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Unit VI: World War II GT United States History WWII Guided Notes for Chapters 14 & 15 pp.

434 504 Directions: Use the questions and historical identifications provided to guide your reading. Questions and historical identifications must be answered in complete sentences, your own words, and using your text and class notes as your only resources. Chapter 14: The Coming of War 1932-1942 Section 1: Dictators and War What changes did Stalin introduce after taking over the USSR?

What factors led to the success of Mussolini and Fascism in Italy?

Why did Hitler and Nazism appeal to so many Germans?

How were militarists able to seize control of Japan?

Historical ID Totalitarianism





How and why did Japan begin to expand their empire?

What did the Spanish Civil War highlight globally?

Historical ID Appeasement



Neville Chamberlain

Munich Pact

Essential Question: Why did Britain, France, and the US not stop fascist aggression in the 1930s?

Section 2: From Isolation to Involvement How did Roosevelt react to Japans aggression in China in the late 1930s?

Historical ID Blitzkreig



Axis Powers

Allied Powers

Winston Churchill

Why did the evacuation from Dunkirk raise morale for Great Britain?

Explain the steps that the United States took to remain neutral during WWII.

How did the US begin to support the Allies after Roosevelts reelection?

Historical ID Roosevelts Four Freedoms Speech Atlantic Charter



Section 3: America Enters the War Define the causes and effects of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Describe how the US mobilized troops and supplies for war. Historical ID Definition Significance Douglas MacArthur

Bataan Death March

How did the US strike back at Japan?

Essential Question: What military advantages did the United States have over Japan?

Chapter 15: World War II 1941-1945 Section 1: The Allies Turn the Tide What did the Allies face in the Atlantic?

What was the significance of Stalingrad?

Where did Allied invasion take place in 1943 and why?

What did the Allies hope to accomplish through bombing raids over Germany?

Historical ID Tuskegee Airmen



Battle of Midway

Section 2: The Home Front What was the impact of WWII on women?

On minorities?

Historical ID Executive Order 8802




Office of Price Administration

Office of War Information

How were the causes of the Detroit race riots and Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots similar?

Section 3: Victory in Europe and the Pacific What was the primary objective of the D-Day invasion at Normandy?

What were the results of the Battle of the Bulge?

How did the Allies advance in the Pacific?

What elements led to the creation of the atomic bomb?

Why did the US decide to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan?

What were/are the consequences of the decision to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan?

Section 4: The Holocaust Historical ID Definition Holocaust

Nuremberg Laws



Concentration Camps

Death Camps

What actions did the Nazis take to carry out Hitlers Final Solution?

How did the US Government and Allies respond to the German campaign against European Jews?