Startup Needs analysis


There is a lot more than just venture capital that start-ups require to become successful. Respondents of the survey Seed-stage ventures (no revenues) Early-stage ventures (generating revenues, but not profitable) Growth-stage (profitable) Funding requirement No immediate need Less than Rs20 lakh Rs20-50 lakh Rs50 lakh-Rs1 crore Rs1-2 crore Rs2-5 crore Rs5-10 crore Assistance required* Angel investors Venture capitalists Incubators (office support and mentoring) Incubators (office, intellectual property and laboratory support) Customers/early adopters Corporate investors Debt Government support
*Respondents were allowed to choose multiple options


60.0 31.4 8.6 14.3 20.0 14.3 17.1 11.4 17.1 5.7 62.9 40.0 25.7 22.9 37.1 14.3 14.3 17.1
Source: HeadStart Foundation

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