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Assignment No 2

Assignment No 2

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Published by: Nara Chan on Apr 15, 2013
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Assignment No 2 1) Draw a square plate and explain by taking three elements on each side how the twisting moment

can give rise to corner forces. 2) For the case of triangular load (hydrostatic) on a square plate with all the edges simply supported, i) obtain the deflection, forces, moments and the stresses using Naviers approach, ii)prove that the vertical equilibrium is satisfied (i.e. that the total transverse load is balanced by the sum of the shear force reactions offered by the four edges). iii)Compare with the Levy’s approach (from book , venstel) in terms of convergence for deflection and moments (i.e. take the error limit as 10e-5 and compare the no of terms required to achieve this convergence, just a game in MATLAB!!!!!) 3) A rectangular plate is subjected to line load as shown in figure below , find the deflection using Navier/Levy approach.

4) Consider a plate loaded with uniform load, which is very long in y direction such that it undergoes cylindrical bending, find the maximum deflection and the stresses if the edges at x=0,a are i) simply supported at y-0,b ii) clamped at y=0 and SS at y =b Compare it with a beam deflection with a same loading and comment on the results.

Derive an expression for the deflection surface. . 7) Derive and find the displacement at the centre of the plate for the loading shown in figure below. The plate is under uniform wind loading of po. 8) Using the method of superposition find the equation for deflection for the plate with two edges SS and other two edges clamped as shown below.6) A window of a high rised building is approximated by a rectangular plate with three edges simply supported and one edge clamped.

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