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Stick Diagrams

They are used as an intermediary step between schematic(Transister level) and layout. Stick diagram uses different lines, colors and geometrical shapes to present circuit nodes, devices, and their relative location. Stick diagram doesnt include information about the accurate coordinates and sizes of device, the length and width of conductors and the real size of well region. They can save a lot of time in transistor placement and device minimization .

Coloured Stick Diagram Notation

Silicon layers are typically colour coded as follows :

N diffusion polysilicon (gate electrode) metal ( interconnect) contact windows P Diffusion This colour representation is used during mask layer definition Translation from circuit format to a mask layout (and vice-versa) is relatively straightforward

Stick Diagram
When a metal line needs to be connected to one of the other three conductors, a contact cut (via) is required.


Stick Diagrams

Stick Diagrams
N+ N+