Facility Layout

Dr. Everette S. Gardner, Jr.

Machine shop process layout Receiving Mills Raw matl. Assembly Grinders storage Large number of low volume products Drills Planers Inspection Finished goods storage Lathes Automatics Part A Part B Facility Layout 2 .

Product layout Receiving Raw matl. storage Fabrication line-part A Drill Mill Mill Fabrication line-part B Planer Lathe Finished goods storage Drill Grinder Mill Assembly line Automatic Small number of high volume products Facility Layout 3 .

Possible solutions to the process layout problem 6 Department problem has 6! or 720 possible solutions: A B C D E F I. Facility Layout 4 ..E. there are 720 different arrangements of the 6 departments on the 6 locations on the grid.

Possible solutions to the process layout problem (cont.628.43 x 10^18 3.800 1.31 x 10^12 2. depts. 10 15 20 50 Solutions 3.) Problem complexity grows exponentially: Nbr.04 x 10^64 Facility Layout 5 .

Solutions considered by Craft • N! solutions to problem with N depts. starting with each dept. Facility Layout 6 . • Craft considers only N(N-1) 2 pairs of exchanges.

68 Facility Layout 7 .Craft initial layout of furniture plant A D B E C F I G H J TOTAL COST = $2524.

68 Facility Layout 8 .Craft final layout A E C I G F B H J D TOTAL COST = $766.

Set up a precedence table. Compute required cycle time: C = (production time) / (required output in units) 3. Compute minimum cycle time: CMIN = time for longest task 4. Compute minimum number of stations: SMIN = (sum of all times) / C Facility Layout 9 .Synopsis of assembly line balancing 1. 2.

or no other tasks are feasible. Examples: (1) select tasks with longest operation times first or (2) select tasks with largest number of following tasks first 6.) 5. of stations x C) Facility Layout 10 7. Select rule by which tasks are assigned to work stations. 3.Synopsis of assembly line balancing (cont. Assign tasks to the first work station until the sum of the task times are equal to the cycle time. … until tasks are assigned. Repeat for stations 2. Evaluate the efficiency of the balance: E = (sum of all times) / (actual nbr. .

Use the largest number of following tasks rule to select tasks for work stations.Line balancing quiz 0.7 I 0.4 F 0. lunch break.5 C 1.1 E G 0.1 A 0. less a 40 min. Facility Layout 11 . Break ties with the longest operation time.4 B 1.8 H 0.3 J Balance this production line to achieve an output of 367 units per day.2 D 0. Available production time is 8 hrs.3 1.

Multiple solutions in line balancing 6 B 7 3 A C 5 4 F 5 H 5 D 2 E G Facility Layout 12 .

Multiple solutions in line balancing (cont.) Number of solutions 84 25 3 1 2 3 4 Facility Layout 5 6 7 13 Stations .

Volvo layouts Rotating round table with definite cycle time -facilitates teamwork Facility Layout 14 .

) Horseshoe conveyor sections to enable worker communications Facility Layout 15 .Volvo layouts (cont.

) Interim storage areas to separate line into definite supervisory groups Supervisor A Storage Supervisor B Facility Layout 16 .Volvo layouts (cont.

Volvo layouts (cont.) Machines grouped in banks of 3 so workers can exchange jobs and assist each other in set-up Facility Layout 17 .

Volvo continued E S E S S E S S S Connections of subassembly islands feed parts/components to end-assembly islands—each island functions as a separate team Facility Layout 18 .

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