A network technician has received several reports regarding missing and corrupted information on a company file server. Which course of action can the technician use to investigate any unauthorized network access? Audit all user activity by using telnet to access each computer during the day. Enable event logging on each user computer to check for unauthorized network access. Enable event logging on all network devices to audit any suspicious user activity. Audit the event logs on the server to check for unauthorized network access.

Which two advantages are attributed to a hardware firewall when compared to a software firewall? (Choose two.) It costs less because it is more efficient. It does not impact the processing performance of the equipment it protects. It always protects both the computer it is installed on as well as the rest of the network. It is designed to protect more than one computer. It is a free Windows operating system component.

A company wants to configure a firewall to monitor all channels of communication and allow only traffic that is part of a known connection. Which firewall configuration should be deployed? packet filtering proxy stateful packet inspection stateless packet inspection

A technician has been asked to format the drives of several Windows XP computers with a file system that can use file-level permissions to secure confidential information. Which file system should be used by the technician?


A technician needs to configure wireless networking on several new laptop computers. Which encryption method should the technician choose to achieve the best authentication and payload security? MD5 PGP WEP WPA

Which simple wireless configuration technique can make the network invisible to unauthorized users? Change the default password on the WAP. Disable inactive wireless connections. Filter all network access using MAC addresses. Disable SSID broadcasting.

Windows XP should be updated on a regular basis. In which situation should automatic updates be disabled? Computers on a corporate network perform well without automatic updates because they are protected by a firewall. Home users should avoid automatic updates because they are protected by Windows Internet Connection Firewall. Users accessing the network using a dial-up connection need to control when the updates are downloaded and installed. Guest user accounts with limited access are unlikely to ever need updates because they are temporary users.

As part of the new security policy, a company decides to protect company data by performing backups on a regular basis. Which backup type takes the greatest amount of time and is commonly used in conjunction with another backup method? differential full historical incremental

Which quick solution should be tried first if a user is unable to login? Verify that the CAPS and NUM lock keys are not on. Reset the password for the user. Assign the user a new username and password. Add the user to a different group on the network.

Which three items should be included in a local security policy? (Choose three.) list of approved ISPs steps to take in the event of a security breach contact list in the event of an emergency details defining employment eligibility complete schedule of lunch and break times for all employees process for employees to gain access to equipment and data

Which two hashing algorithms are used to ensure that messages are unaltered during

transmission? (Choose two.) ARP DLC MD5 NTP SHA TCP

Which encryption technology provides secure tunnels? asymmetric encryption hash encoding symmetric encryption VPN

Which three physical security measures are employed to prevent security breaches and loss of data? (Choose three.) antivirus program software firewall conduit card key strong password

security guard

Which data security technology takes the form of an object which must be close to a computer before the user can successfully submit a username and password? biometric device security key fob smart card thumb drive

Which physical security technology uses an embedded integrated circuit chip to store data safely and is commonly used in secure ID badges? smart card security key fob storage area network biometric device

Which two file-level permissions allow a user to delete a file? (Choose two.) read modify read and execute write full control list contents

What is the default setting for Windows XP operating system updates? automatic only download updates notify me manual

Which Windows XP command initiates a backup from the command line? archive backup compress ntbackup zip

After a technician collects information from the computer, which two sources can provide the technician with possible solutions for various types of network-related problems? (Choose two.) paperwork that is provided to customers the manufacturer FAQ for network devices firewall logs network device logs technical websites

A customer contacts a call center with problems updating anti-virus software. What two types of question should the technician consider when gathering information from the caller? (Choose two.) closed-ended

direct indirect open-ended system-specific vendor-specific

Which two characteristics of network traffic are being monitored if a network technician configures the company firewall to operate as a packet filter? (Choose two.) applications physical addresses packet size ports protocols

A technician is asked whether the new procedures for backup use a backup rotation. Which procedure describes a backup rotation? Reuse backup media and choose its storage location according to organizational guidelines. This ensures efficient and safe use of the backup media. Have different members of the network staff perform the backups so that everyone has experience backing up data. Back up the data at different times on different days so that a diverse amount of data is backed up. Select the partitions to be archived at each backup according to a predefined plan to ensure everything is backed up over a given period. The ABC Company network designers are designing the new corporate WiFi network. Which two precautions should be implemented because of security concerns with

wireless networks? (Choose two.) Shield the access point with a Faraday cage. Send only essential passwords in clear text. Disable broadcast of the SSID. Configure WPA on access points. Use the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Use the 5.0 GHz frequency band.