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What are social media? How are academics using social media? Risks and Rewards? Resources Presenter Promises:
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I will refrain from using the word “brand” I will skip ahead if any of this gets elementary I will not take for granted you want to do this, but if you do I hope this helps

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Webbased and mobile technologies that facilitate social interactions and exchange. – Melonie Fullick

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Anatomy of A Web Presence: Tweet, Blog, Engage


• I write a tweet about CHE • Retweeted 7,196 times

• Links to a blog post that elaborates • Shared over 10,000 times


• Cross-posted to Inside Higher Education • Invited talks • Media • Journal Reviewer • Conference Keynote

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Patrick Meier (@patrickmeier) at

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Fool You”: Risks and Rewards

“Don’t Let The Smooth Taste
People are crazy
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The Great Grad Student Wars of 2013 Academics behaving badly (TwitterGate) Classism, racism, sexism: all exist online as well as off Theft?

People are crazy whether you are engaged or not

Ever googled a business? What do you do if no hits? That’s now you. (Apologies for neo-liberalism)
Special note about theft: People are lazy.
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Tools and Guidance

Melonie Fullick: Mark Carrigan:

Academics That Get It Matt Reed (@deandad) Sara Goldrick-Rab (saragoldrickrab)

Adam Brady (zunguzungu)
Local Resources @scrivenings @allistelling

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