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Colibia, Bistria-Nsud

14.04.2013 09:22:43

Steam locomotive - Mocanita. Vaser Valley. Maramures.

Iadolina Falls, Stana de Vale, Bihor County. Behind the rocks is my favorite place in Romania. ;)

Red Steep, Sebes, Alba County

Saint Ana Lake is the only lake of volcanic origin in Europe, situated at an altitude of 946 meters in the massif Ciumatul Mare, near Tusnad. The Lake was born on the bottom of an extinct volcano crater called Ciomatu out of the volcanic massif Puciosu

Vidraru Dam - Arges County

Yes. In Romania. Gura Portitei Beach, an alternative to Vama Veche, between Delta and the sea. One of the first holiday village in Romania, confirmed on maps since 1710.

The Negoveanu Lake (Cindrel Mountains - Sebes)

Glcescu Lake, glacial lake, located in Parang Mountains of Southern Carpathians. From here stems the Lotru River.

Bolboci Lake, Bucegi

Kite Garden - Salaj County

Rosia Montana. Apuseni Mountains

Leaota Mountains of Southern Carpathians

Balea Lake, Transfagarasan

Muddy Volcanoes - Buzu County

Danube Delta

Statue of Decebal on the Danube, at Cazane

Moeciu - a must see!

Retezat National Park. Shot

Bodi Lake, Mogosa. Near Baia Mare.

Thermal lake with water lilies and lotuses. Moneasa spa resort

The Orzei Gorge, Bucegi

The Lolaia Waterfall, Retezat

The Mures Valley, Galaoaia.

Tureni Gorge, Cluj County

Landscape around the Rsnov castle.

Merry Cemetery from Spna, Maramures

Mountain Spring Lake, also known as Bicaz Lake

The Turda Gorge, Cluj County

Country Side in Maramures