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Disneyland of the Gods - John Keel

Disneyland of the Gods - John Keel

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Published by: Tim Brigham on Apr 13, 2013
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Hard physical evidence found all across this continent indicates that an advanced culture thrived
here long before the Indians made their mythical migration across the Bering Straits from Asia.
Because the mounds, henge, etc. are strikingly similar to constructions found in Europe, Asia, and
even remote Pacific islands, we can speculate that this culture was once worldwide. It probably
reached its zenith before the Ice Age ten thousand years ago, then deterioated in the wake of the
geological calamities. That early culture mapped the whole planet, and fragments of those maps
were handed down over the centuries until they reached Columbus. The giants, who once tossed
huge blocks of stone around and built the puzzling monoliths that still stand on every continent,
gradually reverted to a fierce, uncivilized state, driven by the urgent requirements of survival.
Atlantis may not have sunk into the ocean. You may be living on it.


From the mountains of northern Sweden to the hills of Tennessee one of ufology's most persistent
rumors has been enjoying a rebirth. The rumor first began circulating in 1950, only three years after
flying saucers had suddenly emerged as a topic for discussion and investigation. In the 1960s it
swept the world and became an accepted truth to many advanced ufologists. But its basic premise
was so obscure and preposterous that many rejected it and forgot it until the upsurge of landings and
contacts in 1973. This is the rumor or theory that the ufonauts are conducting biological
experiments with human beings and may even be creating an army of pseudohumans by using the
sperms and ovaries from unsuspecting earthlings.
The number of reported contacts supporting the biological experiment theory is mounting rapidly
now as more and more investigators take an interest in the once shunned contact cases. In the mid-
1960s I visited several college communities in the northeast and collected a series of incredible
reports from sincere young men and women who claimed they had been abducted by UFOs and
subjected to sexual experimentation. The males said that their sex organs had been examined and
special instruments had extracted semen from them. The females claimed they had either been
forcibly raped aboard UFOs, or instruments, usually long needles, had been inserted in their lower
abdomens to remove substances from their ovaries.
Only two cases of this type received any publicity: the Villas-Boas incident in Brazil in 1957, and
the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1962. However, neither case had been published when I
came across the first witnesses to tell me these things.
Early ufologists, however, knew of such reported biological experiments and based their hybrid
theory on them. Essentially, the theory asserts that there are living among us today people who are
crossbreeds, half earthling and half space person. These people are allegedly loyal to, and controlled
by, the ufonauts. They are hybrids. The time will come, the theory goes, when a large part of the
earth's population will be hybrid.
There's more. Many women involved in close encounters with UFOs become pregnant soon
afterwards, although they have no memory of anything beyond a simple UFO sighting. Some are
more than a little astonished by their unexpected pregnancies. I have kept in close contact with
several of these ladies and followed the developments with great interest. The children they
produced seem exceptionally bright and are frequently surrounded by poltergeistic manifestations in
their early years. Otherwise they appear to be normal. In more than one case the lady's husband was
slightly disturbed because their offspring did not resemble him or her.
It all sounds like John Wyndham's science fiction classic The Midwich Cuckoos but the facts are
there. In the 1960s I tried to interest several different editors in an article on this intriguing aspect of
the UFO phenomenon but they all felt it was ”too far out,” as indeed it is.
It will come as a shock to many ufologists who are now circulating the hybrid rumor that this
concept is thousands of years old and is, in fact, an important part of occult, psychic, witchcraft and
religious lore. The sexual intervention of supernatural entities is mentioned throughout the Bible (in
the story of Abraham, for example) and Christianity is founded on the belief that Mary was
impregnated by the angel Gabriel.
Witches are said to have intercourse with the devil. Gypsies believe that any woman who is seduced
by the devil has special powers afterwards and such women are given very special respect.
Numerous rites in Black Magic involve sex practices and sexual submission to the strange entities
who materialize during the rites.
In Oahspe, the amazing book written by a New York dentist while in a trance state back in the
1880s, there are pages of pictures of special children with sober faces and deep black eyes who
were supposedly hybrids planted here by some unknown force.
Several modern contactees have seen strange things happen to their families. Their teenaged
daughters have staggered home claiming they had been sexually assaulted by space beings. Their
wives have disappeared for hours or even days and returned suffering from amnesia and pregnant.

Several of the early contactees in the 1950s enraged the ”scientific ufologists” with their tales of
having been required to express their manhood on other planets or while flying around in saucers.
The hybrid concept has a marked effect on the ufologists who accept it blindly. They become totally
paranoid. They believe that hybrids have infiltrated highest government circles; that they are even
running our world. In the 1960s, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was frequently accused by
contactees of being a hybrid.
A related theory is the clone rumor. A clone is an exact duplicate of a living organism. Theoretically,
a clone can be manufactured from a single cell of your body. Each cell contains all the necessary
biological information to construct a duplicate. Scientists around the world have been working on
this process for years. Several modern contactees told how they were taken aboard a UFO and a
small sample of their skin was scraped from their arm. If we had the technology and know-how, a
small sample is all we would need to create an exact duplicate of a person.
Exact duplicates of several well-known ufologists have been seen by reliable witnesses. In occult
lore, such duplicates are called dopplegangers. They are an age-old psychic phenomenon. In the
1960s, a doppleganger of New York ufologist James Moseley turned up on a number of occasions.
And a doppleganger of yours truly appeared repeatedly in several states, from Long Island, New
York to West Virginia, while I was actually occupied elsewhere. Were these characters clones;
physical entities made of solid flesh? Or were they psychic projections of some sort?
Several years ago a young Englishman came to me with some very interesting photographs. He had
attended an outdoor rally in Britain and had snapped pictures of the crowd. When he examined the
photos later he was surprised to see two strange-looking men standing in the crowd. They were not
together, but were widely separated in the crowd. Both were dressed identically in black turtleneck
sweaters. Both had very short hair (unusual for that time and for men of their apparent age). Oddest
of all, both had identical facial characteristics. They looked like twins. They had high cheekbones,
angular faces and thin lips. They really stood out in the photograph.
Similar beings form an integral part of our Men In Black (MIB) lore. These MIB have even
attended flying saucer lectures and conventions. In some reports there have been three of them, all
looking exactly alike. Were they clones?
Today there are many people who have become convinced that they, themselves, really are hybrids.
A number of contactees, some of them quite well known, started life as orphans and never learned
the identity of their true parents. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, some contactees have been seen in
places where they had never been. How the ”scientific ufologists” ranted and railed against Howard
Menger when he told stories of dopplegangers and teleportation!
Some contactees have lived in terror for years, fearing that they were going to be whisked off to
some farm on some other planet and bred like cattle.
Are there really hybrids and clones living among us? If there are, I have never personally met one,
but I have met a lot of peculiar people. Perhaps you lost a few minutes of time when you saw a
weird object in the sky a few years ago. Perhaps there's another you out there somewhere.

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