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time resources

by. dedysuhaimi in a variety of activities all of the time people do not miss it. the size of the time required by a person in an activity depends on many things, including the complexity of the activities will be, are and have done it.

no work because of its complexity (well done by the individual and many people (and that was coordinated impromptu / incidental) take some time to complete (so no activity for a deferred settlement factor on the activities referred to), and there are also activities that do not take much time to complete.

any activity in the settlement timing is important keyword should be a handbook for principals' activities, especially activities which will, is and has been implemented in which there is capital and profits. the longer it is used, the greater the capital cost and the impact of further gains to be, being and been accepted will be smaller because of the capital invested in the activities referred to the longer asleep (does not rotate).

a useless waste of time on an activity often occurs, it is due to many factors (internal factors (careless / negligent and lazy) external factors (nature and the environment (the work environment and the social environment surrounding activities), including the "always a moratorium on activities" . the greater the activity of these factors lead the perpetrator, the greater the losses that will be caused by it.

timing in running an activity should be conducted, why say so, because time always goes forward and never backward time, so if the timing was not planned carefully it can be ascertained if any, will arise as a result of it.

in a conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional nature of the gain-ngulur time an illness that almost diidap by each offender activity. This disease should slowly eroded in every offender activities, the most efficacious remedy of the disease is a strong will from within the offender activities.

"for the period / time of real humans in adverse conditions." This is the warning given in the Qur'an ALLAH tells us that the importance of timing in each time carrying out activities. that the utilization of appropriate time and on target required a mechanism to carry out an activity referred to hereinafter by the author "resource time" (the ability of a person to maximize and optimize the use of time so that time can be used effectively and efficiently).