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Tehnologia morphogenetica pt curbarea tesaturii spatiu-timp (warp) este utilizata de toate speciile vii in comunicare, protectie anti-bacteriana ( vedeti

articolul depre pielea rechinului si nano-structurile de pe aripile greierului) in ecranarea campului gravitational . Speciile extraterestre avansate o folosesc pentru deplasare cu viteze superluminice, pentru invizibilitate, scoaterea planetelor lor din sfera de incidenta a catastrofelor galactice (explozii stelare, gauri negre, ciocniri cu meteoriti ). Tineti legatura cu articolele publicate in pagina mea si in grupul dedicat PAGINA MIRAHORIAN MIRAHORIAN: GALACTIC CONTACT NETWORK

Efecte si aplicatii ale campului morphogenetic (vindecare, ecranare timp, gravitatie, control spatiu , modificare subspatiu ) / Morphogenetic Field Effects and Applications ( healing, communications, warp space-time, matter transfer, shielding time, gravity, subspace modification and control)

Noutati despre platforma antigravitationala a lui Victor S. Grebennikov News about Grebennikov's Anti-gravity Platform - Bio-Levitation or Bio-Gravitics

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S-a descoperit insecta care l-a condus pe Grebennikov l-a construirea platformei antigravitationale. In imaginea de mai sus vedem structura geometrica de pe suprafata elitrelor, care deformeaza tesatura spatiu -timp (warp) si prin efectul de forma structureaza eterul (subspatiul) si controleaza directia de curgere a leptonilor inducand levitatia si controlul curgerii timpului. Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles; water beetle ( sare din apa si isi ia zborul ) Ditiscidi (Dytiscidae Leach, 1815) Water scavenger beetles of the genus Hydrophilus Mueller, 1764 - atlas of beetles of Russia Hydrophilus piceus Energia campurilor de forma (morfogenetice) a fost botezata de Victor S. Grebennikov "Efectul Structurilor Cavitare" (ESC) / CSE (Cavity Structure Effect, Effet des Structures Cavitaires)/ Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE)/ () . Acest articol este precedat de un altul intitulat: Deplasarea accentului de la propulsia prin gaura de vierme la aceea prin indoirea texturii spatiului ( Warp Drive ) / Shifting focus from wormhole to warp drive

Viktor Grebennikov: English review about an article on Esploratori situl italian Esploratori: imaginile si filmele au fost preluate din : filmul reproduce situl italian unde este aratata imaginea structurii elitrelor 1. se vede respingerea elitrelor din chitina (cel mai raspandit material biologic, alaturi de celuloza ) descoperita de Grebennikov ( aceasta respingere nu este electrostatica sau magnetica ) 2. se vede existenta vortexului ( campului de torsiune ) deasupra varfului piramidelor ( elitrele se rotesc) 3. levitatia unei elitre deasupra celeilalte Antigravity in elytra (as Grebennikov)/ ( ) Elitre - rotatia campului magnetic (indicata de busola) Efeito Quitina Viktor Grebennikov Parte 1. Efeito Quitina Viktor Grebennikov Parte 2. Efeito Quitina Viktor Grebennikov... . Grebennikov's Flying Platform - Bio-Gravitics Platforma antigravitationala- document pdf si film An Anti-gravity platform of Viktor S. Grebennikov An Anti-Gravity Platform of Victor S. Grebennikov Part 1

An Anti-Gravity Platform of Victor S. Grebennikov Part 2 SITE DEDICAT Sceptrul lui Thot si Conul ( in interior structura din celula Joe SITURI CU INFORMATII DESPRE Cartea lui Victor S. Grebennikov "Lumea mea" / . cartea se afla pe situl de mai jos:

Tehnologia morfogenetica / Morphogenetic technology

Aceasta reactualizare este prilejuita de o stire ca s-a descoperit o structura de nano conuri pe aripile greierului ( cicada) care este in stare sa ucida bacteriile. Piramidele si conurile determina acest lucru pe o raza care depinde de dimensiunea lor, fara necesitatea contactului ( adica articolul "Researchers find cicada wing structure able to kill bacteria on contact ", care se afla la sfarsit in bibliografie dezinformeaza cititorii ) [2] Acelasi efect antibacterian a fost descoperit la pielea de rechin, care a fost reprodusa si va fi utilizata in spitale; vedeti articolul : Secretele pielii de rechin si tehnologia OZN/ Shark Skin Secrets and UFO Technology return_to_doc=true

Anti-bacterial surfaces inspired by cicada wings Natural structures can have quite exceptional properties. Some surfaces are highly efficient at repelling water hydrophobic surfaces and some insects are so good at cleaning themselves that they cannot be contaminated by such particles as dust, spores or bacteria. And it has now been discovered that the wings of some insects such as the cicada have another property: they are lethal to such gram negative bacteria as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a common bacteria that can cause diseases in plants animals and humans.

Efecte ale campului morphogenetic (vindecare, ecranare timp, gravitatie, control spatiu , modificare subspatiu ) Ne intereseaza campul morphogenetic ( care nu re restrange doar la piramide, fiindca este creat de toate formele geometrice, de ADN, de structurile piramidale in 2 si 3 dimensiuni, de geometria moleculara a substantelor chimice) deoarece acest camp controleaza spatiul, gravitatia si modifica curgerea timpului ; acest camp care structureaza subspatiul ( eterul; akasha) este creat de cavitati ( faguri, stupi de albine, structurile nano de pe aripile insectelor; vedeti cercetarirle realizate de Viktor Grebennikov, care sunt abordate si in cartea "Investigatii asupra campului Sursa/ The Source Field Investigation " a lui David Wilcock , citata intr-un articol anterior ) si de catre ADN ( vedeti: Efectul fantoma al AND/ The DNA Phantom Effect ) [1] "Dr. Viktor Grebennikov made many breakthroughs with these same principles, studying what he called the Cavity Structural Effect. He initially discovered the effect from bee honeycombs. There was a noticeable tingling and burning sensation in his hand over certain types of honeycombs. He also noticed that when bees got lost on the way back to their hives late at night, they would start trying to ram themselves right through the brick wall of the buildingas if they could feel the

energy of their hive, which was directly on the other side of the wall. Grebennikov also speculated that bees were naturally attracted to the shape of flowers by this same effect. By simply creating a chair with honeycombs or a stack of egg cartons suspended over the top of it, he got noticeable healing effects and was granted Russian patent number 2061509 for this invention. (8 Note Capitolul 12) "Dr. Viktor Grebennikov was an entomologist (insect scientist ) who discovered the Cavity Structural Effect, as we previously discussedbut this also led to a realization that certain insects appear to be naturally using gravity-shielding technology as well. I was examining the chitin shells of insects under my microscope in the summer of 1988 along with their pinnate antennae, the fish-scale microstructure of butterfly wings, iridescent colors, and other inventions of nature. I became interested in an amazingly rhythmical microstructure of one large insect [wing casing]. . . . It was an extremely well-ordered composition, as though stamped out by factory equipment according to special blueprints and calculations. As I saw it, the intricate sponginess was clearly unnecessary either for the strength of the part, or for its decoration. I have never observed anything like this unusual micro-ornament either in nature, in technology, or in art. Because its structure is threedimensional, I have been unable to capture it in a drawing so far, or a photograph. . . . Was it perhaps a wave emitter using my multiple cavity structures effect? That truly lucky summer, there were very many insects of this species, and I would capture them at night. . . . I placed the small, concave chitin plate on the microscope stage in order to again examine its strangely star-shaped cells under strong magnification. I again admired this masterpiece jewel work of nature. I was about to place a second identical plate with the same unusual cell structure on its underside, almost purposelessly on top of the first one. But then. The little plate came loose from my tweezers, hung suspended above the other plate on the microscope stage for a few seconds, then turned a few degrees clockwise and slid to the right, then turned counterclockwise and swung and only then it abruptly fell on the desk. You can imagine what I felt at that moment. When I came to my senses, I tied a few panels together with a wire and it wasnt an easy thing to do. I succeeded only when I positioned them vertically. What I got was a multi-layered chitin block and I placed it on the desk. Even a relatively large object, such as a thumbtack, would not fall on it. Something pushed it up and aside. When I attached the tack on top of the block, I witnessed incredible, impossible things. The tack would disappear from sight for a few moments. That was when I realized that this was no beacon, but something entirely different. And I became again so excited that all the objects around me became foggy and shaky. I managed to pull myself together with huge effort in a couple of hours, and I continued working. This is how it all started. Of course, much still remains to be understood, verified, and tested. "(25 Note Capitolul 14 ) These results are spectacular to a conventional mind-set, leading most to conclude Dr. Grebennikov must be lyingbut already we are seeing an effect consistent with our model. When he put the tack in the direct center of the vortex current created by the insects wing casing, the tacks atoms all popped over into time-space and it seemingly disappeared. In a 2005 issue of New Energy Technologies, we find out that although Grebennikov never disclosed the exact genus and species of the insect he discovered this effect with, he does make multiple mentions in his book about the remarkable properties of the wing cases for scarabaeus, bronze poplar borer and particularly Cetonia. There are five species of bronze poplar borer that have an unusual honeycomb pattern on the inside of their wing cases, similar to his description.26 Note Capitolul 14 So if you really love Mother Nature, you just might learn something. Some folks here on earth have apparently been aware of these dueling gravitational forces for thousands and thousands of yearsand the techniques to overcome normal downward gravitational flow by understanding how to speed up the spiraling motion within the Source Fieldto create currents that push in a different direction. This appears to be the great secret of how the Pyramids were built." NOTE Chapter Twelve 8 Grebennikov, Viktor. "Cavity Structural Effect and Insect Antigravity. Rex Research, November 2001.

Chapter Fourteen 25 Grebennikov, Viktor. Cavity Structural Effect and Insect Antigravity. Rex Research, November 2001. (accessed June 2010). 26 An anti-gravity platform of V. S. Grebbenikov. New Energy Technologies 3(22): 5874 (2005). (accessed June 2010). articolul care dezinformeaza prin intelegerea mecanica, prin contact a influentei campurilor generate de formele conice Bibliografie 1. David Wilcock - Investigatii asupra campului sursa / The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 prophecies ADRESA PDF: %20Investigations%20-%20Wilcock_%20David.pdf PARTEA A I-A DIN INREGISTRARE 2. Researchers find cicada wing structure able to kill bacteria on contact Additional videos:

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