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catalog information materials

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Published by: jths on Apr 13, 2013
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Process Flow on the Documentation of Coffee

International Coffee Organization Certifying
Agency (ICOCA) Primer


Process Flow for Accreditation of Coffee
The hand-out contains the requirements and how
the accreditation is processed.

Process Flow on the Documentation of Coffee
The hand-out contains details on the Coffee
Export Clearance and the Certificate of Origin
documents to be submitted by the exporter, and
how they are processed.

ICOCA Primer
The Primer contains the basic details on the
services of the Agency.

Publication Date 2005




1-page in folded layout


Not for sale. Free copies are available upon
request with the publisher.


Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
International Coffee Organization Certifying
Agency (ICOCA)
Telefax: (02) 897.0515
E-mail: icoca@dti.gov.ph / icocadti@yahoo.com


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