Nine Pollution Picture Perfect Days In Beijing

Tyler Durden on 03/21/2013 00:26 -0400

While one night in Bangkok is enough for most, the following images (via Reuters) taken over nine days in Tiananmen Square, Beijing should highlight just how appalling the smog situation is in that country. As we discussed recently, this is more than a major problem for health, the reforms that the government proclaims means significant shifts in the economy (to say nothing of the increasing appeals for clean water and purchased clean air). Click image for interactive version at Reuters...

Day 1 - March 6th

Day 2 - March 7th

March 8th Day 4 .Day 3 .Macrh 9th .

March 10th Day 6 .March 11th (misdated) Day 7 .Day 5 .March 12th .

March 13th Day 9 .Day 8 .March 14th .

Two out of nine ain't bad! Source: Reuters .

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