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Lecture Notes: What were the causes and effects of the breakdown of Medieval society?

Growth of Medieval Society, 500 1300 AD I. Two Sources of Power and Organization The Roman Catholic Church Feudalism

II. The Late Middle Ages Improvements in Farming

Increased Trade and Commerce

Growth of Towns and Population

III. Importance of the Church Religious Devotion Learning Crisis in the Late Middle Ages, 1300 1500 AD I. Climate Change and Famine The Little Ice Age Effects

II. Warfare The Hundred Years' War


III. The Spread of the Black Death

Causes Effects The Origins of the Renaissance I. Breakdown of Feudalism Castles and knights become obsolete Serfs gain independence Increased urbanization II. Revival of Learning Growth of Universities Interest in secular subjects grows Rediscovery of classical learning and culture

III. Prosperity of Italian City-States Crossroads of trade Wealthy merchants and bankers Patrons of art and architecture