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Mari Garcia - 2012 and the Capricorn Ingress

Mari Garcia - 2012 and the Capricorn Ingress

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End Times

2012 and the Capricorn Ingress


or several years now, the Capricorn ingress of 2012 has been flagged as the next major ‘event’ of cataclysmic proportions for the human race. This has led to a surge of ‘messiahs’, gurus and a plethora of websites advising us on what it will mean when the

world ends(again!). But before we get too excited, let us consider a couple of things: First, the origin and meaning of the word eschatology. This is taken from the Greek eschatos meaning ‘last’ and -logos meaning ‘the study of’ and is a part of theology, philosophy, and cosmology concerned with the final events in history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity, commonly referred to as the ‘End of the World’ or the ‘World to Come’. The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as “concerned with ‘the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell”. In mysticism, it refers metaphorically to the end of ordinary reality and reunion with the Divine. Many religious teachings, including the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths, to name a few, describe it as an existing future event prophesied in sacred writings, divine revelations or folklore. Eschatology can also embrace other related concepts such as the Messiah or Messianic Age, the end time, and the end of days. Basically, it is about the end of the present world order to be replaced, after storm, tempest and upheaval, by a greater one. This ‘end of the world’ scenario can be divided into two types of eschatology: Mythical eschatology can be described as the “myth of the eternal return,” which presents a cyclic view of history. In many religious festivals, this lost time or era of history is regenerated through myth and ritual and eternity is represented. The ritual replicates the creation of the cosmos, the beginning of perfection and suggests that transience is proved wrong. Everything is shown to stay in place, there is always hope, and salvation is shown as a return to the origin or source (i.e. God, Prime Mover, etc) or to an original golden age where perfection reigned. Mythical eschatology celebrates the eternity of the cosmos and the repeatability of the origin of the world. Mythical eschatology believes in the eternity of the universe and emphasises the need to replicate the origin of the world at the end of the world. The ‘end time’ repeats the primordial time, that is

In Judaism. wherein all beings. The Easter festival also provides the basis of belief in the Judgement Day or Rapture. Historical eschatology. The Christian. With the current discussion on the Capricorn Ingress of 2012. Professional Mayanist scholars state that predictions of impending doom are not found in any of the extant classic Maya accounts. This date is regarded as the end-date of a 5. Renewal – beginning of a new world order Revelation – of new truths Restitution – of past wrongs and the end of the world The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on 21 December 2012. Rituals are events in which a novum (a new or extraordinary event or action) is symbolically experienced. . both living and dead are judged and as a consequence either rewarded or punished.that out of chaos (disorder) there arises a new cosmos. Historical eschatology deals with the destruction of the universe and then the creation of another or alternative system. the exodus of the Jews from Egypt was a historical event that comes to signal the birth of the nation of Israel is recreated in Judaic ritual in the celebration of the Passover feast which commemorates the event itself. Islam celebrates at the feast of Ramadan. on the other hand is grounded in historically datable events that are seen and regarded as fundamental to the historical timeline. Judaic and Islamic religious traditions all partake of historical eschatology. events and experiences. Hope for a better future is grounded in this historical remembrance but it also goes beyond what is remembered historically: it looks to a new beginning based on what has gone before. the recreation of the time in which the first verses of the Koran were said to have been revealed to the prophet Muhammad. they are used to remember these important events through the re-telling of history and tradition. we have an end of the world scenario which centres on the 4 R’s which encompass the following themes: • • • • Redemption – moral and ecological – clean up our act when it comes to moral issues as well as the environment. Historical eschatology is not just the repetition of certain dates.125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Christianity recreates the birth and death of Jesus Christ during the Christmas festival and more importantly at Easter when it celebrates the concept of resurrection. World religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism deal with the mythical eschatology.

Times which are characterised by endurance. shows Pisces rising and Neptune conjunct the Ascendant. heads of state or those in charge will be seen by the collective as false. restlessness and discontent as described by Jupiter-Saturn. power … 06' ¿ Ü 04° Ü 38' 14' Ü Œ 54' 20' ‚ ‚ 23' „ ƒ ¶ 14° 27° 00° Ý 24' 08° 17° ½Ï 29° Ý 37' 19° ‚ 16' 06° ƒ 49' without scruples and fanaticism of Jupiter-Pluto together with the pessimism. set in London. Jupiter is in opposition to Venus. we need to ask ourselves the question: does this have anything to do with astrology. leanness and privation have put pressure on finding outlets for. 00° Geocentric Tropical Placidus True Node 06° ‰ 49' 19° ˆ 16' 29° ‡ 37' 27° ‰ 23' Á ¼ 26° ‰ 25' ¸ 00° ‰ 56' ‰ 00' º » É 14° 06° 25° ‡ 36' ˆ ˆ 41' 35' ‡ 39' ¾ 08° ‡ There is also a Focused Yod with Saturn 24' 08° † in sextile to Pluto and both in quincunx to Jupiter which is the apex planet. Fri 11:11:37 am U T +0:00 Greenw ich 51°N 29' 000°W00' The Capricorn ingress of 2012 occurs at 11:11am GMT and the chart. The chart also has Neptune conjunct the Ascendant and sextile the Sun suggesting leaders. the waste. weak or ailing. Jupiter opposes Venus suggesting that any solutions must take into account the opposing needs of individual desire (Venus) vs collective aspirations (Jupiter). a planet in poor condition. astrology is far more complex than that and there is always something happening.and that the idea that the Long Count calendar "ends" in 2012 misrepresents Maya history and culture As astrologers. but as you and I know. To some extent we are already seeing some of this in the very public and sometimes violent reaction of many nations to the seeming ineffectiveness of . Alternatively. So. 03° Š À 00° ‹ 48' ‹ 06' 03° Jupiter is the planet at the apex of the yod suggesting that the hope or expectation of better things arises from the difficult times and struggles of Saturn-Pluto. let us look at what the time is about through astrological indicators. excess. deceitful. In turn. Ca p r i co r n In g r e ss o f T h e Su n N at al C hart 21 D ec 2012. Rather. exploitation. substance or structure. or solutions to. let us not get caught up in the hype and lose sight of astrology. Hope and expectation are corrupted and debilitated as Jupiter is not only retrograde but also in its detriment. they may lack definition. The difficulty of pinning such great expectations on only one solution or outcome is epitomised by retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. planetary patterns or shifts? The short answer is “no”.

The major component of this Capricorn ingress is a focused yod which brings together the SaturnPluto sextile quincunx the retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. the people(Moon) are dominated and fuelled by rumours (Mercury) which. we will start seeing the impact that this has had on the population and the dilemma for those in power to continue with these measures or to risk losing the next election on a wave of public discontent. the church. Focused yods describe a sense of fatedness whose issues are highlighted by the quincunx and sextiles while the opposition serves as the conduit for its expression. 9th and 11th houses suggesting that media. Spain & Ireland. The Jupiter-Venus opposition connects the 3rd and 9th houses of media and neighbours and foreign relations. The planet at the apex will describe the form which this expression takes. France. The present UK Government led by David Cameron will be half way through its term of office with the next election not due until 2015. If we place each ingress in a different place on the globe and look at the houses generated by geographical location we can extract some level of meaning as to how this may be played out in different countries: London: Here the Yod connects 3rd. to inaction and ineptitude in Egypt and Syria. suggests that news or information is distorted. in detriment. we can say that public opinion is generated by distorted information. the law and the Parliament are intrinsically tied up. 8th. corrupted or is detrimental and this travels quickly and can literally go viral with the speed of the trine. . financial relations with foreign countries. and to the lack of moral fibre in other leaders as they are seen to buckle under the demands of ideological or political imperatives as seen in the USA. However. Iran and Afghanistan. transiting Mars will conjunct the Moon of the Ingress Chart at the end of March 2013 and then will go on to oppose Venus and conjunct the Jupiter of the yod between 9th -15th June and this may be the spark that triggers an election which will be the expression of public displeasure at the loss of hope and expectation. In 15 months time. Jupiter then forms an opposition to Venus in Sagittarius. As a consequence. Spending on services has been cut increasing hardship for those dependent on them. We know that the UK has been hit hard with the European bailouts for its continental neighbours Greece.their leaders in the wake of deteriorating economies in Spain and Greece. because Mercury is in detriment. With the Moon trining Mercury in Sagittarius.

the 6th representing workers and employment the 11th Ca p r i co r n In g r e ss o f T h e S u n N atal C hart 21 D ec 2012. The JupiterVenus opposition connects the 6th and 12th houses of workers and welfare services. Americans may be asking themselves whether they know who they have elected (confusion about the results) or are too busy congratulating themselves on a ‘new’ beginning. as they were “dependent on the government” and believed they were “victims” entitled to live off the state. Jupiter rules 1st and intercepted 3rd). I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. and 3rd. banks get nervous. The current opinion of those 13° ‡ 23° 13° ‡ 39' É 25° ‡ 36' » 06° ˆ 35' º 14° ˆ 41' ¸ 00° Á 16° 08° ‰ 00' 56' ‰ 25' ‰ 48' ‹ 38' Ü 14' Ü 13' Œ54' ‚ 08° ˆ 17' ½ ‚ 17' 11' in power is reflected in comments made recently by the Republican Presidential candidate. . banks foreclose. “My job is not to worry about those people. Mitt Romney. has continued to show signs of malaise. and the USA is a huge debtor. The USA Presidential election is scheduled for November 2012 and the result will be reflected in this ingress.Washington: The Yod connects the 1st house of national image. when large customers owe money. When small customers owe money. This may be dashed as we see the transiting Mars triggering off the Yod when the hopes and expectations are dashed by the reality of a situation which may have dire consequences on the nations’ finances and image (Saturn rules 2nd.”1 The USA economy has been in freefall since the GFC of 2008 and apart from small rallies. We might see a very different USA whose economic clout has been severely diminished over the last few years but by then it will start having major impact on global finances. the 12th of public institutions. The USA is not known for its welfare support to the poor and 16° Geocentric Tropical Placidus True Node 01° † 13' 24' … 25° Ï 29° „ 02' „ 26' 00° 11' ‡ disenfranchised and they may be either 56' ¾ ƒ 08° the scapegoats or the ones that make the difference to the upcoming election outcome. Fri 6:11:37 am EST +5:00 Washington 38°N 53' 42' ' 077°W02'12'' representing the Congress. He has had to do a public clarification of comments made to a meeting of Republican supporters where he complained that 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax were a lost cause for his Ý 23° ‰ 56' ¼ 26° 00° 25° 04° 14° À Š 26' ‹ ¿ 01° Ü ¶ 00° Ý 24' campaign.

Fri 10:11:37 pm AED T -11:00 C anberra. the question of land ownership versus foreign investment has been highlighted with the approval of the sale of Cubby Station to Chinese investors. . This also raises the issue of water. With Saturn ruling the 6th and the 7th. We may also see the ¿ 12° 13° 09' ‚ 13' ½ 08° ‚ 54' Œ Ü Ü 04° 01' 14' Ü 38' 16° 14° ϶ widening of a divide between the 57' ‹ Government and the Opposition parties. Political platitudes and posturing will also not be enough to placate those on both sides of the resources and refugee arguments. Australia’s most precarious „ 16' 25' ‰ 26° 56' ‰ 00' ¼ Š 16' 12° … 57' 39' ‡ 41' 35' ˆ 14° ˆ 36' 06° ‡ Á 09' ‰ 00° ¸ ‰ 05° 08° º 25° 08° ¾ 21° † 00' É 19° ‡ 54' » ˆ 13° 13' resource as Cubby Station holds precious water licenses which have been the subject of debate especially in relation to the management of Murray River flows. the nature of work and employment conditions will feature together with foreign affairs and alliances. the media. 6th 4th houses suggesting that the Prime Minister. There will not be enough to assuage the electorate which will be at the pointy end of job losses and employment insecurity especially in the resources sector and in regional centres. 3rd. The expectations of the community on both sides of the Refugee debate will be dealt a reality check as the realisation dawns that there is no one solution.Canberra: Here the Yod connects 10th. land and natural resources are all tied up. The mining and carbon taxes have been the battleground between Government 00° ƒ 05° 48' ‹ 00° À 00° and Opposition but new issues such as refugees and more recently the Gay Marriage question has caused more divisions. Additionally. The Jupiter-Venus opposition connects the 4th and 10th Ca p r ico r n In g r e ss o f T h e S u n N at al C hart 21 D ec 2012. Venus rules 10th and 3rd houses and we should expect government power being exerted on Australia’s neighbours as well as the media. workers and working conditions and. The issue of the carbon tax and the dwindling prices in the resources sector will trigger some major economic turn-arounds as again the realisation that the reality does not meet the expected returns from the mining tax. Australia 35°S17' 149°E08' houses suggesting that natural resources and mining will be in competition or confrontation with national image or Geocentric Tropical Placidus True Node 19° Ý 54' 21° Ü 00' national priorities.

Keep abreast of developments at Astro Mundi on Facebook.uk/news/worldnews/us-election/9550275/Washingtons-damning-verdict-on-MittRomneys-gaffe. For the time being.html [accessed 20/9/12] .co.com.Jupiter opposition will be the trigger point as it pits Government policy against Opposition promises. In summary. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in our backyard as well as throughout the different parts of the world. Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer who has been involved with astrology since 1990. The Telegraph 20 September 2012. Mari Garcia 20th September 2012 Copyright Mari Garcia 2012. 1 Spillius. the Venus . which offers a four year course in astrology. The trigger that activates this yod will be transiting Mars suggesting that the results will cross geographical. All sides of politics will be challenged to address these issues with more than simply promises or finger pointing. There is indeed a changing world order and the fork in the road forces us to face a decision: do we continue as we have or do we make changes. She has lectured widely both in Australia and the USA and has published articles in Australia and overseas and writes for several local and national publications. a Traditional Astrology course as well as special interest workshops and Master Classes. Washington's damning verdict on Mitt Romney's gaffe. social. She runs a consulting practice in Adelaide and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI. Whatever the form and its impact is still a way down the track. http://www. Alex.With all these on the agenda. cultural and religious boundaries. suffice to say that we are indeed seeing an ‘end of times’ as the world looks for alternatives.astromundi.a universal thirst for renewal with a new mindset and different way of tackling issues. The power struggle inherent in SaturnPluto forms the basis of the yod while the Jupiter as the apex planet describes the involvement of large and influential Jupiterian entities or individuals. the Capricorn ingress of 2012 suggests that there is.telegraph. Mari can be contacted on 08 8563 9182 or check out the website at www.

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