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Eg. McDonalds. .Culture • It plays a vital role and the culture of the country are changed due to the effect of the globalization. Western culture adopted in India.

.Controls and Barriers • By maintaining control over market access and entry in both low and hightech industries and advertising every country protects local enterprise and interests.

.Costs • When the company expands its market to the global world the costs involved are high and the home country losses its value in terms of money during the imports as the currency traded is to be converted to the foreign currencies.

Nationalism • • • • • Inflation rate GDP Exchange rates Money supply Trade barriers .

War • Rises conflicts among the companies which indirectly leads to conflicts with countries .

management simply ignores opportunities to pursue global marketing. Global marketing does not work without a strong local team that can provide information about local market conditions. . In many cases.Management myopia and organisational cultures • Myopia is also a recipe for market disaster if headquarters attempts to dictate when it should listen.

I.Domestic Focus • Globalization has a direct impact to the domestic nation Eg.T .