Appendix G

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LLC .428 Administrative Worksheet PAGE_______________ DATE_______________ Location Case Identifier Preparer/Assistant Time and Date of Arrival Persons Present at the Scene at Time of Arrival Personnel Involved in Search and Their Respective Duties Person in Charge of Scene at Time of Arrival Control of Scene Obtained from Time and Date of Control Acquisition Condition of Scene on Arrival (Secured/Unsecured) Lighting Conditions Weather Conditions Elements of General Description Preliminary Survey/Evidence Evaluation Practical Bomb Scene Investigation Special Observations or Conditions © 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group.

Appendix G Administrative Worksheet (Continued) PAGE_______________ DATE_______________ Crime Scene Conference (Notes and Observations) Crime Scene Investigation Completed and Release of Scene Authorized Name Title Date Time Name Title Date Time Crime Scene Released to Final Survey (Notes and Observations) Administrative Log: Time Pertinent Description/Information 429 © 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group. LLC .