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Published by Daniel Cooper Clark
Poems, aphorisms, mantras, manifestos, and commentaries
Poems, aphorisms, mantras, manifestos, and commentaries

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Published by: Daniel Cooper Clark on Mar 24, 2009
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No matter what the Environmental Learning Center decides
to do about the hurricane-damaged Laura Riding Jackson
house, you can always look over many of her books here at
the Library. Be warned, though -- they're not easy reading!
This late resident of Wabasso was a literary phenomenon of
sorts in the 1920s and 1930s. Laura Riding's poetry made a
good impression on the critics of the time. After partnering
with the better-known writer Robert Graves in England and
Spain, in 1939 she gave it up. A marriage added Jackson to
her name. Escaping the limelight, she and her husband
moved to Wabasso, shipping fruit from their orange grove to
customers up north. They cooperated on her last book,
Rational Meaning. When she passed away in 1991, she'd
almost been forgotten. But recently scholars have been
finding much of interest in her works. Maybe you will too!

December 18


Nothing makes any difference.
Everything is Krishna.

December 26

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