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2.5 Submersible Pump Major Components Rev Feb 2007

2.5 Submersible Pump Major Components Rev Feb 2007

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Published by: Salman Hussain on Apr 15, 2013
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Submersible Pump Major Components

Copyright Rike Service, Inc., 2007


Copyright Rike Service, Inc., 2007


Transformer Bank
 One or more transformers providing proper surface power

Copyright Rike Service, Inc., 2007


Inc. 2007 4 ..Motor Controller  One motor control panel housing the necessary switchgear and surface controls necessary for operation Copyright Rike Service.

.Length of threeconductor special power transmission cable to link power from switchboard to motor Copyright Rike Service. 2007 5 . Inc.

. Inc. 2007 6 .Motor  One or more (in tandem) electrical submersible threephase two-pole constant speed induction motors Copyright Rike Service.

. Inc. 2007 7 .Seal Section  One motor to pumpbore fluid isolation section Copyright Rike Service.

.Pump  One or more (in tandem) submersible centrifugal pumps Copyright Rike Service. Inc. 2007 8 .

2007 9 . Inc..Submersible Lift Components Copyright Rike Service.

2007 10 ..Typical Pump Stage Copyright Rike Service. Inc.

. 2007 11 . Inc.Pump Stages Rotating Impeller  Fluid enters at eye near hub  Thrown into diffuser at impeller periphery  Pad where impeller rides on top of diffuser  Hub connects stages together Copyright Rike Service.

. impeller to diffuser Copyright Rike Service. 2007 12 . Inc.Pump Stages Diffuser (Stationery)  Brings fluid back to eye of next stage  Provides bore for the impeller hubs  Pumped fluid provides lubrication.

. Inc.Pump Stages Impeller is pressure balanced at peak efficiency  Overload causes upthrust wear  Underload causes downthrust wear  Usually can operate at 75% to 125% of peak successfully  Volume proportional to speed (usually 3475 RPM) Copyright Rike Service. 2007 13 .

433 Copyright Rike Service.. Inc.Pump Stages Head/stage in ft = U2 2g (velocity at periphery. 2007 14 . fps) (gravity constant) Head is independent of fluid density Output press = H x S x 0.

and surface back pressure  Volumes of 20 BPD to 25.Pump Stages Stages added in series to provide required head  Head must cover vertical lift..000 BPD and higher Copyright Rike Service. 2007 15 . Inc. friction pressure.

. Inc.Pump Stages Sizing must be correct  Over or under capacity shortens thrust bearing life  Pumping off causes cable or motor failure due to heat Copyright Rike Service. 2007 16 .

000 volts 12 to 110 amps Not synchronous. induction type 3475 RPM on 60 Hertz 230 to 5. 2007 17 . squirrel cage. Inc. 80% to 90%     Copyright Rike Service. three phase.Motor Two pole. slip increases with load only slightly  Efficiency..

2007 18 ..Motor Cooled by passage of produced fluid by external case  Requires velocity of about 1 fps  Viscosity and density changes can affect cooling Copyright Rike Service. Inc.

2007 19 . Inc..Motor Pressure balanced to the well fluids  Lubricating oil inside motor  Isolation achieved with dense lubricant at bottom of U-tube  Well fluids contact dense lubricant on one side of Utube  Provides for expansion of lubricant when hot Copyright Rike Service.

2007 20 . Inc. x 3960 Copyright Rike Service. Gr.. Eff.Motor Sized in 4" to 7" diameter BHP = Q x H x Sp.

Protector or Seal Section  Connects pump to motor. Inc.. 2007 21 . both outer housing and drive shaft  Houses the pump thrust bearing  Seals power end of motor housing from wellbore fluids and provides pressure balance or communication  Provides volume necessary for oil expansion at operating temperature Copyright Rike Service.

. Inc. 2007 22 .Protector or Seal Section: Important Requirements  Clearance in the casing to allow flat cable operating temperature  All thrust load must be transmitted to thrust bearing  Thrust bearing requires good alignment  Oil viscosity very important to thrust bearing life  Vibration and misalignment will destroy oil film Copyright Rike Service.

2007 23 . Inc.Cable Characteristics  Copper or Aluminum  Round stranded cable in major portion  Flat cable where clearances are small  Resistance drops voltage according to length Copyright Rike Service..

000 ft. 2007 24 . indicates voltage drop. Inc.Sizing Cable  Chosen for current carrying ablity: Example. E = 1R  Insulation indicative of voltage service available  Voltage drop/Amp/1. range: 0.3 to 4. 1 Cu carries up to 110 amp  Ohms per 1.0 + Copyright Rike Service..000 ft. No.

2007 25 . Inc.Insulation and Armor  Temperature seriously affects some insulation  Armor affected by abrasion and corrosive fluids  Some operators attribute more than half of submersible pump problems to the cable Copyright Rike Service..

. Inc. 2007 26 .Key Components of Controller Motor Starter Overload Breaker (fast acting) Need only ½ second for high current start up Copyright Rike Service.

2007 27 ..Key Components of Controller Underload Breaker  Important because of need for cooling motor  Usually has automatic restart Copyright Rike Service. Inc.

2007 28 ..Key Components of Controller  Manual disconnect  Time delay  Recording ammeter (important diagnostic tool)  Fuses for short circuit protection (fast acting)  Sometimes includes surface read out of BHP and BHT Copyright Rike Service. Inc.

Key Components of Controller External Controls  Tank hi-lo switches  Line pressure switch Copyright Rike Service. 2007 29 . Inc..

Inc.Key Components of Controller Good settings and proper maintenance of controls are often the key to successful or unsuccessful operation Copyright Rike Service. 2007 30 ..

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