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Revelations of Awareness, March 2013 Newsletter

Revelations of Awareness, March 2013 Newsletter

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Celebrating Our 42nd Year!

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Now After December 21, 2012 — Which World are YOU Moving Toward? Merging with the God Consciousness and Reviewing Your Lives -2 Fabric of Creation Ripped Apart? -5 The Nexus of Timelines -7 The Physical Body Is Re-forming Itself -8 Superseding the Physical World and the Law of “Do No Harm” -9 Dualism Versus the God Continuum -10 What Happened to the Vortexes? -11 Instant Awareness of What Is at 5D Level -13 There Is Only the Instant of Now -13 Is There a Fast Track to Ascension? -14 You Are All Eternal Beings -14 Point of Power is in Eternal Now -15 Changing the Frequency of Your Mind -16 Nibiru and the Higher Cosmic Plan -17 Alcyone, the Central Sun -18 All Points of Consciousness Important -19 The Mystery of the 13th Skull -19 Shamballa Does Exist -20 Hidden Library below the Sphinx -21 We Are Now in the Interim Period -22 Negativity and Looking Within -23 Infinite Timelines Are Available -24 Veil of Forgetfulness and Ignorance -25 There Are No Accidents! -25 New Soul Embryo Developing Now -26 The Importance of Art and Music -26 Proper Nutrition and Organic Food -27 The Importance of Rest and Relaxation -28 HOPE: High Optimism Presents Evidence –29

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CAC Reading. January 3, 2013. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, Joan Mills & Lloyd Arrd, energizers.

QUESTIONER: The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss? MERGING WITH THE GOD CONSCIOUSNESS & REVIEWING YOUR LIVES COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does have an opening message to those faithful ones who are awaiting more information and insight about that which was the Ascension event. This Awareness previously did channel at a time before the Ascension event, the information for that which was the January 2013 newsletter and at that time this Awareness chose not to go into detail, for It knew that many had first to experience the event, and many had to have their own personal experiences, and It did not wish at that time to present information that would be too challenging, for at that time there were no questions after the event that did come through. These questions are now available and therefore at this time this Awareness is prepared to answer questions on that which was the Ascension event that many experienced in their own personal way and it is this that is of greatest importance: that each had an individual experience of that which this Awareness called the merging with God Consciousness, the standing in the Light of Divine Awareness, Divine Consciousness, looking at their being, looking at their lives, looking at the timelines that they were living and that which they could review and decide and determine whether or not they wished to continue certain timelines or whether or not they wished to move in consciousness to a higher state of consciousness. Many are disappointed because when they returned from this instantaneous review that happened outside of the framework of known reality defined by 3rd dimensionality, that they apparently felt nothing happened, but there was indeed an event of great magnitude and as this Awareness has said in other channelings that have appeared through the website of the Interpreter and his wife Callista, that that event did happen to one and all. This did not mean and does not mean that all will have a memory of what transpired during this instant of communication with their soul and that which is Divine Consciousness, the God Consciousness, but all did look at their lives and in accordance to their own decisions for themselves that were based on their choice of experience in 3rd dimensionality, did then make further choice, for what was given was the opportunity to review their choice of a life in 3rd dimensionality. Some decided at that point of instant review that they still had more work to do, and even though they had an Ascension experience in consciousness, they decided to return back into a state of forgetfulness that is a by-product of the state of physicality on 3rd dimensional Mother Earth at that time, and even at this time. And that doing so, they could not hold the energetic space to remember that which was the instant of clarity and understanding. They could not remember that they were given choices at that time as to how to proceed and that the vast majority realized that they must still complete certain work that will prepare them for their higher state of consciousness to be activated fully. These ones often in their disappointment have chosen to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes, have decided to dismiss that which is the information, insight and awareness that this Awareness has been offering and continues to offer. This of course is in accordance and alignment with their own soul choice, and in that moment of review they could not run away from that which was the absolute truth of their being and their Life Purpose. They could not cloak the matter in enchantment, and that they chose therefore to return to work with the enchantment of their belief systems that held expectations of events where they would be transferred or transmogrified as many wished to be. Their expectations were that they would instantly have the experience and have the new bodies that the Light Body Template could reproduce for them, and


that the world would be instantly different, and that the world would now be that which they expected it to be. But upon return from that experience of Ascension, of that review of their personal choices made even before they entered into physicality, knowing that they would one day review at that higher level, that these ones are electing not to look further, yet they will continue their search and even if they decide that the information, advice and insights that Awareness had provided were erroneous to them, still this Awareness acknowledges and recognizes that they will continue their journey as decided in that moment of clarity, for they wish still to clear themselves of all those issues and karmic matters that they came into life with and they are still in process. Also, this Awareness would state that even though the review of the soul and of one's soul purpose as an aspect of the soul having a physical experience may have decided for them they could not continue with what they are determining to be disappointing and erroneous information, still information that this Awareness has provided has indeed the truth and the accuracy of the experience inside of it. Therefore, as individuals who failed to have their expected experience manifest, move further into their truth and into their work of self-exploration, self-understanding and self-awareness, they will come back to a clarity of what truly occurred and who they truly are. Furthermore, the period of time that is now in effect on that which is the 3rd dimensional layers and levels of perceived reality are still part of the review and this is something that many cannot grasp or understand, for the nature of consciousness is that which exists both in the higher states of consciousness where time does not work in the same way as it does in the temporal 3rd dimensional level, as well as being aspects of the soul that are having 3rd dimensional experiences where time does run in a linear manner, and in this way they are still within the framework of the energy of that which was their soul review, their soul retrieval to understand what they are truly here for, to remember it at deep levels, and therefore to then return into physicality to continue experiences where they are in positions now to truly dig deep to do the inner work that this Awareness has always claimed as being paramount and of the greatest importance for one's spiritual growth and advancement. This Awareness is not saying that those who have been working have not done enough. It is simply saying that the work that has been done has been necessary to help them arrive at this stage of their growth and development and within the framework of that which is this period of continuous review over the next 9 months they have further opportunities to dig deeper, and to go to the very source of their miasms, their objections, their karmic matters and deal with them at a much deeper level, thus being prepared for that which would be the eventual birth into the higher realm of consciousness that can be in 3rd dimensionality separated then from those 3rd dimensional laws and rules such as the Veil of Forgetfulness. For many they will be experiencing this now, and it will be part of their continuous effort and their continuous work on themselves to reach that inner clarity that will allow them finally to step forward in full cognition of that which is their true aspect, their true being, and to truly become 5th dimensional beings on the 3rd dimensional planet. They are so very close now that this Awareness finds it somewhat sad that those who are rejecting this Awareness do not realize that the fruits of their efforts and of their work are still to be realized. They are misguided in understanding that because nothing had appeared in their external lives that this also means nothing happened. For much did happen on the inner state, and as the inner state of consciousness is that state where true understanding comes from as to one's truer spiritual being, that this then voids and avoids the opportunity if they carry on in this line of thinking, to do even more work, for it is an ongoing process; it always has been, it always will be. This is the golden opportunity to take advantage of the High Opportunity Presenting Evidence that things have changed, but one must make the changes within oneself at their core level of being and


then they will begin to see the external manifestation of the change. They will receive the evidence that things are not the same as once that they were. This is all part of God's absolute love for Its beings, Its self, and understood at a way much higher and more advanced than many who are on the physical could understand. For many, a gradual process would be needed for them to assimilate the experience of the inner plane at that moment of instant recognition, instant truth, where they could not run away, they could not deny, they could not play in enchantment, but saw clearly what their true being was and their true purpose was. As for those many who did have experiences that have lifted them, they too are now in their 3rd dimensional form once again, but they now hold a memory of what occurred, and for many this has inspired them not to judge their reality only by the evidence outside of themselves that is exhibiting in the external world, but rather to understand more and more that they have made decisions within themselves that are slowly starting to manifest, that are slowly starting to show themselves. This period of time is that which could be understood to be a crucible, and that in the crucible the dross of the metals were burnt off totally and completely, leaving the refined metal in the vat of the crucible. This is not always a pleasant experience and there is many a time that many would wish they did not have to go through this process. Still they are of understanding that something Divine did occur to them where they realized a deeper truth of their being and of their being of the God Consciousness, and therefore, many are very willing at this time to deal with those karmic matters, to deal with the miasms from other lifetimes, to deal with the apparent lack of external evidence without losing faith or hope, and to these ones this Awareness says that you are to be congratulated. Indeed this Awareness does congratulate you all for holding to that truth within that was perceived in that instant of recognition and review when you stood before that which was the God Essence and saw yourselves in reflection of God to be a part of the Godhead, to be part of Divine Consciousness and Spirit, and that you are moving very rapidly into the fullest expression of Ascension. Of course there are those who did fully ascend and there are those who chose not to return. These ones of course are those this Awareness communicates to on other levels now and because they are no longer participating in a 3rd dimensional form of consciousness, that those who are still in 3rd dimension have no understanding or recollection of those ones who are no longer there. Their memories have been altered already and that they may judge the events of their lives as being so that nobody indeed ascended, but this would be inaccurate. For those who have ascended there is curiosity that more did not realize what was happening but as these ones are on that which is Planet A, and as this Awareness is continuing in Its efforts to guide those souls who are on Planet A/B, even those who are more aware than most, and even those who are dismissive of what occurred, that this Awareness does not need any longer to speak to those who have ascended. They have made it. They are there. This Awareness would also say that the percentage of those who reached such a level is a very, very small percentage indeed and must not even truly be considered by those who are still in process, for the game is not done. The fat lady has not yet sung, and that the process carries on, and it is to those who are still intrigued and interested, who are still driven to further Ascension Consciousness that this Awareness does indeed make Its offerings of information, guidance and advice. In conclusion this Awareness does again declare that all did have an Ascension experience and now they are each in their own individual lives again where they are required to continue the work that they have started, and for those whose experience was such that it triggered this new journey, that this Awareness says indeed there is more of the journey ahead. Do not lose faith. Do not lose hope, but rather see that the world is continuing to evolve, and this particular 9-month


period since the 21st of December until the 21st of September 2013 is the crucible of experience for the soul in physicality. This Awareness will continue in Its work to assist all in higher awareness and higher understanding, but It cannot, It will not pander to those who are having temper tantrums, who are stamping their feet and declaring Awareness did not tell them the truth and therefore they cannot any longer believe that which is this Cosmic Awareness. It simply does say that this too is part of their experience of growth into the maturity of the soul, and this Awareness will continue to support them, even if they reject this Awareness. Therefore, it is truly a message of hope and understanding that this Awareness is offering at this time and will continue to do so in the unfolding of events, and the unfolding of Ascension, the unfolding of higher consciousness that is continuing at this time. This is the promise that this Awareness makes to one and all. This completes the opening message by this Awareness at this time. Please continue now with your questions. WOULD THE DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD HAVE RIPPED APART THE VERY FABRIC OF CREATION? QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness, that was excellent. There are several questions concerning Ascension, shall I still read these although your commentary was self-explanatory? COSMIC AWARENESS: It is indeed very necessary for you to read the questions that the members have been sending in for in the answering of the questions, this Awareness can elaborate even more thoroughly and It indeed can address the personal questions, thoughts and feelings that those who have posed the questions are having; therefore, it is of value and worth to ask the questions. QUESTIONER: Thank you. The first one is from AR, it's from the CAC forum posting concerning a channeling from December 22, 2012. He writes, "After a few days of floundering in a sea of despondency, letdown and bewilderment over the gigantic much-hyped damp squib, 'nothing seemed to happen' on December 21, 2012, I spoke to my inner guide last evening while lying, fully awake I might add, on my bed. I was addressed immediately in a clear, potent inner voice. First of all, compassion and sympathy for the pain and disappointment, I and many others have experienced was expressed. What I had been told earlier was reiterated, that the dark forces had mounted a blocking rearguard action and if the Galactic Federation had allowed the full force of the transmission of Divine Light to hit the Earth full on, due to the considerable resistance, it would have ripped apart the very fabric of creation." There are seven additional paragraphs, only this first paragraph is now presented. Would you please offer your comments concerning this post and its contents. The complete post consisting of those additional seven paragraphs can be read a paragraph at a time if so desired. Your preference please and comments on the first paragraph. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would start by saying that there is a truth involved in the observation and comments of this individual's higher self and higher guidance that is accurate. Had the full effect of that which this Awareness is calling Divine or God Consciousness hit with such resistance that which was being mounted by that which was termed the rear action, that the very fabric of time/space, of creation would have been rent asunder. In God's Infinite Love & Wisdom, with the cooperation of those of Its Servants, known as the Galactic Federation, many actions were undertaken to prevent that which is the full force of that which would have occurred had the planet entered into this experience without such mitigating assistance and help from the Galactic Federation as well as from the many layers and levels of consciousness beyond 3rd dimensionality, for it was not only those of the Galactic Federation who are ascended in their understanding and awareness that helped prevent the full catastrophe of a destruction of the planet and all who resided on it that were at play here.


There were indeed the influences and energies of all levels of consciousness that have been focused on that which was the Ascension event, including that of this Awareness, this Cosmic Awareness. In some ways it could be understood that this too was a timeline that many experienced, for they were not quite ready and as this planet, in the old energies of their masters of darkness and deceit who were still very active and very much opposing the Ascension experience, it was determined at all levels that the timeline of experience needed to include disappointment and what many think of as betrayal of the promises made, not only by this Awareness, but by the many others who channeled information that great uplifting change and shift in consciousness would occur on the 21st of December. It must also be remembered that all timelines came together in a nexus moment where all shared the uniqueness of the experience and the event and therefore there was that which was the common experience that many experienced at the time where it seemed that despite all promises, all inspiration, all hope that was given of a tremendous upsurge in consciousness, that nothing seemed to happen at the time. This Awareness will now go back in the years and express that It had often been stated in the years preceding the Ascension experience that a certain percentage of humanity would need to reach a high level of consciousness for the whole planet to reach the tipping point and for all of humanity to be instantaneously brought up to speed so that the greater event of Ascension could happen. In one way this Awareness can say that the percentage needed was not reached, and therefore the fullest effect of a shift in consciousness that would have been balanced and harmonious could not occur, especially with the rear guard action that was put up by those who wished to offset the experience of Ascension to mass-consciousness. This is not a failing; it is more simply that it then ensured, if you will, that the possibility of the highest form of Ascension that was spoken of by so many could not quite come off as planned. There were still those who in their own individual journeys had reached such a point and these are the ones that Awareness has declared have gone to Planet A, those who did not wish any longer to come back into physicality and assist further. But as so many of the souls had in their incarnation as their wish and desire to still partake in the Planet A/B scenario after the Ascension event, especially for those who in their journey did not at all move toward Ascension consciousness for it was not their life's path, their life's journey. They were the ones who were the most disappointed, for they did expect that the level of experience would be that which was promised as full Ascension, full consciousness, that would be reached when the masses had reached that tipping point because enough had achieved a high enough level of conscious awareness. Once the nexus point was reached, it was seen and determined that this point, this tipping point, had not been fully reached. It was not that the Wave then simply decided to go through ending dramatically the experience and experiment in consciousness with the dark as their leaders and masters, but rather that a new way would be presented where it would be a more gradual process that is currently underway and will continue now for several thousand years. This new way, this new gradual way of comprehending and experiencing the event is that which will still allow for individuals to grow and move forward to progress to a full ascended state, but it is more held in the rigorous confines of temporal reality that still exist on Planet A/B, the new Planet A/B, and it is but the beginning point. The next nine months will be crucial to many who are still here, moving toward their Ascension experience in its fullest expression and it is for this reason, it is important to the umpteenth degree to continue working within one's self, to look at the matters around them, and to determine the illusionary quality of their experiences that they are seeing, especially that which seems to be evidence that nothing has happened and nothing is happening. If one cannot hold within one's self the truth that they are the creator beings and they, by their beliefs and their thoughts and their actions are that which is defining the world around them, then


it may well be that they will continue forward in their evolutionary process over several thousand years to have negativity as a dominate force in their lives until they reach their final place of Ascension, understanding and consciousness. This is not a prediction, it is simply that this Awareness is saying that the soul still is choosing to have physical experiences, and for those who are avoiding or have missed the point of what occurred, that they still may have to have numerous lifetimes to get back to a place of clarity and understanding that they are abandoning at this time. That is why this Awareness says that it is of utmost importance, paramount importance, to continue working within the construct of an understanding that consciousness is that which is from within, expressing itself outwardly versus an understanding that it is only that which is seen outside of one's inner being that defines reality, and that which is outside is the truth, while that which is inside is simply imagination in a degraded way. This point of reference is that which will distinguish whether or not that growth process that is underway will finally reach a tipping point for the many who are still having their external 3rd dimensional experiences as they seek to qualify them with the understanding that they as creator beings are the ones that are creating the outside external reality, and whether or not the efforts of the Orion/Reptilian dark side is in control or not is not a matter of great importance once one realizes that they allow this type of mastery and control when they choose to believe it as that which has more reality than that which is the inner reality, that is connected to the very Source of All Consciousness, All Light, All Love, All Experience: that which is Divine Consciousness, or God Consciousness. While this Awareness does indeed endorse the statements of the individual that there was a rear action, it was also part of that scenario where the Divine chose not to simply overwhelm to a catastrophic level with the clarity and purity of Its essence and Its being, allowing this more gradual period of time, this crucible, this nine-month pregnancy of consciousness as it evolves, grows and expands towards the tipping point, towards the individuals acquiring of the highest state of consciousness that marks the Ascension consciousness, Ascension Awareness. Does this answer the question at this time for you? QUESTIONER: I believe it does. That's very helpful; thank you. Shall I carry on with more of his additional paragraphs? COSMIC AWARENESS: If they have relevancy, of course. Please carry on. THE NEXUS OF TIMELINES QUESTIONER: Thank you. With regard to the nexus of timelines; is this true for all such timelines? (Which obviously it is) Could you please confirm that? COSMIC AWARENESS: It is true for all timelines. An image had come forward through the partner to the Interpreter in a dream, where she saw a great hall with many lines, and these lines were waiting at a single gate to open, and when they indeed opened the gate, that the many lines converged into the single line passing through the gateway and then diverging again into separate lines, or that which this Awareness has called timelines. Therefore, the many timelines of all individuals have gone through this nexus experience or gateway so that they could have a common experience of consciousness and now the nexus point which was that which was the Divine Wave of consciousness that swept through on December 21st has been released, and the timelines are diverging once again. It is still that crucial period after the release from the one line that all had an experience of into the many timelines, and at this most crucial and critical period there is still opportunity to make other choices, new choices; to hold at the inner level that something did happen and that one is committed to experiencing this to its greater fulfillment. This puts one into those more positive


timelines. There are many timelines indeed, some that will progress further to A/B, some where there will be physical dislocation, i.e. that of a death experience, some realizing finally that they are beyond this reality going into the Planet A scenario, and of course many going to the Planet B who still need to have a variety of experiences with those who are the masters in dark who would control them. It is a crucial critical period of decision still, and it is in a way still the moment of review, the paradox, that it is still underway and that many are having experiences of disillusionment because they are still within the review of their choices of where they wish to proceed, and that the lines, while they are indeed separating, they are still very closely packed in together at this time. The months ahead will see the divergence of these timelines with greater clarity as to the decisions made-whether one has indeed continued to hold that which within oneself is the known truth, whether one in their disillusionment comes to a newer grasping of this understanding, or whether one chooses to abandon this and pursue a reality that still very much has the negative energies within it, for they need these experiences to refine their soul even more, is to be seen. At this time the nexus point has been cleared and the divergence of timelines has begun. THE PHYSICAL BODY IS REFORMING ITSELF QUESTIONER: Thank you. That's very interesting. He carries on, "In reality, exactly how the energies would impact and manifest was a matter of high probability. Still, they are there, those higher Divine and galactic energies from the central sun of the galaxy etc., but deeply embedded in the Earth. Gaia herself, and all her creatures have in fact ascended, but as one whole, rather than being split apart into different parallel creations." Your comments please on this observation? COSMIC AWARENESS: Again, one is dealing with paradox here. It is true that Mother Earth, Gaia, has ascended and that she is in a higher state of consciousness. What is also true is that the physical body is reforming itself, moving to that point where it is indeed embedded into the new Light Template, Light Body Template of Mother Earth. She has not retracted in this. She has not changed her mind in this. She did not have an experience where she is angry and upset and disappointed that nothing happened, for Mother Earth-Gaia, most definitely did ascend to a higher state of 5th dimensional consciousness, and her body is being born into that reality. That it will also have its own 3rd dimensional expression as well. In this one must understand that the consciousness of Mother Earth is the same as the spiritual consciousness of each and every being. Each and every being comes from the greater higher conscious level and has chosen to have a 3rd dimensional life experience, has chosen to go through the 7 gateways to gear down into a physical body and form that can be occupied and has to indeed then work within the frameworks of the laws and rules of that 3rd dimensional body space. Mother Earth also has her consciousness, and that she too descends if you will, into the 3rd dimensional form that is expressed by her body, Mother Earth, Gaia, the planet itself, the new Planet A/B, but it is still also going through its own birthing process and that the space is held at this time for those aspects of soul wishing to have physical experience to be on this transiting body, this reforming body that is being constructed and being formed at this time. As a result, that indeed many are having their physical experiences still, even though the consciousness of Mother Earth has raised up and those of her beings that are not human in their form, those which are her creatures, her children-all animals, all plants, all minerals are indeed part of that process and have indeed ascended and yet are still occupying the physical expression that is still in effect and that is changing and growing daily. Does this answer the question sufficiently? QUESTIONER: I believe it is. Nothing is going to be split apart into parallel creations then, is that correct?


COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not seen that this will occur in that manner, but that there are still events ready to occur that can have extreme physical effect and this Awareness is not about to predict them, but It does say that the game is not over and the fat lady has not yet sung. SUPERSEDING THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD QUESTIONER: Carrying on, VD's question, "Is it possible after death to return/enter the physical world with manifesting a physical body for interaction in it, but not through reincarnation, but rather through conscious awareness of who and what one is, without the Veil of Forgetfulness, which would allow the consciousness that enters to also supersede and not be limited by the laws of physicality that normally limit everyone in a physical body?" COSMIC AWARENESS: As this Awareness expressed again previously to this individual's questions that had been posed to, through the facility of the energizer that is the wife of the interpreter, that indeed, this Awareness has been expressing exactly this for many months, even many years indirectly, and that it will be so, for it must be understood that as a heightened awareness is reached and as those of spirit who have ascended back into such heightened awareness will be able to understand completely, that if it is their choice to continue to be of service to the unfolding toward enlightenment of humanity, that if it is their choice to reassemble themselves in a physical form in the Planet A/B scenario and they truly are coming from that heightened level of consciousness held in the physical condition, that they will not be party to the total rules and regulations of 3rd dimensionality that currently exist and that will exist on the new Planet A/B. It is as if they are playing the game with the total understanding of how to supersede the rules and regulations of the game. It is as if they could play a game of snakes and ladders knowing that they can control the dice to such a degree that they would never experience the snake part of the game where they go down levels, but would only ascend to a higher state to have conclusion in the highest successful levels. Going beyond this analogy, this Awareness says that those who choose to play the game of 3rd dimensionality for the purpose of assisting humanity in its ongoing evolution, will return as Ascended Masters, but often they will be in disguise. Therefore, even though they will exceed the rules and regulations of the game, and they will be able to perform miracles and live lives of magic, they will not necessarily do so openly, for they are trying to teach many who are ready to move forward in their own consciousness how to do it on their own. The Law of "Do No Harm" There will be a principle that all who return into physicality from this heightened state with their heightened awareness will agree to, this being the principle, the Law of "Do No Harm", and they will not come in to flaunt their abilities, their prowess, their powers to those who have not yet understood, who have not yet figured it out. There will be developed those places that will be reflective of those old institutes that were known as the Mystery Schools, and these Mystery Schools will be in places and locations people can come to learn the higher principles and the higher truths, but they will at first stay somewhat hidden and reclusive, only drawing those who are ready to learn the higher principles and truths that govern reality. They will not simply be given to all in one mass-injection, whether an individual has worked toward this and has achieved a high enough level or not. This is part of that which is the principle of "Do No Harm." Therefore, those Ascended Ones who choose to come back to Planet A/B to be of service, to teach, to guide, will create new communities where the truth of the higher realities will be taught. Eventually these truths will go into the mainstream and more and more will be exposed to these new teachings that will challenge their


old teachings, but it will present itself in a most natural evolutionary process. It will not simply be these Enlightened Ones assuming God-like roles in order to force humanity to shift in consciousness. This is that which is clearly understood by ascended highly evolved beings. It is why for example the Galactic Federation ones did not simply come in and oust those of the Orion/Reptilian factions, for it was always understood by those of the higher ascended consciousness of that which is the Galactic Federation beings that humanity needed the opportunity and the chance to evolve in its own way, by rites of its own passage to that point of understanding and awareness. Even though the ratio to reach the tipping point was not reached at this time, still they did not interfere to that which is the natural progression of the soul having its earthly experiences, even the collective of humanity having its earthly experiences. They have assisted; they have intervened in those efforts of the dark ones to tip the balance to the opposite. This is their right as agreed to by the higher levels of their contract. They have not simply come in and rescued one and all for this would be an interference and intrusion into the soul's right to have its own experiences and to reach its own levels of perception and understanding. Therefore, those who will come back onto the Planet A/B scenario to assist in the evolutionary process of humanity towards the attainment of a mass-Consciousness of Awareness that will allow the mass-Ascension at the next opportunity, those who do so will come under the principle of "Do No Harm." They will teach, they will live their lives in the higher understanding. They will be able to even create that reality due to their higher awareness and understanding, but they will not simply intrude, they will not simply force humanity into understanding. They will be kind and benevolent teachers and guides, but they will not directly or indirectly be affected by the old rules that governed the many who are in physicality having their continuous experiences. They cannot be harmed by those old rules or ill intents, but they will also not supersede them for those who are having their spiritual soul journey. Is this understood? QUESTIONER: Yes it does, and I thank you. That completes his questions. There is one more I'd like to present this evening. It is still on Ascension. It comes from VIK, and she writes, "Our current Ascension situation exists in between two ends described as follows: End 1. We are all here alone, there is no sound in favor of us out there. End 2. Do not worry. There is no evil indeed. No darkness. Embrace those who actually do not know who they are. It is just the experience that counts. The truth lies in between somewhere, but closer to which end and how much I am especially after. If the truth is close to ''End 2'', then what are we resisting to." Your comment please? THE CONTINUUM OF DUALISM VERSUS THE GOD CONTINUUM COSMIC AWARENESS: This describes the continuum of dualism; that which is "no one is there" to the extreme opposite that "we all live in a continuance of spiritual continuity." The human journey is one that indeed is a transition between point A to point B to the fullest realization that all are spirit beings, and part of the continuum of higher consciousness versus the continuum that there is nothing out there. Thus, this experience places one in this line of continuum from one end to the other. All individuals place themselves somewhere on this line in this continuum for the sake of having soul experiences. The soul enters into dualism, purposefully coming through the Veil of Forgetfulness so that it can remember itself through the many life experiences and the many lifetimes of experiences that the soul has playing in the continuum of dualism until it finally reaches the far end of that line of continuum where the realization that one is part of a greater continuum of consciousness is reached.


In terms of which end the ratio of humanity lies, this Awareness would say, if it chooses to play again with statistics, that 60% are over the middle point moving toward a deeper understanding of the higher continuum of consciousness that is the truth behind the apparent continuum that is the continuum of dualism, but this is a rather irrelevant statistic for truly all that matters is each individual and their individualized journey along this continuum of understanding, away from that expression of "no connection at all to any levels of higher reality or consciousness" to that full realization and awareness that there is indeed so much more beyond the physical experience that is had by the soul in a state of forgetfulness. The state of forgetfulness, the Veil of Forgetfulness is transcended completely, not only in the Ascension experience, but in that journey toward such heightened perception and understanding. Indeed, many who ascend had already achieved such heightened awareness and consciousness. It could even be said that many ascended into these higher realms of understanding of the continuum of continuance beyond physicality before the 21st of December, and this Awareness on many occasions did indeed refer individuals in their private readings to this attainment of Ascension in their own lives, but It did not mean that they would not continue and did not continue to have a physical journey and physical experiences, for they were still partaking in that continuum of dualism that the soul was electing to experience in the first place. It is so yet, that many are in the higher levels of ascended consciousness but are still choosing to have the physical experience in order to bring together the last factors that need to be brought together to deal with the last issues, the karmic and temporal that need to be resolved. Therefore, as this Awareness said, while there is a statistic It could use to indicate where humanity is on the spectrum, that this is irrelevant, but that which is of importance is that each individual sees themself traveling along this line toward the end of the continuum where they fully and truly know themselves to be part of that which is the highest continuum of all, that which is the God Continuum or God Consciousness. This completes the answer to this question at this time. DON'T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER JUST YET QUESTIONER: Thank you, it was fascinating. Do you have a closing message, or is the Interpreter ready to call it a night? COSMIC AWARENESS: At this time there is no closing message other than to state that all are still underway. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. This Awareness is still involved in the progression of consciousness and It still promises to be available for the purpose of assisting individuals as they move toward the realization of their higher nature. The game is not yet complete. The fat lady indeed has not yet sung, and everything is indeed still very much underway. The process of review is that which all are currently experiencing. Know this, remember this, hold it to be so, and it will help you in the journey toward the full Ascension experience that you signed up for. This Awareness is now complete. It sends one and all Its blessing and Its love and Its Light. The Law of Gratitude is offered.
CAC General Reading. January 7, 2013. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, Joan Mills, Energizer

ON ASCENSION DAY-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VORTEXES? QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness. the next one is from RB, concerning Ascension Day. He writes, "It was an unbelievable experience, an active December 21st and 22nd - it was excellent! Just one question: Could you please discuss what happened to the Vortexes? I went outside and looked but there was no sign of them. Can or will these still show up? I thought I had a reservation." Your comments please?


COSMIC AWARENESS: As this Awareness has already explained recently, that an event of Ascension did occur in the higher states of consciousness outside of the framework of 3rd dimensionality, of the physical reality that most find themselves in. At that time the individual RB did have a most powerful Ascension experience and it was still within that framework of his soul's review to understand that he was to stay on the planet before moving into the higher state of an Ascended Consciousness. This timeframe, and this Awareness would indeed reiterate here, that this timeframe is of extreme importance, this timeframe from the 21st of December, 2012 to the 21st of September, 2013 as a time when many are still in the process of making the choices that will determine where they truly go in the time ahead after the doors do come somewhat to close for one and all so that all can get on with the timeline experiences that they wish. The more that one energizes the negativity of non -events, the more one immerses oneself in such timeline realities, and they will lead where they will lead; even for some the Planet B scenario, and for others, to events that have not yet unfolded where there may still be that mass-departure of many human beings due to certain earth events. This is why this Awareness has declared how important this time period is, to keep realizing that one still needs to hold the belief and inner knowing (as RB has now experienced) that something quite amazing did occur, even though it did not at that moment translate into vortex energies that he has been working toward for so long. What this Awareness will say now is that as he still holds this as a very fundamental part of the Ascension process, that in the next few months there is more than a likelihood, as the energy fields of the planet are shifting and changing as events start to emerge more and more, that he will become able to not only see the vortexes, but able to manipulate them and use them to the highest purpose, this being of course stepping beyond the 3rd dimensional reality into those higher zones that they will lead. It is true that very few had vortex experiences on the 21st of December 2012, for it was not at that moment and in that instant what it was all about, but so many had perceptions (even through what this Awareness has spoken) of vortexes coming to be available, that many anticipated this in that moment of Ascension on the 21st. It is very difficult for this Awareness, which stands outside of the fabric of your time constructs, of your way of measuring time of experienced time, to accurately give to you in linear terms the exact moment when it will all occur. It did occur that an Ascension event in consciousness occurred in an instant at that time, but now the physical reality, which follows behind drawn out is starting to open to that instantaneous event. Also, this Awareness sees the timeframe in an instant as well, therefore although It is talking to you in temporal terms it is very difficult for all outside of temporal terms and measurements to always get it exactly right. What you will of course see by going to many who have been predicting Ascension events is that many are saying something did occur and that events are still unfolding. For the individual RB, this Awareness says events are still unfolding, including going to the places that you have found previously a sense of power, a sense of connection where this Awareness previously has told you, you would find vortexes. Keep this in mind, continue in these actions. Know that you are one who will still work with the vortex energies, but as the planetary shift continues in physicality it will be more possible for these vortexes to materialize and manifest. Therefore understand that you are somewhat in that instant moment still that this Awareness speaks of that It is trying to put in the temporal terms of this nine-month-unfolding-winding-down period. Do not feel that it did not occur, that you missed the boat. Rather sense and know it is still underway and it is still important for you to work with the vortex energies, both in yourself as well as external vortexes that you are aware of. At least you are aware of the locations of such vortexes and you may even find it easier now to sense power points, places where such vortexes can form and be available for those whose vibrations have reached a sufficient level that they could use the vortexes still as the exit point. The fact that so many are frustrated that all did not occur in the


instant is only reflective of the fact that their expectations were such that it was interpreted that it must be in the instant, as Awareness said it would be there. But Awareness as It has said, has a different perspective, coming from a perspective outside of time and space and is trying still to guide you through the present moment, the present instant that is still unfolding so that one and all may continue their Ascension process and growth. That which was the heightened energies that led to the wave of God Consciousness has come and indeed, that some may say it has passed, but this Awareness says that in truth one and all is still within the wave, still having their experiences, still being given the opportunity to choose which timelines they will energize and believe in and which negative timelines, old beliefs, old patterns they will start to truly question and work with. It still remains a period of time where High Opportunity is Presenting itself so that new Evidence can be formed, but to have such hope one must also have high optimism so that the availability is there to present new evidence. Therefore, stay in hope, High Optimism Presenting Evidence, and you will begin to see more and more how this reflects on the creation of your timelines and that which you will experience, including the experiencing of vortexes by such individuals as RB. QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent, he will be pleased with that. There is Instant Awareness of WHAT IS at the 5th Dimensional Level QUESTIONER: Carrying on, still on 5th Dimension or Density, we have one from RK. He asks, "If, having just arrived in the lower 5th Dimension or Density-do I communicate verbally or telepathically: am I able to use instantly teleportation, telekinesis, materialization or manifestation etc., or do I have to be taught to do all of that step-by-step?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would still prefer to proceed with the first question if you would. That a 5th Dimensional being is quite unlike a 3rd Dimensional being where there is that which is the learning curve that is the process of learning step-by-step one's skills, abilities and knowledge. On the 5th dimensional level there is instant knowledge, instant awareness, instant consciousness of What Is. There could be, if you wish to understand it as such, a slight learning curve that is involved, but basically the soul is simply returning to what was known already. It was only when the 5th dimensional soul aspect degraded down into the 3rd dimensional form, compressing itself into this small form, this small body, and partaking in a reality where the Veil of Forgetfulness applied, so that one forgot their truth, forgot their being, that such concepts are most prevalent. But on the 5th dimensional level or layer of consciousness it will simply take a small instant for some to remember what is already known. Thus it is not a standard learning type curve that you need to go through. In that which is 5th dimensional form, one will have instantaneous telepathic thought, telekinetics, and teleportation from one spot to another through the active mind, the creative knowledge and knowing of one's true being, and this is seen as that which is possible for all returning into 5th dimensional consciousness, whether at the lower stages or the higher. Is this clear? There is Only the Instant of "NOW" QUESTIONER: Yes it is, definitely. His next one, "Would you please describe a "day" or repetitive cycle or occupation/interaction with others, for a newly ascended being in the 5th Dimension or Density?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness can do no such thing, for it is beyond the scope even of this Awareness to describe all acts of imagination that are possible in 5th dimensional reality. There is


no standard day. There is only the instant of the "now" and in that instant, any individual of 5th dimensional consciousness can partake in any realities they wish in that they are the creator being in the instant and all is available. But what this Awareness can say is that they do not necessarily duplicate a dualistic reality, for that is the confine of the 3rd dimensional experience. They can choose now to return back from 5th dimensional to 3rd dimensional to reintegrate into 3rd dimensionality, carrying their abilities and knowing from 5th dimension, and this they can do if you will in an instant, using the Light Body Template for those who have stored it to re-create the body so they can have in an instant 3rd dimensional experiences once again. But in an instant they could also go and play in the portal of the sun. They could instantaneously transport to any other galaxy. They could engage with multiple dimensional personalities, their own and others. There is so many options available that this Awareness simply cannot describe a standard day to you, for there is no such thing. It is a standard experience of creative magnificence that is available, the ability to be in the instantaneous moment and to live from purest imagination and purest spirit and mind. Is this clear? Is There A Fast Track to Ascension? QUESTIONER: Yes, it is. I thank you. His next one is, "Please describe a possible 'fast track' Ascension case scenario as distinct from the thousands of years involving the collective Ascension of Humanity or 'slow track'. Relevant for many in the short term future: How does the moment of Ascension look and feel like for an ascending person, from the 3rd or 4th to the 5th Density or Dimension, detailed from a personal individual experiential viewpoint?" Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that this individual ask such an individual who has ascended for such an answer, for this Awareness can only say there is no such thing as a 'fast track' to Ascension, although many most definitely felt there must be and thought that they were on it, only to be met with great disappointment when they allegedly did not move forward, did not ascend. What is incomprehensible for many is that they already are a multi-dimensional 5th dimensional being and it is accessible to each and every individual, each and every day or night when one goes into the deeper stages of sleep, even beyond REM sleep into the deepest layers and levels, where the middle self consciousness, the spirit aspect having the experience, removes itself from 3rd dimensionality and is back in a higher 4th dimensional/5th dimensional state and even beyond, for those who have been doing their homework. This experience is not one that simply proceeds over one lifetime-the 'fast track', if you will, but takes many, many lifetimes of experiences in physicality, many choices of moving toward higher spiritual consciousness, that are again reflected in the present lifetime. Thus it is that the majority who were seeking Ascension had at least that much in common–they all understood at the deeper levels, the unconscious levels for many, that they have been working towards this for a long, long time. There were of course those who still then thought that only one lifetime, this lifetime, was the one that mattered, but this Awareness says this was simply the focus personality lifetime, and that all lifetimes matter. Thus it is not a shortcut or fast track that is done here, but one that does by necessity for it is how it is done, involve many, many lifetimes and many degrees of experience along those lifetimes and in the present lifetime as well. You Are All Eternal Beings Furthermore, this Awareness must again emphasize that you are Eternal Beings, not temporal beings. While you may be having a temporal life experience, you come from outside of that temporal measurement. You come from the moment of that which is the Eternal Now, and


therefore, as your soul has its many experiences, they are all simultaneous to one another. Thus it is that the soul can send out aspects of itself to experience a Roman lifetime, a lifetime in the Dark Ages, a lifetime in the 21st present reality or a lifetime in the 35th Century reality. All are occurring simultaneously, and thus it could be understood it is all instantaneous if all are occurring at the same time. The difficulty for most with linear thinking is how to conceptualize such an attitude or belief that the life you are living now is only one of many lives that are simultaneously being lived, and that they have many different reasons for being lived, some of which are for an Ascension experience that will reflect in other lifetimes as well as the present one. Therefore, even though it appears that it is a negative thing to take many lifetimes to reach that place of group Ascension or collective Ascension, and that this individual may be asking how to circumvent this so that he can perhaps arrive there now and not have to come back many times over, this Awareness simply says it is not how the soul, or Divine Consciousness works, but it is a way of thinking that is very common to 3rd dimensional beings who wish to have a fast track. Perhaps it would be better rather than seek the fast way through, just to sit back and enjoy the ride and realize the ride itself, the journey that one is on is what the journey is all about: to have experiences, to learn, especially at this time where now High Opportunity Presents itself to create new Evidence of reality. If one can understand this and not wish simply to vacate the space because it is not going fast enough and they wished instantaneous results, then they will be disappointed, for instantaneous results do take some time in the 3rd dimensional temporal measurement of things. Therefore, even though this Awareness can look down and say all has happened instantly, the individual who is trapped in that time/space continuum of 3rd dimensionality will not perceive it so, and it will be drawn out, it will be slow, and it may be for many tiresome, irksome and painful, or it could indeed be enjoyable, fantastic and marvelous. It now remains up to each and every individual to make their choices of how they wish to proceed with what knowledge, wisdom and insight that they wish to work with. But that which is the shortcut, fast track solution is not valid for the true soul that is seeking its understanding and its evolution in consciousness to reach that highest level of awareness that comes with such growth and development. Ascension is only a stepping-stone if you will. Once one has reached higher levels of conscious awareness one continues to grow and to develop and to move forward in the spiritual evolutionary process of the soul as it seeks more experiences, more lives, more focus personalities to have more experiences with. If one understands that this is how the soul is and that there is no fast track, then perhaps one will become much more comfortable in their lives and in their life journey, and that they may actually begin to see it quite differently and settle back and enjoy the ride. The Point of Power is in The Eternal Now QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent. I have a side-question. If all is happening in the "Now", how is the "Now" determined? Is it broken up into dimensions or into densities, or how is it that everything happening in the "Now" is not all muddled together? COSMIC AWARENESS: Because everything is about frequencies; everything is about the movement of energies, and that as different frequencies are occurring, different experiences can be had, and the level of higher consciousness is indeed able to understand and work with this, whereas at the lower levels it is much more difficult to comprehend for one uses the experiences of their five senses to determine reality, whereas the higher consciousness does not work with five physical senses. It works with a higher conceptualization of perception, a doing and a being in that state of conscious awareness versus needing to measure it, needing to plan it, needing to structure


it; it simply is, and this is what is of course most difficult to comprehend-how something can simply be in the moment of the Eternal Now and all else be at that same moment in that same way, but it is what the spirit/soul begins to comprehend and understand more and more as it advances itself in consciousness. Even at 3rd dimensional levels there are those now who have begun to truly comprehend these concepts and are now moving into manifesting them as part of their realities. This too is part of the process over these next nine months, to hold to these higher conceptualizations without being distracted by the five physical senses as the measure of reality. Reality exists beyond the 5th dimensional level, but it also exists at the lower levels, such as 3rd dimensionality and it is defined by the state of experience when one is in it at that instant, and humans are in it in the 3rd dimensional way in this instant. If one started to truly look at their own lives–are you in the past? Is what is happening in your life in this instant, or is it the future that is happening to you in your life at this instant of focus? Neither! It is that what you are experiencing at this instant that is the reality of your experience. If you begin to understand this, if you begin to understand how the physical senses actually create barriers of perception and not expansion of to perception, and if one begins to understand that in this instant of your present experience you can change all that comes ahead, that which is termed "the future"-all can be changed in this instant when one has the full cooperation of the low self, the middle self and the High Self in alignment with the Divine Self, the Spirit Self–then one would have a much different understanding of their present 3rd dimensional experience in the instant, in the Eternal Now, and they would begin to understand that they are living in the Eternal Now, for there is no past, there is no future except that which one remembers or projects. One has been energetically, one may be energetically, but the Point Of Power as that which Seth once called it, is in the present moment and the Eternal Now. If one can start to focus on this in their own personal lives and see how powerful they are in the moment, and that each moment presents choice and decision, and that each moment can take one forward or backward, keep one stagnant or excel one, then perhaps individuals will begin to understand how important the Eternal Moment is, even on this 3rd dimensional reality level. QUESTIONER: You know, I remember now that you discussed frequency once before and likened it unto a radio station or TV channel, and putting it into that concept it was more easily understood. Changing the Frequency of Your Mind COSMIC AWARENESS: That is also remembered by this Awareness and It will repeat that what was spoken previously, how when an individual sits in a room, apparently alone, without intrusion, that in that same room, at that same time are many other airwaves that are passing through the room, and that if there is a radio or a television in the room, one can turn it on. One can start to hear the sound waves that are passing through the room even though the individual previously sat alone in the room, unaware that such invisible energetic frequencies were even available. The same of course applies to the television. You can tune the television or radio to other frequencies that are also in the room, hearing other radio programs, and seeing other television channels. If one also then extends this thought for an instant, one may also realize that there are other frequencies as well. There are X-ray frequencies, there are photon frequencies, cosmic frequencies; there are frequencies of those departed. Thus in the very room one might sit, may be the frequencies of others who may have previously occupied that room in another Eternal Moment and were unaware of you, unaware of the radio waves, the cosmic waves in that room with them in that same instant, for they are simply of a different frequency.


If you were able to change your frequency of mind or imagination, you could actually start to pick up on thoughts or images or even recollections of others from other times, perhaps in that room, perhaps of another lifetime where another part of the soul had a physical experience that was part of your soul. This would be that which could be called past life experience or other life experience, even extending to parallel universes. The field is so much bigger than the individual simply sitting alone with no other energies or frequencies around them or in the room with them, and when one begins to truly expand the mind it becomes fascinating, wondrous and a joy to play with and to learn from. Anything Can Happen! QUESTIONER: Indeed. Thank you for that additional information. Carrying on, this one is from SM. It concerns disclosure, major Earth changes, astronomical events, Jupiter ignition, Nibiru, etc. & timelines. It's paraphrased for succinctness. "Would you please discuss the relationship of these activities to timelines, in the sense that because these may not have taken place in the physical 3rd dimension, it does not equate to such not occurring or will not occur in the future." Is this a correct assumption? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is a correct assumption. NIBIRU AND THE HIGHER COSMIC PLAN QUESTION: Fantastic. Thank you. Carrying on, we go to Nibiru now. There are four people who have posed a question. This is from AR, HR, SM, and VB. "A posting on the forum indicated that Nibiru had not been mentioned lately; is there a commentary and/or update of its present status: where it is and future plans concerning what it's up to?" Your comments please? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness has perhaps not mentioned Nibiru specifically in the recent weeks, but it has not disappeared. It is still up there. This Awareness did speak many weeks ago that there was intervention by the Galactic Federation beings who were retarding the progress somewhat of Nibiru so that it would not have been there at a time where it might have been had things been allowed to progress as they might have progressed, but that indeed they cannot, because it is against the Divine and Cosmic Plan of things, to prevent from continuing its journey, and they cannot prevent the influence of Nibiru in its entirety on the planet. The Galactic Federation beings have intervened to a great deal, have helped the artificial plans of those who are the Orion/Reptilian, those who are the Elites, who had a plan for mass global destruction at a higher level by now, and that many of their plans have been thwarted because of the retarding of the progress of the planet known as Nibiru. Even though it was held back somewhat, delayed if you will, slightly nudged out of its original corridor, it still served as a focal point for the energies that came through the Seven Gateways. This Awareness reminds one and all of an image of a parabolic radio telescope. There is the bowl of the telescope, moving in concave focus toward a central point through which it emanates its energies, its focus, to be able to read the cosmos. Nibiru played a similar role in that which was the wave of consciousness that passed through. It focused it somewhat after it emerged from the portal of the sun, after it emerged through the other Six Gateways onto the planet, so that it was of a very high spiritual intensity. This done against if you will, the purpose of and objective of those who are within Nibiru itself. This now is complete, and it is seen that the planet will now start to be allowed to move forward, again still being somewhat guided in the corridor that it will move down, but not to the degree that it will be removed completely from an interaction with planet Earth. This is part of a much higher cosmic plan that even the Galactic Federation beings cannot intrude on or circumvent or change, for it would go against that which is Divine Will in the matter and as it is Divine Will to have


certain changes on the planet yet, that they cannot intervene to that degree where they stop such a thing happening. They can help to alleviate some of the worst situations, and now that higher consciousness is available where individuals can make choices of their timelines as to which experiences they will have, choose to have, when the Earth events do start to happen, that a presentation of high HOPE has been presented to Earth and that this presentation is now that which allows individuals on planet Earth, humans to make their choices as to the type of timeline experiences they will have, which may or may not include the high change events, high Earth-change events, or only indirectly experience the events from around the world but be left with little upheaval in one's own life except for inconveniences or shifting in the planet as to who is in charge and how things proceed. There are again, billions of timelines as there are billions of human beings. Nibiru will still play a part before it moves onward and outward again, but at this point it is still somewhat held back but is beginning to move again. Does this answer this question? QUESTIONER: Yes, there is one more; this one from VG. "Nibiru has been referred to as Babylonian in origin, meaning "Planet of Crossing". Would you please offer information to expand on this in the sense of what it is that Nibiru is crossing?" Thank you. COSMIC AWARENESS: Nibiru is crossing the plane of the solar system, along the orbital elliptical of the planets. It is not only Babylonian, but much, much older than this, and has been crossing the solar system and beyond for many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years. It has been intercepting Mother Earth as it used the sun as its elliptical fulcrum to swing around and shoot itself outwards back into the depths of the solar system and beyond. Does this answer your question? ALCYONE, THE CENTRAL SUN QUESTIONER: Yes, that explains it. Thank you very much. We have another from RK. "You often speak about Alcyone as being the Central Sun. Would you please offer additional comments? Does that mean in astronomical terms, that our Sun is cycling around the Sun Alcyone? Or do you mean Alcyone is the next higher spiritual "hierarchical" adjudication level of our solar system and the local part of the galactic realm?" Thank you. COSMIC AWARENESS: There is both the astronomical as well as the astrological explanations. That which is the central sun region of the Pleiadean constellation is that which the galaxies, including that which is the Milky Way Galaxy and the solar system of the sun/Sol are spinning around. This is both astronomically and astrologically of importance, but that the center, if you will, as all suns are, is also a portal, and that this portal leads into the higher states of consciousness, and although there is a physical interpretation of the planets, of the suns, of the solar systems, of the galaxies, there is also the energetic understanding of these points of consciousness and how they are indeed consciousnesses. Thus, Mother Earth's planetary body is also a form of consciousness. The planets all have their own unique level of consciousness, as does the sun. The sun, at the same time, is a portal, a portal to move into other galaxies, to move beyond this present solar system, and those many extraterrestrial crafts that are presently parked in orbit around the sun and in the higher reaches above Earth have mostly used the portal of the sun to arrive here at this time. But that Alcyone itself is as well first a solar consciousness of high authority, as well as a portal beyond to the higher levels of consciousness. It could be understood in one way it is the King of Kings of the solar system, rather of this collection of galaxies in this part of the universe. As such, much comes through that which is the consciousness of Alcyone, Divine Consciousness, a Divine Portal, a Gateway to Higher Consciousness, and that all are spinning around this central point of consciousness as the Divine Energies move through it and around it and within it, as they move


through, around and within all points of space, all points of consciousness that is, that are the reality of all, the reality of everything. Thus ultimately the central region of the central galaxy of the central Pleiadean system is that from which the portal is placed through which the Divine Consciousness, of that which is the God Consciousness does pass through, but so do all other points of consciousness. This is somewhat more complex to understand, but it is the First Gateway of the Seven Gateways that allow the spirit of consciousness, the aspect of a soul to gear down as it comes through the Seven Gateways starting with Alcyone and ending with the sun and with physical birth on Mother Earth. These gateways are all at levels of consciousness and awareness beyond simple physical consciousness, and until humanity understands how integrated all is, how all are interlinked and joined together through the many geometric frequencies and waves and pulses, that is hard to appreciate that the central sun, at a distance so great from the planet as measured in light years, could ever have any effect; yet it does, and its effect is ongoing. There is presently a wave of consciousness still coming from the central sun, the edge has already reached humanity. The edge of God Consciousness, but there are still other parts of the wave that are proceeding along the corridor, that are approaching the planet at this time, the Cosmic Wave measured in more physical terms than the wave of consciousness that recently passed over, through and beyond the Earth. Does this answer your question or does this simply serve to confuse matters more? QUESTIONER: I didn't realize that Alcyone was so special. That was amazing. Thank you for that information. All Points of Consciousness are of Great Importance COSMIC AWARENESS: One could say that all points of consciousness, whether a sun, a moon, a planet, a human being, a tree, a beetle, or a stone; all points of consciousness are special and of great importance to the overall merging of all consciousness. Each is having its individual experience, and while it may be particularly difficult to understand the experience of a rock in the face of a cliff 2,000 feet up, still it is having an experience as being part of a cliff at 2,000 feet high, just as an amoeba in the depths of the ocean, or a creature at such deep depths is still having an experience; not human of course. Each human experience is entirely unique and individual as well. No two humans having exactly the same life experience in that moment of their consciousness and yet all are part of the total integration of all consciousness, and this of course includes the planetary bodies as well, as Alcyone. QUESTIONER: The ultimate teamwork, right. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is so. The Mystery of the 13th Crystal Skull QUESTIONER: One more from HR. She writes, "Would Cosmic Awareness please speak about the final revealing of the 13th Skull said to be stored in the higher dimensions until humanity is ready to receive its information? Is this part of the ongoing December 21, 2012 Ascension climax or will information be revealed now be postponed until all of humanity is ready to shift en masse 3600 years from now?" You thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: First of all, that which is the thirteenth skull as referred to by this individual is indeed not in the physical realm as such. If one considers that there are twelve known skulls, these would be like the houses of the Zodiac, if you will, each a separate house, all in a wedge shape toward the center. If you were to use a 3rd dimensional form for this, it would be like


the circle of houses or the twelve skulls all extending in a line to the thirteenth skull in the middle at the very top of a cone shape at the apex of the cone, all connected, yet all in a separate location serving a separate function. This could be understood like a grand master computer through which the spiritual information is programmed and transferred to the twelve skulls which are in the circle below. This skull is not yet ready to be accessed by the 3rd dimensional psyche, spiritual understanding and awareness, those who you could call Ascended Masters; not only those from this time frame who may have now ascended to that level of Ascended Mastery, but also those who have held vigil for so long, held secret for so long. This thirteenth Crystal Skull, this spiritual computer that exceeds anything and everything that mankind normally could understand or conceive of in purely physical terms, for it is not simply a physical construct. It lies outside of the time/space continuum of 3rd dimensionality. There are secret guardians who have guarded this for millennia and who will continue to guard it, for the time has not happened simply with this latest Ascension experience to bring this forward, but it is time for more to become aware and to learn more and even for some to move to that central location where it is held if you will. Shamballah is a Real Location on this Planet It is seen that it is stored in that place that is known as Shamballah, a real location on this planet, loosely said to be in the Tibetan Himalayas. This Awareness will not divulge any further information on this matter for it is not the right time for it, but It will say that the halls of Shamballah have opened somewhat, and many will start to find it in the next years and its influence will come back more than has been the case since it has been hidden and held in secret for so long by those who are often known as the White Brotherhood. There is much to be read by those who are interested, and this Awareness recommends that those who are intrigued by the 13th Skull, by Shamballah, by the higher guardianship of the White Brotherhood and Sisterhood as well, that they do more research and discover more for themselves. The Original Purpose of the Crystal Skulls QUESTIONER: What is or was the original purpose for the skulls and how long ago did this take place? COSMIC AWARENESS: It is hard to put a historical timing on this for these events have taken place already and are still to take place. They have been underway as this Awareness has said for millennia, and it is still seen there are millennia to go for the total integration of humanity to the highest level. Shamballah itself exists in a physical way, but it exceeds its physicality. There are 13 levels to Shamballah and the 13th is where the 13th Skull lies. It is not in a physical timeframe or space, but that as one finally reaches Shamballah one begins a new set of Ascension experiences as they move upward. This is reflected outwardly also, and it could then be understood that the 13 skulls, particularly the 12 skulls on the planet, were meant to help humanity in their spiritual evolutionary process, before they understood Shamballah, before they were drawn to it, before they reached it. There is an equivalent journey that takes place as mankind/womankind go through the spiritual Ascension process, the moving toward higher spiritual consciousness and awareness. The skulls if you will, held a programming in the human psyche that would allow them to move toward this continuously. It was built to oppose if you will the programming and enslavement of the Orion/Reptilians as they sought to capture mankind and make it their own. These skulls were hidden so that they could put out their vibration, their programming at a such a level to guide


humanity forward despite itself, despite the intervention of the Orion/Reptilians so that there would continue always that spark of the Divine as It seeks to know Itself always, and not to be put to sleep entirely. The Divine Programming Within Thus even though a majority of humanity could be said to still be asleep, there lies within each and every individual that God Spark, that inner connection to the Divine that is served with the skulls and that which they are emanating in terms of Divine Programming, if you will. They are all coordinated to the higher dimensional skull that is entirely connected itself to Divine Consciousness, and thus it is acting from the original programmer: He/She/It that is the God Essence, Divine Consciousness Itself, through a stepped down process that is too difficult at this moment to explain. Understand that the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood have pledged themselves, as they are from those higher levels to be the programmers, the guardians, the overseers from Shamballah, from the planet through individuals who walk the Earth who are human in form, who have always been dedicated to the purpose of guiding humanity forward, and that they have pledged themselves to the Divine, to God Itself to serve this purpose and that it is ongoing. It did not complete itself with the Ascension process of the 21st of December. It will not complete itself in the undergoing process that is occurring at this moment, nor that which lies ahead on Planet A/B, for its destiny is still to serve that which one would call the future, and the evolutionary continuance of man/womankind as it moves to higher and greater states of spiritual awareness and Ascension. THE HIDDEN UNDERGROUND LIBRARY BELOW THE SPHINX QUESTIONER: That was very interesting, very, very interesting. Can we do one more? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would indeed entertain one more question but It does ask that this be the final question for today. QUESTIONER: Certainly. It was intended to be. Thank you. We have one final one from HR. "Would Cosmic Awareness please discuss the opening/activation of the Sphinx as well as all Pyramids and Hidden Crystals." Your observations please? COSMIC AWARENESS: That of course many hidden records and information are contained in the library below the Sphinx, but also in other locations around the world as well, some under known pyramids and step-pyramid structures, others under unknown locations. But that the time for this information is soon to be at hand and it will be part of the process over the next several thousand years to start to release more and more of the evidence, not only of a Divine multi-dimensional character, but even of evidence of ancient aliens, ancient beings that have played on the surface of this planet that are by the masses generally rejected as bogus and far-fetched. But there are many, as you know, who are being drawn to such programs as Ancient Aliens, who have read deeply on such matters, who are very aware that this information does exist, and it indeed does. It is also part of that whole process or program of the Enlightened Ones who have been holding understanding, information, awareness for humanity, who have been guiding it forward as just discussed through the actions of the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, who are part of an ancient plan and a future plan, and they too will be involved in the release of information through individuals who are of their order, of their group. The information that is under the Sphinx is to be released at the appropriate time, but at this time cannot be reached, for it is not entirely in phase with that which one would call physical reality. There are dimensional portals that one must go through and to do so one must have the high


resonance and frequency of the Ascended Ones who are here to release this information. Not just anyone can simply go and try to go through these dimensional gateways. Indeed, there are forces, guardian forces that would oppose many who tried, and even if they got past these guardians who will assess the individual approaching by their frequency and recognize those who are of the highest frequency, they would not allow those of lesser frequency or resonance to pass, and they would not even be able to go through the portal gateway without harm or simply even just being blocked. The present Egyptian government through its Department of Antiquity is very well aware of the chambers underneath the Sphinx, have known about them for many years, have tried on several occasions to breach walls to get past the gateways only to meet with disaster, even death. This has been kept under wraps. No one of the Department of Antiquity or the government of Egypt have admitted these events, that these even occurred, but it is such that they will not be allowed to enter into the halls of the ancient records, the ancient libraries, the Halls of Amenti, as some have referred to them as. There is a time coming soon where many are being awoken to that which is the internal wisdom, knowledge, and information that they have been downloaded with or that they have held within their being for the right time. The right time is not tomorrow, but it is coming, it is unfolding, and more and more evidence will be released in the weeks, months and years directly ahead. This too will be in coordination with the higher release of other information and contact such as the contact that has for so long been awaited and promised with the 5th dimensional beings that are guardians who are here to assist with the process of moving forward, or even with First Contact and the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation beings that are so involved in serving humanity and Mother Earth at this time. All of these events and meetings and revelations are ahead, but at this moment, the focus of course is to simply continue to work on yourself, to continue to believe that there is that which is unfolding, that the event of Ascension did occur and was part of the overall Plan, part of the Divine Plan of God Itself.
Cosmic Awareness Session January 22,2013, Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Callista Summerfield energizer

THE PLACE BETWEEN WHAT ONCE WAS AND WHAT WILL BE QUESTIONER: Welcome Cosmic Awareness, do you have any special message for tonight? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does have a message for tonight. It is now a month since that event known as the Great Ascension occurred, that which was the blending with the God Divine Consciousness/ Source Consciousness that occurred on the 21st of December, 2012. In the month since that event, many have had to face truths of their own nature that were in need of review. Some have openly looked into those areas of their lives and have seen for themselves what still needs to change, some have not. Disappointment and Disenchantment Sets In For those who have not, this last month has been difficult in many ways, for their lives have been disassembled, if you will, from that which was the state of their belief before Ascension to that which existed after the event. For those who found that nothing happened, there has been great disappointment and great fury that the long-awaited events they hoped would remove them from an oppressive world that they no longer wished to be part of, they have been placed in a situation that they now need to reconcile the loss of the dream.


In many ways, there was a disenchantment that occurred and this disenchantment has broken the mold of the dream that they held before Ascension, and for those ones who in their disenchantment have been disappointed and feel let down, many have retreated back into negativity and hopelessness. They felt something should occur on the day that would lift them beyond themselves and back into their spirit without having to go through the death experience, without having to work for this. They have found that they have not achieved those goals and they have found that they are bitter now, and dubious of those who gave them the information, this Awareness included, and all other sources as well. But they have also missed the point that the disenchantment was a vital necessity for their further growth and development. This applies across the board to all who found that the Ascension experience was not exactly as expected but in particular, for those who are now embittered at the lack of results, it is still a necessity to look at the reasons why this event did not occur. This Awareness is not talking of those reasons outside of themselves, but rather within themselves, for as they faced themselves in that instant of review when they stood in the presence of that which is the God Essence, or God Force, they understood instantly that they were not ready to proceed. They had not fulfilled that which was the contract made at that level of soul before advancing into a physical dualistic life experience. Some may even have realized in that instant that it was not a failure but rather that there was simply more work to do, more experience of physical dualism to be had and in that moment of Absolute Truth and Honesty, their soul again chose to return back into physicality to continue their life's journey in that which was and is the journey of soul evolution. Those who were somewhat disappointed but have not become bitter or angry at a lack of results but have understood that they have more work to do; this time period is indeed crucial. It is crucial again across-the-board for all, but this Awareness is speaking to those who felt maybe something happened but it certainly was not as expected. There have been for those ones periods of depression and setbacks. This is so as they too felt their disenchantment from that which was the previous dream. They have started to understand that perhaps there was and is more work to do which was revealed to them also during the moment, the instant of soul review as they stood in the God Consciousness, God Force. Instead of Taking the Road of Negativity, Look Deeply Within In their return, rather than go down the road of negativity, rather than blaming others, they have decided to simply look deeper within and to do that which is still in need of doing. This is that which this Awareness further encourages for this time period. This interim period of nine months that this Awareness has spoken of, that which will take place from the 21st of December 2012 to the 21st of September 2013, is very much a period of time where intense work can be done and many revelations presented to oneself. Of course for those who did feel something new at a deeper level that an event occurred of great significance and came back to continue the work; this Awareness says also this period of time remains critical and crucial across-the-board for all human beings, whether they were disappointed and thus embittered by the lack of experience, events, etc. or those that did achieve a recognition, and returned with some memory of the event, and all in between. This is a period of time now for the intense work to continue. The first trimester of this ninemonth period, that which is underway at this time, is a very crucial developmental stage. Just as the embryo that has recently been conceived and has started its journey of fetal development is in a critical stage of its development in the first three months, so is it with all who are moving toward the expansion of their consciousness and the manifestation of their new reality. It is extremely critical at this time to not look at the events and say nothing happened, nothing has changed; the


same old order is in charge, the same ones who have created such turmoil, such problems, such horrendous societal events are still there. There is a need to understand that they are still there at this preliminary stage, but as it is still a preliminary stage and as the decisions being made at this stage are crucial to how the spiritual embryo continues to develop over the nine-month period, it is important to recognize that as you devote your energies to maintaining the old status quo of beliefs, you will continue to experience them, your timelines will reflect them and for those who choose to energize these beliefs, these observations that nothing has happened, their experiences will create the body of those beliefs, and the body will be in a reality where they do head down the timelines to where they might even experience a Planet B scenario. If their belief that the evil and dark ones are still in control and that they are more powerful than all else and there is no escaping them, they will unfortunately create their manifest destiny that has this as their experience. For all others who are choosing to continue to work on the assumption that something did happen at the soul level, the Divine level of consciousness, and that it is available still and that they are choosing to work towards this, choosing to work towards creating their manifest destiny that will see the new world start to emerge, then their timelines will reflect this, they will begin to see greater and greater changes in these months ahead. But these first three months (the first month of which is now complete) are essential to the process and that as the next two months unfold and events unfold on the timelines of Mother Earth, that they continue to hold to their beliefs and their convictions that the changes are underway and that their manifest destiny will be a reflection of this. In the period of time ahead, basically this Awareness would say that it is the state of consciousness in between what once was and what will be that which is ahead, and as the timelines are now beginning to diverge and develop and form, that this period of time, this trimester is that period of time where one can most affect the future ahead, their future, your future. Infinite Timelines are Available The timelines that are available are infinite, and to see and understand that it is your choice now that will determine the path ahead, the timeline taken. It thus brings one hopefully to the realization that this critical period of time necessitates wise choices, choices of trust, choices of faith, recognition that the world today is not what it once was, even if the differences are subtle, even if the differences are negligible. The notice of those negligible and small changes will increase as those changes increase, as the differences increase; and now is the time to step up to the plate and simply move forward on the premise that a change occurred, changes are happening and they will continue. A Journey that is Continuous in Nature Your choice is that you hold to the course ahead, that you go the distance. It must be understood also that this is a journey that is continuous in nature; it always was, it always will be. The journey continues whether one is in physical form or spirit form. There is always a journey. The journey is only complete when the soul has completed its entire evolutionary process, has gone through all stages, all levels, all dimensions, and finally returns back into the Godhead. But this is another matter, one that is the ultimate quest of the soul to gain as much experience, as much awareness, as much understanding as possible, in any and all of the journeys undertaken at any level, in any dimension. Many, of course, have been disappointed with the seemingly small changes or no changes at all. But this Awareness would also say that disappointment is part of the process, for as one holds to old concepts, old dreams, old realities of what once was, and then is


disappointed that things did not change - there is a shaking up of the status quo of beliefs, even those that seemed to be so high and positive, those that promised the Ascension experience. It is now obvious things did not go exactly as many expected. But rather than to go into disappointment and rejection of that which occurred, use this energy to redefine yourself, to redefine that which is the spiritual nature of things. In the end this experience of disappointment can actually be the exact turning point or tipping point needed to create a more grounded and realistic understanding of the true capacity of the soul, of the spiritual journey-one that is not routed in fairy tales but rather one that truly embraces and acknowledges the grand nature of Spirit, of the God Force, God Consciousness, of even one's soul and thus even of one's life. All souls who have chosen to send out the aspects needed to have physical experiences, those who have chosen to have a physical experience are not here by accident. The aspect of soul that chooses a physical incarnation does not arrive here because of the indiscretions of their biological parents that accidentally created a life. Each life, each soul aspect that is in a physical body chose to be here. There is no other way for it and thus, each soul knew exactly what was coming and what the purpose of the life journey would be. The Veil of Forgetfulness Makes Many Play the Game in Ignorance Yet because they would go through the veil of forgetfulness it was understood that the vast majority would never remember this truth and thus play the game in ignorance that they chose to be here, and in that ignorance provide the milieu of experiences that would be available, that would allow the soul to have a total focus on the experience without distraction, without a back door to run back through and to return to Spirit. This was always the case and remains so now, and in that moment of instant review of the life purpose of the soul that chose to have physical life in the first place, the purpose was restated and re-investigated and confirmed once again; and thus all have returned back with the reinforcement of their inner knowledge of why they chose a physical life in the first place. Thus it is that many who had not truly been living up to their life purpose, who were and are of a higher spiritual nature, who were so oppressed and under-pinned by the life experience that they did not even acknowledge they had truly chosen themselves, felt that the Ascension was the opportunity to leave the life they did not wish for in the first place–that which was too oppressive and crushing to them, that which they wished to escape from so that they could return back to that higher state of consciousness and experience the bliss and the grandeur of a non-corporeal spiritual life. You Have Chosen This Life! There ARE No Accidents They saw again for themselves that they did have a choice here, a choice whether or not to live a meaningful life or one that did not have meaning, and returning here at this time after the Ascension event itself is the opportunity to restate and re-examine your life and to come to a realization that you are here purposefully, that you each and every one has chosen this life, this experience. There are no accidents, either in the initial entry into physical life or after that Ascension event in consciousness. Now is the time to finally put behind the naïvete that one did not choose to be in a physical body having a physical experience. All are here to continue the physical experience but what has shifted and changed, that which is unfolding and developing, is greater and greater realization that this is so, that one has chosen to be here, that one has the right to alter their life by assuming greater responsibility for the choice and then to work with it, to attune to the higher spiritual forces of consciousness that are very much available at this time. They have always been available, but one of the factors that has shifted considerably with the shift in consciousness is the availability of


higher forms of consciousness that are here to assist one and all in the spiritual journey that still lies ahead. These nine months are crucial to this. They are crucial in the sense that now is the time to re-pledge and re-dedicate yourself, one's self, and that in doing so the factors of life will begin to change, and that which was the disappointment that shook everything up can thus become for one and all the very event that helped them turn the corner. It is now time for one and all to come to a realization that simply maintaining nothing happened and reinforcing this energetically will keep one in the old patterns. Realizing that something did happen –subtle for the majority, profound for others, will assist those with this realization to continue their journey, to live their lives in the belief that change is underway and more and more change will come as the days, weeks and months progress. This interim time period is still underway, you are still in that place between what once was and what will be. Make the best of this time; it can be a time of true miracles and magic, or it can be a time of extreme anguish and disappointment. QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness, that was very interesting. Those of us who are now on the new Planet A/B realize that some part of our role is to bring the energies of the 5th dimension into this reality, this more physical, tangible reality. These first three months of the trimester, if we liken it to a normal human pregnancy, is a time of great growth and development, and it seems that if we can tap into this energy of great growth and development, we can easily tap into that huge creativity energy that enables us to bring in new art forms, new music forms and all the other creative forms that can help to anchor the 5th dimensional energy in this paradigm. The New Soul Embryo Developing Within You COSMIC AWARENESS: This is correct. It must be remembered that the first three months of the development of the embryo shows a development from the first merging of the original egg and sperm into the first division of the cells and the multiplication of the divisions afterwards at a truly phenomenal rate, but the first three months the fetus is still undifferentiated. In other words, the child to be is neither male nor female but rather simply a mass of cells that are multiplying and developing toward a recognizable form. This is what is happening to the new soul embryo that is rapidly developing within you, and that as it develops, the use of creative force to enhance this development is essential, is of great value most definitely. Manifesting the Creative Force This creative force is that which is coming from the 5th dimensional strata of consciousness and it is there to encourage the developmental process so that as the form within one develops while it is at this stage undifferentiated, it will take on those attributes that will later continue to develop and define that growing spiritual fetus. The Importance of Art & Music in One's Spiritual Development It is recognized that often when the fetus receives stimulation from the outside, such as music, that this has a very positive effect on the developmental process. Again this is a similar concept of recognizing that when one turns to their creative nature, which has its roots in 5th dimensional consciousness, and allows the creative force to come through, that this will help develop the undifferentiated embryo that is forming at this time. Therefore this Awareness does suggest to those inclined that they do look to themselves as creator beings who are able to allow the creative force from their higher consciousness, their 5th dimensional state of consciousness to flow through them. They are encouraged to do works of art, to paint, to create music, but even for those who do not consider themselves artistic or creative in this way, to allow even participation in creative events, listening to music that is soothing and uplifting, reading books and poetry, seeing films that are of


an uplifting nature. Equally there are many who will continue to listen to music that is chaotic and hateful and dark, they will continue to see movies where there is much violence and much hatred, and they will perhaps even choose to believe the politics that are unfolding and the mass events that they see in the news or on the TV itself. These energies are counterproductive; they are not of the high creative nature, but their exact opposite. Those energies will create that which is being viewed, heard or absorbed and it is again for this reason that this Awareness asks one and all in these critical times of development to surround yourself with creative upliftting, motivating energies, to seek out from within your creative nature and to let it express itself any way that it wishes that is uplifting and inspiring, and that adds to the energies that will help in this developmental process toward the creation of a new spiritually aware, in tune, balanced and harmonious human being. This energy is very available at this time but in this very delicate period of time, this very undifferentiated state of consciousness of the new embryo of Spirit that is developing, the danger is that a continuance or an attraction to the negative, the dark, and the violent can of course retard or even abort the developmental process and one does not lift into those higher realms of consciousness that are unfolding, but stays at the lower levels, even with the danger of going into Planet B scenarios. Equally, those who choose to allow inspiration to be their mainstay, to seek it out, to express it within their being, to express it in any way that feels right and allows the creative flow to occur, will find that their realities are indeed those that support Planet A/B and are inspired from the Planet A of consciousness this Awareness has often talked about, the Ascended Consciousness, 5th dimensional consciousness. In a very real way, it is not even that the soul is ascending but Spirit, the Divine God Consciousness, is also descending to this unfolding planet, as Mother Earth/Gaia moves herself forward and each and every human has that capacity to allow the flow of God Consciousness through them, through the creative efforts of their lives, through the creative energies they immerse themselves in. Stay Open to the Divine Energies Flowing onto the Planet Stay aware that you are one and all beings of Divine Consciousness, the Children of God, and that as the Children of God, Divine Beings, that you can be open to the Divine Energies that are flowing onto this planet in transition at this time and that will help motivate and create that which will be, whatever you wish it to be, whatever you choose to focus on and to believe in. That which is the creative order, the creative force that emanates from Planet A, from 5th dimensional consciousness, is here to motivate, inspire and empower you, and this Awareness recommends that one and all who are so inclined pursue their creative nature, to allow the creative force to develop within them and express itself through their actions, thoughts, words and experiences. QUESTIONER: Thank you, Awareness. It also seems very important at this stage to look after our physical bodies, similarly as we would look after a human embryo; our bodies also need to have good nutrition and things like that. Can you speak about that for us also? Proper Nutrition: Healthy Organic Food is Very Important at this Time COSMIC AWARENESS: Again this is correct. In the modern world, especially in the western world, there is much use of processed food which is heavily laden with substances that are not good for the body: sugar, salt, and chemicals, and that this is detrimental to the body's health and well being. This also includes the pollution in the air and waters of the planet, as well as mental and emotional pollution that is the common stay for most on this planet. Not even that which is known as the chemtrails, for they are indeed very much poisoning the atmosphere, the soil and the waters, but also the pollution that is occurring through the many,


many sources that are currently polluting the planet. This Awareness does not wish to go into a full-length discussion here, but what It is saying is that it is a difficult enough process to have health and well-being, and to assist it, this Awareness does recommend that one be very aware of the foods they eat at this time, to try to eat as much natural foods that are unprocessed, that does not have chemicals or sugars added to them. Many are feeling a need to have raw food diets and this Awareness would say that this is indeed highly recommended, but even if one does not choose to be extreme to this degree, that using natural foods unsprayed, unpolluted would be highly recommended. There are many who know about proper nutrition, healthy living, and if it is possible for those so inclined, the recommendation is to learn more, to buy books on organic food and food preparation, to look into more vegetarian diets or diets that have meat that is organic in nature without growth hormones added or other chemicals in the growth of the animal. There are many ways to do this, but basically here this Awareness is simply saying, proper nutrition, healthy, organic food is very important at this time and that this will also help the body in its journey towards that which is its own highest state. QUESTIONER: Thank you, Awareness. There also seems to be a need for many people to have more rest, more physical rest and to just relax more and be able to enjoy their environment and have an attitude of gratitude. The Importance of Getting Proper Rest & Relaxation COSMIC AWARENESS: At this time because of the different energies, the many layers of energetic contamination that are taking place, the manipulations of energies, the cosmic forces, the solar coronal events, sun flares, etc. that there are heavy duty vibrations and frequencies and other factors that are bombarding the Earth at this time. Many will feel this as a sense of tiredness or will feel tired at this time, and even though it may be in the middle of the day, one feels exhausted. The recommendation of this Awareness is to pay attention to your body and its needs. If the body is tired and one can do so, then do lay down. If one is tired at night, early in the evening, perhaps going to bed early is suggested. By taking care of these needs and recognizing that the body is showing you what is needed, one can participate in full measure and can indeed ensure that the body has what it is needing at this time. To ignore it, to push through it, to maintain old schedules; this can be somewhat more detrimental, but at the same time unfortunately due to work and family commitments, indeed life commitments, often one does not feel they have the opportunity to rest in the afternoon, and they must continue at work. Therefore this Awareness says that what is necessary is that you take even a few minutes where you can rest, where you can close your eyes, breathe deep, take in oxygen and allow the body to settle, to relax, even if only for a few minutes. This will help in the process that is occurring, which is a transformational developmental process of an energy body within you that is growing, as this Awareness spoke earlier: the spiritual embryo, the spiritual consciousness of change and growth. Simply take care of your body needs when you have the chance. This is what this Awareness recommends. As to the attitude of gratitude, this Awareness has spoken of this on other occasions and It says again to hold an attitude of gratitude for one's life, for what is unfolding, what is happening. Even the challenges of one's life will instill a far more positive attitude that will align one, not with the negative outcome of their life and that which is happening within their lives, but to that which is the positive outcome, positive results, positive events that begin to unfold more and more. When one has this attitude of gratitude even those events that seem to be detrimental can be seen then as opportunities to learn, to grow, to release, to move forward through those walls that have surrounded one for so long. The attitude of gratitude will do much in promoting a healthy and


positive attitude which will then be reflected in the development of a positive and hopeful environment around the person, of hope and positivity in the unfolding events of one's life. QUESTIONER: Thank you very much, Awareness. It's going to be a very exciting time for us in the next few months and I thank you very much for speaking with us tonight. Is there a message that you would like to give at the end this session? HOPE: High Optimism Presents Evidence COSMIC AWARENESS: The only message at this time that this Awareness would present is that these times are indeed times of great hope; hope of course being that new definition that this Awareness has recently presented: High Optimism Presents Evidence. As one tunes in to that positive element of their lives, as one allows the creative energies to flow, as one knows within oneself a shift did occur, and that they do the inner work needed to clear and cleanse that which are the blocks still–all of this together will provide hope. In high optimism events will present themselves because one is holding the optimism, one is immersed in the Law of Gratitude, and these events and these experiences of hope will bring evidence of change. As one sees the change in their lives, they may begin to understand that the focus truly necessary is not outside of themselves to world events, national events, regional events, but rather to local events, even local to the point of your own life and the changes occurring in that life. This is indeed a time of great hope and this Awareness asks one and all to remember the acronym: High Optimism Presenting Evidence, and as you hold this you will start to see this becoming your truth. QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness. COSMIC AWARENESS: This concludes tonight's session. This Awareness is complete. That it is now done, it is done in beauty and in beauty it is now done.
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