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A poem about the pointlessness of war whether the cause be religion or politics. Governments always work the patriotism scam on us but is there really anything noble about dying for one's country, flag or religion? There is only one justification for war and that is the spontaneous rebellion by the people against oppression and tyranny. - Ian R Thorpe

Above the land bold flags are rising, Old men speak, their words despising Enemies beyond the shore. From dawn 'til sunset fanfares ringing Echo sounds of children singing Songs of glory, songs of war From city, town, village and valley, Ardent for victory young men rally To defend their nation's cause, Marching to their fields of glory To repeat the age old story And sing again the songs of war

Distant sounds of warplanes bringing Payload of death from far lands winging Filling minds with fear and wonder. Far from conflict and the slaying In churches wives and mothers praying Their lives will not be torn asunder Far from home the armies muster Inspired by some general's bluster Right is theirs, they must prevail. And they march, so many heroes, caught up in this mad bolero, towards the batteries vicious hail. Across the country cries of mourning Widows, orphans, victory scorning, Lament the men who sing no more From the debris of destruction, Flourishing among corruption and suffering spring the seeds of war In young hearts old hatreds nurtured, Carried on to flower in the future. Retold forever in tones of awe, Legends of warlords whose endeavour clothes in such patriotic fervour evil that fuels songs of war. Copyright 2003 : Ian Thorpe

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