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Appendix F GEN/105 Version 9

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Appendix F Academic Honesty Articles Worksheet
Resource: University Library Find at least two articles on the subject of academic honesty in the University Library. Complete the chart below.

Article 1 What keyword search did you use to find the article? In which database did you locate the article? What is the title of the article? academic honesty EBSCO Host

Article 2 academic honesty EBSCO Host

Honesty and Heroes: A Positive Psychology View of Heroism and Academic Staats, Sara Hupp, Julie M. Hagley, Anna M

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: A Zero Tolerance Professor and Student Registration Choices Levy, Elliott S. Rakovski, Carter C.

Who is the author or authors?

When was the article published? Was the article peer reviewed? Outline three major points the author made in the article.



No Academic honesty is underresearched in comparison to academic dishonesty. A low probability of punishment is reflected by few tried cases of academic misconduct. The authors consider heroes persons who are courageous, have empathic concern for others, and have a high degree of honesty.

Yes College and university faculty and administrators are responsible for constructing academic honesty policies and communicating them to students. This is often attempted through institutional honesty policies and university-wide honor codes. While these approaches have been widely researched, less attention has been given to the role of individual faculty members. The findings regarding different instructors

What did the author conclude in the article? What were the

According to figure 4 Heroes intended to cheat less

Appendix F GEN/105 Version 9 findings? in the future than did nonheroes. Others would cheat more than self, and there was a trend for nonheroes to see the greatest likelihood of others to cheat in the future. It simply tells me that I must have personal integrity when submitting my work. approaches toward academic dishonesty indicate that an intolerant policy will keep dishonest students away, but at a priceit will also detract many honest students. It tells me that I must comply with the academic honesty policies. Not only do my instructors have to communicate the policies they have to enforce them as well.

How does this article apply to your work as a student?