Presented by: S.M.Minhaj-ul-Arfin Owais





Sindh Muslim League
• 1907: First session of All India Muslim League was held in Karachi. • 1st November 1917: Formation of Sindh Muslim League. • President: Mr. Muhammad Yusuf Ali Alibhai. • Vice-President: Mr. G.M.Bhurgri.

Khilafat Movement in Sindh
• 1919: Khilafat Movement started.

• Raisul-Muhajireen Jan Muhammad Junejo

Seperation of Sindh from Bombay

Elections of 1937

• Sindh United Party

• Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah

Sindh Muslim League’s Session
• 1938: The Sindh Muslim League Session held at Karachi. • Quote from Presidential Address of M.A.Jinnah: “This would result in India being divided” •

3rd March 1943: Resolution passed by Legislative Assembly.

Progressive League

• 13 June, 1943: Elections of Muslim League.

• Formation of Progressive League.

Elections of 1946
• 21st January, 1946: General Elections of Legislative Assembly.

• Dissolution of Assembly


• December 1946: Re-elections for the elections of Legislative Assembly, 1946.

• Remarkable success of Muslim League


• Introduction

Yusuf Ali Khan Magsi
• 1929: Newspaper “Faryad-e-Balochistan”. • 1930: Anjuman-e-ittehad-e-Balochistan. • 1932: All India Baloch Conference in Jacobabad. • 1933: Pamphlet “Balochistan ki awaaz”.

Qazi Isa
• 1939: Establishment of Balochistan Muslim League.

• Dual Position

• Anjuman-e-Islamia

• Representation of Balochistan in Pakistan Resolution • Annual Session of Balochistan Muslim League • Quaid’s stay in Balochistan

Presenting of sword
• “Throughout history, the sword has been the constant companion of the Muslims. When the Muslims did not have an Amir, this sword was lying in safe custody. Now that you have taken over as the Amir of this nation, I hand over this historic sword to you. This has always been used in defence. In your safe hands also, it will be used only for this purpose”.

Constitutional Reforms of 1944

• Liaquat Ali Khan

The political situation of Balochistan in 1946
• Cabinet Mission Plan • Samad Achakzai: The President of Congress. • Qazi Isa: The President of Muslim League. • Khan of Kalat • Qazi Isa’s Goal

Public meeting in Macmahan Park
• Qazi Isa`s words: “The Britishers are about to leave. The time has come when all the Sardars who, in reality, are the offspring of the British, must also pack up and go” • The reaction to these remarks

The Partition Plan

• Lord Mountbatten: Annonced the Partition Plan on 3rd June 1947.

• 30th June 1947

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