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Marquetta Strait April 08, 2013 EDUC: 422: Teaching Mathematics to Children Mrs.

Wright Observation of Physical Environment

Storage: The majority of the teachers equipment and materials were placed in storage cabinets or shelves. Materials and Resources: There were supplies for the students that were placed in designated areas. There were a variety of classroom supplies. o o o o o o o o o o o o Smart Board and microphone and microphone stand Crayons, markers, highlighters, and scissors Calculators Math manipulatives, such as counting blocks. (These are placed in the teachers storage and brought out when the teacher determines when they should be available.) Ipads Variety of literature in mathematics, such as Jon Scieszkas Math Curse. Balance beam Easel Word Wall Dictionaries 3 Computers There were not any math bulletin boards.

Displays and Bulletin Boards: The main displays are the banners and posters. The posters show a chart on decimals, an observation classification. The math bulletin board has the following information: -Math is universal. -Displays a chart comparing the students heights.

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Behavior Chart: Super Shark Level System o Exemplary o Awesome o Met o Average o Fair o Shaky o Thin Ice o Red Zone Ground rules for guided reading

Mr. Wingards Classroom Layout M. Files Strait|3 Smart Board

Stand I pads and calculators Stand

Teachers Desk



Recycle Bin Stand and Aquarium



Storage for Math Manipulatives