HIS OWN DULL HISTORY Look at her Greenfield said he was referring to Miss Money a girl who sat

two desks in front hair light brown drawn into a woven plait at the back bet she’s got tits on her he said you glanced over your finger turning the page of the history book some text on the Tudors some boring fart who had six wives or so you’d read the girl was engrossed in writing hand gripping a pen head slightly down I wouldn’t know you said bet she has Greenfield uttered

the history teacher had his back to the class fingers with chalk scribbling on the board you noticed the girl’s neck between blouse collar and light brown hair my cousin’s got big breasts he said saw them when she was dressing one morning while straying at her house getting ready for a wedding he drawled on you followed the text with your finger the second wife had her head chopped off poor bitch you thought Miss Money turned her profile captured ear eye maybe brown

then turned back again sunlight from window’s glass blessed her head but Greenfield talked of her figure and waistline instead making motions with his hands in the air in front history was lost on him Miss Money moved him more at least some aspects did not the finer things maybe but he kind of wrote and made his own dull history.