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When I Wake Up

When I Wake Up

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Published by Mahlatse Mokone
With a baby and a wedding in the near future, Lucky thought she's finally going to get her happily ever after. She would soon realize that not everything is set in stone. What will happen when she is forced to face her biggest fears? Is her romance with Jesse forever? Or will they be torn apart for good?
Their story concludes in this 2-part book. The threequel to the Dreaming Series.
With a baby and a wedding in the near future, Lucky thought she's finally going to get her happily ever after. She would soon realize that not everything is set in stone. What will happen when she is forced to face her biggest fears? Is her romance with Jesse forever? Or will they be torn apart for good?
Their story concludes in this 2-part book. The threequel to the Dreaming Series.

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Published by: Mahlatse Mokone on Apr 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lucky POV

Jesse and I boarded his jet in the morning, he was right the flight from LA to Cape Town
was long. But I was still mad at myself for practically passing out on the bed last night. I
didn’t even realize I was that tired, but he did. He seemed to always know what I needed
even if I didn’t; it freaked me out sometimes.
I walked out of the jet’s restroom to find Jesse on his laptop on the sofa; I sat next to him
“You just decided to let me sleep last night.” I said.
He looked up and back to his computer “You were tired little one, I didn’t want to wake
you.” He said, “Besides you looked so peaceful.” He added taping my chin with his finger.

I decided to let it go, I had my whole life to make love to this man; that brought a smile
to my lips. Jesse caught me smiling and he grinned too “You just pictured me naked,


didn’t you?” he asked and I bit my finger nodding coyly causing him to throw his head

back laughing.
I was glad when the pilot finally announced for us to prepare for landing, we got out of
the jet and headed to the waiting car.

“Welcome to South Africa.” Said the man who opened the car door to us
“Thank you.” Jesse replied climbing in the back with me.
The man drove around the beautiful city but I couldn’t stop staring at the flat-topped
mountain that overlooked the city. “That’s Table Mountain.” Jesse answered my
unspoken question.
“Where are we going?” I asked turning my gaze to him,
“My villa in Camps Bay.” He said; I forgot that Jesse once mentioned him having
property here. We drove adjacent to the mountain; I knew we’d arrived when we
stopped in front of the only property there. Jesse loved his privacy.

“This is magnificent.” I said when we walked in,
“Its situated on the green belt of the nature reserve.” He said as he gave me a tour. That

explains it overlooking wild flora and waterfall-like river. The entire seaside villa has
glass doors that disappear into cavity walls, opening the villa completely and showing
off its dramatic view of the beach.
“Come for a swim with me.” he said taking his shirt off, I shamelessly stared at his
impeccable torso.

I chuckled “Now?” I asked; I didn’t have time to check if Ally and Mandy packed any

bathing suits for me. Though they knew where I was going.

“Why not?” he said and I started removing my lite jacket “Feel free to go naked too, this
is a private beach.” He added, his eyes raking all over me.
This heated look he gave me never ceased to set my whole body on fire and make my
cheeks turn crimson.
“Yeah right.” I said; I was not about to walk out there naked! Private beach or not; he
chuckled taking my hand.

“This is lovely.” I said sitting up and looking at the sun set above the ocean. I felt Jesse’s
lips below my ear “You know what will make it even better?” he asked “Orgasms.” He
whispered. I gasped then chuckled “You’re so dirty.” I teased.
“Mmm, dirty is my middle name,” he said tilting my head to his and taking my mouth
with deep and sensual kisses. His tongue stroking and caressing mine “We are yet to
make love as married couple.” He added lying me back down on the quilt devouring my
“And you want to do it here?” I asked breathlessly, I said I didn’t want to be naked on
the beach and he wanted to have sex? But knowing me, resisting him was a lost cause.
“Yeah, where’s your sense of adventure?” he asked loosening up the strings of my bikini
top and lifting my leg up to his hip “Don’t answer that.” He purred taking my mouth

I walked out of the bathroom to see Jesse buttoning up his shirt

“Ugh, I had to wash my hair twice just to get the sand out.” I said casting him a scornful

look. He chuckled grabbing his tie
“But the experience was worth it huh?” he teased, I grinned and nodded. I could easily
get lost in Jesse’s relentless lust and passion. I opened up one of my suitcases and found
a black dress; it was close fitting and formal enough. Jesse looked at me for a while


“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, I’d told him I wanted to accompany him
on this family business gathering.

“Yeah, let’s go meet the family.” I said trying to sound cheerful as I checked my

appearance in the mirror. He snorted

“That’s very convincing.” He said, putting his jacket on. I walked towards him and set his

grey tie straight. He was skeptical of me crossing paths with his relatives, but avoiding
them would be the easy and cowardly thing to do. One thing I never wanted to be in life
was a coward, besides how bad could it be?

Okay maybe I was shaking like a leaf but I hoped Jesse didn’t see that.

We were driven to Cape Town CBD; we stopped in front of a beautiful modern building,
architectural art composing of glass and steel. It was shorter than the skyscraper one in
LA; the only similarity was the G-Industries name at the top. My nerves hit an all time
high when Jesse said I should be in the meeting too. I said I’ll meet his family but my
presence in the meeting felt like intrusion on my part.
“You’re forgetting that I married you this weekend.” He said as we walked out of the lift
into the elegantly decorated foyer “You’re every bit a Gilbert as any of them.”
It was sweet that he thought of it like that, but to them I’m still an outsider. He suddenly
stopped and grabbed my shoulder “Relax and smile.” He said then he stroked my cheek
“No one can resist that smile.” He added. I did in spite of myself “There we go” he said

and started to walk again.
“Mr. Gilbert.” A man nodded in greeting opening two wooden doors
Jesse nodded back gesturing for me to go in first. I walked into the large boardroom,
there were four people talking among each other but I recognized at leased one, Ben.
Who walked towards me smiling; he warmly greeted us both.
Jesse also introduced me to the other three, whom he said were his uncle John and his
aunts Kylie and Rebecca. They resembled each other but they were also different to an
extent. Jesse explained that John followed his dad then Rebecca; the last-born was Kylie.
John and Rebecca were all dark haired while Kylie had the same blonde as Ben. The one
thing they all had was that distinctive Gilbert beauty and superiority.
They all greeted us accordingly and extended their congratulations, even though none
of them came to the wedding.

“Where is Daniel?” Jesse asked, and Rebecca answered him.
10 minutes later a man I presumed was Daniel walked in, he looked about Jesse’s age
and he was handsome. Not as incredibly gorgeous as Jesse, in comparison to him all
men fell short in my eyes. He ruined my standards in men for life, he’s as good as it gets.
With that in mind it’s a good thing I married him then, I chuckled inwardly.
“Hello father.” I heard Daniel say to John hugging him before settling his grey gaze on us.
He walked towards Jesse and I.
He and Jesse exchanged pleasantries then he introduced us. Daniel looked at me and
gave me a charming smile.
“My my the cameras don’t do you any justice.” He said and to my surprise he lifted my
hand up to his lips and kissed it “Its great to finally meet you.” He said.
I uncomfortably drew my hand back “You too.” I replied kindly, from the corner of my
eye Jesse’s expression was unreadable but I knew him well enough to see the glint of
irritation in his eyes.
“If we’re all ready lets begin.” He said and everyone took a seat around the huge table. I
sat on Jesse’s right at the head of the table. They all took turns discussing the progress
and state of each branch in every country. Sometimes I zoned out, I couldn’t hear what
they were talking about because I was so hypnotized with the way Jesse conducted the


whole proceedings. He was confident and sure of what he was saying and doing. He
exuded power and control without looking brute. Anyone with eyes wouldn’t doubt for
a second that he was the boss; his aura gave him away. It was in the way he carried
himself, talked, it was in his sharp blue gaze. I felt proud to be his wife, but mostly I felt
proud and privileged to know the person behind the expensive suit and impenetrable
I was relaxed most of the time during the meeting but I would shift uncomfortably
whenever any of them looked my way. I didn’t look back long enough to read the
emotion in their eyes. It seemed like it has been 2 hours of talking and debating when
the meeting finally came to an end. Everyone stood up, John and Rebecca left first.
“I’ll be right back.” Jesse said to me then he walked out with Daniel, and Ben walked out
too leaving me with Kylie.
She scrutinized me until I blushed uncomfortably, she stood up and walked towards me
“Alright, what game are you playing at?” she asked sitting next to me.
I looked at her dumbfounded “Excuse me?” I asked.
“Don’t play the sweet little innocent act with me okay, I know your type all too well.”

She said shocking me.
“My type?” I probed, hurt by her words and tone of voice
“Women like you who use their…” she looked me up and down “…assets to get what
they want. You’re nothing but a gold digger looking for the high life.” She spat. “I’ll give
you credit though, you aimed pretty high.”
I flinched “I love Jesse, that’s the only reason why I married him.” I said.
She laughed, the malicious sound piercing my ears “Oh please you might be able to fool
him honey but not me. What’s the plan huh? Marry him and take over everything?”
I recoiled in shock “I don’t care about…” she held her hand up
“Save it for someone who gives a shit, but know this; the Gilberts are a very powerful
and dangerous family to double-cross. Jeopardize this empire and there will be hell to
pay. So save your pretty skin and know your place.” She said menacingly and stood up.
I couldn’t be sure what my expression looked like with shock, hurt and outrage
attacking me all at once. She didn’t even know me, yet she was accusing me of all these
horrible things.
“Don’t worry, my guess is that Jesse will get over whatever hold you have over him and
he’ll divorce you in a year or two. Then we’ll never hear from each other ever again.”
She said, “Trust me, its better that way.” She whispered smirking. She blew me a kiss
and walked out of the room.
I stared after her wishing I could grab her glorious blonde hair and drop kick her, but

she was Jesse’s family, she was now my family. How could someone who’s supposed to

love and support you be so openly rude and hurtful?
It was as shocking as it was painful.
He’ll divorce you in a year or two, those words made a terrible echo in my head. It was
something I’d never considered before; to me marriage was forever. I never
contemplated the possibility of Jesse ever divorcing me. Those words were the only
reason why I felt tears well up in my eyes. I stood up too,
I couldn’t fall apart in here; I had to get out. I went out of the boardroom only to bump
into Ben; he held my shoulders to steady me.
“Careful…” he said then he paused scrutinizing my expression “Lucky what’s wrong?” he
asked. I averted my gaze then he looked back “Kylie was in there with you, what did she
say to you?” he asked, his tone slightly irritated. I stepped back and shook my head “If


Jesse comes back here tell him I went to the car” I said then walked passed him. I turned
back “Please don’t tell him about this.” I pleaded quietly; he paused then slowly nodded.
Something told me I could rely on him, so I walked away. I quickly retreated to the car,
once inside the silent tears came down. I’d forgotten about our chauffeur until I met his
concerned gaze in the rear-view mirror.
“Are you okay Mrs. Gilbert?” he asked, I nodded “I’m fine.” I said quickly. I pushed a
button and the tinted glass partition came up. I wiped my face up; I couldn’t let Jesse see
me like this.
What would I say to him? I was crying because your aunt was being a bitch?
I didn’t want to put him in a position where he has to take sides. Especially if it’s
between his family and me, he shouldn’t have to choose.
About 10 minutes later he got in the car “Uncle Ben told me that you were in here.” He

said. So he came through for me, at leased one Gilbert had my back.
“Yeah, everyone left so I figured I should wait for you here.” I said, unable to smile but
praying that my voice sounded normal. It was annoying how transparent I was to him.
When he paused and looked at me intently I feared that this time was no different. He
held my chin tilting my head up, forcing me to meet his gaze then he froze.
“Were you crying?” he asked, his eyes troubled. Damn it! I thought, quickly turning away
from his hold “Why were you crying Lucky?” he probed.
“Its nothing Jesse, I’m just a little hormonal.” I lied looking at him, he didn’t seem to buy
my excuse then something dawned his expression.
“Its them, isn’t it?” he said sure of himself “They said something to you, who was it?” he
asked, ire creeping in his voice.
“It really doesn’t matter Jesse…”
“Who was it Lucky!” he said, his authorative tone making me flinch. Even I didn’t dare

test him when his patience was wearing thin. But I knew he hated raising his voice at
me so I caved in.
“It was your aunt Kylie.” I mumbled reluctantly, looking at him
“Go on.” He said softly, though it sounded strained “And don’t you dare lie to me.” he
added. I paused looking down “She said I was a gold digger.” I said, and then chastised
myself when tears I tried to hold back came down again “She said you’d divorce me in a
few years.” I added shakily. I didn’t get a chance to see his expression when he suddenly
pulled me into his arms. Embracing me tightly, gently stroking my hair and cheek

“I’m sorry little one, don’t listen to them. This is why I didn’t want them anywhere near
you. They’re awful people, I’m starting to think its in their nature.” He said softly. He
cupped my face in his hands wiping my tears with his fingers. “You know that fierce
Lucky, who doesn’t take crap from anyone? I want her to come out whenever we come
cross paths with them again.” He said slightly smiling, “That’s the only language they
I chuckled comforted, laying my head on his shoulder “I actually wanted to drop kick
her.” I admitted and he laughed.
“You should’ve.” He said then he knocked on the glass and the car moved.
“Never forget what I said love.” He added quietly.

All I ask is that you trust in my love, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you little one.

How could I forget? It was exactly what I wanted to hear at the time, what I always want
to hear. No one said this would be easy, but he loved me; that’s all that matters.


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