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Sample Lesson Plan for a 60 min. Class Year : ______________ Topic : Lesson: Spelling _______. Date: _________ .

Time Content Teachers Activities Learners (Activities) Answer question . . . . . .White or chalkboard Resources Remarks

3 min. . 2 min

Ask the learners Introduction to tell you problems due to poor spelling.

Tell the story about Myra and Listen all the problems actively she had due to her poor spelling. Tell the learners that today you will teach them spelling rules. Write the objectives on the board. 13 min. Spelling rules Explain spelling rules to the learners Ask them questions. 20 min. Activity Present a letter written by Myra. Divide into pairs and have them identify the misspelled words. When done have Work in pairs to identify the misspelled words in Myra's letter. Listen actively Take notes

Overhead transparencies

Remember to keep eye contact with them!

Handout (Copy of the letter)

them identify the errors. 20 min Share a spelling A flash-card technique with the learners to spelling help them technique remember the problem words. Give flash-cards to the learners and ask them to write down the difficult words. Then ask them to write 2 sentences using those words. The learners can keep the cards. Suggest they put them on the fridge! 2 min. Homework Ask the learners to write a story using the problem words. Be sure to say it is due the next class. At home write a story using the difficult words. Use the flash-cards to write down the difficult words. Write 2 sentences using those words. Flash-cards .

Write your lesson plan in a format that is easy to follow for you. Keep the lesson plan in front of you during the class. It will help you from been distracted while you present your lesson. Glance at it from time to time to check you haven't skipped an important point or give a handout to your learners.