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constructed using round copper, silver or gold tubing or a combination of such metals as a shield hardline may have a center conductor that is constructed from either rigid or corrugated copper tubing dielectric in hard line may consist of polyethylene foam, air, or a pressurized gas such as nitrogen. 2. RADIATING: constructed with tuned slots cut into the shield slots are tuned to the specific RF wavelength of operation used in elevator shafts, US Navy Ships, underground transportation tunnels

3. TRIAXIAL CABLE: type of electrical cable similar to coaxial cable provides greater bandwidth and rejection of interference than coax The outer shield, which is earthed (grounded), protects the inner shield from electromagnetic interference from outside sources.
4.TWIN AXIAL CABLE: twinax is a balanced, twisted pair within a cylindrical shield It allows a nearly perfect differential signal which is both shielded and balanced to pass through

5.BI AXIAL CABLE: a two-conductor flat cable used as a transmission line to carry radio frequency (RF) signals It is constructed of two multistranded copper or copperclad steel wires Provides parallel line transmission