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Concrete Lab AP Environmental Science Paul Zuo MATERIALS: 1. 100g of concrete powder 2. plastic cup 3. scale 4.

plastic utensils (for stirring) NOTE: Water density: 1g/ml Objective: Find how much water evaporates when mixed with concrete. HYPOTHESIS: Water dries in the cup and evaporates, leaving roughly thirty percent of the original amount remaining. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: the concrete mass DEPENDENT VARIABLE: Amount of water remaining (in mL) Control: Cup of 30g of water Detailed Plan Of Lab 1. Get lab materials listed above. 2. Get 100 grams of concrete powder 3. Mass the cup 4. Add 30 grams of water 5. Stir until the color turns gray and lumpy 6. Place the cup above somewhere safe 7. Put a cup full of 30 grams of water 8. measure the mass of cup with grams with water 9. subtract the mass of powder and mass of cup