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Saravanan M (11BM60057) Krishna Mohan (11BM60066) Shiva Kumar P (11BM60103) Shashwath Rao (11BM60115)

What kind of info was the basis for CEOs decision about Tudor shoes?
A distinct shift in preference for heavy looking bold shoes Perceptions, attitudes and preferences of Indian urban consumers had undergone a sea change Work-place wasnt perceived as a dull, boring and no -nonsense place. Rather, it was perceived as a part of everyday life where one can be reasonably relaxed More importantly, the market share had declined by 10% in the last 2 years

Analyze the pros & cons of the decision

Change in the brand image from traditional to contemporary Change in price point High price which could be perceived as high quality

Consumers confused - Core brand values no longer existed Couldnt fulfill the needs of the target segment urban middle class No brand recall wasnt a part of the evoked set in consumers

Suggest an approach to change consumer perceptions & attitudes

Add benefits
Focus on light weight, easy to wear shoes (especially during summers) rather than directly compete with premium established brands

Linking products to existing favorable attitudes

Fun workplace == cool shoes
Brand extension A new line of cool shoes to be worn at work place

Change the criteria of evaluation

High price doesnt necessarily mean high quality educate consumers by highlighting this aspect in ads

Ad campaign to help Tudor establish a premium image

Comparative advertising

Place : XYZ Corporate office, Chennai

Plot: A brand conscious colleague who has heavy looking bold shoes on has a bad day right from the moment he leaves his place. The heat and the heavy bold shoes just add to his misery. Introducing the new product line from Tudor Classy light shoes, for a cool corporate look!