Neck Decoration: * 1. Papal — Knight Commander of Equestrian Order of St Gregory.

As noted earlier, this is the old [and undoubtedly illegitimate] version. The proper version is shown below it. Full-Sized Medals: * 2. Ukraine — “Order for Merit” 3rd Degree. Not being worn in this collection, but worn alongside in other images.

* 3. Latvia — Security Police Silver Badge No 29. And — The Rack of Miniatures: * 4. Belgium — Order of The Rose. WW2 Resistance award, and virtually identical to Order of The Crown. * 5. Papal — Knight of the Order of St Gregory The Great. Still false, but worth wearing twice in case the neck Order isn’t noticed. * 6. Papal — Order of Pope St Sylvester. False, of course. * 7.??? Probably a Galloglas creation. * 8. Estonia — White Cross of the Defence League [Kaitseliit]. * 9. Estonia — Defence League [Kaitseliit] Gold Medal (1st Class). * 10. Belgium- Leopold’s Veterans’ Cross- WW2. Commemorative. * 11. Belgium — Albert’s Veterans’ Cross — WW1. Commemorative. * 12. Confederation Europeene Des Anciens Combattants cross. Commemorative, and “not to be worn with lawful decorations”. * 13. NATO Medal — Former Yugoslavia. Breast Badges: * Hungary — False Vitez Rend. * 14. … Possible or not — This clearly the Polish Order of the White Eagle, their senior state honour — equivalent of the Knight of the Garter, Knight of the Thistle, Presidential Medal of Freedom — that sort of thing. You would know if you had been awarded one. And he wears it — we have the photographs. But, see the ‘Missing Bling’ below. What does he think this actually is? * 15. Latvia — Crimson Cross.

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