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Minor Report

Minor Report

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Published by: aakashgupta on Mar 24, 2009
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In our project we have studied the control of traffic in
accordance to the mass density of the traffic. The population of
Chandigarh has increased 3 times since 1971 and reached the
amounts of 9,00,914 (according to 2001 census), while the
number of vehicles shot up by 42 times during these 30 years.
According to the survey done by Tribune news Service on
August 19, 2000, the average number of vehicles in Chandigarh
is 6000 per lakh of population i.e. 6%.

According to Times of India, the number of vehicular in the city
is whizzing ahead at full throttle. From a modest 940 vehicles in
different categories in 1967, the figure has today zoomed to
over 5.52 lakh, with a total of 29,437 vehicles being added in
According to latest figures put together by the Registering and
Licensing Authority (RLA), the count of vehicles registered in
the city currently stands at 5,52,260. Fragmenting these
figures, the city has 3.95 lakh two-wheelers, 1.46 lakh cars and
jeeps, and about 11,000 vehicles in other categories.

A major impact of the same can be seen on the most frequently
used roads. As thousands of people ply to the city daily from
the satellite towns of Mohali (in Punjab) and Panchkula (in
Haryana), the city roads are virtually bursting at the seams
during the peak office hours. According to Tribune on January
12, heavy density of traffic is seen on the four main roads of
Chandigarh — Madhya Marg, Lok Path, Himalaya Marg and
Udyog Path.About 83,000 vehicles cross the Madhya Marg (the
road from the PGI to Panchkula) daily. While, at least 54,757
vehicles cross Lok Path daily, Himalaya Marg has a daily rush of
64,521 vehicles. 52,231 vehicles cross Udyog Path every day.
These roads see such a high inflow of traffic because they link
the different sections of the city to the commercial hubs of the

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