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Auditing the HR Function

Auditing the HR Function

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Published by Rafat Aref Khanfar
Auditing the HR Function
Auditing the HR Function

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Published by: Rafat Aref Khanfar on Apr 15, 2013
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Auditing the HR Function

Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP KV Consulting

Why Conduct an HR Audit?
Routine check-up (uncover any conditions you may have and set up a treatment plan)  Determine how you can best align HR operations with organizational goals  Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations

Aspects of HR Audit Strategic Functions Compliance Issues .

aging and diverse workforce  Knowledge work – managing knowledge workers  .HR Emerging Issues Executive management ethics  Skyrocketing healthcare costs  HR outsourcing  Baby boomer exodus – labor shortage.

Typically Out of Scope Payroll  Safety and Health  Workers Compensation  Retirement Plans  Health Insurance Plans  Deferred Compensation Programs  Unemployment  .

HR Department Basics .

HR Department Basics Strategic Management Department Structure & Staff Competencies HR Facilities HR Technology & Information Control .

Strategic Management  Strategic Plan  Operational Plan  HR Performance Management  HR Budget  Legislative/Regulatory Environment .

Key Administrative Advisors Chief HR Officer Chief Information Officer Technology resources People resources Chief Financial Officer Monetary resources Agency Head .

.HR is Strategic Partner when:  HR leader has/is:   strong knowledge of HR roles and functions.   Top HR position is organizationally on the same level as other program directors and administrative directors HR Dept. business strategy and operations perceived as a credible advisor by his/her peers and executive management. is viewed as approachable and trusted to provide accurate information.

HR is Strategic Partner when:    HR Dept. Performance assessment of HR programs. and stay abreast of latest HR trends and developments. . including key metrics. is part of a network of HR Depts. strategize regarding common problems. is routinely completed. Strategic HR plan is closely linked to overall strategic plan. in peer organizations that share experiences.

Department Structure & Staff Competencies  HR Organizational Chart  HR Staff Competencies .

HR Competencies Cultural & Change Steward Business Ally Talent Manager Credible Activist Operations Executor Strategy Architect .

HR Facilities Physical facilities of the HR department  Reception of job candidates  Legal and other employment notices  Private areas for interviews and employee consultations  HR convenient to employees  Easy access to HR employee for questions  .

HR Technology & Information Control HRIS  Information Management Processes  .

Key HR Risk Areas .

Key HR Risk Areas Workforce Planning & Employment HR Development Total Rewards Employee & Labor Relations Risk Management .

Workforce Planning & Employment Workforce Needs Determination  Organizational Design  Recruiting Programs  Selection Process  Contractor Management  Succession Planning  Turnover and Employee Relations  Regulations Compliance  Fraud  .

HR Development Training Needs Assessment  New Employee Training  Technical Training  Supervisory Training  Training Assessment  Employee Coaching  Performance Appraisal  Counseling  Discipline  .

Total Rewards Compensation Philosophy  Job Documentation  Market Analysis  Salary Structure Development  Job Evaluation  Salary Administration  FLSA Determination & Overtime  Benefits Administration  Payroll  .

Employee & Labor Relations Policies and Procedures  Employee Attitude Surveys  Employment Records  Employee Compliant and Grievance Process  Labor Relations  .

Risk Management  Safety & Health .

Outsourcing and Co-sourcing Needs Assessment  Vendor Selection Process  Vendor Management  .

vito@kvconsulting.net 512-293-4678 . CCP kelli.KV Consulting Kelli W. Vito. SPHR.

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