The Blessed Covenant Union of Marriage

SEX is not a Toy to be played with by people that are not married in HOLY WEDLOCK. Unwanted Pregnancies are the result of a man who cannot keep his zipper up. Loose morals diminish the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is that HOLY BLESSED COVENANT UNION Ordained by GOD to be between one man [ ADAM ] and one woman [ EVE]. The HOLY BIBLE condemns all Perverse Unions as an ABOMINATION. Perverse Corrupt Politicians with No Moral Compass have No Divine Authority & No Moral Authority & No Legal Democratic Authority to REDEFINE Marriage. Marriage was ORDAINED and BLESSED by GOD in The Garden of EDEN and GOD will only BLESS those that OBEY HIS WORD & KEEP HIS WORD by patterning after The DIVINE MARRIAGE MODEL of "Adam and Eve ". GOD curses those that try to PERVERT The DIVINE MARRIAGE MODEL of " Adam and Eve" to pervert it to say "ADAM & Steve" or to say "Eve & Evelyn". The slide of MORAL STANDARDS is an indication that the cosmos world system has entered the sphere of SODOM & GOMORRAH to await Certain JUDGEMENT of GOD

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