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Vernier Callipers _ Tutorvista

Vernier Callipers _ Tutorvista

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How to use venier caliper
How to use venier caliper

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Published by: Celestine Nnamdi Ozokechi on Apr 15, 2013
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Vernier Callipers | Tutorvista.com

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Measurement and Experimentation

Vernier Calliper

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Vernier Calliper
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The meter scale enables us to measure the length to the nearest millimeter only. Engineers and scientists need to measure much smaller distances accurately. For this a special type of scale called Vernier scale is used.

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Vernier Calliper The Vernier scale consists of a main scale graduated in centimeters and millimeters. On the Vernier scale 0.9 cm is divided into ten equal parts. The least count or the smallest reading which you can get with the instrument can be calculated as under: Least count = one main scale (MS) division - one vernier scale (VS) division. = 1 mm - 0.09 mm = 0.1 mm = 0.01 cm The least count of the vernier

= 0.01 cm The Vernier calliper consists of a main scale fitted with a jaw at one end. Another jaw, containing the vernier scale, moves over the main scale. When the two jaws are in contact, the zero of the main scale and the zero of the vernier scale should coincide. If both the zeros do not coincide, there will be a positive or negative zero error. After calculating the least count place the object between the two jaws. Record the position of zero of the vernier scale on the main scale (3.2 cm in figure below).



com Today! GTBank Mobile Money www. Simple Money Transfer *AP and SAT are registered trademarks of the College Board.com.) = 3.com/mobilemoney Send Or Receive Money With GTBank. Samsung Phones jumia. Nigeria's No. Take measurements by the two methods as shown in figure below.php 2/3 .3/18/13 Vernier Callipers | Tutorvista. All rights reserved.2 + (3 x 0. 1 Online Retailer. About Us | Contact Us | Blog | Homew ork Help | Teaching Jobs | Search Lessons | Answ ers | Calculators | Worksheets | Formulas Copyright © 2010 . www. Travel Package Deals www.03 = 3. (In the illustration.gtbank. Mobile Money. 3rd division on the vernier coincides with a MS division).com/content/physics/physics-i/measurement-and-experimentation/vernier-callipers. Reading of the instrument = MS div + (coinciding VS div x L.com Principle of Vernier You will notice that one of the vernier scale divisions coincides with one of the main scale divisions.TutorVista.23 cm To measure the inner and outer diameter of a hollow cylinder or ring. inner and outer callipers are used.tutorvista.com. Book & Save On Wakanow.ng/SamsungPhones Buy latest Samsung Phones @ Jumia.01) = 3.C.2 + 0.com/Travel Get Amazing Holiday Package Deals.wakanow.

php 3/3 .tutorvista.com www.com/content/physics/physics-i/measurement-and-experimentation/vernier-callipers.3/18/13 Vernier Callipers | Tutorvista.

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