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CHED Warns Schools and Universities on Forced Field Trips

CHED Warns Schools and Universities on Forced Field Trips

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Published by Ara Espina

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Published by: Ara Espina on Apr 13, 2013
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CHED warns schools and universities on ‘forced’ field trips

In connection with accidents on field trips happening around the country, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) gave warnings to schools and universities forcing their students to join field trips, February 26. Jun Vittriolo, CHED Executive Director, said that, first, students must not be forced to join field trips. Second, although students have waivers signed by their parents, the school still has a responsibility to look after the safety and welfare of their students. And third, to avoid further accidents, field trips must not be conducted on far-flung areas. CHED also decided to form a group to investigate further on the incident that took place in Benguet last Thursday. Five out of seven dead bodies were brought back to Marinduque after the disastrous field trip to Baguio. The bus carrying the students of Marinduque State College crashed with a truck at Marcos Highway in Benguet which killed seven students. One of the victims was Marvin Palatino, 31. Analyn Palatino, wife of Palatino, said that his husband was only forced to join the trip because the school told them that their thesis would be harder and there would be additional payments if they would not join. Mariduque State College denied all of these accusations. (Ara Espina)

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