Her breath smelt of peppermints she leaned over you on Mr Spark’s bed where she’d pinned you after creeping into the room as you made his bed her blue eyes peered into yours I want you take me to cinema she said sultrily you felt her tits pressing into your white shirt her hands either side of your head I’m kind of busy Sonia you said you can spare time take me to cinema she stated you tried to move but she’d pinned you well maybe at the end of the week you said you say that but you could be lying

she breathed peppermint invade your nose her red lipsticked lips opened and closed I promise you I will you said your body beginning to numb you promise? yes I promise she lifted up a little so you could breathe if you lie to me I will scream and say you throw me on bed for sex she said but I didn’t you said I know and you know but who they believe? she uttered softly you tried to ease her off but she pushed down harder promise me? yes you said what we go see? whatever you like she smiled

small white teeth showed anything I want? yes anything she moved off of you and sat on the edge of the bed as you got off the bed and brushed down your white coat and straightened your red tie and smoothed down the bedcover that’d become creased she sat looking at you her blonde hair pinned back with hair grips one leg crossed over the other a foot dangling the black shoe rising and falling where you take me? the Ritz cinema there’s a good film on you said is sex film?

no war film you muttered looking at her wondering if you could make the door before she jumped you again war film? she said is good? is sex in it? I guess so you said watching her foot dangling up and down good she said getting off the bed we go then at end of week? yes you said and she kissed your lips with her bruising lips of bright red.