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3.0 Literature review. 3.1 Polygamy in Islam.( According to the Dr.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and Jameelah Jones in the book “ Polygamy In Islam”.) Polygamy in Islam plurality of wives is one of the controversial questions in the family system of Islam. The following are the points worth of consideration in an effort to clarify the wisdom of polygamy in Islam. Islam has emphasized taking advantage of the permission of polygamy is conditional on the observance of several factors and circumstances as it will be explain later. If the man lacks those material and moral conditions, or competent enough to satisfy all of them, then will eligible to make more than one wife. Also, Islam has emphasized that the basic objective of healthy marital life come to love and benevolence between the husband and the wife winch the normally cab be found in from regular marriage monogamy. It is understood by all sane reasonable people that due to the obligation involved in plural marriages a man should ascertain whether or not he can support another wife marrying again. If a man is experiencing difficulty meeting the basic socioeconomic requirement necessary for one and family, he should not further strain his financial and emotional abilities by marriage another unless she is self supporting or wealthy women who is ready to join the fortune to his. There is no blame on either party such an arrangement is mutually agreed upon as the Prophet first wife, Khadeejah, aided him in this way. Such an arrangement need not necessarily be the permanent one because the women’s right support can not be cancelled and can be demanded at any time.

Nonetheless. nor be should it be used as a threat to make the husband comply to any unreasonable demands on part. as the Prophet said. a husband still to be in fairly stable economic position in case his self supporting second or third wife decides to stop working or become unable to do so due to pregnancy or illness. The Prophet asked him if he had many properties. The receipt of welfare checks by married women especially in the case of plural marriages. A man without a legitimate source of income should not marry according to Islam law until he has the means to provide for family. which are among the most despicable taints that Muslim may posses. He dint not like people to depend upon charity when other means of existence were possible. A man has to use his natural abilities and seem. a women receiving a monthly subsistence check from the American government can not be considered self-supporting. The Prophet Muhammad never avoided hard work and he praised those who did likewise. The allow of self support second wife or third wives does not justify the phenomenon of welfare-based marriages which help become prevalent in North America. He replied that he only had a blanket . she probably in need of all the help and support that she get as she likely living on an income designed to barely feed her children and pay rent for substandard housing. Certainly. It reported that once an unemployed Ansaar resident of Madeenah came and asked Prophet for some charity. Quite the county. “The best way of earning livelihood is by one’s own hands for even Prophet Daawood earned a living with his own hand. He worked lifting earth and breaking boulders during Ghazwah al-Ahazaab the battle of the Clans when huge trench was dug by Muslim to defend the city of Madeenah. such a reversal should not take place at the whim of the wife but for valid reason. involves lies and deceit.However.

The Prophet remarked. the Prophet fixed the handle with his own hands and gave it to the man offered two. The Prophet asked him to bring these things. 3. “That is much better than begging and disgracing yourself and disgracing yourself on the of judgment. the Prophet asked about his situation. But this is very irrational conclusion as the incidence of failure in monogamous relationships is great or greater but no one of think of banning marriage altogether. cut wood (and sell it) and do not came back to see me before fifteen day. Whole of Islam allows its followers polygamous marriage. This case because a lot of wisdom hidden in order to protect the continuity of human life and is a good way out for Muslims in the face and face various problems of life. Human beings are beings are tested in various ways in different departments of life to see who is best in regard to deed. The man replied that he had earned twelve dirham’s during that period and the punched some cloth and grains.( According to the book “ Analisis Poligami Menurut Perspektif Islam” by Zaleha). there are more among . When he brought them and the Prophet took them and auctioned them among the people. One of those present offered one dirham and the requested that he raise the bid.with which to cover his body and a cup to drink from.2 Polygamy according to Islam. Some people seem to feel polygamy should be banned because of the apparently high incidence of failures. The Prophet than gave the two dirham to the man and advised him to punchers an axe.” When the men returned. Another man offered two dirham and the item were sold to him. especially in the west. However. “Go to the woods.

equality. If Allah require a polygamous followers but not daily community now polygamous. women must understand and understand the wisdom and conditions otherwise tried polygamy. In polygamy can control than men want to marry on the basis of satisfying desires. If polygamy is seen to allow control of the married men at will. society is also concerned about the overall fairness. They looks have this nature against Allah. Where it concerned the individual's own interest. Although in principle women do not want the honey for refusing to accept love from a husband for the split. Islam forbids its followers polygamous without consent if the first wife. This debate divides by Muslims as the scenario now clearly seen that women with more than males. In addition. especially women that still refuse to accept polygamy as a command and demand in the teachings of Islam. For polygamous also limit outlined by the followers of Islam to the men. we must believe that Allah Almighty created the law is very appropriate with the creation of human nature itself. but settle down to face life. responsibility and produce sympathy to the people. In the meantime. With . Hence. their limited polygamy to marry more than four wives.Muslims themselves. but not such as ridicule Allah violate religious bounds. the scholars of the opinion that polygamy is the best way to prevent many women do not marry. when a polygamous is nothing in Islam is a serious point they should not patronize women. They can not be ego with sensitive eyes and ears closed and intentionally and not understand or pretended not want to eliminate Islam and why a man is polygamous. When a husband he should just practice polygamy in the household from the point of maintenance to his wife and children. such as what has been raised by western elements that oppressed women. Perhaps with the availability. help.

where more than one married woman who had helped other women from the fall in the valley prostitution and other crimes again.polygamous method can avoid these things spread. Although this matter has been criticized by the great western society considers the violation of human rights. Male libido stronger and longer than the women. . If shown to the natural habits are different men with the habits of women. Similarly. According to Ku Sulaiman Hussein in writing 'The Star Diversion' release in October 1976 that entitled the first drug to reduce prostitution is in accordance with the rules-rules of polygamy. and felt his lust is not enough with only one wife in addition syarie barriers such as wife in haidh a long as well as during birth approximately 40 days. whereby the danger of disease such as siplis and AIDS now that can kill his offspring. but they are quickly lost his lust after age 50 years they grew up. the man who is strong enough. in his book titled "Lamai Tresse Legitime" has urged people to make some good policies including polygamy disease eliminate prostitution. Although women libido came faster and faster came from adult men. So the best way is to practice safe and polygamy. if he is able to bear the maintenance and be fair to his wife. so to avoid undesirable things that happen then accordingly husband polygamous. While men still have a strong appetite sensuality. Islam gave polygamy to men rather than merely satisfying desire lust but it is only one way out to reduce the elements of adultery. In polygamy is indirectly men have helped solve some of society and social problems. especially Muslims.

the human form of polygamy that disciplined and responsible. . through polygamy also can produce many offspring. in fact. Therefore. Besides that. but his position more secure and dignified compared to those who are not married. Polygamy is good if you can take the responsibility but it will be different if it is only for sex only.Polygamy can also elevate women even had a co-wife. There is another literature that we have read and studies but not all of that we can write but mostly there are the same but with some different opinion. according to channel the desire of lust principles permitted by legislation and can help women with increasing numbers of men. it is expected that not to have men consider polygamy is allowed by Islam as a very good opportunity to meet the benefit without the conditions prescribed in Islam and the men who want to practice polygamy must also realize the responsibility that is given when polygamous.

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