What are my goals?

GOAL: To find out what you would be, to decide what your objectives in life are, and be able to talk naturally and passionately about them. Your ULTIMATE goal is to get to the point when you can talk to women about your path and not care whether or not they join you. POWER RESOURCE: The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida In our first lesson, I want you to ask yourself, “What are my goals?” In any meeting with women, it is crucial that you establish yourself as a man with dreams, aspirations, and objectives. • • • David Deida, the author of the fascinating book, “The Way of the Superior Man”, argues for choosing a “life purpose”. That means deciding on a direction for your life, and fusing everything you do into that direction.3 Living a life with purpose is SO much easier than a life without one

"Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret of success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours." -David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man • For example, if your goal is to become, say, a world-renown DJ, every aspect of your life should feed into that: your friends, your hobbies, your wardrobe, your job, what you read, where you go--everything should point towards music as a way of life for you. When you establish where you want your life to go, it becomes that much easier to get it there. Everything makes more sense, and you have a path that you are committed to. Girls LOVE to follow people on paths. As one relationship guru said, “When a guy is doing his own thing, or on his own path, and then he’s including others on it, it’s completely different when he’s trying to fit in or trying to be with other people on their paths.” Would you rather follow, or BE followed? I think you know the answer. Girls LOVE to follow guys who are successful around. Just ask any rock singer or businessman. When you have a deep-rooted purpose, you don't need women as much as they need you. YOU get your pick of women; they have to fight to earn you! -2-

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Important questions to ask yourself include: What kind of career do I want? If you’re doing something you have absolutely no interest in, take the necessary steps to get out of it and into something you believe in and enjoy! You’ll do yourself and the company a favor. What kind of interests do I want to pursue? You can’t please everyone; you’ll never be into the same things as all the girls you meet. So decide what you really like: maybe it’s sports, you want to know everything there is to know about baseball or football; maybe it’s travel, you want to know everything you can get your hands on about foreign countries; maybe it’s even woodwork or some other trade, you want to be known as an expert in your field. Decide what your interests are, commit yourself to them, and be proud! What kind of friends fit into my path? What kind of people do NOT fit into my path? Decide who supports you and who it is that deters you from your path. There will always be guys and girls who try to disabuse you of your hobbies, tell you your interests are stupid and boring. But if your interests are something you believe in, you’re better off cutting the detractors from your life, than what moves you. Or at least limiting your presence around them. Where do I want to be in 10 years time? This is not only a good question to ask yourself, but to ask women. Don’t worry about your answer, but do be prepared that women will ask you something like this as a test. So it’s good to know what you want so you have a ready answer. In what country or city can I best achieve my goals? Sometimes the country or city you’re in now isn’t the best place to achieve what you want, or to find the people who will support you in it. I know several people who could not find happiness in their home country or town, so moved on to other places and found happiness they never knew possible. Oftentimes you just can’t find the right friends somewhere, so it’s time to move on. Don’t be afraid to give a new city or nation a shot. • • Once you have solid answers to these questions, it’s up to you to pursue them. Start by believing in yourself, and believing in your goals.

EXERCISE Write down 5 goals you would like to achieve over the next 5 years. Decide on one PURPOSE you have for your life. These goals should all work towards achieving your purpose. Write down 12 goals you would like to achieve in the next year. Make one for each months. Make a month-by-month checklist to see if you achieve your goals. -3-

datingdynamics.com -4- .Quote to End On: "Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost. or prone to mechanical and disinterested sex. Without knowing his life-purpose a man lives a weakened. Right away." -David Deida. The Way of the Superior Man I guarantee you that when you present women with a man who knows what he wants. impotent existence. adapting to events rather than creating events. drifting. and is determined to get it. by Carlos Xuma: Dating Dynamics: http://www. perhaps eventually becoming even sexually impotent. by David Deida Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Male. you won't have any problem meeting women. your attraction meter…has gone up! Recommended Reading The Way of the Superior Man.

Red. Lean back like you've got all the time in the world. White is so fascinated with finding Ms. Like Mr. our smooth-as-silk ladies’ man. Mr. If you display energy and enthusiasm. are like sponges. and ends up looking like a loser. intimate. he gives a negative image to his interests. Yellow needs to overcome his fear of people thinking his interests are good enough. 1. suave manner. Mr. The problem. Don't talk like you're trying to impress. but he also doesn’t want to talk like a geek. is full of himself and speaks as if he is the king and girls are lucky to hear him. But if you display negativity and apathy. Orange. Brown knows his interests. they soak in what you say. he talks feebly about them. of course. and people in general really. like Mr. who positions himself as someone who’s not GOOD enough to get in a lady’s pants. they will feel that from you. he strikes a balance. He doesn’t realize that if he can’t talk about himself. -5- . He needs to talk about his interests in a more controlled. "just-between-you-and-me" voice. He needs to learn to listen. “Oneitis” very much needs to learn better communication skills. Here are some problems our Reservoir Dogs make: • Mr. What are my interests and dislikes? GOAL: To be able to talk. Brown. like Mr. is that when you treat your interests like no big deal. confident manner. When he does discuss them with a girl. Blue. Yellow is afraid of talking girls. He gets drunk and raves about how great he is. and not let people deter you from what moves you. Mr. so he can talk about his interests in a relaxed. Mr. without giving a girl to discuss what interests HER. girls won’t be interested. who only wants to say enough in a lady’s pants. Pink. Mr. and especially how you say it. Pink is too shy to talk about his interests. but does so in very boring ways. so too will they feel those emotions. And since people feel out a person by how a person talks. Mr. Talk slowly and calmly. girls KNOW he’s full of crap. They’re as good as you make them. You know the guy: the one who goes into a big monologue about all the great things he does. like they’re “no big deal”. Describe your interest with passion in a deep.2. Mr. Right that he tries too hard to impress her with his interests. He stumbles in his attempt to impress her. and afraid of talking about his interest in fear of being rejected. He forgets that girls. Blue downplays everything he does as sucking. Red doesn’t talk like a player. convincingly and comfortably. As always. You will learn how to use your interests to make yourself more attractive to women. and to speak more eloquently and persuasively. Mr. • • • • • So of course this brings us to Mr. about your interests. and makes a point of discussing them. that’s what they become to a girl.

the more passionately you should talk to women about them. it's not all about you. Alex Benzer -6- . Make Sure to Listen to HER interests. This will likely lead her to ask. and they will too. Likewise. you can answer cockily. Give her the "Colbert Chin" (see picture).. Decide why you are interested in these interests. List at least five. Don't say anything.A man on a purpose does not need to impress others." Loosen her up with humor. show some interest (but not too much). Let her speak. 4. 3. Tell her you love traveling. wait a few seconds. So if you treat your interests as stupid. Leave Her Hanging! If you like traveling and have climbed the Great Wall or skydived over Sydney. don't tell her that all at once! Girls LOVE to be led on. Then write down their importance on a scale of 1-5. Simple things like. it always works! EXERCISE Take a few minutes to write down YOUR interests and what YOUR ambition or ambitions are. "So what are you into/What kind of music do you listen to/What do you like?" To this. Don't be quick to interject when a girl describes her interests and experiences. Your attraction meter has just…gone up! Recommended Resources "The Tao of Dating. "Besides high-tech interactive porn? Hmmm. I'll have to show you some photos of my travels sometime" or "I have this great video of me skydiving" are sure to make her want to see you again. there's a system that makes people match the speaker's vibe. so wait a bit. so will other people. and how you will use them in your path to excellence." by Dr. Remembers. Yes. "Yeah. and knowing your interests (and dislikes) will come naturally. but bait her into wanting to know more. But treat your hobbies like something great.. no matter how trivial they may seem. So figure out your life purpose. 2. After THAT. Others need to impress him. emotions are literally contagious. The more important each interest is to you. then compliment her. don't treat your hobbies like they're no big deal. and wait for her to ask you something.

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Pink is shy about talking to his career. And she wants to feel that your truth and love are stronger than the barbs she can throw at you." -David Deida. She wants to feel your love. But. his persistence in his own truth. like a big deal. some say it’s just an innocent question. and his capacity to share that truth in love with her. THEN. Even though advertising is an interesting enough career. What Do I Do? GOAL: To be able to comfortably and convincingly talk about what you do for a living and career. The Way of the Superior Man The other key to passing a "test. she can trust you. He loses out by not talking about it more. his capacity to transcend nuisance. even when she is complaining--especially when she is complaining. independent of her needs. you won't just pass: you will show a girl you are in control. 3 Mr. if you are prepared and treat the girl like she has to impress YOU. Brown does it the wrong way. we’ll say they’re all fairly successful advertising executives: 1 Mr. If you treat the question like a test. This turns girls off in a hurry. not you impress her. Some say it’s a test. and confident in your choices. Brown thinks highly enough of his career. why are you worrying?!? Here’s where our Reservoir Dogs get it wrong. he thinks girls won’t enjoy it and refrains from saying much about it. and unfortunately. "It never ends. She wants to feel your truth. There’s a right way and a wrong way to discuss one’s career. in constant search of “The One”. Either way.3. White. Girls -8- . For consistency. what matters is not what your answer is. but how you answer it. It’s inevitable: a girl is going to ask you what you do for a living. but bores girls with all the details they couldn’t care less about. tries too hard to use his career to impress ladies. He fashions himself as a provider. Does it matter if you impress her or not? Does she truly fit into your life purpose? If not. you will fail. Then she can relax and surrender into the polarity of man and woman. A woman will always test her man for the pleasure of feeling his strength in loving. and talks as if he's trying to impress women with his plans for a family. 2 Mr.Your woman is testing you because she loves you. Everything a girl wants." is asking yourself if this girl fits into your choice... Mr.

Red doesn't care what people think of his answer.4 Mr. than a guy who works in a big office with no purpose at all. Women love to give people a chance. no matter what it is. 2. in the process not impressing at all. Red always goes with the path. Orange is the typical drunk businessman who thinks he’s the shit. but HE believes it’s fun and interesting. Red never lets the woman assume more power than him. Again. Mr. Mr. 6 Mr. If he has to decide between his path and a girl who thinks his path is a joke. Instead of badmouthing his job and co-workers. Blue always puts down his career. The job gives him the income and knowledge he needs to make his dream of becoming a travel writer come true. He describes his job as a part of something bigger: his PATH. he should discuss them with pride and energy. he knows it's part of their instinctive drive for a man who can provide and protect. Mr. it’s bound to repel girls. They will be more attracted to a gas station attendant who dreams of owning his own company. They either talk too much about their careers. for fear of a girl rejecting his career as not good enough. Mr. 5 Mr. He knows that women love a man with potential. He’s convinced his career. He EXPECTS the question and answers it calmly. 4. you don’t repel—you attract. or just make their jobs sound so boring or so depressing. However they do it. Girls respect him more for sticking to what he believes in. Our fearless Mr. she will be much more attracted to him. Yellow is afraid to talk about his career. and conveys his interest suitably. FUNDAMENTAL RULE When a man doesn't care what a woman thinks of his answer. But when you know how to describe your career right. girls actually are mostly interested in advertising workers. Red doesn't get angry at women for testing him. is interesting. He loses out in the process. Red knows how to do it right: 1. why else would shows like Oprah and magazines like Women's Weekly be so popular? These media appeal to women's sense of -9- . Doesn’t matter if he’s not fully satisfied with the job. the way he describes it is as a stepping stone in his life purpose. You can see what these guys do wrong. He wards off girls with his depressing talk. too little. 3. No matter what the question. He tries too hard to impress. Some people may think it’s boring. He doesn't care what she thinks of his answer. saying all the bad things about it he can think of. but he fears they’ll think his job is boring. some people may think it’s capitalist smug.

. he pauses a second (to regain control and not give her too much power--see my lesson on Listening). but I dream bigger. He knows that as long as you answer their questions slowly and with confidence.<with a grin> Eventually a woman will test you with how much you make...10 - . your attraction meter…has gone up! Recommended Resources "The Way of the Superior Man. do you want to marry me already? Look." by David Deida "Double Your Dating.. this stimulates curiosity> Lady: Oh yeah? What's your dream? Mr. doesn't rush to answer>To be a successful travel writer and see every country on the planet. Red: When you write with as much passion and knowledge as I do. Red turns the table on her and makes her have to defend herself from being a gold-digger! Lady (testing Mr. <power pause> Love it. Red: It's okay. You can let me know how much YOU make. sounds interesting. He doesn't rush his voice. (laughs) Lady: Does that pay well? Mr. Talk slowly. and a woman will be more interested--even if you work as a clerk at Wal-Mart. Red doesn't make a big. I'm an advertising executive. nervous deal of saying what he does for a living.." by Leil Lowndes . Red: <pauses. Red: Right now. When a woman asks. He also doesn't avoid it.<lifts his chin. I really can't be rushed into a relationship that quickly. Mr. you'll be okay. <grins> Now you know more about how to handle the inevitable question about what you do for a living." by David DeAngelo "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. Lady: I'm not a gold-digger! I just. Red handles the ladies: Lady: So what you do for a living? Mr. I don't date golddiggers. knowing that a fast explanation makes him look nervous and full of crap. Red): So how much do you make doing advertising. Attraction in Action! Here's how Mr. Red: Why. only 155 to go. Red: <slowly but passionately>Yeah. Besides.. I just met you. Mr.sympathy and nurturing. I'm up to 70 countries. Lady: Wow. So appeal to it yourself by showing that what you feel you're capable of! 5. then explains slowly what he does. it does. gently. Mr. This is when Mr. Mr. Just like that.

And if you’re involved in something that most people aren’t. even if not fluently. and then do what you have to do. say. A really unique job or interest. Let your clothes speak for you. wear a cowboy hat and boots. so you have to set yourself apart to "sell. such as a crazy hairstyle. If you’re from the South and enjoy your cowboy image. the Caribbean. A unique body mark or style. You show them the product that is you. to make your identity your stepping-stone to female success. a UN peacekeeper or professional daredevil. really anything. YOU. Believe me. • • • • By writing down what makes you unique. wear cool necklaces and shirts. you MARKET yourself. unusual clothing you like to wear. They could be anything: the way you laugh. What Makes Me Unique? GOAL: To determine and share what makes you so unique “First say to yourself what you would be. such as base-jumping or piloting. . is the way to get girls interested in you—and drive up the price for your product! Let’s go through some common unique identifiers: • • Being a foreigner is one of the easiest ways to market yourself as unique.11 - • • • • ." Showing what you have that no one else does.4. girls will notice you and be very curious. or dark skin. or speak a foreign language. even if you were born in the same country. but would like to be. let them know about it! Finally. Likewise.” -Epictetus When it comes to interacting with girls. and five reasons why they should "buy" you. If you’re. I know a guy who casually mentions that he’s related to a famous musician (which is true). like. There's a lot of competition out there. EVERYONE has something that distinguishes them from everyone else. it pays to have an identity: who you are. or distinguishable eyebrows (like Jack Nicholson’s) or great teeth. what makes you unique. If you have an accent. Let your wardrobe speak your identity. a body mark. and this gets girls crazy curious. market the hell out of this distinguished position. Take the time to do that now. write down five (5) things that make you unique. what makes you. some habit or behavior that you have that no one else does. foreign jewelry. Then do what you have to do. EXERCISE On a sheet of paper. your heritage can go a long way towards marketing you. If you’re into a particular culture. say. your career. just like that.

I travel around the world bungee jumping. don’t talk about them at all. This is not the way to do it. the people he works with. it’s much more than “alright” for the girl. he comes off as insecure and arrogant—not desirable characteristics. So how do you showcase something unique like. QUOTABLE QUOTE “Your identity and your success go hand in hand. Mr. Orange. Blue. then it will be no big deal for the woman. Orange. and build on it. don’t paint what you do or are interested in. It’s alright. And that includes yourself. “Well. But you don’t want to be shy about it. don’t talk about them until you really know a girl. or can do great imitations. humble answer that invites curiosity. Red isn’t shy about what he does. girls won’t know unless you tell them. Even if there are downsides to your occupation or hobby.12 - . like Mr. that you’re a professional bungee-jumper (unlikely as it may be)? • In the case of Mr. • • So how to talk about yourself? Our fearless Mr. who travels around the world. But he thinks a girl ought to do all the talking. Many people sacrifice their . Red knows…that a girl is inevitably going to ask him what he does for a living. Mr. Red says something like. Knowing who you are. might do something really cool and interesting. he would brag about it constantly. so he says nothing. Remember: your identity tells people who you are. so he gives a shrewd. when I’m not at my day job. people gravitate much more towards positive-thinking people than negative ones. So Mr. that sort of thing. but talk about it like it sucks. But if he makes it sound like it’s the biggest deal in the world—then the girl will be so off-put that she won’t give a damn. say. he tells her and doesn’t put it down. Pink has a lot to be proud of. Blue were a professional bungee jumper. to the point where the achievement is no longer impressive but annoying. and what you want to be. Pink. in negative terms. Mr. If Mr. the spectators who ask for his autograph. Or better yet. the resident grouch. Find out what little habit or action makes you unique.” Naturally. Mr. not too many people can stake claim to being a professional bungee-jumper. by getting drunk and raving all about himself. and doesn’t want to be like Mr. so she’ll pounce on him with questions. Red finds a happy medium. goes a long way towards achieving your goals. He knows that if he makes it sound like no big deal.Some people have a funny laugh. he’d just talk about all the negative aspects of it: the long hours traveling. In the cases of a unique interest or job. Finally. In his case.

" by Anthony Robbins . Alex Benzer "Unlimited Power.13 - .” -Lila Swell Get your identity right. and your attraction meter will go up…just like that! Recommended Resources "Tao of Dating.identities by not doing what they really want to do. And that's why they're not successful." by Dr.

) Burgundy . How Do I Want to Present Myself GOAL: To dress to impress. fashions. But products with good design catch people's attention.. struggle. And you want to do the same--you want women to see you and KNOW that they should "buy" you.” • Great Red Clothes to Attract Women: • • • Red V-neck or crew neck sweaters A sturdy red windbreaker A red suit or dress shirt (though red pants should ONLY be used if you really want to peacock and be noticed! Don't wear it if you can't handle people staring at you. So pay attention! COLORS THAT ATTRACT WOMEN'S ATTENTION: Red • • The color of blood.” The person who favors red “wants his own activities to bring him intensity of experience and fullness of living. towards sport. wearing the right styles. But you do have to pay attention to how you present yourself. people go for products that aren't the flashiest. eroticism and enterprising productivity.5.14 - . “It is the impulse towards active doing. masculinity. and often those aren't the highest quality anyway (keep this in mind when comparing yourself to the alpha male jocks!). you don't have to look like Brad Pitt to get the women of Brad Pitt. Red it “impact of the will” or “force of will” as distinct from the green “elasticity of the will. Do they matter as much as we are led to believe? No! The good news is. and colors to signify to women that you are a true catch! Do looks matter? Yes.. competition. What you wear can determine how well you score. Remember: Dating is like marketing. Sure. the flame of the human spirit. conquest.

simplicity and great versatility. Blue • • • • One of the best colors Blue clothing suggests a more trustworthy and warm personality. "A man wearing black suggests elegance. stylish blue buttoned shirt. a nice. whether formal slacks or informal jeans. . black clothing also conveys neatness. yet equally provocative color: burgundy. As Askmen. Only good yellow accessory to wear is a Lance Armstrong bracelet.If red is too bright and powerful for you. or if you're in more formal attire. Match just about everything. Doesn't hurt to show girls you support the fight against cancer." "When worn properly. • • This color stands for passion and high spirituality. Black • • • My personal favorite color. authority and power. it also conveys anxiety and alertness. Can also make you look more serious and intellectual. and send a great message to women. Burgundy clothes are also a sign of higher status and advocate luxury Great Burgundy Clothes to Attract Women: • • • Dressy burgundy lace-up shoes Matching leather belt Burgundy button-down-shirt (short-sleeve or long) I highly recommend you try Burgundy out." Yellow • • • • One of the worst colors to wear! The color of fear. Though visually stimulating. T Try out some dark blue jeans.15 - . consider a darker.com says.

White • • • • Looks GREAT if you are dark-skinned. a well-tailored white suit will set you apart in any season In colder season. it's too risky. The color signifies virtue and can give you an extremely clean appearance. Again. love.16 - • . Purple. Purple stands for powerful things: royalty. and mystery. White clothing can also point towards a higher social status. and looks very preppy. Work on your tan! Great White Clothes to Attract Women: • • • • Green • • • The color of money! Relaxing color that makes you look compassionate Careful: green is also the color of "elasticity"--makes you look less dominant and more lenient of unacceptable behavior ("nice guys finish last") In the summer. sparkling white linen pants Additionally. a forest green polo shirt looks great (particularly with a tan) Colors to Use in Limited Doses: • Pink. Pink symbolizes cheeriness. it's also featured prominently in the gay community. magic. Use especially in warm and formal settings. Unfortunately. or a white polo. but are they what a beautiful woman to think of you? I don't recommend wearing pink. a pair of clean. a trendy white jacket makes you look great Look for a striped linen short-sleeve collar shirt in the warmer seasons Great Green Clothes to Attract Women: • • • A green windbreaker Forest green V-neck or crew neck wool sweater In warmer months. white shirts look best against dark skin. It's . and beauty. Good things in life. not so great if you are pale. Think white tennis shirt.

com/fashion/fashiontip/49_fashion_advice. You definitely can't wear purple pants or shorts. so why bother? • Orange. stay away from orange. but if you don't like lots of attention. blue. an orange button-down shirt can work. by Leil Lowndes . Try them out! Recommended Resources http://www. and one that I wouldn't recommend.a risky color to wear. But how do you wear orange? In the summer. It's a fun. and the shirts are dubious. and burgundy are the winning colors to wear. Orange symbolizes vitality and endurance. black. red. bright color that has mostly positive associations. In short.askmen.17 - . with red and burgundy most alluring to females.html How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You.

• You also have to state these in the present tense. and it will do it anyway." are you really not going to think about her? Of course you will think about her naked! That just shows how the unconscious mind works. "Don't think about Pamela Anderson naked right now. make it a reality.. 3 Ways to Making Yourself Self-Dependent.6. That means if you give women and your friends a man who's broken.. "I am successful and wealthy." and you WILL.. • While you may consciously not believe it at the moment.. in fact. Believe in Yourself GOAL: Develop a rock-solid belief in yourself that women find irresistible. • If you want to be rich. • To train the unconscious mind. AFFIRMATIONS. systematically stating it to the unconscious mind will. So if you want to become successful with women. friends won't enjoy your company. • So always state positives. it's time to start developing the 3 C's: • • • Comfort Confidence Control How do you develop these things? Read on. "I will get beautiful women.. If I tell you. you have to consciously state what you want to be true. "Creating Your Own Emotional Sphere" 1. and in the first .you'll get nothing back. You can choose to let having a particular woman rule your life." • Notice something interesting: the unconscious mind can't process negatives. obsessed.18 - ." The unconscious mind processes this and believes it..or you can find happiness from within. Say. state. and the whole attraction process becomes a lot more difficult! Independence and your own internal frame of reference are ways of saying that you control your destiny and do not let other people control your emotions. "I am attractive and successful with women. Which will you choose? If you want to develop internal game so strong that women will be attracted to you just by your air of confidence and self-assuredness. • Tell your mind not to do something. needy and insecure about things. say. Women won't be attracted to you. You get what you give.

only positive ones. 3. Unlike Mr." and you will. not worrying. visualize yourself smiling." by Dr. • Those are the pillars of success. walking with an extra step. Big lesson: Words have power. If you are attractive to women. • Imitate successful men. Do NOT say. HAVE--actually have a hot woman by your side." -Henry Ford 2. • Next DO--go out and get beautiful women. You've already said you're attractive to beautiful women. Red . and FEEL the success. who are either too shy or too scared to talk about themselves much. I highly recommend you read "The Tao of Dating. it becomes natural Also remember the 6 Ways to Show a Woman You're Emotionally Secure: 1. Yellow and Mr." B By making your goal a present reality. "You WILL get beautiful women. you have to first BE: Say that you ARE successful with women. • Picture what success is like. 2. no NEGATIVE statements. and you literally can't. Visualize the reality.. talk the way they do. Mr. Pink. "I am going to get beautiful women. and not fun to be around. "Whether you believe you can or believe you can't." or. Never talk down your past girlfriends--this shows bitterness and insecurity. VISUALIZATION. Alex Benzer. Never talk down yourself.19 - . Don't be afraid to talk about yourself. This will come with time.. But say. insecure. act like the man who women can't resist. so this WILL happen. • This is the "Be" in the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm of The Tao of Dating. Tell yourself you can't get hot women. like James Bond • "The best way to become successful is to imitate those who already are" • Walk the way they do. • If you want to be successful with women. • If this means being happy with yourself.you're right. • Breathe in and out. For more on this. "I attract beautiful women.• • • person. eventually. • Finally.. ACTING THE PART. All this does is tell a girl you're high maintenance. you ensure that it is a selffulfilling prophecy. 3. Remember.

and that path is full of success and happiness.20 - . and of showing that you're not so full of yourself that you don't appreciate other people. Not being yourself shows a lack of love for yourself. JUST BE YOURSELF. this does bring me to my fourth rule. Talk with passion. they want a man on a path. Remember. by Dr. Asking questions and actually listening to what she says goes a long way towards showing you're not so full of yourself that you're an arrogant jerk. You can hear more in my lesson specifically on listening. and shows that you need a girl's approval to be happy with yourself. as you heard. being careful not to boast but also not shying away from talking about himself. Don't be what you THINK others want you to be. 6. which is to listen to the girl. 5. While he is a good listener. and being damn proud of it. Who wants that? However. Jeffers Working on Yourself Doesn't Work. Being yourself. In this world. Alex Benzer Double Your Dating. But conversely. you get what you give. and a person who has enjoyed life by being himself. people will treat YOU like crap. Well. So empower yourself. Susan A. you are showing her that you are a fun person to be with. the type of person who makes YOU happy with yourself. You are happy in your own skin. by Ariel and Shya Kane The Tao of Dating. Just by telling a girl stories. THAT'S a winner's game! Recommended Resources Face the Fear and Do It Anyway. Act like who you want to be. Girls LOVE men who aren’t independent. not from outside. Ask her questions. They want a man who's in command of himself. you're giving too much power to women. When you make the subject of a conversation all about the woman. so act like it! People with love for themselves are enthusiastic and passionate. whether interesting or not. with passion and excitement. And you won't get any girls. which in turn makes you more attractive. by David DeAngelo The Way of the Superior Man. by David Deida The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People . by being yourself. he is also a good talker. shows an independence from women. not only do you feed her ego but also make yourself look uninteresting. by Dr. no dependence--independence! Happiness comes from within. This is a great way to show happiness in yourself--by building up others! It achieves the double purpose of presenting a person who loves company.talks with pride about what he does. Living for others is an Instant mistake. Talk highly about your friends. if you talk crap about others. you ARE on a path. If you give out positive messages and happiness to others. if you have love for yourself. and they actually don't want that. you'll get that back. And telling yourself that who you are is the best person out there. and repeat back what she said. who controls his situations from within. 4.

and 3. financial resources. Roberts. in a study of over 10. women look for signs of strength: height is a bonus. They also look for wide shoulders and a narrow waist--the first suggests strength. on six continents.21 - • • . Education level 2.DECISION POINT #2: WHAT DO I EXPECT FROM WOMEN LESSONS 1 & 2 Understanding Women. status. Dr. and 3.000 people in 37 countries. Physical height. • Is money everything? NO. and taking in a man who has unlimited potential is sometimes more attractive to them than a man who's already made it. Appeal to their sympathy! As you'll learn below. and use the facts to your attraction advantage The hard facts we men need to know and consider before you go on a night in the town: • According to evolutionary scientist. as tall men are typical stronger. If you can connect with them and reveal your emotions and goals. suggests that women determine a man’s worthiness based on 3 qualities: 1. It's part of their need to form CONNECTIONS and UNDERSTANDING between people. Andrea P. you're in for good. Salary level. relationship expert. The other cues to a man who has desirable . Parts 1 & 2 GOAL: To learn and understand what women want and need. they will stick around even the poorest of men. as long as they sense AMBITION and a POTENTIAL for financial success. women value men based on three big things: 1. David Buss. Similarly. women are about cooperation and socialization. Physically. the second actually suggests a strong immune system. Ambition. 2. Women are very forgiving.

• • • • • What Women Value in Men • What do men value in women most? According to these same studies.' -Paula Hall.. and take care of your immune system by eating well. and broader jaws and chins.genetic qualities are thicker necks. learn how to defend yourself and others. and large breasts (presumably. You don't have to be a dirt bag. Those are the cues her brain needs.but then don't give them the time of day compared to bad boys? There's a reason for women going for bad boys: they're more likely to protect them. This suggests to us that women aren't attracted to firemen. strong mate who will give her healthy children and fight off saber-tooth tigers. there's a gut instinct telling us we should go for the hairy macho bloke. we are visually attracted to women. we instinctually search for purely physical characteristics. So pay attention to your blood pressure and muscles: not just to be healthy.22 - ." it pays to have bad boy behaviors and characteristics. just show a girl you're strong and will protect her. too! Ever get frustrated that women SAY they want nice guys. A man with a strong immune system actually gives off pheromones that women subconsciously smell. caring mate who will empathize with us. wide. This basically goes back to evolutionary psychology. to feed the babies. would make a good mate. and bodybuilders just because they look good: it's actually because their brains tell them that these men would protect them from danger and provide a comfortable lifestyle. The characteristics our brains look for are signs of good fertility: a narrow waist. women want a man who looks like he can take care of her. In short. You don't actually have to join the fire department or train for the NFL to attract women: simply join a gym. Women are attracted to the big. athletes. Their brains tell them that a man who is healthy and strong.. • They are programmed to look for PROVIDERS and PROTECTORS. child-bearing hips. but also physically attractive!). A man who is traditionally masculine is more likely to attract us initially. don't feel bad--it's part of our instincts! . It's part of evolutionary psychology: 'While we know at head level we want a sensitive. but to attract women. So if you're attracted to the girl with the great ass and nice breasts. relationship counselor for Relate • So as I explain in my lesson on "Nice Guys.

and watch after her and the children. on the other hand. social hosts. for they were the mothers. be careful! You can do this by providing the things women want most: a strong man with a good immune system. For guys who are in or get into a relationship. Their sex drive is very limited. Also remember that whereas we men cheat on our spouses mostly for physical pleasure. life comes to a screeching halt for women. this is great. Men. evolutionary psychologists are increasingly suggesting that there are benefits to women sleeping around. This brings us to the sheer importance of COMMUNICATION with women-and not just being able to talk well.• Know the evolutionary reason for why women are reluctant to have sex with just anyone? WOMEN only release ONE egg each month. and you won't have to fear. and they are far less likely to develop speech dysfunctions like slurring than men are. thousands of years ago. It also explains why we men have so many problems talking to girls. They talked with other mothers while tending the children. they're stuck with a baby for nine months of pregnancy. Women are genetically wired to be greater communicators. have a virtually limitless supply of sperm and could hypothetically father hundreds of children in those same nine months. They cheat when men don't give them the love and compassion they need. you'll separate yourself from the rest of the men out there. so women will gladly risk pregnancy to be with you! The good news for single men is. When it comes to language and communication. Many of women's actions are driven by the need to protect their children. while men were busy hunting. who can provide a comfortable living for herself and the children. more lovers means more fathers. their brains have many more cells devoted to communication than boys. they've got us men licked. by learning my techniques. have greater vocabularies. Life goes on for men. and competing. nurturers. Once this egg is fertilized. Fortunately. while women never lack for something to say on dates! • • • • • Where do men go from here? There's a good side to all this: . often with nothing said between them at all. Buss calls this "Mate insurance. What does this mean for us men? It means you really do have to prove yourself a catch if a woman is going to risk pregnancy by sleeping with you. fighting. So be a good listener." For guys who are single.23 - . it was required. take care of your partner's emotional needs. Women have VASTLY superior communication skills: they typically begin speaking earlier than boys. Dr. women cheat for emotional understanding. and having many male partners increases the chance of her children's survival.

a man needs to be romantic. women will become attracted to you. but also be a man: a provider and a protector. Men's brains can operate separately from other brain functions. on the other hand." "A woman leaves a man not because she is unhappy with what he can provide." Got it guys? Show love. it's important to understand WHY women get emotional. without getting emotions involved. women have many more "hot spots" for emotions: it occurs in both the left and right lobes of their brains." by Barbara and Allen Pease. whereas in men. Body Language. then switch to spatial situations. If you can do this. Women.The fact is. It's not always easy. "Why Men Don't Listen. . I HIGHLY recommend you pick up "Why Men Don't Listen. conversation. and Women Can't Read Maps. without offering solutions. For more excellent information on the differences between the sexes. because they will see that you are always "feeling" and "understanding" their emotions As Barbara and Allen Pease write in the excellent book. romance. Men can argue logic and words. listen when a woman talks. find it very difficult to perform functions like problem-solving without emotions getting involved. talk lots. Nearly 75% of signals women receive from men are not from what we say.24 - • • • • • • • . Clearly body language is important! So check out my lesson on "Flirting. because the problem-solving tissues are mixed right in there with the emotion ones! Therefore. women are better communicators than men: they can read signals from body language to tone of speech that we men never even knew existed.. and Women Can't Read Maps. but how we say and how our bodies are positioned.. and.She wants love. WHY they treasure good communication. most of all. the greater you'll succeed with women. but because she is emotionally unfulfilled. emotions are located in only the right hemisphere of the brain. and Other Communication Cues" to learn how to read and speak body language. be romantic. Importance of Emotions and Communication • Why are women so much more emotional than us men? Similar to why they are better communicators. but the sooner you realize it. emotions offer occur simultaneously. WHY they value relationships... whereas with women.

Quotable Quote "A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking. by Barbara and Allan Pease Emotional Intelligence. but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed. by Helen Fisher How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. by Barbara and Allan Pease The Anatomy of Love.” Reading Resources: Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps. by Leil Lowndes Why Men Don't Have a Clue. and Women Need More Shoes. by Daniel Goleman .25 - .

Ken Kenny The type of women you choose to chase--or choose NOT to chase--will determine your happiness or unhappiness to a great extent. Get over your fear and go after only the kinds of girls YOU find attractive--no matter how hot or untenable they may seem. where you are loved and adored immediately. The Power of Choice GOAL: To become aware of the importance of choice. but he refuses to date girls unless they're gorgeous and have fake boobs. to make sure that you and your partner are on the same PATH. most likely you will be left or ignored soon after. Unfortunately. a nasty break-up. partners who want to move into the relationship quickly tend to leave or cool off to the relationship just as quickly. and not settle for girls who are not what you want or treat you with disrespect. and most of the time he doesn't even get who he wants! • Different people make the SAME mistake: they settle for the woman who they think will love them. So it pays to take it a little slow. maybe even marry them. But when you SETTLE. #1. There are lots of normal and even attractive girls who want to date him." -Relationship expert. but usually he struggles. and often. an expensive and violent divorce. playmates." -David Deida. Once in a while he'll be lucky enough to get a date with one. that she fits into your LIFE PURPOSE. All because you didn't go for who you want. that is DISASTER. If you end up in a relationship where there is immediate chemistry. and #2. bikini models. The Way of the Superior Man It is possible to be attracted to have chemistry with lots of people.3.26 - . because he won’t rush into something that isn’t ideal. have sex with them. . But that doesn't mean everyone you're attracted to or have chemistry with should not be your relationship partner. It's a miserable relationship. Is it any wonder that he's always miserable? His choices are severely limited. the higher quality women he will attract. "The more a man can come from a place of choice…two things happen. I've got a friend who only goes after 10's: strippers. you get what you pay for. she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose. who's TOP on your choice list. • • • • "Although she would never admit it. the more likely the relationships will last.

or unhappy? The price of not being choosy. I highly recommend you read "The Relationship Mistake of Settling.net/settling-in-relationship.html Here's something you need to know: the choosier you are.is misery for many. • • • Better girls. She encourages you to avoid settling by asking yourself these questions: "What do I need in a relationship? What can't I live without? What do I need day-to-day from someone in order to continue to fall in love with him or her? What do I value in someone above all else? What will be important when I live with someone? What can't I live with? What is the worst thing a partner could do to me? Add you own questions to the list to distill your relationship values.27 - .." by Gary Caine. the more likely your relationship will LAST..singlescafe. Does the girl fit into your purpose? Does she support and encourage you in what you do? Does she have the looks and the behaviors that will make you happy. not a purpose based on your girl!!! POWER RESOURCE: The Tao of Dating. the better women you get. by Dr. by being choosy. Think of it like this: It's like settling for a Mazda when you really wanted .." Ultimately. many years. If you'd like to learn more. It's a quick but powerful article you can find at: http://www. Alex Benzer EXERCISE Lisa Paries has a great article about the dangers of settling.Save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing a girl based on your purpose. Why? Because you didn't SETTLE--you got what you want. choice is about what YOU want in a girl. Because girls respect a guy who settles for nothing but the best Additionally. the choosier you are.. You have to be upfront and honest with yourself to determine who you really want to be with.

What's a stand-up guy? According to one excellent relationship expert. The harder you make it for her to get you. Don't hold back: be absolutely honest in what you really want. but it won't be as fun as a Beamer. with a miserable relationship. think about this: What kind of men do women go after? Do they go for the easy choice.she earned it. or worse. Eventually. They want to feel like a man wanted her and her only. you'll pay for it later. you have nothing special to offer. the man who's dying to have her. They want a challenge. and absolutely can't stand. Because she got it the old-fashioned way. "A stand up guy is a guy who's not afraid to speak his mind and do the right thing in a situation. But go with your first choice." He's a guy who shows authority and DEMANDS that people be socially courteous with him. her wonderful uniqueness. the more attractive you become. you'll get what you want. put a premium on choice and quality in women. They won't be attracted to you. the man who will give her his love if only. who is only interested in her because there's something fantastic about her that separates her from the rest. fascinating personality. the BMW. Women have to EARN his respect before he gives them attention. They want to feel like out of all the millions of women out there.. you aimed for just HER. Because if you're not honest now. in women.a BMW. Then she'll value your company all the more. if ONLY she'd give him a chance? Hell no! Women go for the man who's HARD TO GET.. and you'll always be happy! • Women want to feel EARNED. The Mazda might be okay. They'll see you're easy.. who doesn't need her. no relationship at all! If a girl sees that you'll go for just anyone--you'll get no one. you'll want a refund. Likewise." -Leil Lowndes. . • If you have high expectations.28 - . Women want what they can't have. Craig. • • • "Let the attractive women tell you of her extraordinary business acumen before you suggest lunch to talk about collaboration. you're boring. her talents. How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You EXERCISE Take 5 minutes to describe the things you want.Let your quarry feel she earned your interest or attentions through her brilliance.. a trade-in: you'll opt out.

then you're not being in integrity with yourself. a guy who settles for nothing less than the best. and go for only the types of girls who earn your respect. It's part of their instincts. You might be accepting 2nd rate behavior from YOURSELF. "If you expect the best. regardless of beauty.29 - . and that's what going to get you the best girls out there.. That's happiness. a guy who lets women run all over him? Or a guy who DEMANDS respect and calls women out on immature. The funny thing is. and you'll be met with success. and happiness with women won't be far behind! Recommended Resources http://www." -Anonymous So choose to be choosy. Choose to demand nothing but the best for yourself. Who protects better. and shameful behaviors? • "If you don't know why a woman fits in your life. move on." -David DeAngelo • Stay clear to your purpose.html "The Way of the Superior Man.• • Or. you'll get the best. If she doesn't.singlescafe. they want a protector. a woman respects a guy who walks away from her a lot more than one who hangs around.if she doesn't fit your purpose." Believe in yourself." by Dr. Women. want a quality guy who pushes for the best.com/?Pro-Choice:-How-Being-Choosy-with-Women-WillActually-Get-You-Better-Ones&id=293113 . • Quotable Quote: "Happiness or unhappiness is often a matter of choice. make sure she fits into your path." by David Deida "The Tao of Dating. Alex Benzer http://ezinearticles. stick by your decision to demand the best from women. You'll be seen as a stand-up guy. don't take crap from anyone. disrespectful.net/settling-in-relationship.

Expectations and Attitude Our goal today is to manage our expectations of ourselves. and to be able to successfully deal with disappointment • • • • Have you ever noticed that the less you expect something to happen. He hopes to find a great. Pink. 1 Mr. caring girl. When you develop a freedom. and fears talking to girls. Blue expects the worst from girls. GOAL: To manage expectations and develop a winning attitude It all begins with having high expectations of yourself. the Oneitis guy. but has been hurt before and doesn’t expect much from either himself or the women he meets. When you EXPECT her to chase you and give you her phone number. he considers himself a catch so he’s got to get someone. . the boring guy. expects girls to listen to him and be amazed. His past hurts become his present limitations. 5 Mr. Though you shouldn’t EXPECT to get laid every night. and how they could change it. expects nothing from himself.30 - . QUOTE “Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. visualize success and you’re sure to achieve it. Yellow expects to get his heart stabbed. and of women. an independence of will. the real softie.” -Brian Tracy. one way or another. she doesn't. He doesn’t expect them to reject him. 4 Mr. He expects a miserable night full of bitches who won’t give him a chance. Just reframing your expectations from bad ones to good ones will go a long way towards making your dreams a reality. suddenly your expectations and desires come true. 2 Mr. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hope to have a fun time. Professional life coach Let’s look at how some of our own Reservoir Dogs approach expectations. Never put yourself down. 3 Mr. which is his biggest mistake. Brown. His inability to see his own faults damages his chances severely.4. He expects the expected. expects the girl of his dreams to show up. White. the more likely it will occur? When you EXPECT a girl to go home with you. she tends to pick up on your desperation and not give you what you want. But when you’re care-free and don’t NEED a woman to go home with you—that’s when things start to go your way.

and because of his own grouchiness. the best girls often appear when you’re LEAST expecting them—not when you’re actively searching them out. What girl is going to be attracted to that? Mr. but the truth is that. has unrealistic expectations. The only thing he expects is heartbreak. Brown expects girls to listen to his monologues without giving them a chance to speak themselves. he continues every week to go out with unrealistic standards. He’s definitely heading towards disappointment. Red do? When it comes to expectations. you can. He gives meaning to Henry Ford’s classic quote. “If you think you can. One can see what might be wrong with the expectations of these guys.” Mr. he ignores the rest. Pink expects nothing from himself. He doesn’t realize that good things come when you’re not looking for them. He’s always looking to the future. he can’t just enjoy the moment. Because of his unsuccessful past. you have to practice with different girls before you find Ms. somehow. in most cases. Red knows what to expect of himself—and what to expect of other people. thus doesn’t even want to go out for fear of doing something stupid. Mr. He . Orange misses out on some great women because of his unrealistic. Blue fulfills his own prophecy. He expects to have fun. he might become more attuned to what’s going on. He expects to encounter nasty attitudes. and gets nothing. like Mr. And if you think you can't. He expects to find perfection but doesn’t realize that there isn’t always just “One”.He expects to get hurt. he has too little confidence. Mr. he quits on her. there are MANY. and one thing only: SEX. He tells himself he’s going to get drunk and get laid. and so he doesn’t. Brown. His expectations are too limited. not listen to others.31 - . Mr. 6 Mr. including… 1 He expects plenty from himself. Mr. Every night. and he doesn’t see anything happening with a girl. Women do not control him—HE DOES. girls never go for a guy who’s afraid of both them and himself. and actually get what he wanted. If he lived more in the moment. Additionally. as in my case. White only wants one girl. • • • • So what does our fearless Mr. Mr. he doesn’t think he can get girls. Orange expects a wild night. He expects to find one girl and live happily. He expects one thing. no matter what happens with women. Even when his expectations aren’t realized. Mr. • • Mr. Yellow fears everything. you're right. Orange. and GETS it because. Right. Red has 7 winning expectations. unfair expectations. does. He only wants to talk about himself.

He lives in the moment. Red knows that treating one girl like a goddess. Red fulfills are those in which he believes good thing will happen. His positive attitude makes his night a good one. Mr. I myself have met so many wonderful women when I wasn't looking-one I met on a tour of Berlin. Red also knows that good things happen when he isn’t EXPECTING them." by David DeAngelo . If Ms. but he also knows that sometimes it takes time to develop such things. Beautiful things happen when you’re not looking.2 3 4 5 6 7 has confidence when talking to women. Additionally. he knows that he might be rejected or hurt.32 - . His expectations are realistic: he knows he’s good enough to go home with a great girl. Red doesn’t expect every girl to hook up with him. Mr. Unlike Mr. Right is to show up. and to not expect the expected. His night is not judged on how many girls he brings home. Mr. Alex Benzer "Double Your Dating. another while waiting for a NYC city! In both cases it was the same: the lack of desperation and effort make you much more attractive to women. regardless of outcome. He knows to expect the unexpected. He has fun with the relationship. Brown. Most importantly. but be patient and unexpecting when it comes to girls. Red doesn’t expect girls to just listen to him." by Dr. He does not let the girl’s beauty blind him. because he knows that thinking and saying bad things will happen. they want a guy who is comfortable and confident in their presence. Red knows that fear is his biggest enemy. He knows that girls don’t want a guy who fears them. and is content if things don’t go all the way to the bedroom. like “The One” is not healthy for either person involved. and sees what will happen. Mr. Recommended Resources "The Tao of Dating. but does not let that fear overwhelm his thoughts. Red does not live with unrealistic expectations of love at first sight. as well. So remember to expect good things from yourself. He knows that he will have to listen to them. Communication is a two-way street. He doesn’t expect to get his heart ripped to pieces. The only prophecies Mr. unlike Mr. it will be on her time. Mr. The best girls will come when he’s not actively pursuing them. and a man who listens and understands is VERY attractive to females. knowing that it’s just a matter of presenting yourself as a fun person who’s in control of himself. Orange. He does not predict bad things to happen. Mr. will make it so. sees where things are going. It’s judged on how much he’s grown from and enjoyed the evening. not his.

3 Mr. so never advances. not in the past Do not fight your feelings. He concentrates on the present and the future. His constant negativity is his downfall. embrace them and watch them go No person has the ability to control his emotions but HIM More importantly. knows how to handle rejection and past mistakes: • • • • • • • Live in the present. but don’t realize that each approach is a fresh opportunity. “The One”. but not learning from it. he cannot accept that the past no longer means anything. Mr. become a stronger. His problem is not dwelling on the past. He is his own worst enemy.” -Friedrich Nietzsche It pays to be able to own your emotions and control them. Going through a bad breakup or a horrible rejection isn’t an end in itself. oftentimes breaking up or striking out with one girl just opens the door for someone even better! Learn from the past to build a better future. White. while ignoring the lessons from mistakes he made in the past. and gets himself stuck in a vicious cycle: he remembers the pain of talking to women who rejected him. 6 Mr. like Mikey in Swingers.5. 2 Mr.33 - . and never talks to women. on the other hand. Pink. Red. Too many guys fear the hell out of girls because of past humiliations. Blue hates himself for his past mistakes and dwells on them to no end. Get over the past. the last one doesn’t count. Orange never learns from the past. the shy type. and thus never reaches out to new girls. He’s stuck in his fearful past and never gets out of it. He knows that life is a JOURNEY—you learn from your past mistakes so that you can avoid future ones. Let’s see where our Reservoir Dogs fail to do this: 1 Mr. Yellow is afraid of rejection and past hurt. Brown remembers rejection but 4 Mr. Absolute Power GOAL: Transform your emotions. He needs to see the positives in the past. see bumps on the road as a part of your journey. he knows that past mistakes aren’t all bad—they can be a stepping stone to greater and better things. your PATH . remembers his past failures. never forgets his past girlfriend. so he stays shy. 5 Mr. better person NOW "No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Anything that you recreate or have be exactly as it is. fear. Or to put it another way: “If you let things actually be the way they are.” So instead of fighting the emotion. and committed himself to fixing the wrongs he made with her: being too attached. Kathy. confront it. But every time those painful emotions come up. persists—and gets stronger.For example. going out more. It deals with the three principles of transformation. and put them through the process. resisting doesn’t help. depression.” 3. But somehow. he was SURE was The One for him. But they don’t. You think that by putting up a fight. will complete itself and disappear. Pretty deep. It takes time.” But think about it like this: Can you be both ecstatic AND depressed? You might be bipolar and go through both emotions. my friend could have become obsessed with the past. Now. all because of his break-up from Kathy. No two things can occupy the same space at the same time. but I guarantee you it’ll make you feel a lot better and advance you towards a . he wasn’t meant to be with Kathy. So take your negative emotions: guilt. See it the way it IS. can occupy the SAME space at the SAME time. He decided that he would grow from the experience. Then watch as the negative emotion <pop> disappears. they disappear. by Ariel and Shya Kane. you resist them. Red knows how to overcome negative emotions that keep you stuck in the past. As we’ve seen. In fact. I’m not gonna let those bad memories consume me. and use his bad experiences to his ADVANTAGE. the first year or so after the break-up he did just that. rebel against them. Like my friend.” So you fight them. not spending more time with his friends. because she ended the relationship and ended up marrying another guy. the thoughts will go away. Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work. more fun person in the process. to feeling great! 1. He became a better. huh? “No two things. let it doom him forever. but as a bridge to a better future. That’s because he saw the past not as a hole in the road. and isn’t a cure-all. “No. 2. but you can’t experience them at the same exact time. the problem only gets worse. She wasn’t. But after a while he learned to get on with his life. You’ve got tons of regrets. You say. Listen to the experts: “No two emotions can occupy the same space at the exact same time. anger. I know a guy who five years ago broke up with a girl. FIGHTING for happiness only makes the sadness worse. He’s read the excellent book. Don’t see it the way you feel it. Say you had a bad break-up with a girl. They come back with a vengeance So clearly. whatever. Mr. Anything you resist.34 - . which will help you move from being in the dumps.

and you've just learned how to control yourself." by David Deida "The Tao of Dating." by Dr. You’ll become a better person. Women love a man who's in control. Alex Benzer Congratulations! You've just improved the way you handle emotions. Your attraction meter…has gone up! .35 - ." by Ariel & Shya Kane "Unlimited Power. Who can argue with that? Recommended Resources "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work." by Anthony Robbins "The Way of the Superior Man. and in turn a lot more attractive to girls.better future." by Ariel & Shya Kane "Working on Your Relationships Doesn't Work.

then she feels her man has made her the number one priority and is not fully dedicated or directed to divine growth and service. always the same • Needed (man is dependent) • No suspense • Sexually repelled • Wanting man to go away • Never challenged. Nice Guys GOAL: To overcome "nice guy syndrome" and form the deep emotional connections that make women so attracted to bad boys. She will feel her man's dependence on her for his happiness. always worshipped • Predictability • That she is #1 in your life/That you can't live without her "A woman seems to want to be the most important thing in her man's life.DECISION POINT #3: WHO AM I ATTRACTED TO? 1.36 - . Key Lessons Learned: • • • • • • Women don't want just friends--they want male lovers! Why do nice guys finish last? Because they DON'T GIVE WOMEN EMOTIONS To successfully attract women. you MUST CREATE EMOTIONS AND MEMORIES Do that by breaking her state--doing something she can never forget! Use things with positive associations and emotions (example: rollercoaster’s) so she positively associates those emotions with you This means performing actions that create chemical reactions and release pheromones (such as teasing and busting their balls) 10 Emotional Extremes to Give Women (Stand-up Guy): • Exhilarated • Curious • Angry • Shocked • Aroused • Wanting more • Fascinated • Challenged • Not needed (man is independent) • Left in suspense 10 Emotional Extremes NOT to Give Women (Nice Guys): • Bored • Uninterested • No rollercoaster-ride of emotions. However. if she is the MOST important thing. and this will make her feel smothered by his neediness and clinging. A woman really wants her man to be totally dedicated to his highest purpose--and also to love her fully. Although she would .

Or give her a black fist and say. Do something crazy that will make her laugh. See my lesson on Humor for more. For example. You should "find your skin. if you’re a 135-lb geek with spaghetti arms." so to speak. and I cannot possibly go home tonight until I find out what your name is. instead of shaking a girl's hand. Bump into a girl and act as if she bumped into you. BUST THEIR BALLS. Say something nice. This way. PEA gets her heart fluttering. Position your body so it is completely facing her. Show them you don't take them too seriously. If you tell a woman that you do Tae Kwon Do. into her own eyes.. "Watch it. "Sorry. she’s going to immediately assume that you’re the kind of guy who could protect her in an emergency.. • Shock her." • Look deep into her eyes. with a twist.but man. so I recommend that you actually get some martial arts or self defense training. and you're forever in her memory. and you assume power over them.37 - . This is an easy way to make a woman remember you! Look deep into her eyes--do not flinch. will she remember you! Most of all. "Respect." Give a small pause as she takes this in. or the way they talk. there's no way a girl will forget you this way." She'll ask why. Along with this. Kick some ass on the football field. with bedroom eyes. have a black belt in karate. gimme 5!" It's silly and immature. "Because you have the most beautiful face I've ever seen. give her a high five. Reply. Show the woman that you’re a warrior. Or walk up to her and say. then say with a grin. you release the "love chemical. "I have to apologize to you. I have a question: If pro is the opposite of con." --David Deida. Girls like that. does that mean Congress is the opposite of Congress? HMMMM. she may not believe you. "Excuse me. look down." PEA. Say. • Be charming. or you’ll just move on . The Way of the Superior Man 10 Great Ways to Create Emotional Reactions in Women: • Tease them. Go up to her and say. walk up to her and say something like. Walk up to a girl and challenge her to a game of thumb wars. I walked into a bar like a crab and this gorgeous girl cracked up so hard it was a cinch to get her number. Join a gym and get pumped up. Don't be someone you're not. Violate social conventions. punk!" This puts her on the defense and releases a chemical cocktail of emotions Those emotions are embedded into her. Joke about the clothes they're wearing. and you don't have to be a bad boy to make her chemically attracted to you! • Be funny. or have reformed from your previous life as an amateur rugby player. she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose. By staring intensely. You're stuck with me until I find out who you are. let the chemicals rush to her head. or look away from her. and she’d better believe it.. For example. if you're the intellectual type.. Now." • Get physical.never admit it." • Surprise her. Just have fun. it's fun. "Hey sister.

being successful with babes takes the kind of attitude that isn’t afraid of risks. Be the guy who straps her in her seatbelt on the roller coaster.” -Evan Davis Recommended Resources "Double Your Dating. Got it? Good. You don’t need anyone. you’ll see girls slip through your fingers time and time again. As I said before. popular. she’ll learn to TRUST that you." by Dr. Make her feel safe. indeed. or keeping an eye open for anything potentially dangerous. and you don’t have to cling to anyone. and grin when her mouth drops. even offended. You don’t care what others say.• • • to the next girl. or standing up for her immediately when anyone attacks her verbally or physically. Alex Benzer . No matter how a woman reacts. confident attitude is. and the kind of gentleman she’d introduce to her folks. Be a little outrageous. perfectly polite. but we get to sleep in. have a bad guy within you ready to stand up for her and defend her if necessary. Flirt with her shamelessly. Develop attitude.38 - . it just blows right over you. Let her know that you find her sexually attractive. Play on her wild side. Drop hints that will intrigue her. you’re not dependent on anyone. By doing the little things for her." by David DeAngelo "Tao of Dating. They may act shocked. I just can’t emphasize enough how crucial having a winning. like walking on the part of the sidewalk between her and the street. Trust is built upon these actions. If you’re always concerned about being politically correct. or who offers a hand so that she doesn’t trip. That’s because you’re always in control. No woman—whether beautiful. You don’t care what others think. QUOTABLE QUOTE “Nice guys finish last. or rich—has power over you. but believe me: they LOVE it when you tease. Say something risqué.

And it gives you.39 - . including public transportation Places you work out: Gym. girls are more open to friendly conversation and meeting again. yoga.com/towomen/live/2006/09/05/where-tomeet-women/ • For more information on how to approach women at these places. thus. their girlfriends’ approval! 3. the other. martial arts classes Online Dating Church or religious services and clubs Karaoke clubs Social groups and Clubs ATTRACTION IN ACTION As opposed to online dating. The fact that the chance encounter could easily NOT have happened gives girls a great story to tell their friends on how you met. They’re unconventional and spontaneous. check out Decision Point: Who Do I Want to Date? . and space to your attraction advantage. These include: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Abroad At work Evening Classes Through family and friends Random places. check out D3 L7: Making Impressions • To understand female body language and how to use body language. "real" places to meet are sometimes better because: 1. They’re unexpected. Where to Meet Women In this lesson I discussed with you some great places to meet girls OUTSIDE of online dating. 2. There’s less pressure associated with them than with bars and clubs. check out Lesson D3 L11: How to Approach with Confidences • For tips on how to impress women. thus they’re unlikely. tonality. check out D3 L10: Flirting and Body Language • If you meet a great girl at one of these places and want to prepare yourself for the first date.000relationships. Resources • http://www.2.

and people are on the same page as you. all of them committed to finding him Ms.3. Mr. your social chain. but a lot of guys think they can do this stuff alone. 1. committed to helping you out. . Right”. This goes a long way towards building contacts and making friends. "It's not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. 3. How do you do this? Let’s take a look at how our smooth Mr. • • • Think of your dating success as being like a business: you need contacts to make it grow. Join clubs and activities related to your purpose • • • You have to LIVE OUT his purpose. nearly two-thirds of married couples met through friends. Even if they don’t score. family.40 - . the more chances you have of meeting “Ms. The more people you know. or co-workers. As one study in the book "Sex in America" found. and utilizing. Networking GOAL: Expand and utilize your social circle to more easily get the women you want How do you meet girls when you’re tired of going to the bar or club? Through your network. and acquaintances. Don’t be afraid to use the guys you know as wing men. Right. of course. This way. Uses the friends you have This may sound like common sense. Red builds and manages his network of friends. you always have something to talk about. That’s 66% of people meeting through a network! Never underestimate the power of expanding. Know your LIFE PURPOSE • • • Knowing your life purpose goes a huge way towards finding the people who are right for you. Red invites his buddies out for a night of drinks and fun. As someone once said. family." And having a great network will definitely make the difference in attracting the girl of your dreams. as well Do that by joining clubs and social organizations related to your direction in life. Hang around people who are familiar with your passions and purpose. 2.

Red is clear about when he lets his network know he's on the market: He lets people know WHAT KIND OF WOMEN HE WANTS. Mr. As you learned in my lesson on choice. This. You might see the same people at a bar or club. 5. Use the approach techniques outlined in the lesson on approaching. more fulfilling relationships. and if you want one person to help you find women. He lets his network know he’s single and interested • • Mr. Do this by tipping well.41 - . and longer-lasting. it’s a girl with single friends (ideally hot ones. but Mr. pubs. not only shows thanks but also encourages girls to continue looking out for him. Mr. Red is aware that women LOVE to play matchmaker. and restaurants--anywhere you go. telling jokes). It won't be good for either of you. managers. Red builds a network everywhere he goes • • • • • • Always look to expand your network. sociable guy who's quick with a . and bartenders of clubs. to penetrate groups of gals and become quick friends. Red treats them well and thanks them for joining him. don't let them set you up with a cigar-chomping. • • • • • Finally. there is one thing Mr. intelligent girl. so get to know them right away. being friendly to the staff (asking how they're doing. remembering that a man who is choosy gets higher-quality women. Be adamant in what you want. Red isn’t afraid to let people in his social circle know that he is single. It's not always easy. Get to know the owners. He especially lets the female members of his circle know—including friends of friends. Mr. you don't want to settle for just any woman. Red makes it easier for himself by offering something they can REMEMBER: a fun. of course. not on who's right for you. and it'll make you less attractive in the process. However. and always praising the service. He retains his sense of CHOICE. Many times match-makers will try to set you up based on the availability of their friends. 4.they still have a good time. So be clear in what kind of woman you want. of course!). as a token of his gratitude for looking out for him. Mr. if you want an athletic. and even family of friends. chip-chewing high-school reject. Red encourages his female friends to help him out by taking them out for dinner or buying them a small gift.

and ask people how they're doing. Enthusiasm is contagious. "how are you. If you remember my name. there's no limit to the power you have over people.” -Dale Carnegie It works." but if you make it sound sincere. THAT'S a winner's game! Recommended Resources "How to Talk to Anyone. "Hey. not desperately. As . by Robert T. Next. Micheal. Not anxiously. How do you get to know high-status people? 1. They WILL become your friends and help you to find women. 3. make it a point to remember them. they'll do anything for you. Laumann. Be the guy who says. sociable. so if you come off as sincere. for as Dale Carnegie says: “If you want to win friends. and Gina Kolata . so if they see a guy who can brighten their day. so make an effort to remember and use people's names." by Leil Lowndes "Double Your Dating. you'll have no problem making acquaintances wherever you go. how's it goin'?" People love a guy who seems like he wants to know how they're actually doing. Before you know it. someone who people enjoy being around (especially high-status people). Jimbo. remember people's names.42 - . People LOVE to be called by their names and genuinely asked how they're doing. and fun. you indicate that I have made an impression on you. It's an overused question. Edward O.• • • laugh and full of entertaining stories. you pay me a subtle compliment." by Renee Grant-Williams Sex in America. calm. Red understands social proof: When girls see someone is popular. they get curious and jump on the bandwagon! By developing a network within bars and clubs. Just in a relaxed. Once you get to know one girl or guy. everyone will know you at an establishment. Mr." by David DeAngelo "Voice Power. Gagnon. and people like to have their mood's lifted. John H. Make an effort to remember everyone's names. confident manner. Finally. Start by being quick with a smile. you ensure that you never lack opportunities to meet girls. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance. use them to get to know the rest. 2. ask people how they're doing.

sometimes it’s a pain in the butt spending so much time on a plane. . A man who is well-traveled INSTANTLY conveys status! Guys like Mr. And yes. few things are as easy as talking about your travels. different currencies. But you know what? It’s WORTH IT. beautiful and exotic women! Guys who don’t travel. If you’ve never traveled or don't do it much. and different cultures. are limiting themselves to the girls and experiences of only one nation: who wants to be like that? Additionally. two big things women look for in a man. lesser value. Well. life-changing experiences Finding out more about yourself Memories to last a lifetime and share with friends and females And. guys who are not well-traveled exhibit lesser class. and abroad. He also exhibits financial resources and ambition. and those who do not travel read only a page. you can talk about your experiences with girls— and THAT automatically makes you more interesting. a guy who can afford to travel definitely exudes class. foreign and domestic. When it comes to projecting value. Sure people in foreign countries are different than you. You have to deal with different languages. or bus. no matter where you meet women: at home. you’re missing out on a goldmine: • • • • Great.. QUOTE The Power of Travel GOAL: Understand the value of travel in meeting women & making yourself more attractive “The World is a book. When girls see you're fun to be around in other countries. of course. by traveling you meet a woman's instincts. it subtly tells them you're fun to be around.4. a man with educational smarts who can pay for a comfortable lifestyle. train. So.” -Saint Augustine Travel is an incredible weapon for meeting women.at home! Makes you more attractive. • • • Because when you’ve traveled. regardless of looks…though a nice tan definitely helps! Again: A man who is well-traveled INSTANTLY conveys status! • • • Remember women’s evolutionary instincts: they want a man with status..43 - . One thing girls of all nations have in common: they love a guy who’s well traveled. Blue only see the negatives in traveling: sure it costs money. They’re all the same in the end.

Gagnon. cosmopolitan class. Mr. he’s aware that girls love guys who make an effort with their language. • ACCENTS are a great way to demonstrate higher value • Use your accent to full effect: especially if you have a European or Latino accent. Red Does In His Home Country. he talks with energy and pride. • Mr. and he always makes them curious for more. Red actually uses girls’ broken English to make himself look better! • He jokes about their accents. Joke that you're a part-time tour operator.What Mr. so people feel his enthusiasm and want to join him there.. Red is doing is BUILDING HIGHER VALUE by making himself look witty.44 - . • By traveling abroad. sharp. Red Does Abroad. • When he’s abroad. He doesn’t put down his own country. so Mr. by Leil Lowndes Sex in America. • Speaking another language shows intelligence. so he’s sure to have some funny. in fact. he gets girls at home! Which is no surprise. Red. and funny. so you’ll be able to talk to them. tells them naughty words. and you give great tours of everything: easy way to have them visit (and get some nookie) What Mr. and high status (to know many languages). • Being the sharp opportunist he is. John H.. Red talks about how the travel changed him—which travel so often does—and fascinates the girl with accounts of the beauties of traveling. Micheal. “A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. Edward O. • Even if he sucks at the language. And lots of foreign know English anyway.” Recommended Resources: How to Talk to Anyone. entertaining stories immediately ready to tell. makes every effort to speak the language. • Travel is an easy topic of conversation that fascinates women! • He knows that girls love a good story-teller. our smooth operator.. Laumann Let's Go or Lonely Planet tour books!!! .. asks them funny questions to see if they understand. really. Red knows to talk about his experiences abroad with equal pride and fascination. Mr. Mr. Girls are fascinated. As George Moore once said. girls will love to hear it! • Americans and Canadians: girls abroad do enjoy the North American accents! They’ll especially want to know more about living in big countries like the States and Canada. by Robert T. What Mr. • Additionally. • Make sure to get girls' e-mails. Red is sure to talk enthusiastically about his land and lifestyle.

But what does it mean to have control? How does this apply to the dating game? Let’s review the lessons of our first lesson: The Three C’s of relationships 1 Confidence 2 Competence 3 Control Control in the Approach: 1 Acting relaxed--walking slowly. have a special relationship. while letting her know that you love her regardless of the decision she makes. you can do anything with women: approach them. In short. It moves you forward. upright body language 3 Feeling comfortable 4 Handling rejection 5 Controlling fear and anger 6 Not losing control to alcohol 7 Help make decisions FOR women! Show that YOU control the situation. So. always tell her what YOU would do and why. during. confident. even if you think she should make her own decision. Only backwards. have intimate contact. steady eye contact 2 Loose. converse with them. BUT. the WAY to getting the girls you adore. It is the alpha and the omega of inner game. Not having control means you don’t move forward. it’s something you need to have. but with an internal sense of control. encourage her to feel into the situation and trust her feelings." -Epictetus Control is essential. by David Deida . Often her feminine feelings will be a much better basis for a decision than your masculine analysis. "Rule your mind. hands by your side. having control means heading up and moving forward. or it will rule you. You don’t rise up. or after a relationship.45 - ." [emphasis added] -The Way of the Superior Man.5. you only fall down. for the sake of polarity and happiness in intimacy. Always Be in Control GOAL: Develop control over your emotions and your situations so that women become irresistibly drawn to you. With control. and you can master any situation. Some guys can never get over a break-up or mistake. "As a practice always help your woman make decisions by giving her your perspective and telling her your choices. gives you the confidence you need to achieve your objectives—and the strength to overcome failure and rejection. So decide in what direction you want to go. you can. Whether it’s before.

'They're both nice. decisive. and then make your own decision. "If she asks you which shoes you think look better on her. Acts like it’s natural. does not let insecurities rule his actions 4 Does not let women get away with disrespectful behavior. 'I don't trust my own wisdom. or fear 4 Living life with purpose and direction 5 Talking only to girls who interest you.Offering your perspective on decisions is one way to give your masculine gift." -David Deida. alcohol. Don't say.46 - . make a decision. saying. in effect. even a Plan C.. not bowing down to other people 2 Pausing--"vocal celibacy" (see lesson on body language) 3 Not losing control to anger. if reservations fall through 5 Feels comfortable notching up physical attraction Control With Other People 1 Confidence with yourself.Control DURING a relationship 1 Firm in his decisions. not girl 4 Having a plan B.'. You are weakening your woman's trust in you: why should she trust your wisdom if you don't?" -David Deida. If you choose to go with your woman's decision even when deep in your heart you feel that another decision is more wise. 'I like red shoes. not just any girl Control During Sex 1.' Say something like. you are. only accuses when he has proof 3 Talks with respect to girlfriend. Able to compose and maintain himself during intimacy .' You are weakening yourself by telling yourself this. The Way of the Superior Man Control AFTER a relationship 1 Ability to move on after a break-up 2 DON’T say nasty things about past girlfriends to present ones 3 Talks with respect about past girlfriends 4 Acceptance that relationship wasn’t meant to be. makes a girl feel comfortable 1) 2. without hesitation 3 HE picks place. stands up for himself and calls girlfriend/wife out "You should always listen to your women. but what's the most important to me is that you're happy.. The Way of the Superior Man 2 Controls his anger and suspicions. and a determination to continue on one’s path Control on the First Date 1 Doesn’t worry about what to say 2 Knows where and when to make date. Ready for anything—including hesitation and last-minute resistance 2) 3. does not hesitate. and tell her.

BONUS Dr. Alex Benzer's Six Rules of Attitude: 1. 3." by Alexandra Mannock . it will become true. I am the only person allowed to declare me a failure. I will not give excess importance to what someone else thinks or says. again. I will cue my behavior to what she does. I will positively reinforce the behaviors that I like in other people and neglect the behaviors that I don't like. 5. anger. Recommended Resources "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. not what she says. or let them bow down to you? In what ways do you project higher value to girls? In what ways do you think you could? (Consult Lesson 13 on Projecting Value for answers!) Do you have a purpose in life. addiction? Conquer these problems by stating affirmatively. or do you walk through life with no direction? What are some ways to control the way your date goes? How can you control how your relationship goes? How can you change your attitude towards a breakup? What makes a guy in control of sex? Conquer your problems with sex." If you say it enough. 2. Women are attracted to me and enjoy my intimacy.47 - . 6. EXERCISE: Which emotions do you need greater control over? Fear. I will always leave her wanting more. 4." by Dr. "I am more powerful than my emotions. so I will tease and play with her just for fun. feelings of inferiority. Jeffers "The Tao of Dating." by Ariel & Shya Kane "Anxiety Zapper. Do you project higher or lower status to women? Do you bow down to women." by Susan A. I will not be ruled by _______" at the start and end of every day. by stating." by Ariel & Shya Kane "Working on Your Relationships Doesn't Work. "I am in control during sex. I'm not attached to any particular result. Act the part by believing in yourself. Alex Benzer "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work. and I refuse to do so.

Give Girls What They Want!) 2-Physical Well-Being 3-Wearing Great Clothes and Styles 4-Peacocking 5-Energy. Brown tries the same old ways to get girls’ attention. repelling women further away. including: 1-Building Status (ie. • • • • Mr. He knows that to get female attention. and repeatedly fails. so he doesn’t try to get the attention of other girls who might be good for him. Pink is too shy. What do women instinctually search for in men? There's five things: * Status . Blue sends negative energy and negative vibes. and 6-Social Proof The first great way to attract women's attention is to follow the evolutionary instincts that are programmed into their brains. but Mr. Blue is okay at getting attention. Gaining Attention GOAL: Learning how to successfully get a women's attention and interest Lots of guys go about getting female attention in entirely wrong ways. but when his efforts don’t work he gets grumpy and negative. people will gravitate around you. Red doesn’t let his moods or emotions get the better of him. But his drunken. If you send positive energy and positive vibes. which can often work well. Mr. Unfortunately. Yellow is afraid of rejection. Mr. He forgets that attitude is very much an attention-getter. loutish behavior drives them away more than it pulls them in. Sometimes you have to try new techniques and approaches. Brown refuses. and that never works. Mr. Orange’s idea of getting girls’ attention is to posture himself as the Alpha Male of the group. so he tries not to get too much attention. are the keys to attracting women. Mr. you have to be positive. Variety. he waits for girls to come to him instead of going out and getting their attention himself. He limits himself to one woman. White is always on the hunt for “The One”.48 - . Mr. There are 5 great ways he knows how to get attention. he never tries anything new. preventing himself from landing other gals.6. He hopes girls will just come to him. even in the face of rejection or worse. and using one woman to attract other women. Let’s see what DOESN’T work: • • Mr. But we know how well that line of thought works! Mr.

without having to approach her and engage in conversation? This is where status and physical aptitude come in very handy. etc. and gives hope of a better future. Muscles. economy of movement. For men. measured pace of speech. so educational level and ambition take some time to show to a woman. two things happen: 1-Women see that you are insecure in yourself. They see that YOU yourself are not a catch. only your personal possessions are impressive." • In other words. "You can either have the real determinants of social status--power. you actually have to talk to her for her to get to know those things. deep tone of voice.49 - . some of these are relaxed body language. but if you make your possessions your only means of attracting them. and looks--or you can successfully convey the indicators of status. you don't have to be of high status--you just have to high status indicators. • Main reason is because men with status can protect and provide for his wife and his children.) Ambition Okay. wit. Financial resources aren't available to every guy. generally aren't high quality. wealth. and general excellence. They'll suck you dry. and are very shallow in attracting women. 1. Status. you'll be learning how to use . Think about they type of women you really want to attract--and for that I recommend my lesson on CHOICE--before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on a Gucci watch or hot sports car. 2-The type of women who DO chase men with money. Alex Benzer writes in The Tao of Dating. Think of all the girls who make peanuts for salary. • A man with status provides a comfortable living style for the woman. • But do you need to be the President of the United States to have high status? Hell no! As Dr. Throughout this course. A man with status has the power and the resources to whisk her away to a better life. who live in the rough part of town. Is that the kind of woman you want to attract? So we have to look at ways to attract the women you want. and not love you for you. as quick as possible.* * * * * Body positioning Financial Resources Educational Level Physical Aptitude (Height. • Girls want to know the guy they're talking to is of higher status than them. They'll love you for your wealth. who dream of escaping their present conditions. Women are attracted to money. that you need money to prove your worth.

• What do I recommend? Eat well. and movements around an area to convey that you are a high status CATCH. to them. • They want a guy who will always be ready. By staying in good shape and eating well. even if she's looking for a one-night shag. and other body pollutants. out of shape. Syle and Presentation • When it comes to spotting top brands--and bottom ones--women have the eyes of an eagle. to protect and provide for her. 3. always sick. • Never forget that. • Relationship expert and motivational coach. dress up in the most ridiculous and outlandish get-up you can think of. recommends wearing great shoes because. a guy who's pale. releases pheromones from his immune system? • These chemical pheromones catch a woman's attention by subconsciously letting her know that you are healthy and strong." but it's what's going through her mind. definitely check out my lesson in Decision Point 2. PEACOCKING. and can pass on good genes to her children. or a . She may not think "This guy will make me strong babies. Physical Aptitude. • The less crap you have coming into your body. who can't even defend himself if danger comes near. and ABLE. • Whether it's a space suit and a fedora with 6-inch platform shoes. Stay away from drugs. Marie Forleo. junk food. is trim and muscular. "How do I want to present myself?" 4. tonality of voice. scrawny. • Only for men who can make fools of themselves with confidence and enjoy getting EVERYONE'S attention! • Basically. and has the strength and energy to kick butt if his family is ever threatened? • You can't blame women for wanting guys who are muscular and tall. she's approached men herself just because she loved their shoe sense! • To learn more about what to wear. women are ALWAYS thinking about what kind of father and husband you could be. the stronger and more immune your body will become. Think about it: What should women want more. as she admits.. • Did you know that a man who is in good shape and good health.50 - . women will notice you. that the man will be able to defend his partner and their children..your body language. and think highly of you.or a guy whose skin looks healthy. 2. That means women will notice you more. has a healthy immune system. this is a sign.

" Sets you apart from 99% of the other guys out there Instant attention. to come out with you.” -Peter F. DO IT • NOTHING validates and catches a girl's trust and attention more than seeing other females with you. personality which captures your heart.. ENERGY. Part of David DeAngelo's maxim. by Carlos Xuma . THEY'LL come to you. collected body language and enthusiastic talk • If you can get a female friend. • If you're bursting with energy. The hotter.51 - . • Girls love guys who bring excitement like they've never seen before. The idea is that girls will instantly be curious. girls will just be mesmerized by you. "Be different in an attractive way. by Erik von Markovic (aka Mystery) Double Your Dating. many times girls will approach you! 5. bursting with optimism and hope. • Make yourself the center of attention • Position yourself in the center of a room. SOCIAL PROOF. by Joseph Matthews Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Male.. by David DeAngelo The Art of Approaching.• • • • red polyester suit with ski goggles. whether it's in the club. even a sister. • A simple SMILE communicates excitement and will catch a girl's attention effectively • Key principle: Enthusiasm is contagious 6. and instead of having to go to them. Mystery advocates it all. and at the center of a group (see Notes on Body Language and Spatial Positioning) • Calm. the better POWER QUOTES: “It's beauty that captures your attention.” “The successful person places more attention on doing the right thing rather than doing things right. Curiosity takes effect.or in the bedroom. Drucker Recommended Resources The Venusian Arts Handbook.

7. Making Dynamite Impressions
GOAL: Discover the 5 emotions you need to stir in women to create surefire impressions that will make them want YOU • • • They say first impressions count…and they’re right. The first 90 seconds count for 90% of people's impressions, according to R.Don Steele in "Body Language Secrets." So it pays to make quick favorable impressions when first meeting a girl-and her group of friends, who often play a bigger part in a girl's decision than your target herself.

Here’s Doctor Red’s 7-step prescription for making great impressions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Give Her Something to Remember You By Show a Love for Yourself Show You Understand Her Make Her Laugh Be A Sociable, Fun-Loving Guy Leave Her Wanting More, and SHOW YOUR TALENT

• • •

1. Give Her Something to Remember You By If you want a girl to remember you, you’ve gotta do something different. As David DeAngelo says, "Be different in an attractive way." Attraction is based on EMOTIONS, so you have to break a girl's state in order to create emotions. Show her something different, and her body will chemically react to it; it will be a shock to the system. When a girl is attracted, it's literally a chemical reaction to you. Mr. Red knows…he’s gotta do something she’s never seen before, and never WILL forget.

I'll give you an example. I know this guy, Dave, who meets girls. And Dave's not very good looking. Messy hair, pale skin, a bit of a beer belly, and he's only about 5'8". The way Mr. Red does this is by “breaking her state”. That is, he does something she didn’t see coming, which gives her the emotion of surprise. SURPRISE is an amazing emotion to give girls. When you do something they didn’t expect, especially something funny or unusual, you’re giving women MEMORIES linked directly to YOU. Her brain will chemically process you in her memory, and good or bad, the fact that she’s got a chemical impression of you that separates you from everyone else—that’s a good thing! Let’s look at an example of something Mr. Red does to surprise a girl no matter - 52 -

where he meets here. Say, for argument’s sake, he’s at a bar: he wants to talk to a girl at a table. What does he do? Use the standard, recycled pickup lines? Try to buy her a drink? Give her a compliment? Nah, those are all approaches she’s expecting. There’s no surprise involved, no emotional rollercoaster. ATTRACTION IN ACTION But what happens if Mr. Red does something unconventional? Say he goes up to a girl and challenges her immediately to a game of thumb wars. Or says, “Hey, I’d like to get to know you, but I can’t talk to you until you’ve guessed the secret word?” This is probably something she hasn’t seen before, and she’s faced with a guy who’s confident enough to ask her something like that, and obviously a funny guy, at that. The thumb wars approach—going up to a girl, saying nothing but extending your hand in the thumb wars gesture—is also a classic that will certainly surprise the girl and make her laugh, as well as participate. Just like that Mr. Red has made an impression as a guy who’s different and entertaining. 2. Show a Love for Yourself If you want her to be impressed, show that you’re impressed with yourself: Show a belief, a comfort, a CONFIDENCE in yourself. That’s what Mr. Red does. He makes it clear to the girl, by not putting himself down and building himself UP, that he loves himself and will continue to do so regardless of whether the girl is interested in himself. Too many guys make a girl feel that if she doesn’t accept him, they’ll be disappointed in themselves and hate themselves for losing her. Mr. Red exudes a carefree attitude that says, “Hey, I’m into you, but if you’re not into me, life goes on. I’ll still be the same great person.” This leaves her with the emotion of calmness; she knows she’s not with a guy who’s insecure and sensitive. She’s with a MAN, a man who takes care of himself and rebounds from rejection. The fact that he doesn’t need her…makes HER want him more! 3. Show You Understand Her • But it’s not just names that count (although it generally DOES help to remember the girl’s first name!): remembering interesting facts and stories she told you goes a loooong way towards impressing. • It gives her the emotion of FEELING IMPORTANT, and if you give her that, you’re definitely doing well. Nothing quite validates like listening and compassion. Mr. Red is neither a suck-up or rude; he simply listens to a girl, and makes her feel understood. He knows that women, with superior communication skills to men, NEED to be heard out, so he does just that. He listens to them, and shows an understanding of them. One of the best things he does is say how impressed HE was by something she - 53 -

said; this makes her feel validated and special, and she’ll tie those emotions to YOU. Check out on my lesson on Listening to hear more about how to make a girl feel important. Mr. Red knows that a woman never forgets him if he listens well; and the way she DOES remember him has nothing to do with his looks or money—it’s connected to how he made her feel. As someone once said, “Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.” 4. Make Her Laugh • Make her laugh, show her a good time. • In my lesson on humor you'll learn specific ways to entertain a woman with humor. • Mr. Red makes sure that at some point he tells the girl at least one funny story, and teases her about something. • Teasing makes impressions because it gives her the emotion of surprise; most women don’t expect a guy to have the balls to put her in her place, so any guy that does instantly creates a CHEMICAL ATTRACTION. • It's true: Nothing works quite like the emotion of humor; it releases endorphins and chemically improves a girl's mood. And when a girl's mood is lifted in YOUR presence, she'll forever associate that happiness with you. Humor, as you will learn, is a POWERFUL aphrodisiac! 5. Be a Sociable, Fun-Loving Guy • Girls are drawn to sociable, fun-loving guys. • This DOESN'T mean that we need to be the high-school jock or the hit of the party for girls to like us. While this doesn't hurt, that's not all at the only way to make impressions on high-quality girls. • In fact, there are a lot of simple things you can do that will impress women a lot more than the arrogant, insecure behavior of the alpha male jocks. Here are some simple but very effective techniques: 1. Throw parties. Nothing says you love fun and enjoy people more than inviting every over for a party. It also gives you CONTROL and POWER by making you the master of the social environment. People look up to YOU when you are the host. 2. Invite people out. Likewise, be the guy who invites people over to his house or out to the bars. Be known as an exciting, thrill-a-minute guy who's always down for a little fun. Don't be afraid to announce to a group, "Hey, we're doing to such and such a bar, come with us!" If other people are going with you, believe me, women will feel the pressures of social proof to come along with you. And along the way, they'll be impressed by your popularity. Next, - 54 -

• Naturally. so if she can't be bothered to tell you her name. make it a point to remember them.. • Ask them.” -Dale Carnegie • • • People are magnetically drawn to those who remember their name. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance. and shows that you don't NEED to know her name to have a good time. 4. relationships. no loss. "Hey Lisa. If you remember my name. It sounds like you really care. act like you've been friends for years. you indicate that I have made an impression on you. girls will be a lot more open to inviting you into their worlds. If you truly want to make an impression. • Just act cool and relaxed. friendships. • Act like the friend who cares about her welfare. how you doin'?" a lot more than the guy or girl who says. how's it goin'. Be cordial. women are all about emotional connections. Smile! Yup. • A simple. What's your name?" • It works MAGIC. nothing says you're enjoying other's company MORE than a smile.. You know LOTS of people. remember the name of the girl you're after--AND the names of her friends. like you really KNOW the girl. Consult my lesson on Body Language to learn lots more about the seductive power of a SMILE. "What's up?" It's a lot more personal. • Just talk with the slow voice and calm tone of a surfer or skater: "Hey. James. and creates emotions and memories of people where not using one's name doesn't. 5. Because when you use people's names. she'll be turned off in a hurry.55 - . sincerely. USE THEIR NAMES WHEN ASKING. how YOU doin'?" can create butterflies in girls' stomachs. “If you want to win friends. how they're doing--and again.3. "Hey. your friend JESSIE is crazy!" to her friends will make Jessie yours. some rules apply: • Don't go out of your way to know people's names.. and as you know. genuine. If you act desperate and over-anxious to know a girl's name. . You can be a fun guy. A simple. "Man.. and she'll be sure to become more than "just friends".and people will treat you just like that. Ask people how they're doing! • This is a wonderful way of impressing a girl and her friends. REMEMBER PEOPLE'S NAMES. you pay me a subtle compliment. personal. What's in a name? A lot more than you think. I know from my experience that I enjoy the company of someone who says. but girls won't know it if you look uneasy or never smile.

This is a great movie. Follow the Tao of Steve." If she's been bad. Show a talent and a woman will forever be drawn to you." 2-Do something excellent in her presence. do it with flair and pizzazz. Can't show you my trick anymore. or some crazy thing you can do with your elbow because you're double-jointed. • Girls love an entertainer." When you show a woman you're not easy. thereby proving your sexual worthiness. Just look at David Copperfield! And he's not even a very good-looking guy. wanna see something cool?" She'll say. It doesn't have to be big. "Well. and she'll be instantly drawn to you. and confidence to leave just when things are getting good. even something like being able to touch your nose with your tongue can stimulate interest (in more ways than one!). impresses the hell out of women. "We pursue that which retreats from us. say. yet he got Claudia Schiffer. that she has to "catch" you. Not bad. ATTRACTION IN ACTION Say. That is. She'll be curious--"What's up with this guy? He doesn't seem to need me. A guy who has the restraint. Make her curious for it before you just ruin the surprise and do it. then when the time is right--usually a lull in conversation--ask a girl if she wants to see something cool. All you have to do is make sure you show a girl you're worthy.. So think about something you can do that's interesting. Show her a card trick. for as Heidegger said. you drive her emotions wild. independence. Such a shame. you'll just have to wait. show a woman a man who doesn't need her in the sack. "Sure. "Weeeeeeell. you've been bad.. since you've been good. and a great technique. then show it to her--slowly." Let her plead for a while. • • • • • This is a big one. So that leads us to the final way of making impressions: . but hardly a surprise: he has talent! 3-Retreat.6." When you finally do show it. all right. "Hey.56 - . It summarizes a lot of the lessons you've learned so far into one simple method: 1-Eliminate your desires." Then you can tease-further showing your worthiness--by saying. "Sorry. because it's really cool.

all in one. I was gonna tell you something nobody else knows…” or. you can use this for when you arrange a first date: When you call her up. it’s really interesting. She’ll want more. tell her you have to leave. • Just when things are looking good. “The Real rules”: ATTRACTION IN ACTION When you’re talking to a girl one-on-one. emotion you want to leave the girl with is CURIOSITY. "We pursue that which retreats from us. wanna know something cool I did?” She’ll say yes. it’s too bad I have to go. SECRETS are an awesome way to stimulate curiosity and suspense. • That way she’ll remember you for a great time. I gotta go. “Well. Guess we’ll have to meet up soon to end your suspense. It’s guaranteed to work. as the philosopher Heideger once said." • • • Additionally. “Hey. Girls hate suspense. you’re practically FORCING her to see you again! QUOTABLE QUOTE "The more natural and relaxed you are. until she can’t live without you!” -Barbara De Angelis in her excellent book. women are drawn to them like a mouse to cheese. so try it! Recommended Resources "Double Your Dating.” This is a great way of teasing her. When it comes to learning the deep. sorry. so I bet you really want to hear my secret. Leave Her Wanting More • The last. too. full of secrets. so she’ll be likely to want to see you as soon as possible! In fact. It’s too bad. • Remember. and raising yours. Women LOVE to learn secrets. • Even better is SUSPENSE: make her just dying to see what else you have to offer. say something like.” Then lead her on during the whole date…I’ve done this before and my night ended with me scoring. lowering her value. the more natural and relaxed the right woman will feel around you. leave when the moment is there.7.57 - . when that magic has just sparked. “Hey. Alex Benzer ." by Dr. not the boredom and awkwardness that come after it. “Mmmm. say. you’ll have to wait til next time. untold secrets of people. then you’re in." by David DeAngelo "The Tao of Dating. • Don’t wait till the moment has passed. and most important. the more she will want to be with you. If you can make yourself seem mysterious. because her brain will link past pleasure to future pleasure.

58 - ." by Mystery Along with these techniques." and "Understanding Women" to discover what you need to know about what women want." by David Deida "Venusian Arts Handbook. . consult the lessons on "Humor."The Way of the Superior Man." "Body Language.

Blue: always finding faults and flaws with people. But not Mr. How to Live in The Moment: • Commit yourself to being happy with who you are. Let's see what's the WRONG way to handle the moment. Like Bruce Lee. says. You become a Mr. speak from within. And true fulfillment can only come from sharing your joy. and embracing today. To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess. and pickup lines somebody ELSE made to try to pick up women. Red knows that if you can't live with yourself. away from people (subtly suggesting that they're above it all). but many.8. use many. Mr. miss.” • Notice what's going on. you can't live with other people. Alex Benzer.” • Got that? Do not be someone else. Red does not just use one style. "“Build a house that is suitable for YOUR personality…you’re gonna have your own style…pull it all together. Use your own techniques and talk. Orange makes the mistake of using tips. MR. Living in the Moment GOAL: To take life less seriously. When they do comment. Create not a style. And do not dwell on the past. but only in memory." And the time to do that. because they've taken the time to observe the scene and pick up something funny or interesting that others. use the techniques I listed above to immerse yourself in the moment and be a lively part of every situation. Do not limit yourself to one style. you can't ENJOY THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Relationship expert. Carlos Xuma. Take a moment. and self-sufficiency with the rest of the world. to observe what's going on. who don't live in the moment. "Make a decision right now to be comfortable in your own skin and to accept yourself completely exactly as you are right now. and nobody--especially girls---enjoys that kind of person. Now is the only time. even a break from the conversation. is right now. author of "The Tao of Dating. As Chris Cobbs said: “The past is never there when you try to go back. and enjoy whatever happens." writes. Mr.. Successful pick-up artists and "in" people do this all the time. and take in the scene. it's usually something really good. They lean back. As Dr. Red. It exists. the style you personalize to yourself and who you want to be. but a philosophy…Everything you can use until you find what works best for your foundation. Red knows that the only style of picking up women that will work is the style you make your own. be yourself. contentment. tricks. famous for using a synergy of unique fighting style. You're going to achieve success with women by overcoming thoughts of the past and future. . Mr..59 - .

" lives in the past and obsesses over his past girlfriends. POWER QUOTES "Light tomorrow with today!" -Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. live in the present. instead of the right. fun. Oneitis. the "getting laid" part. and works so hard on being who he THINKS women want that he doesn't get to see that all they want is someone who's an honest. and develop your story-telling capabilities. Mr. Practice talking about them. something unusual. stand-up guy. Mr. Alex Benzer Working on Yourself Doesn't Work.60 - . Meanwhile.. Yellow has so much fear and insecurity that it all gets in the way of him enjoying the present.. Mr. by Dr." -Corita Kent "You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time. He lives too much for the future. Orange makes the mistake of living in the present a bit too much. by Anthony Robbins .with alcohol! He gets too drunk to notice much of anything. Write these five down and describe each. or "Mr. It could be something interesting. Blue." -Charles F KetteringRecommended Resources: The Tao of Dating.• • • • • The problem Mr. Mr. But that never happens because he misses out on the little signals like body language that girls are constantly sending. This helps you notice things. Then there's Mr. and provocative things that are going on. He needs a major attitude adjustment to notice the good. by Ariel and Shya Kane Unlimited Power. something funny. White. Brown just enjoys talking about himself that he doesn't notice girls rolling their eyes and moving away from him! Finally. Pink make is that they live in their emotions too much. Yellow and Mr. who only sees the stuff that's WRONG in the present. how can you enjoy today? EXERCISE Go into the closest room and try to notice 5 unique things to talk about. if you're always living for tomorrow or yesterday. Remember.

ALWAYS a no-no!). No. DO'S OF CONVERSATION: 5 Great Topics of Conversation: 1. Knowing What To Say GOAL: Never lacking for things to say--and knowing what NOT to say. romantic stuff that foreign locations afford. Two for the price of one. be honest. If your dream is nothing more than to settle into a nice house with a good dog in the suburbs. can’t emphasize enough how important it is to LISTEN to a girl. Don’t make them up.” Ask her if she’s a bad girl. Easy. too. or what’s the craziest thing she’s ever done in her . This is such a great way to enter a group. Women LOVE to talk about themselves. Your dreams. Tell her where you plan to go. “TALKING about sex is the first step towards having it. Check out my lesson on listening.9. check out my lesson on The Power of Travel. A guy who's well-traveled shows that he has the money. So tell her. On top of that. she’ll want to come along for the ride! 2. where you've lived before. easy topics. If you let her know that you’re on one. For more information on this. so ask questions about HER dreams and HER goals. You can escalate the conversation with a few romantic words or a description of the fantastic moonlight on a starlit beach somewhere. let the girl know that you have dreams for a better future. Also check out the Members Area notes for great information. As I described with life purpose. “Would you like to hear something funny?” Of course she will. ALWAYS. 4. This impresses the hell out of them. talking about travel is an EASY topic that girls enjoy. Humor is such a great aphrodisiac. Her. Last but not least. Funny stories. So give it to them! 3. but even if you've only been to a few countries. sex. But do it with a passion. Yup. and the Members Area notes. girls LOVE to go on adventures. She’ll become a lot more interested in you if you show that you’re interested. let her know that you’re a PASSIONATE PERSON. As relationship guru brilliantly says. It’s been proven to be tops on things girls want in a guy. tell her that. avoid it. you don’t want to talk directly about how much you love it. Rather than talking all about yourself. I love this conversation starter: "Did you know that the Spanish Tell her you've been to a country where you can speak the language. Know how to speak with eloquence and effect. as is knowing another language.61 - . If you haven't traveled at all. 1. Girls LOVE the sappy. in this unit. Talk about where you've been. but sexual innuendo is GREAT. and the status. mention them. present something interesting in the form of a story. Travel is a sign of STATUS. or even better. but present it in a humorous way. and actively listen. or about how great sex was with your last partner (ALWAYS. I always tell a girl I've lived in Spain (which I have) and throw out a few fancy words. 5. Travel and Languages. Ask your date. Without exaggerating.

Politics 3.. enthusiastic way. to put it another way. So forget the bad stuff! Even if you're scared. Secondly. Enthusiasm is contagious. Good results will reward you. emotional talk. Don't be afraid to broach this important subject. All the great stuff you have 3. Just by adopting an open. Take note of your tonality. The common mistake Mr. people will follow you. open minds. 3. chest out. Blue makes is to speak negatively about everyone and everything-including himself. Use humor. Don't say something about how great snowboarding is when you're mumbling and looking down at the floor. we empower and enlarge.62 - . even if you're grumpy. She’ll know what you mean. use body language to show enthusiasm. Good multiplies when focused upon. optimistic attitude. steady voice instead of quick. so if you speak with energy. But positive thoughts breed positive results. How to Talk About Yourself Finally. relaxed. 1. "The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous. Past girlfriends 4. Negative thoughts breed negative results. How's that supposed to help his case? Julia Cameron puts it best: "What we focus on. excited talk for the . Girls respect guys who aren't afraid to talk sexy! 2. anxious.. Anything that could be interpreted as geeky or dorky. Offensive humor 2. It's also a great way of removing your doubts and enjoying your time with a girl more. quick. • Slow. let's discuss some great WAYS to talk about yourself. As David Icke suggests. and get excited thinking about it. Inside jokes between you and your friends 5. Or. and speak in a level. such as science-fiction 6.life—with a bit of innuendo added into your voice. I have seven. You can listen to my lesson on humor for great ways to use humor to interest a girl. Never put yourself OR others down. Speak with conviction. be positive. 2. DON'TS OF CONVERSATION: Here are six things you really don't want to talk about: 1.open doors. you can invite women into your world. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?" As I teach in my lessons on Attitude. project only the good traits. Practice good posture: back up. hyper voice • Don't rush to interrupt people • Slow talk for confidential. Its power is awesome in seducing and conversing alike. Negativity multiplies when focused upon." 4.

c. Finally. • Make her wait more and more. In the end. tell her. "Man. look-at-me primadonnas." Watch her freak out.they'll love you for it. Ready?" <pause for a few seconds. a. how embarrassing and go for a mirror. keep her in suspense a while longer> "Okay." If she keeps asking.. stuck-up girls who don't respond to your advances. girls respond just as well to teasing now as they did in kindergarten. is she always like this? How the hell do you guys deal with this girl?" e. "Tag. here goes. You're the first to hear that.. interrupt and say." This will embarrass her greatly. What. The Big T: TEASE. put them down.I'm a closet heterosexual. you look so attractive with that piece of spinach stuck in your teeth. In the audio lesson I talked about the importance of teasing. Bring out their childish side.. In the middle of a girl yapping away. You're it!" with a big grin. "I can't tell you right now." (this way it doesn't look like you're submitting to her. were you afraid I wouldn't like you anymore?" b. There. have some fun. lightly slap them and say. but.. For the noisy. remember the power of silence.. ATTRACTION IN ACTION Every time she asks what the surprise is.. I've said it! I'm out of the closet!" <Pause for dramatic effect> "I've never been able to tell anyone. "Ha. you're annoying me!" with a grin. and allows you to bust her balls (the power of teasing!) 2. I guess I'd be pretty pissed off too if I paid $10 to see that movie. When she goes to shake your hands. You can then make it serious and tell her. But it was really cute to see you freak out like that. "You're the first girl to get me . "Stop it.. It's funny. Go up to a girl and introduce yourself. tell her. Well.63 - ."you gotta hear this" ending 5. "Boy. "Oh my God. when she's dying to know what you have to say. Tell her you have something really important to tell her. slap her lightly on the wrist or shoulder and say. Please don't tell all your friends my secret!" This accomplishes two things: 1. gotcha! Nothing between your teeth. My secret is. say to her friends (or if you're alone.. you're just annoyed) "Here's my secret. "You know. then say. ask her friends. She'll probably say. keep her in suspense.. to her). is she always like this? She looks like she just saw Gigli or something. Let's look at some specific ways to tease a girl.I like women." d. "Okay! Okay! Just to make you quiet... For the more serious.

On top of that. that's a nice perfume you're wearing. just like that! f. don't waste your time with her! You don't have to talk to every girl. and silence IS dominance. In fact. moving on.64 - . Great Resources on How to Talk Better 1. Voice Power. and seeming interested. smells just like cabbage and broccoli. you create magnetism. How to Talk to Anyone. Remember the golden rule of silence: that SILENCE IS GOLDEN! It's okay to take a break and just listen sometimes. I guess you're used to making gay men straight. Be choosy. They love a guy who shows dominance. girls especially are so used to immediate chatter. Tease! YOU: "Hey. if she's not interesting. and ones who are not." Up the attraction meter. author of "Dating Dynamics. If the girl doesn't seem like your type. There are ones who are worth your time." So. Don't waste your time with girls who don't fit your standards! It's very empowering to be able to walk away from a conversation. Women LOVE this. by David DeAngelo 5. by Allan Pease 4. People do not react very well when there's silence. by Leil Lowndes 3. it's subtly saying that you're more important and you'll do things in your own time. maintaining eye contact. on to a girl who's actually interested in you. by Renee Grant-Williams ." GIRL: "Really?" YOU: "Yeah. pause. as if you've seriously given thought. Double Your Dating. the simple act of NOT TALKING to a woman. your OWN self-centered universe. answering our phone on the person anxiously gives UP control. it's EMPOWERING: silence shows that you're not afraid to listen to other points of views. Try it out and see just how attractive you become. Making a person wait for your response gives you SO much control. Check out my lesson on listening to find out exactly how to use listening to your seduction advantage! 7. and it really does create control. When you show an independence from women. Practice active listening: show you're interested by nodding your head. don't rush to answer or comment. Body Language. So not talking immediately--that's control! Carlos Xuma. Love it!" 6." explains that "Not answering is gaining control. It also creates suspense in people. I know so many people who do this. waiting for you to say what's next. and talking to OTHER girls is an AWESOME way of creating interest. Listening goes a long way towards upping the attraction meter. by Leil Lowndes 2. How to Make Anyone Fall In Love with You. Girls love a guy who's on a clear path that doesn't involve unacceptable behavior.over my man-loving ways.

"Why does eye contact have such fiery consequences?.. neck. O is for Open body. I really like this advice from Leil Lowndes. Body Tonality Interesting Facts: • • • Language. Don't close or cross your arms. and tone of voice • Nonverbal signs (eye contact.10. E is for eye contact. T is for touch. S is for SMILE. When you look directly and potently into someone's eyes. belly to belly. This CANNOT be emphasized enough. keep them open in a relaxed. inflection. is a great way to communicate confidence and interest. Face your target. position relative to the speaker. Believe me. you give her the fear that she's not good enough. biological reality! According to Lowndes. By "accident." By gazing deeply into a girl's eyes. making strong. She has a great system for using your body to soften your target's heart: It's called. and tonality techniques. F is for FORWARD lean. that jolts the sensation of being in love. Love at first sight isn't just an expression: It can be a true. Stand or sit just a liiiittle too close.65 - . his or her body produces chemicals like phenyl ethylamine. she'll appreciate it. and stutters. only about 7% is accomplished by the words themselves! • The other 30% is done by how the words are spoken. gestures. SOFTEN.Unrelenting eye contact creates a highly emotional state similar to fear. nose to nose. Spatial Positioning. and lightly touching her back.. and GOAL: To understand and put into practice effective body language. or a piece of lint on her clothing. to show you are physically attracted. spatial positioning. none other than. or PEA. almost threatening intense eye contact with your Quarry is one of the first steps in making hm or her fall in love with you. A smile makes you look fun and confident. Gliding past her when you go to get a drink." gently touch your target's arm.) have five times more impact than verbal signals! (source: Body Language Secrets: A Guide During Courtship and Dating) ATTRACTION IN ACTION To start. People form 90% of their opinion about you in the first 90 seconds Communication is 60% nonverbal and 40% verbal. she becomes overwhelmed with fear. inviting manner. Thus. Don't lean back lean INTO your target. Of the verbal portion. And that means you've made a good . etc.

impression. Awesome stuff. N is for nod. Listen to her responses; girls love to be heard. Nodding is a wonderful way of saying you understand what she's saying. A good listener DEFINITELY impresses women. Body Language Tips: * 10 signs a woman is into you She looks down when you see her and smiles–A very good sign. She’s shy but wants you to come over to talk to her. Nothing invites quite like a smile. She’s twirling her hair around–Definitely into you. Nervous and selfconscious in your presence. You're making a connection with her. Licks her lips–unless you can tell she’s screwing with you, this is a very good sign! Open legs–Open legs, open mind. She’s open to hearing more from you–and who knows what else. Sideways glance–The classic Hollywood flirtation, this is a coy, seductive way of showing her interest Fondling a cylindrical object (cigarette, glass, etc.)–VERY good sign! And a hint of what she may have in mind for later on in the evening… Fondling her shoe (shoe is slight off her foot, twisting her foot in circles)– This is that classic shy signal that girls use to display interest. The "leg twine"–one leg pressed hard against the other to give the appearance of high muscle tone–very good sign The head toss–If she tosses her hair back over her shoulders, this is definitely a good gesture. Exposed wrists–If she’s interested in you, she will gradually display the smooth, soft skin of her wrists to a guy she’s interested in. Wrists are actually considered one of the more erotic areas of the body–so if she’s showing you this sexual area–go for it! * 6 signs she's not interested--regroup and rethink! Not making eye contact with you—looking around, eyeing her friends, looking anywhere but at you Legs crossed—always a bad sign. This means she’s closing herself off to you - 66 -

Arms crossed—This can convey annoyance and impatience. Definitely a bad sign. Hands on her hips—This can also convey impatience. Not looking good. Leaning backwards—It’s much better when a woman is leaning towards you. If you notice her leaning away from you, keeping her distance, it means you’ve gotten too close for her comfort and she’s not that into you, at least at this point. A weak handshake—Do you shake a girl’s hands when you meet her? If you do and notice that hers is weak and she is quick to take back her hand, then she’s not very impressed. * 7 Great Ways to Flirt 1. The confident eye gaze This is how you start your interest. Nothing shows confidence off the bat like meeting a girl’s eyes, and KEEPING YOUR STARE. If you see her look down and smile, you know you’ve made it and the time to approach is now. If she looks away from you but doesn’t smile, give her a shot nonetheless; just the fact that she met your eyes for a second or two shows interest. In the end, though, this isn't a science; most of the time you'll be able to tell by whether she looks happy to see you, whether she likes you. 2. The Dale Head Drop So named after Dale, the master of getting women rushing to his side, just with a simple shrug! If you really want to blow away a girl–and show some balls– meet a girl’s eyes, then knowingly drop your head to the side, as if to say, "Hey, you know you want me. Come over here and get me!" I’ve found this to work incredibly well in foreign countries. In the States, the girls tend to be able to see through it a bit more–but it still works! 3. Smile! It’s often overlooked, but nothing communicates happiness, confidence, and interest in a girl all in one like a nice big smile. Show the girl you’re in control, show her you’re confident, show her you’re a fun guy to be around: brighten the place up with a big smile! And if your teeth need work, then get them fixed! It’s good not just for your chances of meeting a girl, but also for your health and appearance! 4. Open Body Language So many guys walk or sit with their arms crossed, their legs close together, and their faces anxious and flat. Stop that! Welcome a girl into your world: Have - 67 -

your arms open and leaned back, your legs open and relaxed, your face warm and inviting. You’ll not only attract yourself into a girl’s world, but also into the world of people at a party, club, or bar who can help you meet a future girlfriend–or even wife! 5. Lean in to her As you’re talking to a girl, especially while seated, show her your interest with confidence by leaning in closer. You don’t want to be a creep, of course, but you can generally tell by a girl’s body language and talk how interested she is in you. If things are looking good, show her your control of the situation–and interest in her–by leaning in and generally getting closer to her. Leaning back does the opposite; it shows you’re unconfident and not overly interested. Not what you want to communicate. 6. Thumbs in belt Ever put your thumbs in your belt, with your hands at your hips’ side? This is processed as a sign of being confident in one’s sexuality and size. So if you’re standing around at a bar or club and want to convey confidence, this will certainly be understood by girls! 7. Touch her! Yup, nothing gets you closer to a girl than physical touch. Great conversations and emotional/spiritual chemistry are great, but if you really want to take it to the next level, you’ll have to eventually show some balls and touch her. I’m not talking about grabbing her and making out (unless it really is going that well and she’s flirting out of control!), but doing little things: brushing your arm by her shoulders, lightly massaging her, leading her by the arm to another location in the place. By making a physical connection, you’re giving her a sign loud and clear that you’re confident in yourself and interested in her. Spatial Positioning Tips • Make yourself the center of attention in a room.

"Position yourself as a center of influence - the one who knows the movers and shakers. People will respond to that, and you'll soon become what you project." -Bob Burg • • Avoid "wallflower" locations. Sometimes going to one side where nobody else is draws attention to you. - 68 -

and then your chest. insert one pause per second. Practice it enough such that you are comfortably speaking this way regularly. Then move the humming sensation to the back of your throat.learnbodylanguage. From there move it on down to the middle of the throat.org/ . by Allan Pease • How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. Vocal Control Start humming. Then move it inside such that you are humming mostly from the mouth. Practice regularly such that speaking in a slow. this time adding THREE pauses. 2. then in everyday conversation. Don Steele • http://www. by Dr. First. Make each pause for the count of one second by saying 'one one thousand' to yourself.Vocal Exercises 1. measured manner becomes a habit. do it in a way that makes your lips vibrate. Now read the paragraph again. then on the phone. each of them one second long. by Helen Fisher • The Tao of Dating. Start by doing it alone. by Wes Mantooth • Body Language Secrets: A Guide During Courtship and Dating. Now that you have the humming coming all the way from the diaphragm. Alex Benzer • The Importance of Body Language. by Leil Lowndes • The Anatomy of Love. Notice how people respond to you differently. How to use pauses and tempo to make your speech almost hypnotic While you read a passage out loud. practice projecting your voice form there by reading the preceding paragraph. this time inserting two pauses. by R. Recommended Reading: • Body Language. Then do it again. Sitting up straight will help the resonance.69 - . and finally all the way down to your abdomen. Add to that the vocal resonance you practiced in Drill 1.

. like a crab. you're no longer MOST GUYS--would say. Girls have seen it all. ATTRACTION IN ACTION Say you're at a clothing store and the cute clerk asks how you are. "Fine. it's REALLY big news. but. "How are you?" Instead. give one she'll remember for a really long time. . but you also have her participation: win-win! "Hey." This actually got me the phone number of a really hot girl: Walk around with your legs jaunted. You not only have her attention. Ask her. give her a high-five or "black power" fist and say "Respect. Do something different that forms lasting impressions that make her want to see you again and again. what do you think of my friend here.11. that spells G-A-Y!" "Y'all look like Beyonce!" • • • • 2." Don't give the traditional responses to questions like. Good. look at his perfect skin. "Can you help me? I'm too short. Okay." <Call friend over> "Ready? Ok. perhaps you can handle a little dispute my friend and I are having. Use humor Great Humor Openers: • "Excuse me.. his tan...c'mon! Look at his clothes. He says he's not gay. Most guys-and remember. Here are six of sure-fire ways to open up a conversation: 1.70 - . they know all the pick-up lines and all the obvious openers. Approaching with Confidence GOAL: To FORM CONNECTIONS and BUILD EMOTIONS.to me. Surprise her Great Surprise Openers: • • • Go up to a girl and challenge her to a game of thumb wars or rockpaper-scissors Instead of giving her a hand-shake. but she'll actually go with you to the bar and get you a drink." Friend says: "Hi. I can't reach the bar. Could you please order a drink for me?" Not only will she laugh. Who do you think gets more ladies: Mini Me or Peter Dinklage(the short guy from The Station Agent)?" "My friend over there has something REALLY big to tell you.

Usually a WOMAN needs to know these things first." See how this would break a girl's routine? You've got a really easy opener to talk to a girl. and accidentally bumped into this guy because. I've had better days. It's really weird." Not you. Forget looks. like. or "Hey.. but it works. and a good story. I like to know her priorities. "Yeah. Before I get to know someone. give me the finger and call me a Pino Fada. then you should be in. well. as long as neither of the relationships is serious. he's a midget. this will require an explanation. so you can make up something funny. But a guy who comes in and shares a story about getting called a Pino Fada by a midget? She'll never see one of you again. and most say. "I know I just met you. forget money. I was just walking down the street. You get the chance to present yourself as a funny. lift it up. did you see that crazy guy in here who was dancing around in his underwear?". if you were cast on Survivor.' I'm still trying to get over the fact that I got called a pine cone by a midget. I looked up the meaning of Pino Fada and it means 'pine cone. so you're taking that power out of her hands and into yours.71 - .." Naturally. "married with kids. Good story-telling is probably the best "in" to a group." • • • 4-Tell a story. It's subconscious to her. It's not everyday you get flipped off by a midget. have any of you ever heard of Celtic soulgazing?". but it empowers YOU: you say that you need to know what she's like before you can get to know her. so you say something like. I felt really bad and apologized. 3. who would it be?" "I need your help with something." I just wanted to see if you were any different. "Well. So.thanks. What do you think of this?" "If you could be any super-hero. You want to make the girl remember you for next time. Those things come and go. she feels like you're in control. If you can make up a good story. "Hey. and she's bound to ask you lots of questions. Ask for Her Opinion on Something Here are some great questions you can ask: • "I have a friend who thinks it's okay to date 2 girls at once. You have to be convincing. and could only bring 3 valuables. but he disagrees. And that's the most important thing: she'll never forget you. I tell him it's wrong. unusual guy she'll never forget. but where do you see yourself in five years? I'm just doing a survey of people. what would they be?" Not only does this provide an interesting opening. and all he did was grab and his crotch.

' Basically it says that every girl fits one of the personalities of the Sex in the City characters." Now. You're fun but professional. "No. or Miranda. 99. Charlotte.. and the drummer has a funny face. This is a wonderful technique for establishing EMOTIONAL RAPPORT with your "target. you're responsible. good. 49. I hate to bother you.there's 9. Tell her these things. 29. girls LOVE to laugh and share! 5-Present Her With a Quiz." Talk to your target last. Just by giving a quiz you get emotions swirling in women.. You don't want to seem too interested. So go up to the group or isolated target and ask her if she would do a quiz for you. So. but my friends over there keep arguing that this quiz they've done works. then that's DEFINITELY a good sign! In any event. How many nines are there in 100? (Think about it.You look smart for knowing the answer. but fun. "Yeah. 39. Ever heard of Celtic Soul Gazing?. etc etc. 79. and you can tease her mercilessly for NOT knowing the answer!) Look around your surroundings.10! This is a great brain-teaser." She'll of course defend herself--but if she doesn't. have you seen Sex in the City?" <they'll say yes> "Okay.. you're definitely a Samantha. Great Story Openers: • • way to open up the group to outsiders. I want to find out whether you're a Carrie. talk to ANY GIRL OTHER THAN YOUR TARGET. It's called 'the Sex in the City test. because like Carrie. 89. tease her and say. "So I'm guessing you're a Samantha. 69.. "Really?" And you say. and goes along with it. or Miranda--never say Samantha right away!). To any other girl: "I'd say you're a Carrie (or Charlotte.72 - . but it’s a great Entertainment=Results. and tease her a bit. 19. Maybe there's a live band.. see if something entertaining is going on.teller." . if this is in a group of 2 or more girls.. there's something about the connections they bring that makes them just love a personality test or something of the sort. Or maybe something really interesting happened to you the other day. Samantha. 59. and a great way to show higher value. and that is an AWESOME thing.." She'll say.. This is one quiz you can give: "How's it goin'? Look.. daring but caring.. So before I get to know you better." Women LOVE quizzes.

the two of us were joking about it all night. yaw know. For example. But she loved it. I pounced on that girl--who was pretty hot--and said. and it wasn't long before I got her in the sack. that's wrong. make her look ridiculous and raise your status in the process. make sure you actually listen to and remember the advice girls give." but one girl mumbled.This is a great technique that I've only seen success with. Just the simple word of "we" builds an instant bond that makes the girl feel like she's known you forever. "Excuse me? Did you say you do it all the time?" She had to defend herself to the group. we ended up making out. but not me. I did that. Most of the group said the same thing. For more great openers. This is when it's important. big time. So these things work--if you live in the moment and catch them. • • Nothing rushes chemicals through a girl's brain faster than making an immediate rapport with a man Excellent to have something personal between you and a group of people: An inside joke. and to me. You want to keep your ears open because a girl might say something you can snatch up and spit back in her face. Before I knew it. "Oh. I remember once asking girls what they thought about having sex in public. by David DeAngelo The Art of Approaching. I recommend the following e-books: Double Your Dating. we need a secret handshake or something." Girls are all about making connections. "inside" joke.73 - . which as you know is a great way to project higher value. as I said in a previous lesson. With groups. and I constantly teased her. I was BREAKING HER BALLS. "Hey. "Shhh. and I made myself look pretty innocent. to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. by Joseph Matthews How to Talk to Anyone. or signal. etc. • • • 7. what's wrong with doing it outside?" Some men might have let that slip. handshake. That way she'll be more likely to want to see you again--you're already a pair! Now. that's disgusting. a story only the two of you know. with advice questions. such as "Do you think a guy who’s traveling should be able to cheat on his girlfriend?". Act Like They Approached You! . Also use lots of WE statements. by Leil Lowndes 6-Develop a secret. try saying something to the group like. so doing something that builds a strong foundation for friendship means guaranteed success. a secret handshake or sign.

" Do this with a devilish grin. and use it against the girl.74 - . such as being bumped into. pleeease." Say this with a knowing grin so she knows you're joking. and puts you in command.. there'd be holes in my skin. "I wasn't looking at you. Do something that girls normally get annoyed at. "do it right. "Hey. the point is to reverse things on her. If you were looking any deeper at me. watch it. Just position yourself near the girl you like and subtly back up to her. If she makes contact. and turning them inside out. a very powerful strategy." or. club. punk!" She might apologize. stop staring at me! Didn't your mother teach you manners?" This makes the girl have to defend herself. "Well. Say. or party. "Oh. "Next time touch me a little higher. pretend to be offended. no touching!" or "Hey. like. One way way is to use your body.• • This means using the methods that guys normally use on girls. in which case you say." then grab her in surprise. So with this method. or ogled. She may be bitchy and say." you learn all about the importance of positioning yourself effectively in a room. touched." in which case you should say something snappy. In my lesson on "Body Language. if you see a girl's eyes staring in your direction--they don't have to be looking at you--say something like. So you've got the tools to approach women successfully. My mother that if you want to touch someone. This is GREAT when you're at a crowded bar. "Hey. Basically.. has shot up! • • • • . Just like that. your attraction meter. Now go out and use them. For example. you should be sorry.women love humor. you use your body to get close to a girl and act like she was hitting on you.

Humor GOAL: Using the power of laughter to raise a woman's interest in you Mr. Hey. By pointing these things out with a certain level of dramatic flair. knowing temperatures will rise when humor is successfully utilized. he’s not afraid to tease a girl and make fun of her. He might see a guy whose face looks like his dog's. because you instantly get a chance to be funny and entertaining. he uses exaggeration to full effect. Or by singing a note REALLY off-key. humor. 3-Observational Humor.12. Especially if you’re talented at imitations. Red gets girls' phone numbers just by walking around like a crab. easygoing girls. just be ridiculous. and power. Red does the opposite of what a lot of guys do. It’s the one place where being a clown is considered normal. She may be a model and he’ll say. If you’ve heard my lesson on “Where to Meet Women”. Red keeps his eyes open and his attention ready. Mr. So if you can surprise her by humoring her about herself. Red knows that nothing looks stronger than a guy who can cut his opponent to pieces. all in one. especially using their own remarks against them. try it out on a girl. witty. Mr. knowing that something interesting and entertaining could occur at any moment. And if he is able to put a jock alpha-male in his place in front of a woman. he gets major points for that. Who picked that outfit for you? Richard Simmons?” Girls don’t expect you to make fun of them. It conveys intelligence. I wouldn't recommend it--but for fun. 5-Exaggeration. going over the top will make them laugh--and want to be with you in the process. and if he senses a girl is open to this type of humor. It depends on what kind of girl you're after--if she's an ice queen. Here’s what he does: 1-Tease: Remembering that surprise and the unexpected are some of the keys to winning a woman’s heart. you know that karaoke bars are one of the top places to socialize with women. Mr. Self-Deprecation: Nothing shows confidence like the ability to make good clean fun of yourself. . Red has 8 great ways for getting a girl to laugh…and to open up in conversation with him. or a ridiculous-looking cat staring at him. you’ll really make yourself attractive. Red comes off as sharp. and full of fun.75 - . you guys model some really strange clothes. “Wow. Mr. Mr. Hey. Mr. 4-Wit. in fact. it’s a great way to impress a girl and make an instant connection. the really beautiful ones expect lap dogs. strange and funny things always happen. This is where karaoke clubs are king amongst places to meet women. 2. 6-Imitations/Quotations: If you genuinely have a talent for doing imitations. Red knows this.

I’m…a…heterosexual.7-The Borat Approach. Next time you go . Simply go up to a girl and smile like Borat and say. and if she agrees. "I do too! Yes. or even poke fun at your own joke with a laugh: “Wow. Additionally. I thought I was at a funeral or something. you want to know something no one else knows?” Of course she’ll want to. stand up for your sense of humor. the reception was so bad!” Extra points if you turn the bad joke into an INSIDE joke.. “Hey. tell!” So you say. “Well. I’m really embarrassed about this…it’s a major insecurity for me…I-I probably shouldn’t tell you. Instant rapport is the gateway to seduction. what a crowd! Guess that’s the last time I use that one!” It may even be a future joke: “Remember that time I said the joke about such and such? Man. inside joke between you and her. The fact that the majority of guys wouldn't do it. A great way of making things interesting.never underestimate the value of deep. like a long-time couple is a MAJOR turn-on • Having that connection that makes her feel part of something intimate and personal. even if they're painfully unfunny ones! • ATTRACTION IN ACTION Never underestimate what teasing can do for your game. Be prepared to switch to another subject. and you have to be able to rebound from it. like. A lot of times people won’t get your humor. it's just plain funny and loosens them up.. • Make it sound serious and tragic. • • • • The key in any form of humor is to have confidence in it. personal connections. Try. “Well. 8-Develop Personal Jokes: • Mr. something off-the-wall. If a girl stares at you. even if it doesn't pan out... you can’t just stutter and apologize. high five!" I've found girls love this. only to be funny. • Furthermore. unamused and unimpressed. Red knows that whereas we men are stimulated VISUALLY. like best friends. and forming a connection with a girl that she won’t soon forget. and it will be a fun. There! I said it! Please don’t tell anyone!” Of course she’ll keep you “secret” between you and her. Mr. "High five!" Or do this by asking her if she likes something.” Naturally she’ll be like. I love this one. You instantly build higher value. Do things that good friends or partners say.76 - . Feeling like she's known you forever. “No! Tell. women are stimulated more EMOTIONALLY. say in a Borat voice.makes you look all the more courageous and unique for doing it. Red knows that nothing develops rapport quite like inside jokes between you and a chick. Don't be afraid to try something ridiculous.

by Joseph Matthews • The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists." Humor is such a wonderful way to make yourself look good. by Neil Strauss • How to Talk to Anyone.. When you're introduced to her or introduce yourself. So use it to your attraction advantage. Recommended Resources • Double Your Dating and Cocky Comedy. or ask. soar. Sorry. hate to say this. but you got something on your teeth." <Watch her put her finger inn his teeth and clean it." <Grin> "My bad. "Hey. say something like. and watch the number of women you hook up with... by Leil Lowndes .. "Oh. make a point to tease a girl you find attractive when you first meet her.wait. by David DeAngelo • The Art of Approaching. and women truly love it. um. "Where??"> Then say.out.77 - . your teeth are always like that.

78 of Steve" . The Tao of Steve. Five things that women instinctively look for in men: • • • • • Physical prowess--that is. EXERCISE Watch "The Tao . They are: 1) suppress your desire--and your agenda of getting her into bed 2) You have to do something excellent in her presence. and you're well on your way to success. how can you provide the five things women want? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ How do you show value? If you've ever seen the classic movie. It gives three rules for capturing a woman's interest. the ability to protect and defend her. You WILL be a catch by the end of this lesson. as well as good genes to pass on to her potential offspring Financial Resources Ambition High Educational Level. Projecting Value GOAL: Show women that you are a catch they would be foolish to pass up. keep 'em wanting more. and Status EXERCISE Based on what you learned in the lesson. you'll be familiar with its tenets. Use the information you've learned so far.13. therefore proving your sexual worthiness. and the great techniques you learn today. or read the book. 3) Retreat--ie.

she’ll plead with you to stay. NEVER back down! 5. “You’ve got some gunk on your face” and brushing your hand on her neck. to the next success. 4. is an incredible way to demonstrate value. so if you’re able to have a great conversation. “So <her name>” as you put your hand on your knee. when you get that first phone number. Adding physical touch. Red's 5 other ways for projecting value: 1. protecting a girl.” This’ll make her jealous.” Kenny suggests things like slapping a girl’s hand. A winning combination to sexual success. “are you a bad girl?” Her stomach will flutter. “The longer you wait. you want to show that you’ve got balls. and sexual innuendo together. So meet her needs. Finally. If you say. If someone is threatening the girl or anyone in the social venue. 3. but show that you’ve got confidence. Teasing: As I said before. and I personally suggest saying. says one guru. or on the first date. but either way it’s a great way of moving things ahead—and showing quality.79 - .Mr. If you want me. tell him to get lost. and it's absolutely necessary for gaining her attraction. do your best to keep an eye on threatening situations. it also means using your body to make contact with a girl. Now that IS quality! EXERCISE . a throaty voice. Make Her Feel Safe: Like I said before. Interestingly. they need to know that their man will protect and defend herself and children. teasing is a great way to “demonstrate confidence. saying. you’ll not only stimulate her. you really can't attract a woman without making her feel safe. you’re no fun. “I’m a high-value commodity. Either way. Girls LOVE this. come and GET me!” 2. and she won’t be seeing you in a bar or club anymore—she’ll be seeing you in a bed. the harder it is. Momentum: One great thing to do is. One guru says something brilliant.” Remember. next to her. Getting Physical: Being physical doesn't just mean having a nice body and good health. AND the fact that you’re a challenge. “Oh. “Talking about sex is the first step towards having it. stand up for the person. humor. you're going to lose her faith and attraction in you. is up to you. Yellow. I’m gonna have to find someone else. You’re communicating. If you DON'T make her feel safe. you project quality and uniqueness.” Whether you want to talk about it after having just met a girl. then show that you’re not dependent on her by moving on to another women. “women don’t respect” a lack of physicality. or saying. and if one should arrive. don't quit there! Make a show of it: move on to the next girl. showing you'll stand up for. If a guy is bothering her. like a Mr. Sexual innuendos. and if you’ve done well. so doing things like slapping her hands (lightly). It's one of women's needs. “You just lost a point” and make women keep track. is an amazing move. Girls get jealous when they see a great guy like yourself with other girls.

practice joking with your friends. Think of 5 things you can tease a woman about--example." by Mystery . Get used to being the guy who jokes around a lot.80 - ." by Joseph Matthews "Venusian Arts Handbook. Write down 5 emotions you want to create in women (happiness. suspense." by Leil Lowndes "The Art of Approaching. curiosity. Before you go out. 3. ________________________________________________________ __________________ ________________________________________________________ __________________ ________________________________________________________ __________________ ________________________________________________________ __________________ ________________________________________________________ __________________ Recommended Resources "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. her clothes. etc.1. Find 3 funny stories you can tell the ladies.). In what ways can you make her feel those emotions better than anyone else? 2.

women do not want to be easy. but don't treat her like a goddess.. How do you do that? Try the following ways: 1. bring any female . • Danielle Steele does NOT write novels about women going for the first man who comes her way.81 - ."--these things assert your dominance. • 2... Don't act overly interested to be talking to her.. getting a man despite the odds. the hunt for true passion. They want a challenge. "A model. listen to her. • Don't show interest in a girl just because. huh? That's nice. Again. This especially applies to beautiful or career-driven women who are used to flattery and praise. NOT the man falling in love with the woman. Do the same things as men who can get any women they want--like Mr. • Guys.but he goes just for her. Becoming a Catch: If you want to get a date with a beautiful. Be a Challenge. saying things like.she's a girl. I guess. • Look at all the romance novels and films: women love the thrill of the chase. The man is so attractive that he can get any girl he wants. women LOVE a challenge. you have to show her you're a catch. acting unimpressed. using the following techniques. • Romance novels always work on the same formula: the WOMAN falling in love with the man. Show a women you're a catch by showing her how popular you are with other girls. don't smile and sound fascinated by everything the woman says. and signify that SHE has to impress YOU. not the other way around. Securing the First Date GOAL: Successfully set up a first date with ease. even if she's the most gorgeous girl you've ever met. • • • • • Lean away from your target Be relaxed.DECISION POINT #4: WHO DO I WANT TO DATE? 1. talk to other women. Don't stick to just this one girl. exciting woman. be calm in her presence. You can be a challenge by showing class and showing status. That is. 1. Red. Social proof. Giving a yawn.

Do something excellent in her presence. So remember. Believing in yourself. or even other guys. You'll be much happier. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. one day. If you talk about yourself in a negative. but it just might be the first thing on HER mind. women instinctively search for status. even when considering a quickie. What you wear says a lot about what you can provide. 5. Be who you are. As Lowndes writes. and don't stick around when the girl gets busy. "Dress as though you were auditioning to be her husband. or stupid. You can't please everyone. thereby proving your sexual worthiness. when she sees an independence in you. a great husband and father. Show that life goes on without her. 'Should I or shouldn't I tonight?" how well you could care for her and her unborn children is in the back of her mind. When a man is well dressed. the men who dressed the best. . a woman subconsciously listens to her genes.82 - ." For every question. getting married may be the last thing on YOUR mind. Lowndes cites a study in which women were asked six hypothetical questions ranging from "Whom would you choose to marry?" to "Whom would you choose for a one-night stand. it signifies his ability to provide for her offspring. "Evolutionary theorists tell us that. and financial resources. because as you know. Being yourself. as well. she realizes that you're a catch. too. that you make a great date--and maybe. got the highest scores. you have to be NATURAL and GENUINE. 3. If she starts talking to her friends. if you talk about yourself in positive. Never talk about anything as if it's nothing special. formal. then well. or boring." Now. Dress for success. It's important." So dressing well is just one step is reassuring her that you're worth it. boring way. don't try to be sweet and innocent. expensive clothes. if you really are an alpha jock. Engage in conversation with other girls. 4. so just concentrate on being yourself. Now. walk away calmly. The way you treat yourself is the way SHE will treat yourself. and much more successful with women. if you dress in nice. while I want you to follow this advice. then she will.friends you have along. If that's not convincing enough. As Lowndes writes. YOU might just score well with women. Or. ambition. 6. That is. This is a big one. don't pretend to be an alpha male jock if you're actually a really sweet nice guy. Follow the three rules of the Tao of Steve: • • Eliminate your desires. how is she to believe you're anything different than that? Likewise. praising terms. Even when she's wondering.

telling really funny jokes.--you separate yourself from every other guy out there. that when a guy shows interest and then leaves. Suddenly. etc. you're no challenge for the girl. a FIND. Thus. Ways to Ask for Her Phone Number 1. ask yourself. "We pursue that which retreats from us. "We pursue that which retreats from us. then you didn't prove you're chaseable. but leave things just when they're . a piece of metal might put a little resistance to the magnet. makes you a catch! • • But what happens if she doesn't chase me?." A brief overview of each rules tells us why the rules make you a catch: • Eliminate your desires. By retreating. she seeks validation. Likewise. for as Heidegger said. This is what you want: for a girl to EARN your interest. talking to a woman simply because of her beauty. Move on. What would a high-status guy do? Would he worry that a woman isn't going after him? Or would he relax. but eventually it'll succumb. By showing a girl a talent--a magic trick. Setting Up The First Date a. and women LOVE to be with a guy who's hard to find. You're a rarity.• Retreat. and the first date wasn't going to happen in the first place. then she'll be more inclined to give you what you want in the first place. she will eventually come and find you. Showing your desires. knowing that women are naturally attracted to men the same way that metals are attracted to magnets? Hey. Do something excellent in her presence. they don't know what to do. The idea is to not ask for her number. thereby proving your sexual worthiness. for as Heidegger said. you ask." Women are so used to being chased. And that. YOU have the power to give it to her. Retreat. If she doesn't come after you after an hour or so. 2. my friends. with confidence. and she's likely to resist you. As said before. if she's into you. Leave Her Hanging • • I love this method. when a woman feels like she's earned your interest. And when she chases. indicates that you're full of desire. you make her have to chase. and feel that they have to PROVE themselves to the man to get his interest. There are so many other high-quality women out there. In this case. not just gotten your interest because she's hot or has big boobs. they don't feel good enough. playing a guitar.83 - .

" with a devious grin. "Oh man. For example. They want to EARN A MAN'S INTEREST. By doing this. "Maybe I'll see you again sometime" with a confident grin. VERY IMPORTANT: Leave with an inside joke • Helps SO MUCH to have made an inside joke before calling her. Apologize. more natural method." "Why?" she'll ask. As Leil Lowndes says. Never forget the importance of RAPPORT--personal. and she'll be sure to stuff her number into your pocket or cell phone. I needed your advice: Do you think red scooby doo underwear or pink scooby doo underwear? I'm having trouble deciding. you incite positive. When she hears this joke or secret sign." you say in a nervous voice. • Tell her your friends are waiting for you. GIRLS WANT THAT FROM GUYS. in which case she'll either give you her number or you can easily say. spinning emotions in her. why don't I get your phone number and maybe you can be my friend too.84 - . if your inside joke were. "Hey ____. she'd better earn it and make the effort herself. Remember. say. "like attracts like" and girls want to have a REASON to go out with a guy--a reason other than their beauty. you can easily call up and say. "I have to go." you say. Remember. . inside jokes and signals form EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS that separate you as unique. "Because. • • 2. As you leave." She oughta get a laugh. It makes you look independent. Make sure you find out at least one thing you both have in common. She'll probably agree. she thinks POSITIVELY of you and you only! This allows you to call her and start a natural conversation based on this joke. Saying this with confidence and spunk is sure to make her eager to see you again. Find Something in Common • • This is the easier. Or. say. Call me. and believe me. You're my man. "I just remembered I left my cat Mittens out. but don't stop moving. interrupt a really intimate moment with something funny. If she wants to have a good time. CREATE EMOTIONS. "Look." A lot easier than calling with no rapport built beforehand. this will make you look concerned. so I need the help of an expert. that you really like to wear Scooby Doo underwear. It's sexually suggestive. intimate connections that are purely between you and her. was just sorting through my G-string drawer and was thinking of you. I'm really worried about her.getting good. thereby giving you CONTROL over her.

Talk SLOWLY. After all. don't bother calling for at least another week. NEVER say. shoulders back--CONFIDENCE • b. That rule still applies. make sure you don't come off as desperate. say. I know this great place that sells great jock straps. expecting her to be somewhere and showing an independence at the same time if she isn't. to not seem too interested. "Hey. you're on a path.• Example: If you discover she loves Spanish music. If she says she's busy at the moment. Remember. If she doesn't show up. Ways to Speak to Her On the Phone 1. Make sure you show that you have other things going on (which you do!). the old "Don't want to seem too desperate" thing. I once had to have complex surgery from too many hot peppers. with a touch of comedy • I tend to wait a few days after seeing her to call." Can just set up the date from there. If she's busy. with a touch of humor. like. Call her and say. "No worries. Conversation shouldn't take more than a few minutes. As they say on urbandictionary. "Well. Leaving Voice-Mail Messages . it's not easy being a G-string model. listen. what's up? It's your lover calling. meet her eyes. but why don't I take you to ____ sometime? You can watch me burn my tongue on one of the jalapenos. "Remember me?" The alpha male EXPECTS people to remember him. Just going through my G-string drawer and thought of you. though. you can live without the girl. I gotta get going myself. Don't take forever. I know you want to see my latest collection of Scooby Doo g-strings. At the same time you are ASSERTIVE. mention that you know this great tapas place that plays good music (up to you to find one). Call her casually. You can live without her (you really can!). I gotta get going. " • • • • • 2." This gives you control. so take control out of her hands and into yours. you're on a path. Go out and find some other girls. Look. Use inside jokes.85 - . Thursday night at 8 <pick a place>. _____. so why doesn't she come along? However. Remember. why don't we go there together?" Helps if you start out funny to ease her up. don't distress. <wait for her laugh> Later. mention it casually but firmly. He is confident that people will never forget him.com. so see you there. Hey.

"Remember me?" Mr. This is just an illusion." by Leil Lowndes "The Tao of Dating. and you'll never be happy with yourself! • • • • • • • • 3. and leave it up to her to call back. As UrbanDictionary.com says of "oneitis. MOVE ON. If you don't have that voice yet. it's _____. anticipation." by Dr.• • Don't be like Mikey from "Swingers" and leave 20 messages in one night! Leaving a voice-mail is a sort of test. <Pause> Anyway. call me anyway." by Lance Mason . this is the feeling that a particular woman is actually special. as it tends to show quite quickly how very alike people are. he can move on to someone who does remember his name. Later.or maybe. If she doesn't. excitement are the main 3. He has that swagger and cockiness. If she doesn't remember your name. ____. Alex Benzer "Pickup 101.86 - . she is the same as the other three or so billion. make sure it incites emotions--humor. A typical message "Hey. collected voice that says you EXPECT her to call you back. Recommended Resources: "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You. I was just going through my Gstring drawer and the Scooby Doo one made me think of you." the disease in which men think only about one girl: ""Often confused with love. Leave only one message. A man on a path knows he will find other girls. Red assumes that women remember him.." 'Go f*** ten other women' is the most commonly prescribed treatment for this "disease" (hence the "itis")." Remember: Only you can make yourself happy. Which trait do YOU want to present women with? When you leave a message." Key is to have a CALM. you know my number. don't bother calling! Never ever ever say. Well.. Give other people that control. a test of whether you are INDEPENDENT or NEEDY. ___(number)___.

What to Do on the First Date and Beyond GOAL: To have a successful first date. on How to Be Irresistible to Women! 1. A dinner date is okay. Any good emotions that you draw out during your date will forever be linked with you--and THAT'S a good thing! As Lowndes writes." So think about what kinds of fun emotions you want your date to associate with you. Right here. You'll also learn exactly how to close the evening and move things on to intimacy and the relationship.2. different. In her section on "The Scientifically Proved Best First Date. she'll remember them. her sexual attraction won't be far behind." She goes into detail on just about every facet of meeting women and having relationships with them. if you raise her emotions. how to look. and pave the way towards a lasting relationship In today's lesson you're going to learn what to say. but her EMOTIONAL AROUSAL. as well. Creating an EMOTIONAL First Date I highly recommend you try Leil Lowndes' "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You. if your first experience is stirring. So I highly suggest you try something fun. your date will transfer the strong emotions to you. Then think about what first date venues you can suggest to ensure she feels those emotions. you have to increase not only her sexual attraction. In fact. she won't forget them. "science tells us. and where to go on the first date. unique. but does it have the ups and downs and excitement of a rollercoaster? Not usually. and treasure them. Some of these include: • • Surfing Horseback riding ." she discusses how in order to make a woman really enjoy the first date. Some ideas are: • • • • • • • • • • Exciting Exhilarating Fascinating Intellectual Unbelievable Adventurous Daring Provocative Sensual Mysterious If your date experiences some of these favorable emotions during her time with you. So your first goal in creating the ideal first date is to imagine what you want your date to feel.87 - .

particularly salsa (don't worry if you're not good at it-just having fun with it will mean she associates having fun with you) Scary movie (so you can hold her and reassure her everything will be all right!) Hiking Motorcycle riding Theme park. let the girl know that you have dreams for a better future. there's no way she's not gonna want to see you again.. present something interesting in the form of a story. Without exaggerating. make your date scared. Funny stories. "someone is more likely to be attracted to another if he or she is emotionally aroused-even if the arousal does not come from the person. let her know that you’re a PASSIONATE PERSON. So tell her.88 - . What to Talk About So.and five topics to avoid. sometimes scary but always thrilling. Your dreams. but present it in a humorous . is that they do.." 2. exhilarating. A little fear is a good thing to inject into your date. “Would you like to hear something funny?” Of course she will. be honest. thrilling. Don’t make them up. girls LOVE to go on adventures. the way you want your date to think of you. As Lowndes writes. If your dream is nothing more than to settle into a nice house with a good dog in the suburbs. particularly a rollercoaster ride Ice-skating What's great about these date venues is that they don't require you to talk a lot to show what a great guy you are. In short. I particularly like rollercoaster rides because they create the emotions you want: fast-paced. If you let her know that you’re on one.• • • • • • Dance class. she’ll want to come along for the ride! 2. like a horror movie or carnival ride. in fact. A great place speaks great things about you. Because when she transfers the feelings of a rollercoaster ride or salsa class to you. As I described with life purpose. so you can pick her up! and you yourself don't have to have the perfect qualities of being fun. Who can resist a second rollercoaster ride? What's great about activities that can be scary. These places and activities THEMSELVES have the positive traits you want your date to link to you. and crazy--only your venue really does. having chosen a great place to take your date. Here's my list of five things to talk about. tell her that. Ask your date. But do it with a passion. because it allows YOU to come to the rescue of your date! Thus the reason scary movies and theme parks are so perfect. 7 great things to discuss include: 1. Rather than talking all about yourself. you've let your exciting place do most of the talking for you. They let your date drop down.

"You'll see"/"You'll find out"/"Man you're impatient!" It was cruel fun. and fruitful first (or even second or third) date! I met the girl outside the Spanish restaurant (which was very dark and intimate. 5. Guaranteed gold." with a devilish grin. and loved it. "Or the surprise is off.. I knew she loved it. can’t emphasize enough how important it is to LISTEN to a girl.89 - ." I ordered her. all while she is very curious to see who this guest was. She asked heaps of questions about who it was. "You'll get to meet her later. and I was going to use it! I also teased her around. you want to meet her now? Sorry.. she had to close her eyes. I told her she was about to meet the guest. "Oh. Instant emotionally chemistry: she saw I had control. "Really?" she asked. So we ordered drinks. please! Tell me!" Then tell her a little bit by little bit.. Her. No guy had ever done this to her before--I was different in a very attractive (if not devious) way.way. for example. But first. I love this simple. "Yup. So finally.Make sure it's good. ATTRACTION IN ACTION: I went on this one date that was by far the easiest (and most successful) of all of them. you'll have to wait. Girls are NOT good at waiting (especially the ones who want to get married. Teasing. and even though she protested. or it won't work! 6. and actively listen. You're really afraid to tell her. Secrets. "YES. got some appetizers. NOTHING quite communicates sexual tension like getting behind her and showing her how to shoot... are GREAT ways to get her excited about passion. It’s been proven to be tops on things girls want in a guy. An awesome. nothing creates curiosity quite like the word LATER.creating emotions. incredibly effective technique." Women . So ask questions about HER dreams and HER goals. "Really?" she lightly whined. An object you have." Naturally. Humor is such a great aphrodisiac. tell her you have a dark secret you've never told anyone else. "No. awesome way of making a date exciting.. Yup. I highly recommend it if you want a quick.. but I kept my ground. after ordering our entrees (a good 30 minutes or so). So give it to them! 3. This works every time. I had created an emotion in her: suspense. though." I said. and the way you move. 4.drag it out the whole date.). Once you've exchanged pleasantries and made light conversation. Bring a "prop" to aid your date. If you’re playing pool. She’ll become a lot more interested in you if you show that you’re interested. so the way you talk. so this automatically put me in power. This technique is AWESOME. remember?) and told her I brought a friend along. I like to bring a Pez dispenser and keep it secret. to which she'll say.. easy. Girls LOVE teasing.

ALWAYS a no-no!).90 - . unless you absolutely KNOW that the girl is a Trekky and a diehard Star Wars fan. Geeky and dorky things: Okay. Naturally. and I hardly had to talk about anything at all. which I’ll get to below. so she complied. If you have to explain a joke—it’s not funny! 4. full of suspense. Politics is just a no-win situation.respect a man with power and firmness. As relationship guru brilliantly says. When I gave her permission to open them (a light slap if I caught her peeking). ESPECIALLY since you never know exactly what her background is. Hey. ALWAYS. who did she but. or what’s the craziest thing she’s ever done in her life—with a bit of innuendo added into your voice. Inside jokes are just that—inside jokes. there’s nothing wrong with sexual innuendo—it’s actually a great way of moving things on—but making jokes about women and anatomy is NOT gonna win you any points. 5 topics to avoid include: 1. and get excited thinking about it. video games. I love Chris Rock’s jokes. she laughed out loud. or about how great sex was with your last partner (ALWAYS..) All by talking about little more than a Pez Dispenser. Even if you two actually agree politically. or anything else that attracts . sex. Don’t even bother. Let’s talk first about offensive humor—or anything offensive for that matter. “TALKING about sex is the first step towards having it. but sexual innuendo is GREAT. and I got invited to her apartment. The rest of the date was smooth-sailing. Last but not least. there are better things to talk about. Now. . No. Most girls get pretty offended when you bring racial and sexual jokes into a conversation. A Princess Leia Pez dispenser. They’re between you and some friends. but I would NEVER talk about them when I’m first meeting a girl. It was a great surprise. so keep it there. Three easy emotions. I’ve talked to girls who looked Italian but were actually half-black. 7. Yeah. She’ll know what you mean.” Ask her if she’s a bad girl. but it’s also an easy way to lose her favor. just that some make-believe "guest" was coming to dinner. It’s just a no-no. and made her laugh. comic books. you can say that the date was a success. It’s an easy topic to fall back on if you have nothing to say. The same goes for racist humor. You DON’T want to offend those girls! 2. don’t bring up ANYTHING that has to do with science fiction.. you don’t want to talk directly about how much you love it. the chances of you getting into an argument that goes nowhere is just too high. 3.

And I know. and get the cue that there are better things to talk about. So they will try to test you by asking you about your past relationships. with something like. and talking about these subjects—even if you’re a huge fan—does nothing but bury your status. but we were just not meant to be together.” Simple. it signifies his ability to provide for her offspring. and present yourself right. When a man is well dressed. she will! ." "Evolutionary theorists tell us that. clothes "dramatically influence a Potential Love Partner's perception of you"--and why not? As dating is like marketing. or to say. Dress as if your dream woman could show up when you least expect it--because. but it's true. The risk of coming across as whiny and bitter are just too high. your grooming. it can be an easy topic to talk about. It may not seem fair. your nails. So treat yourself like a product.91 - • • . your hair. your "clothes" are your packaging--and we all know that packaging influences whether we buy or not. precise. As Lowndes writes. the higher his marks were in all six categories-including one-night nookie. But the truth is. "Should I or shouldn't I?". which will put her in her place. "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You" You are what you wear--at least in the dating world.geeks and nerds. Sex and relationships are two things girls ALWAYS have time to talk about it. Why? Because women rate what a man wears a lot higher than a man rates what a woman wears.. The best thing to say is to either tease her. I wish her the best. honest." -Leslie Lowndes. your friendliness--that's what scores. you have MUCH better things to talk about—or to listen to HER talk about. usually. And that’s a winner’s game! 3. Even when she's wondering. She’ll respect you more for those things. 5.. your makeup. While you may not want to wear a $900 Armani suit out. how you carry yourself. "Men's hunting gear is far more important to make the kill than a woman's is. “I have nothing against my past girlfriend. • • What are the "right" clothes? "What it does mean is whenever you step out the door. a woman subconsciously listens to her genes. Past girlfriends and lovers—NEVER a good subject to talk about. but it was time to move on." "With men. step out dressed to kill. You always want to communicate higher status than a girl. Presentation "The better dressed a man was.your Quarry. studies show that it would help your cause. you only have yourself to blame. even when considering a quickie. how well you could care for her and her unborn children is in the back of her mind." says Lowndes." If you're dressed like a slob and don't meet women. “Why? Are you jealous?”.

and there's no limit to how well your night can go... That makes YOU irresistible! Recommended Resources • "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. Here's a checklist that you want to be able to answer right at the end of every date: • • • • • • • Did you dress to impress?. you may even have a happy ending.." by Ariel & Shya Kane • "The Real Rules" .or did you talk only about yourself? Did you avoid dangerous topics of conversation. Build a rapport..or predictable and stale? Did your date location create the ideal emotions you want your date to associate with YOU? If you can answer YES to all these questions.." by Leil Lowndes • "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work. How to Close the Evening Ultimately.. such as politics and offensive humor? Did you initiate physical touch. how well your night goes depends on the EMOTIONS you burn into your date's mind.92 - .. you’re destined for success.or did you dress like you just got out of bed Did you build a rapport?. Hey.or did you struggle for conversation? Did you ask questions and listen to your date. or back away from any physical engagement? Was your date unpredictable and interesting.4.. take her on a wild ride.

he weakens himself...93 - .If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose. • • • • QUICK FACT: 95% of guys let their relationships go way longer than they're happy with! They fear breaking a girl's heart. disserves the universe." Remember that only you have the power to find happiness. or losing the security of having a girlfriend. our goal today is to decide if the Woman is right for you or not. Missed opportunities with girls who better fit your path.. and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer her full. Whatever the reason.don't ever think that a life devoid of your girlfriend means no happiness. "Your enemies ARE Insecurity and Neediness. you're tired of bickering. That means you have to think about your life purpose first.. or perhaps you just don't trust her. Not being selfish. Never let a break-up or a bad relationship lower your lifestyle.DECISION POINT #5: AM I CONTENT WITH THE RELATIONSHIP I AM IN? 1. you don't want her to drag down your life. you have to ask yourself these 10 questions in order to decide if a break-up is right for you: • Am I staying with your girlfriend ONLY because I feel I can't imagine a life without her? As David DeAngelo says in his Double Your Dating book. alpha kind of guy.Or Break Up? GOAL: To determine whether the girl you are with is worth staying with. Debora Phillips "Your purpose must come before your relationship. but you get to the point when you feel it isn't right. undivided presence. Fighting. Make Up. But what results? Misery. When it comes to a relationship gone stale.. you have to be a stand-up. They are like hemlock and arsenic--either will kill your attraction when dealing with woman." -David Deida. or never getting another girlfriend again. If you've reached that point in the relationship when you feel like your existence and happiness are solely dependent on having . or worth moving on from." by Dr. She doesn't do it for you. just looking out for yourself. Because if she's not. The Way of the Superior Man With that said. POWER RESOURCE "How to Fall Out of Love: How to Free Yourself of Love That Hurts-And Find the Love That Heals.. So you've been dating your girlfriend.

Is my girlfriend part of my CHOICE? Is she less than ideal. are the ones who empower people. empower your choice. If the thought of spending another year with this girl drives you mental. in fact.. Relationships are YOUR choice: YOU determine who you want to date. Give a person the reward of independence and he will be your friend forever. if you say . while a benevolent gesture. Girlfriends are not just lovers. If you decided you want an intelligent. But this philosophy is completely off-the-mark. did someone set me up with her and I feel bad to admit that it didn't work? This is why blind dates and arranged relationships are so bad. she's not a friend. Am I with a girl through someone else's choice? That is. You're not doing your girlfriend any favors by making her dependent on you. Ever notice that? The men with the biggest aura. let them know what you're looking for. or close to what I want? Am I settling? If you're settling for a girl. drop her. If someone doesn't support and encourage your purpose. The Way of the Superior Man • Does the though of my girlfriend being in my future make me happy? If thinking of her makes you happy. Does she embrace my purpose. Make the relationship about who YOU want. not about what OTHER PEOPLE want. You feel you OWE IT to the people who set you up with the girl to make the relationship work. Don't stick with a girl out of fear that you won't get another one. The ones who make them feel better about themselves. give it up. they're FRIENDS. Letting other people set you up. stay with her. you're settling for failure. but move on to a new girlfriend. and very unhealthy for both of you. Am I staying with my girlfriend only out of sympathy out of fear? Sometimes a girlfriend threatens to kill herself if he leaves her.. This is just as bad. mend the relationship and make up.• • • • this girlfriend. The sex may be great. or try to detract me? If your purpose is to travel around the world and your girlfriend makes a fuss every time you want to travel somewhere. When you let people set you up with a girl. but is it worth it? Keep her as a booty call if you must." -David Deida. she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose. the biggest favor you can do is to make people INDEPENDENT of you. Remember Lesson 6 of Decision Point 1: If you tell yourself AFFIRMATIONS. career-driven woman but are dating a bimbo blonde who just wants to spend your money. and move on. or even threatens him if he breaks up. Expound your preferences.fix yourself up.94 - . Move on. then it’s best to end the relationship now. "Although she would never admit it. Does my girlfriend fit into my LIFE PURPOSE? That is. the biggest charisma. won't work if you're forced into a relationship with someone who doesn't fit into your path.

"I am attractive to girls and I will get girlfriends. or does she depend on me? While love is about building each other up. Do I depend on the girl. If you want someone else. and you don't have enough. He went from being insecure and afraid to go in public. They really. go find him. a relationship doesn't exist with trust. If commitment and honesty are important to you (and you're committed and loyal back!) let her know that. If you can't trust that your girlfriend will be faithful to you. feels so much love from his girl that he has no problem going out in Speedos and tank tops! Suuure. to comfortable in himself and not afraid to show people who he is. and a really fat guy. neither can she expect that of you. nobody's perfect. It doesn't help your girlfriend. but then. You can't expect your girlfriend to be perfect. probably THE most important one. any favors. With that said. the fat guy. and it doesn't help you. because he doesn't have her negative vibes telling him he's not good enough. Do I or my girlfriend always call to see where the other is? Is there trust? As you will learn in the upcoming lessons of Decision Point 6. It's important in any relationship to be honest and communicate with each other. then you'll also speak that into being. A solid relationship is one in which both partners feel good about THEMSELVES while being with each other. then move on. Both of them could be self-conscious." Well.• • • • something like. truly love each other for who each other is. is a serious condition that needs to be fixed. "I can only be me. or doesn't love what she has. I have a friend whose girlfriend always asked him why he couldn't be someone else? Why couldn't he be taller? Why couldn't he wear nicer clothes? Why couldn't he play music? Finally this guy said. Logan. I'm not good enough." then you know what? You'll get what you speak into being. but needing one another. I know this one couple that's a really skinny girl. not being able to exist with one another. this isn't too attractive to guys like me. but it's attractive to Logan's wife. and she has to accept that. show her your power. Now I ask you: does your girlfriend help make YOU feel comfortable with who you are? If she tells you to be someone else. If you are relying exclusively on your girlfriend for happiness. the next big question is: Does my girlfriend give me the chance to be myself? This is huge.95 - . If you can't tell her how you feel. she has too much power. he found a girl . Does your girl allow you to be comfortable in your own skin? To be yourself? Or does she want you to be someone else? Does she complain about who you are? Hey. and that's all that matters. if you're always telling yourself. Consider the power of words in your fate. You can both love each other. "I can't get another girlfriend. Remember the lessons learned from Identity: Only YOU can determine your happiness. Instead. then she's probably not right for you. being needy and dependent on others for happiness does not do anyone. Conversely. He's been really happy since. but they're not." and broke up.

96 - .comes around. she probably won't take you back. at least be honest with your girlfriend and tell her you're not ready for commitment.. he might decide to end his relationship with her. Even though I urge you to be faithful to your girlfriend.." Then they find out that they don't get any girls. if she cannot or will not open in love. Harville A. and be selfish. some guys can't handle that. and you can enjoy being with as many women as you want." -David Deida.then that's the way the world is going to treat you back.• who loves him for who he is. Show them love. If all you do is take. They want to explore other girls. but he should serve her and love her with every ounce of his skill and perseverance." by Leil Lowndes • "The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love. though: Lots of guys leave girlfriends thinking they can "upgrade. If so. Debora Phillips • "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You." by Dr.. The Way of the Superior Man Recommended Resources • "How to Fall Out of Love: How to Free Yourself of Love That HurtsAnd Find the Love That Heals. So be honest and faithful. as well. cheat. Am I committed to commitment? This is also a big one. What goes around. and you'll get it back. harboring no anger or resentment.. You won't regret it. and run back to their old girlfriend with their tail between their legs. There are plenty of girls out there who are full of love.and is happy with who he isn't.. QUOTABLE QUOTE "A man shouldn't tolerate bitchy and complaining moodiness in his woman. Susan Jeffers • "Keep the Love You Find. Then. Hendrix • "Working on Your Relationship Doesn't Work." by David Deida . because he knows he has done everything he could. And you'll be left in the cold. Be careful. Remember this: You get what you give. Finally." by Ariel and Shya Kane • "The Way of the Superior Man.." by Dr. Problem is. Then at least she can move on to a guy who is." by Dr.

Furthermore. it’ll increase your confidence immeasurably. it's not really for physical reasons. if you listen well. Women LOVE this. and silence IS dominance. SUBMISSIVE. to assert your control. making a person wait for your response gives you SO much control. It's because they feel their mate doesn't understand them. Listening Skills GOAL: Learning the value of listening towards building a better relationship An old proverb goes. Just a second or two extra pause can make a person nervous. silence by wisdom. you accomplish all three duties--understanding. fearful. It's the power of suspense. answering our phone on the person anxiously gives UP control. They love a guy who shows dominance. it's subtly saying that you're more important and you'll do things in your own time.97 - • • • • • . Practice what Xuma calls "vocal celibacy. "The next time a woman asks you a question. Fortunately. "Talking comes by nature. so the women will remember you. author of "Dating Dynamics." Ever wonder why women cheat? Unlike men. doesn't love them.DECISION POINT #6: HOW DO I DEVELOP THE RELATIONSHIP? 1. But it also helps when you are in a relationship. YOU ARE THE BOSS." explains that "Not answering is gaining control.” Vocal celibacy is especially useful for attracting women when you are single." So. don't rush to answer or comment. and caring--in one shot! • • • There's a certain power in not talking. Make a person wait for your response. loving. She’ll try to make you feel uncomfortable…if you can handle that. doesn't care. as if you've seriously given thought. Make them sweat a little--this makes you different than most people." He says. while firmly looking her in the eye. and you send a subtle message that women can read loud and clear: YOU'RE IN CONTROL. Carlos Xuma. . pause. PAUSE for a little bit…Keep pushing the limit until you can not answer the question at all. It's for EMOTIONAL ones.

Here are five great ways to show your lover you're interested in her--even if you're not! 1 Nodding. "I can't believe that girl did that! How do you work with her?!?" Guaranteed to make your woman love you. For example. 5-Don't be quick to respond with "I know what you mean" or "Yeah. and your love. It WORKS. "yeah". this will KNOCK HER SOCKS OFF and just up your attraction meters to unseen heights. Questions are great for showing you're interested. but that doesn't mean she cares. how do you use listening for love? You have to actively show you're listening. guaranteed. and "Oh.. Make sure you're looking at her as you do this. Asking your girl simple things like "Really?". Just a simple "uh-huh".. and use it when you're first getting to know your date or girlfriend. if your girl is talking about how much she hates another woman at work--something that's SURE to come up--then you can say.. then told something that's a mirror of what she just said. that you care. Don't be quick to reply.. It's an awesome way to show that you're paying attention. Repeat back something she told you earlier in the conversation. "Are you kidding". One killer method is to repeat back what she just said--and with amazement in your voice. the same happened to me. Guys. and that you love her--all in one. She'll love for you for that. 3 Assertions. okay" are great for letting your woman know you're listening.98 - . so pausing and listening give you power. Nodding while facing the TV does NOT count! 2 Questions. Now. but that you were listening the whole time! She will absolutely love you for this. through the spoken and body language. I was just amazed by that story you told me about wanting to be a doctor.Okay. and "What happened then?" show that you're into her story." You may have a similar story or experience to the one the girl is describing. 4-Repetition. She'll never cheat on you.will blossom! Recommended Resources . though. Just show empathy or interest before sharing a similar story. will make a girl’s blood turn hotter than fire. She'd rather be heard and understood.or she'll be quick to move on! And the all-time best listening technique: 6. Not only do you show you are listening now. Yeah. simple nodding shows that you're paying attention to your woman. Saying something like. and want to know more. Use it in a relationship. “You know.” or whatever.

by Barbara and Allan Pease The Anatomy of Love.99 - . by Dr. by Leil Lowndes Why Men Don't Have a Clue. and Women Need More Shoes. by Barbara and Allan Pease Keeping the Love You Find. Hendrix Emotional Intelligence. by Daniel Goleman .Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps. Harville A. by Helen Fisher How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You.

greater love. and you might just find your bond increase. some quality time with your partner--then there's nothing to stop you from enjoying one another for years to come." This is a great opportunity to talk with your girlfriend or wife. Gifts 4. Some women enjoy a man doing things for her. Graham Chapman's "The Five Love Languages".2.html • Take the 30 second quiz on this website to see what love language or love languages you and your partner "speak. Love Languages GOAL: To understand what love languages are. they are "multi-lingual". Acts of Service 2. This lesson isn't just about how to love your partner. Sounds good? Listen on. And so is your lover. Words of Praise 3. If you can successfully "speak" your girlfriend's or wife's love language(s). Many people have a combination of love languages. Quality Time EXERCISE • It's not always easy to know exactly love language your girlfriend practices. While some people feel loved most when they get presents or are touched. Remember. Chapman. The five love languages. love goes both ways. not handing over gifts: just doing a simple service. as described by Dr. just by taking the time to state what matters to each of you most. you're missing out. and increased happiness for both of you. and how you can use them to increase the love in your relationship to unseen heights. but how to get your partner to love you. Let's look at each of these love languages in detail: 1 Acts of Service. a gift here and there.com/30sec.100 - . you'll be on the way to fewer problems. others require words of praise. or acts of service (such as cleaning the house for your lover). so to speak. If you're honest with each other about what your NEEDS are--words of praise. Physical Touch 5. are: 1.fivelovelanguages. The book explains that people have different "love styles". and your problems decrease. Not buying things. such as . If you haven't read Dr. but there's a quick way you can find out: http://www.

go to a concert together. tell her you *need* her. It doesn't have to be boring. not quantity of time. No matter what. Sometimes it's not enough to buy gifts or have the occasional sex. If this also means she needs lots of sex. . or simply explaining how much she means to you. they need to know you're there. some women love gifts. But does this mean you have to sacrifice your time with the boys watching football or playing some hoops? Hell no! It's much more important to women to spend one good hour together than have you spend five hours in which you'd rather be ANYWHERE else. a surprise bouquet of flowers at work. have a nice dinner out. Hey. Women need to have you AROUND. Surprise is a great element here. but it goes a long way towards establishing and reclaiming love in your relationship. Believe me. 3 Gifts.” or “That painting you made is really awesome. this is time you spend with your girlfriend or wife. By saying the words. This is when you should tell a girl. one full day or night together will go a loooong towards bringing back the love in your relationship.. This is all about your PRESENCE. It just has to be time that you show you enjoy being around her. To make her feel NEEDED. "I need you". there are such women who do feel valued by having their partner make love to them. a ring on her pillow. Do something fun that you can both enjoy: go to a theme park. Some women need physical contact to feel loved. A few good hours getting to know each other and doing things together has been shown to raise the level of intimacy like nothing else. consider yourself a lucky man! And believe me.. This doesn't mean buying her a new car or a Tiffany watch. Who knows? Maybe you'll find you prefer spending time with your partner to going out with the boys. “I really like the way you’ve done your hair. you're going to bring untold of happiness to your girl. Girls love to be needed. EXERCISE One way I suggest you show this love language is by setting at least one night that you spend together.2 Words of Praise. Telling her how you couldn't imagine a life without her is an amazing way of making her feel better. in a related topic. a surprise 4-Physical Touch. Many women have quality time as their language of love.” Simple stuff.and loving you more. and LOVE all in one. Some girls just need to be told that they’re doing a good job.or making it soar to levels it's never been before.. security.101 - . • • • • Finally. just showing you care with the occasional physical present. 5-Quality Time. It's all about quality time. It's a commitment. if you really want to show a woman your love.. it's validation.

she'll be so happy that she'll let you spend all the time you want with the boys..all because you made her day.html ." by Gary Chapman http://www. You may not even have to spend so much quality time with her..fivelovelanguages.• • You'll be amazed by the change in her attitude. doing great things for you.com/30sec. now! Recommended Resources "The Five Love Languages.102 - . tell your girl you need her. buying you presents. So guys. Don't be surprised if she starts serving you meals.

of course. you should certainly act on it. So a truly loving person looks out for his partner. but not by meekly stating your objections. that you should be shouting at each other every time you find something wrong with the other. When Mack gets drunk. There are no conditions for their love. it often leads to the opposite. or who loves country when you love rock ‘n roll. In fact.3. Not by shouting. and Training Yourself in the Skills of Relationships Do what you can to change the behaviors and character defenses that are keeping you from keeping the love you find. In fact. Even though she loves him. when she’s too weak to look out for herself. 3. But always suspecting someone of doing bad things does NOT lead to trust. which is… 3-Looking Out For Your Partner Sometimes your partner has traits that aren’t good for anyone. At the same time. But he also respects that change is not easy. intimacy. either. but strong couples accept EVERYTHING about the person. Hendrix's Four Steps to Keeping the Love You Find: 1. You have to state your complaints firmly. and doesn’t expect instant transformation. This doesn’t mean. including himself. 4. she’ll respect your opinions and emotions. But trust comes with time. that doesn’t mean she has to let Mack continue to hurt himself by constantly drinking. If she’s worth your time. You have to be honest with your partner in how you feel. I’ve got a cousin whose husband. they just deal with who they are. 2-Loving Every Part of Your Partner It may not be easy loving someone who has the opposite political views.103 - . Mack. and other relationship skills Required Skills for Any Relationship to Work: 1-Being Honest With Each Other. One of my female friends was . Educating Yourself About Relationships Educating Yourself About Yourself. one of the most difficult skills is telling your partner in the RIGHT WAY. GOAL: Building a relationship up by developing trust. If you have a reason to be suspicious of infidelity. Finding the balance requires true skill that comes with time. but also respectfully. is a vehement drinker. Relationship Skills Dr. A solid relationship doesn’t exist without trust. he’s a danger to everyone. there’s skill #3. 2. Likewise. That’s a winner’s game! 4-Showing Trust In Each Other. you have to respect hers.

How has he or she wronged you? Then determine the seriousness of the offense. that you do not accept her behavior. Gary Chapman We can process our anger in a productive manner.. Here are five steps for moving from anger to positive. Consciously acknowledge to yourself that you are angry. Analyze your options. honestly but gently. His attitude has become one of wanting to escape women and the world. You have set the stage for applying reason to your anger. A man shouldn't tolerate bitchy and complaining moodiness in his woman. if she is actually screwing around behind your back. identify the person’s sin. You weren't put together just for love. Say the words out loud. You are SOUL PARTNERS and are meant to help each other grow. by Dr. Conflict Resolution: Finding Hope in Anger's Clothing. it is a sign of WEAKNESS. Avoid the common but destructive responses: verbal or physical venting. Locate the focus of your anger.always loyal to her boyfriend.When a man resigns. loving action. Restrain your immediate response. If the person has truly wronged you. Some wrongs are minor and some are major. YOU’RE the victim. but he never believed her. That way. "Bloom her into fullness. Sometimes that means not tolerating your partner's irritable behavior and telling her. “I am angry about this! Now what am I going to do?” Such a statement makes you aware of your own anger and also helps you recognize both your anger and the action you are going to take. locate it. but he should serve her and love her with every ounce of his skill and perseverance. . and simply tolerates his woman's self-destructive moods. The Way of the Superior Man Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. you’re in the clear. What words or actions by the other person have made you experience anger? Whatever the cause of your anger. The two most constructive options are to lovingly confront the person or to consciously decide to overlook the matter.104 - . withdrawal and silence. or their opposite. rather than wanting to serve women and the world into love. Screw it! I might as well cheat on him. So the constant accusations actually led her to finally say. The response should be positive and loving." -David Deida. 5-Building Each Other Up. Knowing its seriousness should affect your response.

but feelings should not dictate your actions. while not easy. Many have found that in less than a month. do so gently." Forgiveness. and there is no forgiveness without love. Harville A. do so. Here Dr. unconditional love for more than a year." Dr. Listen to any explanation. Nothing your mate does can stop your love as long as you choose to love. by Dr. Hendrix Why Men Don't Listen. is necessary. Such acceptance can be a positive step in your own emotional growth. it can give you a different perspective on the person’s actions and intentions. Chapman's "Six First steps to a new beginning (from newlyweds to empty-nesters) Having confessed your failures and accepted God’s forgiveness. by Dr. Feelings may change because of your actions. ask your partner to forgive you. McGill wisely quoted: "There is no love without forgiveness. no matter how you feel.105 - .com . If the person admits that what he or she did was wrong and asks you to forgive. and Women Can't Read Maps. Perhaps you could begin with a compliment each day for the next week. Choose to love your mate. "If you choose to lovingly confront the person who has wronged you. Why stop when love is your greatest weapon for good and growth? Consider the possibility of accepting in your mate some imperfection that has irritated you for years. love has begotten love. Express love to your mate by word or action once each day for the next month. As Bryant H. Forget about your feelings. Chapman writes. Do not allow your mate’s reaction to stifle your love. Few individuals can resist genuine. be sure to tell your mate. by Les & Leslie Parrott The Five Love Languages. and their whole marriage has been turned around.Take constructive action. Gary Chapman Save My Marriage Today: http://www. Why not start today? Make this the greatest year of your marriage.savemymarriagetoday. GREAT RESOURCES FOR RELATIONSHIP SKILLS: Keeping the Love You Find. You do not have to feel anything to love your spouse. If you decide to accept it. by Barbara and Allen Pease Save Your Marriage Before It Starts.

a regular guy who for the longest time. by Daniel Goleman Wait! There’s More Great Resources for You from Triple 0 Relationships. and YOU’RE the one in control. even if she was cold to him at first! Frustrated but determined..com! After you’ve thoroughly explored the resources in the Members Area. educated regular guy . Several years ago. no matter what the cost. It’s especially effective for picking up beautiful women. by Barbara and Allan Pease Emotional Intelligence. He sought out the few guys he knew who were unbelievably successful with . then this book is for you.The Anatomy of Love. by Helen Fisher How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. He read everything he could find about women and dating. Author David DeAngelo didn’t start out knowing this tips. like so many others. you’ll find that women can’t get enough of you. you’re a challenge. If you want to learn how to be a player and turn the tables on women who play mind games (and get them intrigued and fascinated by you instead!). he made the decision in his life to do whatever it takes to get this whole “dating” thing down. Here are two of the best online books that I’d recommend to learn more.106 - . there was no quality information available for guys like him who wanted simple yet effective techniques for sparking a woman’s interest from the start and getting her to actually come onto him . As a result.. by Leil Lowndes Why Men Don't Have a Clue. you may find that you like more information.. But he’s a smart. couldn’t figure out why he didn’t have the success with women he wanted. and was disappointed to discover that for the most part. David decided to go straight to the source. Recommended Reading: Double Your Dating By David DeAngelo I’ve discovered a great book called “Double Your Dating” by David DeAngelo. who play games better than anyone else.. and Women Need More Shoes. Once you’ve read this book. you’ll know exactly what to do to show these women that you’re not like other guys out there who give them everything you want.

no matter where you’re at in the dating game. There are simple things that you can do to separate yourself from 99% of the other guys out there. and David spells them out for you in plain English. More importantly. It took some time. the guys in high school that you never stopped hearing about.com/doubleyourdating/ . he explains how to develop the traits in yourself that drive women wild. and soon “Double Your Dating” was born. The techniques in the book are practical and easy to use. “Double Your Dating” is an absolute must read for any man. and why you don’t have to be a bad boy or a jerk to be successful with women. He was surprised to find that many of these guys weren’t rich or handsome. and after hanging out with these guys for a while. getting their phone numbers and email addresses. sure enough. Once you know it and master it. several of them were down right broke and ugly! But they definitely had some kind of “power” that other guys didn’t. and how to take things to a “physical” level smoothly and easily.95 via my exclusive link for 000Relationships. but before long David himself was getting women like crazy. inexpensive and cheap date ideas. and sat down and picked their brains for every last piece of information he could dig up. You know. If you want to be a player and drive women wild. Women won’t be able to understand why it’s so effective! David has finally unraveled the “bad boy” mystery and explains exactly why some guys “get all the chicks”.com members! http://www. In his book. you can attract any woman you want. He asked around and found more and more of these naturals. Claim your copy of “Double Your Dating” for only $19.000relationships. David started to figure out exactly what it was. His friends begged him to let them in on his secret. You can start using what you learn right away. David explains his step-by-step process for meeting and attracting women.women. then the techniques in this book are for you. it worked for them too! David had put together a complete system for meeting and dating women that any guy could use. They convinced him that he had to write a book.107 - . There is nothing you will have to memorize or study. any time you want. He covers specific strategies and techniques for starting conversations with women. by using the same mind games that women use on you. And. In fact.

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