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Mock Prelim 2012 H2 Paper 1

Mock Prelim 2012 H2 Paper 1

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2012 Mock Preliminary Examination Higher 2

Paper 1 Multiple Choice
Additional Materials: Multiple Choice Answer Sheet

1 hour 15 minutes

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write in soft pencil. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Write your name and Civics group on the Answer Sheet in the spaces provided. There are forty questions in this paper. Answer all questions. For each question there are four possible answers, A, B, C and D. Choose the one you consider correct and record your choice in soft pencil on the separate Answer Sheet. Read the instructions on the Answer Sheet very carefully. Each correct answer will score one mark. A mark will not be deducted for a wrong answer. Any rough working should be done in this booklet.

This booklet consists of 18 printed pages. [Turn over

85 x 10 1.. resistors in series.2 Data speed of light in free space.60 x 10 6. 2 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ut + ½at u + 2as pΔV ρgh 2 2 W p f x v R 1/R V x T where k - Gm r displacement of particle in s. velocity of particle in s. unified atomic mass constant. x λ 0. acceleration of free fall. rest mass of proton. the Planck constant. s v work done on/by a gas.67 x 10 Fm C Js kg kg kg -1 -1 8. xo sin ωt vo cos ωt = ± w R1 + R2 + … 1/R1 + 1/R2 + … Q / 4πεor xo sin ωt exp(-2kd) (x 2 o .38 x 10 6.m. gravitational potential.. molar gas constant. resistors in parallel. alternating current/voltage. electric potential.81 m s JK -1 2 -2 N m kg -2 Formulae uniformly accelerated motion.m.63 x 10 1.02 x 1023 mol-1 1.h.66 x 10 9. elementary charge. gravitational constant. permeability of free space.x2 ) 8p 2m ( U . c μo εo e h u me mp R NA k G g = = = = = = = = = = = = = 3.h.11 x 10 1. rest mass of electron.31 J K mol -23 -11 -1 6.E ) h2 xo exp (-λt) radioactive decay.693 t1 2 . transmission coefficient.00 x 10 m s -12 -19 -34 -27 -31 -27 8 -1 4π x 10-7 H m-1 8. permittivity of free space. the Avogadro constant. decay constant. hydrostatic pressure.67 x 10 9. the Boltzmann constant.

Which expression has the units of energy? A ρhV g B ρg hV C (ghV D ( g2h 2 The diagram shows the stem of a Celsius thermometer marked to show initial and final temperature values. What is the temperature change expressed to an appropriate number of significant figures? A 14 oC B 20.0 oC 3 A projectile is launched at 30o to the horizontal with initial kinetic energy E.3 1 The table contains some quantities. Assuming air resistance to be negligible.25 E B 0.50 E C 0. what will be the kinetic energy of the projectile when it reaches its highest point? A 0. together with their symbols and units.5 oC C 21 oC D 22.87 E .75 E D 0.

4 4 Which displacement-time graph best represents the motion of a falling sphere. the speed at which the ball hits the surface equals the speed at which it leaves the surface. Areas X and Y are equal. the initial acceleration of which eventually reduces until it begins to travel at constant terminal velocity? A B C D 5 A ball is released from rest above a horizontal surface. The graph shows the variation with time of its velocity. B C D the speed at which the ball leaves the surface after an impact is equal to the speed at which it returns to the surface for the next impact. the ball rises and falls through the same distance between impacts. This is because A the ball’s acceleration is the same during its upward and downward motion. . for one impact.

Which changes will decrease the magnitude of the moment due to F at the hinge? A B C D Increase the force F.0 6. Increase the mass of the trapdoor M.5 6 A force F is applied to a trapdoor of mass M at a distance d from the hinge. The force acts at an angle θ to the perpendicular to the door.0 t/ s What is the momentum of the body after 6.0 g B W1 + W 2 rg C 1 r D W2 rg W 0 2.0 s? A 20 kg m s-1 B 30 kg m s-1 C 40 kg m s-1 D 50 kg m s-1 . If the density of the liquid is r. F/ N 10. 7 The weight of a solid object is measured with a spring balance. Increase the angle θ. what is the volume of the solid? A W1 . The variation with time of the force is shown below. The solid weighs W1 in air and W2 when totally immersed in a liquid.0 kg is moving at 10 m s-1.W 2 rg 8 A body of mass 1. Increase the distance d. A force now acts in its direction of motion.

0 m up the slope? A 1.0 x 104 J B 2.3 x 103 J D 5.5 x 103 J C 4.) A 800 N B 1200 N C 2400 N D 3600 N 10 The forward motion of a motor-boat is opposed by forces F which vary with the boat’s speed v in accordance with the relation F = k v2.0 x 103 N on a frictionless slope inclined at 30o to the horizontal.0 m s–2. P and v ? A k= P v B k= P v2 C k= P v3 D k= P v4 11 The diagram shows a barrel of weight 1. The mass of the powered vehicle is 200 kg and each of the baggage carts has a mass of 400 kg.6 9 A transport system. consists of a powered vehicle connected to four baggage carts by a series of connecting bars. The system starts with an acceleration of 2. Which expression relates k. used to move luggage from the airport terminal to the aircraft. What is the work done in moving the barrel a distance of 5. The effective power of the propellers required to maintain the speed v is P. A force is applied to the barrel to move it up the slope at constant speed.0 x 103 J . What is the tension T in the connecting bar between baggage carts 1 and 2? (Ignore any friction forces on the carts. The force is parallel to the slope. where k is a constant.

839 D 1. The only forces acting on the aircraft are lift L and weight W.2 C 3.643 B 0. what is the best value of the ratio of the radius of the Earth to the radius of the Moon? A 1. Using the data.19 The acceleration of free fall on the surface of the Earth is about 6 times its value on the surface of the Moon.9 B 3.6 D 6.0 5 times the mean density 3 14 Two stars of equal mass M move with constant speed v in a circular orbit of radius R about their common centre of mass as shown. L 50 o W What is the ratio of the centripetal force to the weight of the aircraft? A 13 0.7 12 An aircraft is moving in a horizontal plane at a constant speed. It banks at an angle of 50o to the vertical in order to make a turn as shown below. v R v What is the magnitude of the net force on each star? A GM 2 4R 2 B GM 2 R2 C 2Mv 2 R D Mv 2 2R .766 C 0. The mean density of the Earth is about of the Moon.

gravitational potential and elastic potential energies? kinetic energy A B C D zero at top maximum in centre zero at bottom maximum in centre gravitational potential energy maximum at top zero at bottom zero at bottom maximum at top elastic potential energy maximum at top maximum in centre zero at top maximum at bottom 16 Which graph best shows how the velocity of an object performing simple harmonic motion of amplitude a varies with displacement x for one complete oscillation? A B C D . Which line gives the kinetic.8 15 A spring. has a mass attached to the other end. The mass bounces up and down. fixed at one end. It is shown in the diagram at three positions X. Y and Z.

The energy per unit time reaching the surface is E. How much energy per unit time reaches this smaller surface? A 4E B 2E C E D ½E 20 A diffraction grating with 1000 lines per mm is used to measure the wavelength of monochromatic light. The average translational kinetic energy. In which pipe or pipes are stationary waves formed? A P and Q B P only C Q only D Neither P nor Q 19 A plane wave of amplitude A is incident on a surface of area S placed so that it is perpendicular to the direction of travel of the wave. B Ö 5 E.9 17 Let the average translational kinetic energy. at a temperature T.0°. D E/5. The amplitude of the wave is increased to 2 A and the area of the surface is reduced to ½ S. The lengths of the pipes are shown. of helium (molar mass 4 g mol−1) be E. at the same temperature. 18 Travelling waves of wavelength 20 cm are created in the air columns in a closed pipe P and an open pipe Q. of neon (molar mass 20 g mol−1) would be A 5E. C E. The angle between the two first order diffraction maxima is 70. What is the wavelength of the light? A 287 nm B 470 nm C 574 nm D 940 nm .

The direction of the field and the electron’s motion are both horizontal and to the right. or positions. and velocity v.10 21 Four point charges of equal magnitude Q are placed at the corners of a square as shown below. is the electric potential due to the four point charges equal to zero? A B C D At the centre of the square only. Along the y-axis only. At which position. 22 The diagram shows an electron. entering a uniform electric field of strength E. Which expression gives the distance x through which the electron travels before it stops momentarily? A x= mv E B x= mv eE C x= mv 2 2E D x= mv 2 2eE . The centre of the square is at the origin of the x-axis and the y-axis. Along the x-axis only. Along the x-axis and the y-axis. mass m. with charge e.

68 kC C 5. Which circuit could NOT be used as a practical means to vary the voltage across the lamp? A B C D .40 kC D 5400 kC A lamp is connected to a power supply of negligible resistance. The graph shows how the current How much charge passes through the cell during this time? A 24 1.11 23 A cell is connected to a resistor and the current is measured.50 kC B 4.

7. The resistance of Q increases as the current in it increases.00 W What is the value of the resistance R? A 1990 W B 990 W C 490 W D 190 W . 26 The diagram shows a circuit for measuring a small e.5 A the power dissipated in Q is double that in P.f.9 A the resistance of Q is approximately half that of P.m.12 25 The I-V characteristics of two electrical components P and Q are shown below. At 1. At 0. produced by a thermocouple. There is zero current in the galvanometer when the variable resistor is set at 3.00 W. Which statement is correct? A B C D P is a resistor and Q is a filament lamp.

The speed of the particle is decreasing steadily. If a magnetic field B directed into the page is now applied. stay where it is. Which of the following gives a satisfactory explanation for the path? A B C D The momentum of the particle is increasing steadily.13 27 A common way of investigating charged particles is to observe how they move in a plane at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. move to the right. . 28 A positively charged oil drop is held stationary between two charged plates as shown below. The magnetic flux density is decreasing steadily. move upwards. the charged drop would A B C D move into the page. The charge on the particle is decreasing steadily. The diagram shows the path of a certain particle.

E induced in the rod? A B C D . Diagram 2 shows the variation with time t of the distance s from O.f. They carry equal currents into or out of the paper in the directions shown in the diagram. Which graph best shows the variation with t of the e.14 29 Three long vertical wires pass through the corners of an equilateral triange PQR. moving at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. Which diagram shows the direction of the resultant force F on the wire at Q? A B C D 30 Diagram 1 shows an aluminium rod.m.

020 0.m.m.s.m.20 0. C 8. .0 W.0Ö2 W.0Ö2 W. The variation with time t of the power P dissipated in the light bulb is shown below. the secondary current and the mean power dissipated in the resistor? secondary voltage /V r. 0. 24 24 240 240 secondary current /A r. as shown in the diagram.15 31 The primary of an ideal transformer has 200 turns and is connected to a 15 V r. supply.0 resistor power/W 4. The r.s.8 48 120 480 A B C D 32 A lamp of resistance R is connected in series to a source of alternating voltage. What are the possible values of the secondary voltage. The secondary has 3200 turns and is connected to a resistor of resistance 120 W.0 W.s. D 8.s.50 2. B 4. value of the voltage is 20 V.m. P/W t/s The best estimate for the value of the resistance of the filament of the lamp is A 4.

4 D 2.0 . The maximum energy of the ejected electrons is the same as the wavelength of the incident light.50 B 0. l 4. The ratio of A 0. The de Broglie wavelength of the ejected electrons is the same as the wavelength of the incident light. The de Broglie wavelength of another electron accelerated from rest by a potential difference of 2000 V is l 2. The transition corresponding to wavelength l 3 represents the ionisation of the atom. Which statement is correct? A B C D Electrons are ejected only if the wavelength of the incident light is greater than some minimum value. 35 The de Broglie wavelength of an electron accelerated from rest by a potential difference of 1000 V is l 1. The maximum energy of the electrons is dependent of the type of metal. light incident on a metal surface causes electrons to be ejected from the surface. l 2. The electron transitions give rise to the emission of a spectrum of lines of wavelength l 1. What can be deduced from this diagram? A B C D l1 > l 2 l3 = l 1 + l5 l4 is the shortest of the five wavelengths. l 5. 34 An energy level diagram for an atom is shown drawn to scale.16 33 In the photoelectric effect.71 C l1 is l2 1. l 3.

What deduction can be made from these plots? A X-ray tube Q has the higher voltage applied to it and the target material in both tubes is the same. 37 An electron whose total energy 6.0 eV is approaching a barrier whose height is 7.63 x 10-3 .15 x 10-3 D 4.63 x 10-4 C 2.60 nm.17 36 X-ray spectra are taken from two X-ray tubes P and Q. What is the probability of the electron tunnelling through the barrier? A 3. D X-ray tube P has the higher voltage applied to it and the target material in both tubes are different.0 eV and whose thickness is 0. C X-ray tube P has the higher voltage applied to it and the target material in both tubes is the same. The intensity of the X-rays is plotted against the wavelength in both cases and is shown below.13 x 10-4 B 5. B X-ray tube Q has the higher voltage applied to it and the target material in both tubes are different.

Which graph of proton number Z plotted against nucleon number N shows the b-decay followed by the a-emission? A B C D 39 The rest masses of deuteron. captures s a g-ray photon of energy 2.18 38 A radioactive nucleus is formed by b -decay.0 MeV. This nucleus then decays by a-emission. How many radioactive atoms are present in a source made of this material when it has an activity of 8.4 x 1017 . a deuteron may disintegrate to a proton and a neutron if it A B C D emits a g-ray photon of energy 2. proton and neutron are 2.0086 u and 1.0150 u.1 MeV. emits a g-ray photon of energy 3.0097 u respectively.3 x 107 s.1 MeV.7 x 109 Bq? A 2.0 x 102 B 2.9 x 102 C 3.0 MeV. captures a g-ray photon of energy 3.7 x 1017 D 5. 40 A radioactive material has a half-life of 4. 1. Given that 1 u = 931 MeV.

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