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Emaad Khalid exposes Zaid Hamid

Emaad Khalid exposes Zaid Hamid

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Emaad Khalid who was Zaid Hamid's Staff Officer, Media Coordinator and Personal Assistant/Accountant from 2009 to 2013, has finally decided to leave Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks. He has written a 111 page document that exposes all the dirty work of Zaid Hamid. It includes his financial & moral corruption and more importantly his anti-state agenda.
Emaad Khalid who was Zaid Hamid's Staff Officer, Media Coordinator and Personal Assistant/Accountant from 2009 to 2013, has finally decided to leave Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks. He has written a 111 page document that exposes all the dirty work of Zaid Hamid. It includes his financial & moral corruption and more importantly his anti-state agenda.

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Published by: subverter313 on Apr 15, 2013
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The Real Face of Zaid Hamid

First-hand account of the real face behind the mask and façade of words, and what lead me to the decision of leaving him by Emaad Khalid – Zaid Hamid’s Staff Officer / Media Coordinator / Personal Assistant / Accountant [from 23rd January 2009 to 17th March 2013]

Table of Contents Section A – Introduction – Reality of Zaid Hamid and his fake “mission” – Zaid Hamid
using the name of Ishq-e-Rasul (saww), Ghazwa-e-Hind, Khilafat-e-Rashida, United States of Islam, Pakistan and its armed forces, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Takmeel-e-Pakistan for his own ulterior motives and for obtaining fame and fortune – Zaid Hamid portraying a false image to the world about himself with deception, lies and Munafiqat – Why and when I joined Zaid Hamid – Why I left him

Section B – Zaid Hamid: Getting Rs. 6,06,500/- per month from ISI – Planning
assassinations of prominent personalities – Making a “hit-list” – Wishing there were more Mumtaz Qadris – Speaking against Army Chief and Corp Commanders – Trying to create mutiny in the army – Rushing anarchy in Pakistan – Getting blacklisted by MI and MI’s letter against him – Saying that ISI is his agent – Wishing that Army Chief is assassinated by a junior officer – Brainwashing army officers against top command of armed forces – Using his links with armed forces for personal reasons and threatening people – Using name of army and ISI to promote his own business and for self-projection – Boasting that Army will bring people of his choice in Caretaker setup – Not being sincere with armed forces and ISI – Claiming to do more work than ISPR and ISI/MI put together – Claiming that if CIA or RAW had a Zaid Hamid they would pay him much more

Section C – Zaid Hamid: Being involved in financial corruption and nepotism – Having
an average income of a million rupees per month – Receiving 40 million rupees from ISI from Dec 2007 till April 2013 – Receiving millions of rupees from interest-based banks and corporations – Receiving donations of more than 5 million rupees from 2009 onwards – Filing inaccurate tax return – Wanting a position in government for personal gain and benefit – Being a self-acclaimed Defence and Security Analyst – Lying about sources of income and about receiving donations – Encouraging wealthy patriots to give donations to his “mission” – Wanting to receive 7 lac rupees per month from a new TV channel owned by Zardari’s special advisor – Encouraging and supporting his frontman Rizwan’s frauds and bogus think tank Pak Turk Institute or Business Economic Forum – Treating people according to their wealth and status – Being a self-acclaimed “Faqeer” and man of God – Deliberately creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty – Wanting to bring anarchy and war before its preordained time

Section D – Zaid Hamid: Hurting and disobeying his old parents – Using his father’s
property against his will and permission – Not sending his father the monthly rent of his house regularly – Being cruel towards his immediate family – Being suspected by his own family in Yusuf Ali aka Yusuf Kazzab matter – Keeping his parents and their tasks or orders always at lowest priority – Equating his Turkey trip to Maqbool Umrah despite parents’ displeasure – Torturing his first wife physically and emotionally – Cheating on his wife – Being ungrateful to his first wife for all her sacrifices and support – Divorcing his first wife after obtaining fame and fortune

Section E – Zaid Hamid: Having extra-marital affairs and relationships – Spending time
alone with young non-Mehram women – Taking a non-Mehram woman to Umrah without her Mehram – Deliberately encouraging emotionally-distressed non-Mehram women to come close to him and making them fall in love with him – Touching young non-Mehram women – Encouraging a young married woman to spend time with him against her husband ’s orders – Being careless about his wife’s feelings – Being harsh with his wife but very loving with non-Mehram women – Tricking his second wife into marrying him – Making his in-laws financially dependent upon himself and then using them – Craving to be in the company of young women – Preferring to have young female women as anchors in his programs and as guests at his residence and office – Sharing vulgar jokes about women

Section F – Zaid Hamid: Saying that Allah needs him and that only his “mission” is right
– Deceiving the masses on social and mainstream media through clever use of words and emotions – Comparing himself to Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Salahuddin Ayyubi, AuliaAllah, Sahabah (RA) and even Rasulullah (saww) – Making unjust and biased decisions –

Deciding who will go to Heaven and who to Hell – Being jealous of important and famous personalities and defaming them – Falsely accusing people without having any evidence whatsoever – Teaming up with his fake “Peer” to rob and misguide people – Calling himself the “reference” for a Hadith – Being a real coward at heart – Making fun of Sunnah and disrespecting the sanctity of Rasulullah’s (saww) name – Using third-party or private platforms for abusing or mocking someone – Boasting that he was the one instructing Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri throughout the long march of Jan 2013 – Wanting chaos in the long march for an army takeover – Being arrogant and hypocritical – Portraying a larger-than-life image of himself – Lying blatantly about his Supreme Court appearance – Basing his entire mission on a failed event [Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution 2010] and fooling the masses on a grand scale

Section G – Zaid Hamid’s lies, accusations, propaganda and desperate attempts for
damage control after I left him – Conclusion – My contact details – Zaid Hamid’s and Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich’s contact details

A person who, Compares himself with, and equates himself to, Allah, Rasul Allah (saww), and Khulafa-e-Rashideen.. Lies frequently, believes in falsehoods, and puts Buhtan (false accusations) on others, without having proof.. Wears a misleading mask and practices hypocrisy as a persistent habit, weaving a web of deception with his words.. Wants chaos and bloodshed in Pakistan, and mutiny in the armed forces of Pakistan.. Craves a position of great power, authority and influence (mainly for his own personal gain and financial benefits).. Is Mutakkabir, arrogant, unjust, selfish, ungrateful, cowardly, attention-seeking and self-centred.. Lies about and hides his real sources of income, lies about his assets / finances and about receiving donations.. Likes the company of non-Mehram young women and is involved in anti-Shariah practices with them.. Lacks the basic understanding of the word Insaaf (justice) and the concept of Musawat (equality) between the rich and the poor.. Neglects, ignores, hurts and disobeys his old parents, and misuses their assets / finances, and is cruel / uncaring towards his wives.. Thinks that he does not need to follow any Maslak, and creates a Maslak for himself to his own liking.. Can such a person be, A Wali-Allah and “Faqeer” of the highest order, the flag-bearer of Ghazwa-e-Hind, the one who can bring about the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida, the one who can establish the United States of Islam, the Danday Wali Sarkar, the Green-Eyed Mujahid, and the Saviour of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah?


A man bore witness in the presence of Umar ibn al-Khattaab (may Allah be pleased with him), so Umar (RA) said to him: “I do not know you, and it does not harm you that I do not know you, but bring someone who does know you.” So a man said: ‘I know him, O Chief of the Believers.’ Umar (RA) said: “What do you know of him?” The man said: ‘Uprightness.’ Umar (RA) said: “Is he your closest neighbour; so that you know about his night and his day, and his comings and goings?” The man said: ‘No.’ Umar (RA) said: “So have you had (monetary) dealings with him involving dirhams and deenars, which will indicate his piety?” The man said: ‘No.’ Umar (RA) said: “Then has he been your companion upon a journey which could indicate to you his good character?” The man said: ‘No.’ Umar (RA) said: “Then you do not know him.” Then Umar (RA) said to the man (who bore witness): “Bring me someone who knows you.” ______________________________________________________________________________________

Section A
[1] It must be obvious and clear to many people, especially in the BrassTacks team, that why this incident
from Hazrat Umar’s (RA) life has been selected to begin this email with. Alhamdolillah, keeping the criteria given by Hazrat Omar (RA) in mind, it can safely be said that Emaad Khalid knows Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid very well (real name: Zaid-uz-Zaman Hamid). This cannot be said for the people who have seen Zaid Hamid from a distance, mainly on social and mainstream media, or those who just meet him now and then in his office. Sometimes it happens that the image of a person projected in front of the world is very different from his real and actual self. What Zaid Hamid has done using social and mainstream media is to develop personality worship for himself in the youth of Pakistan. The image that Zaid Hamid and his diehard followers want to be portrayed to the world can be observed clearly in this video. Point to note is that this video was officially and happily approved by Zaid Hamid himself for circulation on the internet as this is exactly what he wants the world to think of him: “The Mujahid nation waits for… The ONLY ONE who can save us now!” [http://vimeo.com/59716803]. Those of you who believe in the image depicted in this video and who put Zaid Hamid on a very high larger-than-life pedestal (like I used to do), will learn several things in this email which will cause you to seriously question your current beliefs about Zaid Hamid, InshaAllah. And then one is bound to ask the maker of this video, “When did you see or witness Zaid Hamid to be all that you say he is? Have you forgotten that one day you will have to face Allah, who is in reality the ONLY ONE who can save us? Why have you made a god out of Zaid Hamid, what is your “majboori” to lie to such an extent just to please this erring human being?”

[2] Understandably, the dawn of reality upon the people who love Zaid Hamid will be painful (like it was
painful for me, very painful indeed), but it is a pain and hurt which cannot be avoided, and which is necessary for the salvation of a Muslim. Allah does not like it when we start loving someone much more

than he deserves, when we start thinking of pleasing only him, when we start believing in each and every word that he utters, so much so that we become almost totally blind at heart and mind. It is only when we start reverting back to Allah, when we start trying our best to please Him alone, and start begging Him for guidance and for the knowledge of the reality of things, that Allah starts lifting the veil from our eyes, hearts and minds, by His Will. He has been very Merciful to me and has listened to my prayers. Allah has shown me my error and corrected me by showing me the real face of Zaid Hamid, Alhamdolillah. Allah is my witness that I wished to lay down my life and everything I had for Zaid Hamid and his “mission”, and I could never have even imagined leaving him. Allah is my witness that now that I have left Zaid Hamid and BrassTacks, it was NOT for any “personal” reason at all (as stated by Zaid Hamid). It was because I gradually came to the only possible conclusion (after seeing all that I have seen) that Zaid Hamid was just USING and CASHING the name of Ishq-e-Rasul (saww), love for Pakistan and its armed forces, Ghazwa-e-Hind, Khilafat-e-Rashida, Allama Iqbal, Takmeel-e-Pakistan etc. for his own fame and gain, with a Munafiqat of the highest order. I had joined Zaid Hamid for Allah and Rasulullah (saww) and I have left Zaid Hamid for Allah and Rasulullah (saww), Alhamdolillah. I want to make it very clear, especially to those people who have the misconception/misunderstanding that I have left “THE mission”, that Zaid Hamid’s so-called “mission” is a façade and drama. Some people are blinded and fooled into believing that they will be on the right path and mission ONLY if they are working with Zaid Hamid, and only if they are a part of Zaid Hamid’ team. Allah is not “Muhtaj” of Zaid Hamid. I have left Zaid Hamid and Zaid Hamid’s self-created “mission”. I would never leave the REAL MISSION of working hard and steadfastly for Allah, Rasulullah (saww), Pakistan and the whole Ummah, InshaAllah. I was working for Pakistan and Islam since the age of 25 (almost 8 years before I met Zaid Hamid), Alhamdolillah. Now I am almost 38 years old. Every sincere Muslim and Pakistani wants to work for the real cause and mission, just like I do, and being part of this façade of Zaid Hamid was the direct opposite of working for the real cause and mission. So as soon as Allah removed the veil from my eyes and showed me clearly the reality of this man Zaid Hamid, it was “Farz” (obligatory) upon me to denounce him completely and separate myself in every way from his grand plan based on Munafiqat and personal gain. If I was looking for worldly gain, I would not have left him, or I would at least have waited for the month to end. But Alhamdolillah, I am not looking for any worldly/personal gain. Instead, I have taken up this task of denouncing Zaid Hamid and telling the world his reality, fully aware that there will be difficulties and obstacles in my way. But I know that Allah and Rasulullah (saww) are with me because I have taken a stand for “Haq”, and have rejected “Baatil ” and spoken against it, in this effort to expose a great “Fitnah”. Alhamdolillah. Another misconception that would naturally arise in the minds of many people is that, “Now Emaad is telling all this about Zaid Hamid BECAUSE he has left him”. The reality is the opposite of this… I have left Zaid Hamid BECAUSE I wanted to tell the world all this, because I had seen his real face, and because I found myself duty-bound to let the nation know what Allah had shown to me, especially those thousands of people who had joined Zaid Hamid and his “mission” directly or indirectly because of my words, actions and efforts. It is Allah who assigns various duties to us, even if we never imagined having such heavy duties upon our shoulders, and from Allah alone comes the power and strength to fulfil these duties. May Allah accept my effort of fulfilling this duty that is upon me now, and may He not hold me accountable on the Day of Judgment, Ameen.

[3] I would never have left, if I had remained under the false impression that Zaid Hamid was a great
Wali Allah and Faqeer (as he likes to call himself), and a great patriot and Mujahid who could really bring about the system of Khilafat-e-Rashidah in Pakistan, and form the United States of Islam. Alhamdolillah this false impression finally ended. I had been getting glimpses of the reality of Zaid Hamid ever since I started working closely with him, but I kept ignoring them. Sometimes I would be a little concerned about an action or word of Zaid Hamid, but then I would brush away that thought. It was as if I were under a spell which made me think that everything Zaid Hamid does MUST be right (even if it was clearly against the Sunnah and Shariah). But gradually, especially in the past few months, I started being seriously concerned about things which could not be ignored anymore. So I started making dua to Allah for guidance and truth. After Allah lifted the veil from my eyes and ended the spell that was on me, it became impossible to stay with Zaid Hamid anymore, because carrying on in such circumstances would mean that I was also playing a part in this grand-scale Munafiqat and façade being carried out in the name of a “sacred mission”, in this great “Khiyanat” being done with the innocent, Islam-loving and patriotic people here in Pakistan and abroad.

[4] The main purpose of writing this email is that I find it obligatory upon myself to share the information
and knowledge that Allah has provided me about Zaid Hamid’s official / social / financial / personal / family life, which are hidden from the public eye, from his thousands of followers, many of whom joined Zaid Hamid and his “mission” directly or indirectly because of me, by Allah’s will. It would have been very easy for me just to say goodbye and walk away, thinking about saving myself only. But then the sense of duty towards Allah and Rasulullah (saww), and the fear that Allah will hold me answerable on the Day of Judgment for not conveying to other people what Allah had shown me, made me write this email in an attempt to present to others who the real Zaid Hamid is, so that the people may save themselves as I have saved myself with the Help and Will of Allah. May Allah accept this effort which I am making only for the sake of Allah and Rasulullah (saww), ameen. Allah and Rasulullah (saww) are witness to the fact that what I am disclosing in this email is the truth and a first-hand account of what I have witnessed and observed over a period of more than four years, in which I have worked more closely than anyone else with Zaid Hamid. The whole BrassTacks team, Zaid Hamid’s immediate and extended family, and many armed forces officers and media personnel are aware of this undeniable fact. They have also witnessed the utter respect, humility, dedication and hard work with which I have served Zaid Hamid day and night, keeping myself on standby for him 24/7 throughout the year, not taking a single day off even on Eid. I used to believe that if anyone, including myself, opposed Zaid Hamid or left him, then that person would face the wrath of Allah and Rasulullah (saww). Surely, as now I have come to understand, Allah and Rasulullah (saww) were not pleased with this un-Islamic belief of mine. May Allah prevent every Muslim from all “Mushrikana” practices and beliefs, ameen. I feel myself bound in duty to Allah and Rasulullah (saww) to reveal the following facts to the followers of Zaid Hamid, for the own “khair” (good), in the national interest of Pakistan, and for the good of Ummat-e-Rasul (saww) at large. _______________________________________________________________________________

Section B
[1] Zaid Hamid has been receiving (since the end of 2007) a monthly stipend of Rs. 6,06,500/- (Six lac, Six thousand and five hundred rupees ONLY) from the ISI and is still getting this amount every month. Since November 2011 Zaid Hamid has been sending me to get the
amount from the ISI. I have been going alone to collect the amount in my own vehicle and signing the receipt for Zaid Hamid and stamping it with the BrassTacks official stamp. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong if our prestigious ISI funds somebody to protect the image of the armed forces in the cyber world and on mainstream media, but then I think that the ISI should be spending this Amanat of Pakistan on someone who is worthy of it, and who is more influential in the mainstream media. Being the son of a retired Air Commodore, I am writing this only in the national interest of Pakistan and its commendable armed forces, because I am witness to the unworthiness of this man Zaid Hamid on whom the money is being wasted. According to Zaid Hamid, it was because of the personal initiative taken by one officer in the ISI (Admiral Shafique), that Zaid Hamid got this contract with the ISI. His words were: “Allah bhala karay Admiral Shafique ka, jis ney mujhay yeh ISI ka contract dilwa diya apnay personal initiative per (May Allah bless Admiral Shafique, who got me this contract with ISI, on his own personal initiative)”. He has often said that if CIA or RAW had a Zaid Hamid, they would have paid him at least 10 times more than he is getting from ISI.

[2] Zaid Hamid uses his contacts in the armed forces, ISI and MI, for pure personal benefit and gain, for making himself a highly-influential and feared personality, for giving threats to innocent civilians in his own personal matters and in the business concerns of his close friends (for example,
threatening some shopkeepers with an ISI raid and subsequent arrest if they did not pay 35 million rupees for a shop, which was worth 20 million rupees at the most, within a couple of days to his close friend – details given in point 13 of Section C), for petty issues like threatening a kid on Facebook or a careless driver on the highway who could have caused damage to Zaid Hamid’s car (he asked an MI Major to get that driver’s details through his car’s registration number, to grab hold of that driver, to harass and physically assault him, and to teach him a lesson), and even for giving me threats after I left him, asking an MI Major to call me 3 a.m. in the morning who told me that I should keep silent about the real reasons for which I left Zaid Hamid, and go along with the “resigned for personal reasons” story that Zaid Hamid had circulated all around, and that I should go and meet Zaid Hamid at the earliest (further details given in point 5 of Section G). For such threats, Zaid Hamid asks MI or ISI officials to call the party involved from untraceable “private” numbers (secure landlines).

[3] Zaid Hamid has on numerous occasions told close team members that they should be ready and
available, and during a possible civil war / anarchy and chaos or a military takeover, some people from media, judiciary, government will be assassinated on the direct orders of Zaid Hamid, and the blame will be automatically directed towards Jihadi outfits / sectarian and militant organizations / terrorist wings of political parties. The prominent names on Zaid Hamid’s hit list are: NAJAM SETHI, ASMA


SHARIF, ALTAF HUSSAIN, OFFICIALS OF MQM and ANP etc. Zaid Hamid has recently received a
drum magazine for his Kalashnikov (AK-47) as gift from a serving Colonel and has asked me several times to get the rates of a crate of AK-47 bullets. Last year, he purchased a locally-made silencer for Rs. 19000/which he has fitted on his TT pistol. He has been searching the market for a silencer for his AK-47 and an imported silencer for his 9mm pistol, but nobody has been able to provide these 2 items to him yet. He tested the locally-made silencer for his TT pistol in his back lawn, and told me that the sound of the gunfire was still a bit too much as compared to the high-quality imported silencer, but nobody would notice the sound in the middle of rush hour / traffic. Probably this is what he really means by “vigilante justice”, about which he has talked/written frequently, especially in the recent past. An interesting thing to note is that, in front of the world, Zaid Hamid never insinuates what has been mentioned above (secret assassinations on his orders), but instead talks about taking these people (Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi etc.) to Shariah/Qazi Courts and getting them punished through those courts.

[4] Zaid Hamid also claims that the assassination of Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and his son on 11th
March 2010 was because of Allah’s wrath upon them, because on the morning of 12th March 2010, Jalalpuri was going to register a case of 295-C against Zaid Hamid in a court of law (Karachi). On 11th March 2010, Zaid Hamid, a couple of students of the International Islamic University Islamabad and I were sitting in the conference room of the previous BrassTacks office (777-A, Ammar Shaheed Road, Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi). It was around 8 or 8:15 p.m. when Zaid Hamid started talking about Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and said about him, “Yeh sarkon per maaray jaen gey (They will be killed

on the streets)”. Barely 8 to 10 minutes had passed, when one of the office staff members came
rushing into the conference room and told us that Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, along with his young son, had been assassinated in Karachi. On hearing this news, Zaid Hamid told us that Allah lets Zaid Hamid’s enemies rise to a certain level only, and when they cross the critical line, then Allah takes care of them (kills them). [Now probably I am also crossing that critical line by writing all this about Zaid Hamid.] Zaid Hamid said that Allah had the 12-year-old son of Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri murdered only because Jalalpuri and other officials of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabuwwat had made public the names of Zaid Hamid’s children, and had also disclosed the names of the educational institutes where they were studying, because Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri wanted someone to go and kill Zaid Hamid’s children. http://umersultan.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/mawlana-saeed-ahmed-jalalpuri-today-inkarachi/ Similarly, in October 2010, when Doctor Farooq Khan of Mardan was assassinated by gunmen in his workplace, Zaid Hamid said the same thing about Dr. Farooq also, that he has been assassinated because he was speaking against Zaid Hamid and was against Zaid Hamid’s “mission”, and then he repeated the same statement that he had said earlier on the assassination of Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, that Allah lets Zaid Hamid’s enemies raise their heads to a certain level only, and when they cross that limit, Allah takes care of them (kills them).

[5] Zaid Hamid is not as sincere to the armed forces of Pakistan as he portrays himself to be in front of
high-ranking ISI/army officers and on the social and mainstream media. When he is sitting with young army and intelligence officers who are close to him, he subtly ignites anger in them against the Army Chief and Corp Commanders. Zaid Hamid on a couple of occasions has boasted that the day he utters

one word against the Pakistan Army, or the Army Chief (General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani) on mainstream media, there will be mutiny within the ranks, and the young armed forces

officers will stage a coup or will assassinate senior highest-ranking officials in the chain of command, especially the Army Chief; there will be total anarchy all around, and when the dust
settles down, Zaid Hamid will be the only “patriot” left standing (because all others would have run away), and then he will grab power and bring the system of “Khilafat” in Pakistan. Perhaps this is the reason that Zaid Hamid uses these words frequently: “anarchy”, “chaos”, “existential crisis”, “existential threat”, “urban war”, “bloody”, “collapse”, “mass violence”, “horrific”, “impossible”, “lawlessness”, “suicide”, “destruction”, “dismemberment”, “Balkanization” etc. After reading such words over and over repeatedly for months and years on end (in Zaid Hamid’s weekly Situational Reports, Facebook posts and emails), it seems as if he is fond of creating unnecessary hype and wants to rush anarchy and war in Pakistan, even before its pre-ordained time. Zaid Hamid, on dozens of occasions in the past 4 years, has given the impression to junior armed forces officers and team members that the senior command of the armed forces, especially Army Chief General Kayani, is either not capable of comprehending the existential threat that Pakistan faces from India and the USA, or does not want to comprehend it.

[6] Zaid Hamid has openly declared, during the very private gatherings at his house, that the Army Chief is a bastard, “haramzada”, lowest of the low, totally compromised/sold out, and is working on the agenda of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan . Zaid Hamid says
that he himself and majority of the Fuqarah in Pakistan are doing bud-dua for Army Chief General Kayani. On social and mainstream media, Zaid Hamid says that 3 people will be held accountable if something happens to Pakistan, while in his private close circles he says that Army Chief General Kayani is the most accountable and that Zaid Hamid will send him to the gallows and make him pay for destroying Pakistan once Zaid Hamid attains a position of power in this country. Zaid Hamid has levelled serious allegations of corruption and fraud on the Army Chief and his brothers, basing his allegations upon the information which he receives from his like-minded army officers. Zaid Hamid claims that the anger/frustration level against Army Chief General Kayani in the young army officers has crossed the dangerous level, that the junior and middle level officers are now openly abusing Army Chief General Kayani in their cell phone conversations (referring to the Army Chief as “Pervaiz Bobby” etc.), and are questioning his actions / inaction. Zaid Hamid has told people that the Army Chief will either resign, or be removed or assassinated by a young army officer. On a few occasions, Zaid Hamid has said very clearly that

Army Chief General Kayani might die in a car accident or a helicopter crash, and then Zaid
Hamid would bring his own lot of caretakers, whose list has been drafted by Zaid Hamid and other patriots. Zaid Hamid claims, “Jo hum kahain gey wo hi qanoon hoga (whatever I say will become the law)”. Zaid Hamid makes his future plans with a strong assumption that he will come into a position of absolute power in the near future.

Hazrat Umar (RA) said: “Beware of fitnah, for a WORD at the time of fitnah could be as devastating as the sword.” Salahuddin Ayyubi (RA) said, "If you want to destabilize and destroy a country, all you have to do is create enmity between its people and their army". (And this is exactly what Zaid
Hamid is doing discreetly and cleverly in his close circles and subtly in front of the world in his Facebook posts and emails).

[7] Zaid Hamid once commented while talking to an officer of the MI, that he wished there were a few “Mumtaz Qadris” near the top level leadership of this country, and if he (Zaid Hamid) was
ever given this opportunity to be near someone in the top leadership, carrying a loaded weapon, he would not miss that chance. The statement was deliberately kept vague, not making it clear whether he was pointing towards Army Chief General Kayani or Zardari. On another occasion, when Zaid Hamid was hinting towards the possibility of assassinations of the top leadership of Pakistan, he commented to the armed forces officer, “Aisee batain poochi nahi jateen, bas kar di jati hain (Permission is not taken for such acts, they are just performed)”. Zaid Hamid has said in front of his closest team members, that it is

his wish that some junior army officer assassinates Army Chief General Kayani.
Read the reply that Zaid Hamid gave to one of his followers (not a close team member) in a private email:
From: W.A. [mailto:pa………@gmail.com] Sent: Monday, December 31, 2012 12:18 AM To: Zaid Hamid Subject: Re: AS-SLAM-MU-ALAIE-KUM

AoA, sir peoples including you, who are affiliated by some slasal and babas, is know the current spiritual position of COAS. when he was able to do some thing and having spiritual backing he did nothing .... now what he can do ??? ?? ? his own murhsid left him ... .. now COAS is just like a normal army person ... .. . who will be retired next year ... .. . now what type of hope you have form COAS ???? JA
----------------On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 12:47 AM, Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> wrote:

No hope from this one. Sabr.

[8] Zaid Hamid told me himself that a Lt Colonel and hundreds of his fully-armed troops and commandoes were waiting to march forward on Islamabad and take over power, but
Zaid Hamid had stopped him for the time being because he feared there will be too much bloodshed. According to Zaid Hamid, those troops are still on standby and the Lt Colonel awaits further instructions. Zaid Hamid once showed us his (Zaid Hamid’s) picture with the crew of one of the nuclear submarines in Karachi, and he boasted to some guests who had visited our office for the first time, that one of the religiously-inclined crew members on the submarine listens to Zaid Hamid’s lectures when the submarine hits the depths of the oceans, and that he had especially requested Zaid Hamid not to make fiery speeches against India, otherwise he would one day “launch something into the air”.

[9] Several of Zaid Hamid’s followers and the young army officers who are close to him worship him. I do
not say that as a figure of speech only. A commando of 7 CDO did Sajdah (prostration) at the feet of Zaid Hamid (this year), few days before Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s long march. Zaid Hamid did not mind that the commando did a full Sajdah at his feet (forehead completely on the ground, 3 inches away from Zaid Hamid’s shoes). Zaid Hamid encourages personality-worship and has on many occasions indoctrinated / brainwashed his followers by the “Man and the Mission” philosophy, saying that the “man” is as important as the “mission”. He has stated in very clear terms that if he (Zaid Hamid) is assassinated, or if his mission comes to a halt, then it would be catastrophic for the future of Pakistan, as then Allah would put this nation through the severest of trials and tribulations, and millions would die.

[10] Zaid Hamid has told his close team members that in the Musharraf era, he was “THE” advisor to
Military Intelligence (from 2002 to 2007). He has boasted many times that he could meet Musharraf at will, and that “HE” was the one who was taking care of the national security of Pakistan. Zaid Hamid kept defending Musharraf and all his actions while Musharraf was in power, and very cleverly distanced himself from Musharraf in 2007, when he knew that Musharraf’s downfall was imminent. Zaid Hamid claims that he never asked Musharraf or MI for any favour or financial benefit worth even 1 rupee. Zaid Hamid boasts in front of his clients that he was the “official advisor” to Musharraf and MI, and it was he who used to draft top-level security reports for Musharraf till 2006; apparently that is why he is able to trap multinational companies as his clients who give him millions of rupees every year for his “valuable” security reports (see details in points 1 and 2 of Section C). It is highly probable that it is because of Zaid Hamid’s boasting about his “strong links” with armed forces and intelligence agencies, that the multi-national companies hire the services of Zaid Hamid. It is very strange that if Zaid Hamid was the official advisor of MI and if MI depended so much upon the valuable reports of Zaid Hamid, then why did MI blacklist him afterwards, and stopped all armed forces personnel from having any contact with him?

[11] Zaid Hamid claims he was a very close aide to the then DG MI Nadeem Taj, and drafted the most
secret and sensitive documents that were to be presented to Musharraf, and that he was the ISPR and MI of those times (he claims that even today he alone is doing more work than the whole of ISPR and other army cyber warfare wings put together, and that the ISPR is stupid and clueless, does not know what to do, and is always late in its actions; he said that sometimes even the ISI is asleep, and if it wasn’t for Zaid Hamid’s timely instructions/advice, the safety and security of Pakistan would be in certain jeopardy). But now as the MI has put an official ban on the entry of Zaid Hamid into military institutions

(since 2011), has circulated a letter warning the whole army not to meet Zaid Hamid and not to distribute his materials (CDs, DVDs, booklets, papers, magazines etc.), so Zaid Hamid is highly
displeased with the DG MI of today (General Naushad Kayani), and has abused him many times in front of team members, saying that the DG MI has been compromised, praying that the DG MI dies of the cancer that he has, and even going to the extent of spreading rumours that the DG MI is a Qadiyani. Zaid Hamid claims that he got this information about the DG MI being a Qadiyani from serving officers of the MI, who have serious concerns regarding this matter. Zaid Hamid has told us that the MI banned/blacklisted him only because of General Naushad Kayani’s personal enmity with him, and that General Naushad Kayani has used the office of the DG MI to get even with Zaid Hamid.

[12] Zaid Hamid also boasts to the army officers and his select few close team members, that out of all the
Corp Commanders, four are very close to Zaid Hamid, and eight or nine are fully on board with Army Chief General Kayani, and those Corp Commanders are “beighairat” and “bastards”. Zaid Hamid has been trying

for almost a year now to convince one of the Corp Commanders (who, according to Zaid Hamid, is very close to him and respects him a lot), to put some sense into other Corp Commanders’ heads, and to take over Islamabad. The Corp Commander had to finally invite Zaid Hamid (along with his wife) to spend some time with him and to explain to him that there was no chance of a military take over, and that all the Corp Commanders were on the same page, backing Army Chief General Kayani 100%, and that certainly a mutiny / uprising would not take place against Army Chief General Kayani. After this meeting, Zaid Hamid has stopped talking of this Corp Commander as frequently and fondly as he used to. A point to note: the text messages which used to go from Zaid Hamid’s cell phone to this Corp Commander and vice versa were shared by Zaid Hamid only with his close associate and known con man / money swindler Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich, whose real name is Rizwan Bin Imtiaz (details about Rizwan given in Section C).

[13] Zaid Hamid has always claimed that he has been very close to General Pasha. When the Memo
scandal details were made available on the mainstream media, Zaid Hamid told us that there was serious disagreement between Army Chief General Kayani and the then DG ISI General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, and that there was a war of words between the two, because General Pasha wanted to pursue the Memo scandal investigation and subsequently remove the government of Zardari, while Army Chief General Kayani was totally against this line of action demanded by General Pasha, and it was because of this reason that General Pasha was not given further extension, and he preferred to leave the country and live in the UAE.

[14] Zaid Hamid compares himself to Allama Iqbal, who once said, “Iss qoum ki aanay wali naslain meri
muthi mein hain”. Zaid Hamid claims that the present young officers of the armed forces of Pakistan are in his “muthi” (firm grasp). Zaid Hamid says that the current top leadership of the armed forces is secular and useless, but in 10 to 15 years’ time, the young officers of today would have become the top leadership and then they would bring about real change in Pakistan and its army. And then he compares himself to Imam Khomeini of Iran, when he was asked while being taken away in a helicopter, “Where is your army?” Khomeini replied, “My army is in the laps of their mothers”.

[15] Zaid Hamid leaked highly confidential details of his meeting with some important members of
Ahmed Shah Masood’s family (the meeting took place in 2009 in Dubai). The ISI is well aware of the agenda that was discussed in this meeting. Zaid Hamid, upon his return to Pakistan, told members of the team that the ISI did not have any asset in the Afghan government and that it was he who had set up the meeting, and was gathering Afghan contacts for the ISI, so that the ISI would have a greater influence in the next Afghan government/situation. He even told the name of the person who would play a crucial role in forming the next government in Afghanistan and how Zaid Hamid convinced him to travel from Kabul to Dubai secretly and then arranged a secret meeting between him and the Pakistani intelligence officials in Dubai.

[16] Zaid Hamid took Rs. 1000,000/- (1 million rupees) from ISI for his case against Pakistani media /
SAFMA in the Supreme Court, for payment to his lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri. But only Rs. 5,00,000/- (5 lac rupees) were paid to the lawyer as advance (Rs. 250,000/- paid on 20th March 2012 and Rs. 250,000/paid on 30th March 2012). The remaining 5 lac rupees were spent by Zaid Hamid elsewhere, because the case did not proceed.

[17] Zaid Hamid believes and tells other people that only those armed forces officers are patriots and
sincere with Pakistan who respect and follow Zaid Hamid. He has said more than once that “Jo army officer hamain nahi jaanta woh army officer ho hi nahi sakta (The army officer who does not know me cannot be an army officer at all)”.

[18] Zaid Hamid should be asked why he told a Major of the MI that he wanted the original handwriting
of Army Chief General Kayani (something that the General had written directly on a paper himself). Zaid Hamid has also obtained Imran Khan’s and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s handwritings a few months ago. Zaid Hamid has been accused by various people (including his family members) of doing black magic on people through his “Peer” (spiritual mentor) and friend in Gujjar Khan (Haji Safdar). It is a well-known fact that the original handwritings of people are required by anyone who wants to perform black magic on them. Zaid Hamid has known this Peer for the past 18 years and has visited him every third or fourth day, all the four years I have been with Zaid Hamid. The Peer has told me himself that he is the one behind Zaid Hamid and his “mission” and also that he is the one responsible for each and every major decision that has taken place in the life of Zaid Hamid for the past 18 years. Zaid Hamid is also accused by many of only using the word “Syed” with his name, being a non-Syed in reality. He is using four names at the moment: Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Zaiduzzaman Hamid, Zaid Zaman Hamid, and Zaid Hamid. Moreover, he has been accused by many people of being a Qadiyani and the follower / frontman of a fake prophet Yusuf Ali (or Yusuf Kazzab as many call him) (see point 4 in Section D for more details). http://www.khatm-enubuwwat.com/zaid%20hamid%20sawal.pdf

[19] These emails, which Zaid Hamid sent to BrassTacks emailing groups, will be of particular interest to
the armed forces officers:
From: Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Date: 16 December 2012 01:48 Subject: RE: My comments

I appreciate your decent post and respect your views. Though it is based on sincerity but indeed a result of ignorance about what's happening in Pakistan and what we are doing. 4GW is a reality. Pakistan Military Academy and National Defense Universities have separate departments dealing with it now. Please visit our website www.zaidhamid.pk and read the policy papers on 4GW and Af-Pak. Pakistan army has taken them seriously but the nation and its leaders are sleeping. CJ has refused our petitions not on merit or evidence but on locus standi, meaning that "who are you to come here, go somewhere else"! You may have faith in this CJ but unfortunately he is now part of the demolition job against the state. You will see later just as you will see the reality of 4GW later. Bringing in caretakers is our idea and now every mainstream writer, even those opposed to us are demanding a caretaker government for 3 years. The idea of a "buffoon" has become a mainstream demand dear brother. As we write, Peshawar airport is under attack. Karachi is in a lockdown and Baluchistan is out of bound for outsiders. These things happen in war times and still people ask when will the war start which I promised? This is 4GW dear, this is fought in the cities, not on the borders. Don't you see Syria, Libya and Iraq???????? I am actually frustrated that why our nation cannot see that??? Khair inshaAllah. We are close to seeing it with Haqqul Yaqeen ZH

From: Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Date: 16 December 2012 02:27 Subject: RE: My comments

When we raise an alarm, it affects the future Geo-politics. After the Mumbai attacks, we had raised an alarm that Indians will attack any day and that PAF must be alerted. Mercifully, PAF listened to us and our fighters were on air patrol when Indian fighters entered our air space near Muridke and in AJK, and were forced to turn back when confronted by PAF.
Breaking News: PAF Chases away Indian Jets http://pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/breaking-news-indian-jets-violate-pakistan-airspace/ 14 Dec 2008 – News just coming in – Indian fighter planes have violated Pakistan's air space by ... Planes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which were already on alert, quickly… -----------------

When we raised the alarm about Indian Cold Start, Pak army launched the exercise Azm e Nau to counter that.
Cold Start (military doctrine) - Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Start_%28military_doctrine%29 Cold Start is a military doctrine developed by the Indian Armed Forces for use in ... named Azm-e-Nau 3 which focused on offensive defense against Cold Start... Azm-e-Nau: Hot start against cold start pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=33725 Sunday, May 30, 2010 - Pakistan Army's Azm-e-Nau-III exercise ends with 35 days round-the clock, almost non-stop, drill for sharpening wits and weapons... -----------------

When we raised the alarm about 4GW, Pak army started new training sessions in PMA on urban warfare. Ask any new cadet of PMA. NDU started a centre of excellence on 4GW.
Fourth generation warfare - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_generation_warfare Fourth generation warfare (4GW) is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, soldier and civilian. The term was first used in 1989...

Zaid Hamid sent this picture via email to the BrassTacks emailing groups on 10th April 2013, which is a classic example of how Zaid Hamid uses the youth’s patriotism and love for the armed forces for promoting himself, for his own personal gain and benefit, and to give the false impression to the youth and the “young” armed forces officers, that he is doing as much for Pakistan as the armed forces, and that the youth and young officers of the armed forces should follow Zaid Hamid, as only then Pakistan will be saved:

Similarly, see how Zaid Hamid uses the names/sacrifices/spirit of the brave lions of the armed forces of Pakistan, for promoting himself and his “think tank” business, and for attracting youth and young armed forces officers. Point of interest is that Captain Omer Tirmizi (about whom Zaid Hamid has posted on his Facebook page) does not even like/follow Zaid Hamid, and his sister Maheen Tirmizi was stopped by most of her family members from having anything to do with Zaid Hamid and his “mission”. Maheen’s husband is also a serving Major and had told Maheen to stay away from Zaid Hamid because of the negative image Zaid Hamid has in the Military Intelligence circles. This is the reason Zaid Hamid could not even attend the “Jinazah” (funeral) of Maheen (which took place 7 kilometres away from Zaid Hamid’s house). Zaid Hamid knew very well that ugly scenes would be witnessed at the Jinazah of Maheen if Zaid Hamid even dared to go near the Race Course graveyard on the day of the Jinazah. That is why he had to send me instead to attend the Jinazah, where I met both of Maheen’s brothers Captain Omer and Imran. This is the Facebook post of Zaid Hamid, which he posted just a few minutes before he emailed the above picture on 10th April 2013. Zaid Hamid does not even know that “Lt” Omer is “Captain” Omer now, MashaAllah: “This is the amazing story of Lt Omer Tirmizi, brother of BrassTacks team member Maheen Tirmizi, who embraced shahadat in her own way. Like sister, like brother, MashAllah. While BrassTacks team fight on the battle front of Informaiton warfare and psy-ops, our brothers and sons are fighting on ground to defend this beloved Pak Sarzameen. Blessed are these souls who have given everything for Pak sarzameen, without uttering a word of complaint or moment of hesitation.

May Allah bless them all. Today, we recite Fatiha for Maheen and do dua for Omer.”
The Unsung Hero of Bajaur http://www.facebook.com/notes/sami-alvi/the-unsung-hero-of-bajaur/10151526176614837


Some more pictures of Zaid Hamid:

[20] Zaid Hamid wants to give the impression that the armed forces and ISI are totally dependent upon
Zaid Hamid, as Zaid Hamid is indispensable for them and they cannot do their work without having Zaid Hamid’s constant guidance and security analysis / reports. Zaid Hamid frequently says, especially in his close circles, that the senior command of the armed forces and intelligence agencies formulate their policies according to what Zaid Hamid tells them. Zaid Hamid does not want his “value” with the intelligence agencies to be lessened to any degree, so much so that he could not bear that the intelligence agencies get in touch with a person who REALLY knew about geopolitics, defence and security analysis, who had inside information, and who could have proved useful and helpful to the intelligence agencies and armed forces of Pakistan. The person’s name is Jonathan Azaziah, and his website/blog is: http://www.maskofzion.com/ Jonathan Azaziah has extraordinary knowledge and information about Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Palestine and Israelis, Zionists etc. Visit his website and read his amazing articles to see the calibre of his work and investigative reporting. The day Zaid Hamid realized that Jonathan Azaziah had much more knowledge and much better writing skills than Zaid Hamid himself, he stopped responding to his emails and requests for Zaid Hamid to come on his radio show/podcast, and stopped forwarding his articles. Before this, Zaid Hamid used to forward a few of Azaziah’s articles to BrassTacks team members, and also to armed forces officers and the Directorate of Intelligence. Zaid Hamid was surprised when one day I

received a call from the office of the Directorate of Intelligence; they were very impressed by Azaziah’s reports and especially by the knowledge he had about the intelligence agencies working in India against Pakistan and Kashmir and other inside information he had about Israeli operatives working to destabilize Pakistan and other Muslim countries. The person who called me from the intelligence agency asked me for the personal cell number and some other details of Azaziah (who is based in the Middle East), but when I took permission from Zaid Hamid for giving Azaziah’s number, he stopped me from doing so, telling me not to respond to the requests of the intelligence agency.

[21] For the past year or so Zaid Hamid is telling his team/office members that he has prepared a list of
people to be in the caretaker setup in Pakistan, and has presented the list to the Army. On some occasions, he insinuates that it was the Army itself who had asked Zaid Hamid to contribute in making the list of caretakers. He is proudly boasting these days that this time the people who will come in the caretaker government will be the ones who respect Zaid Hamid and who are in his “club”. Zaid Hamid says that he knows the names of the people who will be in the caretaker setup, but it is a closely-guarded secret between him and the Army so he cannot tell the names to his team members. The following was posted by Zaid Hamid on his Facebook page on 31st March 2013. By the way, before Zafar Hilali wrote this article, Zaid Hamid used to call him “Zafar Harami”: “Former PPP stalwatrt and writer Zafar Hilali also joins "Zaid hamid" club :)) Alhamdolillah, more and more people from all schools are demanding aggressive army intervention to clean the system from traitors and the corrupt. This is what we mean. Keep raising the voice and soon we will have millions demanding the same thing -- a patriotic caretaker government backed by army to hang all the traitors in a single night !!! Pak army -- are you listening ????” Article link: http://naibaat.pk/?p=43828c ___________________________________ And this was posted by Zaid Hamid on his Facebook page on 6th April 2013: InshAllah, these elections will be the last elections in Pakistan under parliamentary democracy. The politicians and judiciary have been measured, weighed and found to be wanting. They have betrayed Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and the millat. Now the politicians and the judiciary cannot complain. They had their chances and they stabbed the nation. Now no more democracy. NO more elections InshAllah after this dirty exercise. InshAllah, Pak army will intervene to bring a patriotic caretaker government when the chaos will get out of hands of these idiotic rulers. Very soon inshAllah. Sabr. Let the politicians make more mess of it. ___________________________________

Till just a couple of weeks ago, Zaid Hamid kept on boasting, “We KNOW that elections will NOT take place”, and now as usual he has conveniently and cleverly modified his words to: “these elections will be the last elections in Pakistan under parliamentary democracy”. By giving such statements on Facebook, and by telling/ordering/instructing the army what has to be done during every situation that arises in the country, Zaid Hamid wants to convey the message that he understands the national security / interest of Pakistan more than its armed forces, and that “HIS”

statements and ideas have more weight than that of the whole armed forces and intelligence agencies combined. Zaid Hamid always gives the impression that he is in close and continuous contact with the most senior command of the military establishment. He proudly boasts that, “People think that I am the agent

of ISI, whereas it’s the other way around. The ISI is my agent, and they do what I tell them to do”. He often tells his team members that serving Colonels and even Brigadiers forward his security
reports and analysis to their superiors after removing Zaid Hamid’s name from the reports, giving the impression that they themselves had written those reports. Zaid Hamid also boasts that THOUSANDS of armed forces officers (Pak Army, PAF, Pak Navy), follow him very closely and regularly. _______________________________________________________________________________

Section C
[1] Zaid Hamid’s estimated total income from December 2007 to March 2013 = at least Rs. 62, 500, 000/- (62.5 million rupees)
Break-up of the 62.5 million rupees: Amount received from ISI (Dec 2007 to April 2013) = Rs. 40, 000, 000/- (40 million rupees) Amount received from Sit-Rep clients and TV channels (Dec 2007 to March 2013) = Rs. 13, 000, 000/- (13 million rupees) Amount received as donations (January 2009 to March 2013) = Rs. 5, 000, 000/- (5 million rupees) Amount received from sale of BrassTacks magazines, DVDs/CDs, “From Indus to Oxus” and other books (June 2008 to March 2013) = Rs. 4, 500, 000 (4.5 million rupees)

Zaid Hamid ’s average income per month = Rs. 1,000,000/- (1 million rupees)
This 1 million rupees is the “average” monthly income, but actual monthly income in 2008, 2009, 2010 was around Rs. 1,200,000/-, whereas in 2011, 2012, 2013 his monthly income has been around Rs. 8,00,000/rupees. The income was higher in 2008-10 because Zaid Hamid then had contracts with TV channels (News One, Royal TV, Aag TV of GEO News Network), and also had more clients (Standard Chartered Bank, Alcatel, Tullow etc.) for his weekly Situational Report (Sit-Rep). But the income which Zaid Hamid shows while paying his income tax is around 30% of his actual yearly income; the only income he shows in tax return papers is the fees he is paid by his Sit-Rep clients. In the tax return of 2012 the income shown by him was turning out to be too low, so he covered it up by saying that he had received 5 lac rupees as gift from his father. The above income details are according to the sources of Zaid Hamid’s income that I am fully aware of. Of course there must have been other sources too, especially in the form of donations from special guests of Zaid Hamid whom he meets at his house privately, not in the BrassTacks office. And more importantly,

besides all this income, he also uses hundreds of thousands of rupees from his father’s money without his permission (from his father’s Bahria Town house rent – see points 6, 7, 8 in Section D for details). Zaid Hamid formed his think tank in the year 2000. He says that he was the official advisor to the Military Intelligence for a number of years, and from 2004 to 2007 he was the closest official advisor to General Musharraf. Zaid Hamid says that he got access to many foreign embassies and that he was offered bribes from the American Embassy. He was also offered tours of Pentagon and respected think tanks of the USA. I do not know details about the amount and sources of Zaid Hamid’s income from the year 2000 till 2007. In spite of earning millions of rupees, Zaid Hamid complains about his financial conditions and gives the impression that his income is not much, that he is going through a touch time financially, and is out of funds. The usual impression his followers have of him is that he lives like a “Dervaish” eating “daal roti” only (which is a false impression, as Zaid Hamid is not fond of eating vegetables and daal, instead he regularly eats mutton and chicken, getting it cooked from his mother-in-law). But people get this false impression because of the fact that whenever there is a general gathering/meeting of volunteers etc. at his house or office, he serves them just “daal” and “roti”. Zaid Hamid has 4 vehicles, 3 of which he uses for himself and his family, and 1 for the office. Even after having such a huge monthly income, he has the shamelessness of writing and speaking frequently about how the Sahabah (RA) and Aulia-Allah used to spend their lives in a very humble manner, and what meagre incomes they had, and that what we need are leaders like them, and like Quaid-e-Azam (RA) whose income was 1 rupee a day. Zaid Hamid also says that an income of 7 to 8 thousand rupees should be enough for a ruler of today, but for Zaid Hamid himself even 10 lac rupees per month is not enough. After receiving

10 lac rupees per month, he is “going through a difficult time” and is waiting for the time when he will come to power (get a high position in the government), will be able to spend money freely, and will give hundreds of thousands of rupees to his close team members every month (this is also confirmed by his spiritual guide and mentor Haji Safdar). Now
what about the Sahabah (RA) who always used to become “poorer” when they came to positions of authority or responsibility, and about whom Zaid Hamid loves to talk and write so frequently? Zaid Hamid is all “talk”, empty talk, nothing else, because practically in his real life he is as far away from the things he talks about as it is possible to be. He likes badmouthing politicians and other people for their financial dealings and frauds, and for not paying their taxes. What about Zaid Hamid himself? Why does he lie to the tax department and why does he hide his real income? If it is ok for him to lie and do fraud in paying taxes, then why is it not ok for the politicians to do so? Zaid Hamid boasts that though this whole tax system is a gift of the Kuffaar (non-Muslims), even then he dutifully pays all his taxes and gives back to Pakistan his fair share, since he is a law-abiding citizen. But this is just another of Zaid Hamid’s lies and deception to impress people, because in reality he is a tax-evader and therefore punishable by law.

Read these words of Zaid Hamid which he posted on his Facebook page a few days ago:

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=172798226210372&set=a.172797946210400.1073741826.100004405868177&type =1&theater

The last time I saw Zaid Hamid’s balance sheet, he was NOT a poor man at all and could definitely afford much more than simple “daal roti”. Here are the details of the three bank accounts Zaid Hamid is currently using, according to my knowledge. Only the payments from his Sit-Rep clients (official BrassTacks clients) are deposited in the bank, while all other payments (stipend from the Agency, donations, book sales etc.) are received by Zaid Hamid in the form of cash. Sit-Rep clients use the Askari Bank and HBL accounts. Bank Al-Falah account is where Zaid Hamid used to deposit the cheques for the rent of his father’s Bahria Town house (the previous tenant used to pay rent in the form of cheque, but the current tenant pays cash). Any other payment that comes on Zaid Hamid’s name, and not on BrassTacks’ name, is also deposited in Bank Al-Falah account. Askari Bank, Chaklala Scheme 3 Branch, Rawalpindi Account title: BrassTacks Account number: 00400101034940 IBAN: PK39ASCM0000400100034949 HBL, Airport Road Branch, Rawalpindi Account title: BrassTacks Account number: 10117900752103 Bank Al-Falah, Chaklala Scheme 3 Branch, Rawalpindi Account title: Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Account number: 009801001165 BrassTacks National Tax Number: 1186573-3

[2] Besides obtaining more than Rs. 40, 000, 000/- (40 million rupees) from ISI (mentioned in point 1 of
Section B), Zaid Hamid has also been receiving millions of rupees regularly in several other ways, for example, receiving donations from followers, getting paid for appearing on TV channels, sale of books, magazines, DVDs etc., and from Riba-based banks/multi-national corporations (for example, Habib Bank Limited, Standard Chartered Bank, Telenor, Tullow, MOL etc.) for providing them with his mediocre, non-professional, copy/paste job of a weekly Sit-Rep (Situational Report) only 4 or 5 times a month, with news pasted from online newspaper websites and just a brief analysis of the situation done by the selfacclaimed Defence and Security Analyst/Consultant/Advisor Zaid Hamid, who has been using the same rhetoric again and again since 2000 (the year he established his “think tank” BrassTacks); only Allah knows how he has been able to trap such large multi-national and local business concerns, and why they pay him the way they do (see point 10 in section B). Why would the multi-national companies need security reports of Zaid Hamid, when they have their own Security departments, and have hired retired officers from armed forces and intelligence agencies who bring with them a wealth of information and experience and who are very well capable of making their own security analysis/forecast/reports. These companies also have their own security apparatus and proper qualified security managers, whom they pay millions of rupees every year plus benefits. So WHY do the companies fund Zaid Hamid? Zaid Hamid does not have any educational degree in Defence and Strategic Studies; instead he studied Engineering. Zaid Hamid also has almost no experience at all for being a defence and security strategic advisor, except for his claim that he “fought” in the Afghan war, whereas he had gone mainly because of his media project, for taking photographs and filming, and for getting his own photographs taken with a rocket launcher, antiaircraft gun or machine gun etc. Zaid Hamid has thousands of pictures that he took in Afghanistan and hundreds of hours of video footage also. But I must agree that Zaid Hamid did learn something from the war between Afghanistan and Russia, he learned how to be a “propagandist” and he has been successfully using this skill of his for the past decade or more. Zaid Hamid has the inborn skill and tact of being a good fund collector. He claims that he was the fund collector for Yusuf Islam’s (formerly Cat Stevens) Muslim Aid also (in Karachi), and that he collected millions of rupees in donations, charity and sponsorships, as mentioned by him on page 133 of his book “From Indus to Oxus”. At another place in his book (page 2), Zaid Hamid writes: “Since the last 6 years, I was associated with the Afghan resistance, from fighting as an ordinary foot soldier in the fiercest of battles, to becoming a part time doctor, journalist, media consultant, photographer, technical assistant, propagandist, and even a negotiator with the Pakistan government on behalf of the resistance… I also interacted with power players in Pakistan Army responsible for inflicting the “death by a thousand cuts” strategy against the Soviets.” Zaid Hamid sends the same “Situational Report” (Sit-Rep) to all his clients (multi-national companies), and also to hundreds of officers from the armed forces / intelligent agencies. A sample of this “confidential” SitRep with Zaid Hamid’s “cutting-edge” analysis can be viewed here: http://www.zaidhamid.pk/samplesitrep.pdf Point to be noted, Zaid Hamid has often accused Mufti Taqi Usmani (of Karachi) for giving the Fatwa which permitted the introduction of Islamic banking in Pakistan, and of getting 7 to 8 million rupees monthly from local and international banking groups in return for supporting the concept of Islamic banking. Then

why is Zaid Hamid himself having financial dealings with Riba-based companies when he

is officially “at war with Riba” and why is it ok for Zaid Hamid to receive millions and millions of rupees from the same banking groups (both local and international)? [3] Zaid Hamid projects himself as someone who is out of funds in front of wealthy guests/team members
who are his fans and who immediately start thinking of funding Zaid Hamid’s “mission” in some way. And most of the times, he does accept the donations given by these wealthy people. He gives a general impression to his followers at large that he does not receive donations, with clever use of words like: “We never ask for donations” on his Facebook page. This statement should have been, “We never ASK for donations, but we do ACCEPT them”. On Zaid Hamid’s personal and official Facebook page, we can see the words “Non-Profit organisation” immediately above his full name “Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid”, which in the first place does not make any sense, and is of course once again the use of his cleverness to deceive his followers by using vague words/statements, which are actually not true. Why doesn’t he make it clear whether he is saying that BrassTacks is a non-Profit organization, or whether he himself is not involved in any financial dealings, does not make profit in any way, or does not encourage people giving him donations? He has clearly given this false impression to his followers that neither is he concerned about money matters, nor does he like to handle any financial dealing, of course to give a boost to his image of being a “highly-spiritual being”, a “Godsend” and a “Bay-Niaz Faqeer”. His close acquaintances have witnessed Zaid Hamid receiving donations/funds in the form of cash/gold biscuits/gold and silver coins/PC tablet/laptop/iPhone/BlackBerry/designer wear/weapon accessories etc. not only from his close team members and friends, but also from people whom he is meeting for the first time, or whom he has never met. On at least one occasion, he has even asked for a major donation himself, through me, for the printing of the second edition of his memoirs “From Indus to Oxus”, though there was no need to get the second edition printed then. Even now, after a year of getting the second edition printed, about 150 books of the first edition still remain in stock. The second edition books are untouched till now, eating dust in the office cabinets or waiting for Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich to take them on credit and not pay for them later (see details in points 9, 10 and 15 in Section C). The BrassTacks official website www.brasstacks.ca and Zaid Hamid’s personal official website www.zaidhamid.pk have been made by Zaid Hamid’s second wife T and are run independently by her, and of course by Zaid Hamid. So everything present on these websites is directly from Zaid Hamid and his wife. Same is the case with the posts on Zaid Hamid’s official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/syedzaidzamanhamid (all the posts are written by Zaid Hamid or his wife, no other Facebook admin is authorized to post anything on this page without the approval/orders of Zaid Hamid or his wife). The following sentences are written on Zaid Hamid’s official BrassTacks website [http://www.brasstacks.ca/profile.htm]: “BrassTacks is a private venture of Mr. Zaid, and some close like-minded friends who all share the common cause of commitment and patriotism to Pakistan. BrassTacks accepts no funding from any outward source, and is not affiliated with any political party or institution. However, BrassTacks maintains a friendly and advisory role to key institutions of Pakistan including the government of Pakistan, the foreign office, Pakistan army, and embassies of friendly Islamic countries.” The above lines that Zaid Hamid has given about his think tank BrassTacks contain ambiguous phrases which have been used cleverly in such a way that any reader would get the impression that firstly, Zaid Hamid does not accept any funds from anyone or any institution/agency, and runs the think tank on his

own personal and private expenditure, which is a TOTAL lie; secondly, that the think tank is a private venture of his and his friends, which is yet again a lie. BrassTacks is a sole/individual proprietorship on the name of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid only (BrassTacks National Tax Number: 1186573-3). Zaid Hamid has often boasted that HE ALONE founded BrassTacks in the year 2000. The last sentence written by Zaid Hamid (“BrassTacks maintains a friendly …….. of friendly Islamic countries.”) is of course an exaggeration just to impress his followers. Also note the cunning use of word “outward” with “source” in the second sentence. Only Zaid Hamid can tell us whether the following are “outward” or “inward” sources: the intelligence agency of Pakistan from whom he has received more than 40 million rupees, the local and international banks and corporations from which he has received more than 13 million rupees, the volunteers and followers in general (living in Pakistan or abroad) from whom he has received more than 6.5 million rupees in donations (the people from whom he has received donations range from a wealthy team member living in Pakistan to a divorced woman living in UK whom he has never met and with whom he has spoken just once over the telephone). I will quote one example here of Zaid Hamid receiving major donations from businessmen of Karachi and Lahore. Zaid Hamid’s followers are unaware of the fact that the printing of the monthly BrassTacks magazines was not paid for by BrassTacks, but by 2 businessmen. These patriotic people gave Rs. 1,85,000/- every month to Zaid Hamid for printing of all the issues of the BrassTacks magazines (from June 2010 to August 2011). So only for the magazines Zaid Hamid received a donation of more than 2.7 million rupees.

[4] Zaid Hamid receives thousands of rupees in donations every month from various sources in Pakistan
and from abroad, and also encourages people in subtle ways to keep on giving him donations in cash and kind. Sometimes he would highly praise, give many duas (prayers) to, and be loving towards someone who had given a donation or an expensive gift to him, in front of other team members who had not given him any such gift/donation, and then naturally the team members who are not so wealthy feel guilty and embarrassed and also wish that they could give Zaid Hamid some expensive gift or at least a donation. I will narrate one incident here: When the wealthy business man E (see point 15 for details about E) gifted to Zaid Hamid a 10-Tola gold bar (worth around 5.5 lac rupees at that time in January 2012) wrapped in an envelope, Zaid Hamid immediately opened the envelope in front of the other wealthy team member (who had not yet given any major donation or expensive gift to Zaid Hamid, and is earning 3 lac rupees per month, and drives a 2.5 million rupees Honda), and holding the gold bar high above his head, displayed it to all the people present there and repeatedly said to E in a rhythmic and emotional way, “Yeh aap ko kis ki dua laggi hai? Yeh aap ko kis ki dua laggi hai? (Whose prayers have brought these blessings to you?)”, implying that E was successful in Duniya and Akhira (both the worlds) because he gives such huge donations and gold bars to Zaid Hamid, and that other team members should also follow E’s example if they want to be successful in both the worlds. When I was dropping E back to where he was staying in Islamabad after this incident, E said, “Emaad bhai I feel embarrassed. I had no idea that Zaid sb would open the envelope in front of everybody. I did not want the others to know what I had given to Zaid sb.”

[5] In majority of cases when he is sitting with wealthy people, Zaid Hamid makes a point of mentioning
that he does not have any asset of his own, sometimes he says that the only assets which he has on his name are his weapons and his 2007 model Toyota Corolla (LV 626), that only one room would fall to his lot

as inheritance (when his father passes away) and that too he would give back to his mother, and that he is living in a rented house and his office is also on rented premises. Zaid Hamid has only two more brothers (one of whom cannot live independently as he is mentally unwell), and his father has one 5-bedroom house in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, one house in Karachi, one house in Abbottabad, and one 3-bedroom apartment in Askari 3 Rawalpindi, so his “I’ll get only one room” story is a fabrication to deceive people (see section D for more details).

[6] An example of how important money has become for Zaid Hamid is that he is willing to get 7 lac rupees per month from a new channel Capital TV, which is owned by two brothers, one of
whom was the special advisor to Zardari (who was then President of Pakistan). Zaid Hamid told the senior management of Capital TV that he wants at least Rs. 7,00,000/- in advance every month for a talk show that will have Kamran Shafi (SAFMA supporter and anti-army) as a co-host with Zaid Hamid, and if the payment is not made in advance, then the contract will not be signed. The owners of Capital TV made it crystal clear to Zaid Hamid that they were looking for a very serious talk show and they would not appreciate Zaid Hamid’s typical fiery style. Zaid Hamid tried to convince them that he had the ability to remain calm and decent during a live appearance, mentioning his interviews on Press TV, Aljazeera and RT, and requesting the owners to watch those programs. During the meeting the special advisor to Zardari told Zaid Hamid that he would invite Zaid Hamid to the presidency for lunch, and Zaid Hamid smiled in return, giving the impression that it would be absolutely ok for him to visit the presidency. The first meeting between Zaid Hamid and the Capital TV owners/management took place on 29th December 2012 and the second meeting took place on 30th January 2013. I was present in both the meetings. I asked Zaid Hamid after the second meeting, “What if, during a live program, Kamran Shafi asks you a question regarding Zardari, then in what way will you respond?” Zaid Hamid was silent, pondering over my question. Then I told him that this could be a trap to tarnish his image on media, or it could be possible that Capital TV was willing to give him 7 lac rupees per month to keep him from insulting Zardari on mainstream media. To this Zaid Hamid responded, “I am going to take Zardari ’s money, and then abuse Zardari on his own channel”. Probably that is why Zaid Hamid wanted the payment to be in advance. But the reason that he gave to the owners of Capital TV, for demanding advance payment, was not true. His reason was that Tahir Khan (owner of News One TV channel who used to pay Zaid Hamid Rs. 250,000/- per month for his program series) had not cleared his dues after they abruptly and without notice, ended their contract with Zaid Hamid due to CIA/American pressure (according to Zaid Hamid), that Tahir Khan owed Zaid Hamid 5 lac rupees, so now he is careful and has decided to always take the payment in advance. This was a lie, because I myself had shown Zaid Hamid the accounts related to News One more than once, and had reinforced that the News One dues had been cleared. I had checked each and every payment that I myself collected from News One office in F-7, and the Finance Manager at News One had shown me their accounts ledger also. Zaid Hamid has been repeatedly lying that News One owes him 5 lac rupees in front of wealthy team members, sponsors, media personnel etc.

[7] The financial corruption and irregularities of Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich played a major role in opening my eyes to the reality of Zaid Hamid. Rizwan and I both joined BrassTacks around
the same time in 2009, and were the closest of team members/friends of Zaid Hamid. Rizwan lived in Lahore, while I have been at the BrassTacks base (Rawalpindi). An important point to note here is that the impression given to BrassTacks team members by Zaid Hamid that I (Emaad Khalid) had left BrassTacks because of Rizwan, and that I wanted Rizwan to be kicked out of BrassTacks or to be admonished in

front of others, is totally false. Why would I leave for the individual practices of any team member, if the “leader” and “Sipah Salaar” of the team (Zaid Hamid) was taking the essential and right course of action needed in such cases, keeping the commandments of Islamic Shariah foremost, instead of making decisions according to his own human and erroneous wisdom, logic and “majbooris” (needs). The weak character and pitiable decision-making ability of Zaid Hamid was made clear to me time and again by his continuous attempts to cover up and even support the corrupt practices of Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich. All

this made me question that how can such a weak personality like Zaid Hamid be a leader of the Ummah, or bring about the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida? When Zaid Hamid cannot
even control and do “tarbiat” (character building) of his few closest team members (mainly Rizwan), is “MAJBOOR” (helpless) in front of them, and lacks the moral courage to decide justly between two team members (one of whom is the oppressor / liar and the other the oppressed / truthful), then how will he decide justly in matters of much graver importance if he is handed over any position of authority and decision-making over millions of people?

[8] Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich (real name on ID card: Rizwan Bin Imtiaz) is a known con man (a man who
tricks others into giving him money) and fraudster, who is involved in many financial scams and irregularities. He himself told Zaid Hamid and me in 2009 that he owed 40 to 50 million rupees to different parties in Dubai , and had gone to jail because of non-payment of these dues. The amount has still not been paid. Dubai CID had blacklisted Rizwan, therefore Rizwan cannot enter any emirate of the UAE. He also informed Zaid Hamid and me that he had to eventually leave Dubai illegally by sea (in a fisherman’s boat/trawler). Rizwan also claims that he was the General Secretary of Minhaj-ul-Quran UK, and had collected donations worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for Minhaj-ul-Quran. He has

levelled serious allegations of embezzlement of funds against Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. Rizwan
says that on one occasion he collected 70 to 80 thousand pounds under the head of Zakat Fund for Minhajul-Quran in UK, but he received instructions from the Minhaj head office to deposit this amount in the personal bank account of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. Rizwan says that he tried to resist this order in the beginning as he knew that the Zakat Fund could only be deposited in the appropriate/designated bank account, but then on the insistence of the UK Minhaj official, the 70 to 80 thousand pounds were deposited in the personal bank account of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. Rizwan says that after depositing the amount, he resigned from Minhaj-ul-Quran immediately, because a clear wrong had been committed by Minhaj-ul-Quran and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. I have known Rizwan since 2009, and have worked very closely with him in some instances, and what I write here is a first-hand account. More than a dozen team members are already aware of what I am writing about Rizwan, but they remain silent because of the hush-hush policy so forcefully imposed upon all of us by Zaid Hamid, especially when it involves the financial irregularities/ frauds of his close friend/aide/fund collector Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich. (Incidentally, Zaid Hamid himself is considered by many to have been the frontman and fund collector for Yusuf Ali, also known as Yusuf Kazzab).

[9] My personal observation of Rizwan’s financial dealings and behaviour started in the beginning of 2012,
after Zaid Hamid’s book “From Indus to Oxus” (first edition) was launched in Dec 2011. Rizwan took several books at different times on credit (saying that he will pay for them later on) starting from the day of the launch on 18th December 2011. But to this day, he has not cleared the major part of the payment he has to make for the books. These payments have been outstanding for about a year and a half now, adding up to Rs. 1,69,000/-. Rizwan also collected payment from other team members but failed to deliver those payments at BrassTacks office. I was keeping record of all the books being sold and gifted and the

payments being received. I used to follow up on all pending/arrear payments, including Rizwan’s. In the beginning he replied to one or two of my emails, but then he stopped responding to my emails regarding books sales follow up, and even stopped responding to my general text messages. The following email thread will make the situation around the mid of 2012 clearer to the readers. Note

Zaid Hamid ’s instructions that I should remain normal even if I see Rizwan committing a murder. What of the poor man who is being murdered, and what of his family? Is this what Islam teaches
us? Zaid Hamid likes the concept of “purdah rakhna” a lot and compares this quality of his with Allah’s quality of “sattar-poshi”. Zaid Hamid has told me more than once, “Meray saath hisaab kitaab na rakhna, warna nuqsan mei raho gey (If you keep hisaab kitaab with me you will be in loss)”, insinuating that I should remain quiet even if I see a financial irregularity taking place, otherwise I would be in trouble myself. Zaid Hamid is skilled at twisting and misusing Islamic concepts / moral values according to his own convenience and need. He fails to differentiate between keeping “purdah”, guiding and admonishing someone to abstain from the evil he is performing and protecting other people and their assets from a fraudster, admonishing the one who is at fault instead of the one who has not done anything wrong, thinking of the betterment of the society at large instead of the sattar-poshi of just one individual which could lead to great damage / loss to other individuals. The concept of “purdah rakhna” (covering up someone’s evil doings) cannot be applied to full extent in ALL cases, as is clear to everyone who is sane and who understands Islamic Shariah in its true spirit. For example, if two people go to an Islamic Shairah court, and one of them has fraudulently taken some amount of cash or a piece of land from the other person, should the Qazi (judge) listen to the fraudster’s lies and stories, forgive him and try to cover him up, telling the wronged party to forget about that money / land and to forgive the fraudster? Has such a right been given by Allah to any Qazi, to impose such a thing upon the one who is oppressed and wronged? How can a Qazi forgive an oppressor on behalf of the oppressed? A Qazi’s job is to give “Insaaf” (justice) and to listen to both the parties, not to put “purdahs”, to lie and to make biased decisions. In such cases it is essential to state that yes, the oppressor has wronged the oppressed one, and he will have to pay/make amends for his actions. “Purdah rakhna” means that one should not expose someone’s personal habit etc. to the world, when exposing it would bring no good to the world, but only shame to that person who has been exposed, and when that personal habit of his is not harming other people in any way. On the other hand, if an evil action / habit of someone has caused, is causing or will cause harm to fellow human beings and society, then such an action must be exposed to the required extent and among the concerned people.
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 27 June 2012 14:16 Subject: salam and dua from ZH To: sahir…@yahoo.com Cc: Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH <mustafvee@hotmail.com>, emaad khalid <emaad.khalid@gmail.com>

Sahir Beta, InshAllah a CD or DVD will be sent to you. Stay blessed and spread the message. With love and dua ZH Riz, Imaad, pl do the needful.

From: emaad khalid [mailto:emaad.khalid@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 10:43 PM To: Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH; rizwan.imtiaz@hotmail.com Cc: Sir Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Subject: DVDS and CD's / materials for the office

Dear Rizwan bhai , I had requested you earlier that Zaid sahab wanted to buy 10 sets of dvd's and books/booklets for the office Kindly let me know what the status is on that and what is the cost price at which you will be providing the materials to us so we can send you that amount - also please let us know when you can provide us with the dvds and books/bookletskindly send Sahir the dvd that he has requested because we do not have any material to gift or to sell in the Brasstacks office best regards and JAZAKALLAH khaira
_____________________________________ On 27 June 2012 23:51, Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> wrote:

Imaad, yar, when you talk to close brothers and team members, please do not be so formal as if we are doing a commercial transaction or running a formal command centre. Treat them with friendly brotherly tone. Team members and clients should be dealt in different tones. Kub sumjho gey yar L(
_____________________________________ From: emaad khalid [mailto:emaad.khalid@gmail.com] Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 5:10 AM To: Zaid Hamid Subject: Re: DVDS and CD's / materials for the office

understood loud and clear ji , I will try my best to use friendly and brotherly tone inspite of the fact that Rizwan bhai has not responded to more than a dozen of my emails and similarly does not respond to my sms also - I am at a loss to understand this attitude of his I have been wanting to let you know since many months but did not do so , but now I feel that I must Rizwan bhai over the past couple of years had the best of communication with me He used to call me before coming to pindi office and used to always let me know when he wanted to go back to lahore communication in everything was perfect , he used to reply to all my emails and sms But his attitude changed completely and somewhat suddenly , when I sent him detailed i2oxus book hisaab and copied you the email , which mentioned the amount payable by him for all the books he had taken at various times Just want to remind you that besides his own payable amount , he has not delivered to us the 10k that he received from Talha mujaddadi 4 months ago , the Pounds that were sent to Rizwan's brothers account by Talha Ahad , that also we never received and payment for the books that Rizwan bhai took on Zohayr's name has also not been received You had asked me not to remind Rizwan bhai about any book sales payable amounts and I have followed your instructions ji -

I cannot understand what I have done that has offended Rizwan bhai so greatly that he cannot bring himself to even acknowledge or respond briefly to me You know that it is a fact that Rizwan bhai was one of the closest team members to me , especially after all that happened during Takmeel. It was not my intention to become formal with him, but I guess it was a natural reaction to his lack of communication with me It has always been my endeavour to let you know what is in my heart and mind , and I am sorry that it upsets you sometimes May Allah forgive me and keep me rightly guided JAZAKALLAH khaira for your constant nigah and guidance
_____________________________________ On 28 June 2012 14:58, Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> wrote:

We know what you have just us Imaad. Still, we do not this disturb us. Learn to forgive and

remain normal even if you see him doing a murder. Parda rakhna Allah ki shan hai.

[10] Now read this thread of emails. The reply sent by Rizwan on 4th Feb 2012 was the last one he ever
gave me regarding book sales payment. The last email I sent him regarding this matter was on 17th Feb 2013 (notice the years in the email dates). Rizwan failed to even acknowledge receipt of this email, but Zaid Hamid was quick in replying to both me and Rizwan (even though I had kept Zaid Hamid in BCC in when I sent this email to Rizwan). Read what he has written, and then think that when complete hisaab kitaab of book sales payment is kept with all other team members, then how come such a leverage is continuously being given to Rizwan? And these books had not been printed using Zaid Hamid’s own finances, so how can he tell Rizwan to “contribute” at his ease? These books were printed from funds (around Rs. 8,50,000/- for first edition only) given by a patriotic businessman of Karachi, so that when the books are sold at profit after getting printed, the sales would go into the betterment of the “mission”. These books are part of “Bait-ul-Maal”, using the term that Zaid Hamid himself likes to “use”.
From: emaadkhalid777@hotmail.com To: mustafvee@hotmail.com CC: syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com; emaad.khalid@gmail.com Subject: status of books and outstanding payments at lahore Date: Tue, 31

Jan 2012 09:49:16 +0500

dear Rizwan bhai , we are updating our records so kindly give us the following info 1- number of books that lahore team has given to lahore book shops2- number of books left at kamila aapa's place 3- number of books at any other location JAZAKALLAH khair for depositing the 52.5k sangemeel cheque - it has cleared pl follow up on outstanding payments whenever you get a chance rizwan bhai - ill send you the outstanding payment details shortly salams duas always

On 4

February 2012 23:27, Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH <mustafvee@hotmail.com> wrote:

Salam Emaad bhai. I have to give you details of the 38 remaining books in Lahore (have given you breakdown and payment of 78 books). The 38 books details are as follows:4 - IQBAL BOOKs – Gulberg 2 - Maqbool Books – Gulberg 3 - Old Book City – Gulberg 2 - Defence books 5 - sent to Dubai 2 - sent to UK 3 - DVD house - Model Town 10 - in stock with me 1 - Mian Ashfaq ***** Feb pocket money 1 - Waqas Niazi ***** Feb pocket money 1 - Rashid Bukhari ******* Feb pocket money 1 - Mustafa ******* Feb pocket money 1 - Umair (Aus) **** Feb pocket money (3000) I will chase payment of books at shops and will bring the 133pounds from Usman next week.
_____________________________________ On 5

February 2012 11:29, emaad khalid <emaad.khalid@gmail.com> wrote:

dear rizwan bhai, w/salam and jazakAllah khair for your reply kindly note the following for your record: 1) Total number of books till date: 15 books (taken by you from BT office to Lahore on 19th Dec 2011) 4 books (for which Talha Mujaddadi bhai has made payment to you, he had taken the books from BT office on 20th Dec 2011) 100 books (taken by Sir to Lahore for Lahore book launch on 24th Dec 2011) 1 book (taken by you for your friend Syed Abid Hussain on 27th Jan 2012) ------------------------------120 books (total) 2) As of 5th Feb 2012, you have provided us with the record of 82 books (please view the attached file for the record of 82 books) So, remaining books with you are 38 (120 - 82 = 38): Rs. 37,500/- (for 15 books which you took from BT office to Lahore on 19th Dec 2011) Rs. 45,000/- (for 18 books left with you out of 100 books taken to Lahore by Sir on book launch, as we have record of 82 books out of 100) Rs. 10,000/- (payment made to you by Talha Mujadadi bhai for 4 books which he took from BT office on 20th Dec 2011) Rs. 2,500/- (for 1 book taken by you for your friend Syed Abid Hussain on 27th Jan 2012) -------------------------

Rs. 95,000/ (total arrears) 3) We have updated our record after receiving your email, by adding the details of the 5 books you have mentioned in the end (the sales of which were given as February pocket money to Lahore team). 4) Rizwan bhai you have mentioned usage/placement of 36 books in your email, not 38. Please re-check. 5) Please let us know the details/status of the 14 books that you have given to bookstores, so that we can update our record. At what rate were the books sold to the bookstores and when can we expect the payment for these books? Also let us know about the details of the 7 books that you have sent to UK and Dubai. JAZAKALLAH khair
_____________________________________ From: emaad khalid <emaad.khalid@gmail.com> Date: Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 12:30 AM Subject: Payable amount for books (From Indus to Oxus) To: rizwan.imtiaz@hotmail.com, Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH <mustafvee@hotmail.com>

Salams Rizwan bhai, As per your request, here are the details of your payable amount for “From Indus to Oxus”. Total payable amount: Rs. 1,73,000/- (Rupees one lac and seventy-three thousand only) Details: Rs. 37,500/- for the 15 books which you took from BT office to Lahore on 19th December 2011 (a day after the Rawalpindi book launch). Rs. 45,000/- for the 18 books left with you on Lahore book launch on 24th December 2011 (100 books were taken to Lahore for the book launch, out of these 31 were sold/gifted on the day of the book launch, and remaining 69 were handed over to you; you gave us hisaab/details of 51 books which you sold/gifted till February 2012, therefore remaining books with you: 69 – 51 = 18). Rs. 10,000/- given to you by Talha Mujaddadi for the 4 books which Talha Mujaddadi took from BT office on 20th December 2011. Rs. 2,500/- for 1 book taken by you from BT office for your friend Syed Abid Hussain on 27th January 2012. Rs. 7,500/- for 3 books that you took on Zohayr's name at the Rawalpindi book launch (you took a total of 4 books on his name, but he has confirmed that he received only 1 book from you, and the remaining 3 books are with you). Rs. 18,000/- for the UK book sales amount of 133.18 GBP transferred to your brother Usman’s account in UK by Talha Ahad during the first week of February 2012. Rs. 50,000/- for the 20 books taken to Lahore by Kamilah Apa from BT office on your request on 21st February 2012 and handed over to you in Lahore. Rs. 2,500/- given to you by Talha Mujaddadi for 1 book that he sold in Karachi on 8th September 2012. As per your request, the cost for 16 BT magazines that you returned to BT office on 14th February 2013 will be deducted from your book sales payable amount. The cost of 16 magazines is Rs. 4,000/Therefore 1,73,000 – 4,000 = 1,69,000/So now your total payable amount is Rs. 1,69,000/- (Rupees one lac and sixty-nine thousand only).

Please acknowledge when you receive this email. JAZAKALLAH Khair
_____________________________________ From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 17 February 2013 02:18 Subject: RE: Payable amount for books (From Indus to Oxus) To: emaad khalid <emaad.khalid@gmail.com>, rizwan.imtiaz@hotmail.com, Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH <mustafvee@hotmail.com>

Riz, don’t stress yourself on this. Contribute when Allah makes it easy for you. Love and dua

[11] Another instance when Zaid Hamid ignored, overlooked and covered up Rizwan’s
lies/deception/irregularities in money matters, is when Rizwan was given the task of arranging Turkey and Dubai visas and tickets for Zaid Hamid and his wife (for their trip to Turkey in Sept 2012 and short stay in Dubai on their way back). Rizwan kept delaying the payment that had to be made to the travel agent, even though Zaid Hamid had given the cash to Rizwan that was required for these payments. Rizwan kept lying to Zaid Hamid also; whenever Zaid Hamid would ask Rizwan about the progress of Dubai visas, he would say that they are in progress, payment has been made etc. But later the travel agent informed me and Zaid Hamid that Rizwan had not made any payment for the Dubai visas and that the visas would not be processed until the payment is made. Here is the email which the travel agent sent to Zaid Hamid and me after telling me all the details on phone, of Rizwan’s misdealing with them. Point to add here is that the travel agent was so disturbed and upset with this unacceptable behaviour of Rizwan, that he called me after midnight and talked for about 1 hour. This was the first time I had ever spoken to this travel agent. After telling me all the details, he said that they were not going to deal with Rizwan anymore, that they will not even let Rizwan enter their office, and that we should send someone else to carry on the remaining dealings with them. So then another Lahore team member was sent to the travel agent with the remaining payment.
From: ahmed aftab (alfatah travels) Date: 23 September 2012 01:59 Subject: MR RIZWAN IMTIAZ WARRAICH To: emaad.khalid@gmail.com

DEAR SIR ASLAMUALIKUM Salam to Sir zaid sahab , it is my pleasure to talk to such a great human, who has devoted his life for the noble cause. I hugged mr zaid sahab at my brothers walima and it was great pleasure to meet him their. Respectable sir! I wanted to explain the whole scenario. I didn’t know mr rizwan imtiaz warraich before. Ive met few people of brasstacks it includes aunty kamilah , musab bhai and waqar bhai I had been dealing with aunty kamilah for long time and I have never any issue regarding her payments . May be she takes my call every time and even if shes not able to take it she do call me back and I am always ready to provide you people with the best of services. She has a very positive image in our office staff and every one knows her and respects her because she fulfills her commitment.

Now coming to the point Mr rizwan contacted me through facebook, and may be he visited my office once it was getting renovated but I never knew who this person is? as we have lot of people coming in by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. mr rizwan emailed me and asked me the rates for emirates airline first. I told him the fare as per my email. later on when I saw the name he sent me by email, I came to know its Zaid SB who is travelling to turkey. mr rizwan gave me the permission by an email to issue the ticket." the very next morning I asked my manger to issue the ticket. according to the official procedure my accounts manager asked me about issuing it with out payment? I said to him in punjabi " o kaar di ticktan ne, te payment mein mungwa lawan ga " so every thing uptill now was fine. I called mr rizwan and informed him about that we have issued the tickets , he told me in the email that he will pay me the next morning , he came to lahore on monday . so in this case I had to void the tickets in case to avoid a fine from the emirates airline .mr rizwan told me on saturday round about 12 in the noon that he is in gujrat and it will only take him two hours from there. I called him several times, he never received the calls , my staff called him , dr sahab called him even but their was no response. I was frustrated as well and my father dr sahab got frustrated as well. we all know very well if any one calls you for more than twenty times you should call him back even for ten seconds and tell him your busy but instead he messaged me on my cell phone on sunday that I was stuck in gujrat.and can I get ticket from you on sunday. I neva replied him back. I did replied him on monday. we had a meeting at 11 am . than exactly at 11 am I got a message that I will b come by 11 30 . due to his unprofessional behaviour I refused to take cheque from mr rizwan sahab. we got payment on tuesday noon. we got 1 lac rupees online transfer from habib bank limited and a cash of 77 thousand or may be 78 thousand ill check the reciepts and will send you on monday morning. he was sitting in the office and I asked my accoutant to ask mr rizwan when will he pay for the visas? he did asked mr rizwan about visas payment and he said ill pay it tomorrow. I emailed mr rizwan for visa payment , I texted him , I emailed him . I CONCERNED ABOUT THIS MATTER WITH MY FATHER AND HE FINALLY SPOKE TO MR EMAAD . I HAD APPROXIMATELY ONE HOUR CONVERSATION WITH MR EMAAD AND IAM THANKFUL TO HIM FOR HIS TIME THAT HE GAVE IT TO ME. MR EMAAD TOLD ME THAT OUR RESPECTABLE LEADER ZAID SB HAVE PERSONALLY ASKED HIM ABOUT VISAS 5 TO 6 TIMES . AND HE MISLEAD THEM DEAR SIR I TOOK MR RIZWAN WITH ME FOR LUNCH TO HARDEES DHA Z BLOCK . WE TALKED THERE ABOUT TURKISH EMBASSY LINKS , AND HOW ALFATAH CAN HAVE STRONG LINKS IN TURKISH EMBASSY. WE TALKED A LOT ABOUT TEHREEK E INSAAF AND CURRENT POLITICS.

THANKS & REGARDS _____________________________________

Here’s another email thread, between Rizwan and the same respectable travel agent:
To: mustafvee@hotmail.com From: ahmed aftab (alfatah travels) Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 14:36:02 +0000

Dear sir please submit your visa payment or ill cancel the application submitted tomorrow WE ARE HERE FOR YOUR SERVICE. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ABOUT ANY QUERY.
_____________________________________ From: Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH [mailto:mustafvee@hotmail.com] Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 9:25 PM To: Ahmed (AL Fatah Travels) Subject:

I am in Turkey, The guy wil come on Monday and give payment and collect the visa. I am sure we will not rob of 18,000 rupees, especially for Syed Zaid Hamid sahibs visa. Regards Rizwan

Rizwan Warraich PakTurk Institute www.pakturkinstitute.com twitter.com/pakturkinstitut facebook.com/pakturkinstitute _____________________________________ From: ahmed aftab (alfatah travels) Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 11:36 PM To: 'Rizwan Imtiaz WARRAICH' Subject: RE:

dear sir and please its not about robbing its more about your commitments you make to people THANKS & REGARDS

[12] Rizwan had taken a sum of money from someone in Lahore but failed to return it. That person (whom
Rizwan owed money) contacted other senior BrassTacks members of Lahore, who brought the case to Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid told those team members to cover up this irregularity of Rizwan and told them that he himself (Zaid Hamid) would pay back the amount to the concerned party. Zaid Hamid was fully aware of the level of respect and adoration those team members of Lahore had for him, and that their natural response would be that they would pay the amount themselves instead of Zaid Hamid. The senior lady

team member took it upon herself to pay back Rizwan’s debt, and of course Zaid Hamid had no problem accepting this proposition. The lady had to pay more than 1 lac rupees on Rizwan’s behalf.

[13] Another matter that exposed the nature of Zaid Hamid to me even further was the matter of the
Mall Road shops worth 20.1 million rupees. Zaid Hamid and I went to a famous money changer in Rawalpindi. There Zaid Hamid demanded that the shopkeepers pay 35 million rupees to his friend for two shops which were worth 20 million rupees at the most. Zaid Hamid threatened them that if the deal was not closed quickly, then on one phone call from Zaid Hamid, there would be an ISI raid on their shops and the money changer and his partners would be picked up by the ISI, as Zaid Hamid knew the senior commander of ISI. Zaid Hamid also threatened them by saying that he was the advisor to the ISI, and had close connections with senior Generals and many Corp Commanders of the Pakistan Army. After this threat Zaid Hamid called a serving Major of the intelligence and asked him to get details of one of the shopkeepers he had just threatened, and Zaid Hamid told the Major that he wanted details on the shopkeepers as far as their litigation matter with the State Bank of Pakistan was concerned. On another occasion Zaid Hamid told another Major of the ANF to call one of the shopkeepers and to tell him to expedite the payment, or else face consequences. The interesting thing is that Zaid Hamid has shown a very keen interest in the matter of the Mall Road shops since day one. When I told Zaid Hamid that these are petty issues and his name and the name of the mission might get jeopardized in this business deal, he did not answer me at first but then came up with a story. Zaid Hamid told me that he started taking keen interest in this business deal when he had learned of a great Zulm that had been done with the family of his friend. According to Zaid Hamid one of the shopkeepers had threatened Zaid Hamid’s friend (owner of the shops under discussion, whom we will call ‘M’) that if he did not settle the matter of the shops quickly and in the manner that the shopkeeper wanted, then the shopkeeper would tarnish the image and reputation of M’s daughter; Zaid Hamid told me that the shopkeepers words were “warna mey tumhari beti ko badnaam kar doun ga”. Zaid Hamid said that he came into “Jalal ”. And then Zaid Hamid as usual compared himself to Rasulullah (saww) and told me that once an old man had come to Rasulullah (saww) and complained to Rasulullah (saww) that Abu Jahal was not giving him the money that was owed by Abu Jahal to him. On hearing this Rasulullah (saww) immediately went to Abu Jahal’s house with the old man and knocked on the door of Abu Jahal and when Abu Jahal came to the door, Rasulullah (saww) just told Abu Jahal forcefully to give the money to the old man, at which Abu Jahal went back into his house and got the money and the issue was settled. I wish Zaid Hamid had narrated this event from the life of Rasulullah (saww) and tried acted according to it also in the case of Rizwan and G (see details in point 14 of Section C), but in that case Zaid Hamid very conveniently forgot about this event/example from Rasulullah’s (saww) life, because G was an unimportant and simple person whose Rs. 3,00,000/- did not have any use or significance for Zaid Hamid (it didn’t matter if the amount meant a lot to G, who had taken loans from people to come up with that amount), and because the one who had embezzled money in that case was Zaid Hamid’s favourite con man Rizwan. I asked Zaid Hamid if he had confirmed this “ruining the reputation of daughter story” from the shopkeepers, and that maybe it was not true and that maybe M had not understood what had been said. Later, when I asked the shopkeepers about this matter, they totally denied having said anything like this. It is important to mention here that M is a senior citizen and forgets what he has said just 10 minutes ago. Zaid Hamid and his spiritual mentor Haji Safdar have told me that he has some sort of cancer also. An example of how forgetful M is, he could not recall how much rent he had taken for his shops from the shopkeepers even after it was explained to him time and again in front of the whole union of the market

where the shops are located (the shopkeepers had involved some members of the union and its president in this business deal after Zaid Hamid had threatened them with an ISI raid and subsequent arrest). It was finally decided that the shopkeepers would make 3 pay orders on the name of M of denominations 60 lac, 66 lac and 75 lac rupees and that the pay orders would only and only be handed over to M after all legal formalities had been completed by M and the shop was no longer in the name of M in the records of the Cantonment Board or the office of the Military Lands and Cantonments. This whole understanding was put down on a stamp paper and all the parties concerned signed it, and I also signed the paper as a witness. I started getting a bit suspicious when after 10 to 12 days Zaid Hamid told me to call one of the shopkeepers and to tell them to at least give one pay order to M because he had to make some investment. It must be mentioned here that M told me (Emaad Khalid) that maybe he would buy a couple of Askari apartments near Ammar Chowk Rawalpindi and he wanted me to get details of the apartments. I had told M that some apartments were available for sale and he could purchase them any time he wanted. That evening I told Zaid Hamid that M wanted to make an investment, by buying a couple of flats in the Askari area, and that he wanted me to get him details. Zaid Hamid and I were coming back from Islamabad, I was driving and Zaid Hamid was seated in the passenger seat. Zaid Hamid did not utter a single word on my giving him this important information, which was a bit odd, considering the fact that he had said that he would stand by M till the end because M was “mazloom” (wronged). I was able to understand the reason of Zaid Hamid’s silence after a few days, when Zaid Hamid took Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich to meet M at his residence. Two things were of concern to me in particular: 1) How in the world could Zaid Hamid take to M’s house a person like Rizwan, who is a proven con man and money swindler, and who is an expert at convincing naïve people to invest in overseas opportunities / bogus projects and businesses, especially the one like Pak Turk Institute and Business Economic Forum? (see details in point 15, 16, 17, 21 and 23 in Section C) 2) Why did Zaid Hamid never allow me to enter M’s house even though M himself, on more than two occasions, had invited me inside the house to have tea? Zaid Hamid would spend 1.5 to 2 hours talking to M in private, while I would be waiting outside the house in the car. And after all this, Zaid Hamid took Rizwan especially inside M’s house to have a meeting with him, even though M did not know Rizwan and had not invited him. Rizwan had no part in any negotiation or prior meetings that had been going on for the past month or so regarding the selling of the shops. Zaid Hamid and I were the only two people in BrassTacks who were privy to all the details, and it was Zaid Hamid himself who especially told each and every detail about M’s case to Rizwan. All this was very suspicious, and even one of the shopkeepers told me in clear words that they were concerned for M, because they had a feeling that when they pay M in full, M will not be able to benefit from that money, as someone will swindle the money from him on the pretext of investing it in a so-called project. I asked him whom he meant by ‘someone’, and he replied that he meant Zaid Hamid, because of the way Zaid Hamid had been threatening the shopkeepers and was in a hurry for the full payment of 20.1 million rupees to be made, even before the shops had been transferred from M’s name to the shopkeepers’ name, which of course was a clear and total violation of the agreement that took place between M, the shopkeepers and Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid had taken 100 % guarantee of all the dealings / promises of M with the shopkeepers. He had even told the shopkeepers to imagine as if M didn’t exist, and they had only to deal with Zaid Hamid, and that all future dealings would be directly with Zaid Hamid. The shopkeepers had told Zaid Hamid that they would hold him responsible if M backtracked on any of his promises/deals, and still Zaid Hamid reinforced that he himself would be responsible for all actions of M till M transfers the shops to the shopkeepers’ name.

One of the shopkeepers is a Syed (and seems to be a true Syed, not fake). During the first meeting, he told Zaid Hamid that if Zaid Hamid were a Syed then his decisions should also be just like a Syed’s decisions ought to be; he should not be inclined towards one party because they happen to be close to him. Zaid Hamid never met that Syed shopkeeper afterwards, always told me not to invite that particular Syed shopkeeper to any further meeting, and told me specifically that he (Zaid Hamid) did not want to deal with him. Instead he preferred to talk to the sleeping partner of that shopkeeper (a retired army man who still respected Zaid Hamid more than the other Syed shopkeeper), who was never in direct contact with M, and whose existence M was unaware of at that time. The spiritual mentor of Zaid Hamid (Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan) gave me a different statement, saying that the shopkeeper had said that he would kidnap M’s daughter. Haji Safdar said that M’s wife was like his sister. Both Zaid Hamid and Haji Safdar take particular interest in M and his family, especially in the matter of the 20.1 million rupees. As a matter of fact when M and Zaid Hamid were insisting that the shops were worth 35 million rupees, it was Haji Safdar who convinced Zaid Hamid and M that the shopkeepers can pay around 20 million rupees, and Haji Safdar particularly instructed Zaid Hamid and M to close the deal at 20.1 million rupees. The following sequence of events has some interesting significance. This, and many other things that I witnessed and observed over the past few months, made me bound to believe that Zaid Hamid and Rizwan were eyeing M’s 20.1 million rupees with extraordinary interest. 19th November 2012 – Compromise reached between the shopkeepers and M in Rawalpindi court; Zaid Hamid was informed that first pay order would be given to M within 2 days 20th November 2012 – Zaid Hamid took Rizwan for a special private meeting with M at M’s house, where Rizwan met M for the first time 21 st November 2012 – M received the first pay order of Rs. 60,00,000/- (6 million rupees) from the shopkeepers; I also witnessed this handing over of the pay order to M [On 7th April, the shopkeepers informed me of the recent developments in this case: Zaid Hamid insisted that the shopkeeper whom Zaid Hamid is comfortable with (ex-Army officer) comes to Zaid Hamid’s office, and gives the remaining payment of Rs. 14,100,000/- as CASH in Zaid Hamid’s own hand, instead of the mode of payment which was decided upon (pay order or crossed cheque on M’s name). The shopkeeper respectfully refused and said that the final payment would be made at the shop premises in the presence of the shopkeepers / traders union and also in the presence of a serving Major (who Zaid Hamid had used to expedite the payment and put pressure on / threaten the shopkeepers). On hearing this Zaid Hamid was not pleased and tried convincing the shopkeeper that the payment be made at M’s house (that the shopkeeper hands over the cash into Zaid Hamid’s hands and then it will be Zaid Hamid’s responsibility to get a properly-signed receipt of this 14.1 million rupees from M, which will be handed over to the shopkeeper in the presence of M). The shopkeeper could not agree to any such demands as there were other people / partners involved in this business transaction who did not trust Zaid Hamid at all. Therefore Zaid Hamid was left with no choice but to go to the Mall Road shops with M on the afternoon of 6th April 2013 (Saturday), where the shopkeepers handed over to M the crossed cheques on M’s name, in the presence of his business partners, the President of the shopkeepers union, several witnesses, Zaid Hamid and that serving Major of the ANF. As soon as the crossed cheques came into M’s hand, Zaid Hamid asked M if he could see the cheques. M obligingly handed over the cheques to Zaid Hamid, who after ensuring that there was no mistake made in writing the cheques, put the cheques in the front pocket of

his “commando” jacket, closed the pocket zip, and told M that he would hand over the crossed cheques to M when they reached M’s house (which is situated 5 minutes away from the Mall Road shops, and Zaid Hamid and M were to go there in the same car). Point to note is that the shopkeepers are strongly of the opinion that if M hands over any amount to Zaid Hamid for an “investment” or “business venture”, then M would never see that money again. M is an old sick man suffering from cancer, and has an old wife, and one mentally-unstable son. The shopkeepers have conveyed this concern of theirs to M, that “someone” would try to get a huge amount of money from M for “investment”, and surprisingly M said that he himself was having the same fear and concern. M reassured the shopkeepers that he will not take out the money from the bank, as a safety precaution, and will not let anybody rush him into any business or investment. May Allah watch over the poor M and his assets / finances, ameen.]

[14] One important incident which took place in February 2013 really removed the smoke screen from
my eyes for good, and showed me even more clearly how Zaid Hamid supports corruption and nepotism, in clear violation of the guidelines given by Quran and Sunnah, and how unjustly he decides between two parties. I have no doubt in my mind that this person Zaid Hamid is not fit to be in any position of authority and decision making, especially in a society that wants to follow Islamic Shariah and the model of Khilafat-e-Rashida. And the only connection that Zaid Hamid has with the examples and anecdotes from the lives of Khulafa-e-Rashideen (RA) is just “words” (in the form of his speeches and written text). He just talks about them, but does not implement those great moral values in his own life, especially when a matter is brought before him and it is expected of him to act justly and strictly in accordance with Quran, Sunnah, and examples from the lives of Sahabah (RA). Doing a TV program or writing a book on Khilafat-eRashida is not enough, as even a non-Muslim can compile anecdotes and examples from the lives of the Sahabah (RA) and talk or write about them. To be a true Muslim leader, the person should practically follow the examples set by the Sahabah (RA), not just speak/write about those examples for his own selfprojection. It is a common practice of Zaid Hamid, to be biased and inclined towards the party that is more wealthy and influential, is closer to him and is his favourite, respects him more, and can be of more benefit to him. He usually believes in whatever such a party has to tell him without any proof, almost never taking the trouble to get in touch with the other concerned party to hear their side of the story. And if the affected party does try to get their side of the story across to Zaid Hamid, to explain the real circumstances / events, then Zaid Hamid never listens to them patiently, and makes them stay silent by saying, “No need to tell me anything, or to explain anything, because I know EVERYTHING. ” It was on 12th February 2013 that one of the main BrassTacks team members came to our office in Rawalpindi along with Rizwan. This member (we will call him ‘G’) is the most important BrassTacks member in Jehlum and has been with the “mission” since 2009 (Zaid Hamid himself has mentioned G by name and praised his efforts for “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” in a couple of his speeches/gatherings). I had been noticing that G looked depressed and tense due to some reason for the past few weeks, but I did not feel it my business to ask him what was bothering him. But that day (12th February), I noticed that G wanted to tell me something but was a little hesitant, so I talked to him on phone. Then he informed me that Rizwan was sending him to Karkhano Bazaar in Peshawar to get knives/daggers etc. worth Rs. 50,000/-. Rizwan had told G that they would later sell those items on profit in various cities. I was naturally concerned, as G happens to be a young and very simple boy, whom anyone can manipulate / hurt easily. It was dangerous for him to go to Karkhano Bazaar to get knives etc., and that too in someone else’s vehicle / public transport. I told G to tell Zaid Hamid about it and not to go to Karkhano Bazaar unless Zaid Hamid allowed him to go. I also texted Zaid Hamid, who was leaving for a trip to his other spiritual mentor (Khan

sb of Tarbela), and asked him to listen to G. Thankfully, Zaid Hamid stopped G from going to Karkhano Bazaar. The next day G told me that the real reason for which he had been so upset for the past few weeks and for which he had been travelling with Rizwan, was that Rizwan had taken a total of Rs. 2,10,000/- (2.1 lac rupees) from G on the pretext of sending G to Turkey on a job visa. G was so concerned because even after a lapse of 6 to 7 months, Rizwan had not shown a single piece of paper or evidence to G which proved that Rizwan had actually started the visa process for G, even though Rizwan had told G (when he took the money from G) that the visa would be ready in 1 month. Rizwan had also told G that one of Rizwan’s friends in Dubai (a wealthy Memon from Karachi) had invested millions and millions of rupees in a hotel in Turkey (Istanbul), and that G would receive his employment letter / work permit within 15 to 20 days. G had already spent Rs. 85,000/- on obtaining a visa for Azerbaijan, which he got cancelled because of Rizwan’s convincing him that there was no good in going to Azerbaijan, and that Rizwan would send him to Turkey instead, which will be very good for G. So G’s Rs. 85,000/- got wasted because of Rizwan. Then Rizwan asked G that how much money G had with him at that time. G told him that he had taken a loan of 1 lac rupees for going to Azerbaijan. Rizwan instructed G to deposit those 1 lac rupees immediately into Rizwan’s account, and G did accordingly. During the next couple of months, Rizwan further swindled the following amounts from G on different occasions: Rs. 50,000/-, Rs. 45,000/- and Rs. 15,000/- (lying to G on each occasion that he would get his visa soon). From September 2012 to March 2013, every time that G inquired from Rizwan about the progress of his visa application and work permit, Rizwan gave lame and illogical reasons for the process getting delayed. Rizwan also told G in November 2012 that the employment letter had arrived from Turkey but it was in Karachi. After giving all this money to Rizwan, and not receiving any evidence or indication that his visa process was being carried out, G was even more worried when he accidentally found his own passport in Rizwan’s bag (along with the passports of two of G’s friends whom also Rizwan had tricked), the passport which was supposed to be with the Turkish embassy, according to Rizwan’s statement that he had made about two months ago. Rizwan had told G that G’s passport had been submitted to the Turkish embassy. After seeing his passport lying in Rizwan’s bag, G knew for sure that Rizwan had been lying to him and that he had not even submitted the passport for getting the Turkish visa. G told me all this, and also that Rizwan had been treating G like a servant, almost blackmailing G into doing whatever Rizwan ordered him to do, ever since he had taken the initial 1 lac rupees from G. Rizwan even insulted G in front of the office driver and guard. G also told me that Rizwan had said to G only a couple of day ago, “Don’t worry about going to Turkey now. In a few months’ time Zaid sb will be in hakoomat (government) and then we will easily go to Turkey whenever we want”. G requested me to get him some time with Zaid Hamid so he could talk to him in private. I texted Zaid Hamid and informed him clearly that G was very upset regarding some money matters with Rizwan, and that G wanted to speak to him alone, somewhere where Rizwan was not present, preferably at Zaid Hamid’s residence (as G and Rizwan both were present in the BrassTacks office at that time). Zaid Hamid did not reply to my text message, and did not fulfil the request that had been put forward by G. Instead Zaid Hamid went to the office and took Rizwan aside into his room, and had a private meeting with him that lasted for about 20 minutes. After this Zaid Hamid called G also into his room, talked for about 5 minutes to both G and Rizwan, and without giving a chance to G to speak up and say what he wanted to say, Zaid Hamid gave his verdict that G should not worry at all, that no fraud had been committed with G, that delays like this were common in visa matters. As soon as G came out of Zaid Hamid’s room, he took me aside and complained to me that why I had not informed Zaid Hamid that G wanted to speak to him privately in the

absence of Rizwan. I told G that I had clearly told this to Zaid Hamid. I went to Zaid Hamid and again reinforced, “G wants to talk to you ALONE.” It was only then that Zaid Hamid listened to G for 5 minutes. That night Rizwan insulted and scolded G in the BrassTacks flat as to why had G told about the money / visa matter to me (Emaad). G replied, “I’ve told Emaad bhai about this matter because telling him is like telling Zaid sb”. Rizwan was furious upon hearing this. He told G that from now on he would not bring G to BrassTacks office, and that G would not get a chance to see Zaid Hamid for months on end. He asked G that what was his hurry to go to Turkey, was it because he wanted to go there to have illegal sexual relationships with European women? (the actual filthy street language used by Rizwan cannot be written here). Rizwan was tense because his fraud had been exposed, especially because I had

found out about it, but at the same time he was confident that Zaid Hamid would come to his rescue as always. Rizwan said in utter takabbur and arrogance, waving his hands in a fit of rage, “Mujhe koi tension nahi. Mujhe yahan sey koi nahi hila sakta (I am not worried about anything. No one can move me from this position / place)”. The next day G
told me about all this and requested for a private meeting with Zaid Hamid at his residence immediately, and especially requested me to be present in that meeting. I took G to Zaid Hamid’s house, and as was expected, Zaid Hamid did not allow me to sit in the meeting. He sat alone with G for about 25 minutes, in which G managed to speak as much as was possible for him to speak in front of Zaid Hamid, telling him the main points related to Rizwan’s visa fraud. Zaid Hamid, after listening to G’s complaints of how he had been robbed / swindled by Rizwan, again told G that no fraud had taken place. Zaid Hamid also reassured G that he should not worry about his money, and that Zaid Hamid would sell his own car to pay back the money to G, in case Rizwan was unable to return the money. Half an hour after meeting G, Zaid Hamid had a private meeting with Rizwan for about 40 minutes. After that Zaid Hamid went to the office, sat with both G and Rizwan and made them hug each other, and said that all that had happened was nothing but a misunderstanding between two brothers. Zaid Hamid informed G that Rizwan would get the visa process completed within a month, and till G is sent to Turkey, G will keep receiving his salary of Rs. 20,000/- per month from Rizwan. Then Rizwan took out Rs. 20,000/- from his pocket and handed them over to G. After Zaid Hamid left the room, Rizwan said to G tauntingly, “Now that you have given all the details to Zaid Hamid, I will have to do something about your visa.” Point to note here is that Rizwan gave G the salary of Rs. 20,000/- for an imaginary job in a hotel in Turkey, which was all set to open in November 2012 but was still non-existent in February 2013 (according to Rizwan), and for which the visa had to be handed over to G in October 2012. That night G went to the spiritual mentor of Zaid Hamid (Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan). Haji Safdar confirmed that Rizwan had done fraud with G, and that Rizwan had consumed all of G’s money on his own personal needs/expenses. I was also present there when G met Haji Safdar. Haji Safdar told us that it was his own and Zaid Hamid’s responsibility to either get G’s money back or get G’s visa process carried out and completed. But then even after a month, Rizwan did not give any confirmation to G regarding his visa matter, nor did he return G’s money, G contacted me and Haji Safdar again. He requested me to speak to Haji Safdar also. Haji Safdar reaffirmed to me and G that it was Zaid Hamid’s responsibility, and that G would get either the visa or all his money back by the third week of March 2013. The last time I spoke to and met G was on the day I left BrassTacks (17th March 2013). G informed me then that he had come to meet Zaid Hamid to request that either the Turkish job visa be given to him, or his money and passport be returned without further delay.

[15] The fraud of Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich and subsequent cover-up and complicity of Zaid Hamid in that
fraud, acted as a last straw on the camel’s back, and made it very easy for me to decide my course of action. On 11th March 2013, I called a dear friend of Zaid Hamid and his “mission”, and told him to be extremely careful when dealing with Rizwan, and not to get involved in any investment / business venture with Rizwan. I had also conveyed to E on cell phone, more than a year ago, that he should not give any donation / fund etc. to any team member of BrassTacks unless Zaid Hamid knew about it. The reason why I called this person (we will call him ‘E’), is that he is a wealthy businessman in Karachi who is in love with Islam and Pakistan, and has contributed more than 2.5 million rupees to Zaid Hamid’s

“mission” in cash and kind. And it was E who paid around Rs. 1,300,000/- (1.3 million rupees) for the printing of both the first and second editions (2000 copies in total) of Zaid Hamid’s book “From Indus to Oxus”. Zaid Hamid has earned more than Rs. 1,300,000/(1.3 million rupees) by selling books of only the first edition till now (and around 150 first
edition books are still in stock). For the second edition books (all 1000 copies in stock), Zaid Hamid has said that he will not be giving as many free copies of the books as gifts to his guests, as he did in the case of the first edition books. Therefore, he is all set to earn at least Rs. 1,900,000/- (1.9 million rupees) from the sale of the second edition books of “From Indus to Oxus”. Point to note is that Zaid Hamid told

me to request E to make funds available for the printing of the second edition ONLY ONE MONTH after the launch of the first edition. The first edition was launched in December 2011,
and Zaid Hamid asked me to request E for finances for the second edition in January 2012. I told Zaid Hamid that there was absolutely no need for printing the second edition because we already had more than 900 books of the first edition, and because after the book launch ceremonies at Rawalpindi and Lahore book sales had dropped abnormally / drastically, and that it would take at least a year to sell the first edition books. Zaid Hamid’s response was, “The first edition will be sold within a month or two, and that’s why we are getting the second edition printed.” Zaid Hamid said this in January 2012, and today after a lapse of 15 months, there are still around 150 books of the first edition in stock in spite of the fact that Zaid Hamid has been frequently giving free copies of his book to his important guests / acquaintances, and especially to the senior command of the armed forces to “impress” them. When I talked to E on 11th March 2013, he told me that he had already given around Rs. 5,00,000/- (5 lac rupees) to Rizwan in the past 8 to 9 months. The details he gave were: Rizwan had asked for around Rs. 2,00,000/- (2 lac rupees) from E in July-August 2012 for printing some newsletters of Rizwan’s think tank Pak Turk Institute. Rizwan promised E that advertisement for E’s company will be placed in the newsletters. E told me that he had never seen any such newsletter to date. E also told me that in February 2013, Rizwan had convinced E to give him a loan of Rs. 3,00,000/- (3 lac rupees) for getting Zaid Hamid’s book “Khilafat-e-Rashida” printed. Rizwan had told E that the critical deadline for printing the book had passed and BrassTacks was out of funds, and that the whole printing project would cost 4 lac rupees out of which 1 lac rupees had already been arranged. Rizwan’s “critical deadline has passed” story was yet another lie, because at that time the Khilafat-e-Rashida book had not been finalized, and was nowhere near completion; so obviously it was not ready to go into print. It got completed more than a month after this false / misleading statement of Rizwan. Moreover, Rizwan requested E that E should not tell Zaid Hamid about this 3 lac rupees loan, as Zaid Hamid felt embarrassed when BrassTacks took money from somebody (another lie). Rizwan told E that he would get the books published from Lahore, earn a profit by selling those books, and then return the 3 lac rupees loan to E. When I asked E if Rizwan had given any sort of a deadline / due date for the return of the loan, E replied in the negative.

When I asked E why he had given money to Rizwan, he said that it was because Rizwan was one of the closest and senior-most team members / friends of Zaid Hamid, and because Rizwan had given him the impression that Pak Turk Institute was Zaid Hamid’s idea / brainchild, and that Zaid Hamid was behind Pak Turk Institute. I could not blame E for giving away his money to Rizwan, because I clearly remembered how Zaid Hamid had deliberately and knowingly made E get closer to Rizwan, and given E the impression that Rizwan was one of his closest and most trusted friends. I also remember that once (when we were in the company of another wealthy man) Zaid Hamid said that he wanted Rizwan to settle close to him in Rawalpindi, as Rizwan had been sent by Rasulullah (saww) for Zaid Hamid’s “mission”. When E came to visit us on 1st February 2013, and was sitting at one of Zaid Hamid’s famous “bonfires” (in the lawn in front of Zaid Hamid’s house), Zaid Hamid received a phone call from one of his old and very close friends. After the phone call ended, Zaid Hamid told E that the person to whom he was talking on the phone was a very old, close and trusted friend of Zaid Hamid, just like the people sitting around that fire. Now it is interesting to note who the four people sitting around that fire were: 1. E (the wealthy businessman from Karachi who had given more than 2.5 million rupees to Zaid Hamid since 2010), 2. K (another wealthy individual who had become a member of BrassTacks main / core team in 2012 and had given nearly 1.5 lac rupees to Zaid Hamid), 3. Me (Emaad Khalid), 4. Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich (whose frauds were known to Zaid Hamid and senior BrassTacks team members, and who could in NO way be compared to the other 3 persons mentioned above). Now anyone in their right mind would be curious as to why such a con man as Rizwan had been equated with sincere people who had given so much of their finances, time, and effort to the “mission”. Another curious point is that when one of our main and most important team members from Lahore (who headed the Sabz Hilali event and who met E there, and E had expressed his willingness to sponsor any future event of Sabz Hilali), asked me for E’s cell number, Zaid Hamid stopped me from giving him E’s cell number, saying that he wanted to keep E away from any direct dealing / communication with BrassTacks team members. Then why did Zaid Hamid especially and deliberately bring E close to Rizwan? Only one possible and easily understandable explanation comes to the mind, that Zaid Hamid was knowingly acting as a platform for Rizwan to take advantage of E. Point to note: It was just a couple of days after this bonfire / dinner that Rizwan swindled a further Rs. 3,00,000/- (3 lac rupees) from E. Obviously I was concerned after hearing about the 2 lac rupees (for Pak-Turk newsletters) and the 3 lac rupees (for book printing) that Rizwan had swindled from E, so I texted Zaid Hamid and informed him about what Rizwan had done, thinking naively that Rizwan had done all this behind Zaid Hamid’s back and that Zaid Hamid would now make Rizwan print the books from Lahore using those 3 lac rupees. I thought so because in the beginning of March 2013, Zaid Hamid had told the office staff including myself that BrassTacks was out of funds so only the e-version of the book “Khilafat-e-Rashida” would be made available for the time being, and that the hard copy will be printed later when the necessary funds were arranged. Zaid Hamid did not reply to my text message regarding E and Rizwan, as was his routine in such cases. The next day he called me especially to the office and talked to me in his room privately, making sure that our voices didn’t reach the office staff and Rizwan sitting outside his room, telling me to keep my voice low. He asked me how I came to know about this matter of Rizwan taking 2 lac rupees and 3 lac rupees from E. Zaid Hamid was particularly interested in knowing whether I had spoken directly to E or if I had heard about this matter from someone else. I told Zaid Hamid that I had called E myself and had spoken to him directly. I also informed Zaid Hamid that I had warned E a year ago not to enter into any sort

of financial dealing / agreement with any team member, including Rizwan. That same day I called Haji Safdar and told him about this new embezzlement carried out by Rizwan. Haji Safdar spoke to me angrily and told me not to interfere in the matters of Rizwan. He said that the people who give money to Rizwan were to be blamed; why do they give him money? Haji Safdar told me to stay out of Rizwan’s money matters and not to say anything about them, otherwise I would get separated from Zaid Hamid. He told me, “Zaid sb ko aap sey yehi shikayat hai keh aap har kaam mei taang aratay ho (This is what Zaid sb complains about you, that you interfere in every matter)”. Before this Haji Safdar used to be all praise for me, and used to tell me again and again that Zaid Hamid was very happy with me and that Zaid Hamid tells Haji Safdar that I (Emaad) do the work of a 100 men, and that I was the sincerest team member etc. etc. Haji Safdar kept trying to stop me from questioning any activity of Rizwan and Zaid Hamid, and thought he could silence me, but then Allah started showing me one thing after the other and I could not remain silent, and Haji Safdar understood that he could not make me stay silent over the frauds and lies of Rizwan and Zaid Hamid. So that is why he gave it straight to me that day and sort of threatened me. Little did Haji Safdar know the prayer that was already in my heart for weeks, “O Allah if this man

Zaid Hamid is not the Faqeer and man of God that he pretends to be, and if he is just using the name of Ishq-e-Rasul (saww) and love for Pakistan and its armed forces for his own benefits, then separate me from him in every way, take me away from him and his Munafiqat”.
A couple of days after this (on 13th March), it was with utter disbelief and aversion, that I found out that Zaid Hamid had talked to the publisher in Lahore from Rizwan’s cell phone, with Rizwan sitting by his side, telling the printer to print the “Khilafat-e-Rashida” book totally on his own expense, as BrassTacks did not have funds, not even for giving an advance payment. Zaid Hamid told the publisher that BrassTacks would keep buying books from the publisher in small batches, as and when the need arose. On that same day I called the publisher who confirmed all this and also informed me that Rizwan had not paid for even the previous print job worth Rs. 20,000/-.

[16] Rizwan told the office staff on 11th March 2013 that he would make E the Chairman of his think
tank Pak Turk Institute (for obvious reasons), and that Rizwan and another important member of BrassTacks based in Karachi would be working in an advisory/administrative capacity, whereas, since Rizwan established this think tank, he had been calling himself its “Director” (as written with his name in some of his emails). In the same way as he likes to think of himself as the “Director” of BrassTacks Lahore. The day I talked to Zaid Hamid about Rizwan’s fraud of 5 lac rupees with E, I also talked to Zaid Hamid about this bogus think tank / organization that Rizwan had started, and about which Rizwan was telling people that it was Zaid Hamid’s brainchild / idea. I questioned him that who had given Rizwan the authority to use this misleading name “Pak Turk Institute”, as Pak Turk Schools and Colleges were already functioning all over Pakistan (Google “Pak Turk Institute” and see the results), that Rizwan’s think tank was not a proper, registered, tax-paying entity, and that Rizwan did not have a board of directors or even a single member in his think tank besides himself and that BrassTacks member in Karachi. The very next day Rizwan got actively engaged in getting his think tank registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in various large cities of Pakistan, and even modified his think tank’s name to “Pak Turk Economic Forum” to get it registered, because of course he could not possibly get it registered on the fraudulent name of Pak Turk Institute (which he is still using on his websites and pages). This of course pointed to one thing only, that Zaid Hamid had wasted no time in warning his crony / business associate Rizwan about all that I had discussed with him in private, and that Zaid Hamid was very concerned that

Rizwan’s “think tank” business did not get hampered by any litigation in the future, making it easy for Rizwan to trap people in various visa and business propositions in the name of “Pak-Turk brotherhood”. Another point to note is that both Zaid Hamid’s and Rizwan’s love for our Turk brothers suddenly reached new heights at the same time as Rizwan started this think tank (and that is why they went to Turkey together in September 2012). Rizwan is considered as the official ambassador of BrassTacks and Zaid Hamid to Turkey. And now I understand why Zaid Hamid snubbed me when I tried to arrange Zaid Hamid’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Turkey (when he was visiting Pakistan) through the chairman of Khubaib Foundation. It was not my place to tread on Rizwan’s territory, and of course Zaid Hamid and Rizwan knew that I could never be a part of their “Pak Turk brotherhood” and “Economic Forum” plans / dreams.

[17] In addition to this, I was informed by another wealthy and respectable BrassTacks team member of
Karachi (we will call him ‘W’), that few months ago Rizwan had taken a copy of W’s CNIC (ID card) and had wanted W to become the Chairman of Pak Turk Institute. Anybody can guess why Rizwan himself does not want to become the Chairman of his brainchild Pak Turk Institute and why he does not want to get it registered in his own name, or in his master and trainer Zaid Hamid’s name. Why did he need the name of W or E to get his think tank registered? Online links for Rizwan’s “think tank” are: http://www.facebook.com/PakTurkInstitute http://www.pakturkinstitute.com/ http://twitter.com/PakTurkInstitut

[18] After the above-mentioned incidents had taken place, and after Rizwan’s financial irregularities and
lies were known not only to me, but also to Zaid Hamid and almost a dozen senior team members / office staff, it was hard to believe it when Zaid Hamid told 9 people in the BrassTacks office (including all the office team and me) that Rizwan was their “elder” from whom they should learn and take guidance and advice whenever they were in doubt about some matter related to the “mission”. Zaid Hamid had also told this a few months ago to the 2 new boys who had come to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia, and who happen to be from a very well-off family. Zaid Hamid advised them to learn from Rizwan, and tried to get them closer to Rizwan in ways which did not go undetected by me, Alhamdolillah. For example, Zaid Hamid wanted the 2 boys to take Rizwan to Lahore through the GT Road en route Rizwan’s hometown Gujrat (where Rizwan wanted to make a stop), and told them that it was ok if Rizwan was saying that he could drive their car on the GT Road, when Zaid Hamid had already been informed clearly by the 2 kids that they did not want to go through the GT Road (but through the motorway), and that they were not comfortable with Rizwan driving their car. They were new in Pakistan and driving on the GT road would have been dangerous and too tiring for them. Their father had also not given them permission to let anyone else drive their car. Even after all this, Zaid Hamid told them to let Rizwan drive their car and to travel with him to Lahore via GT Road, also saying that there would be no harm in making a stop at Gujrat. But Alhamdolillah the 2 boys had judged what type of person Rizwan was, so they went to Lahore via the motorway without taking Rizwan along with them. If I had not warned those 2 sincere boys to be on their guard against Rizwan, they would have fallen into one of his many traps. A point to note here is that before these boys had arrived in Pakistan, Zaid Hamid had instructed me to inform them that they could use the BrassTacks office premises and flat only temporarily, and that they should not be expecting any constant support, especially of the financial sort.

But when they arrived from Saudi Arabia with their highly-expensive cameras and other equipment, when it was clear that they belonged to a very wealthy family, and when it was known that they were greatly skilled in website development/management and photography etc., Zaid Hamid decided all of a sudden to make them proper and permanent members of BrassTacks, even getting them official BrassTacks ID cards, and giving them 2 desks in BrassTacks office to work on. These two boys have been working voluntarily (without any salary) for Zaid Hamid’s “mission” since their arrival in December 2012, and have taken many photographs of Zaid Hamid with the excellent equipment that they own. Zaid Hamid also accepted a donation of Rs. 50,000/- from the father of these 2 boys when he came from Saudi Arabia for a short visit to Pakistan, who told Zaid Hamid (when he was handing the envelope containing the cash to him) that the amount was for BrassTacks office / “mission”. But I am not aware of that amount being used by Zaid Hamid on the “mission”. Moreover, when I reminded Zaid Hamid that the amount could be used on some printing jobs that were pending, Zaid Hamid was not pleased at all and did not make the funds available.

[19] The official BrassTacks ID cards have been made only for the people who work as permanent and
regular staff at the BrassTacks office in Rawalpindi. But Rizwan is an exception. Zaid Hamid got the card made for him, even though he did not belong to the BrassTacks permanent office staff. Zaid Hamid did this so that Rizwan could officially represent BrassTacks and also because he wanted the people whom Rizwan met to trust Rizwan easily. Zaid Hamid also had this card made for that wealthy team member ‘K’ (mentioned in point 15 of Section C) who had just recently shifted to Rawalpindi and who was not a part of the office staff, even though there are some other members of BrassTacks core team who are more frequent and older visitors of BrassTacks office, for whom these cards have not been made. The only problem with them is that they are not as wealthy as K. Moreover, Zaid Hamid gave me special instructions regarding K, that K was allowed to visit Zaid Hamid at his residence any time he wanted, without even informing me, even on Sundays, whereas for other mediocre/normal fans and team members, Zaid Hamid’s instructions to me were that I should never call them on Sundays, and that they could not come without prior notice and permission. It is to be noted here that K had recently purchased a house in Bahria Town worth 15 million rupees. K told me that he had invited the whole office staff for Dua-e-Khair and dinner (on 31st January 2013) at his newly-purchased house and it would be an honour if all could attend, including Zaid Hamid. I informed Zaid Hamid about the invitation, and he readily agreed, but told me not to inform the office team, as Zaid Hamid had not decided yet if he wanted to take them along or not. We were supposed to reach K’s house by 7:30 pm that night, but Zaid Hamid told me around 7 pm that he wanted to take Rizwan also to K’s house, but Rizwan would reach Rawalpindi by 9:30 pm. So we waited for Rizwan to arrive and join us, and then we reached K’s house around 10 pm. One of the first questions Zaid Hamid asked K was that how much the house had cost K, and then he asked K’s real estate agent about the market price of his (Zaid Hamid’s) father’s house in Bahria Town Phase 1. Zaid Hamid felt very proud when the estate agent valued his father’s house at about 25 million rupees. I have noticed many such incidents and practices of Zaid Hamid which made it clear to me how differently he treats the wealthy and the poor.

[20] The treatment given to Rizwan by Zaid Hamid surpasses the treatment he gives to any other team
member or guest. Whenever Rizwan arrived in Rawalpindi, and whenever Zaid Hamid returned with Rizwan and me from some TV recording etc., no matter how late it was in the night, Zaid Hamid would call his wife and instruct her to prepare dinner for Rizwan. He would try to arrange a bonfire during Rizwan’s stay in Rawalpindi and would wait for Rizwan to come before departing for an important place / meeting, so that he could take Rizwan along with him. He always texted me to tell Rizwan to be ready for

going to some place. Once when Rizwan was in Rawalpindi, Zaid Hamid did not text me to ask Rizwan to be ready, so I did not contact Rizwan. Zaid Hamid and I set off for that place, and when we had travelled in the car for about 5 minutes, Zaid Hamid suddenly remembered that he had not picked up Rizwan from the office and scolded me for not stopping at the office for picking up Rizwan. When I told him that he had not informed me that Rizwan also had to go with us, he said, “Hum Rizwan kay baghair kabhi kaheen gaye hain? (Have I ever gone somewhere without Rizwan?)” He made me turn and go back to the BrassTacks office to get Rizwan even though we were already late for the meeting. Rizwan has always been famous for being rude, financially corrupt, and too careless/casual in his dealings and communication. He is directly, and in some cases indirectly, responsible for making several BrassTacks team members of Lahore leave the “mission”. It is a common and well-known practice of Rizwan that he keeps three or four cell numbers, and also changes his cell numbers frequently. He keeps them mostly on silent, as he doesn’t reply to most of the calls and messages. Many people have complained that Rizwan does not answer their calls and messages. He himself told the office staff that he keeps 3 or 4 numbers so that he knows how many people (to whom he owes money) are contacting him.

[21] It is a known fact that Rizwan (among some other people), has been presenting expensive gifts to Zaid
Hamid, like Blackberry cell phone, leather shoes, designer wear etc. A few other important factors that weigh heavily with Zaid Hamid are: Rizwan has dual citizenship (Pakistani and British); Rizwan had promised Zaid Hamid that he would build a special shooting range on his lands in Gujrat, where he would invite Zaid Hamid on a routine basis; Rizwan is getting a house constructed for Zaid Hamid in Shahdara Lahore (as per information received from senior members of BrassTacks Lahore); Rizwan is planning Zaid Hamid’s next trips to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and is himself planning to start a business venture for which he is planning a trip to Nepal in the near future (as per information Rizwan gave to the BrassTacks office staff); Rizwan had committed to Zaid Hamid that Rizwan would establish strong links with the Turkish Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence, and that Zaid Hamid would be invited to Turkey to deliver lectures in most influential Turkish think tanks and to have meetings with senior ranking Turkish government officials, including the Prime Minister and the President of Turkey. This was the prime reason that Zaid Hamid spent about Rs. 4,50,000/- (4.5 lac rupees) on going to Turkey in September 2012 along with Rizwan, instead of going for Umrah (more details in point 6 of Section D). Zaid Hamid went to Turkey mainly because Rizwan wanted him to go and because Rizwan had recently launched his own think tank (named Pak Turk Institute), even though a senior Turkish official in Turkish Embassy Islamabad had clearly told Zaid Hamid (in the presence of Rizwan and me) that due to Turkey’s situation with Syria, it would not be possible for Zaid Hamid or Rizwan to meet any Turkish government official. Zaid Hamid and Rizwan were able to meet members of just one or two private think tanks in Turkey, which was of little significance. Moreover, Zaid Hamid had already visited Turkey in the past, so it is strange that still he chose to go to Turkey, instead of going to Makkah and Madinah. When Zaid Hamid returned from Turkey, both he and his spiritual mentor Haji Safdar gave an interesting twist to the Turkey trip and its significance. They said that the Turkey trip was very successful, that Allah had accepted it and given the same ajar for it as He would have given for Umrah. They said that it was just as if Zaid Hamid had performed Umrah. Interesting point to be noted here is that before going to Turkey and even after he returned, Zaid Hamid kept boasting that the Aulia and Fuqarah of Madinah Munawarah were asking Zaid Hamid to come for “Haazri ” at Darbar-e-Rasul (saww), but Zaid Hamid had to tell them that his duty was in Pakistan at the moment, and if he left Pakistan even for a few days, then Pakistan would be in grave danger.

[22] In November 2012 Zaid Hamid informed me that a very special and “spiritual” friend of his, whom he
had known for almost 2 decades, was coming from UK and would be staying in Rawalpindi. We will call this person ‘KS’. My only contact with KS had been on the cell phone, when KS used to send donations (personal gifts) ranging from Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 60,000/- for Zaid Hamid from UK. Zaid Hamid of course knew that KS was a wealthy man (because of the donations, and because KS had owned a famous Pakistani restaurant in UK) and Zaid Hamid also knew that KS had come to Pakistan to start his own business in Rawalpindi (KS was bringing a franchise of a coffee/chocolate shop from a company based in Turkey). Zaid Hamid was therefore very welcoming and sweet towards KS and deputed me to take KS to all the places (restaurants / coffee shops / bakeries etc.) that KS wanted to visit in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He also advised me to give a lot of respect and care to KS. I took KS to dozens of such places and sites in the next 3 days, and he met a lot of people. But it started becoming obvious that KS did not have any serious or confirmed plans about the franchise / business he wanted to bring from Turkey, and lacked the basic information which was needed to start the franchise. KS did not even have the franchise agreement which he claimed to have signed with the Turkish company. Then Zaid Hamid’s spiritual mentor Haji Safdar also informed Zaid Hamid that KS was out of funds and it was impossible for him to start a business. After that, Zaid Hamid stopped his welcoming and loving attitude towards KS, and became almost discourteous with him, to the point of not attending his calls and not inviting him to his house for meals anymore, and even not giving him any of his time when KS had been waiting for him in the BrassTacks office. When Zaid Hamid would come to the office he would just briefly greet KS and stand with him for a minute or so. Zaid Hamid insisted that I take KS to Haji Safdar, and when I was taking KS to Gujjar Khan to meet Haji Safdar, Zaid Hamid told me that Haji Safdar would take care of KS, would scold him and tell him to go to Lahore for the time being, and then later to UK. And that is what happened. KS left for Lahore within a few days of his meeting Haji Safdar. This is only one case out of many, when I witnessed Zaid Hamid’s love and respect change for someone in “direct proportion” to the amount of wealth in that person’s pocket and the level of respect and influence he had in society.

[23] Zaid Hamid told me himself that when he was employed as a Security Officer at Brinks Security
Services in Rawalpindi (his job was to install security alarm systems and advise clients on security matters related to the premises), he was once sent by Brinks to the USA, and it was there that he got to know about security consultancy / advisory and thought that he could start that in Pakistan, as it would be a totally new concept for Pakistanis, and would be a great opportunity for Zaid Hamid to earn a living. Zaid Hamid calls himself the pioneer of security consultancy / advisory in Pakistan. Zaid Hamid also informed me that when he was in Brinks, he used to visit the offices and residences of people who were the elite of Islamabad, who owned (or were associated with) multi-national companies, or belonged to foreign embassies; this gave him a chance to gather important contacts and to get the push he needed to start his own security consultancy / advisory service and think tank BrassTacks in 2000. Till the end of 2007, BrassTacks “think tank” was a one-man, one-room operation. Zaid Hamid used to work from his residential apartment in Askari 3. In the last few months of 2007, when a friend of his in media asked him to come in a PTV talk-show, he got the boost he was waiting for, and then couple of months after that, a retired admiral of the Pakistan Navy, working for the government of Pakistan, got him the Rs. 6,06,500/- per month contract, which according to Zaid Hamid, the admiral did on his own personal initiative. The same month, he rented the first floor of a house in Chaklala Scheme 3 as his office, bought 5 to 6 desktop computers, furnished that office in style, and hired 6 to 7 internees (most of whom were graduates in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University). Fame and fortune followed after his contracts with the agency and News One TV, whereby he started to appear on TV regularly and

started earning more than a million rupees per month. So then when he became a “Defence and Security Analyst / Consultant / Advisor” and started appearing on TV, some people recognized him as “Zaid-uzZaman Hamid” who was the staunch and closest follower of Yusuf Ali (aka Yusuf Kazzab), and who had vanished from the scene years ago (around the time when Yusuf Ali was tried and sentenced to death by the court in 2000). When people started exposing the background and reality of Zaid Hamid, at first he denied having been closely associated with him. But gradually when facts and proofs began to surface about his close association and links with Yusuf Ali, he could not deny and lie anymore and had to admit that he was close to Yusuf Ali once, but then had left him. It was around this time that Zaid Hamid had the brilliant idea of becoming all of a sudden, a “Faqeer, a Sufi saint “Baba”, and a great Ashiq-e-Rasul (saww), started talking extensively on the past glory of Muslims, Khilafat-e-Rashida, Quroon-e-Aula, United States of Islam, Mujahideen and Shuhada of Pakistan’s armed forces etc., and started doing programs on Islamic themes, so that nobody would suspect him anymore of being the “Sahabi” and “Khalifa” of Yusuf Ali. All of a sudden, naïve and innocent people of Pakistan started believing in Zaid Hamid as a Wali-Allah and the “much-awaited” Saviour of Pakistan. How can someone become a Faqeer and Sufi saint all of a sudden, when he had spent the previous years of his life as a common Muslim earning his living by posing as a Security and Defence Analyst / Consultant, and had not been under the influence and guidance of any actual spiritual teacher or “Murshid”? As a matter of fact Zaid Hamid says that he is not allowed to have a “Murshid” as he is receiving his instructions and guideline directly from Darbar-e-Nabawi (saww). Astaghfirullah. Some students from Shifa International Medical College recorded an intense 1-hour interview of Zaid Hamid. In this video Zaid Hamid is sitting in his office, talking about his links with Yusuf Ali, and why he had left him. He told the students not to make that video public, but the next day the students uploaded some parts of that video on the internet. After the video got leaked, Zaid Hamid had no choice but to take this stance that he had defended Yusuf Ali strongly in a court of law as a friend, because Yusuf Ali had never claimed prophethood and was not a Kazzab but a Sufi saint, and that he will keep on defending Yusuf Ali. Zaid Hamid had done all the running around for Yusuf Ali when he became implicated in a case of 295-C. The reason he gave for leaving Yusuf Ai was that Yusuf Ali had started getting involved in making business deals with people like Abdul Rauf (of GEO News program “50 Minutes”) and Sohail Omar (of Iqbal Academy Lahore), and then along the way Yusuf Ali started getting finances and donations from abroad, could not keep his hands clean from corruption and got involved in embezzlement of funds. Zaid Hamid claims that his elders had sent a message to Yusuf Ali that he should repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness otherwise Allah would make a horrible example out of him. So obviously, as making money was the prime, or rather the ONLY, objective in Zaid Hamid’s mind when he started his business concern of BrassTacks, therefore it was necessary that he kept his clients constantly in a state of fear, by using phrases like “we’re in a state of war!” “existential threat” “urban war” “chaos” “dangerous levels of anarchy” again and again and again. He needs to give this impression to his clients that they are in constant need of Zaid Hamid’s security reports and advice, just like a supplier / dealer of arms and ammunition needs countries to be in a state of war and fear, so that his business flourishes more and more. No wonder that many people call Zaid Hamid a war-monger and a fear-monger. Pak Turk Institute and Business Economic Forum which is supposedly managed by Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich, is in fact “Phase 2” of Zaid Hamid’s BrassTacks, because Zaid Hamid does not want to use the name of BrassTacks for doing the kinds of “business deals” that he and Rizwan have planned. Now I understand why Zaid Hamid got so upset with me when I started unmasking the illegal financial

practices of Rizwan, as he knew that eventually those discoveries would lead me straight to Zaid Hamid himself. It will come as a surprise to the readers, especially the BrassTacks team members who have been given many false impressions by Zaid Hamid regarding me (some details given in Section G), that to this day I have not had any argument or even a slight quarrel / disagreement with Rizwan. I have no personal grudge against Rizwan, and Rizwan has never taken any money from me. It was because of his dealings with other people, who came to me with their complaints and miseries, that I felt it my duty to inform Zaid Hamid about what Rizwan was up to. I informed Zaid Hamid about these financial matters of Rizwan only on 3 occasions in the past 15 months, and that too with respect. I only conveyed the facts to Zaid Hamid (as I mistakenly believed that he was very well capable of making the just and right decisions), and I did not dictate ANYTHING to Zaid Hamid. I NEVER asked Zaid Hamid to kick out ANYONE from BrassTacks (contrary to the lie being spread by Zaid Hamid). When I realized that Zaid Hamid was not what I thought him to be, and was an unjust, immoral and financially corrupt person himself, I decided that I could no longer stay with him and be a part of his fake “mission”. So it was NOT because of Rizwan that I left BrassTacks, as some people have been made to believe. _______________________________________________________________________________

Section D
[1] Zaid Hamid posted this on his Facebook page on 22nd March 2013, and this post of his made it clear to
me that there is no limit to the hypocrisy and Munafiqat of Zaid Hamid. This post is yet again a classic example of his skill to use his own words, Quranic verses, Ahadith of Rasulullah (saww), and anecdotes from the lives of great Muslims of the past, to deceive his followers into believing him to be what he is not at all in real life. “my dear children, while we fight to create an Islamic state, DO NOT forget your duties towards your parents. The educational and media systems of today DO NOT teach adab and mercy to the new generation. Generally, this young generation is casual and careless towards elders and parents. These sacred values have almost been lost but must be preserved with tender loving care. Remember this, no amount of effort, prayers, salat or Ibadat will help you if your are Gustakh or harsh towards your parents. Be kind on them so that Allah may be kind on you. They are your dunya and akhira. Treasure them.” http://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/602056_474062909315192_417715527_n.jpg

[2] Allah gave me the chance to witness and observe very closely the relationship between Zaid Hamid and
his parents (and other family members) for the past four years. I came to know about things which no other team member in BrassTacks could possibly know. Zaid Hamid’s parents and parents-in-law have been in constant contact with me over various personal and family matters. I will mention a few things here which will give an idea of how Zaid Hamid treats his parents and what his parents think about him. Zaid Hamid has always had a problem and has felt extremely uneasy with the fact that his parents, in-laws and other family members are close to me and trust me. A small example of how close I was to Zaid Hamid’s family, is that Zaid Hamid’s mother gave me permission to try to save the first marriage of Zaid Hamid (I requested her to let me try when I saw how disturbed and sorrowful she was because of her son’s intention of divorcing his first wife), and gave me the personal number of Zaid Hamid’s first wife so I could talk to her (see point 10 in Section D for details).

[3] Zaid Hamid’s father’s name is Col. Rtd. Mehmud-uz-Zaman Hamid. He belongs to 1st PMA, has fought
bravely in both the 1965 and 1971 wars in the Sialkot sector. Both the parents of Zaid Hamid have been very close to me for the past four years. Whenever they wanted to get their personal chores done, they would especially ask for me, as the other senior members in the office were not very comfortable and happy doing khidmat and running around for an 84-year old man and his wife. It became clear in the beginning few months, that Zaid Hamid’s relationship with his parents, especially his father, was not normal at all. I would often say to myself that Zaid Hamid should be taking the ajar by doing khidmat of his parents instead of me; Zaid Hamid should be looking after his parents and taking care of them as Allah will ask him regarding this matter. I would often notice that Zaid Hamid avoided taking responsibility for any chore / work that his parents wanted to assign to him, and he would usually not fulfil the wishes of his parents. Zaid Hamid generally avoids speaking to his parents on the telephone (whether they are in Rawalpindi or Karachi), and the times he does talk to them on the phone, there is almost always some sort of tension between Zaid Hamid and his parents. Zaid Hamid is always in a hurry to end the call, sometimes even lying to his parents that he is busy in a meeting or driving in his car (when in reality I would be the one driving the car with Zaid Hamid sitting in the passenger’s seat doing nothing). Zaid Hamid’s tone is usually irritated and dry with his parents. Zaid Hamid would behave in the same uncaring attitude towards his brother (mentally underdeveloped, as innocent and simple as a 10-year old child even though he is a grown up man). Whenever this brother (we will call him ‘D’) called Zaid Hamid on his cell phone, Zaid Hamid would immediately tell him that he was out of the house / driving the car / in a meeting etc., and that he should call at his residence instead and speak to his children or wife, without letting his brother speak even for 10 seconds. It was as if Zaid Hamid was embarrassed to have such a brother and did not want to spend his “precious” time talking to him. When D was in Rawalpindi, Zaid Hamid would not bring D along with him to the BrassTacks office, even though D loved visiting the office and meeting the team members, just like a child. Then Zaid Hamid’s mother would send D to the office with someone else, like the driver or cook etc. D is a thousand times more deserving of our respect and love as compared to Zaid Hamid, because D is not a Munafiq, D does not lie, D is innocent and sincere, D does not hurt his parents, close family members and other people who are good to him and who help him, D is really a “Jannati ”, MashaAllah.

[4] I remember clearly that in 2009 I was sitting with Zaid Hamid’s father in his Askari 3 residence in
Rawalpindi, and he was talking to me about religious / spiritual matters about Aulia etc. and was giving me duas for khidmat I had done for him that day in particular. He suddenly became emotional and started talking about his departure from the world and matters of Akhirah (hereafter), worrying about whether Allah would forgive him or not. As soon as he had completed what he was saying, I tried to reassure and

comfort him by saying, “When you meet Allah you should feel proud that you are leaving behind a son like Zaid Hamid who will be a source of sadaqah-e-jariah (constant reward) for you, so you have nothing to worry about”. As soon as Zaid Hamid’s father heard this statement of mine he started weeping and shaking his head from left to right, giving the impression that he did not believe in what I had just told him about his son. Then after a pause of a couple of minutes, he gave this very curious statement out of the blue, which I could not understand at that time. He said, “Beware baita (son), always remember that the people who write Prophet Muhammad’s (saww) name with ‘e’ in it (Muhemmed) instead of using ‘a’, are Qadiyanis”. I was surprised to hear this because we had not been discussing anything that was even remotely connected to Qadiyanis or the spellings of any word. Point to note here is that Zaid Hamid always uses the ‘e’ spellings of Muhammad (saww), and has officially told his office staff / team members NOT to use the usual spellings of Muhammad (saww) using ‘a’. Zaid Hamid asked me specifically to replace the word “Muhammad” (saww) to “Muhemmed” wherever it had appeared in his book “From Indus to Oxus”. In 2012 Zaid Hamid and I were driving back from his father-in-law’s Askari 3 residence. I told Zaid Hamid that his father-in-law and especially two of his brothers-in-law were still in serious doubt regarding Zaid Hamid’s stance on the Yusuf Ali (also known as Yusuf Kazzab) matter. I had barely finished my sentence when Zaid Hamid told me, “Yar meri maa aaj tak meray par shak karti hai, to tum un ki baat kar rahay ho? (Even my mother still doubts me in this Yusuf Ali matter, and you’re talking of my in-laws?)” Another thing worth mentioning here is that Zaid Hamid’s parents, brothers and eldest daughter had abandoned Zaid Hamid completely for an extended period of time. His parents did not want to have anything to do with him. This information was given directly to me by Zaid Hamid’s spiritual mentor (Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan) in the presence of my wife in the beginning of this year. He also told us that it was he who had saved Zaid Hamid’s life by warning him and insisting that he immediately break away from Yusuf Ali (aka Yusuf Kazzab). He said that Zaid Hamid did not pay much attention to this serious warning for about one year, and then when it was evident that Yusuf Ali was going down and was in serious danger and trouble, Zaid Hamid abandoned him and thanked Haji Safdar for saving his life and honour. Haji Safdar told us that the devil had taken over Yusuf Ali and he had become totally “gumrah” (going on the path of evil and destruction). Zaid Hamid, on a couple of occasions, has confirmed that Yusuf Ali had started out as a spiritual Muslim, but then down the road he became financially corrupt and became engrossed in Dunya (this world). Zaid Hamid also confirmed that the elders of Yusuf Ali had warned him that Allah would destroy him if he kept going on the path he had chosen. Haji Safdar said that it was after much ado that Zaid Hamid’s parents and other family members started talking to him again. Of course this would have involved the famous “Taaweez” provided by Haji Safdar himself. http://www.khatm-enubuwwat.com/zaid%20hamid%20sawal.pdf

[5] Zaid Hamid’s parents shifted from Rawalpindi to Karachi in September / October 2010. Since then, his
parents have called me on many occasions from Karachi, complaining to me that their son (Zaid Hamid) does not attend / return their calls and that he was not accessible to them, even in time of need. Therefore, most of the times when they wanted something done here in Rawalpindi, they would call me and tell me and I would then comply. But if that work / job could not be completed without the involvement of Zaid Hamid, then that job would remain neglected or unfinished. For example, Zaid Hamid’s father had called me about half a dozen times in 2012-13 to ask me if I had delivered his decades-old Mazda car (parked outside Col Zaman’s Askari 3 apartment) to the mechanic for restoration works / maintenance jobs (at Col Zaman’s own expenses, and at his old family mechanic’s workshop). Every time

that Col Zaman called me about the Mazda, I would inform Zaid Hamid and request that he give the keys of the Mazda to me, so that I could do as his father had instructed. Zaid Hamid never gave me a straight answer for the first 2 or 3 times that I asked him, and then in the end of 2012, once he told me that he had lost the keys to the Mazda, then another time he told me that there was something wrong with the axle and tyres of the car making it unable to be driven, and at yet another occasion he told me that he wanted this car to go to his son Osama so Zaid Hamid himself would get the car fixed. When I informed Zaid Hamid that it would cost at least 5 lac rupees to get it repaired and restored, he was clearly undecided about what to do because he did not have that amount to spend on the car. The last time I reminded Zaid Hamid yet again about the Mazda, on Col Zaman’s insistence, he told me that he had misplaced the keys to the Mazda. I told him that his father wanted me to get a tow truck and take the Mazda to the mechanic’s workshop, or that the mechanic himself could come and take the car to his workshop. Even though Zaid Hamid would not have had to waste 1 rupee or 1 minute of his precious time on fulfilling this wish of his dying father (Col Zaman is 86 years old, bed-ridden, extremely fragile and weak, and also very ill), he did not let me coordinate with Col Zaman’s mechanic and told me that Col Zaman did not know how busy we were and that Mazda restoration was a low-priority job (Zaid Hamid kept his parents’ jobs always at the lowest priority). Of course I did not have the heart to inform Col Zaman about his son’s reply and nonserious attitude towards his instructions. Col Zaman then called another retired General (relative of Zaid Hamid who also lives in Chaklala Scheme 3) and requested him to coordinate with Col Zaman’s mechanic for the car restoration jobs, but in vain. If only all of you could have heard the pain, misery, weakness and helplessness in Zaid Hamid’s father’s voice, you would be saying much more than I am saying, and you would be crying in rage and pity on the way the old man is being treated by this ungrateful and most cruel two-faced man Zaid Hamid. These are the same parents who not only brought up and took care of Zaid Hamid himself, but also looked after Zaid Hamid’s first wife and his 3 children in their house in Karachi, when Zaid Hamid was away on his “romantic journey of Afghan Jihad”. That period of a decade or so would surely not have been so “romantic” for his immediate family, especially his wife and kids, and parents.

[6] Zaid Hamid, against his father’s explicit instructions / orders, has been consuming hundreds of thousands of rupees from the rent of his father’s Bahria Town Rawalpindi house, instead of depositing the rent straight into his father’s bank account. Zaid Hamid
used the rent for paying his son Osama’s medical college fees (around 5 to 6 lac rupees per year), jokingly telling the team members that Col Zaman should pay the medical college fees, as Osama was HIS grandson, not Zaid Hamid’s. How can a person joke in this way about something that is causing serious hurt and anguish to his old parents, especially his father? This fact was made clear to me by what Zaid Hamid’s father told me in October 2012, when Zaid Hamid’s mother called me from Karachi and said that Col Zaman wanted to speak to me. Col Zaman talked to me for more than 20 minutes, when he was severely sick and bed-ridden and could barely speak. The words he spoke were clear, though his voice was weak and broken. My wife also heard him speak on the phone and couldn’t help crying. I was shocked to hear what Col Zaman told me in that phone call. He asked me point-blank that why Zaid Hamid had

not been sending them the Bahria Town house rent regularly and why the rent was still being deposited into Zaid Hamid’s own account (around Rs. 57,000/- per month, which got
deposited into Zaid Hamid’s bank account in Rawalpindi). Col Zaman had repeatedly told Zaid Hamid that the Bahria Town house rent should be deposited in Col Zaman’s account in HBL or in his other son Junaid Hamid’s account in SCB. Col Zaman also told me that it was not the duty of Col Zaman to pay the

medical college fees of Zaid Hamid’s son, and that he had two other sons (Junaid and D), along with grandchildren, to take care of in Karachi. Col Zaman said that it was the “haq” of his other children and grandchildren also to benefit from the Bahria Town house rent, just as Zaid Hamid and his son were benefitting. Col Zaman told me that if Zaid Hamid did not have the money to pay his son’s

medical college fees, then he should not have wasted so much money on going to Turkey. Zaid Hamid ’s parents were not at all pleased with Zaid Hamid’s going to Turkey, nor had they given permission to Zaid Hamid to spend hundreds of thousands of rupees from Bahria Town house rent on this trip to Turkey (and Zaid Hamid believes that his Turkey trip was equivalent to performing a “Maqbool” Umrah). I tried to reassure Col Zaman by saying
that Zaid Hamid had used his own money to go to Turkey, but of course Col Zaman knew better than me, as he had not been receiving the rent regularly for the past couple of years. Col Zaman then told me that the instructions he was giving me were to be followed to the letter. He instructed me that when the agreement is signed with the new tenant (who was about to move into the Bahria Town house), it would be written in the agreement that the tenant would pay the monthly rent by writing a crossed cheque in Col Zaman’s name and that the cheque would be deposited immediately in Col Zaman’s HBL account in Rawalpindi. It was clear from what Col Zaman said that he had instructed /ordered / requested Zaid Hamid to deposit the rent in his account time and again, but his request had fallen on deaf ears. Apart from the Turkey trip and his son’s medical college fees, Zaid Hamid used his father’s Bahria Town house rent amount also on his other personal / official expenses, and on lawyers’ fees for the cases that SAFMA has filed against Zaid Hamid (in Lahore, Quetta, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Sukhar). Col Zaman was also concerned about his apartment in Askari 3 Rawalpindi (details will follow in point 9 of Section D).

[7] I informed Zaid Hamid of his father’s instructions regarding the rent of the Bahria Town house, and as
usual he didn’t like it that his father had spoken to me about a family matter yet again. He didn’t even want to hear me out, but I insisted that it was my duty to convey to him what his father had told me. It was my task to coordinate with the property dealer for getting a new tenant for the Bahria Town house then in September-October 2012 (as the previous tenant had just vacated). And afterwards, it was my task to coordinate with the new tenant also for collecting payments (advance rent, security), and supervising maintenance and repair jobs. I was involved in every matter related to the Bahria Town house, but when the agreement was to be signed in BrassTacks office, Zaid Hamid sent me away to take some guest to Haji Safdar in Gujjar Khan. Zaid Hamid said that my (Emaad’s) presence was not needed, as Rizwan was there with him to sit in the meeting (Rizwan, who had not been involved in any task / discussion / coordination previously and who knew nothing of the matter whatsoever; Rizwan had not even met the property dealer or the tenant before that meeting, nor had he even seen the Bahria Town house). I had no choice but to go, but I reminded Zaid Hamid once again before going that it should be agreed upon in that meeting that the monthly rent will be paid by the tenant by writing a crossed cheque in Col Zaman’s name (which would then be deposited in Col Zaman’s account by me). But to my surprise I found out afterwards that Zaid Hamid (during that meeting in which he made sure I was not present) had told the tenant to pay the monthly rent of Rs. 60,000/- in the form of cash, which would of course get delivered to Zaid Hamid (through me). Moreover, without any consultation with his father, Zaid Hamid changed the yearly increment in the rent from 10% to 5% when the agreement / contract was being written, causing Col Zaman a direct loss of Rs. 36,000/- in the second year of the tenancy contract. Talking about the property dealer, I remember another recent incident that also showed the cheap and ungrateful nature of Zaid Hamid. I have known this property dealer (we will call him “PD”) for about 17

months, in which I have found him to be hardworking and honest with his clients. Not only did he get a very respectable client (a serving Colonel in the ISPR) for Zaid Hamid’s father’s Bahria Town house, but also got me the apartment in which I am living now, along with arranging the purchase of two apartments by two families from Saudi Arabia whose children are associated with BrassTacks. PD had always respected Zaid Hamid and listened to his programs etc. with interest. After PD met Zaid Hamid in the BrassTacks office and got to know about his book “From Indus to Oxus”, he got interested in reading it and asked me to request Zaid Hamid for the book. I told Zaid Hamid about PD’s wish, expecting that Zaid Hamid would very gladly gift his book to PD, considering PD’s services and sincere help to Zaid Hamid and his team. To my surprise, Zaid Hamid’s reply was, “Nahi nahi wo laalchi hai (PD ko kitaab ki laalach hai), uss nay kon sa kitaab ko parhna hai? (PD is just being greedy to get the book; he will not be reading it)”. Then I told Zaid Hamid that PD was not “laalchi”, he just wanted the book because he was Zaid Hamid’s fan and wanted to read the book, and that three of PD’s brothers are Brigadiers in the Pakistan army. Zaid Hamid was speechless as to how I could speak up in this manner for a person who Zaid Hamid thought was “just a property dealer”. Afterwards I took my own copy of “From Indus to Oxus” (which I had purchased for Rs. 1,500/-), and gifted it to PD, telling him that Zaid Hamid had sent the book for him as a gift, as I did not have the heart or conscience to tell PD to his face that Zaid Hamid had refused to gift a book to him. I would like to inform the readers that just recently, one of PD’s brothers has been promoted to the rank of General, MashaAllah.

[8] As it was decided by Zaid Hamid, the new tenant of Col Zaman’s Bahria Town house gave the rent of
Rs. 60,000/- in the form of cash for February 2013 (as he had already paid the advance rent till January). I received the rent from the tenant and handed it over to Zaid Hamid. This time he took only Rs. 10,000/from the rent and handed over the remaining Rs. 50,000/- to me after two days, for depositing in his brother Junaid’s account. Then on 2nd March, when I received the rent for March 2013 (Rs. 60,000/-) from the tenant, I texted Zaid Hamid that I was depositing the amount in his brother Junaid’s account, as per the instructions of Zaid Hamid’s father. Zaid Hamid at once texted me and told me not to deposit the amount, but instead to take it to Zaid Hamid. I did so, and Zaid Hamid started using that rent amount on his personal/official expenses immediately; the first thing he did was to hand over Rs. 25,000/- to me from that rent amount, for sending to his brother-in-law Saeedullah (the present Staff Officer of Zaid Hamid) in Peshawar via EasyPaisa money transfer. That same day, when he handed me some amount again from that rent amount, for official expenditure, he said in front of the office team that I should keep a record of all the expenses being made from the rent amount, as it was his father’s Amanat which he had to return within a day or two, as soon as he received his Rs. 6,06,500/- monthly stipend from the government agency (mentioned in point 1 of section B). But when I delivered the Rs. 6,06,500/- to Zaid Hamid on the afternoon of 5th March after collecting it from the government department, and reminded Zaid Hamid that the “Amanat” of Rs. 60,000/- had to be returned to his father, he got a little annoyed and told me that he would let me know himself when he wanted the amount to be deposited in his brother Junaid’s account. But by 17th March 2013 (the day I left Zaid Hamid), he had still not given me the amount to be sent to his father. Zaid Hamid has never taken seriously the idea of returning his parents the money he owes them; in fact he believes that he does not “owe” them any money, as it is his right to use their finances / assets for his own personal purposes, even if his parents are not happy with him for doing so. Zaid Hamid proudly tells his close friends and team members that it was Zaid Hamid who had convinced his father in 2006-07 to sell his lands in Punjab and buy a 14-million-rupee house in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, and since then the house has been giving an average rent of about Rs. 57,000/- per month.

Now the worth of the house is around 25 million rupees. One of the examples of the height of Munafiqat that I have witnessed in Zaid Hamid is that while his parents are alive and in need of finances in their last years (especially the 86-year old father who is bed-ridden and severely ill), he does not send them the rent money that is rightfully theirs, but Zaid Hamid says that when his father passes away then the one room that Zaid Hamid will get from this same Bahria Town house (in inheritance), he will gift it back to his mother, who by the way is already living in Karachi with her other sons and grandchildren and has no plans of coming back to live in Rawalpindi, and who knows very well Zaid Hamid’s true nature and financial dealings, and also knows how much truth and sincerity is in Zaid Hamid’s words. And according to which law of inheritance and calculation has Zaid Hamid come to the conclusion that only one room will fall into his lot, when his father has 4 houses / apartments and he has only two more brothers and no sister? Only Zaid Hamid can answer this question.

[9] Additionally, Zaid Hamid’s parents have also not been receiving the rent for their ground-floor
apartment in Askari 3 (the monthly rental value for such an apartment is at least Rs. 30,000/nowadays). The reason for this is that in October-November 2011, Zaid Hamid convinced his parents-inlaw to move to this Askari 3 apartment from an annexe (for which Zaid Hamid had to pay around Rs. 15,000/- per month from his own expenses). His parents-in-law agreed reluctantly, because they felt like they would be imposing on Zaid Hamid’s parents, and they knew that their moving into that Askari 3 apartment would mean a loss of Rs. 30,000/- to Zaid Hamid’s parents every month. Zaid Hamid’s mother was visiting Rawalpindi during those days, and she was clearly not pleased with Zaid Hamid’s independent / selfish decisions regarding the apartment. Zaid Hamid, in a rush to get the apartment cleared / ready for his parent-in-law to move in, also caused his mother additional anguish by throwing out a considerable amount of her personal possessions / family memorabilia / his brother Junaid’s architectural drawings etc. (which his mother had kept safe for decades) without even informing / asking his mother. When his mother found out about this later, she literally wept and was heart-broken. Many of her things were still unaccounted for when she went back to Karachi after a few weeks. She had to spend many days of tiring and hard labour to pack up her things in the apartment and arrange those packed items into one room of the apartment (drawing room), which she locked before leaving. Zaid Hamid’s parents (the owners of the apartment) have no idea when the apartment will be handed over back to them / or if Zaid Hamid will ever start sending the rent for that apartment to his parents or not, as there is no agreement / understanding in this regard.

Now at this point I would request all of you to go to the beginning of this section, read the hadith again (which was posted by Zaid Hamid on Facebook), and imagine what kind of a Munafiq man would have the audacity to post this hadith when he himself knowingly hurts, neglects, disobeys and robs his parents in their old age, and misuses their assets / finances. [10] Zaid Hamid, who creates an image of himself as extremely kind-hearted and caring with all Muslims
(“Ho halqa-e-yaran to abraisham ki tarah naram...”), was the exact opposite with that Muslim who was the most rightful of receiving his kindness and care, that is, his wife (first one). I myself heard her

complain that Zaid Hamid used to physically assault her, treat her with extreme cruelty, taunt her and make her feel like an inferior being, to such an extent that she had become a nervous wreck. Once I had a 4-hour telephonic conversation with her (Zaid Hamid’s first wife, we will
call her ‘N’). I was the only one in the BrassTacks team who knew that their marriage was about to end,

and Zaid Hamid’s mother had given me permission to talk to N on telephone and try to save the marriage. During that conversation, N showed me the ugly and true face of Zaid Hamid, which only a wife could have known, and which was obviously well-hidden from the rest of the world. I was utterly stunned at the things I heard, and could not and did not want to believe them because I had known Zaid Hamid for less than 2 years then, and had seen a very different Zaid Hamid from what she was telling me. I must admit today, after getting to see the real Zaid Hamid with the veil lifted from my eyes and from his face, that N knew well what she was talking about and had spoken the truth, but it was I who was in the wrong by doubting her. I doubted her because Zaid Hamid had painted a very eccentric and cold image of N, giving the impression that she wanted Zaid Hamid to end his so-called “mission”. Because of course, the

most significant and painful aspect of this “mission” for N was seeing her husband spending hours and hours in the company of young non-Mehram women, having long telephonic conversations with them (sometimes lasting the whole night), flirting and talking to a woman (who was at that time married to another man) about his own marriage and honeymoon with her, taking a non-Mehram woman to spend a night at his house when N would be in another city / country. Any woman in her senses would seriously
object to such anti-Shariah practices of her husband, especially a wife who had given more than 20 years of her life to her husband, raising up his children almost on her own, when he would be busy first in his “Afghan Jihad” (late 80’s and early 90’s) and then in his “Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission” (2007 onwards). Zaid Hamid was so cruel to N, that while N would be sitting in another room throughout the night, Zaid Hamid would be talking to some non-Mehram young woman on the phone. He would not go to her at night for months on end. When Zaid Hamid was a common man with a common job, when he was in

miserable conditions financially, and nobody knew him, N was ok for him. But when Zaid Hamid became a “star”, started coming on TV programs and started projects with famous people of fashion/media, started becoming stable financially, and when women started “running” after him (as he likes to believe), then N ceased to be an acceptable/appropriate wife, and had to be replaced. Then Zaid Hamid had to divorce her because he was unable to keep her silent on what she saw him doing. Zaid Hamid himself
told me once in 2009 that “You know Emaad, HUNDREDS of women want to marry me”, with pride, happiness, and a smug smile on his face. Zaid Hamid tells his closest friends etc. that N was so wrong, suspicious, rude, and unwilling to let his “mission” carry on, that she frequently used to welcome Zaid Hamid (when he went back to his house late in the night) with the words, “Aaj kin tawaifon kay paas sey aa rahay ho? (Which prostitutes/immoral women have you been visiting today?)” Now, after seeing Zaid Hamid and his practices closely for four years, I understand why N used to say those words. Any respectable and moral woman who is not having extra-marital relationships herself, and is dutiful and loyal to her husband, has the full right to use such words on her husband’s immoral actions and to confront him. Zaid Hamid and his spiritual mentor (Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan) have made it their duty to give the impression that N was 100% in the wrong and that she was not a good woman, and that it was SHE who wanted the marriage to break up (which is a lie). It was Zaid Hamid who divorced N, not N who took divorce/khula.

Zaid Hamid had to part ways with N because he was having at least 5 extra-marital affairs / friendships. One of the 5 ladies is now his wife (some details about her given in Section E), the

second lady was emotionally blackmailed by Zaid Hamid for two years before she finally left him and got married to another man (Alhamdolillah), the third one tried committing suicide by taking an overdose of medicine because Zaid Hamid was no longer available for her for the whole night on phone, the fourth one was a famous fashion designer who is now married to another man (Alhamdolillah), the fifth one was some purdah-observing 25-year-old girl whom Zaid Hamid used to speak to for hours on end from the office landline number. Zaid Hamid even took two of these non-Mehram unmarried women to his house for spending the night (separately, on different occasions) when his wife N was out of the city, or out of the country visiting her parents in UK. Moreover, Zaid Hamid
continued having an extra-marital relationship with one of these women even when he divorced N and got married to his second wife. Zaid Hamid’s second wife has always had an idea of this illegal relationship, but apparently she is not aware of its seriousness and extent, and even if she is aware, she cannot and does not want to say anything, as she is still very much under the spell and trance of Zaid Hamid’s “spirituality” and “Maqam” (self-acclaimed). She believes that whatever her husband does is for the good of the “mission” (which she thinks is the right mission), even if he does something that is clearly against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. She has this misconception that Allah will hold her accountable if she tries to stop her husband from any action of his, even if that action is his meeting and spending time with non-Mehram women.

[11] I would like to quote here Zaid Hamid’s words from his “epic” memoirs “From Indus to Oxus”. He
writes: “From 1992 onwards, I was involved in a more private struggle to rebuild my life from scratch after years of nomadic wanderings and romanticism with travels, adventures and wars. I migrated from Karachi to Rawalpindi during this time and having been blessed with three loving children it was time that I give them back their lost dad for a change. For years my immediate family had been living on a knife’s edge due to my somewhat reckless passions and had borne the brunt with steadfast silence.” Zaid Hamid could not have been more ungrateful to anyone as he had been to his first wife (and also his parents). Zaid Hamid was enjoying “years of nomadic wanderings and romanticism with travels, adventures and wars” during his “Afghan Jihad”, leaving N alone to struggle to be the father and the mother both for her children. When Zaid Hamid returned from his “romantic travels”, N was

the wife who stood by his side, all those years (from his return in 1992 to the start of his media life in 2007) when Zaid Hamid was a poor unknown man, when he was “involved in a
more private struggle to rebuild his life from scratch ”, when he did not have enough money to even have 3 meals a day, when he had to get a coat from “Landa / Sunday” bazaar for one of his first appearances on TV, when he did not have enough money to even go from Rawalpindi to Islamabad in a taxi, when he used to go from shop to shop in Blue Area and distribute his newly-created think tank BrassTacks brochures, trying to explain to the people the concept of a security consultant, when he used to get only 3 to 4 thousand rupees for delivering a lecture as a so-called self-acclaimed security consultant, when he had to use Rs. 500/- gifted by some guests (to his children) to get food for those same guests, when he used to travel in wagons / vans. Zaid Hamid himself has told me all this. Zaid Hamid also told me that he had married N “out of pity”. Point to be noted is that Zaid Hamid and N studied in the NED University together (in Karachi), and therefore Zaid Hamid is the only one who can explain that why it was necessary to marry N, when all he felt for her was “pity”, and why it took him more than 20 years to figure out that she was not the right woman for him and for his purpose-built, self-created, self-orchestrated “mission”

that he started out of the blue. Point to note here is that it was Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan who told Zaid Hamid to give this “azaan” and start this “mission”, but it remains unclear to this day whether

Haji Safdar had also advised him to have half a dozen extra-marital affairs while marching on patriotically on the path of this “mission”. It also remains unclear whether it was before, during or after these extra-marital affairs, that Zaid Hamid suddenly came up with the idea of portraying himself as a “Faqeer / Dervaish / man of God / the chosen one (especially to put the Pakistani flag on the Red Fort in Delhi)”.
When Zaid Hamid started making 10 lac rupees per month, when he became a famous public figure, when hundreds of women wanted to marry him, and when he was able to move to a better house, he left N in their old house in which they were living at that time, and told her that she was not allowed to enter his new house in Askari 5. He left only some necessary household items with N in the old house. I cannot forget the words of N and the way in which she uttered them, as if she were in some trance, and speaking from some other world, almost like a robot; she said, “Per mujhe to nahi ijazat uss ghar mey janay ki (But I am not allowed to enter that house)”. Zaid Hamid was still married to N at that time, but he was setting / decorating the new house in Askari 5 for his wife-to-be. _______________________________________________________________________________

Section E
[1] Zaid Hamid is a womanizer and has a weakness for women, because of which he has been frequently involved in serious anti-Shariah actions, actions which even a common Muslim would not commit, let alone someone like Zaid Hamid, who claims to be the son of Rasulullah (saww) and a “Faqeer”, claims that his directions come directly from Darbar-eNabawi (saww), talks about bringing the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida, claims to have done “Tarbiat” of the young Muslims of Pakistan, and gives the image to the world of being a great Ashiq-e-Rasul (saww). [2] It is very clear and obvious that Zaid Hamid enjoys spending time with non-Mehram women,
especially if they are young, good-looking and not properly covered up (wearing revealing clothes). He has the ability to emotionally manipulate women, especially those who are unmarried, widowed, divorced, or going through some emotional crisis. I have many reasons / proofs for saying this without any doubt at all. I have myself witnessed him spending hours with such women alone in his office room (usually with the door closed). In 2009, he even took one divorced woman (belonging to fashion / media, we will call her ‘M’) to his house for spending the night. He drove her to his house from his office (where she had arrived especially for meeting him), and she sat in the front seat with him, with no one else in the car. Zaid Hamid’s first wife N was in UK visiting her parents when this happened. M left Zaid Hamid’s house the next day in the afternoon. Just a few weeks before this incident, Zaid Hamid got very upset with a team member who had proposed marriage to M, saying that all of the team (including M) were like Zaid Hamid’s children. He gave a long lecture to that team member and M separately, scolding them, and telling them that they had betrayed the trust he had in them, and saying that M and that team member had done “Khiyanat” with the “mission”. And afterwards, after saying that M was like his daughter, Zaid

Hamid got interested in marrying M himself, and started spending hours with her alone.
Zaid Hamid loved visiting M’s house (which was in another city, and he used to travel frequently to this city, always without his wife), and M used to prepare the most extravagant dinners for him. Zaid Hamid used to keep M’s lengthy and detailed letters in the glove box of his Toyota Corolla, as obviously he could not take the letters to his house (N was still his wife at that time and had already accused Zaid Hamid of having an illicit relationship with M). Zaid Hamid and I were going to Islamabad for a recording, when N called him on his cell phone. She asked Zaid Hamid if M would be present in the studio where he was going. Zaid Hamid very carelessly and unsympathetically brushed aside N’s concern about his meeting M, and told her, “Of course she’s not going to be there”, implying that N should not behave in a childish and possessive manner for no reason. And then he said these words which I cannot forget to this day. Keep in mind that he is saying this to his wife from whom he has separated his bed, whom he was about to divorce soon, and who had already become a nervous wreck because of her husband’s extra-marital affairs. Zaid Hamid’s words were:

“Behind every man there is a woman, and behind that woman is the man’s wife”, and then he burst out in cheap laughter, and the call ended after a few seconds. I wanted to cry when I
heard him say these words to his desperate wife, and it felt at that moment as if nobody in the entire world could have been more cruel to his wife than this stone-hearted Munafiq man Zaid Hamid. Another incident should be mentioned here. Two of BrassTacks team members got very close to each other and were even travelling together, so naturally they wanted to legalize their relationship by the Sunnah of Nikah (by getting married). But when they informed Zaid Hamid about this, they also received a scolding and had to hear the same words that they had done “Khiyanat”. Zaid Hamid lectured these two team members just like he had lectured M and the team member she had wanted to marry. Another similarity in both these cases is that Zaid Hamid himself was interested in marrying the women in question, that is why instead of supporting and commending the team members on wishing to fulfill the Sunnah of Nikah, he became really upset with them and stopped them from doing Nikah.

[3] One other woman (widow, we will call her ‘AK’), who lived in the same city as M, was also given the
same level of attention and love by Zaid Hamid (as M was given). Both of these women (AK and M) were emotionally, romantically and “spiritually” attached to Zaid Hamid and he cunningly and selfishly blackmailed both of them emotionally and simultaneously, for his own ulterior motives. He used to visit AK’s house too whenever he travelled to that city (of course without his wife, and even after he divorced his wife) and AK would also prepare lavish meals for him just like M used to do. AK and M were not on good terms with each other obviously because of the natural jealousy that arises in such a situation. On one occasion Zaid Hamid spent a night at AK’s residence in Lahore, where another famous young unmarried female TV anchor (with sleeveless, revealing clothes, and apparently intoxicated as she could barely open her eyes or sit straight) was also present, supposedly giving both of them “spiritual” training and guidance the whole night through (from around 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next morning). Of course Zaid Hamid’s wife N would be at home with his children in another city, while he would be having the time of his life with non-Mehram women. While Zaid Hamid was sitting with AK and the TV anchor doing “mission work”, I was resting in an adjacent room in the same house. AK was so excited that she had Zaid Hamid to herself for the whole night, that she whispered to me when she came to get something from the kitchen, “Emaad bhai, I have a crush on Zaid sb”.

Point of concern is that Zaid Hamid not only kept an illicit relationship with AK while he was married to his first wife N, but also continued that extra-marital relationship even after getting married to his second wife (we will call the second wife ‘T’). Zaid Hamid kept on
visiting AK, and AK kept on visiting Zaid Hamid, both at his residence and in his office even after Zaid Hamid was married to T, and on some occasions T would be unaware that AK was meeting Zaid Hamid. It was a usual practice, that as soon as Zaid Hamid would finish a live TV program or a recording, AK would be the first one to call him on his cell phone when he sat in the car (as of course AK knew that T would not be there in the car, but waiting for Zaid Hamid at home). On many occasions, Zaid Hamid would be the one making the call (to AK). Sometimes when Zaid Hamid would leave his house and sit in his car for going somewhere with me (and a few other male team members in some instances) he would immediately call AK. I have seen Zaid Hamid touching AK’s back with his index finger; and of course, putting both hands on AK’s head and forehead was a common practice of Zaid Hamid’s whenever he met her. Similarly, I also saw Zaid Hamid touching a 30-year-old unmarried female doctor on her arm when they were standing just a few feet away from the dead body of Zaid Hamid’s brother’s wife in PIMS hospital in Islamabad (she died in the Air Blue crash). The lady doctor was clearly displeased at this act of Zaid Hamid and stopped coming to BrassTacks office after that and now does not even bother to reply to Zaid Hamid’s text messages. Zaid Hamid’s usual practice is to put his hand or both hands on the heads (also touching foreheads) of nonMehram young women, as a way of greeting them like a father figure, even if that woman happens to be someone of his own age or just a few years younger, and even if he is interested in marrying that woman (or had been in the past). Can ANY Muslim say that this is allowed in Islam? Is Zaid Hamid more “Paak ” (pious and righteous, having pure intentions towards non-Mehram women) than Rasulullah (saww) himself and the Sahabah (RA) [Naoozubillah], that he has been given special allowance to do such things? Does Islam allow even a REAL “Faqeer”, “Wali-Allah”, or “Peer” to touch a non-

Mehram woman on her head, forehead, back, arm etc.? What was the method that women followed for doing “Bait” in the time of Rasulullah (saww) and Sahabah (RA)? Is it allowed in Islam for ANY man (whether he be the Messenger of Allah, a Sahabi of Rasulullah, a great Wali-Allah or Sufi Peer) to be alone in the company of a non-Mehram woman, especially during odd hours of the night? Does Islam teach men to be strict and cold towards their wives (as Zaid Hamid was towards N) and to be extremely kind, loving and caring towards non-Mehram women (as Zaid Hamid is towards most of the nonMehram women)? Or does Islam teach the exact opposite of this? And after all this, it can be nothing but Munafiqat and a big joke when Zaid Hamid claims that he wants to bring “Shariah” in Pakistan and establish Nizam-e-Khilafat-e-Rashida, and that it is because of his efforts that the Pakistani youth are demanding Shariah.
This was posted by Zaid Hamid on his Facebook page on 3rd April 2013: “when we told you to be patient and just spread the message of Takmeel e Pakistan and Khilafat e Rashida, many impulsive youth became impatient and demand that we should do something "practical" :)) What can be more practical than speaking the truth against the Kufr of democracy, filth of Anglo-saxon laws and evils of banking system. Alhamdolillah, our movement is giving fruits now. The youth of Pakistan now demand Sharia and NOT democracy. This is an incredible turnaround in a society where media was totally controlled by the liberal secular.

So how did this amazing fact became possible ???? How come youth have rejected democracy and now demand Islamic code of life ?? This is the Barakah of mission Takmeel e Pakistan which has been igniting the passion of Ishq e Rasul (sm), Baba Iqbal, Quaid and Takmeel e Pakistan. Each one of you have participated in this duty to make your fellow youth aware of this amazing destiny. MashAllah mubrak to you all. InshAllah, now Allah will create ways and means for us to also establish what we want. Nizam e Khilafat e Rashida InshAllah !! We have won the war of the hearts and minds, Allahu Akbar !!” News Link: Pakistani youth 'favour Sharia law' [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-22001263]

[4] The most unbelievable act of Zaid Hamid, which was in open violation and complete disregard of Islamic Shariah, and was also among his biggest “Gustakhis” in front of Allah and Rasulullah (saww), was taking AK to Umrah with him along with his second wife T.
Points to note: (1) AK was NOT accompanied by any Mehram male of hers, and it is forbidden by Islamic Shariah for a woman to go for Umrah without any Mehram man with her, even if she has a lot of money and can easily afford the Umrah trip. (2) Zaid Hamid took AK along with him for the sacred journey to Makkah and Madinah, and told people there in Saudi Arabia that AK was his sister, although both were interested in each other to the extent that they wanted to marry each other (but Zaid Hamid had to select T for his second marriage out of all the women he was having links with, on the instructions of his spiritual mentor Haji Safdar of Gujjar khan). (3) This Umrah trip took place just 5 months after Zaid Hamid’s marriage to T, and was the first international travel (the honey moon) of T with her new husband; does it make any sense at all, a man taking a woman with whom he has an illicit relationship along

with his new wife and that too on a holy journey? One should ask Zaid Hamid how he felt when he presented himself in front of Rasulullah (saww) in Masjid-e-Nabawi (saww) with a non-Mehram woman by his side and also his second wife who had got married to him just recently. How cruel and selfish can a man be? This was T’s third marriage and she had left her small children to marry Zaid Hamid and live with him, to work for his “mission” and take care of him, his house and his children. And this is how he rewarded her. How was he able to face Rasulullah (saww)?
And then he has the audacity to say that Allah will not forgive the person who hurts his second wife T. What about Zaid Hamid himself? Is he allowed to hurt her, just because she is a forbearing woman and stays silent even when she is hurt? This was one of the main reasons that Haji Safdar told Zaid Hamid

to choose T as his new wife and not any other woman, because he and Zaid Hamid both had judged and understood from T’s history that T possessed extraordinary forbearance, selflessness and strength, that she wanted to work for the “mission” day and night, that she would be able to take care of Zaid Hamid ’s children very well, that she was the kind of
woman who sacrificed her own happiness and comfort for her husband, and didn’t argue / quarrel with her husband no matter what he did. And of course in Zaid Hamid’s case, they knew that T would sacrifice all of herself for him and his “mission”.

[5] Besides taking AK to Umrah with him, Zaid Hamid kept on meeting AK regularly (as mentioned earlier).
On one occasion AK even spent about 3 complete days and nights at Zaid Hamid’s residence in 2011. Zaid Hamid got the chance to sit with her for hours on end (during day and night), with the excuse of doing some important work for the “mission”. It would happen many a times that Zaid Hamid would be alone in

a room with AK, sitting at their small dining table in close proximity to each other and pouring out and sharing their ideas for that “work”, while Zaid Hamid’s wife T would be somewhere else in the house, either preparing food in the kitchen or carrying out some other household chore in the upper storey of the house. Only an idiot or a very cold person would say that T would not have felt hurt in this situation. Of course T would have been hurt and upset in her heart, even more so when she knew very well that her husband always gave a lot of attention and importance to AK, and that AK was a widow, was 4 to 5 years younger than her husband, and did not wear hijab. T’s mother (Zaid Hamid’s mother-in-law) was also very upset with such activities going on in Zaid Hamid’s house, his inviting non-Mehram women to his house and office and spending so much time with them. She was seriously concerned and even confused as to why Zaid Hamid was openly carrying on with these un-Islamic acts / behaviour, especially when AK stayed at Zaid Hamid’s house and when another non-Mehram woman came to stay at his house for a week (details given in point 7 of Section E). Point to note here is that the “mission work” which Zaid Hamid did with AK at his residence had so many problems / mistakes in it, that it had to be redone by two other members of BrassTacks, who had to spend the next few weeks correcting and completing it. Zaid Hamid asked me, “How can the work still have mistakes when AK and I spent 3 days working on it?”, very innocently and conveniently forgetting that he had spent those 3 days actually working on and emotionally blackmailing AK, and making her get even closer to him, which was obviously not for the “Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission”. Zaid Hamid has always used AK’s knowledge and expertise for his own gain and benefit. It should also be mentioned here that AK is very well-off financially, she and her immediate family has assets worth more than a 150 million rupees, and she has already invested around 15 million rupees in buying a house in Islamabad on the direct orders and instructions of Zaid Hamid, who wanted AK to live close to him. Incidentally, the well-known con man Rizwan also got a good chance to use that house to his own benefit, but recently that luxury has been taken away from Rizwan, after his fraudulent nature was exposed to AK and some other team members. Zaid Hamid had been insisting for the past couple of years that AK move to her Islamabad house, but thankfully her family gave her the sane advice of not moving. And the real face of Zaid Hamid has started getting exposed considerably to AK over the past couple of months, Alhamdolillah.

[6] Since the middle of 2009 (18 months before getting married to his second wife T in January 2011),
Zaid Hamid used to have lengthy conversations with T on the phone, and also used to sit with her alone in his office room for hours. T was married to another man all that time; this man was her second husband and she had four children with him. T’s husband was obviously not pleased with T’s involvement with Zaid Hamid and had stopped T from meeting Zaid Hamid, but Zaid Hamid has this ability of trapping such women who are going through some emotional upheaval in their lives (just like the ability of all fake “Peers” in Pakistan), so T kept on coming to meet Zaid Hamid without the knowledge of her husband; Zaid Hamid was very well aware of this fact but even then he kept on encouraging her to come in defiance of her husband’s orders. T was not happy with her husband, and wanted to give her life for working for Islam and Pakistan, so Zaid Hamid pounced on this opportunity and took advantage of the grief and emotional stress that T was going through, coaxing out all the details and problems of her personal life, and the difficult relationship she had with her husband. T was already under the spell and misconception of thinking that Zaid Hamid was a man of God and a great patriot who would be the flagbearer of Ghazwa-e-Hind and whose mission was the mission of Rasulullah (saww). Ghazwa-e-Hind and everything related to it had been T’s passion since she was a teenager. T and one of her brothers used to talk about Ghazwa-e-Hind extensively. So obviously she fell easily into the trap deliberately set by Zaid Hamid, who trapped her by giving her all the attention, care and love that she had not been receiving

from her husband. Eventually she became so spellbound that she decided to leave her second husband and four little children for Zaid Hamid, and proposed marriage to him (this is what T’s family has been told, that it was T herself who proposed to Zaid Hamid). Zaid Hamid makes all important decisions after taking instructions from his spiritual mentor, Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan. So Zaid Hamid took the matter to Haji Safdar, who told him that marrying T would be very good for him, his children and his “mission”, and that his “mission” would only prosper if he married a woman like T (more reasons given in point 4 of Section E). Zaid Hamid and his close family members are aware of the fact that I knew that Zaid Hamid and T would get married, 18 to 20 months before their marriage took place. I had not made such a prediction without any reason. The reasons were: Zaid Hamid would call T to the office and then have a private meeting with her, have lunch with her in the same plate, she would remove her veil (niqaab) from her face only for Zaid Hamid; a gift of Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- would be given by Zaid Hamid to T every month, even though T would not be contributing to the “mission” in any way, and last but not the least, Zaid Hamid’s first wife N had told me in 2009 that Zaid Hamid had decided to marry T. N knew this because Zaid Hamid was once talking to T on his cell phone in the presence of N, when Zaid Hamid said to T that he would take T for Umrah after they got married. All those months before T’s Nikah to Zaid Hamid, when Zaid

Hamid and T were involved in this extra-marital relationship, T was unaware of the cruel and ugly fact, that Zaid Hamid was also maintaining such relationships and close communications with at least 3 other emotionally-disturbed women (divorced, widowed, unmarried). N knew about these women and had told me their names also, and had demanded of Zaid
Hamid to distance himself from these young non-Mehram women in every way possible, if he wanted his marriage with N to be trouble-free. I knew that N had all the reason to demand the removal of these 4 women from Zaid Hamid’s “mission”, because I myself knew that Zaid Hamid was maintaining extra-marital relationships with these 4 women. Apparently Zaid Hamid wanted to torture N by letting her know of his relationships with other women, because he wanted his marriage with N to end (see more details in points 10 and 11 of Section D). During the course of T’s private pre-marital discussions with Zaid Hamid in 2009 and 2010, T had disclosed to Zaid Hamid all details of her two marriages: T’s first husband was a Kashmiri Mujahid who was a brute and used to physically assault T in the most cruel manner. The marriage lasted only a few months and T had one daughter from him. T’s second husband was again a cruel, selfish and miserly man, who did not take care of T at all and even used to beat her. T was his third wife. T had three daughters and one son from her second husband. Because of T’s two unsuccessful marriages and all that she had gone through, Zaid Hamid knew very well that T would overlook Zaid Hamid’s faults and would think a thousand times before leaving her third husband (Zaid Hamid) also. She had burnt all her boats by marrying Zaid Hamid. Not only did she have to leave her small children, but her father and brothers were also highly displeased with her for marrying Zaid Hamid, especially two of her brothers, who have not been on visiting and speaking terms with Zaid Hamid and T since T’s marriage to Zaid Hamid (but surprisingly the younger of these two brothers, Samiullah, came to work in Zaid Hamid’s office in the second week of April 2013). Moreover, another way in which Zaid Hamid made T “majboor” or dependent upon himself was that he started supporting her financially even before getting married to her, and after their marriage, he took the financial responsibility of her parents totally and of one of her brothers partially (Saeedullah, who is married and has two children, and to whom Zaid Hamid would send Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- every month). After I left Zaid Hamid, he called Saeedullah from Peshawar to live in

Rawalpindi and to work as his staff officer. So now that two out of three of T’s brothers have moved to Rawalpindi to work for Zaid Hamid (and her parents and eldest daughter are already here), Zaid Hamid has made almost the entire family of T dependent upon himself financially. Zaid Hamid took advantage of this financial-dependency situation of his in-laws, and when the office cook was dismissed around November 2011, Zaid Hamid decided that his mother-in-law (T’s mother) would start cooking food for the office staff (including the drivers and guards). So since then, T’s mother has this responsibility of preparing food for all the people in BrassTacks office and sending it to the office (two meals daily). Even more painful is the fact that Zaid Hamid has not provided T’s mother with a maid servant to wash clothes, wash dishes and peal / cut kilos and kilos of vegetables every day. Therefore T’s mother has to do all these heavy chores herself even when she is not feeling well. Once she got seriously burnt while doing some household chore involving boiling water, but even then she had no option but to keep on performing her “duties”. Her hands remain coarse due to such rough usage and heavy work.

[7] When Zaid Hamid went to Saudi Arabia with AK and T, there a divorced woman (we will call her RF)
used to visit them, bring expensive gifts and food etc. for them, during their stay in Madinah Munawarah. Zaid Hamid had been in touch with this woman on email and phone for many months before this trip. 5 months after this Umrah trip, RF came to Pakistan, encouraged by the frequent and special invitations of Zaid Hamid. She came directly from the airport to Zaid Hamid’s house even though her sister and other friends / relatives were also residents of Rawalpindi / Islamabad. RF stayed for about 8 days (and nights) at Zaid Hamid’s house, and it was evident from all her actions and words that she had come with a lot of “hopes” and “expectations”. She brought a huge red rose bouquet for Zaid Hamid from the airport, and met him with extraordinary enthusiasm at the gate of his residence. Zaid Hamid was also clearly pleased and was very informal with her. He jokingly said to her, “It’s good that you have come, because we needed a “maasi” (maid servant) to do the household chores”. RF’s stay turned out to be a nightmare for Zaid Hamid’s second wife T and T’s mother. Zaid Hamid’s own mother was also visiting Rawalpindi those days and the moment she saw RF and spoke to her for a minute or so, she told T’s mother that this woman must be made to marry someone soon. Zaid Hamid’s mother and mother-in-law disliked the actions of RF to a great extent. RF had travelled from Saudi Arabia alone, and was ready to leave her job and settled life of many years to get settled in Askari 5 Rawalpindi, in closest proximity to Zaid Hamid’s house (which is also in Askari 5). The day she arrived, Zaid Hamid told me to talk to a property dealer to look for a house for her in Askari 5 as soon as possible. RF said several things to T’s mother (we will call her Mrs B) which were a source of a lot of tension and worry to Mrs B. For example, RF said to Mrs B, “Two months before Shah ji (RF called Zaid Hamid Shah ji) came for Umrah to Saudi Arabia, he told me that he would be coming to Saudi Arabia soon and would stay with me. You can’t imagine how I spent those 2 months! I was so worried that I couldn’t even sleep at night. It was when Shah ji came to Saudi Arabia along with T and AK and not alone, that I breathed a sigh of relief”, insinuating that Zaid Hamid had given RF the impression that he would be coming alone to Saudi Arabia and would be staying with her in her apartment. On another occasion RF told Mrs B, “Shah ji is very heart-broken and upset, because of his recent divorce from N and the subsequent break-up of his home”, giving the impression to Mrs B that Zaid Hamid had poured out his heart to RF over emails etc. that he was not happy after marrying T, and that he had not made the right decision, insinuating that Zaid Hamid would leave T and instead marry RF or some other suitable woman. Of course this was too painful an idea for Mrs B.

Moreover, RF’s loose morals and behaviour were a source of continued torture to T (while RF was staying with Zaid Hamid and T). RF would barge into Zaid Hamid’s bedroom without taking permission. She would even rush ahead of T into Zaid Hamid’s bedroom where he would be sitting alone or relaxing. Sometimes when T would be taking food upstairs for Zaid Hamid, RF would snatch the tray of food from T and would rush to Zaid Hamid’s bedroom with the tray, telling T, “Let me take it to Shah ji” or “I want to take it to Shah ji”. RF would even probe T’s cupboard and personal belongings without T’s permission. Needless to say that T was seriously upset with all these goings-on, and also needless to say, that RF would NEVER have had the audacity to perform such brazen and shameless acts if she had not received encouragement and attention from her “Shah ji ” (Zaid Hamid), and of course she would not have travelled from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan to settle down near Shah ji, if she had been treated by Zaid Hamid from day one like a non-Mehram woman ought to be treated according to Islamic Shariah. After 5 to 6 days, these actions of RF became unbearable even for T, who is a woman with extraordinary level of forbearance and patience. Mrs B was also very concerned and would talk to me and my wife frequently regarding RF. We used to reassure her that she should not worry. T also requested her mother (Mrs B) to ask me (Emaad) to take care of this matter of RF by getting rid of her in some way and by ensuring that she immediately left Zaid Hamid’s house and never moved into their neighbourhood. Even Zaid Hamid’s daughters were upset by having RF in their house. His eldest daughter even said, “Abbu kis qism ki aurton ko ghar mei ghusa laitay hain? (Why does my father bring such women into the house?)”. Seeing that the whole family of Zaid Hamid was so troubled, I decided to speak to Zaid Hamid about the matter. When I was alone with him in his car, I told him in bold words what type of a lowly woman RF was, and told him about the things that RF had insinuated in front of Mrs B, and how upset Mrs B was because of RF. I also told him that I would have nothing to do with helping RF getting a house in Rawalpindi, or helping her in her other property matters in Lahore. A day or two after my meeting with Zaid Hamid, RF left Zaid Hamid’s house and went to her friend’s house in Rawalpindi, and thankfully she went back to Saudi Arabia in a few days without buying a house in Rawalpindi. I have heard recently from some team members that RF is now living in Lahore.

[8] Zaid Hamid’s program “Halqa-e-Yaran” that was telecast on Royal TV, is a classic example of his
interest in young unmarried girls, and how he tries to create such opportunities of being in the company of young women. There was no need in the first place, of having girls in that “Islamic” program, in which he had to speak on “Ishq-e-Rasul (saww)” and “Adab-e-Rasul (saww)”, but Zaid Hamid made sure that there were women participants / students also present in every recording, even providing them with pick and drop facility (of course as always I was the one picking up and dropping off these girls, on the direct orders of Zaid Hamid). The recordings took place in the BrassTacks office, and not in a studio. On a few occasions, even when Zaid Hamid would have prior notification that the program recording would be delayed into the late hours of the night (because of the pathetic / unprofessional coordination / management of Royal TV staff), and on a couple of occasions till midnight, he would still insist that the girls be present in the program. The girls and their parents would of course be uncomfortable with such late night recordings. A couple of families even stopped sending their daughters to the recordings. Moreover, Zaid Hamid would love to sit with those young girls even after the recording, for up to an hour or more, doing his “spiritual ” talk in his typical emotional and dewy-eyed way (which is his usual way to act in front of women, trying his best to “move” the women “spiritually” and emotionally). Alhamdolillah, as those girls thought of Zaid Hamid only as a father figure / teacher, Allah saved those girls, as not even one of them was “moved” into coming ever again to visit Zaid Hamid, after the Halqa-e-Yaran series ended.

Zaid Hamid has compared his program Halqa-e-Yaran to Ashfaq Ahmed sb’s spiritual and pure program “Zaawiya”, which affected the lives of millions of people in a positive way in Pakistan and abroad. Another clear and obvious example of his love for the company of young women, and also of his lies and deception in front of the world, is the presence of young pretty female anchors (without dupatta / scarf / hijab) in his News One TV program series like “Khilafat-e-Rashida”. Zaid Hamid lies to the world (especially when someone questions him) that he was helpless in this regard, that it was not in his control to select an anchor of his own liking, so he had no other choice but to sit with such young women (whose appearance, clothes, gestures, giggles etc. were in total contradiction to the theme of the program and to the anecdotes from the lives of Sahabah (RA) which were being discussed in those programs). But the truth is that Zaid Hamid was always “THE MAN” at the News One studios, having full control and say in each and every detail and aspect of those programs. He himself used to boast very proudly that he was the writer, editor, producer and director of those programs, and that the News One people were in no position to accomplish their jobs by themselves. It was extremely easy for Zaid Hamid to have selected male anchors for all his program series, instead of those female anchors. And if he still wanted to have a female anchor, then at least he could have told her to cover up herself properly. If Zaid Hamid thought of those anchors as his daughters (as he would lovingly put his hands on their heads before every program), then of course he would have wanted them to dress as he wants his own two daughters to dress. Another thing that is equally or rather even more disturbing and unbelievable is that a young unmarried woman (who does not even cover her head, and who wears indecent clothes) has been working in BrassTacks office for more than 5 years now. For about 2 years, there was no other female staff member in the office except this woman. Not only did Zaid Hamid keep a woman in a staff that consisted wholly of men, but he also did not exert his influence and say over his staff in making that woman cover up properly. It would have been very simple to just tell that woman that it was not suitable and it was against the teachings of Islam for her to work in an office full of men, so she should find someplace else which was more suitable for her. If not that, then at least Zaid Hamid could have told her that she should follow the Islamic dress code for women (wear a gown and scarf etc.), even more so because of the fact that Zaid Hamid’s “mission” is to bring the system of “Khilafat-e-Rashida” in Pakistan. If he cannot achieve simple and basic goals towards the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida in his own office, then how can he achieve the bigger goals where the whole nation will be involved? I am sure Zaid Hamid himself does not believe in and does not like the Islamic concept of hijab and purdah of women, which is obvious through countless actions of his. He never speaks in favour of hijab, and especially niqaab, in his real life. It is only on Facebook, that he once posted a video about women of the Austrian royal family wearing hijab in the early 20th century. Zaid Hamid is either unaware of, or knowingly disregards, the protocol that

Islam teaches us to follow when non-Mehram women are concerned. Is he a “Majzoob” on which the Shariah does not apply? There has never been a prophet, Sahabi, Imam, or true WaliAllah / Faqeer (non-Majzoob) who kept himself above the laws of Shariah. And then, after openly going against Shariah, Zaid Hamid has the nerve to compare himself to Rasulullah (saww) and Sahabah (RA) again and again and again.

Zaid Hamid is fond of inviting women to meet him, even if the woman has to travel alone from Karachi. He has no problem whatsoever in sitting for hours with a young nonMehram woman, usually alone in his office room, discussing almost everything, including the woman’s personal matters (about which he boasts afterwards, that women trust me

and tell me their personal matters/problems). For instance, a 27-year-old divorced woman
wanted to come to Rawalpindi from Karachi with no other purpose but to meet Zaid Hamid, who allowed her to come. I was surprised at this, because whenever some young man had expressed his desire to come to Rawalpindi from Karachi only for meeting Zaid Hamid, Zaid Hamid would always instruct me to tell that man that Zaid Hamid does not allow and want people to come from Karachi only for meeting him. I informed Zaid Hamid that this 27-year-old woman would be travelling alone from Karachi, without any Mehram male with her, but even then Zaid Hamid said it was ok for her to come. She arrived at the Islamabad airport from where my wife and I picked her up and took her to Zaid Hamid’s house where she spent around 8 to 9 hours. And then I (along with my wife) picked her up from Zaid Hamid’s house and took her straight to the airport. In some cases, when a young woman (who is not inclined to Islam at all, contributes nothing to Zaid Hamid’s “mission”, but who wears western clothing and makeup, and is a “fan” of Zaid Hamid) comes to meet Zaid Hamid, then instead of trying to avoid meeting such a woman again in person, Zaid Hamid would invite her again, and this time grant her special permission to visit him at his house on a Sunday (which he says is his “family” day). And when a foreigner (female) comes to meet Zaid Hamid in his office, he likes to sit close to her (just inches away) on a 2-seater sofa, without any partition in between. If a meeting / interview request had come from such foreign women, Zaid Hamid would immediately accept the request and instruct me to arrange that meeting in a matter of hours, but if the request was coming from some foreign man, Zaid Hamid would not even respond to the request, or would say that he was unavailable for the interview / recording. Two examples are: Morris Herman and Jonathan Azaziah. http://www.youtube.com/user/108morris108 (Morris Herman’s YouTube channel, which had 4.4 million views till December 2012) http://www.maskofzion.com/ (Jonathan Azaziah’s website – details about him given in point 20 of Section B) Once Zaid Hamid and his second wife T were in Lahore at AK’s house; they had just arrived from a trip, it was late at night, and they were tired, having not slept for past many hours. They needed to rest before an important event the next morning. T was exhausted and was waiting for Zaid Hamid to get free from some guests so that both of them could rest. But instead of complying to T’s wishes, Zaid Hamid kept on sitting with AK and other guests for about 3 hours, and even allowed AK to call another young unmarried woman to meet Zaid Hamid at that time (even though T was insisting that AK does not call that woman, and had specifically told AK more than once NOT to call that young woman). Zaid Hamid knew very well that T was very tired and sleepy and was waiting for him to come. T herself had told him so, and had also conveyed the message to him via another female team member. But of course, according to Zaid Hamid’s wishes, the young woman (who is a close relative of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain / Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi) arrived and Zaid Hamid sat with her for more than an hour, while T kept waiting for him in the other room and finally, when she got too tired, went to the bedroom alone to take some rest. T was clearly very upset at that time. In 2010, Zaid Hamid went to Lahore on the special invitation of a young female anchor; I was also accompanying him. This anchor was a very close relative of the former President of Pakistan Farooq Ahmed Laghari. The program recording lasted for about 40 minutes, and after the recording we headed straight back to Rawalpindi. On the way back, Zaid Hamid told me that the female anchor was attracted to him. Zaid Hamid said that during the recording the female anchor was behaving in a manner by which he understood that she was trying to attract him. I told Zaid Hamid that I didn’t think that was the case. But

Zaid Hamid replied, “You could not have known because you were sitting far away, and I was the one she was trying to attract, so I KNOW”. And during this conversation he also asked me whether I thought the female anchor was a beautiful woman or not. Point to note is that when this incident took place, Zaid Hamid was already having a relationship with at least 3 other women (one in Lahore, one in Karachi, one in Islamabad).

[9] I have seen what kind of a man Zaid Hamid really is in his actual life: a typical cheap womanizer, who
very cleverly tricks the world into believing him to be a pious Faqeer and Ashiq-e-Rasul (saww), by using some particular words and phrases again in again in his speeches / interviews / Facebook posts / emails / TV programs to create an image of himself which is very far from reality. He gives the impression that he thinks of all the young women as his “daughters”. Knowing what I know about Zaid Hamid, I would never allow any of the women in my family to go near this man, or to be even in the place where this man is. I request all Muslim brothers to take care in such matters and not to present their women to THAGG PEERS or BABAS or FAQEERS (fake spiritual mentors) like Zaid Hamid, and not to let these Thagg Peers touch their women in any way. I have heard such obscene and rude jokes from Zaid Hamid, that his fans and followers and people who believe him to be a real “Faqeer”, especially the female fans / admirers, will not be able to believe (and would probably feel like vomiting) that Zaid Hamid could ever stoop to such low levels of morality and utter vulgar jokes from the same mouth from which he utters anecdotes from the lives of Rasulullah (saww) and Sahabah (RA), and speaks of bringing about the system of “Khilafat-e-Rashida”. The jokes

show even more clearly how much respect and honour Zaid Hamid really has in his heart for the womankind, especially his wife. I really do not want to write any of those jokes here, but it
is essential to write at least a couple of them so that people can have a real understanding of this womanizer Zaid Hamid’s character. I will use as decent words as possible in writing the jokes here: The joke that Zaid Hamid likes to narrate (of course only to his closest male team members/friends) the most is: “There was a young man who was having illegal sexual intercourse (“Zina”) with a woman and the woman got pregnant. The young man was the son of a “Molvi”. Afterwards, when the elders of the young man’s family asked him as to why had he not withdrawn from the woman, and why did he make matters more complicated by getting the woman pregnant, the young man replied that he had thought about withdrawing from the woman so that she did not get pregnant, but then he thought that the “Fuqaha” (Islamic Scholars) forbade a man to withdraw from the woman, so he did not withdraw.” On another occasion I was travelling with Zaid Hamid alone in his car when I told him that I was giving him only four months to come up with a name for a child (my son was about to be born). He smiled and told me that he thought that I was giving him only four months to produce a child from his wife and also said laughingly, “It is going to be very difficult but I will try my best”. He had just got married to his second wife T a couple of weeks ago. When I heard his words the only thing that came to my lips was “Astaghfirullah”. ________________________

NONE of the women in the pictures below is a Mehram (wife, daughter etc.) of Zaid Hamid:















Section F
[1] On many occasions I have heard Zaid Hamid say that “Allah ki gote (‫ )ﮔوٹ‬hamaray saath phansi hoyee
hai.. agar Pakistan ka bhalla hona hai to kaam hum sey hee liya jaye ga.. aur agar Allah nay hamaray mission ko hee khatam kar diya ya rok diya to iss ka matlab hai keh Pakistan ki qismat mey bohot sakhti aur aazmaish hai.. phir laakhon log maaray jayen gey aur phir Pakistani apni khair manayen. [Allah is bound to take work from me.. if Allah wants Pakistan to prosper and come out of crises, then Allah HAS to take work from me (implying that there is no one else capable of delivering).. but if Allah decides to stop my mission, then it means there is no salvation for Pakistan but extreme destruction and hardships, then hundreds of thousands of people will be killed and then Pakistanis will be in great trouble.]” No wonder that Zaid Hamid’s close followers and he himself believe that he is “the only one who can save them now”. Zaid Hamid and his team consider themselves as “Thaika daar” (guardians) of the concepts / ideology / mission of Khilafat-e-Rashida, Ghazwa-e-Hind etc., as if it is only THEIR “Haq” to be the guardians, supporters and promoters of these concepts and to work towards achieving the system of Khilafat-eRashida in Pakistan. If they see someone else talking about or promoting these concepts and working for the real mission, they say that “this person / group is hijacking our ideology / policy / mission”.

Zaid Hamid frequently compares and equates himself to Allama Iqbal, Quaid e Azam, Salahuddin Ayubi, Tipu Sultan, Hazrat Omer Bin Abdul Aziz (RA) (considered by many scholars as the fifth Righteous Caliph of Islam), Auliya Allah of the highest order, famous Muslim commanders of the past, Sahaba Karam (RA) (companions of Rasulullah (saww)), especially the four Khulafa-e-Rashideen (the four righteous Caliphs), and even Rasulullah (saww) himself. But the truth is that Zaid Hamid is a liar and a Munafiq of the highest order, and is morally and financially corrupt. He is a master of deception, psychological warfare, mind control, and a professional propagandist who has mastered the skill of bewitching his followers in the cyber world and other media with his emotional and sentimental speeches and rhetoric, portraying himself to be a great man of God, a practising Muslim and a brave Mujahid; and of course the people who have not observed him closely in his real life, are easily fooled, as they have just watched him on TV, read his Facebook posts and emails, and listened to his heart-warming fiery speeches. It is ironic and nauseating to see Zaid Hamid accusing other people (politicians etc.) of being “morally and financially corrupt”, and giving Fatwas regarding their ineligibility to contest elections according to the articles 62, 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan. The only two major political personalities of Pakistan against whom Zaid Hamid has never dared to say a word are Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, may be because Zaid Hamid is close to one of the sons of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and the family as a whole likes Zaid Hamid, and on several occasions in 2010-11, has invited Zaid Hamid for meetings / dinners. Zaid Hamid is capable of seeing all sorts of wrongs in each and every political party / leader in Pakistan, but when it comes to the Chaudhry brothers, Zaid Hamid suddenly loses his “Eagle’s Eye” and his famous “Lion’s Roar”.

[2] Zaid Hamid says that he is not allowed to make dua for himself because the burden of the whole
Ummah is upon his shoulders, keeping himself on the level of prophets and messengers of Allah, or at least on the level of Hazrat Eesa (AS) or Imam Mehdi (AS). When Zaid Hamid is asked by some guests or by the people who are his current followers as to why SO MANY people have left him after being so close to him, and why SO MANY people are against him, Zaid Hamid immediately responds, “People used to come to Rasulullah (saww) in a similar manner (as you must have read in the Quran) and used to embrace Islam and spend the whole day with him, but at night they used to go back to Kufr and renounce Islam, saying that they didn’t find anything extraordinary or special about the messenger of Allah so they have left Islam”, directly equating himself with Rasulullah (saww), and his “Takmeel-e-Pakistan

mission” with Deen-e-Islam itself, and the people who leave him with the “Kuffaar” of Rasulullah’s (saww) time. Astaghfirullah. Zaid Hamid, you are NOT Rasulullah (saww) so stop pretending to be at his level, stop equating yourself to him, stop expecting people to treat you like they treated Rasulullah (saww), and stop believing that people who leave you are Kuffaar and Khawarij and whose Duniya and Akhirah are destroyed forever, just like you have compared me (Emaad) to Kuffaar, Khawarij and Iblees and called me “Gumrah” because I left you after seeing your real ugly face. You have also spoken other blatant lies about me and behaved in a very cowardly and cheap manner as you were afraid of getting exposed, but I was not surprised, as I was already expecting things like this from you (some details in section G). Alhamdolillah I am fully prepared to face you and your pack of lies and Munafiqat. You expected me to treat you as if you were Rasulullah (saww) or a Khalifa-e-Rashid (RA), but how could I do that when I had come to realize that you were even lower than any non-

practicing Muslim. You are not worthy of comparing yourself even to a common Muslim (as I have never seen any Muslim reach such levels of Khiyanat, Munafiqat and falsehood), and yet you have the audacity to compare yourself to the best people who ever walked this earth?
Why is it that Zaid Hamid has to compare himself repeatedly with the best of all creations, the one above whose stature is only Allah Himself, the one whom Allah calls his Mehboob, Rasulullah Hazrat Muhammad (saww)? Why does Zaid Hamid fail to find any other man of God out of millions and millions to compare himself with? And why does he always start narrating anecdotes from the life of Rasulullah (saww) or Sahabah (RA) or some Quranic verse or other dramatic and emotional statements, instead of simply answering the question being put to him by someone? Why is that ALL the people from different schools of thought and different professions and walks of life who are against him are JAAHIL and GUMRAH and on the wrong path, and Zaid Hamid ALONE is on the right path and the WISE and ALLKNOWING? How can he declare himself to be the “Furqaan”, that those who follow him are on “Haq” (good) and those who are against him are on “Baatil” (evil)? Why does he expect his followers to respect him and behave in front of him like the Sahabah (RA) respected and behaved in front of Rasulullah (saww), even when he commits acts that are in open contradiction to Islamic Shariah? Zaid Hamid also frequently narrates Hazrat Ali’s (RA) quote that if someone wants to see who is on Haq, then he should see where all the arrows of the enemies / Kuffaar are falling, so therefore Zaid Hamid says that he is on Haq as so many people are speaking against him. This is also an example of how Zaid Hamid cleverly twists every question / circumstance to his own favour, a circumstance that is actually going against him in reality and has the potential to expose his real face to the world.

[3] Zaid Hamid has always tried his best to portray to the nation that he is the only one after Allama
Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam who is of the same stature as those two iconic personalities (one who gave the idea of Pakistan: Allama Iqbal, and the other one who founded Pakistan: Quaid-e-Azam). Similarly Zaid Hamid truly believes and also tells his close team members that “he is the one to accomplish Takmeel-ePakistan” (meaning that he will be that ruler / saviour of Pakistan who will deliver Pakistan from all its crises and will bring glory to Pakistan and the whole Ummah by making United States of Islam and leading Ghazwa-e-Hind, and then of course by putting the Pakistani flag on the Red Fort of Delhi). Zaid Hamid has proudly displayed this poster in his BrassTacks office in Rawalpindi. It was designed by Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich and approved by Zaid Hamid:





Zaid Hamid also claims that when he met Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani (Full name: Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya) in Turkey many years ago, Sheikh Nazim insisted that Zaid Hamid should stay there with him and take Syria. Zaid Hamid says that Sheikh Nazim told him, “I will give you Syria if you stay here”, but since the instructions of Zaid Hamid came directly from Darbar-e-Nabawi (saww) therefore he could not accept his offer. Zaid Hamid says that Sheikh Nazim had to accept that Zaid Hamid takes Hindustan instead of Syria and that Sheikh Nazim said, “If you are adamant that you do not want to stay with me and take Syria, then I will not stop you. I will make dua for you and I will instruct all the “Qutabs” and “Abdaals” of Hindustan (sub-continent) to support you.” Online links about Sheikh Nazim: http://www.sufilive.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazim_Al-Haqqani

Zaid Hamid claims that Aulia-Allah (spiritual men of God) have told Zaid Hamid that even if he takes a step which is wrong, Allah will make it right. Zaid Hamid also claims that when he lies “because of some strategic reason or hikmat”, Allah changes that lie into a truth, comparing himself to those highlyelevated spiritual men of God for whom Allama Iqbal (RA) has said, ‫ﺧودی ﮐو ﮐر ﺑﻠﻧد اﺗﻧﺎ ﮐہ ﮨر ﺗﻘدﯾر ﺳﮯ ﭘﮩﻠﮯ‬ ‫ ﺑﺗﺎ ﺗﯾری رﺿﺎ ﮐﯾﺎ ﮨﮯ‬،‫ﺧدا ﺑﻧدے ﺳﮯ ﺧود ﭘوﭼﮭﮯ‬ Zaid Hamid has implied many times that he himself is at the level mentioned by Allama Iqbal (RA), and tells others in an arrogant way that they should not be casual about anything they say to Allah, unless they are at this same level themselves, otherwise they will be destroyed, forgetting the story of the poor simple shepherd who was talking to Allah in his sincere love and devotion but whom Hazrat Musa (AS) stopped from saying such things, and then Allah told Hazrat Musa (AS) to let the shepherd say to Allah whatever he wanted to say. Zaid Hamid says that all the Islamic spiritual / Sufi movements and all true Jihadi / Mujahideen movements (including Lashkar-e-Tayyabah, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and even the Taliban of Afghanistan headed by Mullah Umar) will play NO major role in Ghazwa-e-Hind (or any upcoming major battle between Haq and Batil, and in bringing about the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida), and they will have no say in the geopolitics of the future. Zaid Hamid says that some people of these movements might play some minor roles UNDER the leadership of Zaid Hamid and his “Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission”. He also says that many of these movements and their people will be wasted away and Allah will NOT take any work from them, because they were given a chance and they were tried and tested, but they totally and miserably failed to deliver.

[4] For the past one and a half year especially, I had started noticing many objectionable practices, mainly
financial irregularities (especially on the part of Rizwan), and how Zaid Hamid was fully supporting and encouraging those practices, making me seriously question the character and judgment of Zaid Hamid for the first time. For the past few months, I had started distancing myself from Zaid Hamid and his bunch of “chaploos” and “khushamdi” lot (boot lickers and flatterers), as I was noticing their acts that involved lying, fraud, Munafiqat etc. and I could not bear being in their company just for chatting and gossiping, of course praising “the man of the century”, and listening to the same rhetoric again and again about how Zaid Hamid was to be given a position of authority soon and how he will lead Pakistan towards its written destiny. I would meet these people only when it was essential because of some work that needed to be done. My wife had also stopped visiting Zaid Hamid’s house to spend time with his wife T and daughters, only because of Zaid Hamid’s biased attitude, false accusations, lies and unjust acts and decisions. Zaid Hamid had also felt that we were distancing ourselves, and he asked me as to why my wife and I were not visiting his house like before; was it because we were trying to show him an “attitude”. I informed him openly about how we had been hurt by his false accusations, unjust decisions and biased attitude etc., and that if Zaid Hamid invited us to visit his house, we would surely visit. I also told him that as far as bonfires were concerned, I would not be attending them, as I do not like sitting in the cold outside. Therefore I did not attend the last two bonfires arranged by Zaid Hamid (he also talked about these bonfires on BT emailing groups), nor did I attend his recent birthday celebrations in BrassTacks office. A few days after my discussion with Zaid Hamid about my not attending his bonfires, Zaid Hamid and I were going somewhere in his car when he switched on the car radio and tuned into the Quran channel. We heard some Quranic verses along with their translation in Urdu. A verse came which had the meaning, “When Rasulullah (saww) invites you to his house, you should accept the

invitation, and should not leave his house without his permission”. Immediately Zaid Hamid looked at me and asked angrily and tauntingly, “Kiya yeh ayat mansookh ho gayee hai? (Has this Quranic verse been abrogated / nullified?)”. I was so stunned at these words of his that I could not reply and remained silent. He had once again clearly compared himself to Rasulullah (saww). He meant that I was behaving as if this Quranic verse had
been nullified because I was not following the instructions of this Quranic verse, that when Rasulullah (saww) invited the Sahabah (RA) to his house then it was obligatory upon the Sahabah (RA) to visit Rasulullah (saww) and stay with him until Rasulullah (saww) gave them permission to leave. There are some Quranic verses having commandments from Allah which are specifically for Rasulullah (saww) alone, not for every Muslim, but Zaid Hamid likes to believe and gives the impression to others also, that these commandments are also for him (Zaid Hamid), as he is or will be very soon the Commander of the Muslim forces, or at least the Commander of the Pakistan armed forces, or the Khalifah of the Muslims. May Allah save Pakistan and the whole Ummah from all sorts of “Fitnah” and “Sharr”, ameen.

[5] Many people (who have been close to Zaid Hamid) have complained to Zaid Hamid that when he is
settling a dispute, he does not listen to both the parties before pronouncing the verdict, and also that he very readily and quickly believes a person who falsely accuses another person of doing something that he hasn’t done, without even bothering to approach and ask the person who has been falsely accused. Zaid Hamid quickly forms an image in his mind about the accused party and thinks that he is totally justified and right in doing so. Zaid Hamid does not follow the Islamic Shariah requirement that he should remain unbiased and listen to both the parties in a fair manner. If the person (who has falsely accused someone) has any or all of the following qualities, Zaid Hamid would instantly believe whatever he/she has to say: 1) if the person is a female, and especially if she is having an affair with Zaid Hamid, or if she likes to sit with Zaid Hamid alone and takes off her niqaab (veil) for Zaid Hamid only 2) if the person is someone who flatters and unduly praises Zaid Hamid almost all the time, and does not question anything Zaid Hamid does or says 3) if the person holds a particular secret involving Zaid Hamid and his past activities 4) if the person is someone who has been giving expensive gifts or donations to Zaid Hamid 5) if the person is wealthy and influential 6) if the person is someone whom Zaid Hamid wants to please and keep close to him for some reason 7) if the person is the frontman of Zaid Hamid involved in embezzlement of funds and other frauds. A recent example of such behaviour of Zaid Hamid is when a team member falsely accused another team member of doing something that he had not done. Zaid Hamid readily believed the false accuser and kept on believing what he / she had said for about 8 months, till the time the accused person himself confronted Zaid Hamid and told him the truth, and also told Zaid Hamid that his mother-in-law (T’s mother) knew about the whole matter and the exact events that took place so he could confirm from her. Even after getting to know the reality, Zaid Hamid did not have the decency to say even a single word of apology etc. to the accused party, instead Zaid Hamid became even more cold and taunting towards him, being angry at him only because he had proved himself innocent and had subsequently proved Zaid Hamid to be in the wrong.

[6] When people complain to Zaid Hamid that he believes in others’ false accusations without listening
to their side of the story, his immediate response is, “Rasulullah (saww) ko bhi log kehtay thay keh aap kaanon kay kachay hain. Hum kaanon kay kachay nahi hain. [People used to complain to

Rasulullah (saww) too that he was “kaanon kay kachay” (believed readily in whatever

someone told him). We are not “kaanon kay kachay” (I do not believe in whatever someone tells me)]”. Naoozubillah. Again Zaid Hamid straightaway equates himself to Rasulullah
(saww) in this statement. Even then if someone tries to tell their side of the story and the truth about something, Zaid Hamid tells them to remain quiet and “ba-adab”, and not to tell him anything or to explain, as he already knows everything, and knows the truth about that matter. He apparently forgets that ONLY Allah is the Aalim-ulGhaib (Knower of the unseen and the invisible) and the All-Knowing.

[7] Another “gustakhi” (shameless and audacious act) which Zaid Hamid did was to tell his Syed driver in
arrogance that, “Hum tumhain Syedon kay khandaan sey nikaltay hain. Tum kis qism kay Syed ho?” Later he informed me proudly that he had told the driver, “WE disown you from the Syed family! What

kind of a Syed are you?”, shamelessly forgetting that out of all human beings it is only Rasulullah
(saww) who can bring somebody into his Aal (Syed family) or disown somebody (remove him from his family), of course with Allah’s will. Is it because of Zaid Hamid that the respectable “Syed” word is attached with all Aal-e-Rasul (saww) or is it because of Rasulullah (saww)? Zaid Hamid said this to his driver only because the poor man had asked for Zakat from Zaid Hamid. Instead of kindly telling the driver that Syeds are not allowed to receive Zakat, he insulted him and said this audacious thing. Zaid Hamid also likes deciding who “will do Tauba” (will repent for his sins) in his lifetime and who will not, and whose “Tauba” (repentance) Allah will accept, and whose He will not. Zaid Hamid has said about many people on numerous occasions, “Uss ki tauba qabool nahi ho gi” or “Uss ko tauba ki toufeeq nahi ho gi” or “Woh pakka Jahannami hai” etc.

[8] Another recent and even more objectionable act of injustice done by Zaid Hamid was when he
removed a genuinely sincere and patriotic team member (but who is not a “chaploos”), someone who had worked extensively on Allama Iqbal (we will call him NB) from the BrassTacks “EldersCore” group without even talking to him first, and also stopped giving importance to NB like he used to do in the past, because of two reasons: 1) NB was falsely accused by a young married woman who removes her veil only for Zaid Hamid and who frequently brings expensive gifts and cakes etc. for him, who is a true “chaploos”, and whom Zaid Hamid’s wife T does not like; this woman accused NB of saying that he did not want to invite Zaid Hamid to his functions / programs in Lahore and to involve Zaid Hamid’s name much in his work on Allama Iqbal, because he wanted to take along with him all followers of Allama Iqbal, including those who were not so fond of Zaid Hamid. 2) NB did not invite Zaid Hamid to an Iqbal Day function he held in Lahore in 2012. Obviously Zaid Hamid was quick in believing these false impressions given to him about NB, and his ego was also hurt by the fact that NB had not invited him to the Iqbal Day event in Lahore. Zaid Hamid said, “Iqbal ka event aur hamaray baghair?? Hamaray baghair kiya khair ho sakti hai? (Iqbal ’s event without me? How can there be any good in it without me?)”. I was even more concerned by the fact that Zaid Hamid had formed such an opinion in his mind regarding NB, without even talking to NB. So I called NB myself and asked him whether he had said such things, and what was the reason for not inviting Zaid Hamid. He laughed and was surprised on hearing such things; he told me that he had never said any such thing regarding Zaid Hamid, and that the Iqbal Day event was just a small informal event where he had invited no important person or speaker, it was just for recruitment of new volunteers etc. Muneeb Iqbal (the grandson of Allama Iqbal) was there at that event only because he is a personal friend of NB and is

usually present with him at all such places / events. NB was very hurt by Zaid Hamid’s behaviour with him, especially for taking him out of the BT “EldersCore” group in that way (without talking to NB first), but he still said that he was a soldier for Pakistan and Zaid Hamid, and would do whatever Zaid Hamid commanded him to do. When I told all this to Zaid Hamid, his only response was, “Nahi uss ko bhi hamain bulana chahiye tha na (No, no, NB should have called me to his event)”. Zaid Hamid even then did not contact or talk to NB about this matter. For those who don’t already know, NB is the founder of International Iqbal Society, formerly known as DISNA, a true lover of Iqbal and he has been doing 100 times more work on Iqbal than this so-called Iqbale-Sani (Zaid Hamid); NB has around 1,145,000 fans on his “Allama Iqbal ” page [

http://www.facebook.com/AllamaMIqbal ], and unlike Zaid Hamid ’s page, you will never see NB’s picture or name on the main page or even on the ‘About’ page; NB has two other
very serious “problems” and “faults”, which the “magnanimous” and “most forgiving” Zaid Hamid could not oversee and could not bear: 1) NB cannot praise Zaid Hamid to Zaid Hamid’s liking, as he is not and cannot be a “chaploos” even if he tries very hard. 2) Hundreds and hundreds of Iqbal’s verses are preserved in NB’s heart, he is a real scholar of Allama Iqbal, and he has never used wrong /

incomplete verses of Allama Iqbal in his speeches / lectures / writings, unlike our very own Iqbal-e-Sani Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid. [9] Zaid Hamid claims that his “Peer” (spiritual mentor) in Tarbela, called “Khan sb” generally (real
name: Abdul Hameed) on some occasions is given the opportunity to read Allah’s “Loh-e-Mahfooz”. This “Peer” Khan sb has the speciality of forecasting who will become the ruler of Pakistan in the future. Zaid Hamid claims that Khan sb had predicted that Zardari would become President of Pakistan, when Zardari was standing in front of a judge in Attock Fort and was a prisoner. When Khan sb made this prediction, people laughed at him and said that Zardari was a criminal in their books, and reportedly Khan sb laughed and said, “He may be a criminal in your books, but I read Zardari’s name in Loh-e-Mahfooz (Allah’s book) last night and it was written that he will become the ruler of Pakistan”. Many of the people who came to power in Pakistan were regular visitors of Khan sb, for example Ayub Khan, Jalal Baba, Junejo, Zia-ul-Haq, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and close friends of Asif Ali Zardari. Zaid Hamid has been visiting Khan sb on a weekly basis all the four years that I have known him. Zaid Hamid was introduced to Khan sb through a very close relative of General Zia-ul-Haq. Khan sb calls Zaid Hamid “TV wala sahib”. I visited Khan sb also dozens of times with Zaid Hamid and every time Zaid Hamid would be anxious to know when this government would be removed and when General Kayani (Army Chief) would be removed, calling General Kayani “beighairat” etc. and requesting Khan sb to take care of General Kayani. Zaid Hamid almost always asks Khan sb to give him the actual internal situation and the pulse of the army, whether there are any chances of a coup against Kayani, the mood of the Corp Commanders etc. But Alhamdolillah Khan sb does not tell much to Zaid Hamid nowadays, because Zaid Hamid did all three things that Khan sb had stopped Zaid Hamid from doing. Khan sb had told Zaid Hamid: 1) Not to speak against the Army (including the high command); 2) Not to do “takabbur” (not to be arrogant); 3) Not to disclose secrets to anyone, especially the things that Khan sb had told him. Khan sb always told Zaid Hamid to be patient and to wait for the right time, but Zaid Hamid asked him so many times about when things will change in Pakistan, that Khan sb was compelled to tell him, “I will let you know one week before Allah decides to change things in Pakistan.” Sometimes, when the situation in the country was tense and there were more chances of an army takeover, Zaid Hamid would become so excited and anxious that he would travel to Tarbela twice a week to meet Khan sb. It is evident from many actions, words, Facebook posts of Zaid

Hamid that he craves to be in power and to be a ruler, which automatically disqualifies him for being a ruler of an Islamic state or the Muslim Ummah, according to the teachings of Islam.

[10] Zaid Hamid has always made sure that his other spiritual mentor Haji Safdar of Gujjar Khan never
finds out about the fact that Zaid Hamid visits Khan sb also. Zaid Hamid had told me in clear words that I should never let Haji Safdar know that Zaid Hamid was visiting another “Peer” in Tarbela. Some things worth mentioning about Haji Safdar: Zaid Hamid has been visiting Haji Safdar for the past two decades. Haji Safdar gives his special “Taaweez” to Zaid Hamid and his family, and also to many BrassTacks members (Zaid Hamid has always made sure that all important BrassTacks team members / volunteers living in Pakistan visit Haji Safdar on a regular basis, and those who come for a short visit to Pakistan from abroad visit Haji Safdar at least once). People have accused Zaid Hamid and Haji Safdar of being involved in performing black magic to achieve their goals. Haji Safdar interestingly has the same policy about accepting money for his “Taaweez” and “advice” as Zaid Hamid, “We never ASK for donations, but we do ACCEPT them almost ALWAYS”. These donations range from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 5000/- or more depending upon the financial status of the family meeting Haji Safdar. Apart from this, all imaginable types of gifts are presented to Haji Safdar on a daily basis by the hundreds of people who visit Haji Safdar in one day (6 days a week, as Tuesdays are off). Haji Safdar has recently built a huge house (almost like a fort / palace in comparison to other houses in that area), but he still meets people in his small old one-room “Matab” (clinic), and several of those people have not even seen Haji Safdar’s new house. Talking of magic I recall what Zaid Hamid’s brother-in-law (Zaid Hamid’s second wife T’s eldest brother) told me In March 2011, a couple of months after Zaid Hamid’s marriage to T. He told me that his sister T herself told him that she felt as if Zaid Hamid was performing magic on her and had tricked her into getting married to her, and that Haji Safdar played a big part in that magic / trick. Therefore T’s brother told me that Haji Safdar was a “Thagg Peer” (fake spiritual mentor). Of course I spent a considerable time defending Zaid Hamid and his actions in front of T’s brother, and we didn’t speak after that. To this day this brother of T is not on speaking terms with T and Zaid Hamid, and he is still strongly against Zaid Hamid. Now I understand what T’s brother said about Haji Safdar, and it explains why Zaid Hamid has been taking his wife T to see Haji Safdar 2 to 3 times every week since the day they got married. And even on the day Zaid Hamid got married to T, the first thing he did was to take T to Haji sb, all the way from Peshawar to Gujjar Khan, and then back towards Rawalpindi. Every time that T is feeling sick, having a headache, feeling depressed, or missing her four small children whom she had left for Zaid Hamid, T is immediately taken to Haji Safdar by Zaid Hamid even if it is past midnight. Zaid Hamid believes he knows everything and therefore does not need any explanation, similarly Haji Safdar not only believes, but openly says that Allah shows him everything through some “Hisaab” he does with a book (having lines / boxes and some text in it). Zaid Hamid has told me on more than four occasions that nothing is hidden from Haji Safdar, that he knows everything, that he even knows if a person is a sinner or not, and has the details of all the sins that a person has committed and all the faults and “Shar” that are present in the person. Haji Safdar claims that people have been coming to him for guidance for more than four decades. Haji Safdar proudly claims that if it was not for him, Zaid Hamid would not have been where he is today (I totally agree with this statement of Haji Safdar). When I started noticing objectionable acts of Zaid Hamid, and when Zaid Hamid openly started accusing me and my wife falsely, I took the matter to Haji Safdar. He reassured me and told me that I should not worry, as Zaid Hamid was a real man of God and Mujahid but had many major faults (his words were “barray barray naqs”). Haji Safdar said that we should tell Zaid Hamid at least once when he does

something wrong but if he does not listen then we should not tell him again. Haji Safdar told me many times that Zaid Hamid loved me and was very happy with me, and wanted to make me his “Naib” (deputy), and that Zaid Hamid said that I did the work of 100 people all by myself. Haji Safdar also used to tell me that he was sure that Zaid Hamid would come to power soon, and then I would also be given major responsibilities and status in the government along with hundreds of thousands of rupees, as Zaid Hamid had told Haji Safdar that the Rs. 45,000/- which I was getting from Zaid Hamid was not enough, and that Zaid Hamid would take good care of me (Emaad) once he was given a position of authority. Zaid Hamid and Haji Safdar thought that they could buy me off by saying things like these to attract me and to keep me close to Zaid Hamid and his “mission”, and to make me keep my mouth shut about whatever I saw. Little did they realize at that time that the offers they were dangling in front of my eyes did not matter to me, and their saying such things only made my mind clearer and my resolve stronger, Alhamdolillah. What really mattered to me was the fact that I was seeing with my own eyes the reality of Zaid Hamid and his favourites, and what mattered even more was that I had realized that a Munafiqat and Khiyanat on a grand scale were being committed with sincere patriotic people of Pakistan. Gradually, as days passed, Haji Safdar soon realized that things were getting tenser between me and Zaid Hamid and that they could not keep me silent and unobservant about many things, including Rizwan’s frauds and scandals. Haji Safdar told me that if I did not stop noticing and mentioning the frauds of Rizwan (especially the matter of G’s Turkey visa 3 lac rupees fraud that was just hanging in the air those days as Zaid Hamid was not taking Rizwan to task, and the matter of 5 lac rupees embezzlement from ER that I had come to know about that very day), then I would be separated from Zaid Hamid, so he told me to be careful, as he thought that I would not have the courage to leave Zaid Hamid and to stand up to him. But Alhamdolillah, I was already seriously thinking about leaving Zaid Hamid and his so-called “mission”, so instead of getting worried or threatened by Haji Safdar’s words, I felt relieved and thanked Allah because Allah had made my decision of leaving Zaid Hamid even easier.

[11] Another spiritual mentor of Zaid Hamid was Sufi Abdul Ghani. Zaid Hamid told me that he was under
the “Roohani” (spiritual) training of this spiritual mentor for 21 years (which is possible only if he went into Sufi Abdul Ghani’s lap at the age of 3 or 4, because Sufi Abdul Ghani died in the late 80’s according to Zaid Hamid and Zaid Hamid was born in 1964). I have never seen the grave of Sufi Abdul Ghani, even though it is near Zaid Hamid’s house in Rawalpindi, according to Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid says that he can still communicate with Sufi Abdul Ghani as he lies there in his grave, because this is how they communicated when he was alive, from heart to heart, not by speaking, and that in those 21 years they only spoke a few sentences with each other. When I asked Zaid Hamid about the location of the grave, he just gave me vague information, that it was somewhere near the Murree Brewery Factory, Rawalpindi. Zaid Hamid takes his wife to Sufi Abdul Ghani’s grave occasionally.

[12] Zaid Hamid openly claims that he does not need to follow any “Maslak” (Islamic school of thought), and that his own self-created Maslak is enough for him. Moreover, Zaid Hamid often boasts that when he comes to power in Pakistan then, “Qanoon woh ho ga jo hum kahain gey! (Whatever I say will be the law!)”. This statement is in total contradiction to the spirit of “Islam”.
Islam means total submission to Allah alone, and following the “laws” and “rules” that have been set for us by Allah through Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah (saww). When making emotional speeches on media, Zaid Hamid claims that he is not a scholar of Islam, but in real life, acts as if no one else has more knowledge about Islam than him. He openly negates the “Tafseers” (commentaries and explanations of the Quran verses) and even translations of almost all the

“Mufassireen” and translators of the Holy Quran. He tells his close team members not to read the Quran with translation and Tafseer, but just to read the Arabic even if they don’t understand a word of Arabic. Zaid Hamid claims that no one else can ever do a more correct Tafseer of the Quran than him. He boasts that even the Saudi and Pakistani scholars were all praise for him when he did Tafseer of some Quranic verses in front of them. Even his second wife T says that “I do not need to read any translation or Tafseer of the Quran, as I have Syyedi with me (referring to her husband Zaid Hamid). I can ask him whatever I want to ask about the Quran”.

[13] Zaid Hamid also does not think that it is necessary for him to provide any “Hawala” (reference) to a
Hadith of Rasulullah (saww) that he has used in his speech or writing. When people ask him about some reference or when convey this message to him that he should give references to the Ahadith he uses, his response is “No one should doubt the authenticity of any hadith that I use. There’s no need of giving references. It should be enough that the Hadith has been quoted by me! I am the

reference!” Because of this, Zaid Hamid did not think it important that the references of the Ahadith in
the Khawarij brochures be given (therefore there are no references of Ahadith in the first edition of the Khawarij brochures), but then when the army and ISI themselves demanded that the references should be present in the brochures, then Zaid Hamid’s office staff again turned to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s work on Khawarij to get the references for the Ahadith and add them to the second edition of the brochures. The printing of the BrassTacks Khawarij brochures would have been totally impossible without the scholarly work of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri on Khawarij. The BrassTacks team just had to copy the Ahadith from Dr. Tahirul-Qadri’s work, but to this day Zaid Hamid has never properly acknowledged this fact, and has never showed any gratefulness, respect or appreciation to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, not even for this work of his on Khawarij, which Zaid Hamid has been proudly presenting to the world and especially the armed forces as the work of his own think tank.

[14] In reality, Zaid Hamid knows so little of the Quran, Sunnah and Shariah that he fears facing and
having a genuine debate with any renowned and respectable scholar of Islam, and makes fun of the scholars behind their back like a typical coward. When someone questions him regarding the Khatam-eNabuwwat / Yusuf Ali case, he doesn’t reply straight, instead starts using emotional dialogue and words of warning for that person and asks him to come face to face for a debate / “Manazra”. But when some scholar etc. does actually call Zaid Hamid for a Manazra, he chickens out immediately. On one occasion he adopted this strategy that he gave the impression that he was willing to go for a Manazra with “Khatame-Nabuwwat” scholars, but he said that there will be one condition, that if those people were unable to prove that Zaid Hamid was in the wrong, then Zaid Hamid would put a 9mm bullet in their heads. Zaid Hamid is in reality so scared all the time that he never goes ANYWHERE from his house without his loaded 9mm or TT pistol by his side, not even when he goes to his office in his car (which is at walking distance from his house). Even when he goes to bed at night, he has at least two weapons next to him. He has always kept a loaded pistol with him in EVERY TV program / interview / talk show. On numerous occasions he also asked me to carry a pistol and told me to be on the alert as there could be an assassination attempt on him, especially during a live program.

[15] It is the usual practice of any common Muslim, that if he cannot fulfil some Sunnah, he at least keeps
quiet about it or is appreciative of others who are following that Sunnah, instead of showing disregard and disrespect towards that Sunnah. But in Zaid Hamid’s case, when he is not following a Sunnah of Rasulullah (saww) himself, he becomes disrespectful towards it and mocks others who follow that Sunnah [basically Zaid Hamid does not follow MANY of the most basic and important Sunnahs of Rasulullah (saww)]. For

example, he proudly tells his close friends that when people talk about the Sunnah of eating food (rice etc.) with the hand, instead of using a spoon/fork, and when people point out that Muslims should follow this Sunnah, Zaid Hamid replies in a casual and mocking way, “To hum bhi to haath sey hi kha rahay hain.. chamach bhi to haath mei hi pakra hoa hai na, paer mei to nahi pakra hoa. (We ARE eating with the hands.. the spoon is in the hand.. we’re not holding the spoon with the foot, are we?)”. Another example of disregarding a Sunnah of Rasulullah (saww) and mocking others when they try following that Sunnah is related to men’s dress code. If someone in the team kept his shirt outside the trousers (for the sake of “purdah”, “haya” and for dressing in a way that is closer to Sunnah, to cover up at least the upper part of the legs, backside etc.), Zaid Hamid would be annoyed and would tell him strictly to keep his shirt tucked inside the trousers. Once when he saw a senior member of the team with his shirt outside (who himself and whose wife wanted the shirt to be outside), Zaid Hamid held the team member’s shirt and jerked it insultingly, telling him to tuck it in, without even saying a word of greeting or salam. Zaid Hamid and the team member were standing in front of Zaid Hamid’s car, and Zaid Hamid’s wife, along with the team member’s wife, were sitting inside the car. The team member had no other option but to turn to one side, open his trousers button and tuck in his shirt. This is just a small example of Zaid Hamid’s “decency”, “understanding” and “love for Islamic ways and code of life”. Zaid Hamid tries to copy Western people in several ways, and suffers from major inferiority complex especially in his English language skills, that is why he tries to make up his accent in English programs of Aljazeera, Russia Today and Press TV, and he doesn’t like it when someone points out any mistake in his writing (for example in his book From Indus to Oxus and in his Facebook posts, which are full of all types of mistakes: spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.). If it had not been for AK and other team members, Zaid Hamid’s book “From Indus to Oxus” would have been a disaster, especially as far as the English language is concerned. By the way, there are some serious issues brought to light by some people regarding his book on his so-called “Afghan Jihad”. Of this I am sure, that Zaid Hamid has used major exaggeration and deception in portraying himself to the world as “a Mujahid who spent 7 years fighting in Afghanistan against the Russians”. To this day no one knows exactly how much time Zaid Hamid spent in Afghanistan during those “7 years” and how much he spent in Pakistan, and he cannot produce even one proper witness / friend / ex-comrade (Pakistani or foreign) who can tell the world about the “heroic Jihadi time” Zaid Hamid spent in Afghanistan. Some real Mujahideen / ex-Mujahideen have expressed serious doubts about Zaid Hamid’s “participation” and “heroic feats” in the Afghan Jihad, and one ex-Mujahid (who was extremely close to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) even challenged Zaid Hamid on mainstream media, saying that Zaid Hamid did not at all play the “role” and “part” he claims to have played in the Afghan Jihad against the Russians. On Zaid Hamid’s official Facebook page, the cover picture has the name of Rasulullah (saww) and

the short darood in Arabic written with it, placed exactly under Zaid Hamid’s name and more seriously, under the hoof (foot) of a horse (the cover picture was designed / created by Zaid Hamid and his wife). But being the “great preacher of Adab-e-Rasul (saww)” that Zaid Hamid is, he ignored it and didn’t change it, even when I pointed it out to him twice.
The same had been done on the Army stickers which were designed by Zaid Hamid and his wife: Rasulullah’s (saww) name was written very near the feet of the soldiers. I had to point this out to him several times, before he had the decency to correct it with half-heartedness.

[16] A recent example of his two-facedness and jealousy for real scholars of Islam is the way he talked
about Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in front of the world on Facebook compared to the way he talked about him in his private gatherings. In front of his followers on Facebook, Zaid Hamid used respectable words for Dr.

Tahir-ul-Qadri and even stopped others from abusing or making fun of him in any way. This is the usual style of Zaid Hamid, posing like a sage and respectful “Mu’atbir” personality in front of the world but stooping to low levels of cheapness and mockery in his real life, especially when he is sitting with his close team members / friends. Following is an email that Zaid Hamid sent to the BrassTacks “EldersCore” emailing group (which consists of around 15 closest team members / friends of Zaid Hamid; not everyone can join the EldersCore group; only Zaid Hamid decides whom to add to the group and whom to remove). Zaid Hamid sends emails that are on the top level of “privacy” and “secrecy” to the EldersCore group.
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 7 January 2013 23:12 Subject: FW: Photograph - 7/1/2013 To: elderscore@googlegroups.com

A delegation of Dr. TUQ came to visit us today. We have them a piece of our mind to them J ) their faces tell the story J ) Have asked them to change their stance towards pro-army, anti elections and pro-caretaker backed by army. For them a difficult option at this stage but they are also realizing that they are badly cornered now and being thrashed from all sides. J) They may change their demands now J )) lets see. Have asked them to converge to ibd and remove the regime and demand that army should make new caretakers J)



Following is an email that Zaid Hamid sent to the BrassTacks “Core” emailing group (which consists of around 45 close team members / friends of Zaid Hamid; not everyone can join the BTCore group; only Zaid Hamid decides whom to add to the group and whom to remove). Zaid Hamid sends emails that are on the medium level of “privacy” and “secrecy” to the BTCore group. Notice how he has called Dr. Tahir-ulQadri’s statement on Kashmir Jihad “shameful”, and how he declares that Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri is “dead wrong”. Of course Zaid Hamid did not have the nerve to write such things on his Facebook page in front of all his followers (many of whom follow Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri also).

From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 6 January 2013 19:32 Subject: [27790] FW: Dr TUQ shamefull statement on Kashmir Jahad ... To: btcore@googlegroups.com

http://tune.pk/video/23110/Dr-TUQ-shamefull-statement-on-Kashmir-Jahad--------------From: btcore@googlegroups.com [mailto:btcore@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of Z A Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 9:33 PM To: btcore@googlegroups.com Subject: Re: [27800] FW: Dr TUQ shamefull statement on Kashmir Jahad ...

Sir, this is getting uncomprehensible...sir is this so that in our prophet sallalaho alihay wasallam's seerah we never get any instance where Islamic troops were sent to take revenge? is it so sir..? The example is being quoted from prophet sallalho alaihay wasallam's seerah...m not able to comprehend it...Moreover there are many such rulings against Jihad issued by some other scholars as well.
--------------From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 6 January 2013 21:42 Subject: RE: [27801] FW: Dr TUQ shamefull statement on Kashmir Jahad ... To: btcore@googlegroups.com

He is dead wrong.

Following is an email that Zaid Hamid copied to the BrassTacks “Volunteers” emailing group (which consists of hundreds of BrassTacks general team members / volunteers; anybody can join the BTVolunteer group, read the emails being sent to this group, and also send an email to this group). Zaid Hamid sends emails that are on a low level of “privacy” and “secrecy” to the BTVolunteer group. Notice how he has called Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s statement on Kashmir Jihad “sad” in this email, instead of “shameful”.

From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 6 January 2013 22:49 Subject: [27806] we are very very hurt !! To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com

Dr. Qadri's stance on Kashmir Jihad -- very sad ! Dear Dr. Sahib, the nation is hurt, our millions of Shaheeds feel betrayed, our sisters and daughters are in tears! Kashmir is NOT India. Kashmir is NOT another country. There is NO border between Pakistani Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir. It is a line of control where two armies fight battles every day. Kashmir is a Muslim land under Hindu occupation. Quaid e Azam started that Jihad. We have given over hundreds of thousands of shaheeds so far since 1947 and thousands of sisters have sacrificed their honor, brothers, fathers and sons. Joining the Jihad in Kashmir is Farz for the Ummah. It is Jaiz and the greatest of khair and a battle from the battles of Ghazwa e Hind. When Muslim lands are occupied by enemies by Zulm, then it is wajib on Muslims to help them. We DO NOT accept UN and international law made by Zionists. We follow Sharia and sunnah of Rasulullah (sm). Your statement has hurt the millat and the Ummah. We can only say Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon!! We are very very hurt !!

Here’s another example of the type of emails Zaid Hamid sends to EldersCore only, NOT to BTCore or BTVolunteer:
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 11 February 2013 20:39 Subject: FW: Tahir ul Qadri :) To: elderscore@googlegroups.com

J)) tauba


These are also the type of emails which Zaid Hamid sends to BTCore and/or EldersCore, NOT to BTVolunteer:
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 7 January 2013 23:05 Subject: [27860] FW: Tahir ul Qadri & Altaf Hussain are agents of west - AQ Khan To: btcore@googlegroups.com

Can we have this program ???? Has he really said this ?? bad day for TUQ J)
----------Tahir ul Qadri & Altaf Hussain are agents of west - AQ Khan Saifan Khan tweeted about what AQ Khan Has said in Today's Show. will be aired at 9:45 @NewsOne __________________________________
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 7 January 2013 23:25 Subject: [27863] FW: ‫طﺎﮨﺮ اﻟﻘﺎدری ﮐﯽ ﻏﯿﺮ ﻣﺴﺘﻘﻞ ﻣﺰاﺟﯽ ﮐﻮ ﺳﻼم‬ To: btcore@googlegroups.com

He is being thrashed from all sides :! His own doing.

http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/...-01-01/page-12 __________________________________ On the day of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s press conference before the long march, when he gave the assurance that the million man march would be very peaceful and said something like “Aik sheesha / gamla bhi nahi tootay ga (Not even one window / plant pot will be broken)”, Zaid Hamid said (later that evening), “Tahir-ul-Qadri theek kehtay hain. Gamla woh nahi torain gey. Gamla to ham torain gey. (Tahir-ul-Qadri is right. He will not break the plant pot. WE will break the plant pot)”, and then came his usual evil laughter. Zaid Hamid had clearly implied that the million man march would be a fantastic opportunity for him and his likeminded people to create chaos and anarchy. Zaid Hamid said that he had asked Imran Khan to join the march so that more pressure is built up for the army to take over, and that Imran Khan didn’t listen to his advice. Zaid Hamid further said, “Humari to dua hai keh anarchy ho ta keh army

take over karay. (We are praying that there is anarchy in the million man march, so that the army takes over)”. But after a few days, when Zaid Hamid realized that his chaotic dreams were
not materializing, he started saying that, “Army to take over karnay kay liye tayar thi jaisey hee march mey

chaos hota, laikin hamain unn aurton aur bachon per taras aa gaya jo sardi mei wahan mojood thay, woh baicharay halaak ho jatay agar army take over karti, iss liye ham nay army ko rok diya aur Tahir-ul-Qadri ko hum nay kaha keh aap kay liye hum nay aasani kar di hai, bas aap ab aik takreer kar kay wapis challay jayen. March khatam kar dain. (Army was ready and would have taken over as soon as there

was some chaos in the march, but I felt pity for the women and children who were braving the cold over there in the march, and who would have been killed if army did an operation / took over, so therefore I stopped the army from taking over. And I told Tahirul-Qadri that I had made things easier for him, that now he should just make a final speech and go back, and end the march.)” Zaid Hamid boasted in front of his guests that his instructions and advice, and analysis of the situation that was building up, were being conveyed continuously to Dr. Tahir-ulQadri when he was in the container during the long march. Zaid Hamid said that he was conveying the instructions to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri through Rizwan Imtiaz Warraich (see section C for details about Rizwan and his accusations of financial corruption on Dr. Tahirul-Qadri), who was in constant touch with Raheeq Abbasi sb (who was present with Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in the container all the time).
Zaid Hamid also boasts that almost 90% of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri ’s and Imran Khan’s followers / fans are his (Zaid Hamid’s) followers also and respect him greatly. Zaid Hamid proudly claims that if he

started speaking openly against Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan, then most of their followers would leave them and join Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid used to say in 2012 that he has
decided to remain silent on the issue of Imran Khan and not speak against him openly because there would be no elections and because Imran Khan was not important. Point to be noted is that now when the elections ARE actually about to take place, even then Zaid Hamid is not speaking openly against Imran Khan. And of course, this is because Zaid Hamid is afraid that most of the youth will leave him if he started badmouthing Imran Khan openly.

[17] Similarly, when Zaid Hamid is among his close team members / friends, he badmouths Imran Khan
and calls him a “Zani” (adulterer). Zaid Hamid says that he knows how Imran Khan spends his nights in Dubai and how high-class prostitutes are brought to Imran Khan in the “Hawaili” in Lahore owned by the son of Allama Iqbal (RA). Whereas on Facebook, in front of all the world, he uses respectable and mild language for Imran Khan, advising him like an elder brother or a close sincere friend. This is typical of

Zaid Hamid, that he loves spreading rumours and heresy, seldom waiting to get some conformation / proof before spreading that information, which is equal to putting “Buhtan” (falsely accusing someone). “O you who believe! If a Faasiq (liar — evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done.” [Al-Hujuraat 49:6]

It was narrated that Hafs ibn ‘Aasim said: The Messenger of Allah (saww) said: “It is enough lying for a man to speak of everything that he hears.” (Narrated by Muslim in alMuqaddimah, 6; Saheeh al-Jaami, 4482) Zaid Hamid, among his close team members and friends, talks insultingly about some famous people of Pakistan, his grudge and jealousy for these people clearly visible, people like General Hameed Gul sb, Orya Maqbool Jan sb, Dr. Abdul-Qadeer Khan, General Musharraf, elders of Islamic movements for reformation or Jihad, and of course Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan. In one recent TV program, Orya Maqbool sb did not agree with a statement of Zaid Hamid and openly contradicted it. Zaid Hamid was speechless on his contradiction during the program, but later he took out his anger by sending a derogatory text message (about Orya sb) to his select few “elder” BrassTacks members, saying “Orya has totally lost it! (Orya has become totally mad / insane)”. And then later on, when a BT volunteer suggested to others that they should read Orya sb’s articles (on the BrassTacks Volunteers Google group which anyone can join and then read the emails being sent by Zaid Hamid and hundreds of his followers / volunteers), Zaid Hamid replied to the volunteer’s email, talking about Orya sb with apparent respect to deceive the hundreds of naïve followers, in which three main characteristics of Zaid Hamid are clearly visible: two-facedness / hypocrisy, jealousy and arrogance.
From: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com [mailto:btvolunteer@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of S N H Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:07 AM To: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com Subject: Re: [35726] Orya Maqbool Jan - Giving a serious warning

A humble reply to relatively new members ... ! and it does not mean that I am stopping you to ask anything from Zaid Sb. Please do watch the whole series of Zaid Sb. programs in chronological order, otherwise you will get confused and will be asking all the same questions again and again and again. These programs are available on DVDs and Zaid sb. website. Make time and despite of watching movies and filthy talk shows of politicians, get those converted in MP3 audios and put them in your mobile, listen them during travel or in lisure time. Believe me, every what how when where has been answered. And try not to miss any new discussion of Zaid sb. If channel is not aired in your area, wait for couple of days it will be uploaded by BT team and then watch them.

Do read columns of Orya sb. and Ansar Abbasi sb. you will get understanding of the situation developing.
---------------------From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 12 February 2013 13:52 Subject: RE: [28546] Orya Maqbool Jan - Giving a serious warning To: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com Cc: BT Core <btcore@googlegroups.com>

Dear teams, Just to make one point clear. While we highly respect Orya sahib’s academic, historical work, we differ on some of the critical geopolitical analysis presented by orya sahib. Defense and security is not his strong point. His analysis on

Bugti issue, talks with TTP etc are actually dangerous and go against national interest but that is an Ijtihadi mistake and we can ignore that.
When you read patriotic writers like Orya sahib, ansar abbasi, Ghulam Akbar sahib and Talat, pl understand that each have their strengths and weaknesses and not every word they say is to be taken as authority. We respect these gentlemen but don’t agree with everything they say. They are part of the system, doing

their jobs and have to be careful.
Jazak Allah khair

_____________________________________ Note how Zaid Hamid changed “insane Orya” to “patriotic Orya sahib” when he was writing an email to hundreds of people. And also note the way Zaid Hamid is insinuating that even the patriotic writers are “part of the system” and “have to be careful”, implying that only he himself (Zaid Hamid) is not like that, that he himself says openly whatever he has to say (which is a big joke and a lie), and that it is only he (Zaid Hamid) whose every word is to be taken as authority. If Zaid Hamid is such a brave Mujahid, why does he have the “policy” of saying one thing in front of the world, and another in his close circle of friends? Why does he have to use third-party or anonymous platforms for saying something harsh against someone even if it is the truth? Why does he have to ask his close team members to be “careful” in what they say / write from the platform of BrassTacks and Zaid Hamid? Is this what he calls “taking a brave stand and giving azaan”? Isn’t this exactly what he was accusing the other writers of? Read these two selfexplanatory emails of Zaid Hamid:
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 18 January 2013 16:36 Subject: [28161] FW: AS-SLAM-MU-ALAIE-KUM To: btcore@googlegroups.com

Team read the following post and be careful in your posts on your pages. All those who are close to us have to be more responsible in what they post on their sites.

If we have to post anything harsh, we do that from neutral or third party forums. Be careful pl. don’t go against the policy on our own FB page.
From: O.A. Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:00 PM To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com; Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Subject: Re: FW: *IMP* Islamabad Long March Declaration"

Sir, it looks, like u said, the Zionists sent Dr. TUQ to strengthen democracy at this time
when many people started talking about your version of caretaker setup for 3 years. It really strange that he talks about Ishq-e-Rasul-Allah S.M. and then promotes democracy!
---------------------From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 17 January 2013 23:45 Subject: [28148] RE: FW: *IMP* Islamabad Long March Declaration" To: O.A., btcore@googlegroups.com

beta, things said in private must not be shared on volunteer group which is totally Na

mahram. Be careful please. Severe damage would be done by sharing everything on volunteer group. That is why we have 3 levels. Elders, core and volunteer. Please …….

[18] Zaid Hamid claims in front of the world to be “ajiz and maskeen” (humble), but in real life he is full
of “Takabbur” (arrogance), considering himself to be the “Furqaan” of the time (Furqaan is a person or thing that is the criteria for differentiating between “Haq” and “Batil ” - good and evil). Arrogance is visible from countless actions / emails / Facebook posts and dealings with people in his actual life. He openly tells his team members that only his mission is the true mission of Rasulullah (saww), that he gets guidance directly from the Rasulullah (saww), and all other religious / ideological / political movements have no khair in them, and Allah will not take any work from them. I have seen no one else but Zaid Hamid using the words “mysterious”, “enigmatic”, “mystical” for himself, and the word “epic” for his own work. Zaid Hamid very proudly claims that it was because of the popularity and propagation of his videos on YouTube, that the government of Pakistan had to ban / block YouTube in Pakistan, and that the “Touheen-e-Risalat” issue was just an excuse put forth by the government (YouTube had not removed a blasphemous video about Rasulullah (saww), and that is why it was banned in Pakistan, and also in some other Muslim countries). Following is an example of how Zaid Hamid likes to portray a larger-than-life picture of himself. He appeared for 10 minutes in the program “Inside Story” on Aljazeera English on 2nd January 2013 [http://vimeo.com/56643669] and according to Zaid Hamid, what he said in those 10 minutes created a panic in the USA. It is quite possible that all of the American Deans, whose names are mentioned at the end of the letter given below, had watched “Zaid Hamid’s 10-minute appearance on Aljazeera English”, and then decided to put pressure on the CIA (as Zaid Hamid boasted on his Facebook page that this appearance of his on Aljazeera “really blasted CIA and their dirty wars”).
---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 9 January 2013 19:19 Subject: FW: FW: [27889] Deans write to Obama about CIA... (virology.ws) To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com

After our program on Al-Jazeera, there is panic in US over CIA ’s role in vaccination programs. Alhamdolillah, our azaan has created a crisis for them.
**************************** It is a letter by deans of public health schools to Obama, in which they criticize the use of a vaccination campaign by the CIA in Pakistan to hunt Osama bin Laden. Deans write to Obama about CIA vaccine scheme in Pakistan - 8 January 2013 Deans of public health schools in the United States have sent the following letter to President Obama, in which they criticize the use of a vaccination campaign by the Central Intelligence Agency in Pakistan to hunt for Osama bin

Laden. I wonder if he will reply. January 6, 2013 Dear President Obama, In the first years of the Peace Corps, its director, Sargent Shriver, discovered that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was infiltrating his efforts and programs for covert purposes. Mr. Shriver forcefully expressed the unacceptability of this to the President. His action, and the repeated vigilance and actions of future directors, has preserved the Peace Corps as a vehicle of service for our country’s most idealistic citizens. It also protects our Peace Corps volunteers from unwarranted suspicion, and provides opportunities for the Peace Corps to operate in areas of great need that otherwise would be closed off to them. In September Save the Children was forced by the Government of Pakistan (GoP) to withdraw all foreign national staff. This action was apparently the result of CIA having used the cover of a fictional vaccination campaign to gather information about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. In fact, Save the Children never employed the Pakistani physician serving the CIA, yet in the eyes of the GoP he was associated with the organization. This past month, eight or more United Nations health workers who were vaccinating Pakistani children against polio were gunned down in unforgivable acts of terrorism. While political and security agendas may by necessity induce collateral damage, we as an open society set boundaries on these damages, and we believe this sham vaccination campaign exceeded those boundaries. As an example of the gravity of the situation, today we are on the verge of completely eradicating polio. With your leadership, the U.S. is the largest bilateral donor to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and has provided strong direction and technical assistance as well. Polio particularly threatens young children in the most disadvantaged communities and today has been isolated to just three countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. Now, because of these assassinations of vaccination workers, the UN has been forced to suspend polio eradication efforts in Pakistan. This is only one example, and illustrates why, as a general principle, public health programs should not be used as cover for covert operations. Independent of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, contaminating humanitarian and public health programs with covert activities threatens the present participants and future potential of much of what we undertake internationally to improve health and provide humanitarian assistance. As public health academic leaders, we hereby urge you to assure the public that this type of practice will not be repeated. International public health work builds peace and is one of the most constructive means by which our past, present, and future public health students can pursue a life of fulfillment and service. Please do not allow that outlet of common good to be closed to them because of political and/or security interests that ignore the type of unintended negative public health impacts we are witnessing in Pakistan. Sincerely, Pierre M. Buekens, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Dean, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine* James W. Curran, M.D., M.P.H. Dean, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University* John R. Finnegan Jr., Ph.D. Professor and Dean, University of Minnesota School of Public Health* Chair of the Board, Association of Schools of Public Health* Julio Frenk, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Dean and T&G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development Harvard School of Public Health* Linda P. Fried, M.D., M.P.H. Dean, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University*

Howard Frumkin, M.D., Dr.P.H. Dean, School of Public Health, University of Washington* Lynn R. Goldman, M.D., M.P.H. Professor and Dean, School of Public Health and Health Services, George Washington University* Jody Heymann, M.D., M.P.P., Ph.D. Dean, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health* Michael J. Klag, M.D., M.P.H. Dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health* Martin Philbert, Ph.D. Dean, School of Public Health, University of Michigan* Barbara K. Rimer, Dr.P.H. Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health* Stephen M. Shortell, Ph.D. Dean, School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley* *Institutional affiliation is provided for identification only. ______________________________

Similarly, Zaid Hamid asserts that it was because of his half-a-minute (30 seconds) meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad in 2012, that Iran changed its foreign policy (which was previously pro-India and anti-Pakistan). He also claims that Ahmadinejad’s comment about Iran’s stance on Kashmir, and Khamenei’s comment about Hindu Zionism, were also because of Zaid Hamid’s efforts. Zaid Hamid boasts that the daily outreach of his Facebook page is to 10 million people, that is, Zaid Hamid’s Facebook posts are read by 10 million people every day. Point to note is that this figure was given to him by his chief “Chaploos” who made this video: “The Mujahid nation waits for… The ONLY ONE who can save us now!” [http://vimeo.com/59716803] The maker of this video is a compulsive liar; he exaggerates everything like none other in my acquaintances, and only he can explain the formula he used to attain the “10 million people” figure. Zaid Hamid also claims that his Facebook page has a much bigger outreach then the leading mainstream TV channels of Pakistan, including the GEO News Network. Zaid Hamid says that when he posts something on his Facebook page that is related to his person (picture etc.), then that post gets around 400 shares (from out of 120,000 fans / members on Facebook), but if the post is related to Pakistan / ideology / Shaheeds then there are 1800 to 2000 shares. Zaid Hamid says that this means that there are only 400 “ideological” members on his page and the other members who are sharing only the posts about Pakistan / ideology / Shaheeds are ashamed to project Zaid Hamid and so are not “serious” members. For Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani who follows only him, and believes completely only in him, is a true “ideological” and “patriotic” Pakistani. Zaid Hamid often implies that if a

Pakistani is not following him, then it means that he is not a patriotic and sincere Pakistani and that he is not on the right path. [19] Zaid Hamid once said in his usual fiery and dramatic manner, “The lowest place in Jahannum (hell)
has been allocated for Altaf Hussain and now we are only waiting for the “Hukm” of Allah whether Allah will throw Altaf Hussain in Jahannum Himself, or will He do this through His men!” implying clearly that

Zaid Hamid would be the one who would send Altaf Hussain to the lowest pits of Hell. Zaid Hamid claimed that he said this against Altaf Hussain on TV / media, and then he went to Karachi for the Wake Up Karachi event, not being afraid of MQM, which is a TOTAL lie. Zaid Hamid said this about Altaf Hussain in the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in front of only 300 students, not on TV, and he had visited Karachi many months BEFORE giving this statement, not AFTER. This is just a small example of his lies and deceit. Allah made me witness to dozens of such other cases of the lies and deceit of Zaid Hamid, but as I was under his spell, and did not want to think bad of him, so I kept telling myself to ignore and move on. But gradually, especially over the past few months, when his lies, deceit and two-facedness went to alarming heights, I grew really doubtful of Zaid Hamid being a “Faqeer” and a man of God, as he claims himself to be.

[20] Zaid Hamid’s cowardice has been amply displayed on the matter of Salman Taseer’s death. He did
not accept the invitation of any TV channel where he was invited to talk about this matter wether in the studio or over the phone. Zaid Hamid says in his private gatherings that Salman Taseer was right to some extent, and that the 295-C blasphemy law is un-Islamic through many aspects, and is actually against the laws of the Shariah, but he is scared to say this on the mainstream media (because of his questionable background and well-established links with Yusuf Ali aka Yusuf Kazzab). Zaid Hamid has always kept his statements / opinion regarding such controversial matters vague and incomplete and has always tried to avoid any discussion / debate on such matters, clearly afraid of getting himself implicated in any way. In the same way, Zaid Hamid never speaks openly against Shias in front of the world, but when he is with his close friends/team members, he uses derogatory words for Shias which clearly show his hatred for them. Zaid Hamid says, “Shukar hai hamaray daftar mei koi Shia nahi (We are lucky that we do not have any Shia in our office staff)”. Point to note is that the family driver who has been working for Zaid Hamid for more than 15 years is a Shia. Zaid Hamid also never mentions or gives examples from the lives of “Ahl-e-Bayt” (AS), which is strange for any person who projects himself as an Islamic scholarly person, and even stranger if that person proudly calls himself a “HASSANI-HUSSAINI SYED”.

[21] Zaid Hamid often boasts that he is in a perpetual state-of-war (“Haalat-e-Jang”), and that he is on
duty for Pak Sarzameen 24/7. The only action of his that makes one believe that he is in a “perpetual state of war” is his Namaz (Salah), because he completes his 4 Rakaat of Namaz in less than 1 and a half minute; it is impossible to offer proper and complete Namaz in such a swift manner, especially the Rakoo (bowing) and Sajdah (prostrating). Zaid Hamid never forgets that he is in “Haalat-e-Jang” during Namaz (prayer) but when he is with some female guest, or someone who gives him donations, or an influential personality, then Zaid Hamid forgets about being in “Haalat-e-Jang” and spends hours and hours with that person, so much so that sometimes he has to be reminded that the time for offering Namaz is running out (especially for Asar and Maghrib prayers). He also conveniently forgets that he is in a state of war when he is spending time with his pets, or strolling about and gossiping with someone in his garden, or going on outings with his family, or playing games on the computer / iPad, or watching TV (including movies and dramas of Hum TV etc.). The first thing Zaid Hamid said to me when I met him for the first time on 23rd January 2013 (11 a.m. in the morning) in his office was, “We are so busy that we have not taken a day off in the last 6 to 7 years!” After working closely with Zaid Hamid for more than 4 years, I can safely say that nothing could have been further from the truth. Zaid Hamid likes to convey this false impression to his team / followers that he is ALWAYS busy in his “mission”, rarely getting enough time even to sleep or eat.

[22] I want to share an interesting example of how Zaid Hamid uses lies and exaggeration to boast
about what he has said or done, and to paint a grand picture of himself in front of his followers. This is what Zaid Hamid wrote in his Facebook posts and emails after he “stood and spoke” in front of the Chief Justice on 3rd January 2013:

___________________________ “We just came back from the hearing in the Supreme Court for our case against Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir. We saw an incredible scene today, almost unbelievable, surreal. The CJ and

two other judges of the Supreme Court were begging our lawyers to take the case back and not to pursue it against the media !!! Can you believe this?????
The Supreme Court of Pakistan is desperate to avoid hearing the case against the media. They did not throw it out because the evidence was too strong. They could not accept it because that would be destroyed the snakes in media. Then they just adjourned the matter for next date to be taken at a later stage -- meaning that the case wont be heard in near future. This is such a shame!!!

We stood and spoke in front of the CJ and demanded that our petition is admitted. He simply delayed for the next date.
We will continue our war against these snakes in media and will get them hanged after due course of law. That is a promise. They started this war against Pakistan. BY Allah, we will finish it for them now, InshAllah!!” ___________________________ “Read what happened in the SC today. Even the Jang is reporting that CJ is asking us to abandon this case and that we should not raise these issues !!!! We have gone to supreme court to demand that the Line between Journalism and Subversion must be defined. We have gone against 2 snakes -- Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir -- and have presented there writings and programs as evidence to prove that whatever these two snakes are doing is NOT journalism but Information war, Psy-ops and propaganda against the state and armed forces of Pakistan. This

is a national security petition filed by our team to expose and nail the traitors within media. But the CJ is extremely nervous and is NOT taking the case
despite multiple hearings. Today, he was angry as to why are we pushing for hearing this petition. read yourself and decide. If the CJ cannot decide the difference between journalism and Treason, then where should we go ?????? One day, we will put these media snakes on trial. That is a promise.” http://jang.com.pk/jang/jan2013-daily/03-01-2013/u131905.htm ___________________________

From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 3 January 2013 18:21 Subject: [27717] caught in the act -- CJ is angry as to why we are pushing this petition !!!!! To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com

Read the last lines of CJ statement. He was seriously frustrated and in panic that why are we bringing these issues now against media.
http://www.geo.tv/GeoDetail.aspx?ID=82281 ___________________________
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 5 January 2013 01:10 Subject: [27751] A detailed report on our petition -- EXpress reports Media case petition To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com

It is clear now that CJ was desperate that we take the petition back. He was clearly NOT in the mood to go against media. “Court wants to stop the petition that for God sake save the institutions” !! Court begging us J))
He (CJ) surely has one eye to see.. http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1101714635&Issue=NP_LHE&D ate=20130104 ___________________________

The above statements of Zaid Hamid must be awarded the “Biggest Lie and Exaggeration of the Year” award.
First of all, this case is NOT Zaid Hamid’s case; Zaid Hamid and his team did not file this case, but another petitioner Sardar Ghazi sb is the one who filed this case in 2011. Raja Irshad sb and Sardar Ghazi sb are NOT the lawyers of Zaid Hamid as far as this army / ISI case is concerned. The army did NOT

ask Zaid Hamid to get involved in this case, and Zaid Hamid did NOT take permission from the army to get himself involved in this case. It is because of Zaid Hamid’s nose-poking in this
army / ISI case that it has got further delayed. Both the respectable lawyers were fully capable of carrying on this case by themselves. The case that Zaid Hamid himself had filed against media / SAFMA in the Supreme Court was NOT accepted and did NOT have even one hearing. On 3rd January, Zaid Hamid went to the Supreme Court with four of his close team members (including me), so I will tell you exactly what happened that day. Around 11:30 am, the army / ISI lawyer Raja Irshad sb got up from his bench and stood in front of the Chief Justice, and immediately after that Zaid Hamid also

got up and went to where Raja Irshad sb was standing, and stood right next to him. After a few seconds the Chief Justice looked up at Raja Irshad sb and greeted him and Raja Irshad sb responded to him. Then the Chief Justice looked at Zaid Hamid in a questioning manner and asked him why he was standing there.

Zaid Hamid did not respond for a few seconds and then said in a frail and puny voice: “I am here for the 1/10 impleadment in this case”. The Chief Justice looked at Zaid Hamid again and gestured to him with his left hand to go back to his seat, and also told him so in a firm and dry tone.
Zaid Hamid looked at Raja Irshad sb and then looked again at the Chief Justice who, after having dismissed Zaid Hamid, had already become busy in looking at the case files of Raja Irshad sb. Zaid Hamid stood there for about 10 seconds, took a step back, turned around and came back to the benches where he was initially seated. Two famous journalists, who were seated on the benches next to Zaid Hamid, had to visibly control their laughter after witnessing this comical and humiliating snub that Zaid Hamid had received from the Chief Justice. May be that is why Zaid Hamid started using derogatory

words like “Bhainga” (having a squint in the eyes) for the Chief Justice after that day. Astaghfirullah. In short, Zaid Hamid has lied through his teeth in claiming to have stood and spoken in front of the CJ, “demanding” that “his” petition be admitted. He spoke only one short sentence “I am here for the 1/10 impleadment in this case” and was not given a chance to speak any further or to even get up from his seat again. When Zaid Hamid wrote the blatant lies in his Facebook posts and emails, he forgot in his anger and humiliation that each and every proceeding of the Supreme Court is recorded (both video and audio) and the transcripts of all court hearings are available upon request. The Chief Justice was in NO way “extremely nervous” or “in panic”, nor did he “beg” Zaid Hamid or the lawyers about anything. On the contrary, he was getting genuinely angry during the court proceedings. As far as the other two Supreme Court judges are concerned, one of them did not say more than one or two brief sentences, and the other one spoke only a few sentences in an authoritative way, and he was definitely not “begging”.

[23] The greatest myth that has been deliberately created by Zaid Hamid is about the “Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution” passed on 23th March 2010.
This is how Zaid Hamid described the event on his Facebook page on 22nd March 2013:
“The entire

state, Police, media, judiciary and the Fasadi Mullahs ganged together to block this azaan -- which was the second Lahore resolution after March 23rd 1940 !! It was an extreme moment of passion and emotions. We were all under threat of attacks, arrests and even grieve bodily harm but still the youth held their ground and we
achieved what the enemies thought would be impossible. The romance, passions and sence of glory of the moment is nostalgic and inshAllah, will now decide the future of this millat, alhamdolillah !! Here we share that moment with you once again as March 23rd arrive once again -- 73 anniversary of Pakistan resolution, 3rd anniversary of Takmeel e Pakkstan resolution !! The destiny is now defined !!”
Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution- 23 March 2010 http://vimeo.com/62406447

___________________________________ And this is what he writes about the event in the “About” section of his Facebook page [http://www.facebook.com/syedzaidzamanhamid/info]

“Ironically, as this spiritual and patriotic reawakening gained momentum, the enigmatic Zaid Hamid began to be viewed as a threat and a clear and present danger by the complacent, the confused and the cowardly, on the state as well as individual levels. A massive smear campaign was initiated against him, maligning the man, his faith and his mission. However, undaunted by this onslaught of immoral and unlawful allegations, Mr. Hamid persevered in his objectives, and triumphantly proved the strength of his faith and commitment on the historic day of March 23rd, 2010, by passing the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution. This was an event that marked a different kind of history and defeated all defeatist ideologies that stood in the path of truth and faith. Success and fulfillment of purpose on such a large scale is bound to breed controversies, but Mr. Hamid continued through this odyssey in a steadfast but humble manner. He is being continually invited as the chief speaker by various prestigious clubs, colleges and universities to speak on strategic, security and economic issues as well as for lectures on the revival of khudi and to present the true essence of Iqbal's message to the present and the future generations of Pakistan.”

Now I would like to tell all of you what REALLY happened that day on 23rd March 2010,
mainly from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. I have never told all this to anyone in the team or otherwise because I did not want anyone to make fun of Zaid Hamid and his “mission” (as I then believed the mission to be true and genuine). I will try to make it as brief and to-the-point as possible: 1) On the night before 23rd March 2010, 10 of the senior most team members of BrassTacks including Zaid Hamid had a meeting in the house of a team member (former) in Lahore and there, a serious dispute arose among them. 7 of the members were of the opinion that the event should be postponed to a later date because there were unconfirmed reports / rumours that “Lashkar-e-Jhangvi” and “Sipah Sahaba Pakistan” would attack the event. At the end of the 3 to 4-hour meeting it was obvious that the 7 members had decided to part ways with Zaid Hamid, but they did not tell him officially. 5 of them did not even bother to come to the “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” event the next day, and did not give any explanation for their absence. Zaid Hamid in his usual way of speaking with passion told everyone in the meeting, “You can all leave me! I don’t care! Even if I have to stand there alone and do this event I will do it! If I don’t do it tomorrow then Allah will finish this mission and insult will be my destiny.” 2) Around 9:30 am on 23rd March 2010, Zaid Hamid, a couple of his friends and I arrived at the venue. Zaid Hamid told me that I would be the overall in-charge for total security of the venue, and also told me that I should stand at the main outer entrance. 20 Mujahideen from Lashkar-e-Tayyabah Karachi Division had also arrived for the security of the event (these Mujahideen had been asked to come to this event by the brother of one of our team members who had a big part in writing the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution). In addition, we had about 30 of the BrassTacks volunteers in the security team. And of course, Zaid Hamid had his loaded pistol with him all the time, along with an extra loaded magazine. From 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Zaid Hamid and I (along with a few dozen of his BrassTacks volunteers) remained in the lawns outside the venue. 3) Around noon, we noticed that 4 students of a local madrassa were distributing pamphlets / booklets titled “Rahbar kay roop mey Rahzan” by Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri of “Khatam-e-Nabuwwat Tehreek” (who had been murdered just a few days ago). The pamphlets contained material against Zaid Hamid regarding the Yusuf Ali matter. I went to consult with Zaid Hamid about what to do in case the number of those madrassa students increased and if they became violent. Zaid Hamid told me that the BrassTacks volunteers and the Mujahideen should not get physical with the madrassa students and should only try to scare them by adopting an aggressive body language and being very active in the security duties / movements. Zaid Hamid then spoke to somebody on the phone and after a few minutes told me that somebody would take care of the 4 madrassa students very soon. After about half an hour, a serving Colonel of the Intelligence Agency (who was a personal friend of Zaid Hamid) reached the venue along with his wife and daughters in a white land cruiser. He asked for me at the main gate and one of the volunteers brought him to me. The Colonel told me that it was his day off and he had come on the special request of Zaid Hamid to ensure there was no security problem at the venue. Half an hour after this a police mobile van came and took away those 4 madrassa students. The Colonel must have informed the DSP of that area, because soon after the mobile van took away the students, about 50 policemen (armed with automatic weapons) arrived at the main gate of the venue, where I was standing. After a few minutes the DSP also arrived and started talking to me about security arrangements that we had made for the venue. The DSP ordered the policemen to ask me before letting anyone enter the main gate. Only the person whom I cleared was allowed to enter. There was no issue of security or any security threat, and the policemen were even enjoying themselves with refreshments etc. (which were provided by a famous

businessman of Lahore, who was also under the spell of Zaid Hamid at that time and had given donations of more than a million rupees to Zaid Hamid). Things were so relaxed that I left my security duty at the main gate, and the businessman and I distributed samosas / snacks / juices / cold drinks to hundreds of volunteers and policemen, for the next 45 minutes. The overall mood was very jovial and there was not even an ounce of tension in the air. Throughout the event and all the hours before that I was in constant touch with Zaid Hamid directly or through someone who was present with him inside the venue. Zaid Hamid knew very well that the police were there to PROTECT him, not to ARREST him, and that the Colonel of the Intelligence Agency was in close communication with the DSP and with me. 4) Around 3:00 pm we noticed about 30 madrassa students walking towards the main gate. They stopped 20 meters away from the policemen and me (we were at the outer main gate on the main road). These madrassa students were about 400 meters away from the place where Zaid Hamid and other BrassTacks members were, and Zaid Hamid was inside the venue, completely out of view. The madrassa students were of course not carrying any weapons and they posed NO threat or danger to Zaid Hamid or anyone else, especially because of the presence of the armed policemen; all they did was some “Nara bazi” (shouting slogans). So therefore, Zaid Hamid’s statement that “We were all under threat of attacks, arrests and even grieve bodily harm” is such great lie that it is seems like a joke and makes me laugh uncontrollably. As I have mentioned earlier, Zaid Hamid was very well aware of the situation at the main gate and the surrounding area. Zaid Hamid deliberately wanted to give the impression that he was in danger and had received threats etc. as is clear from his words in the video (link given above in the Facebook post, if you have not watched it, do so now to understand better). He blatantly lied in the beginning (first few seconds of the video) that the police wanted to stop the event and had given the condition that if Zaid Hamid left the event could continue. It was Zaid Hamid’s objective to portray to the world that he had become the target of a major “smear campaign”, and that all the forces of evil were trying to stop him, because he was on “Haq” (the right). Zaid Hamid also gave this false impression in his speech that the audience gathered over there had come from all over the world by saying, “Aap log poori dunya sey aye ho. (You people have come from all over the world)”, whereas in reality only 2 to 3 team members had come from Dubai and one person (who was not even a BrassTacks team member) had come from Australia or Europe. 5) Zaid Hamid and many senior members of the team were expecting that thousands of people would attend this “historic” event which was the “Second Lahore Resolution after March 23rd 1940 ” (according to Zaid Hamid). My apologies (for repeating these words of Zaid Hamid) to Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan and the thousands of people who were gathered at the real and the actual Lahore Resolution in 1940, who had made huge sacrifices and were working to achieve Pakistan without any ulterior motive or personal gain / benefit. None of them were seekers of fame and fortune. My apologies also to the millions of Muslims who sacrificed all they had along with their lives for the sake of Pakistan (from 1940 till 2013), especially those 5 million Muslims who were butchered during the migration in 1947. Allah broke the “Takabbur” of Zaid Hamid by sending only 250 to 300 people to the event. But again Zaid Hamid twisted this fact to his own benefit, by saying that these were the “313 Mujahideen of Badar”. Astaghfirullah. May I ask Zaid Hamid to please tell me where those 313 of Badar are today? Or at least tell me where are the 8 to 10 people who are standing on his right and left on the stage during his “speech”. More than 80% of Zaid Hamid’s “313 of Badar” (including the ones who are the foremost in doing “Nara bazi”, shouting out Naaras of Allah-o-Akbar etc.) left Zaid Hamid soon after the “Takmeel-ePakistan” event. I do not blame them, because if they were anything like the 313 of Badar, then obviously

it would have been impossible for them to bear the cowardice and lies of Zaid Hamid displayed during and after that event. 6) Only about a dozen senior members of BrassTacks know that the original idea of holding the event on 23rd March 2010 was the idea of Danish Qayyum of PKKH (http://www.pakistankakhudahafiz.com/) and all the senior members including Zaid Hamid had decided that Danish Qayyum would be the one who would read out the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution. Danish had also played a major role in writing the resolution. But as you can see in the video (at 1:30), Zaid Hamid quickly grabbed the “Takmeel Resolution” papers from Danish’s hands and kept on standing at the dice, instead of making room for Danish Qayyum and allowing him to read out the resolution according to the original plan / understanding. Danish Qayyum is the guy in glasses, wearing a black T-shirt and a P-cap. A few seconds after Zaid Hamid grabs the Resolution from Danish, Danish once again involuntarily moved towards the dice, innocently and naturally thinking that this time Zaid Hamid would move from his place and let Danish do what he was supposed to do. Little did Danish know about the fear that was eating Zaid Hamid up, making him hurry like a crazed person through the speech (which was of less than 3 minutes). Zaid Hamid could not have been able to bear the normal human-like pace / speed of reading if Danish Qayyum had read the Resolution. Everyone can listen to the words coming out so fast of Zaid Hamid’s mouth that majority of the audience could not comprehend fully what was being said, and everyone can see how panicked, agitated and scared Zaid Hamid is. Another main reason for not letting Danish read the Resolution was of course that Zaid Hamid needed to jump-start his fake “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” mission through that event and through reading out the Resolution himself. How could Zaid Hamid allow or bear that anyone else read the Resolution when the “Iqbal-e-Sani” and “Mard-e-Qalander” of Pakistan was available for the job? The incredulity and disappointment is visible on Danish’s face from 1:30 minutes onwards till the end, standing there just like the other 2 men standing with him on the right hand side of Zaid Hamid. Those 2 men who were not affiliated with BrassTacks in any way in the first place, and were fooled into believing that standing on the stage with Zaid Hamid would give them more respect, as they were presidents of some student unions of Lahore and Rawalpindi. Understandably, Danish Qayyum separated his ways from Zaid Hamid just a few days after the event. 7) Around 4:30 pm I received a call from Zaid Hamid on my cell phone. He told me that the event was over and that he had already left the premises from the other gate, because there were rumours that a police party had been despatched to arrest him. Zaid Hamid had escaped / ran away in a hurry with a friend of his (we will call him ‘Z’). The reasons for choosing this particular friend to run away with were: Z had a brand new Toyota Surf 4x4, Z also had a 9mm loaded pistol with an extra magazine, Z was a celebrity and had contacts with the high and mighty of Lahore. Zaid Hamid was so scared of the imaginary “police party despatched to arrest him”, and was in such a hurry to leave the premises, that he forgot to take with him his two young daughters and a son. Point to note, Zaid Hamid had called his three children early in the morning that day to leave Rawalpindi and head for Lahore without the permission of their mother (with whom they were living at that time). Zaid Hamid told his children to come because he said that if his children were not present at the event, then people would say that Zaid Hamid was like other typical Jihadi “Molvis” who put children of other people in danger, but kept their own children safe in their houses. I was surprised to know that Zaid Hamid had left his children alone (without their father or mother) at the venue, and had himself ran off like a coward. Zaid Hamid told me over the cell phone (when he was safely in the Toyota Surf away from the venue), that he did not know the exact location of his children, and assigned to me the responsibility of finding his children and then taking them to a friend’s house in Lahore Cantt. As soon as Zaid Hamid left the premises, he started lying to people that “hundreds” of angry

“Molvis” had come on both the gates of the venue to disrupt the event, even though he had been informed directly by me and by others that there were only about 30 young madrassa students who posed no threat or danger whatsoever. And why on earth would the police be despatched for arresting Zaid Hamid, when around 50 armed policemen (along with their DSP) were standing beside me at the main gate and were there to protect everyone including Zaid Hamid. I fail to understand to this day as to why Zaid Hamid did not call his security in-charge (me) on hearing rumours that he was going to be arrested. I was the one standing outside and had first-hand knowledge of what was going on, especially as I was in constant coordination with the DSP and the Colonel of the Intelligence Agency. Ironically, Zaid Hamid likes to make fun of Asfandyar Wali who, according to Zaid Hamid, had to escape an assassination attempt by flying away in a helicopter, forgetting for a few seconds in his fear that he had to wait for his women to get into the helicopter before the helicopter could fly away.
Here I would like the reader to read again these words of Zaid Hamid about the “historic, romantic event of Takmeele-Pakistan Resolution”, which were written by Zaid Hamid on his Facebook page on 22nd March 2013:

“The entire state, Police, media, judiciary and the Fasadi Mullahs ganged together to block this azaan -- which was the second Lahore resolution after March 23rd 1940 !! It was an extreme

moment of passion and emotions. We were all under threat of attacks, arrests and even grieve bodily harm but still the youth held their ground and we achieved what the enemies thought
would be impossible. The romance, passions and sence of glory of the moment is nostalgic and inshAllah, will now decide the future of this millat, alhamdolillah !!” _______________________________________________________________________________

Section G
[1] I left Zaid Hamid on 17th March 2013 but remained busy in phone calls and visits etc. for a week or so,
and could not get time to start writing all this. Then I started making time for writing this email little by little every day, and tried finishing it as soon as possible to deliver myself of the duty that Allah had put upon my shoulders. After finalizing and sending this email I will get time to properly think and do something about what to do next in my life and how to earn my living, InshaAllah. I could have kept on writing for a few more days (as there are still several things that I have not mentioned in this email), but then I thought that if Allah wants to lift the veil from someone’s eyes and show someone the

real face of Zaid Hamid through my words, then Allah will make this email enough for it, InshaAllah. [2] After I left Zaid Hamid, his real low, contemptible and cowardly character was made even more
evident to me, Alhamdolillah, and it gave even more peace and tranquillity to my heart that leaving him was one of the best decisions that I have ever made by the will of Allah. Zaid Hamid resorted to cheap means in his fear and panic. For example, Zaid Hamid made a fraudulent call to the Ufone centre impersonating me (Emaad) from his previous Ufone number which was registered in my name, and got

my wife’s Ufone simm blocked (as it was also registered on my name). I had to visit the Ufone office to get the simm unblocked.

[3] Zaid Hamid was in a hurry to convey the false message to the world that I had left him for PERSONAL reasons. Of course his reason for lying to the world was very evident to me: he was
afraid of letting the world know of the REAL and ACTUAL reasons of my leaving him. Zaid Hamid sent this text message (on the afternoon of 18th March 2013) to his friends / contacts in the armed forces: “Brasstacks team member and my staff oficer Imaad Khalid has resignd frm BT due to personal reasons. Pl direct all ur calls to me directly now. Jazak Allah. ZH” And he sent this text message the same day to BrassTacks team members: “Brasstacks team member and our friend Imaad Khalid has resignd frm BT due to personal reasons. Our dua is with him always. Jazak Allah. ZH”

[4] Zaid Hamid was visibly shaken and scared when I met him one day after I had left him. He had called me for a private meeting at his house. He tried to convince me to change my decision of leaving him, but then when he saw that I was resolute in my decision, he requested me to tell the world that I had left him for “personal” reasons, and to keep all the matter “hush hush”. He said that there was “no need” to mention Rizwan’s name or whatever I knew about Rizwan. [5] On 17th March, I had informed Zaid Hamid about my decision of leaving him via email, and had also
copied that email to some important people (mainly the BrassTacks team members). Therefore I was receiving calls from close team members, and I openly spoke to them about the REAL reasons behind my leaving Zaid Hamid. When Zaid Hamid learnt about this, he tried to frighten me into silence by asking a Major of the MI to call me at 3:00 am on 18th March 2013. The Major told me clearly that I should remain quiet and keep things very low-profile, and that I should go and meet Zaid Hamid and discuss the matter with him. Of course I gave a peace of my mind to the Major, instead of feeling threatened in any way, Alhamdolillah, and told him in clear words that as usual Zaid Hamid was using him for resolving his own personal matters, and that if he wanted to become a Colonel, then he should keep far away from Zaid Hamid. I also told him never to convey any sort of message from Zaid Hamid to me again. The Major understood me loud and clear. A few days ago, on 2nd April 2013, Zaid Hamid sent a similar message to me through an SSG Commando, whose tone was very polite to me over the phone. He requested me numerous times in that phone call to go and meet “Shahji” (Zaid Hamid), to again become a part of Zaid Hamid’s “mission”, or to come to some sort of an understanding with Zaid Hamid. I told him not to convey any message of Zaid Hamid to me again; he has called me about a dozen times after that, but I did not receive his call again. Even today he has called me twice. Some of the BrassTacks senior team members (who are very close to Zaid Hamid) also requested me to re-join Zaid Hamid.

[6] Zaid Hamid lied to the BrassTacks office staff, giving them the impression that I had demanded from
Zaid Hamid to kick out four people from BrassTacks and to admonish and insult team members in front of others, and that only then I would stay with Zaid Hamid. He has also given the false impression to the team that I have left because of “anger”, “jealousy”, “takabbur”, “a new job”, “hastiness” etc. All this is nothing

but a cleverly planned-out and well thought-out propaganda by Zaid Hamid, who is forgetting once again that it is Allah who is the “Khair-ul-Makireen” (the Best of the Planners).

[7] While talking to the office staff about me, Zaid Hamid also compared me to the Khawarij who had left
Hazrat Usman (RA) only because Hazrat Usman (RA) had not listened to some of their demands regarding the appointments etc. of some individuals, and of course in this comparison / simile, Zaid Hamid has equated himself to Hazrat Usman (RA).

[8] Zaid Hamid’s “Takabbur” was once again made visible when he said to the office staff, “Mujhe to yeh
fikar hai keh Emaad khaaye ga kahan sey? [I am worried about Emaad as to how he will survive now (from where will he eat)?]” In his arrogance, he forgot that it is Allah Who feeds him and Who feeds me. Allah is the “Raaziq” and the “Malik”, not Zaid Hamid.

[9] Now, after seeing the real face of Zaid Hamid, I understand why he always used to protect the liars, the
hypocrites and the corrupt, and used to dislike it when I informed him of such matters. Zaid Hamid loved to criticize me without reason, even when the fault was not mine but clearly of someone else’s, with the excuse that he had to be extraordinarily strict with me as I was the closest to him. Moreover, he tried giving the impression to close team members that I was harsh and unforgiving, especially towards them.

[10] This is what Zaid Hamid had to say about his Staff Officer who had served him to the best of his
strength and ability for more than 4 years. Zaid Hamid sent this text message to some close team members about four days after I left him: “Iblees was closest to Allah once. He enjoyd the perks, status, power and unique attention. Then Allah created Adam (as) and askd Iblees to surrender his status to Man. Iblees got jealous, showd arrogance and became besharam and refusd to obey Allah (swt). When Allah was in jalal, iblees startd to make stupid and lame excuses like he is made frm clay, i am made frm fire ! When Allah punishd his jealousy and askd him to leave, instead of accepting his own arrogance and beyadabi, he held Adam responsible & promisd to destroy which Allah had creatd with such love! Iblees was arrogant to Allah but instead became enemy to man in his jealousy. This sometime happens with people also whom we keep close to us and give status but then they become arrogant and become revengful and try to destroy what Allah has creatd with such love !”

Zaid Hamid also sent this email to BTCore and BTVolunteer emailing groups:
From: Zaid Hamid <syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com> Date: 22 March 2013 00:55 Subject: [BT-Volunteer:37080] That is why elders always seek dua for Husn e Khatima To: btcore@googlegroups.com Cc: btvolunteer@googlegroups.com

Iblees was closest to Allah once. He enjoyed the perks, power, status and unique attention. Then Allah created Adam (as) and asked Iblees to surrender his status to man. Iblees got jealous, showed arrogance and became besharam and refused to obey Allah (swt). When Allah was in Jalal, Ibless started to make stupid and lame excuses for his arrogance that Adam is made from clay and Iblees is made from fire. When Allah punished his disobedience and beyadabi, and asked him to leave, then instead of accepting his own rebellion and beyadabi, Ibless became the enemy of man. Then Iblees promised to destroy Adam which Allah had created with such love. Iblees was arrogant to Allah

but instead became enemy to man in his jealousy.

This sometimes happens with people also in dunya. There are some whom we kept very close, gave status, respect and izzat. But then they become Gustakh and arrogant. When asked to behave, they become revengeful and try to destroy what Allah has created with such love. They can never harm the sacred mission but have destroyed their own dunya and akhira. That is why elders always seek dua for Husn e Khatima !! A moment of Gustakhi can destroy the entire dunya and akhira !!! Ask Iblees. He knows it too well.

In the above text message and email, Zaid Hamid has obviously compared himself to Allah and me to Iblees, and has lied blatantly and without any fear of Allah.

Allah Himself will answer Zaid Hamid about this InshaAllah. [11] In the end I want to make one request to the readers that they pray to Allah that He shows them
things and people for what they REALLY are, not for what they SEEM to be.

[12] In this email I have tried to convey to all of you what Allah had shown me, so that Allah does not
hold me responsible on the Day of Judgment for saving my own skin but not thinking about saving the thousands of people who are being fooled by this imposter Zaid Hamid.

[13] I make Allah and Rasulullah (saww) my witness that I had joined Zaid Hamid for the sake of Allah
and Rasulullah (saww) and have left him also for the sake of Allah and Rasulullah (saww), and that I have written this email only to fulfil my duty and for removing the burden that was upon me, especially because of the fact that thousands of people were brought close to Zaid Hamid and his “mission” due to my direct or indirect efforts, actions and words. I strongly believe that Allah brought me close to

Zaid Hamid and his “mission” four years ago only because He wanted to take this duty from me, the duty of exposing this great “Fitnah”. My wife stands by me and by every word that I have written, Alhamdolillah.

Emaad Khalid
+92-3215001370 emaad.khalid@gmail.com emaadkhalid@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/emaad.khalid
[I have not started any new job / business yet and have also not changed my residence, which is at walking distance from the BrassTacks office.]

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