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The Kevin Dillon Handbook - Everything you need to know about Kevin Dillon

The Kevin Dillon Handbook - Everything you need to know about Kevin Dillon

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Kevin Brady Dillon (born August 19, 1965) is an American actor best known as Johnny "Drama" Chase on the HBO dramedy Entourage and as Bunny in the Academy Award winning war film Platoon. He has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his performance on Entourage.This book is your ultimate resource for Kevin Dillon. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Kevin Dillon's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Kevin Dillon, A Midnight Clear, Entourage (TV series), Gone in the Night, Heaven Help Us, How to Be a Gentleman, Immediate Family (film), Jerry Ferrara, Johnny "Drama" Chase, Mamaroneck High School, Misbegotten (film), No Escape, Platoon (film), Poseidon (film), Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Remote Control (1988 film), Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, Stag (film), That's Life (2000 TV series), The Blob (1988 film), The Doors (film), The Foursome, The Pathfinder (film), The Rescue (1988 film), True Crime (1996 film), Viking Quest, War Party (film), When He's Not a Stranger 96…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Kevin Brady Dillon (born August 19, 1965) is an American actor best known as Johnny "Drama" Chase on the HBO dramedy Entourage and as Bunny in the Academy Award winning war film Platoon. He has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his performance on Entourage.This book is your ultimate resource for Kevin Dillon. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Kevin Dillon's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Kevin Dillon, A Midnight Clear, Entourage (TV series), Gone in the Night, Heaven Help Us, How to Be a Gentleman, Immediate Family (film), Jerry Ferrara, Johnny "Drama" Chase, Mamaroneck High School, Misbegotten (film), No Escape, Platoon (film), Poseidon (film), Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Remote Control (1988 film), Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, Stag (film), That's Life (2000 TV series), The Blob (1988 film), The Doors (film), The Foursome, The Pathfinder (film), The Rescue (1988 film), True Crime (1996 film), Viking Quest, War Party (film), When He's Not a Stranger 96…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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Kevin Dillon


Kevin Dillon
Kevin Dillon


August 19, 1965 New Rochelle, New York

Other names Jacob Reddy Occupation Years active Spouse(s) Family Actor 1983–present Jane Stuart (April 22, 2006 – present) Mary Ellen (mother) Matt Dillon (brother)

Kevin Brady Dillon (born August 19, 1965) is an American actor best known as Johnny "Drama" Chase on the HBO dramedy Entourage and as Bunny in the Academy Award winning war film Platoon. He has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his performance on Entourage.

Early life
Dillon was born in New Rochelle, New York, the son of Mary Ellen, a homemaker, and Paul Dillon, a portrait painter, sales manager, and golf coach at Fordham University. He is the younger brother of actor Matt Dillon.[1] Both brothers attended Mamaroneck High School.

Dillon began acting in both television and films in the 1980s and first received wide attention for his role as the psychopathic soldier Bunny in the 1986 film Platoon. In 1983 Dillon played Arnold Norberry in the TV Movie No Big Deal. In 1988, he portrayed Brian Flagg in a remake of the 1958 American science fiction film The Blob. The remake flopped, earning only 8.2 million against a budget of 19 million, although in recent years it has gained a devoted cult following. Other notable film roles from that period included War Party (1988), No Escape (1994), and The Doors (1991), in which he played drummer John Densmore. Much of Dillon's 2000s work has been in television, including the CBS series That's Life as Paul DeLucca and the Fox series 24 as Lonnie McRae. He appeared in the 2006 film Poseidon, a remake of the The Poseidon Adventure. He appeared on Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf on The Golf Channel in April 2010.

Kevin Dillon Dillon was on the HBO hit comedy series Entourage playing Johnny "Drama" Chase, for which he received a 2007, 2008, and 2009 Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe nomination in 2008. The show completed its final season on Sunday 9/11/2011. He played a role in the new comedy series on to CBS How to Be a Gentleman that was cancelled after only two episodes.


Personal life
On April 21, 2006, Dillon married model/actress Jane Stuart in Las Vegas. Entourage cast member Jerry Ferrara was the best man at the wedding and Kevin Connolly walked Stuart down the aisle after Dillon shouted "Victory!" (a tribute to his character's work on the metafictional TV series Viking Quest). In May 2006, Jane gave birth to a daughter, Ava, in Los Angeles. He has a daughter, Amy, from a previous relationship. Dillon currently resides in New York City.

Name No Big Deal Heaven Help Us The Delta Force Platoon Remote Control The Rescue The Blob War Party Immediate Family When He's Not a Stranger The Doors A Midnight Clear Frankie's House Tales from the Crypt No Escape True Crime The Pathfinder Gone in the Night Stag Misbegotten NYPD Blue Hidden Agenda That's Life 24 Year 1983 1985 1986 1986 1988 1988 1988 1988 1989 1989 Role Arnold Norberry Rooney Delta Force Member Bunny Cosmo J.J. Merrill Brian Flagg Skitty Harris Sam Rick TV Movie; Nominated - Young Artist Award Best Young Actor Starring in a TV Movie, Pilot or Special Nominated - Young Artist Award Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama Uncredited TV Movie Notes

1991 1992 1992 1993 1994 1996 1996 1996 1997 1998

John Densmore Cpl. Mel Avakin Sean Flynn Les Wilton Casey Tony Campbell Pathfinder/Hawkeye David Dowaliby Dan Kane Billy Crapshoot 3 episodes Episode: House of Horror

1998-2000 Off. Neil Baker 1999 David Mclean

2000-2002 Paul DeLucca 2003 Lonnie McRae

34 episodes 3 episodes

Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (Shared with cast) (2007) Nominated .com/name/nm1143/) at the Internet Movie Database • Interview in Complex Magazine (http://www.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (Shared with cast) (2008) Nominated .imdb. php?id=90305 [3] http:/ / www. imdb. net/ news/ movienews.complex.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (2008) Nominated . comingsoon.com/CELEBRITIES/Mantras/Kevin_Dillon) .Kevin Dillon Karen Sisco Entourage 2003 Bob Salcheck Episode: Dumb Bunnies Main cast member.com [2] http:/ / www.Teen Choice Awards Choice TV: Sidekick (2007) Nominated . Miniseries or Television Film (2008) Nominated .Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (2009) Nominated . com/ film/ 7/ Kevin-Dillon.Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series. 96 episodes Nominated . com/ title/ tt2381931/ External links • Kevin Dillon (http://www.Teen Choice Awards TV – Choice Chemistry (Shared with cast) (2006) The Foursome Poseidon Hotel for Dogs How to Be a Gentleman Compulsion [2][3] 2006 2006 2009 Rick Foster Lucky Larry Carl Scudder 3 2004-2011 Johnny 'Drama' Chase 2011-2012 Bert Lansing 2013 Filming Video Games Year Name Role Notes Racer 2012 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: "Valets" shorts References [1] Kevin Dillon Biography (http:/ / www. filmreference.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (2007) Nominated . html) at FilmReference.

697 A Midnight Clear is a 1992 American war film directed by former actor Keith Gordon with an ensemble cast featuring Ethan Hawke. wishing to surrender rather than die in Germany's final war offensive.526. the film tells the story of an American intelligence unit which finds a German platoon that wishes to surrender. Set towards the end of World War II. The two groups of men. 1992 108 minutes United States English $5 million $1. 1944. Gary Sinise. an American Intelligence squad locates a German platoon in the Ardennes. Peter Berg. and Arye Gross. Cast • • • • • Peter Berg as Bud Miller Kevin Dillon as Mel Avakian Arye Gross as Stan Shutzer Ethan Hawke as Will Knott Gary Sinise as Vance 'Mother' Wilkins . isolated from the war at present. put aside their differences and spend Christmas together before the surrender plan turns bad and both sides are forced to fight each other. Kevin Dillon. Synopsis In France in December.A Midnight Clear 4 A Midnight Clear A Midnight Clear VHS cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Keith Gordon Bill Borden Dale Pollock William Wharton (novel) Keith Gordon (screenplay) Ethan Hawke Gary Sinise Peter Berg Kevin Dillon Mark Isham Music by Cinematography Tom Richmond Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Don Brochu Beacon Communications A&M Enterprises Sovereign Pictures Interstar Home Video April 24.

com/ movie/ review?_r=1& res=9E0CE4D9113DF937A15757C0A964958260). .com/title/tt0102443/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Midnight Clear (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes. a compelling accomplishment that's more soul than blood and bullets. htm).Keith Gordon discusses A Midnight Clear (http://www. 1992). just about everything works. The Washington Post.co.top10films. . "Movie Reviews . washingtonpost. Vincent (April 24. com/ m/ 1039575-1039575-midnight_clear/ ). Retrieved 2009-12-26. [3] Canby.[1] The Washington Post reviewer lauded it as "a war film completely unlike any other. Pictures . com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ amidnightclearrhinson_a0a76a.A Midnight Clear • • • • Frank Whaley as Paul 'Father' Mundy John C. The New York Times.rottentomatoes.imdb."[3] Awards and nominations Nominations • 1993 Independent Spirit Award – Best Screenplay for Keith Gordon References [1] "A Midnight Clear Movie Reviews. with an 88% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 26 reviews. rottentomatoes. . External links • A Midnight Clear (http://www. Retrieved 2009-12-26. concluding that "In A Midnight Clear.com/m/1039575/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Interview . 1992-05-01. Retrieved 2009-12-26. [2] "'A Midnight Clear'" (http:/ / www."[2] Vincent Canby of the New York Times praised the film's solid construction.A Midnight Clear" (http:/ / movies.Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www. nytimes. McGinley as Major Griffin David Jensen as Sergeant Hunt Larry Joshua as Lieutenant Ware 5 Critical reception The film received mostly positive reviews.uk/archives/11676) .

after eight seasons. California. and his childhood friends from Queens. a young A-list movie star. 2011. New York City. as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Los Angeles. of episodes United States English 8 96 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Doug Ellin Mark Wahlberg Stephen Levinson Larry Charles Rob Weiss Denis Biggs Ally Musika Camera setup Running time Single-camera 22–30 minutes Broadcast Original channel Picture format HBO 480i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV) July 18. 2004 – September 11. of seasons No. 2004 and concluded on September 11. 2011 External links Website [1] Original run Entourage is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO on July 18. .Entourage (TV series) 6 Entourage (TV series) Entourage Genre Created by Starring Comedy-drama Doug Ellin Kevin Connolly Adrian Grenier Kevin Dillon Jerry Ferrara Jeremy Piven Debi Mazar Perrey Reeves Rex Lee Rhys Coiro Gary Cole Emmanuelle Chriqui Scott Caan Opening theme "Superhero" by Jane's Addiction Country of origin Language(s) No. The series was created and largely written by Doug Ellin and chronicles the acting career of Vincent Chase.

according to Donnie Carroll. usually featuring at least two celebrities per episode. with the idea of filming the actor's group of friends. although he still received less acknowledgment than he would have liked for it. centered on Carroll's own life and his experiences with Wahlberg. In season 4.[5][6] In order to be more satirical of the Hollywood lifestyle.[6][7][10] Kevin Connolly. Starting in season 3. is Vince's personal chef.[4] A lighter approach was subsequently decided upon."[4] Other reports credit Eric Weinstein. This character is based on Mark Wahlberg's former "gofer" Donnie Carroll aka "Donkey. Drama got offers for more and more roles. 2005. A Soldier's Story. trainer and bodyguard.[7] It had originated as a book idea.[10] "E."[3][7][8][11] Carroll auditioned for the role. and Jeremy Piven are credited in every episode in the opening credits of the entire series.[2][3] The series deals with themes of male friendship and real-life situations in modern-day Hollywood. Debi Mazar. began to receive opening credits billing in season 2. Mark Wahlberg's manager. titled From the 'Hood to Hollywood. Rex Lee was added to the opening credits starting with season 5. Drama's character is based on Johnny "Drama" Alves (cousin of Mark Wahlberg). Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon)." as his friends call him. Adrian Grenier. The role has led to several nominations and Emmy Awards for Piven. Rounding out the entourage of friends is Salvatore "Turtle" Assante (Jerry Ferrara). the idea for a show involving an actor and his friends had come from him.[4] However. calling them "hilarious. who is another of Vince's old friends from childhood. a long-time friend of Wahlberg. is based on Mark Wahlberg's friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. but it was decided that some of his and his friends' activities (particularly some elements of their criminal past) would not work well on television. Reeves replaced Mazar in the opening credits starting with season 4. Her appearances in season 3 were limited due to her pregnancy and Mazar made her final regular appearance in episode 42 (season 3 finale).[8][9] His best friend and manager is Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly).[11] Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Vince's abrasive but lovable agent. who had a recurring guest star role as Shauna in season 1.[7] Cast and characters Entourage revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).[5] Vincent Chase was envisioned to be more similar to Wahlberg. Reeves and Lee were credited as "starring" in the end credits in the episodes that they appeared in. a fictional approach was chosen rather than a straight documentary in order to keep the content light. Rhys Coiro's recurring character Billy Walsh was given a bigger role in the storyline. Mazar has made appearances in seasons 4 through 8 and is credited as a special guest star. and avoid directly depicting Wahlberg's violent past. Turtle's official role is as Vince's driver and assistant. After Debi Mazar left on maternity leave. but the Boston native was turned down when it was decided the actors would have to be New Yorkers.[5] Vincent's older half-brother.[7] Carroll died on December 18. Ari is based on Wahlberg's real-life agent Ari Emanuel. 7 Development According to Mark Wahlberg. though his value as such is often brought into question. who was the inspiration for the Turtle character. Melissa Gold (Perrey Reeves) and Lloyd (Rex Lee) had recurring roles in the first two seasons. [3][7][8] whom Donnie Wahlberg had hired to keep his younger brother out of trouble. Kevin Dillon.Entourage (TV series) Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson served as the show's executive producers. after an asthma attack. Jerry Ferrara. As the show went on. and its premise is loosely based on Wahlberg's experiences as an up-and-coming film star. Entourage was initially conceived when his assistant asked if he could film Wahlberg and his friends. The show ended with Drama having his own animated TV show called "Johnny's Bananas" and him landing a new TV movie with the help of Vince. and Coiro was credited as "starring" . Johnny is a C-list actor who was in the fictional show Viking Quest during his younger days. The show is known for its array of guest stars.[7] He's also been reported to be inspired by Stephen Levinson. His role in the new fictional hit show Five Towns had begun to resurrect his fame and career.

he was again credited as a guest star. and Seth Green. Appearances include Ali Larter. but Vince manages to convince the film's director. Peter Jackson. Mandy and Vince resume their romance after Mandy's engagement shows signs of problems. Eventually their differences are put aside and the season ends with the crew leaving for New York to start production on Queens Boulevard. Ari has his own problems in the form of his boss and partner. who is trying to steal Vince away from him. their conflict reaches a head and Ari is fired from the agency after another agent. Sasha Grey. Gary Cole guest starred in three episodes of season 5 as agent Andrew Klein. but she eventually returns to her boyfriend. who comes into immediate conflict with E. but often differ on how to accomplish this. . Gary Busey. musicians and professional athletes playing themselves. Jessica Alba. Scarlett Johansson. Tom Brady. who are both working to get the best for Vince. Plot First season The first season chronicles Vincent Chase's adventures as he climbs the celebrity ladder after his first successful film: Head On. and beginning with season 6 she was credited as "starring" in the end credits. leaked information suggesting that Ari may be plotting against Terrance.Entourage (TV series) in the first six episodes of the season. McQuewick's daughter. Adam Davies. LeBron James. when his character returned in episode 52 (season 5. such as Malcolm McDowell's "Terrance McQuewick" character. James Cameron. Larry David. Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Ari's inability to close the contract leads to trouble. Near the end of the season. that he is right for the part. Drama's struggle to follow in his younger brother's footsteps. However. Initially devastated. beginning with season 6 he was credited as "starring" in the end credits and returned in season 7 as a special guest star. Vince finds the will to go on with the film in the end. episode 10). Running subplots include: Turtle's laziness and quest for marijuana. Mark Cuban. Christina Aguilera. At the forefront of the first few episodes is the conflict between Vince's best friend "E" and his agent Ari. appear as fictional versions of themselves. Martin Scorsese. such as Bob Saget. However. but who is engaged to be married. Second season The second season focuses on Vince's proposed role in the film adaptation of Aquaman as the eponymous hero. with E having become Vince’s official manager (with salary). Vince's ex-girlfriend. meanwhile. such as actors. Guests and cameos Entourage typically has at least one celebrity guest per episode. Kanye West. Chuck Liddell. and Vince's many and varied girlfriends. and beginning with season 7 he was credited as "starring" in the end credits. John Cleese. Emmanuelle Chriqui has portrayed E's on-again. he returned in season 7 as a recurring special guest star and is credited as "starring" in the end credits again with season 8. for whom he still has feelings. James Cameron. and many others. Scott Caan guest starred in two episodes of season 6 as Scott Lavin. Vince's next project is decided halfway through the season: Queens Boulevard. However. Signed on is indie director Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro). Matt Damon. Eminem. new problems arise when the role of the leading lady goes to Mandy Moore. while other actors. E dating Ari's assistant Emily (Samaire Armstrong). film producers. Dennis Hopper. 8 Recurring characters Entourage features many recurring characters. film directors. off-again girlfriend Sloan McQuewick (daughter of Malcolm McDowell's character Terrance McQuewick) as a recurring guest star from season 2 to 5. Mandy Moore. begins dating Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Some are fictional. Terrance McQuewick (Malcolm McDowell). E.

To compound their problems. and interpersonal conflicts among employees of his agency. Vince and E finally secure their dream project when they buy the rights to the film Medellin themselves. he questions Amanda's motives. and the prospect of working on another project with Walsh. who is once again hired. Vince's dream project about the life of Pablo Escobar. an opportunity is presented to leverage the resultant hype to broker a deal attaching Vince to a new big-budget project. Near the end of the season. Meanwhile. Consequently. it leads him to neglect his star client. Billy Walsh is signed on as the director with E given his first shot at producer. but the "Medellin Dream Team" — also involving E as producer and Walsh as director — at the point when animosity between E and Walsh begins to come to a head. part 2 The second part of the third season focuses almost entirely on Vince and Ari and the troubles surrounding Medellin. When the Medellin trailer leaks to the public via YouTube. including the incapacitating relationship troubles of his indispensable assistant. . tries to steer Vince towards a different film. Adam Davies. Ari meanwhile has to juggle his new. Tensions rise further when E is confronted by Sloan's stalker Seth Green. after Vince decides to stick with Ari after Ari is fired. Even though Ari manages to set up a successful new agency with the help of Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo). There is much contention over the ending of the script. Drama finally lands his big break as he's signed on to the new TV series Five Towns. attaining the highest-grossing opening weekend in movie history. when Medellin. conflicts with the schedule of Aquaman 2. E must decide between jeopardizing the deal. at which point Walsh comes up with what he believes to be a good ending. however. Problems arise. Third season. however. Fourth season The fourth season continues the Medellin plotline as production of the film finally begins. as manager of rapper Saigon. which he had previously sworn he would never do again. the uncertainty of his son's acceptance into the exclusive private school his daughter attends. Attempting to get Vince back. After proving her innocence. Drama's star rises. Vince and E subsequently clash over the creative direction and financing of the film in an arc which escalates through the season. and have a relationship. E's relationship with Sloan comes into question when he has a threesome with her and her friend Tori (Malin Åkerman). she drops him as both client and boyfriend. In the season finale.Entourage (TV series) Meanwhile. but he ends up refusing. even considering getting his calves augmented. Vince's new agent. With the help of Ari. When Medellin once again slips Vince's grasp. and Five Towns becomes a hit. initially failing. Vince and Amanda both admit to a mutual attraction. Lloyd. Ari convinces him that he can secure the film after all. Drama continues to try to become a star. Turtle's career as a music manager ends unceremoniously when he is forcefully bought out by Saigon's original manager. The end result is that Vince is unable to star in either and is fired by Warner Bros. and Stephen Gaghan is brought in briefly. Conflicts quickly arise when E admits to being dissatisfied with the first cut after Walsh reluctantly agrees to a midnight screening. The deal. he is fired as Vince's agent after his abrasive methods result in failure to secure a film about punk band The Ramones. Turtle starts a career of his own. E moves in with Sloan. He is eventually dropped by his agent. is unexpectedly sold on the strength of not just Vince. Ari contends with various complications in his personal and professional lives. Amanda (Carla Gugino). 9 Third season. part 1 The third season continues with the Aquaman plotline as the film premieres and becomes a huge hit. to whom E is attracted. In the continuation of the previous part's subplot. business with keeping Vince happy.

Drama is continuing production of Five Towns while maintaining a long-distance relationship with his French girlfriend. Eric gets Edward Norton and Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) interested. Alan Gray (Paul Ben-Victor). 10 Fifth season Vince returns to California ready to work after spending months relaxing in Mexico with Turtle. which Eric sees potential in. However. Alan's boss. but Van Sant says not for his current film. they get into a heated argument. but when his loyalty to Vince and his personal feelings for Faris are set at odds with one another and compromise his professional judgment. believing that Eric had made him look desperate. and they change the name of the film to Smoke Jumpers. By chance he comes to meet and subsequently represent Anna Faris. outbids them. A frustrated Eric returns to Hollywood to concentrate on another client. the man who fired Vince from the sequel to Aquaman. production is halted by Ellis. such as procuring marijuana and engaging in furry fetishes via Craigslist on a bet. Medellin has gone straight-to-DVD and made numerous worst-of-the-year lists. The guys return to Hollywood. However. but after several conflicts between Vince and director Verner Vollstedt (Stellan Skarsgård). Jacqueline. with Vince's performance also being heavily criticized. Ari. At Alan's funeral. leading Alan to drop dead of a heart attack. After discovering Van Sant said no. and sign a distribution deal. the film bombs with the Cannes audience. a young and rising comedian named Charlie (Bow Wow). Ellis instead offers him Alan's position as president of the studio. with Amanda as the number-two choice for the job. but their potential relationship is ruined when Turtle tells the guys she gave him a handjob. where Vince pursues a role in Gus Van Sant's new film. She eventually forgives him and is interested in a relationship. The boys return to New York City. and they are forced to accept an offer from producer Harvey Weingard (Maury Chaykin) of a mere one dollar for the film. about giving the role to Vince. determined to get Vince the role he desires. Turtle meets Jamie-Lynn Sigler on an airplane and the two hit it off.Entourage (TV series) E navigates unfamiliar waters as he clumsily attempts to expand the representation of his fledgling management agency beyond Vince. In the season finale. challenges Alan to a round of golf for the part. Drama's nervousness about Jacqueline possibly cheating on him leads to their break-up and his break down during a guest appearance on The View. Amanda refuses to participate and passes on it until later reconsidering and making an offer. the entourage travel to the Cannes Film Festival to promote Medellin. Smoke Jumpers begins filming. but would love to work with him in the future. Also. Meanwhile. Vince later apologizes after learning that Eric's persistence led to an offer by Martin Scorsese for a lead in his next feature. he is ultimately fired by Faris. therefore locking up Smoke Jumpers for Vince. Ari instead gets Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer) the job. Vince becomes upset and fires Eric. When Alan beats Ari. When Ari reads the script of Smoke Jumpers he convinces Eric to start a bidding war for the film with Vince attached. . Drama and Turtle are featured throughout the season in various subplots that see them engaging in the type of antics typical of their characters. Eric receives a script from a pair of unknown screenwriters trying to get a break in Hollywood called Nine Brave Souls. Ari takes the opportunity to ask John Ellis (Alan Dale). which leads to Verner firing Vince. Ari signs his old colleague Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) as a new partner in MGA. Rather than accepting the offer and abandoning his clients. Eric persistently tries to convince Van Sant that Vince is right for the film. his only client at the time. a re-envisioning of The Great Gatsby set in the Upper West Side of New York City.

Vince spends much of the season relaxing. Ari learns . Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser). she breaks up with Turtle. The incident also pushes Vince to seek out new thrills. In the final episodes of the season. as she guest-stars on his show Five Towns. who wants him to buy out his agency. starring in an Enzo Ferrari biopic (to be directed by Frank Darabont). Eric. When the head of production. receives an offer to star in his own television show pending studio approval. He is still together with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and is quickly becoming a celebrity in his own right. Lloyd. prompting Ari to take action. Klein redeems himself by signing writer Aaron Sorkin. Seventh season As Vince shoots an action movie called The Takeover directed by Nick Cassavetes. Ari is approached by his old boss. Looking for potential investors. Carlos. cheats on his wife. Air-Walker. Lizzie attempts to steal some of Ari's clients. Eric still pines for Sloan. Vince performs a dangerous driving stunt. Turtle is frustrated when an employee named Alex (Dania Ramirez) causes problems for him. but after reconciling with Alex. Lloyd quits. and after a meeting with one of Avion's owners. This friendship eventually ends once Eric realizes Scott possibly supplied Vince with cocaine at a party. Left to his own devices by his friends. Finally. is preparing for his next role. the promising young agent who had a turbulent affair with Andrew Klein. including sky-diving. back to A-list status after Gatsby. which cannot be met by the company's production unless a new factory is built. When Jamie-Lynn is offered a role. popping Vicodin pills. Dan Coakley. Vince is introduced to a new project. and after a successful audition. Vince. moves out on his own. He turns her down. Midway through the season. whose standing with Barbara Miller (Ari's partner) is precarious. Turtle agrees and begins promoting the product. she introduces him to some friends in Mexico. having successfully proposed marriage to Sloan. who dreams of starting his own business. Ari finally promotes Lloyd to agent. Drama leaves Five Towns with some help from Ari. Ari also faces trouble at work. Only E stays behind. by Eric's associate Scott Lavin (Scott Caan). she quits after an inappropriate advance he makes towards her. who wish to make Vince the face of their tequila company: Avion. quits after Ari refuses to promote her to the head of the TV department of the agency (Klein's former position) despite her stellar performance. The season ends with Vince and Drama traveling to Rome. he meets Brooke. creating a hostile relationship with Eric. but emerges feeling emboldened and invincible. jokes to Drama about wanting to have sex with Sigler. Ari finally agrees to the buyout and reconciles with Terrance. Turtle pitches the company to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and his business partner Ken Austin (Bob Odenkirk). he disbands his company and goes to work for veteran manager Murray Berenson (George Segal). Meanwhile. purchasing a Harley-Davidson. to start shooting the Ferrari film. Meanwhile. despite Eric and Ari's disapproval. they eventually bury the hatchet and temporarily work together to help further Vince's career. and striking up a relationship with pornographic star Sasha Grey.Entourage (TV series) 11 Sixth season The sixth season is mostly divided into individual storylines. Turtle. Meanwhile. Terrance McQuewick. While at college. He is now on the road to becoming the most powerful agent in Hollywood. Ari goes out firing employees who might not fit in after his takeover. His marital problems interfere with his work and only Ari's intervention saves him from being fired. his assistant. Now running a fledgling car service business. and tries to win her back. Turtle's business eventually fails. to be filmed in New Zealand. As a result. demands a promotion to agent and Ari makes him undergo a series of demeaning tests. he crashes the car into the set. Turtle is to meet them there. however. starts college. Jamie-Lynn also factors into Johnny Drama's storyline. prompted by ex-girlfriend Sloan. As a result. Drama attacks him. Coakley then takes it on himself to ruin Drama's character on the show. The promotions create a huge demand for it in Southern California. Despite bitterness from being fired over his agency revolt years before. with Adam Davies also getting the boot. While he starts a relationship with his neighbor Ashley (Alexis Dziena). Cuban gives him the $5 million needed. Andrew Klein. who attempts to seduce him.

An anonymous person sends tapes to Deadline Hollywood. he looks to create a new show for Drama. but not for him. 12 Eighth season Vince is sober after spending three months in rehab and returns home ready to work. Johnny's new show. The script turns out to be a good fit for Drama and John Stamos is suggested as a co-star. Bob Saget is given Drama's role instead due to his friendship with Stamos. but they all think it is not a good idea. Ari begins seeing Dana Gordon. Avión owner Carlos reluctantly pushes Turtle to retire. revealing Ari's foul-mouthed rants. As a result. Ari's relationship with his wife ends on the fence as well as she tells him she wants a break from him. Sasha ends their relationship. is conceptually a hit with the network but it takes a while (and persuasion from Eric's assistant) for Drama to get on board. this alliance is short-lived. but Sasha sees this as a way for Vince to control her life. who was nearing a deal with Jerry Jones to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. After accepting the offer. and gets beaten up by him and his security. The show. Drama. He succeeds. Ari. During this. suddenly finds his life in a tailspin. as Lizzie decides she wants no part in Amanda's revenge plots. Still separated. This causes him to take Scott up on his offer. When Vince discovers that Sasha is seriously considering a role in an upcoming porn film. but wanting to get back together. He finds out new shows are being made by the network. Eric and Sloan have one last "fling" before she tells him that she is moving to New York. Vince's drug problems continue to grow. Turtle presents an idea to Vince to start a new company after he sells his stock from Avión. Vince gets taken to the hospital where the police find a bag of cocaine that was in his sweater. Billy and Lloyd celebrate back at Vince's house. Johnny's Bananas. though Drama is disappointed that he hasn't written anything since 1991 and that the proposed show would be a comedy. She has now lost complete respect for Ari. Turtle. Randall quits when Vince refuses to take a drug test and is replaced with Peter Berg. However. most notably that the movie would be better served with Drama as the lead. During Eminem's party at the hotel. The guys attempt to stage an intervention for Vince. Drama wants a job since his holding deal will expire in eight weeks. Vince starts a fight with him. Alex. causing Ari to spend more time with his family and attempting a friendlier work environment. having already convinced everyone else in the office to go along. She reveals that her ex-assistant sent the tapes and that the NFL was reconsidering Ari for their team (with the help of Amanda). as evidenced by Vince's reckless behavior on the set of Sasha's new movie. who refuses to listen to them and decides to spend the night at a hotel. as Air-Walker director Randall Wallace becomes suspicious of Vince's behavior. and reveals to him that Alex has left him for someone else. he tries to land her a role in Air-Walker instead. Ari makes Lloyd the head of the TV department.Entourage (TV series) that Lizzie had gone to Amanda Daniels to try and bring down Ari. a cartoon called Johnny's Bananas. however. Johnny begins recording Johnny's Bananas and . Scott wants to reconcile with Eric and offers him an opportunity to supplant Murray Berenson at the management company. He pitches a movie idea to his friends about miners. mainly because Eric refused to sign a prenuptial agreement and took over Murray Berenson's agency with Scott's help. Eric refuses as he gets along with Murray because he is Sloan's godfather. Lloyd finds an Emmy award winning writer (Jeff Garlin) to write something for Drama. is a potential hit in the making. Terrence McQuewick asks Eric to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with Sloan as both he and Murray feel that Eric may just rely on Sloan's family money. rather than Vince himself. Ari learns his wife is seeing chef Bobby Flay. Billy Walsh makes a return after starting a family and becoming an ordained minister. Eric and Sloan have broken up. This incident leads Ari's wife to "seriously re-evaluate their marriage". His newfound peace is broken when he confronts Amanda at an upper class restaurant. and the outburst leaves Ari looking foolish in front of many Hollywood executives. where Lloyd discovers a large bag of cocaine belonging to Vince. Vince writes a script for the miner movie and receives several tips from Billy Walsh. Turtle burns down part of the house when he accidentally throws out his joint onto the drapes. accusing her of sending the tapes and stealing his NFL team. however. Hurt. Looking for work so that he can provide for his family.

Eric gets word that Sloan is out with his client Johnny Galecki. Dice leaves the show before it airs.1 million is now worth $15 million and Turtle's $300. Drama tries to get Andrew Dice Clay back on his show. Vince has an interview with Vanity Fair writer Sophia Lear (Alice Eve). so Vince offers him $100. Drama and Turtle toast to redemption. and wants him to take his place as chairman and CEO of Time Warner. Ari and Mrs. until Vince seals the deal by giving her a heartfelt speech about Eric. Turtle meets with his new business partners. He is unnerved when he realizes afterwards that her true intentions were to get back at her ex. Vince's original investment of $1. After the shooting. Ari and Mrs Ari are busy resting on the Amalfi Coast when John Ellis suddenly calls up Ari. Vince tries to meet with Sophia to change her perception of him. Drama. until Vince tells him that he never sold his share. Ari's personal and professional lives collide when he realizes that he might lose his share in the company after his divorce is finalized. In the meantime. In the end. She's on the fence. Tensions mount and Eric finds out that Sloan is pregnant with his child and that she still intends to move to New York without him. He opens up to Sophia and tells his story only for the article to call him an "insecure womanizer". Ari continues his fling with former flame. and instead ends up going on strike alongside him. the entourage meets up at the airport where Sloan forgives Eric and together they fly away to a destination of their choice. Vince tells the gang that he's flying to Paris in a few hours to marry Sophia. However. Vince. Meanwhile. Ari quits his job for his family and reconciles with his wife.000 is worth $4 million. he ends up using a device to pass the drug test against E's approval. Ari fly to Paris for Vince's wedding. ending the strike and green-lighting Johnny's Bananas once again. In the final episode. Meanwhile. but in return wants Vince to star in the film Taxman. and try to steer her towards going out with Vince.000 in exchange for him forgiving Drama and producing the miner movie with him. which Ari immediately denies. Vince. Eric takes a meeting with Melinda Clarke and ends up having sex with her instead. Mrs. but they're more interested in the "Hollywood glam" than anything else. so he and Melinda crash their date. Ertz runs off to the bathroom to get high and subsequently shoots himself in the head. Turtle is sulking over the Avión deal. John explains to Ari that he wants to retire. compliments of Vince. Dana Gordon. but is instead rejected. Turtle and Drama each speak with Sophia. they turn him down. co-star Andrew Dice Clay signs with Scott Lavin. Worried he will fail the test. Vince is required to take a drug test by his parole officer as there was cocaine in Ertz's house. 13 . Ari then accuses Ari of cheating on her with Dana while they were still together. Turtle. Turtle and Drama try to convince Sloan to forgive Eric and fly to Paris for the wedding. Dana learns of Ari's real motives and storms out. In the meantime. Johnny is not happy with his replacement. Sophia.Entourage (TV series) finds out that the show will be getting its first test screening. Dice pushes Johnny and E to ask the network for more money. Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner) and CBS agree to pay them more. Vince and Ari realize that Phil is upset with Drama going on strike. In the post-credits scene. After a bad session of couples therapy. and bought Turtle's share for him as well. Things get worse when he realizes that Avión has gone public and that he sold his share too soon. Vince meets with producer Carl Ertz (Kim Coates) at his house who offers to produce his TV movie for Johnny. Staying true to his word. as he smoked a joint earlier in the week. After realizing his mistake and feeling bad. Eric quits his job and announces that he's moving to New York to try to be a good father for his child. The final scene shows Ari contemplating the offer. Ari takes Dana out to Bobby Flay's restaurant to get back at his wife. which she ultimately does.

it wouldn't be that interesting. only actors with ties to New York were chosen. called season 3 "Almost preposterously enjoyable. Series creator Doug Ellin stated. The Wall Street Journal commented on the writing. or being connected to."[20] Season 7.[18][19] This view was supported by Jeremy Piven. creator Doug Ellin expressed interest in writing a film after the series ended. The Hollywood setting is entertaining but it's really about the relationship between these guys". Critical reception Entourage has generally received favorable reviews from critics. sharp and funny.[17] Themes and characteristics Male friendship A recurring theme in Entourage is the strength of male camaraderie and its importance over work. most episodes of Entourage feature at least one celebrity guest star. To lend credence to the show's situations and locations. Adrian Grenier confirmed there would be a film. That's the backbone of the show.[14] In June 2012.[12] In September 2011. a star on a person's social status.Entourage (TV series) 14 Feature film In August 2010 when it was confirmed that Entourage would end after its eight season. Specifically."[22] . Ari: "If it was just a show about wish fulfillment and guys getting (sex) because their best friend was famous. the show's theme is friendship and family. Ken Tucker of [20] In 2009. Wahlberg said the cast would be "traveling abroad" during production of the film." [24] the sixth season premiere. with it possibly taking place in Europe. but they're grounded guys who look out for each other. and a script just needs to be written first. while still gaining generally favorable reviews. as well as the advantages and disadvantages of being. and it was confirmed that Ellin would direct the film and Warner Bros."[19] To strengthen the bond between the actors.[20] 71/100 for season 5[21] and 61/100 for season 7[22] and season 8[23] on the review aggregator site Metacritic. scoring 73/100 for season 3.[13] Executive producer Mark Wahlberg confirmed that a film is in the works and said "I will do everything to get this film made". on their lifestyle in Hollywood.[7][18][19] Hollywood lifestyle Episodes of Entourage focus. saying it "is almost always smart. that "the show really isn’t that funny anymore". If it was just about fantasy lifestyles. besides the friendship between the four main characters. appearing as him or herself. who plays the talent agent. Tucker remarked regarding Entertainment Weekly. The characters may have the bling. would distribute. had a much more mixed reception than the earlier seasons because "it all feels maybe a little too familiar.[15] In September 2012.[16] In January 2013. "Entourage works because it's about male friendship. the film was officially green-lit. it was confirmed that Ellin had completed the script and that it would take place six months after the end of the series. it wouldn't be relatable".[18] He later added that. the various parties and film premieres they visit. "Ultimately.

2009 July 20. 2007 8 Commentary by creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Larry Charles on "Entourage (Pilot)". Comedy Arts Festival Panel with the cast and crew 5 June 30. and special features from the individual season releases. 2010 September 14. October 30. "Vegas Baby. and 2008. "Busey and the Beach" and "New York". "Life at the Top" – A look at the making of Season 6 featuring interviews with cast and crew. ONEXONE PSA (directed by Matt Damon) 6 . and 2009 for Outstanding Comedy Series. in categories such as acting. and actors Jeremy Piven.[25] Season Region 1 1 Release dates Region 2 Region 4 Episodes Bonus features May 10. 2008 12 Commentary by creator Doug Ellin. 2008. directing. It has also been nominated for six Screen Actors Guild Awards–Jeremy Piven independently and the ensemble cast. 2009 June 22. 2010 12 Commentary by creator Doug Ellin. Medellin Trailer. Lucas (who plays Ari's son). Museum of Television & Radio Panel Discussion with the Cast. while Kevin Connolly was nominated alongside Piven in 2009. 2008 October 6. and actors Adrian Grenier. four Directors Guild of America Awards. The Celebrity Factor – behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew 12 Commentary by creator Doug Ellin. 2008. Jeremy Piven was nominated four consecutive times for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Kevin Dillon received three consecutive nominations in 2007. 2005 2006 June 6. and actors Kevin Connolly. Kevin Connolly. 2006 September 6. 2007 November 6. and 2009. seventh. 2007 April 7. 2010 September 1.Entourage (TV series) 15 Awards and nominations The series has been nominated for 25 Primetime Emmy Awards.S. The sixth. writing and for Outstanding Comedy Series. The series was nominated in 2007. for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Ari". Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara on "Welcome to the Jungle". Kevin Dillon. containing all the seasons. 2007 February 26. Behind-the-Scenes look at the Season Finale 2 3: Part 1 3: Part 2 14 12 8 4 August 26. The Making of Medellin. "Vegas Baby. Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara on "Tree Trippers". 2008 November 5. 2006 April 3. Vegas" featurette – behind-the-scenes with cast and crew on location in Vegas Commentary by creator Doug Ellin. producer Ally Musika. four Producers Guild of America Awards–winning in 2006. U. Adrian Grenier. "The Resurrection" and "Adios Amigos". and eighth seasons have also been released on Blu-ray Disc. It has been nominated for 14 Golden Globe Awards. and actors Adrian Grenier. Home media releases All eight seasons have been released on DVD. "The Day Fuckers" and "The Cannes Kids". Jerry Ferrara and Bob Saget on "No More Drama". and four Writers Guild of America Awards. Piven won the Supporting Actor award in 2008. Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara on "Manic Monday". 2008 September 6. "A Day at the Speedway" – Behind-the-scenes with the Entourage cast and crew as they race Ferraris at the Auto Club Speedway. Vegas" and "Sorry. Kevin Connolly. "Scared Straight" and "Give a Little Bit". executive producer Ally Musika. with Jeremy Piven and the series being nominated every year. winning the award three times in a row in 2006. "Play'n with Fire" and "Return to Queens Blvd. 2007 October 2. with the third season being released in two parts. 2012. 2007. A complete series collection. Behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew The Mark Wahlberg Sessions – Wahlberg talks to the cast and crew about the series Commentary by creator Doug Ellin and actors Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara on "One Day in the Valley". 2009 September 6. 2007 November 26. has been released on both DVD and Blu-ray on November 6. 2006 March 7. It has also received six directing nominations and one writing nomination. Meet the Newest Member of Entourage! – a short featurette on Doug Ellin's son.". Kevin Dillon received a nomination in the Supporting Actor category alongside Piven in 2008.

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The murder of Jaclyn remains unsolved.Gone in the Night 18 Gone in the Night Gone in the Night Directed by Written by Bill L. holding that the evidence against him had been no more probative than that against his wife. Cynthia and her stepfather David Dowaliby went on trial for the murder of their daughter. The Dowaliby Case On September 14. with Shannen Doherty and Kevin Dillon as Cynthia and David Dowaliby. Cynthia was acquitted by the judge on grounds of insufficient evidence. 1996 Running time Country Language 190 minutes United States English Gone in the Night is a 1996 American television movie based around the Jaclyn Dowaliby murder case. with fist holes in it. Ross David Protess (book) Rob Warden (book) Shannen Doherty Kevin Dillon Ed Asner Dixie Carter Starring Distributed by CBS Release date(s) February 25. However. but David was tried and convicted of his daughter's death. His conviction came partly because the jury was shown photographs of a closet door. It was later proven that this damage happened before David even moved into the house. 1988. Norton Brian L. In 1991 David's conviction was overturned when the Illinois Appellate Court reversed conviction outright. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shannen Doherty as Cynthia "Cindi" Dowaliby Kevin Dillon as David Dowaliby Ed Asner as Detective John Waters Dixie Carter as Ann Dowaliby James Anthony as Detective Foley Jeanne Averill as Debbie Sanborn Michael Brandon as David Protess Billy Burke as Rob Kinney Kevin Brief as Terry Summers Devon Arielle Cahill as Jaclyn Dowaliby Walter Coppage as Hugh Gordon Trina Creighton as Kristi Carter Ellen Dubin as Mary Ann Brown . Two years later in 1990. 7 year-old Jaclyn Dowaliby was kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night.

Gone in the Night • Brett Murray as Davey Dowaliby 19 External links • Gone in the Night [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ title/ tt0116434/ .

and Patrick Dempsey. . but it's presumed by Michael's age that both died young through tragedy. Michael and his sister have been sent to live with their Catholic grandparents upon the death of their parents. It's not made clear whether the parents died at the same time or a few years apart. Donald Sutherland. a new student at Saint Basil's. Stephen Geoffreys.794 (USA) Rentals: $2. While attempting to adjust to his new life. 1985 1 hr. United States English Theatrical: $6. Wallace Shawn. Michael previously attended a Catholic school in Boston. Rotter HBO Pictures Tri-Star Pictures February 8. Story The movie is set in 1965 at an all-boys Catholic High School in Brooklyn. rebelling and discovering who they are. He also manages to befriend his fellow students. McCarthy plays the film's lead.Heaven Help Us 20 Heaven Help Us Heaven Help Us (Also known as Catholic Boys) Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Michael Dinner Mark Carliner Dan Wigutow Charles Purpura Andrew McCarthy Mary Stuart Masterson Kevin Dillon Donald Sutherland John Heard Stephen Geoffreys James Horner Miroslav Ondříček Stephen A. yet streetwise young Brother.000 (USA) Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office Heaven Help Us (also known as Catholic Boys) is a 1985 comedy-drama film starring Andrew McCarthy. John Heard.700. along with a reluctant. New York. Michael Dunn. Michael also must adjust to the stricter rules and teaching methods of the brothers who run the school.070. 44 min. Kevin Dillon. Mary Stuart Masterson.

but Constance remains unconvinced. but Dunn wants nothing to do with him. a rebellious teenage high school drop-out tomboy who runs the soda fountain across from the school and takes care of her mentally infirm father (Jimmy Ray Weeks). who escapes detection. Rooney looks at the lists of sins they all committed and has them swap them around so each list does not sound so bad. but this time tells him that if they don't become friends. sparking a romance between the pair. including Latin Mass. Looking for mischief by St. an over-weight. Danni's fountain shop is raided numerous times by the Brothers. helps Danni clean things up. Dunn denies knowledge of Rooney's involvement. Both are sent to headmaster Brother Thadeus' (Donald Sutherland) office. a student at the neighboring Virgin Martyr Girls Academy. Rooney. However. After the raids. Caesar joins the four and befriends them while tutoring Rooney. as it were. . and sacraments. Dunn also befriends Danni (Mary Stuart Masterson). Dunn befriends Rooney. While some places had modified by then. St. Minutes later. That night. Reluctantly. Caesar helps Dunn catch up with the rest of the class. As a result. Dunn. and Corbett (Patrick Dempsey). but his whisper is caught by Constance. Rooney goes into the priest's booth and acts as the priest hearing Caesar's confession. Father Abruzzi (Wallace Shawn) becomes preoccupied with another student misbehaving in the church. When Caesar enters the confessional. who has been observing Constance's classroom teaching and discipline methods that day. Other hilarious episodes happen. a strict Roman Catholic school and church. the fountain shop is always left a shambles. a sexually frustrated kid who is frequently caught masturbating. giving him the penance of befriending Rooney and making sure he gets Rooney passing grades. Brother Timothy (John Heard). which destroys the powertrain and most of the undercarriage. plea bargaining their sins. This last time. The teacher. attempts to patch things up between them. then he has to continue in his harassment in order to save face. Basil's held on to strict tradition. Father Abruzzi gives a classic speech to the school along with the girls' school nearby regarding the evils of the flesh and "lust" and how that will condemn them to hell. where he tries to get the prankster's name out of him by striking Dunn's open palms with a wooden paddle. Dunn befriends Caesar (Malcolm Danare). Not long after this confrontation. along with his friends Williams (Stephen Geoffreys). At the sacrament of confession. ordering him to point the guilty party out. the dull one of the bunch. where his grandmother is determined to see him fulfill his parents' dream of him joining the priesthood after graduation. Later in the movie. He calls Dunn to the front of the classroom. The movie takes place during a time when the Catholic Church was changing its forms of discipline. Brother Constance (Jay Patterson) orders all the boys on their knees "until the joker comes forward". Rooney tries again after class. however. Rooney and Janine (Dana Barron). who delivers a sly grin at him. At that point. He is enrolled at St. Dunn lunges towards Rooney. Fed up with Dunn's refusal to rat out Rooney. drive Caesar and Janine's friend Kathleen (Yeardley Smith) around Brooklyn and get Rooney's father's 1966 Lincoln Continental stuck on a drawbridge. Basil's students. while the students are attending a St. He becomes convinced that Dunn knows the perpetrator. after getting bored at the dance. Basil's. impressed by Dunn's refusal to snitch on him. Dunn enters the classroom at the beginning of his English-Lit class just in time to see Rooney remove the screws from Caesar's desk. bespectacled student with a high voice and even higher grades and test scores. Basil's school dance. foul-mouthed class bully and underachiever Ed Rooney (Kevin Dillon) bullies Dunn with a prank outside of the soda fountain across the street from school. During a moment alone. Cesar arrives. Dunn then whispers to Caesar that he tried to warn him. but because of their association. taking him to the floor and the pair are separated by Constance and the novice friar.Heaven Help Us 21 Plot Boston teenager Michael Dunn (Andrew McCarthy) and his young sister Boo (Jennie Dundas) have been sent to Brooklyn to live with their Irish-Catholic grandparents (Kate Reid & Richard Hamilton) following the deaths of their parents. Constance shoves him towards the floor in the center of the classroom. Dunn looks up at Rooney from the floor. sits on the desk and falls to the floor. which he has sadistically labeled with the word "PATIENCE". liturgy.

the five friends sneak off to a nearby movie theatre. The boys are sent to the headmaster's office. all shall bear the consequences. Rooney. Brother Constance nearly tears up when he sees the Pope riding by.who fingers Caesar. Basil. Constance calls Corbett to the horse and delivers five blows from the strap to Corbett's rear. Danni takes a stand and locks them out. A few days later. shouting "Bastard!" as he does. Thadeus counters by saying that since all acted as one. where they see Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii". Moments later. During an assembly the next day. who brings the quintet into the gym.. Pope Paul VI visits New York City and St. speaks up. Brother Constance shows up. Williams and Corbett. Weeping. and Brother Constance orders them to clean St. Constance backhands him. she wants him to promise he won't be sad over her departure. Not willing to listen any further. He tells the boys that the guilty can confess now or all will suffer for it. Rooney presents Dunn with a duffel bag containing the missing saint's head. Thadeus disagrees.. Dunn shoves Constance to the floor. Thadeus calls the boys in and asks for a reason not to expel them. where they discuss possible options. After the movie. The friendship between Dunn and Danni further develops. He repeats the same procedure with Williams. followed by Constance.".. Fearing the worst. Dunn and his friends walk up to the fountain and find police cars and a few of the school's Brothers surrounding the door as Danni's father is led out of the front door in handcuffs. Meanwhile. Constance first locks them in a closet. knocking over a series of music stands and chairs. A shaken Dunn takes Danni in his arms.Heaven Help Us Later.. and quietly orders them out of the assembly. beating him with the strap while doing so. Dunn sees that he's been cut on his cheek from Constance's ring. He then tries to take Dunn by force. he is presented with a laminated doctor's note.. delivering six this time. When they look into the windows and try to take names. Dunn. but Dunn resists. accepts the blame and says he should be expelled.who fingers Corbett. When he comes to Caesar.but fingers Williams. Dunn. saying he understands it was Constance who started it. He jumps to his feet and delivers an uppercut to Constance. and Dunn flees the gym with the Brother in pursuit. right as Brother Thadeus is addressing the student body with the phrase "of what is ahead for you. ordering him to leave Caesar alone. Dunn rushes in. they notify social services. He watches helplessly as she's taken away in a car. Constance says he'll return it to him after he's finished and orders him to the horse. Rooney clears Dunn's name. Timothy and Constance. angry at the loss of his hangout and at the Brothers for ruining his friend's life. but Constance drags the cowering Caesar on the floor. Basil's statue with toothbrushes on the school courtyard after Sunday Mass for punishment. where Constance has set up an exercise horse and a wide leather strap. during one of the Brothers' routine "raids". As Constance attempts to lead Dunn up to the horse. At the urging of Brother Constance and gym teacher Brother Paul.. where they are joined by Brothers Thadeus.. they are caught missing. Constance gets to his feet. they discuss the episode at the soda fountain. she closes the blinds. they're retrieved by Brother William. and at the reluctance of Brothers Thaddeus and Timothy. which one day culminates in a passionate kiss under the boardwalk on Coney Island in a rainstorm. seeing a possible exit from the priesthood through his expulsion. The chase ends in the auditorium as Thadeus is concluding his remarks to the student body. who tries to call him out. presumably to exempt him from corporal punishment. though innocent. but later at dinner. Unable to watch such brutality any longer. Caesar pleads for mercy. Constance tries to have all five expelled for assault while Timothy argues self-defense.. knowing he's found the vandals. Dunn rushes in and finds that social workers are getting ready to take Danni away. The other boys in turn run after Constance. Dunn protests by saying he instigated the melee. Basil's school takes a field trip to Manhattan to see him ride in a parade. The night before Easter recess. develops another prank with the help of Caesar. One day. the boys sneak onto the grounds and decapitate the statue of St. knocking him to the floor and causing pandemonium as the student body rises to its feet and cheers for Dunn. As Constance tries to explain himself before Thadeus. The Brothers leave. 22 .

Dunn (who presumably didn't become a priest) eventually was reunited with Danni at Woodstock. but became a shampoo boy at a Bensonhurst hair salon. run by the factual Order of St.. Thadeus hands Constance the signed document. Basil's and to where he won't be working with children at all.Brother Timothy Stephen Geoffreys . Timothy is then offered Constance's job. Michael (built 1921) and the (now closed) St. Rooney went to beauty school "where everybody graduated. The film ends with the five main characters walking out of the school downtrodden after having been suspended. and then joyfully realizing they won't have to go to school for the next two weeks.Ed Rooney Donald Sutherland .. Filming used external and internal shots of this church and school.Corbett Larry "Bud" Melman . where "the hours suck. Williams works as a projectionist at a Times Square porno theatre. Caesar graduated with honors from Queens College and went on to become a psychiatrist.Caesar Patrick Dempsey . and I'm surrounded by 'funny guys'. Basil. Michael's Parish School were used as the fictional St. Angry at what he perceives as betrayal. Basil's School. Corbett married Janine and they have six kids.Michael Dunn Mary Stuart Masterson . but the tips are great! Thank you.Bridge Tender Filming locations The Church of St.except me".Heaven Help Us Constance blanches at Thadeus' remark. Thadeus' secretary. Constance declares that he will demand an investigation into the matter. Basil's Church and St.Williams Malcolm Danare .Danni Kevin Dillon . Brother Dominic (Douglas Seale). which he immediately accepts. A voice-over epilogue from Rooney states that everyone graduated in 1966 "except me". the pay sucks. taking it to the bishop if necessary. Thadeus suspends all five for two weeks and sends them out of his office. which orders him transferred out of St. and around the neighborhood. then comes into his office and hands him a document that he immediately signs as Constance tries unapologetically to defend himself. Thadeus. unmoved by Constance's remarks. External links • • • • • Heaven Help Us [1] at the Internet Movie Database Heaven Help Us [2] at AllRovi Heaven Help Us [3] at Rotten Tomatoes Heaven Help Us [4] at Box Office Mojo Heaven Help Us [5] at The Numbers . orders him out of his office.Brother Thadeus John Heard . Not explaining anything further in front of the boys. God!" 23 Cast • • • • • • • • • Andrew McCarthy .

rottentomatoes. the-numbers. com/ movies/ ?id=heavenhelpus. imdb.Heaven Help Us 24 References [1] http:/ / www. allrovi. com/ movies/ 1985/ 0HHLU. com/ title/ tt0089264/ [2] http:/ / www. php . boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ movie/ v21980 [3] http:/ / www. htm [5] http:/ / www. com/ m/ heaven_help_us/ [4] http:/ / www.

How to Be a Gentleman 25 How to Be a Gentleman How to Be a Gentleman Genre Created by Starring Sitcom David Hornsby • • • • • • Country of origin Language(s) No. 2011 – June 23.[5][6] On October 18. However.[2][3] Lead actor David Hornsby created the series. which originally aired on CBS from September 29. adapting the nonfiction book of the same name by John Bridges. 2011 to June 23. of episodes David Hornsby Kevin Dillon Dave Foley Mary Lynn Rajskub Rhys Darby Nancy Lenehan United States English 1 9 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) David Hornsby Adam Chase Ted Schachter Film.[5] and the remaining seven episodes would be burned off on Saturdays starting October 15 as part of the network's Comedytime Saturday block. after two Thursday episodes aired. CBS later made the decision to air the remaining episodes on Saturday evenings over the summer. CBS pulled the series from its Saturday timeslot after airing only one episode that lost half of the audience from the Two and a Half Men rerun leading into it. beginning on May 26. effectively ending production immediately. of seasons No.[8] . on October 7. Multi-camera 22 minutes Camera setup Running time Production company(s) Media Rights Capital CBS Productions Broadcast Original channel Picture format CBS 480i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV) September 29.[4] Thirteen episodes were originally ordered for the first season. 2012. 2012 External links Official website [1] Original run How to Be a Gentleman is an American sitcom.[7] completely removing the series from the lineup and leaving the remaining six episodes unaired. it was announced the series episode order had been cut down to nine.

3 "How to Attend Your Ex-Fiancee's Wedding" were still together. Mike. as they "renew" a friendship that never really existed before. Bert talks Andrew into attending his ex-fiancee's wedding for closure.39 When Bert sends out angry emails that Andrew drafted but never sent.45 Fred Savage Jeff Astrof October 15. sexier style of his magazine. 4 "How to Share a [13] Relationship" Fred Savage Jeff Astrof [14] May 26. Iraq war veteran. then tries to cover it up. But when Andrew discovers his ex met her husband while she and Andrew Andrew and Bert each have their own unique relationship with the same woman. Meanwhile.58 Bert succeeds in getting Andrew to have a meaningless fling. 2012 104 [15] 1. but Andrew struggles to not get attached to the woman. 2012 106 [17] 1. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code 101 U. Andrew's sister. 2011 103 [12] 2.98 1 "Pilot" Pamela Fryman David Hornsby September 29. an uptight columnist (Hornsby) and his more freewheeling. viewers (millions) [10] 8. 5 "How to Be Draft [16] Andrew" Alex Hardcastle Michael Borkow [14] May 26. 2012 September 29. and her boyfriend. 2011 102 [11] 7. Cast • • • • • • David Hornsby as Andrew Carlson Kevin Dillon as Bert Lansing Dave Foley as Jerry Dunham Mary Lynn Rajskub as Janet Rhys Darby as Mike Nancy Lenehan as Diane Carlson Series overview Season Episodes Originally aired Series premiere 1 9 [9] DVD release date Series finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 N/A N/A N/A [9] June 23. 2011 Episodes No.43 Pamela Fryman David Hornsby October 6. but Andrew starts to feel short-changed when she spends every night in Bert's room. Andrew turns the tables on Bert and forces him to stop filing away his emotions when his judgmental father (Bill Smitrovich) shows up. 2012 105 [15] 1.84 . 2011 When etiquette columnist Andrew Carlson is told he must adapt to the new. trainer (as well as a former high school bully) (Kevin Dillon). Mike causes Janet's injury at Bert's gym.How to Be a Gentleman 26 Premise The series chronicles two former high school classmates. 2 "How to Have a One-Night Stand" Janet.S. he hires his old high school bully Bert Lansing to help him become a "modern" man. he must decide how to confront her. seek help from Diane to prepare them for Mike's green card interview. Meanwhile. 6 "How to Dip Your Pen in the Company Ink" TBA TBA [9] June 2. Andrew scrambles to make things right with the recipients. Meanwhile.

com/ 2011/ 10/ how-to-be-a-gentleman-pulled-from-saturdays-after-one-airing/ [8] "CBS Plans Burn-Off of How To Be A Gentleman. [4] Renkl. 2011 – June 23. 2011. com/ 2012/ 05/ cbs-plans-burn-off-of-how-to-be. [9] "Shows A-Z .[10] as well as the shows in CBS's Monday night comedy block for the same week.74 million viewers and a 4. . Margaret (2011-02-17). The Futon Critic. Wednesday. Retrieved 2011-05-17. which recorded 14. 2011. Bert reminds him of his newfound "manhood" and shows him the error of his ways. Sitcoms Online. Reception The show has received negative reviews from critics. Replaces It With ‘Rules Of Engagement’" (http:/ / www. all of which ranked in the top 25 for the week with Adults 18-49. "CBS Planning De Niro Cop Show And How To Be A Gentleman Comedy" (http:/ / www. 2011) Saturday 8:30 pm (October 15. . he is forced to realize that even a gentleman can be shallow about some things. Retrieved May 2. "CBS Relegates ‘How To Be A Gentleman’ To Saturdays. .[24] Season Timeslot Thursday 8:30pm (September 29.63 27 When Andrew skips Thanksgiving dinner with his family to rekindle a relationship with his ex-fiancee. 2012 108 [20] 1. 2011 – October 6. Retrieved September 30. Bert discovers that events from his past may be the reason for his commitment issues. 2012. Retrieved October 7. he asks Bert to come on board to serve as his new life coach. cinemablend. 2012 2011-2012 #59 References [1] http:/ / www. 8 "How to Upstage [19] Thanksgiving" TBA TBA [9] June 16. Nellie (7 October 2011).9 in the 18-49 demo. Retrieved 2011-05-17. . com/ television/ CBS-Planning-De-Niro-Cop-Show-How-Gentleman-Comedy-32038. com/ 2011/ 10/ cbs-demotes-how-to-be-a-gentleman-to-saturdays-replaces-it-with-rules-of-engagement/ ). [3] Seidman.98 million viewers and a 2. Comedy Central's Futurama Launches 7th Season in June" (http:/ / blog.7 out of 10. indicating generally unfavorable reviews. The website's users have given it a 3. deadline. cbs. Penske Media Corporation. 2011. . zap2it. com/ primetime/ how_to_be_a_gentleman [2] Wharton. 2011). html). Robert (October 7. . 7 "How to Get Along With Your Boss's New Girlfriend" When Andrew is left picking up Jerry's slack at work. Robert (June 29. 9 "How to Be Shallow" [21] TBA TBA [9] June 23. "CBS Announces Fall 2011 Premiere Dates" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. html). com/ showatch/ how-to-be-a-gentleman/ listings/ ). 2011 June 23. zap2it. but quickly realizes he might have made a serious mistake.56 When Andrew is given the opportunity to ask out a model. It averaged a score of 45 out of 100 on Metacritic. TV By The Numbers. 2011). 2012) Season premiere Season finale TV Season Ranking Viewers (in millions) [25] 8.How to Be a Gentleman When Andrew refuses to make a move on his attractive new assistant. sitcomsonline. May 2. Deadline Hollywood. Again. 2012 109 [22] 1. Nashville Scene.[10] This rating compared poorly to that of its lead-in.67 1 September 29. David (2011-05-16). 'How To Be A Gentleman' Banished to Saturdays. .Ratings" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. Cinema Blend. [6] Seidman. "CBS: 'Rules of Engagement' Moving to Thursdays. "John Bridges' beloved Gentleman guide may find new life as a CBS comedy series" (http:/ / www. [5] Andreeva. [7] http:/ / www. Retrieved 8 October 2011. The Big Bang Theory. nashvillescene. 2012 107 [18] 1.[23] The premiere recorded 8. Effectively Canceled . com/ 2011/ 06/ 29/ cbs-announces-fall-2011-premiere-dates/ 96883/ ).how to be a gentleman on cbs" (http:/ / thefutoncritic. Retrieved June 29.7 Adults 18-49 rating.45 TBA TBA [9] June 9. 2012. com/ 2011/ 10/ 07/ cbs-rules-of-engagement-moving-to-thursdays-how-to-be-a-gentleman-banished-to-saturdays-effectively-canceled/ 106537/ ). com/ nashville/ john-bridges-beloved-gentleman-guide-may-find-new-life-as-a-cbs-comedy-series/ Content?oid=2252987). Meanwhile. TV By the Numbers. Bert teaches him a lesson by going out with her. deadline. .

com/ 2012/ 05/ 24/ complete-list-of-2011-12-season-tv-show-viewership-sunday-night-football-tops-followed-by-american-idol-ncis-dancing-with-the-stars/ 135785/ External links • Official website (http://www. zap2it. "TV Ratings Broadcast Top 25: 'Two And A Half Men' Falls Just Short of 'Sunday Night Football' with Adults 18-49. Retrieved October 7. com/ 2011/ 09/ 29/ thursday-final-ratings-x-factor-the-big-bang-theory-greys-anatomy-the-office-the-secret-circle-mentalist-adjusted-up/ 105546/ ). "TV Ratings Saturday: Rangers/Tigers ALCS Game 6 Tops NASCAR For Fox Win" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. .' 'The Secret Circle' & 'Mentalist' Adjusted Up" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. zap2it. zap2it.imdb.How to Be a Gentleman [10] Gorman. com/ 2011/ 10/ 07/ thursday-final-ratings-x-factor-the-big-bang-theory-greys-anatomy-the-office-person-of-interest-parks-private-practice-down/ 106528/ ). metacritic. The Futon Critic. com/ 2011/ 10/ 16/ tv-ratings-saturday-rangerstigers-game-6-tops-nascar-for-fox-win/ 107397/ ). com/ 2012/ 06/ 03/ 28 tv-ratings-saturday-stanley-cup-finals-game-2-ties-for-number-one-for-the-night-with-secret-millionaire-repeats-how-to-be-a-genteman-rises-plus-mlb-baseball/ 136648/ [18] http:/ / tvbythenumbers. "Thursday Final Ratings: 'X Factor.' 'The Office.tv. zap2it. [14] Entertainment Weekly (May 25. zap2it. Retrieved October 16. com/ tvlistings/ ZCProgram. . zap2it.com/title/tt1839497/) at the Internet Movie Database • How to Be a Gentleman (http://www.cbs. [12] Gorman. Retrieved October 7. do?sId=EP01419871& t=How+ to+ Be+ a+ Gentleman& method=getEpisodesForShow& desc=on [22] http:/ / tvbythenumbers. 2012) [15] http:/ / tvbythenumbers. zap2it. .' 'The Big Bang Theory.' 'Parks & Rec' Adjusted Up. com/ 2012/ 06/ 10/ tv-ratings-saturday-stanley-cup-coverage-leads-to-nightly-win-for-nbc/ 137395/ [19] http:/ / tvlistings. 2011). Robert (7 October 2011).' 'The Big Bang Theory.' 'Grey's Anatomy. Bill (September 29. zap2it.com/primetime/how_to_be_a_gentleman) • How to Be a Gentleman (http://www. com/ 2011/ 10/ 04/ tv-ratings-broadcast-top-25-two-and-a-half-men-falls-just-short-of-sunday-night-football-with-adults-18-49-but-tops-everything-in-viewing/ 105836/ ). TV By The Numbers. [17] http:/ / tvbythenumbers.com . 2011). com/ 2012/ 06/ 17/ tv-ratings-saturday-u-s-open-golf-scores-a-hole-in-one-to-win-night-cars-beats-baseball-how-to-be-a-gentleman-down/ 138431/ [21] http:/ / tvlistings. TV By The Numbers. 2011. zap2it.' 'The Office. TV By The Numbers. zap2it. 2011. [13] "(#103) "How To Attend Your Ex-Fiancee's Wedding"" (http:/ / thefutoncritic. . 2011. "Thursday Final Ratings: 'X Factor. com/ 2012/ 05/ 27/ tv-ratings-saturday-nba-basketball-tops-mlb-coverage-and-the-firm/ 135896/ [16] "(#105) "How To Be Draft Andrew"" (http:/ / thefutoncritic. Bill (October 16. .' 'Person of Interest. Retrieved September 30. 'Private Practice' Down" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. 2011. zap2it. . com/ listings/ 20110922cbs03). com/ tv/ how-to-be-a-gentleman [24] Seidman. 2011). Retrieved 16 October 2011. com/ 2012/ 06/ 24/ tv-ratings-saturday-baseball-on-fox-wins-a-slow-saturday/ 139122/ [23] http:/ / www. 2011. com/ tv/ how-to-be-a-gentleman/ episode-guide/ EP01419871 [20] http:/ / tvbythenumbers.com/shows/how-to-be-a-gentleman/) at TV. com/ listings/ 20111011cbs08/ ).' 'Grey's Anatomy. Retrieved October 16. zap2it. The Futon Critic. [25] http:/ / tvbythenumbers. [11] Seidman. Robert (October 4. But Tops Everything in Viewing" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. TV By The Numbers.

It stars Glenn Close and James Woods as a married childless couple who want a baby. The Spectors take care of Lucy during her pregnancy and they become close but Lucy becomes uncertain about giving up her baby. She thinks the couple can provide better for her baby than she and her boyfriend Sam (Kevin Dillon). They try to conceive but are unable. .Immediate Family (film) 29 Immediate Family (film) Immediate Family Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Jonathan Kaplan Lawrence Kasdan Sarah Pillsbury Midge Sanford Barbara Benedek Glenn Close James Woods Mary Stuart Masterson Kevin Dillon Brad Fiedel Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Lindley Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office Jane Kurson Columbia Pictures 27 October 1989 95 min United States English $5. They turn to an adoption agency and meet the pregnant 17-year old Lucy (Mary Stuart Masterson).932. They decide to adopt from a pregnant teenage girl who later gets second thoughts.613 [1] Immediate Family is a 1989 drama film directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Plot The successful couple Linda Spector (Glenn Close) and Michael Spector (James Woods) have been married for ten years and desperately want to be parents.

Kevin Dillon References [1] http:/ / boxofficemojo.com/m/immediate_family/) at Rotten Tomatoes Immediate Family (http://www.allrovi.jsp?stid=79030) at the TCM Movie Database Immediate Family (http://www. com/ movies/ ?id=immediatefamily. htm External links • • • • • • Immediate Family (http://www. "Best Supporting Actress" .Immediate Family (film) 30 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Glenn Close as Linda Spector James Woods as Michael Spector Mary Stuart Masterson as Lucy Kevin Dillon as Sam Linda Darlow as Lawyer Susan Drew Harrison Mohr as Eli Mimi Kennedy as Eli's mother Charles Levin as Eli's father Jessica James as Bessie Ken Lerner as Josh Awards and nominations National Board of Review of Motion Pictures • 1989: Won.com/movies/?id=immediatefamily. "Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Motion Picture" .com/title/tt0097567/) at the Internet Movie Database Immediate Family (http://tcmdb.dll/article?AID=/19891027/REVIEWS/ 910270306/1023).com/apps/pbcs.htm) at Box Office Mojo "Immediate Family" (http://rogerebert.com/movies/movie/v24404) at AllRovi Immediate Family (http://www. review by Roger Ebert.suntimes.rottentomatoes. .imdb.boxofficemojo.Mary Stuart Masterson Young Artist Award • 1990: Nominated.com/title/title.

" Filmography Film Year Title Vivo Role Notes 2004 Cross Bronx 2007 Where God Left His Shoes Vinny 2007 Brooklyn Rules 2007 Gardener of Eden 2008 Eagle Eye 2011 Seven Days in Utopia 2012 Think Like a Man 2012 Battleship 2013 7500 Bobby Canzoneri Greek Poker Player Joe Buckner Jeremy Sampson JOOD Strodell . they asked. New York.[1] Ferrara is of Italian descent. where he was inspired by a teacher to pursue a career in acting. He’s probably the most different from his character. Ferrara is said to have lost weight by trading "burgers and fries for tofu. U. where he quickly landed his first role on The King Of Queens.Jerry Ferrara 31 Jerry Ferrara Jerry Ferrara Ferrara in Entourage Born November 25. which premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. An agent he met at a talent showcase encouraged him to move to Los Angeles. Ferrara attended New Utrecht High School. He’s like 180 degrees in the opposite direction. "What's a pilot?"[4] Kevin Connolly has said of his Entourage co-star that "Jerry’s very domesticated. Jerry was then cast in the independent feature Cross Bronx. His dialogue was mixed with a clip from an Entourage episode for humorous effect. 1979) is an American actor best known for his work as "Turtle" on the HBO comedy series Entourage."[5] Ferrara once made an appearance in character as Turtle for a DirecTV commercial. Other television parts soon followed. Actor Occupation Years active 2000–present Jerry Ferrara (born November 25. 1979 Brooklyn. Life and career Born in Brooklyn. New York. fresh organic fruit and vegetables.S. Ferrara revealed that when he told his friends he had landed a major part in a television pilot. Ferrara is also co-founder of Fat Sal's deli in Westwood.[3] In an interview about his breakout role on the show.[2] Jerry Ferrara began studying theater in college.[6] In 2009-2010 Ferrara dropped weight in a new outlook on health and fitness. Los Angeles.

and Kevin Connolly) (2006) 2011 Vietnam in HD Raymond Torres 6 episodes Video games Year Title Role Notes 2006 Scarface: The World Is Yours Hotel manager Voice References [1] (http:/ / www. html [5] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ images/ menu1. com/ feature/ Entourage_Jerry_Ferrara_Interview/ 4571613). [2] Q&A with Jerry Ferrara: Bringing Turtle Out of His 'Entourage' Shell (http:/ / www. 2009 [3] http:/ / www. Accessed October 7. fatsalsdeli. com/ name/ nm1483196/ bio). Accessed September 22. com/ tv/ interviews/ 156812-e-is-for-entourage-kevin-connolly-speaks [6] http:/ / www. hollywood. Jeremy Piven. imdb.com. 2009. imdb.Jerry Ferrara 2013 Empire State 2013 Last Vegas Jimmy 32 Television Year 2000 2000 2000 2001 Title The King of Queens That's Life City Guys Maybe it's Me Drew Kid Danny Puglisi Turtle Co-wrote episodes: "Whiz Kid" and "The Big Bang" Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (2009) Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (2008) 2 episodes Life 2002 2004 Leap of Faith NYPD Blue Joey Student Delivery boy Guest Star Role Notes 2001–2002 Grounded for 2004–2011 Entourage Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (2007) Nominated – Teen Choice Award Choice TV: Sidekick (2007) Nominated – Teen Choice Award TV – Choice Chemistry (with Adrien Grenier. pdf . craveonline. Kevin Dillon. com/ name/ nm1483196/ bio [4] http:/ / www. com/ jerry-ferrara/ person/ 13041/ biography. tv.

com/2008/07/ok-interview-jerry-ferrara-6935/) with Staff (July 7. 2011) External links • Jerry Ferrara (http://www.pr.com/name/nm1483196/) at the Internet Movie Database .imdb.com/article/1181) with Allison Kugel (July 7.com: Jerry Ferrara Interview (http://www. 2008) • PR.Jerry Ferrara 33 Further reading • OK!: Jerry Ferrara Interview (http://www.okmagazine.

forcing Burns to play it himself. In the episode "Drive". an Edward Burns television pilot. which scores 16 million viewers on its premiere. Drama reveals he is a Razzie Award winner. he was given a holding deal by the network for his own show.5 million condominium. Although he occasionally finds his little brother's charity emasculating. Drama stirred up trouble by claiming to have received a handjob from the . His acting range is limited by a wooden style.Johnny "Drama" Chase 34 Johnny "Drama" Chase Johnny Chase Entourage character Portrayed by Kevin Dillon Information Aliases Occupation Johnny Drama Actor Significant other(s) Single Relatives Vincent Chase (brother). before this. Drama lands a role as the "older Irish brother" in Five Towns. but he constantly brings up bit roles he has played over the years in such movies and television shows as Barbershop. A Different World. Drama effectively resumed a successful career and bought out a $1. He is often addressed by other characters as Johnny Drama or Drama. Drama followed Eric. and Turtle to the Medellin set and successfully secured a role in the film as a military leader who infiltrates Escobar's compound in the movie's climax. Drama has not had a serious acting gig for three years. but it is not made clear whether this is just a nickname or whether he actually has used the name Johnny Drama as a stage name. While it would seem that he is nothing more than a leech. Melrose Place. He left the hit show after a run in with a TV executive. However. which pays off with a supporting role in a film called Queens Boulevard. Full House. Not long after.[5] and tries to give acting advice to his brother. he is Vincent's chef and fitness consultant. Beverly Hills. a bit part in another film Medellin.[7] Burns felt he owed Drama because Drama turned down a role in Burns' successful real-life film The Brothers McMullen. He is always looking to capitalize on Vincent's success. He was mistakenly offered a lead role in Rush Hour 3 by Brett Ratner when Ratner's assistant misread the credits in Drama's show and picked Drama instead of his younger co-star. Johnny is a member of the union Screen Actors Guild (SAG). 90210. he is cast in another series. Vince. springing to their help when needed.[4] Nash Bridges. During the hiatus of Five Towns. and an appearance in a flashy Chinese commercial that Vincent does. and Star Trek as well as a national television commercial for herpes drug Valtrex. often watching out for his brother and making sure he eats right. Johnny cares deeply for his brother and the rest of the [6] group. Drama still was able to coerce Ratner to give him a role as a French bus driver. best known for his starring role as Tarvold in a cult television series. Pacific Blue. Five Towns. he almost never turns it down. Drama has been a C-list actor for most of his career. The character is based on Mark Wahlberg's cousin Johnny "Drama" Alves. Later in Entourage. pompous and insecure. In the first season of Entourage. The Commish. Viking Quest. He is played by Kevin Dillon. However. [2][3] Fictional biography Drama is the older half-brother of popular actor Vincent Chase. His personality is alternately macho and warm-hearted. which spawned his catchphrase "Victory!". The pilot was picked up in the episode "The Resurrection". After the Five Towns pilot performed very well. Rita Chase (mother) Jonathan "Johnny" Chase[1] is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series Entourage. 21 Jump Street. He starred as Tarvold in the fictional science fiction series Viking Quest. Instead.

which Drama had never had before. It is unclear whether this handjob actually occurred. Drama had been fired from the original Melrose Place series in 1993. His quote is now at least $100. Drama does voice acting for a new animated series called Johnny's Bananas. After that he became a partner with the owner who had to settle a gambling debt problem. He is also pegged as the lead actor in a TV movie based on a script written by Vince and Walsh. where Gold was fired from in 2005. In the season finale. an urban comedy where all characters are primarily apes and monkeys. Yiddish and Hebrew. In the end they stop after he sees a large crowd and his friends and brother cheer him on. so he verbally agrees to make Ari his permanent agent. This changes for Drama when he threatens Five Towns NBC network executive Dan Cokley after he suspects Cokley is trying to sleep with Turtle's girlfriend. Drama soon decides that he has enough of his character getting bad scenes and tries to get out of his contract on Five Towns and sign on to star on Melrose Place 2009 after Melrose Place producer Phil Yagoda offered him to audition for a role. 35 . He does well at the audition. while at the Cannes Film Festival in France greeting the large fan base and cult following of Viking Quest. Drama fears rejection and has a mild heart attack and mental breakdown. His co-star is Andrew Dice Clay. Though it is never shown that Drama is fluent in multiple languages. However. and the show was created by Billy Walsh. Drama along with Turtle and Vincent have their own offices in Eric's company. Drama claims to be Irish[8] and Chilean. Drama then eventually decides that he is an actor and must redo the audition. Five Towns is still filming and is still a successful show. urinating in his pants. he has quoted words in Spanish. after Drama's agent Lloyd Lee resigns from his secretary position at Ari Gold's agency to accept an offer from Gold's rival. Johnny becomes the co-owner of a Queens bar with Turtle's cousin Ronnie. In the Season 4 season finale. who director Billy Walsh was infatuated with. Phil Yagoda then notifies Drama that the network decided that he is ready to have a series created for him and offers an exclusive holding deal. At the first Melrose Place 2009 audition. Drama is impressed by Ari's capability. an impassioned speech by Lloyd convinces Drama that he should remain with Lloyd who is more sincere and concerned for Drama. Adam Davies at the Terrence McQuewick Agency. Ari and Lloyd compete to get him out of his Five Towns contract and onto Melrose Place 2009.000 (per episode) higher than it was on Five Towns for which he made $75. coupled with Drama's tendency to exaggerate his macho image. In the Season Five finale. as Turtle finds it unbelievable. Drama meets and becomes involved with Jacqueline and begins a long distance relationship with her after he gets back to LA. In Season Six. Ronnie them had the bar renamed "Johnny Drama's". In Season Eight. particularly on camera.[9] and may be part Japanese. Cokley decides that instead of firing Drama. Drama becomes unstable after hearing Lloyd's departure. but he is turned down by the network for being "too old".Johnny "Drama" Chase film's lead actress (portrayed by Sofia Vergara). Drama increased his profile in France inadvertently by having sex on the beach with Jacqueline for three hours. Drama and Vince head to Italy to film Vince's new movie. French.[10] In "Gary's Desk". The Murphy Group.000 per episode. Jamie-Lynn Sigler. he will convince the writers to torture and humiliate Drama's character on Five Towns. Delighted.

He also likes enjoying "a good steak. It is believed that Johnny was born shortly after his parents left high school. this could possibly be explained as him referring to her informally as mom if she was a main mother figure in his life. His line in "Aquamom". but Turtle once emphasized that Johnny was Vince's half-brother and that Vincent thought Drama was his cousin until Vince was 14. "It could be my own insecurity about feeling my mother loved Vince more than she does me". a bottle of red."[13] He has attended an S&M seminar. They are consistently referred to as brothers. This creates. and he made her ride her bike home [21] afterwards. what Entourage creator Doug Ellin has referred to as an auto-perspective angle in which the audience can assume one or the other in reference to Johnny's actual parentage.[15] Vince and Drama share the same last name. Rita Chase may indeed be Johnny's biological mother. However. They appear to have the same mother in the episode "Aquamom" when Johnny calls himself her "first born". Drama may be simply very close to Vince's mother. On the HBO Entourage web site.[17] along with the fact that "Aquamom" came after "My Maserati Does 185" may support this theory. who was an alcoholic and left the family when both were relatively young. with Vince and Johnny having the same biological father. However. his motto for their concerts is "Floor level or bust". • Drama was married at one time. Rita Chase.[19] Relationship history Relationships prior to the show • Drama had a relationship with a girl named Stacy LaRosa. Johnny mentions his insecurities to the executive producer of Five Towns saying. He has a Notre Dame leprechaun tattoo on his right leg.[22] .[16] This means that Rita may not actually be Drama's biological mother.[20] Apparently Drama ended their relationship prior to Valentines Day so he would not have to buy her a present.[11][12] He also loves the Irish band U2. Drama is also referred to as Vince's half-brother.[8] Drama prefers José Cuervo tequila and Johnnie Walker Blue.Johnny "Drama" Chase 36 Interests Drama is a New York Mets fan. The marriage was annulled. due to the fact that the line in "My Maserati Does 185" about their shared father is a definitive genetical statement said in a genuine sense. Drama calls Vincent's mother "your mom" in the episode "My Maserati Does 185". but either his stepmother and/or adoptive mother.[14] Relation to Vincent Drama's exact relationship to Vincent is not clear. thus explaining the age gap between himself and Vince. Drama is at least nine years older than Vince. • Drama had anal sex with a girl named Jess Mancini during high school. alluding that Johnny's mother is Rita. a couple cigars and some good conversation. for nine days.[18] During Season Six.

She apparently had sex with Seth Rogen when she was drunk. Kevin Dillon actually guest-starred in three episodes of NYPD Blue as a police officer. • In the sixth season. lead guest star guest star pilot never aired uncredited. Drama had a relationship with Vanessa Angel. Drama found a new girlfriend. • In the third season. Fictional filmography Year 1987 1988 1988 1989 1989 1990 1991 1991 1991 1993 1993 1993 1994 Title Miami Vice The New New Love Boat Barfly License to Drive 227 A Different World Booker Cop Rock L. while Drama wears a pink rabbit suit and head. prepares himself to have sex with Drama. Donna's stalker uncredited guest star. Tara gave Drama a sexually transmitted disease. Drama had a devil's threesome with Turtle and Cassie. three months before Eric had sex with her. Drama's personal masseuse in Las Vegas. • In the second season. Drama fools around with a female dog owner in the episode "Dog Day Afternoon". 90210 Point Break NYPD Blue Melrose Place Amongst Friends The Crow Kid in Trunk small part Role Cocaine Informant Merrill Stubing Extra Unknown Building Inspector Drunk Frat Guy Dead Body Singing Felon Mute Clerk Eddie Stoned Surfer #5 Dead Body guest star guest star guest star guest star guest star guest star. • In the second season. at the Cannes Festival and had sex with her on the beach. 3 days' work Notes .A. Drama has sex with a girl named Kelly that works at a clothing store. Jacqueline ends her romantic relationship with Drama due to his obsession with her. Drama had a fling with a muscular woman. • In the fifth season. • In the sixth season. Jacqueline. so Drama was unable to see the girl in the future. • In the third season.[23] He ended this relationship because she was too tough for him and he felt emasculated. Ken. • In the fourth season. The relationship didn’t last because of Turtle.Johnny "Drama" Chase 37 Relationships during the show • In the first season. This episode covered somewhat in depth the "Furry" lifestyle of being attracted to costumes and stuffed animals/fluffy animal type suits. The woman makes squirrel-like sounds and gestures. Shuana's assistant in the episode"The Sundance Kids". Drama has sex with a woman while both are dressed in animal costume. simply going along with it so he could have sex. Law Beverly Hills. • In the fourth season. Drama had sex with a girl named Tara.[24] It is unclear how long the relationship lasted. after he mistakes Drama's intention when he calls him to his room for giving a massage in the middle of the night.

Cancelled after one week [25] guest star. Drama's second-ever lead role. appears alongside Vince The cast of Five Towns made an appearance as special guests on the show. Has shot at least 87 episodes. Drama mentions a stunt in which he falls down a flight of stairs recurring guest star Taxi Driver stand-in guest part Fired for fighting with Matt Dillon guest star 38 1994–1995 My So-Called Life 1995 1995 1996 1997 1997 1998 1998 1999 2001 Cornelius and Son Last One Left Beautiful Girls Pacific Blue Viking Quest Kissing a Fool Star Trek: Voyager Nash Bridges 7th Heaven Officer Ross Harper recurring guest star Tarvold Cubs Fan Klingon Retarded Brother High School Swimmer With Alopecia Customer Law Clerk Dead Body Bank Robber Thug Himself Bookie uncredited. who also directed the pilot. Army General Himself Johnny . About five Irish brothers who "run" the five towns of Long Island.Johnny "Drama" Chase 1994 Full House Uncle Jesse's Tough-Guy Nephew 1994 1994 1994 The Commish 227 Concrete Heat Bulimic Pedophile guest star guest star starred with Andrew Dice Clay. Currently airing on NBC. Scenes cut from film cameo. Episode 7" (actual airdate: October 31. scenes cut from film guest star guest star guest star appears with his half-brother Vince surprise appearance on the show with Vince small bit-part with Vince cameo with Vince target of a prank involving Chuck Liddell. co-starred with Vanessa Angel 2002 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 Barbershop The Practice Law & Order: SVU Crossing Jordan Head On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Queens Boulevard Chinese energy drink Unnamed role television commercial Gotcha! Himself Quinn 2006–2009 Five Towns 2007 2007 2008 2011 Rush Hour 3 Medellin The View Johnny's Bananas French Bus Driver U. in the pilot episode of Paulie Shore's celebrity hidden camera show (a la Punk'd).S. Left the show during season four. 1997) Drama's first lead role. "Season 3. Produced by Edward Burns. Lead Role (Voice) guest star guest star.

[4] Drama mentions this in the episode "Aquamansion". Disc 3. [3] Mentioned by Mark Wahlberg on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.hbo.myspace. hbo. com/ entourage/ about/ index. It is possible that Drama shares this grandfather.html) • Official page (http://profile.cfm?fuseaction=user. [19] In "I Love You Too". Drama waves and Irish flag. Turtle asks how old Drama really is. [2] Kevin Connolly. Vince mentions that the first concert he attended was a U2 gig when he was 7. Bonus Features. . imdb. he introduces himself as Jonathan Chase. Also in this episode.Johnny "Drama" Chase 39 References [1] In Season 4. [23] "Date Night" [24] "I Love You Too" [25] Episode 79 "Stunted" External links • Official HBO web page (http://www.com/entourage) .com/entourage/cast/character/drama. [6] In "An Offer Refused" (Season 2 Episode 4).hbo. Entourage .viewprofile&friendid=72488427) at MySpace • Johnny 'Drama' Chase (http://entourage. I got Dad's. [20] Mentioned in the episode "Oh. y'know. Drama asks a plastic surgeon if he accepts SAG insurance for his calf implants. Vince mentions that he has a Japanese grandfather. 12 March 2007. [11] Pilot episode [12] Mentioned in "Manic Monday" [13] "Aquamansion" [14] "Security Briefs" [15] HBO web site (http:/ / www. yet Vince and his mother seem to be Italian. Mandy" [21] "The Day Fuckers" [22] Drama mentions this in the episode "Talk Show"." Drama: "You got your mom's calves. html) [16] Vincent: "All the Chase men have great legs. Debi Mazar (2004). I am your first born.wikia. [5] Drama mentions this in the episode "Chinatown". Kevin Dillon. com/ title/ tt0387199/ ) (DVD). Chase: "Always hugs him first. Upon hearing this.com/wiki/Johnny_'Drama'_Chase) in Entourage Wiki at Wikia • Entourage Official HBO web page (http://www.com/index. and he responds "31". and Drama drove him there." [17] Drama. [8] Mentioned in "I Love You Too" [9] Drama mentions having "some Chilean blood" in "The Sundance Kids" [10] In "Chinatown". United States: HBO Home Video.The Complete Second Season (http:/ / www. Adrian Grenier." [18] Entourage Season 4 DVD. to Mrs. [7] Drama mentioned this in the episode "The Release". Jerry Ferrara.

Mamaroneck High School 40 Mamaroneck High School Mamaroneck High School Mamaroneck High School. High school 1928 Open Mamaroneck Union Free School District 3618240 [1][2] [3][4] 361824001648 Elizabeth Clain Stephen Frasene.8 (on full-time equivalent (FTE) basis) 9-12 1469 370 386 332 381 [4]  (2009) [4] [4] [4] [4] Student to teacher ratio 13.1 [4] Campus type Color(s) Nickname Communities served Feeder schools Website Suburban Orange and black The Tigers Town of Mamaroneck. 10543 USA Coordinates 40°56′33″N 73°44′45″W Information School type Established Status School district NCES District ID NCES School ID Principal Assistant principals Faculty Grades Enrollment Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Public school (government funded). (Westchester County). Gail Kleiner. New York. Address 1000 West Boston Post Rd Mamaroneck.mamkschools. building as seen from the street.org [5] Mamaroneck High School is a public school located in Mamaroneck. including its two villages Hommocks Middle School mhs. .JPG Palmer Ave. The school is part of the Mamaroneck Union Free School District. Mario Washington [4] 111. New York.

A wooden gazebo stands near the Palmer end of the footbridge. AP Calculus BC. a baseball field. This has given rise to some safety concerns by parents. and psychology. AP Biology. but by and large the community is supportive of the policy. Seniors can select from AP European History. it was a gift from the class of 1987.2 in terms of college readiness[6] places it with the same rating as a rank of #262. Students are allowed to take AP US History and AP Physics B as early as their junior year. 2. AP English.S. one of the two buildings used to be the district's junior high school (grades 7-9).415 AP tests were taken per graduating senior. AP Macroeconomics. It was designed by an architectural-drawing-student. English. a large auditorium and a smaller theater. Brian Blum. and built by volunteer members of that year's class with support from architectural-drawing teacher Nick Cucchiarella.Mamaroneck High School 41 Campus setting and facilities The present campus is located approximately half a mile southwest of Mamaroneck's Harbor Island Park and spans the distance between Boston Post Road (U. particularly in wake of a string of bomb threats and false fire alarms in the late 1990s. . there are eight 39-minute periods and a 48-minute lunch. golf. The high school is one of the few in the area that has a totally open campus. This section of the complex connects the Palmer and Post Road buildings. AP Environmental Science. Ranking Mamaroneck High school is unranked in USNews and World Report List of Best High School of 2012. On day 5. c. on day 2. a TV studio. social studies. On day 1. independent school buildings. AP Calculus AB. science. Route 1) and Palmer Avenue. and physical education are required in each grade level. periods three and four are dropped. Students are not obligated to stay on campus during lunch time and free periods. a football field. Curriculum Students are typically enrolled in eight classes. MHS has a wealth of facilities. The open campus policy was suspended in 2008 due to another string of bomb threats. and so on. A new library and cafeteria were added to the school in 2006. AP Physics C. and day 5 is broken up into a. There are six 52-minute periods on days 1 through 4. math. In 2010. including architectural and engineering drawing. and d. although the campus remained open. It comprises two primary buildings. and Chinese are offered in each grade level. Mamaroneck High School offers a variety of Advanced Placement classes to upperclassmen. However. Prior to the construction of the Hommocks Middle School. such as digital photography. excluding a 58-minute lunch. tennis and fencing. with an enclosed footbridge connecting them. The open campus policy has been threatened to be suspended several times. until it was annexed by the high school. two gymnasiums. Formerly being two separate. one facing the Boston Post Road. its score of 55. and this garnered a ranking of 452 on Newsweek's annual list of Americas Best High Schools. and the other facing Palmer Avenue. MHS also has extensive programs to support special-needs students. art. French. Spanish. periods one and two are dropped. provided that they meet certain requirements. b. engineering. and AP Language in Spanish and French. Classes are offered on a block schedule. are required for graduation. It offers a variety of educational and extracurricular activities. Days of the academic year are assigned a number 1-5. Three electives. cooking. two parking areas. including three computer labs.

Appel . gov/ ccd/ schoolsearch/ school_detail. 2009. The school also has teams for fencing. National Center for Education Statistics. 2010. westchestermagazine. New York Times December 4. National Center for Education Statistics. David O. hockey. . Lynda.Mamaroneck High School 42 Athletics The MHS baseball team was the state champions in class AA for the 2008 and 2009 seasons and the MHS Field Hockey Team were the Class A 2004 State Champions. NY" (http:/ / www." . Today Media. but transferred) . Retrieved May 20. [5] http:/ / mhs. ed. wrestling. [7] Richardson. who attended Mamaroneck High School. Russell . usnews. . and 2011.actor Dan Futterman . Retrieved May 20.School Detail for Mamaroneck High School" (http:/ / nces.journalist [8] David O. asp?Search=2& ID2=3618240). 2011.January 2011 . U.actress Michael O'Keefe .Westchester. gov/ ccd/ districtsearch/ district_detail. asp?Search=1& ID=361824001648 [4] "Search for Public Schools .actor Norman Rockwell (attended.celebrity nephrologist[7] Elizabeth Berridge . basketball.Poptional Reading . Public Lives. Inc.musician. lacrosse. "Westchester at the Golden Globes . but dropped out) . 2003 [8] LaScala. . ed.artist Susan Dentzer . 2011. soccer. Retrieved 20 May 2011. ed. ".Best High Schools . swimming. tennis. Notable alumni • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gerald B. Russell. [3] http:/ / nces.. gov/ ccd/ schoolsearch/ school_detail. asp?Search=2& ID2=3618240 [2] "Search for Public School Districts – District Detail for Mamaroneck Union Free School District" (http:/ / nces. . NY . asp?Search=1& ID=361824001648). mamkschools. 2012.musician Bennett Miller .actor Al Giordano .US News" (http:/ / www. skiing. They also were runner-ups in the New York State championships in 2005.actor Matt Dillon (attended.journalist Tor Hyams .actress Kevin Dillon .director Elizabeth Kolbert . com/ education/ best-high-schools/ new-york/ districts/ mamaroneck-union-free-school-district/ mamaroneck-high-school-13851). lead singer of Timeflies Scott Leius . director of The Fighter. Retrieved August 30.athlete References [1] http:/ / nces. com/ Blogs/ Poptional-Reading/ January-2011/ Westchester-at-the-Golden-Globes/ ). gov/ ccd/ districtsearch/ district_detail.. (Westchester Magazine). Marisa (Jan 18 2011).News & World Report.journalist Cal Shapiro '06 . org/ [6] "Mamaroneck High School in MAMARONECK.director Jill Novick .S. and track & field. ed.

Lester Kevin Dillon Release date(s) 1998 Running time Country Language 95 min.Misbegotten (film) 43 Misbegotten (film) Misbegotten Directed by Starring Mark L. imdb. United States English Misbegotten is a 1998 film directed by Mark L. Lester. com/ title/ tt0131484/ . External links • Misbegotten [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

030 Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office No Escape. video) Savoy Pictures April 29. and was based on 1987's The Penal Colony by Richard Herley. Lance Henriksen. O'Connor Don Henderson Ian McNeice Jack Shepard Michael Lerner Ernie Hudson Graeme Revell Tim Simonec Starring Music by Cinematography Phil Meheux Editing by Distributed by Terry Rawlings Home Box Office (USA. Gale Anne Hurd Richard Herley (novel) Michael Gaylin Joel Gross Ray Liotta Lance Henriksen Stuart Wilson Kevin Dillon Kevin J. Stuart Wilson and Kevin Dillon. the commandant of a Benghazi (Libya) military base. 1994 118 minutes United States English $20 million $15. released in some countries as Escape from Absolom is a 1994 action/science fiction film shot in Queensland starring Ray Liotta. It is the story of a former American Marine serving life imprisonment on an island inhabited by savage and cannibalistic prisoners for killing his commanding officer. The movie was directed by Martin Campbell. in 2011.No Escape 44 No Escape No Escape Directed by Produced by Written by Martin Campbell Jake Eberts. .339.

in response to which Robbins knocks Marek into a pool and steals a powerful rocket launcher that Marek carries.' The Father put together a co-operative community with laws opposed to the tyranny of the Outsiders. He refuses and says he wants to leave Absolom. The event haunts Robbins over a decade later. and triggers satellite infrared sensors which cause the warden to send troops to the island. an island where they send the worst prisoners—a place feared more than the prison. Robbins is captured by the 'Outsiders'. Robbins forcces the informant to learn where the helicopter will land and hijacks the helicopter to escape from Absolom vowing to spread the truth about Absolom.No Escape 45 Plot In the 21st century (year 2022 timeframe). Robins flees from the Outsider's camp and is pursued through the jungle. After the Warden reviews his file and meets him face to face. Robbins learns of the Insiders' plan to escape using a gasoline-engine powered boat. and Marek offers Robbins a position within his gang. Stephano. The warden is convinced that Robbins' military skills are a threat that justifies his exile to the island. Robbins escape from the camp again which infuriates and causes Marek to bring all out war against the Insiders. Killian. women and children. The island—previously a private retreat with dilapidated houses and a swimming pool—is where the Outsiders have established a base. John Robbins. after a shady military operation in Benghazi (Libya) in 2011 where he was ordered to kill scores of innocent men. called the 'Insiders. Robbins learns that he is the only person to have ever challenged and escaped from Marek's camp and that the weapon he stole had been appropriated for the good of the community. where he washes up on some rocks and is retrieved by another group. He learns that the V-8 gasoline engine the Insiders have to power their escape boat needs a distributor. In the face of stern objection. informing the warden of each escape attempt made by the Insiders. The Insiders numbering exactly 98. Marek informs Robbins that the average life expectancy of a prisoner is six months but he had beat the odds for seven years and then insists he fight one of his men for his amusement. and that they are being tracked by infrared satellite technology. and demands a seat. the engine is suddenly blown up by a helicopter gun ship. Robbins convinces the Insiders to abandon their camp. He falls into the river below. avoiding crude booby traps only to end up trapped at the edge of a high cliff and being shot in the neck by a blowgun dart. however he stays behind to ignite an incendiary booby trap which kills most of the Outsiders. Robbins kills Marek but just as the V-8 engine is made to work. Robbins is taken to the shore where he learns that they are 200 miles from the mainland. With the help of an Insider spy. with prisoners seen as corporate assets. and hastily tells him about "Absolom" [sic]. The Father notes his resourcefulness and asks Robbins to join them. Robbins impresses Marek by killing the opponent in mere seconds. Robbins manages to infiltrate the Outsiders' camp and obtain the needed engine part. . that there are gunships 50 miles off the coast. an ex-marine of the Force Recon is imprisoned for life related to the murder of his commanding officer.' Robbins awakens inside the Insiders' camp (including Hawkins. a part which Robbins saw while being held in Marek's camp. determined to escape in order to tell authorities the real truth behind why the civilians died in Lybia. After being deposited on the island by a gunship (Kamov Ka-27 'Helix'). Casey. Robbins learns of an informer in the Insiders' camp that has been staying in direct contact with the warden through a radio transceiver. where a fellow prisoner offers him food. Robbins had escaped from two "level 5" maximum security prisons and is now incarcerated in a "level 6" facility run by the (unnamed) warden. King and Dysart) which is led by a man called 'The Father. Robbins is thrown in a cell. while the Outsiders total over 600. The Insiders agree. who are led by a sociopath named Marek. the penal system is run by corporations. but his presence does not go undetected. Robbins offers to get the part in exchange for a seat on the boat.

Video game A video game based on the film was released in 1994 for Sega Genesis. .No Escape 46 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ray Liotta as Robbins Lance Henriksen as The Father Stuart Wilson as Marek Kevin Dillon as Casey Kevin J. boxofficemojo. html . GameSpot. com/ movies/ ?id=noescape. and inked by Chris Ivy. imdb. penciled by Mike Harris. com/ no-escape/ platform/ snes/ ). Retrieved 2012-03-31. Logan as Scab Cheuk-Fai Chan as Skull David Wenham as Hotel Guard Adaptation In 1994. com/ m/ no_escape/ [4] http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. [2] http:/ / www. gamespot.[1] External links • • • • No Escape [2] at the Internet Movie Database No Escape [3] at Rotten Tomatoes No Escape [4] at Box Office Mojo review by Time Out [5] References [1] "No Escape" (http:/ / www. Marvel Comics published a three-issue comic book limited series adaptation of the original novel and movie screenplay. O'Connor as Stephano Don Henderson as Killian Ian McNeice as King Jack Shepard as Dysart Michael Lerner as Warden Ernie Hudson as Hawkins Russell Kiefel as Iceman Brian M. com/ title/ tt0110678/ [3] http:/ / www. com/ film/ 63473. and PC. Super Nintendo Entertainment System. htm [5] http:/ / www. timeout. The series was written by Roger Salick.

During one patrol. He finds a mentor in Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe) as well as the elder King (Keith David). a soldier named Manny is found mutilated and tied to a post while two others. One night his unit is set upon by a group of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) has dropped out of college and volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam.S. Plot In 1967. As tension mounts.Platoon (film) 47 Platoon (film) Platoon Theatrical release poster by Bill Gold Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Oliver Stone Arnold Kopelson Oliver Stone Tom Berenger Willem Dafoe Charlie Sheen Georges Delerue Music by Cinematography Robert Richardson Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Claire Simpson Hemdale Film Corporation Orion Pictures • December 19. near the Cambodian border.. followed by 1989's Born on the Fourth of July and 1993's Heaven & Earth. Taylor finds a disabled young man and an elderly woman hiding in a spider hole. Tex. 100 Movies" poll. In 1998.530. the platoon soon reaches a nearby village where a supply cache is discovered. Barnes . is maimed by friendly fire from a grenade thrown by Sergeant "Red" O'Neill (John C. Sal and Sandy. Taylor snaps. It is the first of Stone's Vietnam War trilogy. he is worn down by the exhausting conditions and his enthusiasm for the war wanes. are killed by a booby-trap. McGinley). 1986 120 minutes United States English $6 million $138. Stone wrote the story based upon his experiences as a U. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1986. the American Film Institute placed Platoon at #83 in their "AFI's 100 Years. Willem Dafoe and Charlie Sheen. who retreat after a brief gunfight. New recruit Gardner is killed while another soldier. Assigned to Bravo Company. infantryman in Vietnam to counter the vision of the war portrayed in John Wayne's The Green Berets.565 [1] Platoon is a 1986 American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone and stars Tom Berenger.. Taylor eventually gains acceptance from a tight-knit group in his unit who socialize and use drugs in a cabin clubhouse. screaming and threatening the man but is shocked to see Bunny (Kevin Dillon) then bludgeon him to death. with Taylor being mistakenly reprimanded by the ruthless Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes (Tom Berenger).

King is sent home and Taylor shares a foxhole with Francis (Corey Glover). the platoon is ambushed and pinned down in a firefight. Clark as Tubbs** (9) Richard Edson as Sal (10) Corey Glover as Francis (11) Johnny Depp as Lerner (12) David Neidorf as Tex (13) Reggie Johnson as Junior . self-detonating and killing everyone inside. a wounded Elias emerges from the jungle. but the wounded sergeant attacks him. scolding Barnes and engaging in a scuffle with him over the incident. running from a group of North Vietnamese soldiers. Taylor then sits and waits until reinforcements arrive and find him. deliberately stabs himself in the leg and reminds Taylor that because they have been twice wounded. Meanwhile. which concerns Barnes as Elias might give a testimony. That night. threatening to shoot her if the villagers do not reveal information. Wolfe calls in a mortar strike on incorrect coordinates. they can return home to the U. Barnes shoots and kills the chief's wife due to her persistent arguing. Barnes takes the child of the woman at gunpoint. Upon returning to base. To make matters worse. As they leave. After they take off. Taylor shoots Barnes. then a court-martial would be ordered. Taylor encounters Barnes. and goes back into the jungle to find Elias' group. Barnes finds Elias and shoots him. 48 Cast The following actors appeared in the film:[2] (Official Cast list dated March 3. Barnes orders the rest of the platoon to retreat. in which numerous soldiers are wounded. and finds an injured Barnes. was given a battlefield promotion to second lieutenant and was told he will remain in duty and replace Barnes. Bunny and Wolfe. resulting in friendly fire casualties. who dares him to pull the trigger. Taylor stops a group of soldiers from raping two girls. Captain Harris orders his air support to expend all remaining ordnance inside his perimeter. The platoon is sent back into the combat area to maintain defensive positions. Platoon commander Lieutenant Wolfe (Mark Moses) orders the men to leave with the villagers and burn the village. Taylor attempts to talk his group into retaliation when a drunken Barnes enters the room and taunts them. an NVA sapper armed with explosives rushes into battalion HQ. Elias takes Taylor and Rhah (Francesco Quinn) to intercept flanking enemy troops. an NVA assault occurs and the defensive lines are broken. The helicopter flies away and Taylor weeps as he stares down at the death and destruction.V. Elias arrives. returning to tell the others that Elias was killed by the enemy. while O'Neill barely escapes death by hiding under a dead soldier. Despite the villagers' adamant denials. Just before Barnes can pummel Taylor. both men are knocked unconscious by an air strike on the overrun base. 1986 Platoon Productions N. Taylor glances over at Barnes and reads the apprehension on his face as Elias dies. are killed. Captain Harris (Dale Dye) warns that if he finds out an illegal killing took place. killing him.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • (1) Charlie Sheen as Chris Taylor (2) Tom Berenger as Sergeant Bob Barnes (3) Willem Dafoe as Sergeant Elias (4) Paul Sanchez as Doc (5) Bob Orwig as Gardner (6) Kevin Dillon as Bunny (7) Keith David as King (8) Andrew B. who survived the battle unharmed. On their next patrol. Several soldiers in the platoon including Junior.S. O'Neill. During the chaos. Francis. picks up an enemy Type 56.Platoon (film) interrogates the village chief to determine if they have been aiding the enemy. Taylor attacks him but is cut near his eye as a result. who desperately wants to go home. At the base. Taylor regains consciousness the following morning.

Stone's return from active duty in Vietnam resulted in a "big change" in how he viewed life and the war. I came back [6] really visceral..Morrison had the script with him when he died in Paris). Stone sent the script to Jim Morrison in the hope he would play the lead (Morrison never responded but the script was returned to Oliver Stone by Morrison's manager shortly after Morrison's death . and the unproduced screenplay Break was the result. working with a pen and paper. And I think the camera is so much more. Stone discussed his killing of a Viet Cong soldier and how he blended this experience into his screenplay. as opposed to a pen.. with ideas. Ebenhoch as Ebenhoch** (28) Robert Galotti as Huffmeister** (30) J.[7] It featured several characters who were the seeds of those who would end up in Platoon. and it eventually provided the basis for Platoon. .Platoon (film) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (14) Forest Whitaker as Big Harold (15) Chris Pedersen as Crawford (16) James Terry McIlvain as Ace (17) John C.. that's your interpreter. Adam Glover as Sanderson (31) Dale Dye as Captain Harris 49 (** denotes military technical advisor 'ringers'[3]) Additional cast: • • • • • • • • • • • (39) Clarisa Ortacio as Old Woman (41) Bernardo Manalili as Village Chief (40) Romy Sevilla as One-Legged Man (42) Than Rogers as Village Chief's Wife (43) Li Thi Van as Village Chief's Daughter (47) Matthew Westfall as Terrified Soldier (57) Nick Nickelson as 1st Mechanized Soldier (58) Warren McLean as 2nd Mechanized Soldier (59) Ron Barracks as Medic [4][5] (48) Oliver Stone as 3/22 Infantry. The script was set to music from The Doors. Though Break went ultimately [6] unproduced.[6] In a 2010 interview with the Times. and I had come from a cerebral existence: study. Battalion Commander in Bunker (uncredited cameo) Li Mai Thao as Rape Victim Development "Vietnam was really visceral." —Oliver Stone After his tour of duty in Vietnam ended in 1968. Oliver Stone wrote a screenplay called Break: a semi-autobiographical account detailing his experiences with his parents and his time in Vietnam.. McGinley as Sergeant O'Neill (18) Tony Todd as Sergeant Warren (19) Mark Moses as Lieutenant Wolfe (20) Basile Achara as Flash (21) Francesco Quinn as Rhah (22) Ivan Kane as Tony Hoyt (23) Steve Barredo as Fu Sheng (24) Chris Castillejo as Rodriquez (25) Peter Hicks as Parker (26) Corkey Ford as Manny (27) Kevin Eshelman as Morehouse (29) Mark K. it was the spur for him to attend film school.

the anger.[6] 50 Production Platoon was filmed on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. but Daly loved the script and was prepared to finance both Salvador and The Platoon off the back of it. on the condition from producer Dino De Laurentiis that he would then produce The Platoon. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran who also acted as the film's technical advisor. Bolt's rigorous approach rubbed off on Stone. don't give a damn attitude. However.Platoon (film) After penning several other produced screenplays in the early 1970s. the cast was sent on a two-week intensive training course. most studios were still reluctant to finance The Platoon. After the release of The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now. but struggled to find a distributor. was offered a part in Platoon. and he was inspired to use the characters from his Break screenplay (who in turn were based upon people Stone knew in Vietnam) as the basis for a new screenplay titled The Platoon. is a U. The shoot lasted 54 days and cost $6. Producer Martin Bregman attempted to elicit studio interest in the project. who had starred in Stone's previous film. as they feared a film about the Vietnam War would not attract an audience. Despite that film's critical and commercial success. De Laurentiis secured financing for the film. but The Hand failed at the box office.S. he decided to keep control of the film's script until he was repaid. they then cited the perception that these films were considered the pinnacle of the Vietnam War film genre as reasons not to make The Platoon. who played Bravo company's commander Captain Harris. was almost canceled because of the political upheaval in the country due to then-dictator Ferdinand Marcos.[9] James Woods. "to mess with their heads so we could get that dog-tired.000. but Hollywood was still apathetic about Vietnam.[6] Willem Dafoe said "the training was very important to the making of the film.[6] Stone instead attempted to break into mainstream direction via the easier-to-finance horror genre. the casual approach to death". you had a relationship to the weapon. The production of the film. during which they had to dig foxholes and were subject to forced marches and nighttime "ambushes" which utilized special-effects explosions.[6] The film had real Vietnamese refugees acting in different roles in the film. Once again. Salvador. Stone wrote Year of the Dragon for a lower-than-usual fee of $200. Dale Dye. the strength of Stone's writing on The Platoon was enough to get him the job penning Midnight Express in 1978. Stone explained that he was trying to break them down. The Cover-up. this was a project that Stone had struggled to secure financing for. and Stone began to think that The Platoon would never be made. starting in February 1986. but with the help of well-known Asian producer Mark Hill. Because de Laurentiis had already spent money sending Stone to the Philippines to scout for locations. which was based on the real-life New Year's Day Battle of 1968 that Stone took part in while in Vietnam. and that of other Stone-penned films at the time. before turning his attention to what was by now called Platoon.[6] Then Stone's script for what would become Salvador was passed to John Daly of British production company Hemdale. on a scheduled date.[11] . Stone shot Salvador first.. Upon arrival in the Philippines. the shoot went on as scheduled." including its authenticity and the camaraderie developed among the cast: "By the time you got through the training and through the film.5 million. but you felt comfortable with it. Stone came to work with Robert Bolt on an unproduced screenplay."[10] Stone makes a cameo appearance as the battalion commander of 3/22 Infantry in the final battle. the irritation. later saying he "couldn't face going into another jungle with [Stone]". The production made a deal with the Philippine military for the use of military equipment.[8] Filming was done chronologically. He turned the role down. It wasn’t going to kill people..

calling it the best film of the year. which also featured in the film's trailer."[12] (c. billed in the starring role).Platoon (film) 51 Soundtrack Music used in the film includes Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.BC 456). Aeschylus (BC 525 . Richard Rogers. The film currently has an 87% rating at Rotten Tomatoes and a Metacritic score of 86%. "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane and "Okie From Muskogee" by Merle Haggard. truth is the first casualty.Feature Film (Oliver Stone) BAFTA Award for Best Direction Oliver Stone BAFTA Award for Best Editing Independent Spirit Award for Best Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Director Oliver Stone Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay Oliver Stone Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Tom Berenger) Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Willem Dafoe) Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (Oliver Stone) Academy Award for Best Cinematography (Robert Richardson) Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay (Oliver Stone) BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography (Robert Richardson) Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay (Oliver Stone) Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead (Willem Dafoe) Nominated: . "In war. The soundtrack also includes "Ride of the Valkyries" (in reference to Apocalypse Now." an adaptation of Senator Hiram Johnson's assertion in 1917 that "The first casualty of war is the truth. an earlier Vietnam War film that had Charlie Sheen's father. and the ninth best of the 1980s.[13] Awards Won: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Picture[14] Academy Award for Best Director (Oliver Stone) Academy Award for Best Sound (John Wilkinson. Charles Grenzbach.") Reception Reviews Roger Ebert gave it four out of four stars.Drama Golden Globe Award for Best Director (Oliver Stone) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor . Simon Kaye) Academy Award for Best Film Editing Berlin International Film Festival . During a scene in the "Underworld" the soldiers sing along to "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. "The first casualty of war is innocence.f. Martin Sheen. "Groovin'" by The Rascals and "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding.Motion Picture (Tom Berenger) Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing . Release The film was marketed with the tag line.Silver Bear for Best Director[15] Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture .

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com/2011/05/24/ oliver-stone-talks-platoon-and-charlie-sheen-on-the-vietnam-films-25th-anniversary-exclusive/ ?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+entertainmentweekly/latest+ (Entertainment+Weekly:++Today's+Latest)) • "Platoon Grapples With Vietnam" (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=platoon.rottentomatoes.ew.com/packages/html/movies/bestpictures/ platoon-ar1.allrovi.html) • • • • • .com/movies/movie/v38327) at AllRovi Platoon (http://www.imdb.nytimes.htm) at Box Office Mojo Platoon (http://www.Platoon (film) 53 External links Platoon (http://www.com/m/platoon/) at Rotten Tomatoes Entertainment Weekly interview with Stone (http://insidemovies.com/title/tt0091763/) at the Internet Movie Database Platoon (http://www.

bringing its total gross to .674. It stars Josh Lucas. The film had a simultaneous release in the IMAX format.727.127 Poseidon /pəˈsaɪdᵊn/ is a 2006 disaster film directed by Wolfgang Petersen.[1] Poseidon grossed $181. and nominated at the 79th Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. It was released on May 12. Pictures • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office May 12. it amassed $19.Poseidon (film) 54 Poseidon (film) Poseidon Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Wolfgang Petersen Wolfgang Petersen Duncan Henderson Mike Fleiss Akiva Goldsman Mark Protosevich The Poseidon Adventure by Paul Gallico Josh Lucas Kurt Russell Richard Dreyfuss Emmy Rossum Jacinda Barrett Mike Vogel Mía Maestro Jimmy Bennett Kevin Dillon Andre Braugher Fergie Freddy Rodriguez Klaus Badelt Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography John Seale Editing by Studio Peter Honess Virtual Studios Irwin Allen Productions Next Entertainment Radiant Productions Synthesis Entertainment Warner Bros. in association with Virtual Studios. It was produced and distributed by Warner Bros.817 at the worldwide box office on a budget of $160 million. 2006. and a loose remake of the 1972 film of the same name.402. It is the third film adaptation of Paul Gallico's novel The Poseidon Adventure. 2006 98 minutes United States English $160 million $201.310 in sales. Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss. When released on DVD.

Robert sees Connor on the piano. It is hit broad-side and capsizes. arrives and chats with the gambler. Captain. therefore they should stay put. and they flood the chamber. crew are incinerated by flash fires caused by rupturing gas lines. Meanwhile. Architect Richard Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss) is making a phone call to his estranged lover. They and Elena are the only ones to avoid being killed by the combined dangers of the sprinklers activating and numerous broken wires and lights electrifying the water. Jennifer looks for Christian. In the galley. The group makes their way through the kitchens to a service elevator. Dylan. about their engagement. Some passengers hesitate. In the galley. talking about his heartbreak. Everyone survives until the table drops as Richard is being pulled up by Dylan. Maggie and Valentin. On the bridge. they hear all the people from the main hall screaming for help. Elena and Jennifer rescue Christian. Christian (Mike Vogel). Large amounts of leaking fuel follow through the opening in the floor and is ignited. who has been pinned by a fallen light. Christian and Elena are partying in the nightclub. Gloria and the crew inside are drowned to their deaths. sees the wave and retreats inside. Richard and Maggie wake up. Robert. where they locate a hatch. Gloria (Fergie).402. He is joined by Robert. is on a year-end transatlantic crossing to New York. Elena struggles to continue moving through the air vent due to her claustrophobia. and they consider how to tell Jennifer's father. In the ballroom. the windows at last give way. Dylan finds a fire hose and jumps into the flaming water. the group pries open an opposing set of elevator doors. The group reaches the lobby and uses a damaged elevator as a bridge. In the ballroom. in the nightclub. officers see a 150-foot rogue wave coming towards them. Robert tries to smash the cover of the vent. Dylan (Josh Lucas). Captain Michael Bradford (Andre Braugher) delivers a New Year's Eve speech before introducing the singer. they go into an air vent which leads to the ballast tanks. Richard. severely damaged by the collision. an engine smashes its way through the lobby floor above and kills him. while everyone celebrates the New Year countdown. Connor's mother. Maggie (Jacinda Barrett). Jennifer. and calls Connor to assist him in the hopes that Connor's smaller fingers will be able to undo the vent screws. and Richard is forced to shake the crewman off. Dylan disagrees and concludes that the bow thrusters of the ship are the key to survival. Robert and some officers rescue Connor. Using a table to bridge the space across the shaft. The group manages to force the elevator doors shut just before a gas explosion set off by the falling elevator reaches them. but fails.Poseidon (film) $201. he bumps into Connor (Jimmy Bennett). Richard. Passengers are swept overboard. the Poseidon turns too slowly. the room floods and the surviving passengers. Though the crew on the bridge sounds warning alarms and turns hard to starboard to meet the wave head-on. Valentin falls down the elevator shaft and is killed immediately by the fall. The hatch opens. Robert and Jennifer reunite with the other survivors. Captain Bradford reassures the passengers by telling them that a set of GPS beacons were launched during the collision and that help is on its way. Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) is with her fiancé. As the surviving group tries to escape from the rising water. In the nightclub. The cover opens and the group climbs into the ship's ballast tank. As Lucky Larry takes his turn to cross. The service elevator. former New York City Mayor Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell).127. which is now on the ceiling. begins to plummet towards them. Richard is with his friends. In the grand ballroom. and the elevator crashes down moments after Richard is pulled through the doors. Robert and Dylan realize that only great pressure can open the hatch. a luxury cruise ship. and Robert play Texas Hold’em with Lucky Larry (Kevin Dillon). fall to their deaths in overturned high-ceilinged areas or are crushed to death by falling debris. Connor. with help from Lucky Larry. who is contemplating suicide. stowaway Elena (Mía Maestro) searches for her friend. realizing that the ship is now upside down. a professional gambler and retired Naval sailor. a waiter named Valentin (Freddy Rodriguez). making a zip line that the others use to cross.[2] 55 Plot The MS Poseidon. Elena successfully gets inside the vent and offers her necklace to be used as a screwdriver. On the promenade deck. As Dylan walks with his winnings. and they swim through to the next .

then begin turning the other way. which based many of its sets on rooms aboard the RMS Queen Mary. Dylan fires it. The ensuing explosion destroys the motors for one of the three bow thrusters. with her bow pointing high into the night sky. pushing the survivors away from the ship. known as PhysBAM. she sinks by the stern in the foaming waters as the handful of survivors looks on. and Dylan finds a nitrogen tank and throws it into the propellers. begin blasting air into the room. In the engine room. The upside down ballroom set was built on top of a large water tank in the sound stage so that it could be filled with water and drained in a matter of hours. most notably in the Poseidon's ballroom. Christian decides he will. Digital interior sets and water effects were handled by MPC. and the stern of the Poseidon sinks underwater. which was created in collaboration with Stanford University. and features one of the most complex digital models ever created at ILM. leaving Dylan. while liquid and gaseous effects were simulated using Scanline VFX proprietary software Flowline. while other shots were handled by CIS Hollywood. Knowing that the control room for the propellers is now below water. telling them the obvious: the Poseidon is sinking by the bow. still trying to turn the ship to starboard. The shot lasts for two and a half minutes. After climbing through the propeller tube. they jump overboard and into an inflatable raft. Just before the credits roll. For water simulations. and forces the stern down. and she hits her head on a sharp beam and loses consciousness. While finding a new exit. Richard opens a cover and the bow thrusters. The propellers briefly stop. however. an explosion in the engine room causes the bow to rise out of the water. and were responsible for all of the ship's exterior shots. Maggie and Connor behind. The survivors start rowing for their lives. and takes the unconscious Elena back where Robert tries to revive her. Richard turns back to rescue her. but she dies from her injury without regaining consciousness. at least three ships are shown to be racing towards where the Poseidon sank. All of the water in the bow rushes towards the stern. a group of helicopters finds the raft and moves in to pick up the survivors. and fast. but manages to hit the reverse button instead just before he drowns. where the camera tours the ship's exterior. Robert. The primary visual effects were completed by Industrial Light & Magic and Moving Picture Company. The interior and exterior shots of the ship rolling were constructed using computer-generated imagery. only to find Robert has already gone. He is eventually saved by Dylan and the three reunite with the group. The most complicated work featured the opening shot of the ship. the film's set designers drew inspiration for some of the spaces aboard the fictional Poseidon from rooms aboard the RMS Queen Mary 2. Robert finds the off switch broken. Some time later. with water effects simulated using RealFlow. Elena's dress becomes caught as she swims through. as a wave is thrown up as the Poseidon rights herself again. The Poseidon is too badly damaged to remain afloat anymore. which is modeled on the main dining room of the Queen Mary 2. The group finds themselves in the galley and see the bow section is flooded. and. studios in Burbank. On the sound stage at Warner Bros. 56 Sets As with the film The Poseidon Adventure. Jennifer and Richard go first. ILM used the most advanced version of mental ray to photo-realistically light and render the shots. Underwater. followed by Robert. Maggie and Dylan find Connor trapped. Christian. Finding a flare gun in the raft. California.[3][4][5] . Dylan and Christian. and they wait for rescue. knowing the one may not come back. separate sets for each main room were built — one right-side-up and the other upside down. Christian and Robert debate who should go. proprietary software was used.Poseidon (film) chamber.

who played Gloria in the film. Whilst included in the film (played in the nightclub). and Federico Aubele. "Fire Dive" 8. 2006. However.9/10 and 50 out of 100 on Metacritic. "Bailamos" 3. and includes music composed by Klaus Badelt. "A Map and a Plan" 7. No. "Postales" 4. R. it was not included on the soundtrack.Poseidon (film) 57 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Josh Lucas as Dylan Johns Kurt Russell as Robert Ramsey Emmy Rossum as Jennifer Ramsey Mike Vogel as Christian Sanders Jacinda Barrett as Maggie James Mía Maestro as Elena Gonzalez Richard Dreyfuss as Richard Nelson Jimmy Bennett as Connor James Kevin Dillon as Lucky Larry Freddy Rodriguez as Marco Valentin Andre Braugher as Captain Michael Bradford Stacy Ferguson as Gloria Kirk B. and an average score of 4. "Don't Look Down" 11. "The Poseidon" 5. "Drowning" 10. . Reception The film had a budget of $160 million and received generally negative reviews from critics. "Won't Let You Fall" Fergie 2. the film eventually gained a cult following and was commended for its realistic use of CGI in the capsizing scenes[6] and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Woller as Chief Officer Reynolds Gabriel Jarret as First Officer Chapman Soundtrack The soundtrack was released on May 9. "The Wave" 6. with a "Rotten" rating of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. Title Performed by Length 4:39 3:10 4:09 3:19 4:37 2:30 2:48 7:09 3:05 3:44 2:42 1. "Claustrophobia" 9. However. Blige. it lost the award to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. as well as songs performed by Fergie. "Escape" Fergie Federico Aubele Klaus Badelt Badelt Badelt Badelt Badelt Badelt Badelt Badelt There is some confusion towards the track Be Without You (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix) (8:44) by Mary J. The film was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Remake or Ripoff. which indicates "mixed or average reviews".

which covers a film school intern's experience on the set.[10] Poseidon has made $19.htm) at Box Office Mojo . com/ movies/ ?id=poseidon. Retrieved January 23. "Poseidon" (http:/ / www. co.[8] The film holds a Guinness World Record for having the most detailed CG model in a film. 2009. 58 DVD release Poseidon was released to DVD on August 22. php).com/movie/poseidon) at Metacritic Poseidon (http://www. 2009. LLC (2006-05-08). including 382 cabins. html). A Shipmate's Diary. Box Office Mojo. Guardian Unlimited.rottentomatoes. com/ movies/ 2006/ POSDN. 2008. com/ news/ releases/ poseidon. Internet Movie Database. Retrieved September 16.boxofficemojo. all of which were created by digital effects company Industrial Light & Magic. very disappointing". and $121. guardian. Retrieved August 22. The double-disc edition expands on these two features.187 units.com/movies/?id=poseidon. "maya:after effects:avid . fxguide. in both single-disc and double-disc editions.allrovi. com/ article350.imdb.665.com/movies/movie/v327277) at AllRovi Poseidon (http://www. php). com/ movies/ 2006/ POSDN-DVD. "Pic rocks the Warners boat" (http:/ / www. which translates to $19. Poseidon: Making a Big CG Splash (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-06-08.155. Horn called the results. 2006. com/ articles/ production/ iposeidoni-making-big-cg-splash/ page/ 1.579 individual objects. Retrieved September 10.com/) Poseidon (http://www.. html). .1775152. com/ VR1117943708. and also includes the documentaries Poseidon: Upside Down: A Unique Set Design Chronicle. com/ movies/ 2006/ POSDN-DVD.410 on its opening weekend for an average of $6.00. President and Chief Operating Officer Alan F. 2007. . . 73 towels.430 in sales.warnerbros. 2006. . 2006).metacritic.127. the-numbers. for a combined total gross of $181. 2009.727. Variety.com/title/tt0409182/) at the Internet Movie Database Poseidon (http://www.Poseidon (film) The film grossed a disappointing $22. html). the-numbers. . 876 portholes. . DVD Active. 2007. bringing its total gross to $201.674. uk/ news/ story/ 0. The exterior shots included 181. and 681 deck chairs. [8] "Poseidon" (http:/ / www. 2007. htm).[11] References [1] [2] [3] [4] "IMDb 2006 Oscar page" (http:/ / imdb. Poseidon went on to generate $60.Wipe out: 'Poseidon' Fluid Simulations" (http:/ / www. May 15. Retrieved September 16. The Numbers. and a History Channel documentary which explores rogue waves. Pamela (May 21.[9] DVD sales for Poseidon were 1. . [5] (http:/ / www.555 theaters. [7] "Poseidon sinks at US box office" (http:/ / film. The Numbers. realflow. php). boxofficemojo.232 from 3. [9] "Poseidon" (http:/ / www. fxguide.674.1) fxguide. "very. variety.183. Unlike The Poseidon Adventure in which the Poseidon is upside-down when it sinks.817 in the United States. html). the-numbers. The Numbers.402. it turns the right way up in the 2006 film adaption.000. [10] "Poseidon DVD" (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 22. .000 in foreign markets. [11] "Poseidon — DVD Sales" (http:/ / www.817.com/m/poseidon/) at Rotten Tomatoes Poseidon (http://www.310 in DVD sales. Retrieved September 16. . The single-disc edition contains a behind-the-scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer. com/ n_cs_poseidon. External links • • • • • • Official website (http://poseidonmovie. failing to knock Mission: Impossible III from the top of the box office. Retrieved August 22.[7] Warner Bros. dvdactive. htm) [6] McClintock. 2007. com/ features/ rto/ 2007/ oscars). awn.

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 59 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Awarded for Presented by Country Currently held by Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Academy of Television Arts & Sciences United States Eric Stonestreet. com/ Official website This is a list of the winners of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. emmys. Modern Family (2012) http:/ / www. Award winners 1950s • • • • • • 1954: Art Carney – The Jackie Gleason Show as Ed Norton 1955: Art Carney – The Jackie Gleason Show as Ed Norton 1956: Art Carney – The Honeymooners as Ed Norton 1957: Carl Reiner – Caesar's Hour 1958: Carl Reiner – Caesar's Hour 1959: Tom Poston – The Steve Allen Show 1960s • • • • • • • • 1960: no award 1961: Don Knotts – The Andy Griffith Show as Barney Fife 1962: Don Knotts – The Andy Griffith Show as Barney Fife 1963: Don Knotts – The Andy Griffith Show as Barney Fife 1964: no award 1965: no award 1966: Don Knotts – The Andy Griffith Show as Barney Fife 1967: Don Knotts – The Andy Griffith Show as Barney Fife (Knotts holds the record for most Emmys[5] in this category) • 1968: Werner Klemperer – Hogan's Heroes as Col. Klink . Klink • 1969: Werner Klemperer – Hogan's Heroes as Col.

Cheers as Woody Boyd Peter Scolari .M*A*S*H as Col.Saturday Night Live as Various Characters • 1989: Woody Harrelson – Cheers as Woody Boyd • • • • Joe Regalbuto .Newhart as George Utley George Wendt .Cheers as Coach Ernie Pantusso Michael J. BJ Hunnicutt Max Gail .Barney Miller as Det.Cheers as Frasier Crane Woody Harrelson . Fox . Sherman Potter David Ogden Stiers .Cheers as Norm Peterson • 1985: John Larroquette – Night Court as Dan Fielding • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicholas Colasanto . Deitrich Harry Morgan .Cheers as Norm Peterson Kelsey Grammer .Benson as Clayton Endicott III Nicholas Colasanto .M*A*S*H as Col.M*A*S*H as Maj.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 60 1970s • • • • • • • • • • 1970: Michael Constantine – Room 222 as Principal Seymour Kaufman 1971: Ed Asner – The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant 1972: Ed Asner – The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant 1973: Ted Knight – The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Ted Baxter 1974: Rob Reiner – All in the Family as Mike Stivic 1975: Ed Asner – The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant 1976: Ted Knight – The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Ted Baxter 1977: Gary Burghoff – M*A*S*H as “Radar” O'Reilly 1978: Rob Reiner – All in the Family as Mike Stivic 1979: Robert Guillaume – Soap as Benson DuBois 1980s • 1980: Harry Morgan – M*A*S*H as Col.M*A*S*H as Cap.Cheers as Norm Peterson 1981: Danny DeVito – Taxi as Louie De Palma 1986: John Larroquette – Night Court as Dan Fielding 1982: Christopher Lloyd – Taxi as Reverend Jim Ignatowski • • • • • 1987: John Larroquette – Night Court as Dan Fielding 1988: John Larroquette – Night Court as Dan Fielding • 1983: Christopher Lloyd – Taxi as Reverend Jim Ignatowski • • • • • 1984: Pat Harrington.Newhart as George Utley John Ratzenberger .WKRP in Cincinnati as Dr. Deitrich • Howard Hesseman .Taxi as Louie De Palma Ron Glass . Sherman Potter • • • • • • • • • • Mike Farrell .Cheers as Coach Ernie Pantusso Danny DeVito . Jr.Barney Miller as Arthur P.Cheers as Woody Boyd Tom Poston .Barney Miller as Det. Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz Howard Hesseman .Cheers as Norm Peterson Woody Harrelson .Barney Miller as Arthur P.Designing Women as Anthony Bouvier George Wendt . Charles Emerson Winchester III Nicholas Colasanto .Murphy Brown as Frank Fontana Peter Scolari .Cheers as Coach Ernie Pantusso Tom Poston . Sherman Potter David Ogden Stiers . Deitrich Harry Morgan .Newhart as Michael Harris George Wendt .Barney Miller as Arthur P.Newhart as Michael Harris Meshach Taylor . Johnny Fever Steve Landesberg . Ron Harris Steve Landesberg . Charles Emerson Winchester III • Danny DeVito .Cheers as Cliff Clavin George Wendt .Cheers as Norm Peterson Tom Poston . Johnny Fever Steve Landesberg .Family Ties as Alex Keaton John Ratzenberger .Newhart as George Utley Peter Scolari .Cheers as Cliff Clavin Malcolm-Jamal Warner . Sherman Potter Eddie Murphy .Newhart as Michael Harris George Wendt .Cheers as Norm Peterson 1990s .M*A*S*H as Maj.WKRP in Cincinnati as Dr. – One Day at a Time as Dwayne Schneider • • • • Rene Auberjonois .The Cosby Show as Theo Huxtable George Wendt .Taxi as Louie De Palma Harry Morgan .M*A*S*H as Col.

Niles Crane Cosmo Kramer Hank Kingsley NBC NBC HBO . Niles Crane NBC George Costanza NBC Cosmo Kramer Ross Geller Artie Artie NBC NBC HBO HBO 1994-1995 David Hyde Pierce Frasier (47th) Jason Alexander Seinfeld Michael Richards David Schwimmer Rip Torn 1995-1996 (48th) Rip Torn Jason Alexander David Hyde Pierce Michael Richards Jeffrey Tambor Seinfeld Friends The Larry Sanders Show The Larry Sanders Show Seinfeld Frasier Seinfeld The Larry Sanders Show George Costanza NBC Dr. Niles Crane Artie NBC HBO Luther Van Dam ABC Dr.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 61 Year Actor Program The Famous Teddy Z Cheers Cheers Role Al Floss Frasier Crane Woody Boyd Jim Dial Network CBS NBC NBC CBS 1989-1990 Alex Rocco (42nd) Kelsey Grammer Woody Harrelson Charles Kimbrough Murphy Brown Jerry Van Dyke 1990-1991 Jonathan Winters (43rd) Charles Durning Woody Harrelson Michael Jeter Jerry Van Dyke 1991-1992 Michael Jeter (44th) Jason Alexander Charles Durning Harvey Fierstein Jay Thomas Jerry Van Dyke 1992-1993 Michael Richards (45th) Jason Alexander Michael Jeter Jeffrey Tambor Rip Torn 1993-1994 Michael Richards (46th) Jason Alexander David Hyde Pierce Rip Torn Jerry Van Dyke Coach Davis Rules Evening Shade Cheers Evening Shade Coach Evening Shade Seinfeld Evening Shade Cheers Murphy Brown Coach Seinfeld Seinfeld Evening Shade The Larry Sanders Show The Larry Sanders Show Seinfeld Seinfeld Frasier The Larry Sanders Show Coach Luther Van Dam ABC Gunny Davis Herlan Eldridge Woody Boyd Herman Stiles CBS CBS NBC CBS Luther Van Dam ABC Herman Stiles CBS George Costanza NBC Herlan Eldridge CBS Mark Newberger NBC Jerry Gold CBS Luther Van Dam ABC Cosmo Kramer NBC George Costanza NBC Herman Stiles Hank Kingsley Artie CBS HBO HBO Cosmo Kramer NBC George Costanza NBC Dr.

Ally McBeal Sean Hayes David Hyde Pierce 2001-2002 Brad Garrett (54th) Peter Boyle Bryan Cranston Sean Hayes David Hyde Pierce Will & Grace Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Barone Everybody Loves Raymond Malcolm in the Middle Will & Grace Frasier Frank Barone Hal Jack McFarland Dr. Niles Crane NBC George Costanza NBC Bill McNeal Hank Kingsley Artie NBC HBO HBO 1998-1999 David Hyde Pierce Frasier (51st) Peter Boyle Peter MacNicol John Mahoney David Spade Ally McBeal Frasier Just Shoot Me! Dr. Niles Crane John Cage Frank Barone Larry Paul Jack McFarland Dr. Niles Crane NBC CBS Fox NBC NBC Everybody Loves Raymond Frank Barone John Cage Martin Crane Dennis Finch 2000s Year Actor Program Will & Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond Ally McBeal Frasier Ally McBeal Everybody Loves Raymond Role Jack McFarland Frank Barone Robert Barone John Cage Dr.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 1996-1997 Michael Richards (49th) Jason Alexander David Hyde Pierce Jeffrey Tambor Rip Torn 62 Seinfeld Seinfeld Frasier The Larry Sanders Show The Larry Sanders Show Cosmo Kramer NBC George Costanza NBC Dr. Jr. Niles Crane Network NBC CBS CBS Fox NBC Fox CBS Fox NBC NBC CBS CBS Fox NBC NBC 1999-2000 Sean Hayes (52nd) Peter Boyle Brad Garrett Peter MacNicol David Hyde Pierce 2000-2001 Peter MacNicol (53rd) Peter Boyle Robert Downey. Niles Crane Hank Kingsley Artie NBC HBO HBO 1997-1998 David Hyde Pierce Frasier (50th) Jason Alexander Phil Hartman Jeffrey Tambor Rip Torn Seinfeld NewsRadio The Larry Sanders Show The Larry Sanders Show Dr. Niles Crane .

Alan Harper Johnny "Drama" Chase Barney Stinson Kenneth Parcell Tracy Jordan Dwight Schrute Fox CBS NBC HBO CBS HBO CBS NBC HBO CBS HBO CBS NBC CBS HBO CBS NBC NBC NBC ." Bluth. Alan Harper Johnny "Drama" Chase Barney Stinson Dwight Schrute Dr. Fox Hal Dr. Alan Harper Johnny "Drama" Chase Barney Stinson Dwight Schrute Ari Gold Dr. Alan Harper Jack McFarland Ari Gold Dr.B.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 2002-2003 Brad Garrett (55th) Peter Boyle Bryan Cranston Sean Hayes John Mahoney David Hyde Pierce 63 Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Barone Everybody Loves Raymond Malcolm in the Middle Will & Grace Frasier Frasier Frank Barone Hal Jack McFarland Martin Crane Dr. Jr. Niles Crane Dr.O. Niles Crane Frank Barone Robert Barone Jack McFarland George and Oscar Bluth CBS CBS Fox NBC NBC NBC NBC CBS CBS NBC Fox CBS CBS NBC HBO Fox HBO 2003-2004 David Hyde Pierce Frasier (56th) Peter Boyle Brad Garrett Sean Hayes Jeffrey Tambor 2004-2005 Brad Garrett (57th) Peter Boyle Sean Hayes Jeremy Piven Jeffrey Tambor 2005-2006 Jeremy Piven (58th) Will Arnett Bryan Cranston Jon Cryer Sean Hayes 2006-2007 Jeremy Piven (59th) Jon Cryer Kevin Dillon Neil Patrick Harris Rainn Wilson 2007-2008 Jeremy Piven (60th) Jon Cryer Kevin Dillon Neil Patrick Harris Rainn Wilson 2008-2009 (61st) Jon Cryer Kevin Dillon Neil Patrick Harris Jack McBrayer Tracy Morgan Rainn Wilson Everybody Loves Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond Will & Grace Arrested Development Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Barone Everybody Loves Raymond Will & Grace Entourage Arrested Development Entourage Arrested Development Malcolm in the Middle Two and a Half Men Will & Grace Entourage Two and a Half Men Entourage How I Met Your Mother The Office Entourage Two and a Half Men Entourage How I Met Your Mother The Office Two and a Half Men Entourage How I Met Your Mother 30 Rock 30 Rock The Office Frank Barone Jack McFarland Ari Gold George and Oscar Bluth Ari Gold George "G.

Ed Asner. Michael Richards. Eric Stonestreet Most nominations 11 nominations • David Hyde Pierce 7 nominations • Jason Alexander • Peter Boyle • Sean Hayes 6 nominations • • • • Jon Cryer Jeffrey Tambor Rip Torn George Wendt . Alan Harper Mitchell Pritchett Jay Pritchett Cameron Tucker Cameron Tucker Phil Dunphy Mitchell Pritchett Jay Pritchett Schmidt Jesse Tyler Ferguson Modern Family Ed O'Neill Eric Stonestreet 2011-2012 Eric Stonestreet (64th) Ty Burrell Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Modern Family Jesse Tyler Ferguson Modern Family Ed O'Neill Max Greenfield Bill Hader Modern Family New Girl Saturday Night Live Various Characters NBC Most wins • • • • 5 wins: Don Knotts 4 wins: John Larroquette. Alan Harper Mitchell Pritchett Network ABC ABC Fox CBS ABC CBS ABC Fox CBS ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC FOX 2009-2010 Eric Stonestreet (62nd) Ty Burrell Chris Colfer Jon Cryer Jesse Tyler Ferguson Modern Family Neil Patrick Harris 2010-2011 Ty Burrell (63rd) Chris Colfer Jon Cryer How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson Modern Family Glee Two and a Half Men Phil Dunphy Kurt Hummel Dr. Christopher Lloyd. Werner Klemperer. Jeremy Piven 2 wins: Carl Reiner. Rob Reiner. Brad Garrett. Ted Knight. David Hyde Pierce 3 wins: Art Carney.Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 64 2010s Year Actor Program Modern Family Modern Family Glee Two and a Half Men Role Cameron Tucker Phil Dunphy Kurt Hummel Dr.

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 5 nominations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brad Garrett Woody Harrelson Don Knotts Michael Richards Neil Patrick Harris John Larroquette Harry Morgan Jeremy Piven Tom Poston Jerry Van Dyke Ed Asner Ty Burrell Art Carney Nicholas Colasanto Bryan Cranston Danny DeVito Kevin Dillon Jesse Tyler Ferguson Michael Jeter Steve Landesberg Peter MacNicol Peter Scolari Eric Stonestreet Rainn Wilson Chris Colfer Charles Durning Kelsey Grammer Howard Hesseman Werner Klemperer Ted Knight Christopher Lloyd Ed O'Neill John Ratzenberger Carl Reiner Rob Reiner David Ogden Stiers 65 4 nominations 3 nominations 2 nominations .

 1988 88 minutes United States English Remote Control is a 1988 comedy horror film starring Kevin Dillon (brother of Matt Dillon) who also starred in the remake of The Blob (1988). DVD release Lionsgate has yet to announce any plans for a DVD release of the film. It was produced by Scott Rosenfelt and Mark Levinson and was released by International Video Entertainment (later Artisan Entertainment until acquired by Lionsgate).Remote Control (1988 film) 66 Remote Control (1988 film) Remote Control Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jeff Lieberman Scott Rosenfelt Mark Levinson Jeff Lieberman Kevin Dillon Deborah Goodrich Christopher Wynne Frank Beddor Jennifer Tilly Bert Remsen Peter Bernstein Music by Cinematography Tim Suhrstedt Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Scott Wallace International Video Entertainment April 7. He and his friends race to stop the aliens before the tapes can be distributed world-wide. The film has developed a small cult following since its home video release. com/ title/ tt0093843/ . Plot A video store clerk stumbles onto an alien plot to take over earth by brainwashing people with a bad '50s science fiction movie. External links • Remote Control [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. which came out the same year. imdb.

French Stewart Dan Butler. Grant Shaud Darren E. Jane Krakowski. John Mahoney. Charles Kimbrough.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series 67 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild to honor the finest acting achievements in Comedy Series. Janine Turner Jennifer Aniston. Leila Kenzle. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Elaine Miles. Leila Kenzle. Faith Ford. Lisa Nicole Carson. Paul Reiser Candice Bergen. Rob Morrow. Kelsey Grammer. Anne Ramsay. Michael Richards. Richard Kind. Jerry Seinfeld Jane Curtin. Kevin O'Rourke. John Pankow. Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander. Courtney Thorne-Smith Dan Butler. Peri Gilpin. Louis Zorich 1994 Seinfeld (1st) Frasier Mad About You Murphy Brown Northern Exposure 1995 Friends (2nd) Cybill Frasier Mad About You Seinfeld 1996 Seinfeld (3rd) 3rd Rock from the Sun Frasier Mad About You Remember WENN . Jane Leeves. Courteney Cox. Leila Kenzle. Peri Gilpin. Peri Gilpin. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Christopher Murney. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Greg Germann. David Hyde Pierce Helen Hunt. Tom Wopat Dan Butler. George Hall. Paul Reiser Jason Alexander. Simbi Khali. John Corbett. Michael Richards. Dina Spybey. John Mahoney. Cynthia Geary. Jerry Seinfeld Jane Curtin. French Stewart. Matthew Perry. Alan Rosenberg. Dedee Pfeiffer. Jane Leeves. John Pankow. Jerry Seinfeld Peri Gilpin. Anne Ramsay. Matt LeBlanc. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Wayne Knight. David Hyde Pierce Helen Hunt. Leila Kenzle. Kelsey Grammer. Helen Hunt. Barry Corbin. John Mahoney. Margaret Hall. John Pankow. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. John Cullum. Calista Flockhart. Mary Stout 1997 (4th) Seinfeld 3rd Rock from the Sun Ally McBeal Frasier Mad About You Jason Alexander. Kristen Johnston. John Lithgow. Paul Reiser Tom Beckett. Michael Richards. Amanda Naughton. David Hyde Pierce Helen Hunt. Jane Leeves. Paul Reiser. Kelsey Grammer. John Mahoney. Lisa Kudrow. John Lithgow. Elmarie Wendel Gil Bellows. John Bedford Lloyd. Winners and nominees 1990s Year Series Actors Jason Alexander. Kelsey Grammer. Burrows. Joe Regalbuto. Pat Corley. Jane Leeves. Paul Provenza. Teri Polo. Peg Phillips. Hugh O'Gorman. Cynthia Harris. David Hyde Pierce Robin Bartlett. Kristen Johnston. Melinda Mullins. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Alicia Witt. Michael Richards. David Schwimmer Christine Baranski. Anne Ramsay. John Pankow. Cybill Shepherd.

Brad Garrett. Matt LeBlanc. Lucy Liu. Lisa Kudrow. Courteney Cox. Jane Leeves. Lisa Kudrow. Madylin Sweeten Jennifer Aniston. Simbi Khali. Jane Leeves. James LeGros. Greg Germann. Peter MacNicol. Robert Downey Jr. Kelsey Grammer. French Stewart. Ray Romano. Eric McCormack. Robert Guillaume. Elmarie Wendel Peter Boyle. David Hyde Pierce Jennifer Aniston. Kelsey Grammer. Cynthia Nixon. Megan Mullally Peter Boyle. Matt LeBlanc. Doris Roberts. Sarah Jessica Parker 2000 Will & Grace (7th) Ally McBeal Frasier Friends Sex and the City 2001 Sex and the City Kim Cattrall. Patricia Heaton. David Schwimmer Kim Cattrall. Jane Krakowski. Calista Flockhart. Courteney Cox. Ray Romano. Lisa Nicole Carson. John Mahoney. Courteney Cox. Portia de Rossi. Patricia Heaton. Lucy Liu. Kristin Davis. Jane Krakowski. John Mahoney. Cynthia Nixon. Doris Roberts. Cynthia Nixon. Lisa Kudrow. Jane Leeves. David Schwimmer Kim Cattrall. Peter MacNicol. David Schwimmer Sean Hayes. Ray Romano. Portia de Rossi. Peter Krause. Courteney Cox. Megan Mullally Lisa Nicole Carson. Lisa Kudrow. Debra Messing. David Hyde Pierce Jennifer Aniston. David Hyde Pierce Jennifer Aniston. Vonda Shepard. Portia de Rossi. Shelley Morrison. Courteney Cox. Kelsey Grammer. Lisa Kudrow. Greg Germann. Kristin Davis. Kristen Johnston. Kristin Davis. Doris Roberts. Vonda Shepard Peri Gilpin. Brad Garrett. Kelsey Grammer. John Mahoney. Calista Flockhart. Calista Flockhart. Greg Germann. Sarah Jessica Parker Sean Hayes. Joshua Malina 2000s Year Series Actors Sean Hayes. Courtney Thorne-Smith Jane Curtin. Megan Mullally Peri Gilpin. Sarah Jessica Parker (8th) Everybody Loves Peter Boyle. Madylin Sweeten . Matt LeBlanc. Matthew Perry. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. David Hyde Pierce Jennifer Aniston. Eric McCormack. Jane Krakowski. John Mahoney. Wayne Knight. Madylin Sweeten Dan Butler. Doris Roberts. Sabrina Lloyd. Brad Garrett.. Madylin Sweeten Raymond Frasier Friends Will & Grace 2002 (9th) Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Friends Sex and the City Will & Grace Peri Gilpin. Felicity Huffman. John Lithgow. David Hyde Pierce Gil Bellows. Matthew Perry. Debra Messing. Jane Leeves. Ray Romano. Matt LeBlanc. Matthew Perry. Kelsey Grammer. Courtney Thorne-Smith Peter Boyle. Matthew Perry.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series 1998 Ally McBeal (5th) 3rd Rock from the Sun Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Friends 1999 (6th) Frasier Ally McBeal Everybody Loves Raymond Friends Sports Night 68 Gil Bellows. Lucy Liu. Eric McCormack. Vonda Shepard. Peri Gilpin. Peter MacNicol. Lisa Nicole Carson. Patricia Heaton. Jane Leeves. Patricia Heaton. David Schwimmer Josh Charles. Peri Gilpin. Debra Messing. John Mahoney. Matthew Perry. Brad Garrett. Matt LeBlanc. David Schwimmer Dan Butler. Shelley Morrison.

Eva Longoria. Ethan Suplee. Michael Urie. Hunter Parrish. Debra Messing. Courteney Cox. Perrey Reeves Alan Dale. Tonye Patano. Nicollette Sheridan. David Hyde Pierce Jennifer Aniston. Candice Bergen. Jaime Pressly. Zane Huett. Rex Lee. Teri Hatcher. Sarah Jessica Parker (10th) Everybody Loves Peter Boyle. Eva Longoria. Brad Garrett. Kathryn Joosten. Madylin Sweeten Raymond Sex and the City Will & Grace 2005 Desperate (12th) Housewives Kim Cattrall. Shane Kinsman. Marcia Cross. Michael Cera. Rainn Wilson Andrea Bowen. Patricia Heaton. Cynthia Nixon. Nashawn Kearse. Eric McCormack. Elizabeth Perkins Desperate Housewives Entourage Ugly Betty Weeds . B. Adrian Grenier. Phyllis Smith. Marcia Cross. Steve Carell. John Krasinski. Mark Indelicato. Brent Kinsman. William Shatner. Kristin Davis. Alfre Woodard Will Arnett. Eva Longoria. Doug Savant. Jesse Metcalfe. David Schwimmer Sean Hayes. Ray Romano. Kevin Sussman. Brenda Strong. Andrea Bowen. Mark Moses. Steven Culp. Mary-Louise Parker. Kevin Nealon. Ricardo Chavira. Jenna Fischer. Nicollette Sheridan. Julie Bowen. Debra Messing. Shane Kinsman. Jeffrey Tambor.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series 2003 Sex and the City Kim Cattrall. Ricardo Chavira. James Spader. Rhona Mitra. Oscar Nunez. Jeffrey Tambor. Williams Martin Donovan. Felicity Huffman. Mark Moses. Brad Garrett. Eddie Steeples. John Mahoney. Alia Shawkat. Tony Hale. Tony Plana. Brenda Strong Will Arnett. Monica Horan. Madylin Sweeten Raymond Frasier Friends Will & Grace 2004 (11th) Desperate Housewives Arrested Development Peri Gilpin. Alfre Woodard Kevin Connolly. Kiersten Warren. Dougray Scott. Joy Lauren. Megan Mullally Andrea Bowen. Brenda Strong. Kristin Davis. Michael Cera. Susie Essman. Nadine Velazquez 2006 The Office (13th) Leslie David Baker. Melora Hardin. Ricardo Chavira. James Denton. Becki Newton. Novak. Alexander Gould. Kyle MacLachlan. Ray Romano. Mark Valley Shelley Berman. Justin Mentell. Brent Kinsman. David Cross. Doug Savant. Matt LeBlanc. Portia de Rossi. Doris Roberts. Cynthia Nixon. Tony Hale. Ryan Michelle Bathe. Angela Kinsey. Debi Mazar. Jeff Garlin. Jane Leeves. America Ferrera. Marcia Cross. Lisa Kudrow. Kate Flannery. Felicity Huffman. James Denton. Eric Mabius. Paul Lieberstein. David Denman. Alia Shawkat. Jeremy Piven. Mehcad Brooks. Jerry Ferrara. Matthew Perry. Kelsey Grammer. Jason Bateman. Teri Hatcher. Cody Kasch. Portia de Rossi. Teri Hatcher. Ashley Jensen. Steven Culp. Brian Baumgartner. Eric McCormack. Shawn Pyfrom. David Cross. Richard Lewis Arrested Development Boston Legal Curb Your Enthusiasm My Name Is Earl Jason Lee. Megan Mullally Roger Bart. James Denton. Larry David. Justin Kirk. Jessica Walter 69 Everybody Loves Peter Boyle. Laurie Metcalf. Cheryl Hines. Monica Potter. Sarah Jessica Parker Sean Hayes. Kevin Dillon. Ana Ortiz.J. Mehcad Brooks. Josh Henderson. Felicity Huffman. Jessica Walter Rene Auberjonois. Doris Roberts. Nicollette Sheridan. Mindy Kaling. Patricia Heaton. Romany Malco. Vanessa L. Jason Bateman.

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Taylor Dayne. com/ title/ tt0120192/ .Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series 72 External links • SAG Awards official site [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Kevin Dillon. Lawrence Leritz. made for HBO and later released theatrically after drawing large ratings. directed by Gavin Wilding. STAG features an ensemble cast including Ben Gazzara. William McNamara. com Stag (film) Stag is a 1997 film. Produced by Lions Gate Entertainment. and Jerry Stiller. External links • Stag [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. sagawards. Mario Van Peebles. imdb. Andrew McCarthy. John Henson.

2000 to January 26. two adjacent older working class suburbs on the north side of Newark. played by Heather Paige Kent). of episodes United States English 2 36 (4 unaired) Production Executive producer(s) Anita W. 2002. Whereas The Sopranos depicted an organized crime family. 2002 That's Life is an American dramedy series created by Diane Ruggiero. Mark McNair Peter Woronov 60 minutes Producer(s) Running time Production company(s) Film Noir. Distributor Paramount Network Television Productions (2000-2002) CBS Television Distribution(current) Broadcast Original channel Original run CBS October 1. while Dolly is a housewife. also about an Italian-American family set in the New Jersey suburbs. Synopsis The hour-long series follows the life of a young Italian-American woman (Lydia DeLucca. The show premièred a year after The Sopranos. Frank retires after suffering a heart attack on the job. Ruggiero's life. . 2000 – January 26. of series No.That's Life (2000 TV series) 73 That's Life (2000 TV series) That's Life Format Created by Starring Comedy-drama Diane Ruggiero Heather Paige Kent Kristin Bauer Peter Firth Kevin Dillon Danielle Harris Debi Mazar with Paul Sorvino and Ellen Burstyn Country of origin Language(s) No. Monet Lane Productions Inc. and her family in suburban New Jersey. and he and Dolly opens a restaurant. The show was set in fictional Bellefield. loosely based on Ms. In the second season. however. That's Life was a light-hearted depiction of a law-abiding family (headed by veteran motion picture actors Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino). New Jersey. that was broadcast on CBS from October 1. In the first season. ostensibly a play on the combination of Belleville and Bloomfield. Frank DeLucca works as a toll collector on the New Jersey Turnpike. Addison Maddy Horne Lynn Marie Latham Frank Renzulli Peter Dunne W.

com/ shows/ thats-life/ [3] http:/ / epguides. but languished in the ratings.Plum Wilkinson.Frank DeLucca Kevin Dillon . Lydia's wise-cracking friend who owned a hair salon.Dolly DeLucca Paul Sorvino . who was written out after a few episodes). Episodic Live Action External links • That's Life [1] at the Internet Movie Database • That's Life [2] at TV. Debi Mazar played Jackie.Music. Paulie started dating Plum (Danielle Harris). 74 Cast • • • • • • • Heather Paige Kent . Arpino (For episode "Touched by a Biker") 2001 Artios Award 2002 Golden Reel Award Nominated Best Casting for TV. and moving away from home for the first time. In the second season. The first season revolved around the fallout from Lydia's breaking off her engagement to Lou (Sonny Marinelli. com/ ThatsLife_2000 . com/ title/ tt0247136/ [2] http:/ / www.Jackie O'Grady Ellen Burstyn . despite the presence of well-known names in its cast. a classmate whom Lydia befriends in the first season.Lydia DeLucca Debi Mazar . It was cancelled at the end of the second season with numerous unresolved plot lines. including Paulie's struggle to resist the temptation to fall into corruption as a police officer.That's Life (2000 TV series) Kevin Dillon played Paulie. Dramatic Pilot Best Sound Editing in Television .Jo Jo Regosi Award nominations Year Award Result Category Recipient Mary V. Her mother Dolly successfully ran for city council of Bellefield. including the budding romance between Lydia and one of her professors. and for more out of life than simply raising children.com • That's Life [3] at epguides. The show developed a small fan base and received generally positive critical response. but plots occasionally delved into darker subjects. Most of the situations were light-hearted. Lydia's younger brother who was a young officer on the Bellefield Police Department who still lived at home. imdb. Buck and Susan Edelman Lisa A.Paulie DeLucca Danielle Harris .com References [1] http:/ / www. tv. The show mixed family situations with situations focusing on Lydia's life as a young single woman looking for both love and stable career. later DeLucca Gregory Jbara . Lydia enrolled at a local university somewhat resembling nearby Montclair State University to pursue a career in sports medicine.

 1988 95 minutes United States English $19 million $8. Meg is thrown against a wall and knocked unconscious and the Blob oozes out of the hospital. Meg arrives to see Paul being devoured by the growing Blob and while trying to free him his arm is torn from his body. encounter the man and take him to a hospital. Meg Penny and Paul Taylor.The Blob (1988 film) 75 The Blob (1988 film) The Blob Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Based on Chuck Russell Jack H. Jeffrey DeMunn. The remake stars Kevin Dillon. California. within the sphere. California Inc. Harris Elliott Kastner Chuck Russell Frank Darabont Irving H. Donovan Leitch. Millgate The Blob by Theodore Simonson Kay Linaker Kevin Dillon Shawnee Smith Donovan Leitch Jeffrey DeMunn Candy Clark Joe Seneca Michael Hoenig Starring Music by Cinematography Mark Irwin Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Tod Feuerman Terry Stokes Palisades. an elderly transient discovers. As he calls for help. a jelly-like substance (the Blob) that attaches itself to his hand. It is a remake of the 1958 film of the same name. TriStar Pictures • August 5. which starred Steve McQueen. Shawnee Smith. Candy Clark and Joe Seneca. Three high school students. Plot A meteorite crashes near the town of Arborville. Paul witnesses the lower half of the transient melting from exposure to the Blob. and directed by Russell. Brian Flagg.943 The Blob is a 1988 monster horror film written by Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont. the Blob drops on top of him.247. After Brian leaves. .

Brian eavesdrops on Meddows speaking to his assistant Jennings and learns that the Blob is a biological warfare experiment created during the Cold War.The Blob (1988 film) After Brian and Meg have unsatisfactory encounters with the police. The creature is flash-frozen. The monster backs off. leaving her dangling upside down. The Blob proceeds to feast upon the population. Meg learns he and his friend Eddie have sneaked into the local theater to see a slasher film thanks to Eddie's usher brother Anthony. After failing to convince everyone Brian is contaminated and must die. but snags her foot between two pieces of metal. who confronts Meddows in front of the townsfolk and Briggs. Meg arrives as the audience is fleeing the theater and manages to rescue Eddie and Kevin. Meg lures it away from him towards the canisters–which she has rigged with an explosive charge taken from a dying soldier.. In the sewers. and in the process blasts the Blob with it. 76 ." and holds up a glass jar containing a fragment of the Blob. Kevin and Eddie die to do so. is now crazed. who orders the town quarantined. where the dispatcher tells them Deputy Briggs is near the meteor-landing site. proving impervious to the military's attempts to stop it (getting shot multiple times while in the sewer and blown up. Brian regains consciousness and runs over to free her. Meg saves him with a fire extinguisher. Asked when the time of reckoning will come.. In the ensuing panic. Madame. disfigured by his burn injuries. Meg. Moss Woodley (Beau Billingslea) has its remains hauled away to the town ice house. soon.. She tries to get clear. the Lord will give me a sign. Kevin escapes to the surface by scaling a pipe and squeezing through a grate while Eddie is devoured. After eating the diner's owner and the town's sheriff. Brian's disbelief is shattered when the diner's handyman is grabbed and pulled head first through the sink drain by the Blob. after which a failed flamethrower attack on the Blob sets him ablaze. where Meeker. Meddows attempts to shoot Brian. Just as the Blob is about to devour Meg and her family. Meg is taken to town where she learns her younger brother Kevin is missing. As the Blob surges toward Brian. which only angered it). as a result with the Blob engulfing half of the building and devouring Briggs. The surviving humans retreat to the town hall and hold the Blob at bay with furniture-barricades and fire extinguishers. Dr. but is killed by the Blob as it oozes into his chemical suit and drags him into the sewer. blowing up the canisters and covering the Blob with liquid nitrogen. Meg and Brian return to the police station. the town's Reverend Meeker proclaims the scene to be the prophesied end of the world. but it is a losing battle. The film cuts to a tent-meeting church service in a field.. they meet at a diner where Meg tells Brian about the Blob. Brian drives to town hall and shoots snow at the creature. and she realizes that it cannot stand cold. Brian goes to the town's garage and gets a snow maker truck that has canisters of liquid nitrogen attached. Brian escapes a military van and collects his motorbike. The Blob infiltrates the theater and attacks the staff and then the audience. shattering into a mass of crystallized pieces.. which is slowly moving. which is angered and knocks the truck over. Meddows. Eddie and Kevin flee from the Blob. and that he is willing to let Meg. Anthony then reports that he witnessed The Blob chasing Meg.. he replies "Soon. The Blob is about to overrun them when the charge goes off. the Blob reenters the sewers. Meg is saved by Brian. Kevin and Eddie into the sewers. preaching a doomsday sermon sounding like the Blob's attack. Brian overhears Meadows decide to trap The Blob in the sewers. Brian is discovered listening in and evades military personnel by driving his motorcycle into the sewers. It pursues them to the diner's walk-in freezer where it retreats because it cannot tolerate cold. They discover a military operation led by a scientist.

Hargis Production Screenwriter Frank Darabont first met director Chuck Russell in 1981.[7] . while Russell had just watched an example of Close's work as the in-flight movie on his flight in to New York. Christopher Meddows Del Close as Reverend Jacob Meeker Paul McCrane as Deputy William "Bill" Briggs Robert Axelrod as Jennings Beau Billingslea as Moss Woodley Douglas Emerson as Edison "Eddie" Beckner Jamison Newlander as Anthony Beckner Art LaFleur as Mr. he had recently written a blob-themed story for the DC Comics horror anthology Wasteland. Penny Sharon Spelman as Mrs. with the cast and crew of approximately 150 staying at a Travelodge in Abbeville. but after personnel changes he ended up running a crew of 33.[5] Production began on January 11.[3] Close had worked in the past as a fire eater and human torch. the cast often slept during the day.[6] Due to the large amount of night shooting. and he was set on fire for some insert shots within the film.[7] Special effects in the film were handled by Tony Gardner. including artist Chet Zar and mechanical effects designer Bill Sturgeon. dropping from 198 pounds to 173 pounds during the course of the production.[7] On off days. while working as a production assistant on the film Hell Night. Brian De Palma's The Untouchables.[4] He also lost a substantial amount of weight at the request of Russell. and seven and a half hours for scenes after his burns had healed. the two also collaborated on the script for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Louisiana.[8] Gardner was originally supposed to handle only a few small effects.[1] Actor Del Close was unexpectedly available to audition for The Blob in New York at a time when Russell was conducting auditions in the city.The Blob (1988 film) 77 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kevin Dillon as Brian Flagg Shawnee Smith as Megan "Meg" Penny Donovan Leitch as Paulinus "Paul" Taylor Jeffrey DeMunn as Sheriff Herbert "Herb" Geller Candy Clark as Francine "Fran" Hewitt Joe Seneca as Dr.[1] Before working together on The Blob.five and a half hours for scenes where Meeker had fresh burns. Penny Billy Beck as Homeless man Bill Moseley as Soldier Erika Eleniak as Victoria "Vicki" De Soto Ricky Paull Goldin as Prescott "Scott" Jeske Frank Collison as Hobbs Michael Kenworthy as Kevin Penny Jack Rader as Col.[2] Fortuitously for Close.[8] Close's makeup for his role as Reverend Meeker required extensive preparation time . a popular item of local cuisine. they watched videos at the hotel and ate crawfish.

boxofficemojo. It grossed $8. pp.8/10. [6] Johnson.com/movies/?id=blob. Retrieved 2011-04-01.[9] Reception The Blob received mixed reviews from critics. Inc.com.tv/goodbadflicks/good-bad-flicks-episode-51-the-blob-5110210) • • • • • .com/2008/05/04/retrospective-the-blob-1988/) in Cinefantastique magazine • Good Bad Flicks review (http://blip. 305-306. p. p. 303.com/movies/movie/v6069) at AllRovi The Blob (http://www.allrovi. p. and monsters". .com. 306. ISBN 0-312-14678-7 [9] "The Blob" (http:/ / boxofficemojo.[10] References [1] Emery. boxofficemojo. makeup. Macmillan. it currently holds a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes.. Anthony. [10] "The Blob" (http:/ / www. The Directors . "Men.com/m/1002585/) at Rotten Tomatoes Retrospective article (http://cinefantastiqueonline. 1996. asp?item_id=35686). Robert J.Take Four. pp.com/title/tt0094761/) at the Internet Movie Database The Blob (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Blob (http://www.rottentomatoes. [3] Johnson. Allworth Communications.imdb. p. 303-304. dvdempire. [7] Johnson. dvdempire. . [5] Johnson.247. com/ Exec/ v4_item. 304-305. p.943 at the box office. com/ movies/ ?id=blob. with an average rating of 5. htm). ISBN 1-58115-279-5 [2] Johnson. 201. Home media The film was released on DVD in the United States by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in 2011. 187. External links The Blob (http://www. Retrieved 2011-04-01. 2003. [8] Timpone.The Blob (1988 film) 78 Release The film was released theatrically in the United States by TriStar Pictures in August 1988. 305. [4] Johnson. p.

893 [2] The Doors is a 1991 American biopic about the 1960-70s rock band of the same name which emphasizes the life of its lead singer. Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson (Morrison's companion). his growing obsession with death are threads which weave in and out of the film. Kevin Dillon as John Densmore. particularly.The Doors (film) 79 The Doors (film) The Doors Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Oliver Stone Brian Grazer Bill Graham Sasha Harari A. Kitman Ho Oliver Stone J. The film portrays Morrison as the larger-than-life icon of 1960s rock and roll. Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Manzarek.416. But the depiction goes beyond the iconic: his alcoholism. and Kathleen Quinlan as Patricia Kennealy. and the drug-using free love hippie lifestyle. It was directed by Oliver Stone. Frank Whaley as Robby Krieger. The film's depiction of Morrison did not sit well with his close friends and family. and. interest in the spiritual plane and hallucinogenic drugs as entheogens. Randall Johnson Val Kilmer Meg Ryan Kyle MacLachlan Frank Whaley Kevin Dillon Kathleen Quinlan Billy Idol Josh Evans Written by Starring Cinematography Robert Richardson Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office David Brenner Joe Hutshing Carolco Pictures Imagine Entertainment TriStar Pictures • March 1. and stars Val Kilmer as Morrison. . counterculture. 1991 [1] 140 minutes United States English $32 million $34. Jim Morrison.

Robby Krieger. a rock journalist involved in witchcraft. and Mrs. at the age of 27. Morrison Kelly Ann Hu as Dorothy Debbie Mazar as Whiskey girl Lisa Edelstein as Makeup artist Crispin Glover as Andy Warhol Paul Williams as Warhol PR Mimi Rogers as Magazine photographer Jennifer Rubin as Edie . they play several shows at the famous nightclub Whisky a Go Go and develop a rabid fanbase. plays in the background. The incident is a low point for the band. particularly mystical sexual encounters with Patricia Kennealy. the band is shown recording the song "L. Pamela Courson similarly dies three years later of a drug overdose. As the Doors become hugely successful.The Doors (film) 80 Plot The film opens during the recording of Morrison's An American Prayer and quickly moves to a childhood memory of his family driving along a desert highway. and John Densmore. Courson finds Jim Morrison dead in a bathtub in Paris." During the credits. however. Returning to Los Angeles. Woman" in the studio. his introduction to his girlfriend Pamela Courson. Morrison's onstage antics and occasionally improvised lyrics raise the ire of club owners. he begins having several affairs. He was 27.A. The final scenes of the film before the credits roll are of Morrison's grave site in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris while "A Feast of Friends" (a spoken word piece by Morrison that features music by the rest of the Doors playing in the background). The rest of the band grows weary of Morrison's missed recording sessions and absences at concerts. Morrison convinces his bandmates to travel to Death Valley and experience the effects of psychedelic drugs. As he sinks deeper into an alcoholic haze. becoming increasingly confrontational towards the audience and exposing himself onstage. Just before the credits. France. The film picks up with Morrison's arrival in California and his assimilation into the Venice Beach culture. In 1971. Pam joined him three years later. Florida concert. Manzarek. Morrison is depicted arriving late to a Miami. his first encounters with Ray Manzarek. Young Jim sees an elderly native American dying by the roadside. the screen whites out and text appears saying "Jim Morrison is said to have died of heart failure. the band's popularity continues to expand. resulting in resentment from the other band members and Morrison's trial for indecent exposure. also at the age of 27. followed by his film school days studying at UCLA. and the origin of the Doors: Morrison. Morrison becomes increasingly infatuated with his own image as "The Lizard King" and degenerates into alcoholism and drug addiction. Cast • Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sean Stone as young Jim Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Manzarek Frank Whaley as Robby Krieger Kevin Dillon as John Densmore Kathleen Quinlan as Patricia Kennealy Billy Idol as Cat Josh Evans as Bill Siddons Michael Wincott as Paul Rothchild Michael Madsen as Tom Baker Jerry Sturm and Gretchen Becker as Mr.

[8] Screenplay Stone first heard the Doors in 1967. Stone and his producers had to negotiate with the three surviving band members and the parents of Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela Courson. Imagine Films replaced Columbia. acquired the rights to the project and they wanted Stone to direct it. He told them he wanted to keep a particularly wild scene from one of the early drafts. Morrison's parents would only allow themselves to be depicted in a dream-like flashback sequence at the beginning of the film. He went on for three hours about his point of view .[11] Stone picked the songs he wanted to use and then wrote "each piece of the movie as a mood to fit that song". I think it was hard for Ray.[9] While researching the film.[6] According to Krieger. Stone found the Coursons the most difficult to deal with because they wanted Pamela to be portrayed as "an angel". "I know that he and Oliver weren't speaking. but Ray thought he knew better than anybody else". but the music helped fuse it together". Harari contacted Stone again and the director met with the surviving band members. Evita. After spending years working on it and courting Madonna and Meryl Streep to play the lead role.[11] The Coursons did not like his script and tried to slow the production down by refusing to allow any of Morrison's later poetry to be used in the film. "when the Doors broke up Ray had his idea of how the band should be portrayed and John and I had ours".[5] He was not happy with the direction that Stone was going to take with the film and refused to give his approval.[4] Guitarist Robby Krieger had always opposed a Doors biopic until Stone signed on to direct..[9] Before filming started. After two unsatisfactory scripts were produced. when he was a 21-year-old soldier in Vietnam. he being the keeper of the Doors myth for so long".[4] He agreed to make it after his next project. By 1989. Even when we shot. and the band's label Elektra Records. Columbia Pictures acquired the rights from the Doors and the Morrison estate to make a film. who owned Carolco Pictures. Stone said.[5] Manzarek claims that he was not asked to consult on the film and wanted it to be about all four band members equally rather than the focus being on Morrison. Stone quickly moved over to The Doors and went into pre-production. but "all he did was rave and shout.[3] The Doors had seen Platoon and were impressed with what Stone had done. Pamela got the rights to his poetry and when she died. The Coursons wanted there to be no suggestion in any way that Pamela caused Morrison's death. Stone read through transcripts of interviews with over 100 people.[11] . the film fell apart over salary negotiations with Streep. her parents got the rights. Producer Sasha Harari wanted filmmaker Oliver Stone to write the screenplay but never heard back from his agent. and William Friedkin flirted with making a Doors biopic over the years.[3] In 1985. Martin Scorsese. keyboardist Ray Manzarek had been the biggest advocate of immortalizing the band on film but opposed Stone's involvement.. Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna. "The Doors script was always problematic. According to actor Kyle MacLachlan.[7] Stone claimed that he repeatedly tried to get Manzarek involved. After he died. The group was offended and exercised their right of approval over the director and rejected Stone.[10] He then wrote his own script in the summer of 1989.The Doors (film) • Costas Mandylor as Italian Count Uncredited roles • • • • • • Oliver Stone as UCLA film professor Jennifer Tilly as Okie girl Eric Burdon in a cameo appearance in the London Fog Paul Rothchild in a cameo appearance in the London Fog Sky Saxon in a cameo appearance in the Whiskey a Go Go Patricia Kennealy-Morrison as Wiccan priestess 81 Production Development Directors like Brian De Palma.[5] Historically. I didn't want Ray to be dominant.

California. The Landrums got him to dance exercises to loosen up his upper body and jumping routines to develop his stamina. John Travolta.[20] Kilmer's endurance was put to the test during the concert sequences which took several days to film. She recommended Bill and Jacqui Landrum.[16] To prepare for the role. was harder than others due to all the smoke and sweat . filmed inside the Whisky a Go Go.[14] When the Doors heard Kilmer singing they could not tell if it was him or Morrison's voice.[9] Before doing the film. idiomatic things that Jim would do that made the song sound like Jim". Johnny Depp.[17] In doing research. Casting director Risa Bramon felt that Patricia Arquette auditioned very well and should have gotten the part. he had Val Kilmer in mind to play Morrison after seeing him in the Ron Howard fantasy film Willow. "I had to reexamine all my beliefs about it [the 1960s] in order to do this movie". Meg Ryan talked to the Coursons and people that knew Pamela. He declined the role because he was not happy with the way Morrison was represented in the film. Kilmer did the actual singing and Stone used the Doors' master tapes without Morrison's lead vocals to avoid lip-synching. They watched hours of concert footage before working with Kilmer.[14] To prepare for the role.[12] Principal photography With a budget set at $32 million. Paris. "his voice would start to deteriorate after two or three takes. We had to take that into consideration". she encountered several conflicting views of Pamela. For five days.[22] These included people being forbidden to approach him on the set without good reason.[3] When Stone began talking about the project in 1986. stories. spent several thousand of his own dollars and made his own eight-minute video.[7][18] Stone originally hired Paula Abdul to choreograph the film's concert scenes but she dropped out because she did not understand Morrison's on-stage actions and was not familiar with the time period. how Jim thought. tragic moments.a result of the body heat and intense camera lights. 15 of which are actually performed in the film. where to put his fingers on the fretboard. New York City. she was not familiar with Morrison and "liked a few songs" and said.[16] The part required nudity and the script featured some wild sex scenes which generated a fair amount of controversy.[9][13] Kilmer had the same kind of singing voice as Morrison and to convince Stone that he was right for the role. not to address him by his own name while he was in character. An upset Stone contacted Kilmer's agent and the actor claimed [22] it was all a huge misunderstanding and that the memo was for his own people and not the film crew. New York and the Mojave Desert.[14] Rothchild also took Kilmer into the studio and helped him in "some pronunciations. Several actors including Tom Cruise. Kilmer lost weight and spent six months rehearsing Doors songs every day. France. Kilmer performed "The End" and.The Doors (film) 82 Casting For nearly ten years prior to production. The Doors was filmed over 13 weeks predominantly in and around Los Angeles.[16] Krieger acted as a technical adviser on the film and this mainly involved showing his cinematic alter ego. . singing and looking like Morrison at various stages of his life." the music producer said. after the 24th take Stone got what he wanted.[14] Kilmer also met with Krieger and Densmore but Manzarek refused to talk to him. however Stone offered the role to Ian Astbury of The Cult. what were my interpretation of Jim's lyrics. who told him. The actor learned 50 songs. "anecdotes. Frank Whaley.[19] During the concert scenes. his actor was completely exhausted.[5] Densmore also acted as a consultant on the film. the project went through development hell after being considered by many studios and directors. humorous moments. and Richard Gere were each considered for the role of Morrison when the project was still in development in the 1980s.[15] Stone auditioned approximately 60 actresses for the role of Pamela Courson. Kilmer also spent hundreds of hours with Paul Rothchild. and no one could "stare" at him on the set.[21] One sequence.[12] Even Bono from U2 and Michael Hutchence of INXS expressed an interest in the role.[21] Controversy arose during filming when a memo linked to Kilmer circulated among cast and crew members listing rules of how the actor was to be treated for the duration of principal photography. Stone said. tutoring Kevin Dillon who played him in the film.

It was not about Jim Morrison. original recordings of the band are combined with vocal performances by Kilmer himself. Densmore. Connecticut." Dialogue that took place between Kennealy and Morrison is reassigned to Courson. two songs by The Velvet Underground are also heard throughout the film. but Dos Equis wasn't exported to the United States until 1973. but no more or less than as he originally recorded it. in the film.[23] Historical accuracy The film is based mostly on real people and actual events. In truth. God. where was the sensitive poet and the funny guy? The guy I knew was not on that screen. In addition to the many themed Doors songs featured. The surviving Doors members were all to one degree or another unhappy with the final product. they have all commented that although they may have given advice. he is depicted as blatantly ignoring their request. Ray Manzarek says that The Doors pretended to agree to the change of words. Stone often chose to ignore it in favor of his own vision of the story. . Rhino Records photographer Bobby Klein claims to have had Courson come over to his house when this incident occurred. In the same place. It was about Jimbo Morrison. Manzarek is frank about Morrison's tendency to go into senseless rages.[26] The book The Doors quotes Densmore as saying of the couple. in his book Light My Fire. and Courson is depicted as saying hostile things to Kennealy. without any added emphasis on the offending word. "They were like Romeo and Juliet."[27] In the afterword of his book Riders on the Storm. In one version. when Morrison is asked to change the infamous lyric in "Light My Fire" for his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. as Densmore writes in Riders on the Storm. but they were meant to be together. The film depicts a defiant Morrison shouting the word "higher" into the TV camera. however. while in fact Morrison had highlighted "fire" during the performance. Some of it was . he never directly confronted Morrison about his behavior. When Jim is at the bar he asks the bartender for a Dos Equis. In a 1994 interview. Morrison insisted that it was an accident. In a 1991 interview with Gary James. when by all reports their interactions were polite. Manzarek criticized Stone for exaggerating Morrison's alcohol consumption in the movie. saying. and deliberately played the song as they always had. particularly the concert sequences. For example. Krieger. Densmore says that the movie is based on "the myth of Jim Morrison". but some parts are clearly Stone's vision and dramatization of those people and events. Robby Krieger did not join the band until later the same year as this particular period takes place. which is said to have never happened. although the crowd scenes contain many blatant exaggerations. Manzarek is quoted as stating firmly that this incident never happened in the record of a question and answer session he did on Universal Chat Network in 1997. . the drunk. She inaccurately states that Jim attended the University of Florida. when Jim actually attended Florida State University.[25] However. It was ridiculous . that he meant to change the lyric but was so nervous about performing on live television that he forgot to change it when he was singing. such as portrayals of nudity that did not occur. and were said to have heavily criticized Stone's portrayal of Morrison as an "out of control sociopath". "Jim with a bottle all the time. The settings for the film. Jim and Patricia Kennealy are talking in the shower stall in the scene in New Haven.The Doors (film) 83 Soundtrack The film's soundtrack contains over two dozen of The Doors' songs." Krieger also commented about the film in the same interview: "They left a lot of stuff out.[24] The film portrays Morrison's early period with The Doors with all the original band members included. though. he criticizes the film for portraying Morrison's ideas as "muddled through the haze of the drink [alcohol]". Densmore is also portrayed as hating Morrison as Morrison's personal and drug problems begin to dominate his behavior. are depicted in mostly chronological order. Krieger said that the film doesn't give the viewer "any kind of understanding of what made Jim Morrison tick. None of the above mentioned books tell this story either. and Kennealy are all credited as technical advisors for the film. In another version. and to have taken care of her during some weeks after. They fought like hell. Morrison is also depicted locking Courson in a closet and setting it on fire.

. The Economist. Tom (March 4.." In the same volume. Toronto Star: pp. 1991). 311. [11] Riordan 1996. but the Truth is the Lure of the Eternal". referring to the film's inaccuracy. [10] "Oliver Stone and The Doors". The problem. [15] Riordan 1996. 312. the only similarity between Stone's version and Morrison's was that the girl in question was indeed German. . and Stone had to agree to restrictions about his portrayal of her in exchange for the rights to use the poetry. wasn't so much that "Stone dwelled upon Morrison the inebriate. 1991-02-27. 322. 316. 308. ." In this book. In particular. Densmore says Courson said she felt terribly guilty because she had obtained drugs that she believed had either caused or contributed to Morrison's death. Herald Sun: pp. Ryan's character. Courson's parents had inherited Morrison's poems when their daughter died. References [1] "THE DOORS (18)" (http:/ / www. D (March 16. Currently on Rotten Tomatoes is 59% approval rating. Pam Courson. H1. the Philanderer. with a near-nude German exchange student dancing on top of the TV sporting a swastika armband. co. [9] McDonnell. 1991). and incidents in the film are fictitious or amalgamations of real people. 1991). Retrieved 2012-11-15. Light My Fire he often criticizes Stone and also includes myriad details that discredit Stone's account of Morrison. "The Myth is Huge. and in retrospect should have been given a fictitious name. [7] Broeske." said Leonard Maltin. [4] Riordan 1996. "It could have been a lot worse. 310.. as critic Keith Cameron has put it. Sunday Herald.[29] 84 Critical reception According to Q. Krieger joins Manzarek and Densmore in describing the movie as inaccurate. 1990). I thought. p. p. British Board of Film Classification. [2] The Doors (http:/ / www.."[28] In the book The Doors. p. 19. The former Doors do not think the movie depiction of her is very accurate. uk/ AFF063063/ ). USA Today: pp. Petersburg Times: pp. p. For example. Carla (March 3. indicating mixed or average reviews. "Stormy Rider". p.[30] "So. Alain Ronay and Courson herself had both said that she was partially responsible. [6] MacInnis." As the credits point out and as Stone emphasizes on his DVD commentary. as their book The Doors describes the version of Courson in the movie as "a cartoon of a girlfriend". Manzarek did not share the same enthusiasm of how Morrison was portrayed by Stone's interpretation. Justin (December 28. htm) at Box Office Mojo [3] Riordan 1996. some characters. Manzarek says.." and "a self-important director's turgid attempts to make grand statements about America". March 16. p. [17] Riordan 1996. names. Lighting the Fire". D (March 2. 27. "few people emerged from seeing the film having raised their opinions of that band and especially its singer Jim Morrison". Craig (March 2. 314. "Rider on the Storm". "That Oliver Stone thing did real damage to the guy I knew: Jim Morrison.. "Legendary Rocker Lives Again". 1991). Densmore says of the movie. boxofficemojo. Kennealy in particular was hurt by her portrayal in the film. According to Manzarek. [5] Mitchell. [13] Green. [16] Riordan 1996. Stone agreed to avoid any suggestion that Courson may have been responsible for Morrison's death. However. bbfc. he has Morrison watching a D-Day sequence on TV and shouting profanities in German. However. 1991). St.The Doors (film) overblown. [8] Riordan 1996. "Opening Up a Closed Door". "A third of it's fiction. G1. 1991). com/ movies/ ?id=doors. but also says. blame cliched Hollywood devices for sucking the wonder from the pioneering band: actors with fake hair saying silly things. P (March 10. in Stone's "re-creation" of Morrison's student film at UCLA. "Kilmer's Uncanny Portrait of Morrison Opens Career Doors". Stone states in particular in the 1997 documentary The Road of Excess that Quinlan's character. [12] McDonnell. or the pretentious Lizard King. 1991. but a lot of the stuff was very well done. the poet. In Riders on the Storm. Courier-Mail. In Manzarek's biography of the Doors. p. No. Washington Post: pp.the movie was pretty good I guess. [14] Hall. Patricia Kennealy. 4D. "Val Kilmer. is a composite. involves liberties of a different sort.

205-207. 1991). 85 • Riordan. 251-252. The film was directed by William Dear and written by Jackson Davies. Light My Fire.boxofficemojo. Light My Fire. html [28] Gary James' Interview with Robby Krieger http:/ / www. Light My Fire. p. [19] Thomas. p. p.Susanne Brindle Nicole Oliver . ISBN 1-85410-444-6 External links • The Doors (http://www. p. p.com/movies/?id=doors.com/movie/the-doors) at Metacritic The Road of Excess (http://www. html). based on the play by Norm Foster.Rick Foster John Shaw . Retrieved 2010-07-17. Review Music DVDs. The Doors. com/ title/ tt0101761/ trivia) [24] Manzarek. [21] Kilday. "Love Me Two Times" (http:/ / www. crystal-ship.rottentomatoes. New York: Aurum Press.com/title/tt0101761/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Doors (http://www. Ray. "Helping Stage The Doors". Q magazine. 180.Wendy Oakley Norm Foster . The film features the Bryan Adams song 18 'Til I Die. com/ RobbyKriegerInterview.Donnie Spencer Paul Jarrett . [23] The Doors (1991) . When You're Strange. 2010. .metacritic. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kevin Dillon . com/ RayManzarekInterview.com/title/tt0363032/) at the Internet Movie Database.. ew. Entertainment Weekly.313463. 305-308. classicbands. 55-57 [30] Cameron. p. The film stars Kevin Dillon. imdb. included with the 2001 DVD The Foursome The Foursome is a 2006 American comedy film.Stacey Peters Stephanie Penikett .Karen Smith Sarah Penikett . October issue.134.allrovi. James (September 1996) Stone: A Biography of Oliver Stone. [27] Gary James' Interview with Ray Manzarek http:/ / www. 318.Lori Towers Ellie Harvie . html [29] Manzarek.Praying Golfer . 1998 (ISBN 04125170454). [25] Chat with Ray Manzarek 11/17/97 (http:/ / www. com/ entrevues.Ted Renton Leila Johnson . [20] Riordan 1996.Cameron Towers Chris Gauthier .htm) at Box Office Mojo The Doors (http://www.imdb. php?cht=03) [26] Manzarek. Chris Gauthier and Paul Jarrett.Course Marshall Beverley Elliott .com/movies/movie/v14394) at AllRovi • • • • The Doors (http://www. USA Today: pp. 326. John Shaw.Peggy Spencer Siri Baruc .imdb.The Doors (film) [18] Riordan 1996. It is about 4 college friends who reconnect at their 20-year college reunion on the golf course. a documentary of The Doors.00. com/ ew/ article/ 0. classicbands.Trivia (http:/ / www. p. Gregg (March 1. New York: Berkley Boulevard Books. 2D.Tracey Peters Matty Finochio . Karen (March 12.com/m/doors/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Doors (http://www. 317. Keith. 1991). [22] Riordan 1996.

so they would play another 18 holes for $5000.V. suspecting they had sex. Rick hits soon after. Rick and Donnie win the first five nine holes. Lori. who has never golfed in his life. and his loss and desperation. Rick feels bad for Cam and shifts his putter head slightly. and Lori leave tucking her panties into her purse. Susanne. the four of them sing the Bryan Adams song 18 'Til I Die. Lori go into the janitors closet. starting even. so ted tells Rick they want to press. but Rick proves they weren't in there nearly long enough to have sex. During the second round. exec job 2 weeks earlier and can't afford to lose this game. In the middle of the round. That night at the bar. with Ted and Cam getting frustrated. External links • The Foursome [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. and Cam storms off. they go back out to finish their game. Later into the round. and reminisce about how they used to look like that. com/ title/ tt0478802/ . the four friends meet on the golf course. Rick then says he is an avid golfer and a hustler. who slept around a lot in college. The night ends with Donnie suspecting Rick and Lori are having an affair. giving Cam and Ted the win. With Rick also on the green close to the pin. while Cam and Ted struggle and Donnie takes many tries to hit the ball. Donnie and Ted arriving at their college reunion party and re-introducing themselves. On the green. Rick hits a 300 yard drive. Cameron. The next morning. On the last hole. Cam pairs up with Ted. so the allegations are dropped. Rick tells Donnie to hit into the group ahead. Rick then convinces Susanne to marry him after he proves he can commit to a relationship. and decide to play in two teams of two for money. while Ted was in his early forties. he hustled the hustler. low score winning the hole. imdb. and Rick with Donnie. but got married a second time to a young woman in her mid twenties. The three other golfers go back to the clubhouse to find Cam. but finally hits it into a tree. Cam then says he was fired from his T. Donnie and Ted are all married. then all four of them run into the trees. but he hits into the trees. in the dark. Ted was previously divorced. nearly hitting one of them. Rick. They would play with the same teams. After that. Donnie calls on Rick for cheating with Lori.The Foursome 86 Synopsis The film starts with the four friends of Rick. Ted hits his second shot close to the pin. Rick and Donnie continue to lead. The film ends and the credits roll with the four jumping in mid-air on the 18th green. leaving Rick with a putt to win. Cam tells Ted how he can't afford the $2500 they bet on the game. but Donnie continues to struggle. It is at that moment that Cam says he wasn't fired. Cam is married to his high-school sweetheart. Donnie sees Rick and a drunk Cam's wife. While the other wives compare themselves to Ted's young wife. starting to feel for his friend. hits his ball into cam's ball and knocks Cam's ball into the hole. says that she won't marry Rick because she says he can't commit. soon after. Near the end of the round. a song familiar to them from college. but Rick's girlfriend. and tell him that Lori isn't cheating on him. Cam. Cam narrowly misses his birdie putt leaving it on the lip.

The Pathfinder (film) 87 The Pathfinder (film) The Pathfinder Directed by Written by Starring Donald Shebib Tommy Lynch. The movie is known as La Légende de Pathfinder in Canada (French title) and Le Lac Ontario in France.. Chingachgook Stacy Keach . Bruce Reisman (based on the novel of James Fenimore Cooper) Kevin Dillon Laurie Holden Graham Greene Stacy Keach Russell Means Jaimz Woolvett Reg Powell Music by Cinematography Curtis Petersen Release date(s) Running time Country Language 1996 94 minutes  United States English The Pathfinder is a 1996 American TV movie based on the novel of James Fenimore Cooper. Arrowhead Charles Edwin Powell ....... Capt. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Kevin Dillon . Sanglier Ralph Kussman .... Pathfinder/Hawkye Laurie Holden . Jasper Weston Christian Laurin . imdb. Compte du Leon Russell Means .. May Jaimz Woolvett .. com/ title/ tt0117309/ ... Zale Charlotte Sullivan . Guard on Ship External links • The Pathfinder [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Lt.. Mabel Dunham Graham Greene . It stars Kevin Dillon as Pathfinder and Laurie Holden as Mabel Dunham.......

Ned Vaughn. Under North Korean law. Henderson.392 The Rescue is a 1988 adventure film about a group of teenagers who infiltrate a North Korean prison to rescue their Navy SEAL fathers. Charles Haid. He shares this information with his friends. Personnel receives word that a U. By planting homemade bugs. The film stars Kevin Dillon. and John Thomas. if they are found guilty. the son of Admiral Rothman (James Cromwell). Ian Giatti. produced by Laura Ziskin. military base in South Korea. Shawn Howard . Back home on the base. submarine has become disabled in international waters near North Korea. Jim Thomas. The North Korean government alleges that the SEALS were engaged in espionage. The captain is airlifted from the SEALS' raft and taken to safety. is an electronics whiz. and directed by Ferdinand Fairfax. and lays explosives. destroying the submarine. he learns that a rescue mission is being planned. Marc Price. and James Cromwell. they could be executed. Shortly after. Max (Marc Price).The Rescue (1988 film) 88 The Rescue (1988 film) The Rescue Film Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Ferdinand Fairfax Laura Ziskin Michael J. rescues the captain. The SEALS are captured and placed in prison cells in a North Korean fortress. A team of four Navy SEALS travels to the underwater site of the sub. It was written by Michael J. the SEALS' raft is intercepted by a North Korean helicopter just as the explosives detonate.S.S.855. Christine Harnos. the SEALS' children watch news of their fathers' trial. Henderson Jim Thomas John Thomas Kevin Dillon Ned Vaughn Marc Price Charles Haid Christine Harnos Ian Giatti James Cromwell Bruce Broughton [1] Starring Music by Cinematography Russell Boyd Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office David Holden Carroll Timothy O'Meara Touchstone Pictures Silver Screen Partners III Buena Vista Pictures Distribution United States: 5 August 1988 Finland: 12 May 1989 97 min United States English US$5. Plot The film opens on a U.

Shortly after. He suggests they steal a motorboat docked next to a bar where its owners are busy getting drunk. Max plants a listening bug in the conference room so that he. Triumphant. The plane crosses the border back into South Korea. and Max's father wasn't among the captured. but says that they have no chance without American Special Forces. fearing the plane is an intruder from the North. J. Kim Song stays behind to hold off the North Koreans and give them time to take off. He plans to escort them back home to safety. J.J.J. At the harbor. Fearing for their safety. In the meeting. disabling one of its engines and causing a fuel leak. unwilling to risk aggravation of North Korea and its allies. However. That night. proposes that they carry out the mission themselves. The South Korean base scrambles fighter jets to intercept. They drive via truck to an airfield and secure a twin-engine cargo plane. The aircraft is fired upon from North Korean anti-air guns. J. the teens locate the hideout of Col. the group exits the plane and reunites with their families. seeing as how Bobby is a liability. J. Phillips is still able to make a safe landing. identifying the passengers as American to the fighter jets.J. Shawn. Merrill (Kevin Dillon). sends a signal and Shawn and Max light the fireworks. says he can get a boat from someone in the city. They slide down a long drain pipe and end up back in the village. the group evades a patrol boat and enters North Korean waters. who was intended to assist with Operation Phoenix. He gets into a brawl with the guard. originally intended for a "Workers' Day" celebration. In the village of Sang-Ri. the Secretary of the State insists that the operation is out of the question. The group rigs fireworks on the base. the teens sneak out and continue on foot to the fortress. but Lt. near the fortress where the SEALS are held. the five argue over whether or not to continue with their plan with Bobby and Max aboard. Max convinces the group to continue onward and carry out the plan.J. which Adrian's father (Timothy Carhart) pilots. and Adrian can listen in via radio. a rescue mission is proposed.'s father (Edward Albert) reaches through his cell bars and breaks the guard's neck. Going up through another well. him and Bobby included. and all five speed away under gunfire. in order to create a diversion. was hiding in the trunk. He is impressed with their bravery. Travelling through a well and sewer system. Dressed in drag. so Max creates a diversion by rigging the car to crash. now aimed downward at the North Korean base. steals a North Korean military uniform and enters the building where the SEALS are held. The next morning. J. The stealing of the boat goes sour. the plane runs out of fuel.J.J. An official meeting is scheduled to take place on the base. Bobby (Ian Giatti). 89 .J. smuggling the three others in the back. they find a stash of smoke canisters and grenades. Max and Bobby get into the boat. they enter the base. and J. Approaching the runway at the base." involving infiltration of the North Korean base to rescue the SEALS.The Rescue (1988 film) (Ned Vaughn) and Adrian Phillips (Christine Harnos). Shawn and Max secretly copy the operation plans. and they have no boat.J. learns that he's been ripped off. whose fathers were among the captured SEALS. but J. Max bids the three farewell. frees the SEALS. Bobby sticks out of the top hatch of the plane and flashes his Bruce Springsteen T-Shirt. Kim Song (Melvin Wong) of South Korean Intelligence. but not before discovering that Shawn's little brother. Max drives Adrian's mother's car off the base past curfew. Shawn Howard gives a tape of the meeting to J. a rebellious teenager whose father was also on the captured SEAL team. code-named "Operation Phoenix. Kim Song and his men show up at the base in disguise and aid the group in fighting its way out and back down the well.

Full Cast and Crew" (http:/ / www.The Rescue (1988 film) 90 Reception Due to not being a widely known film. it has received mixed to positive reviews from audiences. However. com/ title/ tt0095981/ fullcredits). IMDb. imdb. . 2009. Retrieved 2009-04-30. the Rescue Movie set North the Rescue Movie set West . it has no critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Images References [1] "The Rescue (1988) .

Mary teams up with police cadet Tony Campbell (Kevin Dillon). Synopsis Mary Giordano is a bright. it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Guinn. But the closer Mary gets to solving the murder. The two work together to find the murderer and seem to have feelings for one another. She is addicted to mystery novels and detective magazines (hence the title of the movie). When she starts snooping around on the case of murdered teenage girls. which inspire her to do her own detective work. 1996 Country Language United States English True Crime is a 1996 film directed by Pat Verducci and starring Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Dillon. intelligent student who goes to a Catholic school. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Alicia Silverstone as Mary Giordano Kevin Dillon as Cadet Tony Campbell/Daniel Henry Moffat Bill Nunn as Detective Jerry Guinn Michael Bowen as Earl Parkins Marla Sokoloff as Vicki Giordano Ann Devaney as Sherry Tarnley Joshua Shaefer as John Giordano Jennifer Savidge as Celia Giordano Tara Subkoff as Liz McConnell David Packer as Sergeant Collins Alissa Dowdy as Kathleen Donlevy Aimee Brooks as Margie Donlevy . the more danger she puts herself in of being the next victim.True Crime (1996 film) 91 True Crime (1996 film) True Crime Directed by Written by Starring Pat Verducci Pat Verducci Alicia Silverstone Kevin Dillon Bill Nunn Marla Sokoloff Distributed by Trimark Pictures Release date(s) March 12.

[14] This is a sly reference to the fact that in real life Vanessa Angel was originally cast as Xena in a three-episode arc for the television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. As . Tarvold had become one of the most feared and notorious Vikings scarcely a year after he had grown his beard.[11] His ship is called the "Gokstad" (a reference to the Gokstad ship). both critically and commercially. Viking Quest is presented as a cult science fiction[1]/fantasy[2] show with echoes of Xena: Warrior Princess.True Crime (1996 film) 92 Production Filmed on location at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles. She then went on to star in a spin-off series called Angel Quest. Within the show In the television show Entourage. Premise Set during the mid-10th Century AD in the Orkney Islands. the part of Xena went to Lucy Lawless. California. Thorfinn Skull-Splitter. A legend in the making.[13] Angel Vanessa Angel appeared as Angel in three episodes of Viking Quest. Johnny Drama.[6] and is especially popular in France. and this conceit has been extended to promotional videos and a Flash game involving its star. imdb. betrayed him and Tarvold was caught stealing the gold. com/ title/ tt0114736/ Viking Quest Viking Quest is a fictional TV show within a show in the TV series Entourage. Viking Quest aired in 1997 on the Sci-Fi channel. Norse God of Revenge. External links • True Crime [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. "VICTORY!!!". Tarvold. She dropped out. As retribution for his deed.[9] The show's tagline is "From the past.[3] The complete series was later released on DVD. His childhood friend and arch-nemesis. It is referred to both by fictional characters and celebrities playing versions of themselves as a real show. comes a warrior of the future..[11][12] Tarvold hails from Northumbria. Tarvold has a signature exclamation. and the subsequent spin-off series Xena: Warrior Princess went on to significantly eclipse its predecessor. Tarvold was forced to loot and plunder in Vali's name. Viking Quest was re-released as a Special Edition DVD and promoted with a video game. Viking Quest follows the exploits of Viking hero."[10] Cast Tarvold The show featured Johnny "Drama" Chase as the lead character. as he and his clan sail the high seas. Tarvold.[7][8] In 2008. outside of the show. Other titles for film are known as Dangerous Kiss and True Detective. It was then that he dared to steal the gold of Vali.[4][5] The show seems to have developed something of a cult following. Within the Entourage universe. which ran "5 times longer" than Viking Quest..

EW. hollywood. his wife is remarried. Johnny mentions that Viking Quest ran for a "full 22".Com.com. entourage/ index. [7] Mentioned in "The Cannes Kids" [8] "Kevin Dillon | Biography.com/) . html). Charles (2005-07-28). [19] Viking Quest Game (http:/ / www. Credits" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-10-10. + tunein=Sundays at 10pm) [10] This can be seen on a Viking Quest poster in the episode "I Love You Too". Tarvold had to stay one step ahead of Thorfinn who constantly attempted to thwart Tarvold's progress and steal the treasure that he needed to repay his debt to Vali. "''Entourage'': Johnny finds love in geekland | Entourage | TV Recaps" (http:/ / www. It also claims that the show is being re-released on DVD. com/ ew/ article/ 0. CNN. 2006-11-19. dvd. offthetelly. and when he wakes up. usatoday. "HBO launches 'Viking Quest' game" (http:/ / www. givememyremote. Photos. 2005" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-07-19. cnn. Movies. com/ life/ television/ news/ 2007-04-04-entourage-main_N. Ben (2008-09-05).May 11. [17] Fuel Industries: Viking Quest Case Study (http:/ / www. Off The Telly.The DVD Box Set (http:/ / www. and claims that a Viking Quest game is coming soon to consoles. Hollywood. Retrieved 2009-07-19. com/ remote/ resume-of-entourages-johnny-drama-chase/ ) [4] Viking Quest . Retrieved 2009-07-19. TV. variety. . Tarvold is frozen for 30 years. com/ dvd/ notreal. . Retrieved 2009-07-19. com/ dvd/ ) [5] Viking Quest . ew.Drama vents about the new 'Viking Quest' video game (http:/ / www. Variety.com. com/ 2005/ SHOWBIZ/ Movies/ 05/ 09/ ew. In the episode "Busey and the Beach". HBO and Fuel Industries[17] produced a Viking Quest game website as part of a marketing campaign for the 5th season of Entourage.[19] References [1] By Dalton Ross Entertainment Weekly (2005-05-11). [18] Fritz. [11] Episode "I Love You Too" [12] Curtis. Retrieved 2008-09-08. vikingquestgame. fuelindustries. Retrieved 2009-07-19. . com/ scripts/ video/ vidplayer. "'Entourage' men hug it out in a manly way" (http:/ / www. [3] Resumé of Entourage's Johnny "Drama" Chase (http:/ / www. hbo.00. html). In the episode "The Review".[18] The site features a Flash game.vikingquestgame. Usatoday.com. html). [13] [14] [15] [16] Johnny refers to this in the episode "I Love You Too". vikingquestgame. "The Thawing". 93 Episodes Viking Quest ran for one season of 22 episodes. . htm). com) External links • HBO Viking Quest game (http://www. uk/ ?p=2209). com/ casestudies/ vikingquest). Eric mentions this in the episode "I Love You Too". one of Johnny's "fans" mentions this.. co. .The Most Incredible Show That Never Existed (http:/ / www. vikingquestgame.[16] In real life Online game In September 2008.Viking Quest he sailed the high seas doing Vali's bidding. [9] Entourage . html?movie=/ av/ entourage/ season5/ entourage_viking_quest+ section=entourage+ num=1220391523468+ title=Entourage: Drama vents about the new 'Viking Quest' video game. com/ celebrity/ 1114479/ Kevin_Dillon). . Gary (2007-04-05). [2] Strauss.1088252. aspx) [6] "Entourage" (http:/ / www. "EW review: 'Entourage' is a star . com/ article/ VR1117991686.[15] In episode 9.

A few scenes were filmed in Glacier National Park and in the town of Cut Bank.War Party (film) 94 War Party (film) War Party War Party movie poster Directed by Produced by Franc Roddam John Daly Derek Gibson Bernard Williams Spencer Eastman Billy Wirth Kevin Dillon Chaz Jankel Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Brian Tufano Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Box office Sean Barton Hemdale Film Corporation Hemdale Film Corporation September 29. Emmet Walsh as Colin Ditweiler Dennis Banks as Ben Crowkiller / Dead Crow Wolf Saginaw Grant as Freddie Man Wolf Rodney A. Filming largely took place on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. Montana. Call as Posse Member #1 William Frankfather as The Governor M. National Guard R.190 [1] War Party is a 1988 film directed by Franc Roddam and starring Billy Wirth and Kevin Dillon. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Billy Wirth as Sonny Crowkiller Kevin Dillon as Skitty Harris Tim Sampson as Warren Cutfoot Jimmie Ray Weeks as Jay Stivic Kevyn Major Howard as Calvin Morrisey Jerry Hardin as The Sheriff Tantoo Cardinal as Sonny's Mother Bill McKinney as The Mayor Guy Boyd as Major Crawford. Set in present day Montana. it explores the tension and mistrust that can characterize interactions between Native Americans and White Americans. 1989 99 minutes English $657. Grant as The Crow .D.

Box Office Mojo. External links • War Party (http://www. Retrieved 2013-01-05. com/ movies/ ?id=warparty. htm).com/title/tt0098619/) at the Internet Movie Database . boxofficemojo.War Party (film) 95 References [1] "War Party (1989)" (http:/ / www. .imdb.

com/ movies/ movie/ v54135 ... 1989. imdb. a football-oriented California school.. Lyn is hesitant to reveal this information as she fears that doing so will create a number of social issues and will simply worsen the aftermath of her experience. 1989 Running time Country Language 100 minutes United States English When He's Not a Stranger is a 1989 American Made for TV crime drama film. and she requests that the school hold a disciplinary hearing against Ron. allrovi. Jackson ..When He's Not a Stranger 96 When He's Not a Stranger When He's Not a Strange Directed by John Gray Release date(s) November 6. and ultimately demands that a district attorney prosecute.. starring Annabeth Gish and John Terlesky about a college freshman who is sexually assaulted by a football jock. football player Ron Cooper. Plot At Woodword University. This stark dramatization of the "acquaintance rape" dilemma was first broadcast October 17. Lyn McKenna is raped and brutalized by her best friend's boyfriend. continued threats from Ron and his fellow football teammates lead Lyn into desperate action... Ben McKenna Micole Mercurio ... Judge Thomas J. Melaine Fairchild Stephen Elliott . Gray John M... Woodward University Coach External links • When He's Not a Stranger [1] at the Internet Movie Database • When He's Not a Stranger [2] at AllRovi References [1] http:/ / www. Ron Cooper Kevin Dillon . Cast • • • • • • • • • Annabeth Gish . com/ title/ tt0098636/ [2] http:/ / www.. It sums up the ordeal that rape victims experience and the sexual assault on college campuses..... However. Emily McKenna Allan Arbus . Attorney Foster Paul Dooley . Rick Kim Myers . Lyn McKenna John Terlesky ...

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