warsaw Majewski PFAStandardOnTheWayToGLOBALGAP

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Published by: Pra Rosana E Haroldo on Apr 13, 2013
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PFA Standard on the way to GLOBALG.A.P.

Maciej Majewski

Presentation Plan:
About FreshMazovia l  Why PFA Standard l  PFA Standard history l  PFA Standard requirements l  Develop plan

Warsaw, 15 September 2011

© GLOBALG.A.P Secretariat | Page 1 1

09.P.A.11 About FreshMazovia: l  Consulting Company –  –  Food safety system: GLOBALG. IFS.A. l  Not enough growers in GLOBALG.A.P Secretariat | Page 2 2 . BRC F&V Production: Plant Protection.15. l  FOOD SAFETY FROM FIELD TO FORK l  Big number small farms l  Fruits and vegetables for processing l  Warsaw. Soil Management Chemical Training Integrated Production l  Training Company –  –  l  Other services for F&V market Why PFA Standard : High requirements of GLOBALG..A.P.P. 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG. PFA.

15.P. 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG.A.11 PFA Standard History: GFSI Conference 2009 l  2010 Standard accepted l  2010 November – on GLOBALG.A.09. website l  2011 first 30 raspberries farm registration l  2011 first 120 implementation l  October inspection l  Fruits and vegetables for processing l  PFA Requirements in practice Infrastructure l  Production Records l  Other Records l  Other Documents l  Warsaw.P Secretariat | Page 3 3 .

15. 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG.P Secretariat | Page 4 4 . Soil Plan Risk Assessment for new fields Fertilizer application records Risk Assessment for organic fertilizers Irigation records Risk Assessment for irigation water Plant Protection records Verified and calibration records Warsaw.11 Infrastructure Farm plan.09. labels and safety instruction l  Fertilizers storage and equipment l  Plant protection storage equipment l  Toilets l  Harvest equipment and transport l  Storage and Pack house l  Waste management l  Pest control l  Production records l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  Field Plan.A.

09.A.11 Other records l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  Magazin plan Sales list Product withdrawal card Self assessment and nonconformities card Hygiene risk assessment Cleaning records Work safety risk assessment Training cards.P Secretariat | Page 5 5 .15. 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG. works list Complained form Other documents l  l  l  l  l  l  l  Quality assurance for propagation material Water use permission Chemical training Invoice for plant protection products Soil analysis Pesticide analysis Work safety training Warsaw.

19.com Sp. 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG.trainings l  Spring – implement on the farm l  Summer analysis and inspection l  Autumn analysis and inspection l  Kontakt FreshMazovia.11 PFA Develop Plan Use EU grants for PFA implement l  Offer for processing l  Quality farmer list for BRC IFS l  Winter . +48 606 746 310 l  Warsaw.com l  Tel.A.majewski@freshmazovia.15. 05-660 Warka l  Maciej Majewski l  maciej.09. l  Niemojewska str. J.P Secretariat | Page 6 6 .

15.11 Thank You for Attention Warsaw.09.P Secretariat | Page 7 7 . 15 September 2011 © GLOBALG.A.

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