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Marissa Meets the Omega a BDB Unbound SL (1)

Marissa Meets the Omega a BDB Unbound SL (1)

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Published by: Ehlena Ghardian on Apr 15, 2013
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Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Marissa Meets The Omega

*This story in no shape or form is affiliated with J.R. Ward in anyway. We’re just fans paying homage to her work.*
BDB Unbound © Rated NC17/18+ only Adult Content/Language


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Pit ~BDB Unbound Where Butch gets a feeling that something is just wrong

Butch *Sitting in the Pit on the couch, looking at the television but not actually taking in what is on the screen, knowing that things are tense between Vishous and Jane at the moment. I start to think about Rissa and how things were between us not so long ago, I shake my head and hope she is home soon, we have not had much time for us lately, she is at the Safe Place a lot lately and me being caught up with other things, it has been no us time, just wanting to hold her. I close my eyes a little and sink into the couch and just think about what we have been through and how I thought I would never get her, be with her* *Sitting here and thinking about Marissa, suddenly getting the horrible feeling she is scared, but shaking it off as I know she is at the Safe Place and she is perfectly safe there, but still can't shake


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
this feeling. Grabbing my phone and firing out a text to her, just to give myself peace of mind that she is okay* ~Txt~ Tahlly, are you okay, getting a horrible feeling something is wrong, please let me now ASAP ~Etxt~ *Hitting the send button, waiting for her to reply, I start to flick through the channels to distract myself, tapping my foot off the floor and starting to get impatient, hearing my phone go off. I quickly pick it up and open it, cursing at the phone as it is one of Rhage's random texts, sending him a curt reply, I look at the phone, willing Rissa to reply*

~Twenty minutes later~
*Still no reply from Rissa, I get up off the couch and start to pace the floor* Rissa, why haven't you replied *Opening the phone, I call her number and wait for her to answer. It goes through to her voicemail; I curse and go to the throw the phone across the room, but think twice about it. Looking at the phone, and once try ringing her, getting the voicemail again, I shout out* Answer your fucking phone Rissa, now!! *Looking outside and then seeing the Escalade parked out front, I grab the keys and decide I am going over to see why she isn't answering, not caring if she is busy, I cannot shake this feeling* *Walking towards the door, my phone goes off, I don't even look at it as I answer it* Tahlly *Hearing a laugh on the other end "Nice of you to call me that sweet-cheeks!" I growl into the phone* Fuck off asshat, no time for this shit *Hearing Rhage shuffling about on the other end of the phone "What is going on?" I rub the top of my eyes, so don't need this right now* Nothing bro, seriously *Hearing him snort "Liar! You think I don't know you" I snort back at him* Rhage, I will talk later, just going to do something, could be nothing but need to check it out *Suddenly knowing he is heading for the doors "You need back up?" I smile as little as him* Nah man, all good, will let you know if need you...*Stopping and thinking a little* Thanks bro *Knowing he is smiling "Anytime, you know where I am, true?" I smile* Thanks man *Closing the phone and putting it in my pocket, running across the courtyard to the Escalade*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
~Outside of Safe Place, happening at the same time
Marissa *As I step outside, I take a deep breath of cold, clean Caldwell air. Taking the steps quickly, I start off at a quick pace. My breath catching and starting to hitch, I turn to look at the house. The lights are on in half the house, the other half is like a ghost, or a specter; draped in a tarp, the skeletal underneath barely visible and the tarp blowing in the breeze* What the SV am I doing? *Walking backwards staring at the house and the expansion, the Wellesandra Wing, letting out a cry* What if I mess it up? What was Wrathh thinking of when he told me to do this? And Butch agreeing? *Wiping the tears from my face* He even pushed me to it. I can even hear him, his gravelly voice, with that Southie accent* “You can do it Marissa, I have faith in you. And if you ever need me, I am right here for you!” *Remembering that, I sigh, quickly reaching into my coat pocket for my phone* I will call Butch, he will meet me here and together we can work on this... *looking back at the house* project that I bit off more than I can chew. OH Damn *Reaching into my other pockets and coming up empty, I start to panic. My breath starts to hitch again as full blown panic sets in. Taking off in a run, I head toward the woods, gathering my coat closer around my neck as I feel an intense cold. Feeling alone, I hid myself behind a weeping willow. Breathing heavy, I rest my head against the tree and start to count my breaths* One... two... three... *a deep voice says* "Female..."

Butch *As I climb in the Escalade and shut the door, my phone goes off again, this time I check the ID on it, shaking my head and letting out a breath, I open it and answer it* Vishous! *Hearing him breath out "What is cracking my man?" I curse Rhage under my breath* Nothing V, seriously, just need to check something out, be right back okay *Hearing him curse* V, I am good, feel me? *He growls down the phone "Last time you were checking something out, you were taken" I laugh at him a little* I don't think that is going to happen again, do you? *Hearing him growl at me again "Where are you?" I roll my eyes* V, calm the fuck down, I will be back soon, just checking something *Putting the phone down on him, knowing he will be pissed at me when get back but I don't care right now, hearing my phone ringing, looking at the ID and see it is V again, I ignore it* *Turning over the engine and taking off down the driveway, I grab my phone and redial Rissa again and still get no answer, forgetting I am in the car and nearly swerve off the dirt track as I lose my temper* For fucks sake Rissa, answer your fucking phone *Then feeling my chest tighten as I get this eerie feeling that she is scared, I put my foot down and pull up outside the Safe Place about five minutes later*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
~Outside the Safe Place~
*Getting out and catching her scent, out here* What the fuck! *Turning around fast on the spot* What the hell is going on.... *Shouting her name but not loud enough to scare any of the residents inside* Marissa?? .... Tahlly, are you out here?~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Safe Place ~BDB Unbound Where Marissa Meets The Omega

Marissa *Tapping my pencil on the table, trying to concentrate on the numbers that are on the page, and I can't. Tossing the pencil on the desk and watching it role across the top and fall on the floor with a faint sound* Fudge!! *rubbing my eyes, then rubbing my moist hands over my thighs, trying to dry them on my slacks, I sigh* I cannot do this today. My mind is just not on this. *grabbing my coat off the peg, I head out the office door at a fast pace, like the hounds of hell are on my heels, not just insecurities and self-doubt* Mhargret *I call out to the doggen* I am going outside for air *SV I need air, I think. A lot of air*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Omega *Misting in, alas, I care not for the barriers the 'Brothers' put up to keep their lives hidden. I am the Omega, the first and the Last... simple things shall not keep things hidden. Stroking my chin beneath my hood, a Female emerges from the doors, huddled in her coat. Brian O'Neal's Female... slightly amused as I watch her, still cloaked in my manner, I don't want to alarm her as of yet. No. Death comes to those best when they're surprised*

Marissa *Holding my coat a bit closer when I feel a chill, but walking as fast as I can, my mind racing and jumping from thing to thing, like a dragonfly, hovering and setting down for a second then flying to the next place* I just cannot do this! *turning and looking back at the house* The construction ongoing and the addition looking like a skeleton, no walls, just the bones of it holding it up. *shivering again* This is too much responsibility. Why did I take this on? What was I thinking, I have never done anything like this before *walking faster to get away* I never see Butch and when I do, I am too tired to spend any time with him, I don't want to bother him with my silly troubles, he has all that Brotherhood stuff to keep him occupied. *Seeing a large weeping willow, small buds just starting on the wisps of the limbs, I duck under them and place my back against the trunk of the tree, like I was hiding from Safe Place and all it really means*

Omega *Darkness surrounds her. Alas, Darkness will become her. Taking shape near her, my eyes taking in the sight of her too-blonde hair. Her scent... depressing. Why a Male takes a Female... alas, I have naught an idea* Female... *She jumps, her posture erect as she stares at me, horror in her eyes* Alas, we finally meet.

Marissa *My back stiffens at the sound of a male voice, turning and seeing the Omega! My eyes go wide, my hand moves up to my throat as I suck in a surprised breath, trying to back up into the tree, like it can hide me* You..u..u...!?! Ho...ho...how did you..u g..g..get here? *I shudder, taking in another breath* Wha… wha… what do you wa... wa…want?

Omega *Rolls eyes, her questions are annoying, even more so the sound of her rapid breathing is amusing. Reaching out, inches away from her face, lingering... until I drop my robe covered hand, grinning malevolently* Your questions are not to be answered. No. What's more important is, that I am here. You are here. Alas, this 'tis the way it was meant to play out... *Reaching up and pulling back my hood, showing her my features* Are you ready to meet your fate?


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Marissa *Hitching in a breath, scared half, nay fully to death. Leaning back as you go to reach to touch my face, I feel a small about of relief until you remove your hood. Sucking in a breath, I am speechless at the Beauty that I see. Shaking my head slowly, in pure disbelief, I clutch my throat and step back as far as the tree will allow, the bark digging into my back* Nooo, it can't be... You... you...*a bit breathless* You look like my Butch

Omega *Narrowing mine eyes, the coarse name he calls himself horror upon my ears. To me, he shall always remain Brian O'Neal, named after a 'Father' who cared naught for him. Until I gave him life. Born again from mine digit on my hand, he was my hope. Now he's my doom. Unless... reaching out again, touching her face, the softness of her skin makes my own skin crawl. Females... so utterly disgusting. Leaning in, sniffing the ocean breeze wafting from her skin, the acrid scent of fear spikes* Alas, I do. *Tipping her chin up, her blue eyes full of horror....* Did you naught think mine Son would share the same features as I do?

Marissa *Never believing that Butch is like the Omega, never wanting to believe that he is capable of the evil that is the Omega, I firmly shake my head* He is not...thing likkke you! *trying to sound firm, but looking from side to side, hoping for some confirmation that I am right, an only seeing a dense fog around us and a feeling of impending doom that permeates the air and makes me second guess everything that I thought or believed in the past* He… he tells me I am his liiight, that nothing will hap..pppen to him while I am ahhh round

Omega Does he not sense my presence? Does he not know when something of MINE is near? *Titling my head to the side as I lean closer, stilling her shaking head with my own translucent thumb* He is part of me, is he not? He came from me. He'll always be a part of me. *Leaning in even more, cloaking her in the manor I cloak mine own self... I want our little conversation hidden from the world* So pretty... *Gritting my teeth at the word, she is ugly in mine eyes. All Females are ugly. One use. Creation. Then they shall be slaughtered before mine Feet* I see *NOT* why Brian has fallen for such a graceful Female as yourself. Marissa *I try to turn my head, to look away, not to listen to what he is saying and he stops me with a finger, I shiver at his touch. Hearing the words and knowing that he speaks the truth, I remember all the times after he comes home from fighting the Lessers~BDB Unbound... the evil that is in the air around him, that leeches out his pores. I stare into the same eyes that I stare into every night and every night, I start to believe what he is saying.* Bu..bu…but the way he touches


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
me? That at least is real, right? If he can touch me with such tenderness, he can't be all evil *Biting my lower lip, trying to keep my tears from falling.* He tells me that he loves me, that I am perfect for him. *looking up again into eyes that are as familiar to me as my own, I sigh as the tears start to fall of their own will* He is lying, isn't he? It is because I am not perfect for him *wiping angrily at the tears falling showing my weakness* It is something in me, I am broken *starts to sob*

Omega *Capturing her quivering lip with my translucent thumb, stopping the motion with just one touch as I look down at her. A malevolent grin on my face as the words still tumble out of her mouth* Alas, you are broken but that means naught. It shall come to an end... and soon. Give me back what's mine and you shall be free. Free... *Frowning slightly, knowledge of mine Sisters race coursing through my cranium* Tahlly. Accept my help or you shall perish with your beloved.

Marissa *Hearing Tahlly come out of your mouth, I feel my body relax and I soften. The pain of not being enough, of being broken, not whole, vibrates through me. I want to let go and be done with the lies and the trying to act like everyone else. Turning my head to look at the house, I sigh. It could have been a great place, a safe place, if they gave it to someone else who could have done a better job. Thinking of Wrathh and Beth and their disappointment that they must feel in me, again. I was never good enough for Wrathh. Turning back to the Omega, I sigh. Thinking that with me gone, Butch would at least have his Brothers to help him especially Vishous. I am not needed to help heal him or to help him to not become the evil that lives inside him Sighing...* You can't help me... no one can

Omega Shhhh... *Murmuring low as I caress her bottom lip* You're broken. You're ruined. You cannot be fixed by HIM. *Lowers my voice more, the demeanor of the whole situation changing as a cool blast of cold wind flows* I am the Omega, the first and the Last. Let me help you. I AM your salvation... Tahlly. *Looking away so I can grimace, I will need a million sessions with mine creatures at home to remove her scent. Females. Utterly disgusting. All of them. None shall be allowed to live because of HER*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Marissa *His eyes mesmerize me, and I feel my head start to nod in agreement* I am ruined, *repeating the words and believing them like I have never believed in anything ever before* I was never meant to be in this world. I should have killed myself when Wrathh no longer wanted me. No one else did, either. That is what my brother, Havers wanted to spare me, and he would have rather me have died, then to have caused him to be shamed *seeing the smile on your face and the nod of agreement, I let out the breath that I am holding* I am ready to end it... they will all be better off without me

Omega *Drops my hand, the evil laughter rolling from my lips, increasing tempo and soaring. Alas, she is MINE. She will perish beneath the soles of my feet. And as the Male I am, it's only fitting that I leave Brian O'Neal a parting gift.... of her heart* Don't be afraid.... Tahlly. It'll be over soon. Just let me show you the way. *Caressing her lip with my fingertip softly before moving my palm to cup her cheek* Close your eyes and see.... your end. *She complies; I eagerly feel joy as her lashes flutter against her cheeks. And then... the show starts. Her going home, her beloved not around. Out. Away from her. Abandoned her for his... Best Friend. The bathroom. The tub. A single-edged razor in her palm, clenching it tightly as the water runs in the bath tub one final time. Her sinking in, tears streaming down her face as her blonde hair cascades and splays against her nude form. Lowering the blade to her wrist, a slice vertically against the vein and repeating the other side... she grows weak, her graceful form sinking into the depth of the porcelain. Her lashes fluttering, the color from her cheeks paling just as the water turns a brilliant crimson red. Finally, her heart stops. No pain. No suffering. Purgatory* Will you do this for me, mine Tahlly....? *Mimicking the Southie accent, careful to add the drawl in* Please?

Marissa *letting out one word on a breathless sigh* Yes! *and her world as she knows it fades to black*~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Pit ~BDB Unbound Where Marissa carries out the Omega’s Plans

Marissa *When the fog lifted from Safe Place, I dematerialized to the compound and walked directly to The Pit. Opening the door, I listen to hear any familiar sounds of my family being here. I can hear the whirl of Vishous' Four Toys, the TV on ESPN, but underlining that there was nothing. Part of me was relieved but another part was un-nerved by the quiet. Shrugging off my jacket and dropping it on the floor, I make my way to the bedroom I share with Butch, my mate, my hellren, my light* Why did I think that? *Pulling off my blouse, and dropping that too on the floor, I make my way to the bathroom, while unbuttoning my pants.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
*As if it is someone else's hand, I see myself reaching for the controls to turn the water on. Watching it run into the tub, I cock my head to the side, oddly surprised it is not running red, like blood. Shaking my head as if to clear it; I sit on the toilet seat to take off my thigh-high stockings. Rolling them down to my feet I see a run in one of them. Running my finger up and down the tear, I think to myself that is strange that tear and tear are the same spelling and ever stranger that I would think that now. I drop them to the floor and absently wiping at a tear running down my face. Standing up, I look at myself in the mirror. Leaning in, I touch my face, slowly tracing the contours, the hills and valleys. Seeing some faint lines around the eyes, I wonder when they started, and chalk them up to another flaw in the Armor that surrounds me.* *Standing back to get in more of me in the mirror, I stand on my tiptoes and grimace when all I can see is my breasts and nothing below that. Placing my hands on over my breasts, I feel the nipples harden when I think of Butch's hands on them; the roughness of them, the perfect feel of them on my imperfect breasts* Why is one bigger than the other? The left one is perkier! *I say to no one in particular, just myself and the voices in my mind. When I hear one voice, the voice of an angel, reply* "It is because you are flawed, imperfect, you cannot be fixed. There has always been something wrong with you, from birth. Your parents wanted a boy, so they had Havers. Yes you loved him, but he only ever saw you as a way to get to the top." *an evil laugh is heard, incongruously from the beauty of the timber of the voice and the face that I place it with* "Wrathh never wanted you, even though you saved his life and helped him with his transition, he only used you and not even for your body" *sighing, knowing the voice is right, I open the cabinet and take out Butch's razor and take out the blade. Placing it on the edge of the tub, I turn off the water and start to climb in* *Not feeling the hotness of the water, I slowly lower myself into the water. Stretching out my legs, the lyrics to the song "Make Me Wanna Die" come into my head and I am comforted by them.*

“You make me wanna die, T


ll never be good enough.


You make me wanna die

And everything you love S


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline © T Will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes. P


You make me wanna die.”

*I realize I am NOT alone. Lowering my arms into the water, knowing that the warmth of the water will make everything flow faster, I let them soak for a few minutes. Looking around at the bathroom, I have never made my mark here. I never changed anything in this room. Sadly I wonder if maybe I did, would things be different. I will never know, now will I. Picking up the razor blade, I take my left arm out of the water and watch the water sluice off and drip, drip, drip back into the water. Imagining it to be red, I flick my wrist and watch it go everywhere, the wall, the tub, me. Looking around again, and taking a deep breath, I bring the razor to my left wrist. Hesitating just at the point before touching the skin, I hear the voice inside my head:

P“Will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes”U

*and thinking that I am running into the light, I press the razor down into the skin, feeling that first layer of dermis give way, and then the epidermis and then the arteries and veins. Now not feeling anything, I continue to slice up, not across, as I don't want it to clot too quickly. Taking the blade out as if in slow motion, I watch the first drop of blood enter the water. Turning my wrist around to look at it better, I start to cry. Not for the pain, as I am numb to that as I have been my whole life, but for the loss of something that I thought was and never was. I thought I was someone's light, but no one was mine.*

Transferring the razor into my other hand, it is more slippery now, I start to press it into the other wrist*

Butch *Rushing back to the Pit, knowing something is wrong, as I go in and see no one is around, I check everywhere and then I walk into the bedroom and hear a noise from the bathroom, turning and listening closer, I hear a splashing sound* Rissa? Are you in there? *Hearing movement but getting no response* Rissa *Still nothing, I walk over to the door and try it, opening it and seeing her kneeling in the bath, the water is red around her, I look around


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
trying to see what would make it so red, then the smell hits my nostrils. Shaking my head as I dismiss it, then I slowly walk towards her and something glistens and catches my eye, suddenly seeing my razor in her hand and her hovering above her wrist* What the fuck, TAHLLY! *Seeing her spin to look at me and the look of terror in her eyes and the tears running down her face, she mutters something, not hearing her properly but sure I did* What did you just say? *She looks at me and blinks fast, I run towards her as I see her go to run it across her wrist, watching as the blood comes to the surface* Mar .... *Choking on her name as I grab the razor from her throwing it across the bathroom, hearing it bounce off the wall, I grab her wrists and pull her towards me and out of the bath, reaching for a towel and wrapping it around her* Marissa, what are .... you doing? *My words just about coming out*

Marissa *Looking up at the face I love, blurry through the tears that are being shed; I lift a bloodied hand to your face* Butch *I say softly in a daze then shake my head slowly* No its the Omega. You have come to help me? *the shaking of his head confuses me a bit, so I correct myself* Oh, you have come to watch then. Holding up my wrist watching the blood drip even thought the towel is covering most of it, I lift tired eyes to you* I did what you wanted of me. You told me I was no longer the light, and that I was never going to be enough for Butch. That this was the only way. *The look of horror confuses me more, and I start to cry in earnest* You promised! You told me I could never be fixed, but you promised that this would make it better for him. That he would be free.

Butch *Looking at her and trying to take in her words* Tahlly, you are not making sense *Seeing her look at me and her tears increasing and then her lifting her wrists at me, I look at them, bringing them to my mouth and kissing them softly "This is what you wanted" I look at her and feel my own tears stinging the back of my eyes, I shake my head at her* I would never want this from you, I would die without you, you are my world *Grabbing her hand and placing against my heart, whispering* You are my heart, I would give my life to save yours *Kissing the top of her head and pulling her closer to me, I wrap my arms around and feel her

sobbing increase against my chest, I run my hand through her hair and wait for her to calm down, whispering to her how much I love her and need her in my life, she lifts her head and looks at me slightly, her cornflower blue eyes look red raw from all the crying, I kiss her lips softly* My life was never whole until you found me, you complete me.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Marissa *Hearing your words* "You complete me" *I shudder and taking in s deep breath. On a sigh, let out in a rush* ButyousaidIwasnothing. ThatIwouldneverbewhatyouneeded *You shake your head at me and kiss my lips again, gently, not to scare me, I hear you whisper against my lips.* "You are my world, without YOU I am nothing. You are everything to me" *Pulling back in horror, looking up into your eyes, your face, your mouth; a mouth that not too long ago told me things that I didn't want to believe, but did.* What did I do? *Looking at my wrists, seeing the blood for the first time, feeling the pain, not just from the slices on my arms, but the pain in my very core. The core that is my self-loathing, the core that is my insecurities and my selfdoubt. Throwing my head back I let out a scream.* NOOOOOOOO!!!

Butch *Watching as she screams out and makes no sense to me at all, I grab another towel and wrap it around her, pulling the now blood soaked one from off her* Tahlly, what has happened? I did not or would never say those words to you *She looks back at me, blinks fast and runs her fingertips across my mouth, sending a shiver down my spine* You are my very breath *Hearing her hiss and say Omega's name, I shake down for another reason* Why would you mention him? *She starts to cry again and tries to speak but her words are a mess, making no sense to me or her, I lean forward and kiss the top of her head and then stand up with her, taking her in my arms, seeing the look of horror on her face as she sees her blood all over the bath and how run the water is. I take her into the bedroom, shutting the bathroom door behind me. Sitting down on the bed with her, placing her on my lap and then wrapping my arms around her, whispering against her cheek* I love you.

Marissa *Feeling your arms around me, I start to shake and shiver* I am cold... so cold * I feel only ice from the inside out. Nothing can thaw me out but your warmth. Snuggling deeper, trying to get inside you, I feel you grabbing the duvet and wrapping it around us both* B...b...butch, h...hold m...m...me *feeling your arms around me* t...t...tighter, d...d...don't l..let m...m...me g...g...g..go! *Feeling you squeeze me tighter, I feel a twinge of pain. Pulling out my arm, I see the blood running through the towel already. Hearing you curse, you grab my wrist and pull the towel off. Bringing my wrist to your mouth, I feel your tongue run its way up the slash to close up the laceration and stop the bleeding. Turning sharply to gaze into your hazel eyes, my eyes go wide as the haze starts to lift, and everything that has happened since I stepped out of Safe Place , the woods, the Omega, the Pit!* Oh My Scribe Virgin! What have I done? Butch what happened? He got into me and pulled out my every pyrocant, every weakness, every fear. *Eyes turning away in shame* It would not have been a chrih. I would have never gone to


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
the Fade. I would have just stayed in the In-Between, until I faded away into the nothingness that I am *starts to cry softly now*

Butch *Hearing all her words in a rush out of her mouth and then her eyes glistening from all the tears, I kiss along her arm and up to her neck, then her lips, seeing her eyes drop and the shame within them for a split second. I place my hand on her chin and bring her head up, looking her straight in the eyes* Never ever doubt what I feel for you, you are my world, my reason for living *Seeing her eyes close, speaking softly to her* Tahlly? *She doesn't do anything* Tahlly.... *Seeing her open them, her eyes pinning me with a stare, I swallow a little* You are the most precious thing in my life, I would be nothing without you *Lifting and kissing her wrists* Do you know what I would be like without you in my life? *Seeing her shake her head at me and muttering something about Vishous, I look at her* Yes, I have him, he is my Trahyner but... *Holding her chin softly in my hand as my thumb rubs along her cheek, wiping away tears* You are my light, my life, my reason for breathing, I am not worthy of you.

Marissa *Feeling the roughness of your thumb continue to rub over my cheek, my eyes meet your and they close tightly, as if in pain at your words* Don't lie to me, please! Give me some semblance of having a brain. You don't want me! You could have any female of worth! *Opening my eyes, I stare at you as your hand slowly trails off my face and I hear a sad sigh come from your lips. I press on, needed to know something that I guess I never really understood* How can you say that? That you are not worthy of me ME a nothing; I bring nothing to you. *starting to sound hysterical* I bring no status to you, no family, no... *gestures to the room, full of your things and the pictures on the wall that were always here, the photos on the dresser that are yours... your mahmen, Vishous and Jane and even one of The Troika, V and Rhage and yourself and even beyond the Pit* No nothing. *turning away, I whisper sadly* I never even made this a home; I have never put my mark on it... I am like a comma in a sentence *knowing I am making no sense* just a pause on the way, not the end or the beginning, *slowly shakes my head and lowers it as the tears drip slowly off my nose* just a temporary stop along the way.

Butch *Looking around the room slowly and hearing her words, crushes my very heart and soul. I look back at her and fight back my tears, not wanting her to see how much she has just cut me deep within, knowing this is about her, right now* How could you say that to me? I would give my life just to let you live yours, you give me more than you will ever know *Seeing her shake


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
her head at me "I bring nothing to you" I look at the floor and shake my head* I do not need any of this stuff, I will lose the lot tomorrow and I mean it all *Looking up at her* As long as I have you, that is all I want *Placing my hand on her face* Do you not know, you mean more to me than anyone, more than Vishous, Rhage, all my brothers *Hearing her breath catch as she shakes it at me again* It does not matter what I say, does it, he is inside your head and made you doubt your worth *She just blinks at me and says nothing* You need to sleep *She tells me she doesn't* Or at least rest baby, you lost a lot of blood *I stand up and place her on the bed, she grabs my arm "Butch" I look down at her and see the flash of hurt in her eyes* I am sorry I make you feel worthless Tahlly, I really do but you are my very breath and the reason I stand before you today .... *Waving my arms out in front of me* the man I am, I am sorry I am not enough *Turning away from her as I feel my eyes blur slightly from the tears, grabbing hold of the jamb as I hear her say my name again* You do not need me here, right now *Walking into the living room and collapsing against a wall as I feel my whole world crash around me*

Marissa *With my arm outstretched toward you, your name leaving my lips on a whisper* Butch! *I hear the door shut quietly... a few seconds later I hear a bang. In defeat, I lower my arm and place it under the duvet and I hug myself. All of a sudden the lyrics of a song that has always reminded me of Butch and of myself starts to run through my mind. Feeling the weight of the world closing in on me, the tunnel vision of being overly tired starts to overwhelm me. Closing my eyes, the words flow over me as I slowly fall asleep*





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i k





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Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Next day in the Pit ~BDB Unbound Where Jane and Vishous find out what happened

Jane *Walking into the pit with my nose in a book, I head to the couch to finish reading. As I get closer I realize that Cop is sitting with his feet kicked up on the table watching television. I head around the back of the couch and sit at the opposite end. I pull my knees under me and get comfy. I've gotten use to reading with the television on. Then I realize you are looking at me instead of the screen. I look up and meet your stare.* Did you know that Vampyroteuthis infernalis, or the vampire squid uses bioluminescence to confuse predators and make a getaway? *I watch one of your eye brows raise and I grin.* Oh... and Hey.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *Nodding at her and smiling but not feeling it inside* Oh hey, sorry what was that? *Seeing her place the book onto her lap and look at me "Is everything okay?" I look at her and nod, she lifts an eyebrow at me "Really?" I look at the bottle beside me and then back at her, just nodding a little and not actually committing myself to an answer "Cop!" I look at her as she calls my name * Huh! What?

Jane *Giving him a look over noting the off stare and he seems a little shut into himself.* What's wrong with you? Why the sulking? *He gives a shrug and looks at the screen. After a moment he cuts his eyes at me.* I just made a very nerdy statement using scientific terms that I know you don't know and got no smart ass comment. *Not even a smirk or chuckle* What gives, everything with Rissa okay? *I watch your face tighten. There's the nail. Now take a swing.* Cop, you know you need to let it out. Talk about the shit. If not it festers and only gets worse. *Letting out a sigh her turns to me.* Lets hear it.

Butch *Looking at her, then back at the television, then back at her as I hear her cough at me to get my attention* What? *She glares at me "Come on cop, I know you and something is wrong" I shake my head at her* It doesn't matter, I have no words and do not how to feel right now *She places the book on the table in front of her, then gets that serious face on I see so often with Vishous and know she means this, I go to stand up "Don't you dare try and leave, stay seated!" I stop and look at her, dropping my stare to the floor* There is nothing you can do, Marissa needs space and time to sort her head, that's all *I see her shuffle about on the seat and tell me to look at her, I glance up "What has happened?" I shake my head and close my eyes* I cannot say.... *Stopping as the thought of what she said and did chokes me*

Jane *Narrowing my eyes and studying his features. He looks like he hasn't slept and has stayed on a liquid diet and not the healthy kind.* Is Marissa okay? *I watch as he stiffens and appears unsure of how to answer.* Should I talk to her? Or Mary? *Again nothing.* Cop *I snap my fingers to get and keep his attention.* What's doin? Focus for me. Is Rissa okay? Do I need to go see her? Or should I get Mary to talk to her? The best way to help her is speak. Get help for her. Like I said keeping things in only lets them fester. Now either you start talking or I make my own assumptions and act on them and if I do that it could make things worse for both of you.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *Looking at her and feeling my throat constrict, I stop myself from crying in front of her* I ..... I ..... *Looking at her and seeing her eyes watching me carefully* I found her here last night and she was crying and she had c ..... *I shake my head and stand up, as I walk across the room, I suddenly have her standing in front of me, as she ghosts across the room, I stop fast and look at her* For fuc.... *Stopping my words and looking at her* You know I can see why Manny cusses about you doing that

Jane *Chuckling* Sorry, I do it without realizing it sometimes. *I grin* But with Manny it's just hilarious. *I take a step back some.* Okay, look whatever it is, is affecting you just as much as her if not more so. Look at you. *I gesture towards all of the empty bottles.*

Butch *Looking back over my shoulder at all the bottles and then back at her, glaring, shrugging at her* Makes no difference to me *See glares at me, I know exactly where this is going and so need out of here right now* I can't say it, it is too hard *She crosses her arms across her chest and stomps her foot, if for the fact I wasn't feeling like this right now, I would laugh* Jane, seriously, I need out and so not in the mood for this fuckin' crap right know, ya feel me?

Jane Fucking crap? *My voice rises. Oh well time to go there.* So it's fucking crap for one friend to see when another friend is being a complete moron and is trying to help them? *I point in his direction.* Seems you’re doing the same thing to me that Marissa's done to you. Pushing away. You know where that leads you? Nowhere and dealing with the bullshit ALONE! *I exhale in a huff and cross my arms.*

Vishous *Walking out of Jane's and my room as I hear raised voices. Cocking a brow when I come to the living room and see Jane glaring at Cop with him looking like he's about to snap. Sighing slightly as I instantly know what's going on and I quickly cross over to them.* Alright you two why don't we just take a step back...*Managing to push them a part I watch as Cop starts pacing around, grabbing an empty bottle of Lag and holding it in his fist. Keeping my diamond stare on my brother as I talk to Jane.* Leelan...he knows you're just trying to help but he honestly can't even put into words what went down. *At my words Cop shoots a pointed stare at me as if saying "Oh of course you fucking know you know everything!" combined with


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Jane raising her brow at me over me not saying anything to her. Holding my hands up as I see him open his mouth to speak.* Easy man....obviously I haven't said anything as this is between you and Rissa true? But....maybe you should tell someone....Jane's sworn to secrecy by the Hippocratic Oath. *Keeping my eyes on my brother, hoping he realizes we're here for him.*

Butch *Looking over at him, he looks right back at me with that familiar stare, I shake my head and look at him, knowing my words are stuck in my head as much as they are in my throat* I can't *Watching as Jane steps around him "Talk to me cop, what has happened" I Look at her and then sit on the couch and feel like all my air has been sucked right out of me, closing my eyes so I don't have to look at them, so telling them what had happened a lot easier* I came back and found Marissa in the bathroom and she had cut her wrists *Hearing Jane’s very distinct gasp, I keep my eyes closed and just wished the ground up swallow me whole, right now*

Jane *As Cop's words sink in I see Vishous lower his head. I quickly hide my own worry and step closer to Cop. I sit down beside him and place a hand on his back. I gather my words to be sure I get out what I wan to say.* I gather by the fact that I wasn't called or texted that Marissa is physically okay. *I see him nod slightly.* It doesn't change my view of either of you, but it does make me question Marissa's thoughts. That seems very out of character for her. *I glance over to where Vishous is standing.* Cop, do you remember back when Vishous was caught all up in his head and on a spiral downward? *He finally looks up and nods.* Vishous tried to push everyone including those closest to him away, when he really needed them closer than ever. So even though Marissa may have said she wanted space. She might just need you to try harder and be a little more open minded. *I continue to rub over his back as Vishous steps closer.*

Vishous *Still standing I nod in agreement with Jane's words and clear my throat. Knowing Cop knows what I'm about to say already but not sure if I've ever said the words out loud. Knowing me I probably haven't....me and feelings are a no go.* Just know man....you don't have to deal with this all alone true? Just like you were there for me....*Clears my throat again* whatever you need man, and don't worry...we won't say anything to anyone...but I think you need to get Rissa to talk with Mary. *Shrugging slightly* Might help or some shit. *Looking down at my brother, wishing there was more I could do for him...take the pain of this away like I take away the lesser shit after he hoovers them up. Fuck is it getting hot in here? All these feelings and tense situations....maybe I should take cop out for a night of drinking.*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *Opening my eyes and feeling a little better after speaking to them, I look at Jane* I have tried to speak to her but she shuts down on me and says I look like Omega and the things I said to her, she is making no sense to me whatsoever, but I think you may be right, she needs to talk too Mary *Standing up and giving Jane's hand a quick squeeze to say thanks, I look over at Vishous* Thanks bro *He smiles a little at me and nods, I smile back at him, needing to get away from here for a while* I am gonna get some air and see if I can find Mary and see if she will talk too her okay, then maybe we can go for a drink if up to it V, as not wantin' to be around here for now, till I get head sorted out a little *Vishous looks at Jane and then at me and nods "Yeah sure bro" I nod and then head for the door, looking for Mary* ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Library~BDB Unbound later that night Where there is an Intervention

Marissa *Finding myself in the library, not really sure how I ended up here, but knowing it is the place I need to be right now. Taking in a deep breath, the aroma of old leather bound books, paper and that musty smell that clings to them gets into my nostrils and makes me remember home. Trailing my hand over the bound spines as I make my way to my favorite section, I think back to when I was a kid. I would spend hours in the library, reading fairy-tales and imagining myself somewhere else. One Thousand and One Nights was always my favorite, Aladdin, Ali baba, Sinbad... Finding the section, I run my hands along the titles until I find the book I am looking for. Taking it down, reverently, opening it up, and inhaling the memories of a cherished


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
childhood, I slide down to the floor, open to the first page and start to read: "In the chronicles of the ancient dynasty of Sassanidae..."

Jane *Walking beside Cop down the hall, he finally speaks grimly. "She's in the library." I let out a breath.* Cop, this is the best thing. What's best for her. When we go in, I'll talk to her first. Coming from you could add unneeded emotions. *We get to the library door and he stops.* Cop *I draw out his name.* We've been over this. *I lean over and give his arm a push with my elbow. I don't reach for the door because I know it's a step he needs to take.* You got this Cop. I'm here for you and Vishous will be right behind us.

Butch *Looking at Jane and not feeling this at all but know she is right, we need to do this. I reach for the door handle and turn it, but don't open the door* I cannot do this, I cannot have her look at me like she hates me, again *Letting go off the handle and turning around and going to walk off, Jane grabs my arm "Cop, stop now!" I stop for a split second and then go to walk off again, just as I got to turn the corner, I collide into Vishous, cussing under my breath* For fucks sake *I look into his eyes as I hear him growl at me "Turn around cop" I shake my head and turn around* I cannot do this *Feeling his hand on my back as he shoves me forward, I stop outside the door and turn the handle again, opening it up and my breath stopping as I see her reading a book* Tahlly ..... *My voice suddenly ceasing up*

Marissa *So engrossed in the story of Scheherazade, I don't hear the door open. When I hear the sound of Butch's voice, I jump. Clasping the book to my chest, like a lifeline, I look up into his beloved face, waiting to hear the condemnation that I am sure is just at the surface, waiting to get out.* B...Butch! what are you doing here? Jane? Vishous? *sitting up straight and looking onto their eyes, wondering if they are all here to kick me out of the Pit. Sighing, I stand up and brush off my pants. Thinking that I am going to have to ask Wrathh and Beth for a room in the Manse again, or go to Safe Place, I shudder at either* I will move out of the Pit if that is what you want *lowering my head, I place the book back on the shelf and start to walk away. It wasn't mine anyway... nothing is mine*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Vishous Move out of the Pit? *Jane, Cop and I say simultaneously while exchanging confused looks at each other. After a moment I hear Marissa's voice, a bit shaky, ask us "Isn't that why you're all here?". Looking at Cop as he opens his mouth but no words come out, the pained expression clear as day on his face as he looks down. Jane steps forward and I hear her tell Rissa that's not why we’re here. Seeing the confused look on her face as she takes us all in, her mind desperately trying to work out what it could be. Catching a few thoughts here and there, how she thinks we all hate her, are disappointed in her....not good enough. Closing my eyes for a moment as I pinch the bridge of my nose; concentrating hard on blocking her out. Fuck I didn't know it was -this- bad.*

Jane Marissa, we all came here to support you. *I step forward and put my arm around her shoulder.* You don't have to go thru anything alone. Never again. Whether you like it or not you’re stuck with us. *I give my best smile as she continues to look at each of us.* "But..." Is the only words she gets out.* There are no buts Rissa. We are here to help hold you up when you feel like you can't. *I look up at Cop, standing there with his head down and then at Vishous rubbing his jaw.* We think it would really help if you talked to Mary. Keeping things inside will eat away at you and *I motion to Cop* those closest to you. *I give her a squeeze.*

Butch *Still looking at the floor and hearing the words flying around me but don't taking them in, I look up at Marissa and see her looking at me, I go to speak but no words seem to wanna form in my mouth. I feel Vishous elbow me slightly, I glance at him and then back at Marissa* I think what they are saying is true, we need to sort out whatever ...... *Waving my arm around a little* whatever this is, you seem to think I don't want you or you are not worthy of me, for whatever reason but I do *Suddenly my throat becomes tight again and I cannot find any more words, I turn to go out but Vishous stops me, whispering* V, don't, I can't do this, she doesn't want me here .... Please

Marissa *Watching Butch turn to walk away, I take in a sharp breath when V stands in front of him. Turning to look wide eyed at Jane, I see her nod her head slightly and lift her chin in Butch's direction with a hopeful glance. My gaze travels to V, and he is glaring at me. Feeling a shiver go through me at the time when Vishous told me he would kill me if I hurt Butch, and seeing the pain in his eyes and the dejected slump to his shoulders, I know it is my fault.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Wanting to say something, and not knowing what, I look pleadingly at Jane and whisper* He is in my head.

Jane *I lean in closer to Marissa and whisper.* Believe me he doesn't want to be. He wants what we all want. We want you both happy. Cop is hurting just as much as you. Neither of you need to be lost in your own heads. Insecurities can wreak havoc on even the best of relationships. *I nod slightly in Cop's direction.* He needs to know what he's fighting, the same as you do. He's a strong male Rissa, he's been thru a lot, he can take it and will love you just as much if not more for knowing what's doin.

Butch *My breath almost stopping as I feel Vishous stiffen before me, I look up and see his glare at Marissa, knowing this is as much my fault as hers for not facing her and seeing what is wrong, I whisper to him* V, all good bro *Seeing his diamond eyes look at me and pin me with a look* Seriously man, please don't think this is all Rissa's fault *Hearing movement behind me, I turn my head and look over and see Rissa standing right next to Jane, my voice comes out but barely audible to my own ears, let alone everyone else's* I am sorry that I am not what you what and you do not think you are what I want or need but please believe me, you are all I need.

Vishous *Watching Cop speak to Rissa and noting Jane glare at me I realize I must still be giving Rissa the evil eye. Softening my gaze slightly, as I can't help it. I care for the female as if she were my sister but Cop....I can't stand seeing him hurt. I know this isn't Marissa's fault...I don't fucking know what it is exactly but there's something going on with a chemical imbalance in her brain. Of course Cop thinks it's his fault and I wish I could help him...help her....help them both. Standing strong next to Cop as I continue to listen, I place a hand on his shoulder as I sense him about to turn.* We're all family here true?

Marissa *After Butch says that I am all he needs, my mine goes blank, I hear nothing else and as I look at him all around me goes dim. Not even noticing that Vishous and Jane are still hear, I go to reach for you, then letting my hand fall back down. Hanging my head, I shake it from side to side slowly, mumbling* You will not say that when you know the evil that is in me *rubbing my arms as if I was washing them* I can't get clean, I can't get him out of my head *Looking


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
up sharply at Butch, I catch your hazel eyes* How can you stand it? *Feeling a hand on my shoulder, I turn to Jane with a start* How does he do it, the evil permeates everything, * gesturing to the library* I was hoping the innocence of here would wash me clean * beseechingly* but it is not helping *turning to Butch* How do you get rid of the darkness?

Jane *As Marissa addresses Butch I stand by her for support. She's talking to him, even though it's not what we want to hear, she's still talking. I look up to see Cop's eyes pleading with her. Then me. Then he turns to Vishous. All V does is give him a strong nod.* We're here for you Rissa, and you just gotta find your light. Cop and talking to Mary will help you find what that light is. But right now, you both need to know where things stand. *I give Rissa a tender push towards Cop before going to stand by Vishous closer to the door to give the two of you a moment.*

Butch *Feeling Marissa right next to me, still takes my breath away and I need to just hold her right now, but sensing it is not what she wants right now* I am sorry to cause you so much heart ache my Tahlly, I really am but whatever it is, you need to talk, even if they are words I do not want or wish to hear, true? *Seeing her eyes blink fast, like she is fighting tears back, I lift my hand and gently run my finger across her jaw* I truly am sorry but if you wish to be alone, I understand, I will have the couch or sleep in the mansion somewhere else okay? *Hearing a low growl from behind me, I turn to look at Vishous and Jane, smiling at them both* After you *Following behind Marissa and the others back to the Pit, grabbing at my cross under my shirt, hoping and praying that this gets sorted soon* ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Pit ~ BDB Unbound Where later that night, Butch is alone with his thoughts

Butch *Walking back into the Pit and feeling desolate and empty, I look around and see no one is about, I head into the bedroom and Marissa's scent invades my nostrils, my body starts to harden but then I think about all the things she has told me over the last few days, how she is unworthy of me, of anyone, she has nothing in this world that is hers. I feel my heart almost stop as I whisper into the air* I am yours Tahlly, always and forever, till my very last breath *Feeling my legs giving on me, I sit on the edge on the bed and my head falling into my hands, feeling the tears sting the back of my eyeballs* Why do you think so little of yourself mine beautiful Marissa?!?


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
*Lying back on the bed and letting my breath leave my body, I feel the exhaustion taking over my body and can't do anything to stop it, knowing I have not slept properly in days, ever since I found Marissa in the bathroom, all that blood, her trying to take her life, herself from me, lost forever. I feel myself falling in the blackness and cannot stop it, trying to stop myself and trying to shout out but nothing no sound leaves my mouth, I just let myself go and fall into the blackness, it is how I feel and where I belong right now*

~At the same time~
Down in the Boiler Room ~ BDB Unbound Where Marissa talks to Mary:
Marissa *Making my way down the secret staircase, into the tunnels to the training rooms, I follow the directions that Jane gave me to the Boiler Room. This is Mary's office, her place in the manse to council the Brothers, and me. Calling out softly* Mary are you here? *The quietness and the dankness is unnerving me, keeping me in my head. Hearing a soft response, I open the door fully and see Mary's serene face and gentle smile. Taking a deep breath, I walk into the room and shut the door behind*

Mary *Thinking back to yesterday when Jane came to me about Marissa. She was so concerned but wouldn't go into detail. Immediately after we finished talking I went searching for Butch to get his perspective and to see how he was doing. He was really shook up. For some reason he blames himself. Neither one of them gave me much information. After rearranging the folding chairs for the third time I hear Marissa's voice. She doesn't sound like herself. Walking over to her I hug her gently* Please come sit down so we can talk.

Marissa *Walking over to the chair that Mary points to, not meeting her eyes, I sit down. Crossing my hands over each other and placing them folded on my lap, I look around the room. The Boiler it in the corner, giving the room warmth, something that I have not felt since that night. Shivering, I let my gaze travel the room, not stopping on anything in particular, until I hear Mary ask me a question. Looking up at her, not letting my gaze go past her chin, I give her a blank stare, until she reaches over and places her hand on top of mine and giving it a squeeze.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Blinking I register what you asked..* "Tell me where are you? Because you are not here, in body yes, in mind you are elsewhere... where did you go? *sighing, I meet her eyes, a tear slowly starts to fall* I was at Safe Place, and felt closed in, I went outside for air... They told me Safe Place was safe *shaking my head* but it isn't, it will never be safe again

Mary *As I place my hand on yours I noticed the faint scars on your wrist. Hearing extreme fear and sadness in your voice. Wishing Butch or Jane had come to me sooner* Marissa what happened at Safe Place? *Silence fills the room. Your fragile state worries me. I don't want to push too hard and have you shut down completely. Handing you a tissue* Rissa please talk to me.

Marissa *Taking the tissue, I clench it in my fist. With knuckles going white, I start to rhythmically pound my fist on my thigh as I start to talk* I was having a panic attack *the words start to come out hesitantly at first and then they start to flow* that hadn't happened in forever, really. Since I moved here, I think. *still pounding my fist, I continue in a whisper* I had to get out *eyes going wide as I look at Mary, seeing her for the first time* He was there *looking away* OH Scribe Virgin, he was there. *the pounding stops suddenly to be replaced with a repetitive motion of making a slash on my left wrist with the tissue* He got in my head. *with a change in breathing, a more frantic timber to my voice, the slashing is getting faster and faster*He wanted me to doubt myself more, played on old feeling and new ones, confused them He is evil and he wants... *shakes my head and sighs in dejection, shoulders drooping* I don't know. But he wanted me to kill myself, probably to get to Butch *Tears streaming down my face, I look at the redness on my arm that I have just created and I suddenly stop with the methodically rubbing* He wants to hurt Butch and he used me *looking at Mary* And I was too weak and I let him. Now Butch is in pain and it is all my fault *on a wail* How will he ever love me again


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Back to the Pit~ BDB Unbound Where we find Butch sleeping: ~Dreaming~
Butch *Falling into the blackness and then suddenly stopping still, looking around and not sure where I am* Where am I, what is this place? *Standing up and looking around, nowhere is familiar; I start to walk around and looking for some sort of clue to where I am. Suddenly I hear sniffling coming from somewhere in the distance, I try to focus on it and look for whatever it is, hopefully they can tell me where I am. Walking passed two rooms and seeing nothing in them, as I get to the third room, I hear the sniffling turn into a soft sob. My breath stopping as I think about Marissa in the bathroom, and how it sounds like her but knowing it can't be as sounds like someone a lot younger than her. I enter the room and see a little girl sitting in the middle of the floor clutching a teddy bear, I stop still as she looks up at me and looks startled. I quickly raise a hand to tell her she is okay, I will not hurt her* It is okay, please, I will not hurt you, are you okay? What are you doing here? *Watching her as she startles more and backs up a little from me, I stop still and look at her* It is okay, I will stop here, I am not here to hurt you *I decide to sit down and let her feel more relaxed, as I sit on the floor, she stops still and eyes me carefully, then smiles a little but the smile doesn't reach her bright blue eyes, my breath stopping as I see my Marissa's eyes before me. She even have the same little smile I see so often on her face* So do you have a name? *She nods at me but doesn't say a word to me* Okay, me first, my name is Butch, well Brian but my friends call me Butch or Cop, you can call me either *She smiles a little more "Why do they call you Cop?" I smile at her* I used to be a police officer and the name stuck with me I suppose *Smiling at her as she giggles a little* So your name then? *She looks at me and says the one name that stops my breath and heart completely "My name is Marissa" I almost feel like I am going to fall over, if not for the fact I am sitting down already* What… what did you say? *She looks at me "I said my name is Marissa" I try to swallow but nothing happens, she tightens up around her teddy and seems to withdraw within herself* I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you, that is just the name of my Shellan, you remind me off her in so many ways, she has your color eyes and hair *She looks at me through her eyelashes, just like Marissa does, I shake my head and think it cannot be her, can it? I look at her as she sobs a little* What is wrong, what is making you so upset? *She stops a little as she says "I am not worthy, I have nothing and I have evil inside me" I feel like I am frozen within a bad nightmare* What did you just say to me? *She looks at me and repeats it all over again, my heart stops completely, catching my breath and trying to speak, my voice eventually finding itself* Why would you think that? You are going to be a female of true worth, you have more goodness in you than anyone I have ever seen or known before *She looks at me in confusion "How could


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
you know that?" I smile a little at her* I do, I know what evil is and you my little princess, do not have any evil in you and you will make any male, feel like a true male of worth whenever he is in your presence *She goes to speak, then stops and eyes me even more "Then why are you here?" I feel my forehead furrow and look at her in confusion* Here? Where is here? *She looks around as if she is looking for someone "You know, this place, where you are lost and need to find yourself or someone?" I look at her even more confused and then think about what she has said for a while*

Back in the Boiler Room ~BDB Unbound Where Mary gets Marissa to open up

Mary *I am relieved when you start talking. My relief quickly turns to confusion. I want to ask you who was there but don't want to interrupt you. As you start slashing your wrist with the tissue my heart breaks. Making sure to keep any emotion from showing on my face. I wait for you to finish. I have a million questions but settle on asking you the one that has me so confused.* Marissa who was there? Who wants to hurt Butch?


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Marissa *Looking away, I sniff and wipe at my eyes with the back of my hand, the tissue forgotten. In a faint voice, like repeating a reverent prayer that was taught so long ago, one has to place themselves back in time to repeat it; it is so faint that Mary has to lean in to hear* "I am Alpha. The reason why you have nightmares when you sleep, the cold chill that goes down your spine. I am the first and the last." *Closing my eyes I let out on a wail* "I am the Omega." *On the quick intake of breath that I hear from Mary, I know that she gets it now. Looking into the stove, I start to pound my leg again with my hands clenched in a white-knuckled fist* It was the Omega, the Omega touched my soul and left the evil inside.

In the Pit ~ BDB Unbound Where Butch continues to dream
Butch I have not lost..... *Stopping as I think about it* Actually, I have lost something; I have lost my heart and my reason for living. My very soul and how she wanted to leave me alone *She coughs a little as she looks at me and then says "Leave you, why did she want to leave you?" I shake my head* I do not know the answer to that, she says she is not worthy and not got anything, just like you feel right now *She stands up and walks over to me and places her hand on my face, my whole body shakes as I suddenly feel Rissa near, I shake a little and just about manage to get my words out* What is going on? *She smiles maniacally at me, I look at her and try to pull away as I get the sense that I am not alone with her anymore, there is more than just us here, hearing a snort behind me, I turn and see nothing, as I turn back to look at the young Marissa, I see the Omega standing before me, my breath catches as I scramble across the floor away from him* *Quickly getting to my feet, I see him smiling at me* What the fuck are you doing here? *He grins at me and then says "I am so glad that I meant your Tahlly, she is or should that be was the sweetest little thing I ever did see" I growl at him and feel for my daggers and cannot find them* YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER! *He laughs at me "Your female does not interest me Brian, I only wanted to see how easy it was to taint what she felt for you and see how you would doubt her" I shake my head* I do not doubt my Tahlly, she is my love, she doubts me because of you, you made a female of pure worth feel unworthy of herself because all you do is breed contempt and anger around you *He grins at me* And I will not let you win this and you will not destroy something so pure, just to mess with me, you lost last time when you thought you had killed me but never happened did it *He steps back from me and laughs, then in the blink of an eye, he is gone and young Marissa is standing back there. She looks at me and blinks fast. "What happened, where am I?" I look at her and stay where I am* I have to leave her, how


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
do I get out? *She points to a door "Through there, but you first must tell me what you lost" I look at the door, then her and back at the door*

In the Boiler Room ~ BDB Unbound Where Mary tries to get Marissa to focus
Mary *I feel my heart start racing and my voice sounds hollow* The Omega *Reaching out I put my hands on your arms in an vain attempt to stop you from hitting your legs.* Marissa I am not doubting you but I need to know how do you know it was the Omega? *You start to laugh but it borders on hysteria* Rissa look at me? I can help you figure out what he did to you. You need to understand the Omega is pure evil none of this is your fault.

Marissa *Remembering my first impressions when I met the Omega, putting into words just starts to flow. As if reading poetry, I start to recite what we are taught as young about the Omega and how we would know him* He is evil incarnate with the beautiful face of a fallen angel. With his touch, all the evil in oneself comes to the fore, and he is able to manipulate and control. Weakness that is that is as small as a grain of sand shall be as heavy as a boulder on your shoulder. You will know him when he smiles at you, you see the end of your world. He will become your beginning and your end, he is your Alpha and your Omega *looking at my hand being held my Mary, I smile sadly* It was the Omega, I have no doubt. I feel the evil in me, it is a darkness I cannot get rid of

Mary I believe you *Looking you directly in the eyes* I will help you get rid of the darkness. *I can see you don't believe me. Deciding to go with a straightforward blunt approach, I use my sternest voice* Marissa you are stronger than you know. We are a family and everyone will support you. *I see you open your mouth but stop you* I have not forgotten what you said about Butch not loving you. I spoke to him yesterday and you are wrong. He is a mated male. You are his whole world. *I see you shaking your head* Rissa listen to me. I don't know how the Omega got to you but the Brotherhood will figure it out. The thoughts in your head are not real. You were right when you said the Omega was trying to hurt Butch. *Softening my voice* Rissa tell me what is your biggest fear right now and we will start with that.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
In the Pit ~ BDB Unbound Butch thinks about what he is afraid to loose
Butch I have lost ..... *Stopping as I think about this, I shake my head and look at her* I have not lost anything as of yet, I still have my life, my beautiful Tahlly and my family around me *She smiles and nods at me, and waves her hand at me, all of a sudden I see something bright in the corner, looking at it, it reminds me of when Vishous uses his hand, I start to step away but my feet are glued to the floor and then I go to speak but no sound comes from my mouth, I start to scream inside my head as the fire covers my whole body, not feeling as it does when Vishous heals me, it is more like when he tries to destroy things around him, I close my eyes and focus on Marissa and see her smiling face and those beautiful eyes of her twinkling at me, she reaches her hand out for me, I try to reach out, and as I touch her fingertips, Omega appears right behind her and plunges a dagger right into her heart. My whole world shatters around me as I scream out her name as she dies right before, I lunge forward for her with all my strength* MAAAAARRRIIISSSSSSSSA!!!

Butch *Suddenly waking up and seeing our room and how I am covered in sweat, I let out a deep breath and try to slow down my breathing, looking around for Marissa and sensing she is not here, still. I sit up and think about what just happened, she is lost and confused, but still I cannot shake the feeling that she didn't want me. She was prepared to die and leave me, all alone in this world. Yes I have Vishous, Jane, Manny and all the rest of this wonderful family but she is my soul and my heart, I cannot live without her in it. Standing up and walking into the bathroom, I turn on the cold tap and splash water over my face and quickly dab it dry, going over to the closet, I quickly strip off and put some clean, fresh clothes on, head out the door and out of the Pit, looking for Rissa, knowing we have to sort this out, once and for all* ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Kitchen ~ BDB Unbound Where Butch, looking for Marissa, instead he finds Rhage

Rhage *Hearing the front door slam, I swing the kitchen door open to see who is making all that racket. Seeing it is Butch, I call out* Cop, where's the fire? *Looking up at me with a vague look in your eyes, I frown* Dude, you OK? *with a shake of his head, he blurts out* "Have you seen Marissa? *Knowing that she is still downstairs with Mary, I nod my head* Come, sit, have some coffee, or something. I was just making a sandwich *gesturing to the Dagwood that I have built* Do you want some? *Pasing the kitchen and with a shake of your head again, I take another look at you* Fuck me, you look like shit, you know that? Sit the fuck down and talk to


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
me. *Reaching for coffee and thinking Fuck that, opening the cabinet that holds the extra alcohol, I open up a bottle of Lag, pour a glass, I take that and hand him the bottle* Talk to your Unka Rhage... *downing the glass and feeling the burn go down to my toes. Grimacing* How the fuck do you drink this shit?

Butch *Looking at him and knowing he is trying his best to make me smile but know it is no good, my heart isn't in for fun and games right now, I just want to find Marissa and end this, once and once for. Taking the bottle from him and necking it back* Like this, see? *He rolls his eyes at me and smiles, I see the concern in his eyes* I know bro, you are trying but ..... but ..... *Looking at the floor and trying to find the words, I place the bottle on the floor between my feet and shake my head* That will not help right now, I so want to knock back the whole bottle but I need to deal with this sitch first, feel me?

Rhage Ok, I feel ya, *at your wry look, I nod my head earnestly* I am always in hot water with Mary. I mean just the other day... *at the lift of your brow, I stop and sigh* OK I have no clue what it feels like to not have a female not want me *at the growl I hear coming out of your mouth, I put my hands up* OK Ok don't kill the messenger. *pointing to the Dagwood* you sure you dont want any? *picking it up and taking a bite* Talk! and if it about sex I don't want to hear about it. Just change the sex word to Extrapolate, *starting to chew* thad shoed mah it fubby *takes another bite*

Butch *I glance sideways at him and then drop my head in my hands* Why the fuck would you ever think I would discuss sex with you, is beyond me and all belief bro *Hearing him snort at me "Glub to noe pro" I look at him and shake my head as he has his mouth stuffed full of his Dagwood sandwich* Damn, it is a good job I understand you even with a mouth full of food, anyway I am sure you don't wanna hear my problems, right now *Seeing him nod his head "Spill bro, here for you" I contemplate whether telling him or not. I know he is one for telling people anything but also know he is trustworthy when comes to things like this* I do not know where to start on this, seriously Rhage, I know it is not me but she is blaming me and making me feel worthless, no, more than that .... oh Scribe Virgin, I don't know anymore, I am so fucking confused and so broken too *Feeling his hand on my back, I know this is his way of reassuring me, I just drop my head into my fists, speaking again them, muffled* I don't know anymore.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
The Boiler Room ~BDB Unbound Where Marissa unveils her greatest fear
Marissa *tears start to flow and I take a few shuttering breaths. Letting them out then breathing again, I am amazed that I can even breathe with the weight of a truck on my chest. Thinking about what is my biggest fear: being left alone, unwanted. Being broken, sick, not right in the head. Thinking that all of that was true, but I survived all that in the past, thinking harder what is it that I fear the most... And then it comes to me in a rush* Losing Butch... but not just losing him, but losing him to the darkness and evil. And I cannot save him... because alone I cannot heal him. And if he dies, then I will have no reason to live too

Mary *Relief washes over me. I knew there was a risk with pushing Marissa but I knew deep down how strong she really is, even if she doesn't.* You are right you cannot heal the damage the lessers inflict on him but heal him too. *You look at me skeptically* It is true. Without you he wouldn't have the will to continue. What Butch does is invaluable. Vishous might be the one who heals him physically but you heal him emotionally and that is what will ultimately save him from the darkness. *Smiling at you* You bring light and joy to his life.

Marissa *Looking up at Mary for the first time with something other than pain and agony in their blue depths.* You believe that? Truly? *on a sigh, my shoulders sag* Will he still feel that when he finds out that I am weak and that I let the Omega inside me, in my head and made me do things that I would have never thought of doing? *Starting to cry really for the first time since this has happened. Cleansing tears* I could not live without my Butch. What if he cannot look at me? What if he wants another "light" to light his life?

In The Kitchen ~ BDB Unbound Where Rhage gives Butch advice
Rhage *Patting his back awkwardly, listening to his words, but more hearing the anguish that is bleeding out his pores* Dude, Didn't I teach you anything? NEVER, Ever tell them their butts look big in that dress. *hearing your short chuckle, I smile* I know it is more than that, but I know Marissa well enough to know, she would rather die than hurt you or make you feel pain. *At your wince, I see the anger and the darkness in your eyes as they look up at me. Empty, that is what they are, empty* Fuckin A! *running my hand thru my hair then I lean down to get your bottle of Lag. Taking a guzzle and banging it down on the table* What triggered that? She is usually so happy with the building at SP, and SP itself


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *Watching as he slams the bottle down on the table, I wince slightly but unsure was because he slammed the bottle down or the words he says, I look up at him* It was something that happened at the Safe place, she has not been there since whatever it was, that happened there *He looks at me in confusion* Yeah, I did say she hasn't been back there since, something has spooked her so bad, she won't and I could of sworn she was mumbling about the Omega, but I guess I will never know, as she has shut me out and not talking to me *Grabbing the bottle and knocking it back, hearing Rhage sat something about calming down with it. I shake my head at him and then look at the bottle, I lift it to throw it across the kitchen "What the ...." Rhage moving so fast as he grabs the bottle and glares at me "Really, are you fucking mad, Fritz will kill you for that" I look at him and shrug* Might be best right now, will save me from all the pain of what this is doing, true?

Rhage HA!! but the problem is he will blame me, not you, I will be dead and you standing at my funeral, grabbing my tickets to Arizona Dreaming, I am sure. *sighing* Damn, if that fucking Omega got into Safe Place *running hand through my hair* does V know? What has the security say? *You shake your head and murmur* "I just figured it out before I came looking for Marissa" *pulling out cell and starting to text and talk to Butch at the same time* Well Rissa is with Mary in the Boiler room, do you think you are ready to see her, or do you want Mary to bring her up here when she is finished and you three can talk?

In the Boiler Room ~BDB Unbound Where Mary tells Marissa to talk to Butch
Mary *Even though we have made it through the hardest part, we still need to deal with your suicide attempt. I need to make sure you understand and truly believe that it wasn't you. The Omega caused it. Handing you the box of tissues* Oh honey you know that is not true. Butch loves you and right now he is confused and hurting. He thinks you no longer want him and he doesn't know what to do. *You put your face in your hands.* Marissa you need to talk to him. He will not be mad at you he will be relieved.

Marissa *A look of hope crosses my face and I start to stand up.* I do want to see him... I do. This has been killing me more, thinking he is disappointed in me *taking in a deep breath and letting it out, giving a wobbly slight smile* I am ready *nodding, I turn to the door and open it. Stopping I turn back to Mary, saying softly* Thank you very much. *running over and giving


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
you a quick hug, I turn to the door again. Back straight, head held high, I start to walk to go find Butch and find my light*~

In The Kitchen ~ BDB Unbound Where Rhage pushes Butch out the door
Butch *Looking at him and feeling my whole world is imploding around me, I nod at him and look into his eyes, I see the worry in them, I smile a little at him and know this is so not him but is at the same time, this is the side not many see of him* Thanks bro, I know you and Mary are trying to help and I am glad that Mary finally got through to her *Rhage nods at me as he stands up and paces the floor a little* Hey, you know you can go if you want ya know, I can sort this out *Standing up and going to grab the bottle "Oh no you don't" Rhage grabs the bottle and hides it behind his back* Seriously, I can just grab another one from the store cupboard, you know that right *Walking towards the store cupboard and then quickly looking over my shoulder as I hear him growl at me* What? *He pins me with a stare "Do you think Marissa will want you stinking of this shit when she sees you, you need a clear head, true?" I let out an exasperated breath* Okay, getting the point, loud and clear.

Rhage *Hearing my cellphone ring go off playing “What Makes you Beautiful* Hang on *taking out the phone and holding up a finger to Butch, yes the middle finger* Hey Mary... ummm... OK.... OK.... 'er..*looking up at Butch* he is right here, OK I will let him know, ok bye, love you *hangs up and looks at Butch* They are done and she is making her way up stairs... make yourself look beautiful *walks over to straighten your collar, then straighten your hair, then stops* Well fuck you don't have enough time for that, she will be her in less than 5 minutes *starts to walk you out of the kitchen* Let's go Buddy! Go say you are sorry or some shit, and don't give me that look! You know you had to have done something wrong *grinning at you as I chauffeur you out the door*~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Mansion Where it all Began They Meet Again

As they round the corner at the same time, they both stop to stare at the other. As they simultaneously reach for the other, they have a mutual feeling of déjà vu. They have done this before: “Butch inhaled. Frowned. What the hell was that? The tropics. He smelled the ocean. He turned around. A breathtaking woman was standing in the doorway. Waif-like, elegant, she was dressed in a filmy gown, and her gorgeous blond hair drifted to her hips in waves. Her face was all delicate perfection, her


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
eyes the pale blue color of sea glass. She took a step back, as if in fear of him. "No," he said, lurching forward, thinking of the men in the room down the hall. "Don't go back there." She looked around, as if she wanted to call for help. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said quickly. "How do I know that?" She had a subtle accent. Like all of them did. Maybe Russian? He held his hands out, palms up, to show he didn't have a weapon. "I'm a cop." Yeah, okay, so that was no longer exactly true, but he wanted to reassure her. She gathered the skirt of her dress up, as if she were going to take off. Hell, he shouldn't have used the C-word. If she was the moll of one of them, then she was even more likely to bolt if she thought he was the law. "I'm not here in an official capacity," he said. "No gun, no badge." Abruptly, she dropped the gown, and her shoulders straightened as if she were drafting her courage into service. She came forward a little, moving fluidly, gracefully. Butch kept his mouth shut and tried to look smaller than he actually was, less threatening. "He doesn't normally let your kind be around," she said. Yeah, he could imagine cops didn't hang out too often in this house. "I'm waiting for… a friend." Her head tilted to the side. As she got closer, her beauty nearly blinded him. Her facial structure was the stuff of fashion magazines, her body the kind of long, lovely sweep he imagined trotted down runways. And that perfume she wore. It got into his nose, into his brain. She smelled so good his eyes watered.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
She was unreal, he thought. So pure. So clean. He felt like he should brush his teeth and shave before saying one more word to her. What the hell was she doing hanging out with those lowlifes? Butch's heart cramped with the idea of how useful she'd be to them. Dear God. On the sex market, you could get thousands and thousands and thousands for just an hour with a woman like this one. No wonder the house was so well tricked out. Marissa was leery of the human, especially considering his size. She'd heard so many stories about them. How they hated the vampire race. How they hunted her species. But this one seemed to be taking great pains not to frighten her. He didn't move; he barely breathed. All he did was stare at her. Which was unnerving, and not only because she wasn't used to being looked at. His hazel eyes gleamed out of his harsh face, missing nothing, taking in all of her. He was smart, this one. Smart and… sad. "What's your name?" he asked quietly. She liked his voice. Deep and low. Rough around the edges, as if he were perpetually a little hoarse. She was getting very close to him now, just feet away, so she stopped. "Marissa. I am called Marissa." "Butch." He touched his broad chest. "Er… Brian. O'Neal. People call me Butch, though." He stuck his hand out. Then retracted it, rubbed it vigorously on his pant leg, and offered it again. She lost her nerve. Touching him was too much, and she took a step back. He dropped his hand slowly, not looking at all surprised that she'd rejected him.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
And still, he stared. "What are you looking at?" She brought her hands up to the bodice of the gown, covering herself. A flush ran up his neck and into his cheeks. "Sorry. You're probably sick of men gawking at you." Marissa shook her head. "No males look at me." "I find that very hard to believe." It was true. They were all terrified of what Wrath might do. God, if those others had only known how little she'd been wanted. "Because…" The human's voice trailed off. "Man, you are so… totally… beautiful." And then he cleared his throat, like he wished he could take the words back. She tilted her head, considering him. There was something she couldn't decipher in his tone. An achy pitch. He dug his hand into his thick, dark hair. "And I'm going to shut up now. Before I make you feel even more uncomfortable." His eyes stayed on her face. They were really nice eyes, she thought. So warm. And they held a lonely yearning as he looked at her. As if he couldn't have something he wanted. She knew all about that. The human laughed, a burst of sound that came from deep inside his chest. "And how 'bout I try not to stare? That'd be good." He crammed his hands in the pockets of his pants and focused on the floor. "Look at me. Not staring. Not staring at all. Hey, this is a nice rug. You ever notice it before?" Marissa smiled in a small way and took a step closer to him. "I think I like the way you look at me." Those hazel eyes snapped back to her face. "I'm just not used to it," she explained. Her hand went to her neck, but she dropped it. "Man, you cannot be real," the human said softly.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
"Why not?" "You just can't." She laughed a little. "Well, I am." He cleared his throat again. Offered her a lopsided grin. "Mind if I ask you to prove it?" "How?" "Can I touch your hair?" Her first thought was to back away again. But then, why should she? She was tied to no male. If this human wanted to touch her, why couldn't he? Especially because she kind of wanted him to. She dropped her head down so some of her hair fell forward. She thought about holding a section out to him. But no. She would let him come closer. And the human did. His hand was big as it reached out, and her breath caught, but he didn't go for the blond wave hanging in front of her. Instead, his fingertips made contact with a lock resting on her shoulder. She felt a blast of heat through her skin, as though he'd touched her with a lit match. In no time, the sensation traveled throughout her body, as if she'd spiked a fever. What was this? The human's finger moved her hair aside, and then his whole hand brushed against her shoulder. His palm was warm. Solid. Strong. She lifted her eyes to him. "I can't breathe," she whispered. Butch nearly fell over. Good God, he thought. She wanted him. And her innocent amazement at his touch was better than the best sex he'd ever had. His body shot into overdrive, his erection straining his jeans, demanding to get out. But this couldn't be real, he thought. She had to be playing him. No one looked like she did, and hung out with those boys, without knowing every trick in the book. And pulling a lot of them on her back.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
He watched as she took an unsteady breath. And then licked her lips. The tip of her tongue was pink. Sweet Jesus. She might only be a fantastic actress. She might only be the best whore anyone had ever come across. But as she looked up at him, she had him in the palm of her hand. He was buying what she was selling in a big fricking way. He let his finger run up the side of her neck. Her skin was so soft, so pale, he was afraid he'd leave a mark just by touching her. "Do you live here?" he asked. She shook her head. "I live with my brother." He was relieved. "That's good." He brushed her cheek lightly. Stared at her mouth. What would she taste like? His eyes dipped lower, to her breasts. They seemed to have swelled and were pushing against the bodice of her fine gown. Her voice was tremulous. "You look at me as if you're thirsty." Oh, God. She had that right. He was parched. "Except I thought humans didn't feed?" she said. Butch frowned. She had an odd way with words, but then English was clearly her second language. His fingers moved over to her mouth. He paused, wondering if she would pull away if he touched her lips. Probably, he thought. Just to keep the game going. "Your name," she said. "It's Butch?" He nodded. "What are you thirsty for, Butch?" she whispered. His eyes slammed shut as his body swayed.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
"Butch?" she said. "Did I hurt you just now?" Yeah, only if you consider raging lust a kind of pain, he thought.”
Pages 271 – 275 ~Dark Lover ~ J.R.Ward

*Marissa and Butch both walk into each other’s arms; feeling the warmth that each can only get from the other. Pulling away slightly, Marissa puts out her hand then feels Butch put his into hers* Lets go home, *nodding slightly, Marissa continues* Lets go home to the Pit ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

The Pit~BDB Unbound Where Marissa Needs to Feed and Butch needs to understand

Marissa *Feeling weak and just a bit feverish, I know that it is not a cold that I have, but the need to feed. Since it has been a while since Butch and I have feed each other, and the blood loss, I have made it the need to feed so much more acute. Hands shaking as I reach in the Refrigerator for a water, I shut the door and jump when I see Butch standing at the breakfast nook staring at me with his arms crossed over his chest. Lowering my eyes, I start to walk by him and he stops my by grabbing my forearm and says to me* "When were you going to tell me that you are ready to feed?" *sighing in relief, I look up at you and my tongue darts out to wet my dry lips* I was hoping that the asking would be easier, but the longer I waited the harder it got.


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *I look at her and pull her close* Marissa *She closes her eyes and drops her head a little, I place my hand on her chin and lift her head up* Tahlly, look at me *She opens her eyes slowly, and I see the sadness and shame in her eyes* Tahlly, please, whatever is going on with us, you need to feed *She nods her head a little, for the fact I was looking at her closely, I would never of seen it* Come with me now *She just stares at me, I grab her hand and walk towards the couch, she walks behind me* You okay with doing it here? *Turning to look at her as she doesn't say anything* Marissa? *She glances up at me and looks at me blankly* Well, are you?

Marissa *At the sharpness in the question, I finally look up at Butch and know you are waiting for an answer. In a weak voice, that I hate even more, I say* Yes, here is fine, to be honest, I don't think that I can make it any further. *Sitting down next to you, I can feel the blood pumping through your veins and the smell of it is like the most expensive wine ever made. Licking my lips again, I look up at you from under lowered lashes when you place your wrist in front of my face. Relieved that you don't suggest that I use your neck, I am not ready for that yet. Taking your wrist in my hand, I swallow down any nerves that I have, and revert back to my upbringing, and nod my head in supplication and in the Old Language, I thank you for the life giving blood you are allowing me partake of. My fangs having elongated, pierce your flesh and I start to suck at your wrist*

Butch *Feeling her hesitate and then bite down, I hiss a little and then feel her sucking in easy little delicate mouthfuls, I lean right against her ear and whisper softly* Take all you want and need Tahlly * Feeling her bite down harder and her pulls become more urgent, I feel myself harden but knowing this is not what this is about, I shift myself a little and try to get comfy behind her. She drops back a little against my chest, taking more of my blood into her, I run my hand down her hair* That is it baby, take all you need, I hear her breath stop for a second but she carries on *I lie back a bit more against the couch and close my eyes, thinking about anything except her at my wrist right now*

Marissa *Taking in deep draws on his vein, I can feel your blood renewing me and giving me the energy that I need to heal. Looking up at you, from under my lashes, I see you resting your head against the couch; your eyes closed and head turned away from me at your wrist. I know this is hard on you too. Everything has been hard. And it is not your fault, I want to tell you, it is mine. Shaking my head, as I take a finial pull on your vein and I extract my fangs; I tell myself that it is no me either, it is the Omega's fault, but he is not here for me to be mad out so I have


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
to flay myself. Licking the punctures closed, I lean back and let out a sigh as I close my eyes briefly* Thank you again. For everything. For standing by me, for being with me when we talked to Wrathh and *I falter, then taking a deep breath, to get the rest out* for most of all, Thank you for saving me when I was in the *waves to the vicinity of the bathroom* tub. *Starting to rub my wrists absently, I turn my head away*

Butch *Turning my head to look at you as you turn away from me, I speak quietly as my voice doesn't want to come out* I will always save you Tahlly, even when you think you don't need saving *Pulling my arm from around you, I pull myself up off the couch and go to stand up, she looks up at me with such sadness "What about you?" I look at her and try to speak, trying to not let my emotions give me away to what I really want from her but now we are so not ready for this* What about me?

Marissa *Hating the distance that is between us, but not sure how to deal with it; I know that you are hurting too, I can hear the pain in your question and I need to fix that. Starting to talk, just saying what is on my mind. Staring straight ahead, I begin to talk to you for the first time since it happened* I didn't do it to leave you, or to hurt you. *shaking my head* I would never ever do that. I... you... I would never leave you. *sighing and rubbing my hands on my slacks to get rid of the dampness.* You are my world. You are my life. *turning to look at you, beseechingly* You need to believe me. The last thing that I would do is leave you alone. *standing starting to pace and I start to tap my head, hard, with my finger* He was in here...*tap tap tap* Here... telling me things that are not here and now, but old... old feelings of unworthiness... the self hatred and the feelings of not belonging... He found that and he brought it to the forefront. *Looking up at you* Yes was I worn down? Yes! Was I in a great place at that moment? NO! *walking to stand in front of you, I look you in the eyes* Did I want to talk to you too and have you help me through that rough patch... Dear Scribe Virgin, YES! I reached for my phone and realized that I left it in Safe Place. Did I want you? *whispers* Yes! So what about you? You are everything to me, you are my life, you are my world

Butch *Feeling her very words punch me right in the chest and stab at my heart, it stops for a little while, I look into those blue eyes I love and know so well. Then close my eyes and think about all she has said, then look at her* But you have left me, do you not see that ...... *Catching my breath a little and then ease it down a bit as I fee my chest pumping hard for air* If I never found you when I did in the tub, you would of been lost to me and gone from my life, forever,


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
you say you would never do that on purpose and I understand where you was but you would of been gone *She looks at me and I see her eyes filling with tears, she goes to touch me, and I back away from her* You say you felt worthless and like you used too, well imagine how I feel right now, you made me feel worthless, less than that *Dropping my head and feeling my heart beating so fast from the anger and my fangs elongating from hunger, I back away from her even more as she steps towards me, my ass hitting against V's desk, biting into my leg, I let out a hiss and try to hide my fangs from her*

Marissa *Taking a step forward, I stop when you back up against Vishous's desk. Taking a deep breath, I let out* I am sorry. *not knowing what else to say, I sigh and back away, not wanting to crowd you if you don't want me here. Starting to back way, I come up short when I hit the end table and I knock over the lamp. Making a grab for it, instead of placing it back, I look at it, then at the table, then at the lamp. Tightening my grip on the lamp, feeling my anger at everything... the Omega, the cutting, the whole Wellsandra Wing at Safe Place, the feelings of worthlessness that we both feel, I feel this overwhelming force build up in me. At first I have no clue what it is, I start to shake, my breath hitches and I have only one way to release it. Taking the lamp in my hand, I lift it over my shoulder and throw it against the wall and starts to yell* MOTHERFUCKER! *grabbing the lead ashtray, I toss that too, followed by a glass. Glancing around, my eyes land on the Foosball table, I stalk over to that and tip it over on it's side.* You cocksucking, motherfucking, whoreson... *going next for the poker table, I reach my arm out and clear it with one fell swoop. Breathing heavy, I vaguely hear you call out* "Tahlly... Rissa... Stop!" *Turning on you, arms at my sides, hands in fists, I bear my fangs*

Butch *Watching her for a while as she starts to trash the Pit and then hearing all the profanities that leave her mouth, I walk over to her and finally get her attention, but as she looks at me, her fangs are bared at me* Tahlly, calm down *She just growls at me and pushes me hard, I stumble backwards and my legs catch the arm of the couch, I fall back onto it and growl at her, well not so much her but at the fact I let her get me like this, my lips peeling back and baring my fangs at her, they are throbbing too as I know I need feeding but won't let her see that, I slam my head back against the seat of the couch and let out a deep breath* Do what you want Marissa, I don't want to fight anymore, I don't have it in me anymore, trash the place if it makes you feel better *Closing my eyes as I feel them start to water, not wanting her to see my tears, I hear her move and know she is getting closer to me, not caring right now if she hits me or not, if it makes her feel better, then all the better*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Marissa *You’re tears hit me as nothing else would. Stopping, breathing heavy, I look around at the mess I created. Yes I created and I sigh. Feeling your weakened state and at this rate we are not getting anything accomplished, except building up more walls, I walk over to where you are laying on the sofa. Bringing my wrist to one of my fangs, I score it so that the blood starts to make its way to the surface. Watching your nostrils flare, I take my wrist, my mixture of your life's blood and my own, and I place it at your mouth* Drink! *It is only thing I say. It is the only think I can say. As your lips cover my wrist, then you fangs puncture deep and you start to take in deep droughts, I reach over and run my hands through your hair and along you jaw to your ear and back into you thick hair. You lean into my hand and I sigh again and would let you drink me dry if it would fix anything, but I know it wouldn't*

Butch *My thoughts scattering as I taste her blood, my body coming to life and feeling myself harden again, I fight it down but know right now, I can't, I feel my hips jack off the couch but Marissa stays right where she is, I open my eyes and look at her, my eyes going wide as I see the look on her face. I take another couple of deep pulls and then retract my fangs, watching her closely as I run my tongue along her wrist and seal her up. She slowly pulls her arm away from me and pulls down her sleeve, she looks around the room, I close my eyes and turn my head away from her, whispering* You can leave if you wish too, and thank you for that *Hearing her breath catch as if she wants to say something but then stops, I suddenly smell my bonding scent hit my nostrils "Fuck!" my head turning automatically back to look at her, as I feel her hand on my face, I blink once at her and then see the look in her eyes* I am sorry for all that has happened, I so want this to stop *Placing a hand over my chest and rubbing it across my heart*

Marissa *Hearing what I take as a dismissal, my heart starts to pound. Taking in a sharp breathe, trying to stop the pain that descends upon me, I close my eyes. All of a sudden, I start to smell your bonding sent, and it dawns on me what has been missing for the past few days... your bonding scent. Reaching over to run my hand over your face. I hear your words of apology, and I slowly start to shake my head* I too want it to stop, the blame the self loathing, the pain. *feeling your soft waves flowing thru my fingers, I realize that this is the first time that I have voluntarily touched you.* I ... I... *swallowing hard as I lean in closer to you. I whisper against your lips* I love you, Butch *my lips softly touch yours and I hear a low growl*


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Butch *Feeling your lips against mine, I almost jack off the couch, closing my eyes as I hear your words, I feel my hands lift of their own accord and grab the sides of your face, pulling your mouth closer to mine, as I place a kiss against your mouth, I speak between each kiss* I *Kissing you* Love *Kissing you again* You *Kissing you once again* Tahlly *Kissing you a little harder this time, and my tongue permission into your mouth, feeling your mouth open and your tongue start to duel with mine, I let my hands travel down your body and my arms wrap around you. Suddenly feeling your body fall against mine, I gasp into your mouth and feel my fangs elongate again* Rissa .....

Marissa *Answering you with the same passion and longing* Butch *running my tongue over your fang, and drawing blood, I tangle with your tongue and the blood mingles* I *kisses* need *kisses* to *kisses* feel again *tilts my face and leans my body so that it is hard to tell where you end and I begin. Growling low, I pull way and hike up my shirt and toss it on top of the broken glass on the floor* I need to feel you, now *grabbing at your shirt I rip it trying to get it off, hearing you chuckle and say chidingly "Tahlly, slow down", I smile* I can't I need you now! *leaning on your chest, running my hand up your pecs, I hover over your lips, barely touching, I whisper* Make me feel again.

Butch *Grabbing her face softly* I will baby but ..... *Stopping as she scowls at me, I grin at her, she leans down and takes my mouth, before he knows it, I flip us over and hover above her body. Growling from deep within me at her body, I lean forward and place a kiss against her throat, then start kissing my way down her body, till I reach her breasts. Taking her left breast into my mouth and lathing her nipple through the satin fabric of her bra, and my hand gently rolling her right nipple between my thumb and finger, she arches below me and pushes her breasts closer to me, and my eyes looking up at her as she starts to moan with pleasure "Butch!" I smile a little as I continue, growling a little as I lathe her nipple some more* I forgot how good you feel *Then my body hardens as I smell the most beautiful scent in the whole world, the ocean. Sliding my free hand down her body and sliding it under her clothes and into her panties, my body jerking as I feel her slick core* Fuck!

Marissa Yes! That... I need that. *Arching up as I feel you insert a finger into my wet core* FFS... Nallum! MORE! *feeling your finger start to move, in and out, in and out; you tongue lathe my breasts, first the left then the right. As you talk the whole areola into your mouth and you suck hard, you insert a second finger inside me, I let out a moan* The Scribe Virgin, Yes,


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
More? *Reaching for you, I run my hands over your shoulders and I reach for your back where you have my name carved into your back, digging my nails into your back, I hear a groan escape your mouth and that pushes me over the edge, I orgasm fast and hard; digging my heels in the sofa, I arch up and feel you insert a 3rd finger* Ohhh Butch! *bringing your head up to my mouth, you capture the sounds of my second release in your mouth*

Butch *Feeling your core tighten around my fingers and hearing your groan into my mouth, nearly pushes me over the edge, feeling my own orgasm race to the end of my cock. I stop it just in time, waiting till you finish your release, I look at you through hooded eyes* Tahlly, I have missed so much, I have missed you more than I ever thought was possible *She smiles at me with that glow I love so much on her, lifting off her, I see her look at me in confusion as I pick her up* I think we need to take this to our bedroom now, what I want to do to you will take a while and I don't think you want Vishous and Jane seeing what I am doing to you, true? *Smiling at her as she blushes, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her as I carry her into our room, growling low* You are not leaving this room for at least the next *Looking at my watch* 12 hours, okay *Hearing her giggle as I reach the door, kicking it open and literally throwing her on our bed. Kicking the door shut as I look her over, licking my lips* I am so gonna to enjoy this, ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Safe Place ~ BDB Unbound Where Butch and Marissa talk

Butch *After sitting in the Pit for like seems like forever, I start to think about Marissa, and how we still have to clear the air between us, all we need the other night was let our lust for one another get the better of us. Looking at my watch and seeing she is due to leave shortly, I grab the keys for the Escalade and head for the Safe Place. Arriving there in record time, just as I pull up outside, I see the doors open and Marissa steps out, she looks at me in surprise. I get out as I smile at her, standing by the side of the car as she walks towards me "Everything okay?" I smile at her and kiss her cheek softly* Yeah, well sort of, anyway *She looks at me panicked, I quickly squeeze her hand* No, don't panic, it is not bad, I just thought we needed to talk and this may be the safest and best place for us to do that, true?


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
Marissa *Thinking how wound tight we both have been and how being at home is like walking on eggshells, I nod my head* Yes... yes, I think we need to talk and not there. *taking a deep breath, I squeeze your hand back* It is still dark enough, do you want to walk? *at your nod, we start to walk along the path, past the swingsets, to the tree lined edge of the property. Clearing my throat, I dont want to talk about the weather, so the first thing that comes to my mind is* Soooo how are those Red Sox doing? *at your chuckle, we both relax. After another moment or two I start to talk in a soft voice* I have always known that I am beautiful, *a slight laugh* I have been told that from the beginning. *In a sing-song voice* Oh Marissa you are so beautiful... Oh The Beauty of the Race... You will make some Male the perfect shellan, you are so beautiful... *makes a face, then turns solemn eyes up to you* But I never felt that way until you looked at me... I just want you to know that.

Butch *Looking at her and taking in her words* I know you have heard it all your life, but just so you know, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever layed my eyes upon *Seeing her eyes and the way she shifted herself slightly at how uncomfortable she is, I turn her body to look at her properly, she drops her head down a little, I grab her face and lift her head* I wish you would believe me, but I am glad to hear I make you feel that way *Grinning at her and then placing a kiss on her forehead* But as for making you fell something, we need to talk about what happened with you, then us, I know you felt worthless and like nothing was what it was but you tried to take yourself away from me *Watching her closely as she closes her eyes, then opens them again and they are watery* Rissa, please talk to me and don't you dare say you can't or won't, we need to get this all out on the table, right now.

Marissa *sighing, then letting go of your hand, I start to walk backwards looking up at the house.* Have you ever just been an ornament? Something to decorate someone's arm? Learned how to plan a party for 500 *points in the air* with dinner? Or better yet, how to arrange flowers in a vase *Pronouncing it as /veɪz/* I can tell you that is really important information. *starts to gesture wildly at Safe Place, then somewhere over where the Mansion is, than at you* When Wrathh didn't want me for the skills I had *laughing slightly* Not that I blame him; then you came along and this fell into my lap! *turning to wild slightly hysterical eyes at you, gesturing at the house, to the part with the tarp flapping in the breeze where the construction is going on* I can't do this! I was never taught? Oh sure I can make a pretty flower arrangement in the foyer when you walk in, but beside that *shrugs* I just fly by the seat of my pants, making it up as I go along. *sighs and slumps my shoulders* That is what I was thinking that day when the Omega found me alone, with my thoughts... He just made them *moving my hands in a


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
circular pattern* crazier. He took my deep seated fear of failure and expounded on it. *looking at you* And he took my biggest fear... that of losing you to the evil and made it so that there was no way my rational side could tamp it down *Starts to walk odd slowly*

Butch *Watching her carefully and listening as her words come out all rushed* I don't know all about that sort of stuff, so not my forte ..... *Watching her stop and then roll her eyes at me* Hey, just saying how it is and as for feeling you can't do it. do what exactly? *She looks at me and just shakes her head, I step towards her* Do you not how much you mean to me? You are everything you want to be and can do anything you want and as for me turning evil *Stopping in my tracks and letting out a exasperated breath, she lifts her arms at me as if to say something, then stops still too. We stand staring at each other for a while, then I look at the ground and kick my foot out a little as if moving a stone around, she huffs at me and I look up at her* I do not know what to say about the evil thing that has you so worried, I have to live with it each and every day, for the rest of my life. What the Omega did to me, is either a curse for him or for me, but all I know is that, for now I am doing good with what I do, I am helping out more than I ever thought I would, this family, you, are all I have in this world and will do whatever it takes to protect it *She looks at me with that look that lets me know she is going to give it me with both barrels again, I shrug at her* Would I change a thing about what has happened, to be honest with you, no I wouldn't, because if the Omega hadn't of done what he had, I would never of been where I am today. Do you know I told Vishous to kill me as I could not stand it here another day without doing something for this family and for you not being in it, but you were prepared to leave me, kill yourself and leave me in this world without you in it.

Marissa *Sadly shaking my head, I look to you* And you go out every night, with the possible end result of killing yourself and leaving me alone as well, and I am suppose to be OK with that I guess because I am the ornament, the beautiful ornament. *puts my hand up to silence you* I know you are going to say that you have your brothers at your back and you are doing what you are trained to do, but the end result is the same, you will leave me alone. *Sighing I walk up to you and place my hand over your heart. Playing with the buttons on your shirt, I slowly raise my head to look you into the eyes* He had me convinced that you didn't care, *when you go to say something I shake my head quickly* He told me that you were better off without me, that I really never even made a dent in your life. That is why he told me to kill myself... *lowering my head and in a sad voice, I continue on* and that is why I did it, because I didn't want you tied to me like Wrathh was. Holding you back from what you want to do with your life. He convinced me that I was setting you free...


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Butch *Feeling my heart almost stop at her words, I close them quickly and gather my thoughts, then opening then, I see her staring at me and I try to say what I think but find it hard* Right, firstly, I do what I need too and I truly do understand what you are saying about me not coming back but I will always do whatever it takes to get back to you, I promise you this, even if I have to drag myself back with broken legs and arms and through broken glass, I will always find my way back to you, okay? *Seeing the look on her face and then her nod a little at me* And as for him, he will do whatever it takes to destroy whoever is around him, that is what he does, but as for being better off without you, Marissa, you are my world, my light in the dark, my hope, my very breath and as for Wrathh not wanting you, well that is his loss and my gain, besides he was meant for Beth, as you was meant for me, do you not see that? *Watching as she continues to mess with the buttons on the front of my shirt* Tahlly, look at me *She lifts her eyes slightly and looks at me* You would not of set me free by killing yourself, you would of destroyed me, I would be lost without you in my life, you complete that missing piece of me, my light *Leaning down and cupping your cheeks and then placing a soft kiss on your lips* You. Are. My. Everything!

Marissa *As I raise my head to look into the face that I love so well, the tears that have been threatening to fall, start to overflow the the lids and fall in rivulets down my face. Feeling your thumbs start to rub them away, I try to get a hold of myself. Smiling slightly* Please don't tell me you are going to break out into the Barry White song? I will tell the Brothers! *seeing you smile and lean forward to kiss me. Feeling your lips on mine, I know that you have spoken the truth. You are my life too, my strength... my Light! Pulling away to catch my breath, I say a bit breathlessly* If ever you tire of... *you are already shaking your head violently and placing a hand over my mouth, I continue to mumble as you tell me "I will never tire of you Marissa", scowling from under your hand, you slowly move it away* You say that now, what happens when I am old and grey *sounding petulant* I am THAT much older than you. *Smiling when you start to laugh and call me a "Cougar", making a rude noise* Just remember and be respectful to your elders. *I laugh outright when I hear you mutter "Yes Ma'am"* I do love you Butch, I think I always have. I know from the first time that I saw you, I you made me feel whole... up until then I always felt that I was missing something... You do complete me

Butch As you do me, you were my missing link, you still take my breath away, as you did the very first moment I saw you *Cupping your face and kissing your forehead* I *Then kissing


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©
your left cheek* will *Kissing your right cheek* never *Kissing the tip of your nose* tire of you *Taking your mouth with mine, then whispering against your mouth* Just promise me something please *Opening my eyes as she opens hers "What?" I look into those eyes I love so much, that face* Do not ever doubt my love for you again, no matter what happens in this world, you are my very air and reason for living and coming home, each and every day *Her tears start to flow again and I rub them away with my thumbs* Please do not cry my Tahlly, you are mine, always mine, you have this *Grabbing her hand in mine and placing it over my heart*

Marissa *Knowing that my face is all red and my eyes are all swollen, but I can see all the love in your eyes, I start to sniffle* I will promise to bring all my insecurities to you and we can talk them over. *nodding my head* And if I ever get afraid, I am to come to you and between us we can figure things out *leaning up I kiss your lips. Stepping back, I take your hand* Come on, take me home *Smiling up at you as you get that light in your hazel eyes and you quicken your step. Laughing I am practically running trying to keep up with you. On an impulse I turn around to see a shadow near the place that we were. I look back at Butch and then again at the tree and see nothing there. Shivering, I pick up the pace to stay by your side* ~


Marissa Meets The Omega A BDB~Unbound Storyline ©

Marissa would like to thank her family for making this happen. Without all of you, this Storyline would never have been brought to fruition.

Love to her Butch, without whom this would never had come together, and for hopping in and saving her, even though it was more than what we were figuring. Next her Roomies Jane and Vishous for not only the intervention, but joining with Butch to do your own connecting storyline. For Mary, who helped to bring me from the depth, and The Omega, without whom this would have never happened.

To any who ever feel overwhelmed by life, circumstances or just depressed and you think there is no way out, there is help out there. Start with http://www.suicidehotlines.com and seek the help that you need. There is always someone there for you to talk to. And Remember, you are SOMEONE!


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