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Appropriate Wor ds or Expressions in Context

Astonished? Astounded? Bewildered? Confounded? Dazed? Dazzled?

What’s the right word?

.This presentation will help you distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate words or expressions for the given context.

On an objective test. . an item evaluating the skill might look like this . . .

unfazed B. blank? .Sample Item When Lawrence stuck French fries up his nose. A. which dazzled. or means disgusted repulsed the best or sickened. “Yuck!” We were __________ by his behavior. we shouted. Repulsed. repulsed repulsed Is unfazed. dazzled C. is word to fill the the right choice.

What if I don’t know any of words that are options? Don’t panic! Try to determine the right word by looking for clues about meaning! .

Look for Cynophobia! That’s such a big word! How am I supposed to know what it means? . Sharilyn suffers from cynophobia. cynophobia. . definition.Clue 1: Look for a definition. or the fear fear of of dogs so she won’t be interested in adopting dogs. so she won’t be interested in adopting aa puppy. author has or dashes that defined it for encapsulate you! It means the (or set off) the fear of dogs. sentence! The parentheses. Look at the commas.

You or such as that can conclude that provide Jack is examples stubborn. My dog Jack is obdurate. called. he won’t he won’t get off the get off couch the couch when when I ask I ask or come or come when when he’she’s called. Look at the Look for phrases like toThe sentence! illustrate author gives .Clue 2: Look for examples.that a define synonym the word for obdurate . you don’t know. for examples instance!. example . for forexample. Obdurate! That’s another big word! I don’t know what it means! .

so when we explained the salubrious properties of chocolate-broccoli muffins. Look for an Look at the antonym—a sentence! If she’s word that means sick. she ate one. Salubrious! I’ve never heard of it! How am I supposed to know if it’s the right word or not? . so to help figure out salubrious the meaning of must mean the word you health-giving! don’t know. Jill was sick sick with the flu. so when we explained the with the flu. she wants the opposite— to get well.Clue 3: Look for contr ast.

Guess. shouting. “Cornelius!” “Cornelius!” when dinner is ready.Clue 4: Infer the meaning. Everyone calls that boy Sparky. Sobriquet! Who uses that word! I don’t know what it means! . or Sparky infer. the must be a meaning! nickname . Sparky . Only his mother Only his mother refuses to use the sobriquet. Mothers like to which ischildren what a call their sobriquet by their real is! names.

At many objective exams. you c a n not use a dictionar y! X .

I’ve seen that word before! . go with the one that feels right. rely on “gut” feelings. Your eyes have seen in print — and your brain has registered — all of the possible words that you will encounter for this skill.W hen in doubt. If you don’t know the meaning of any of the words. Hey.

Quick Test Directions: In the items that follow. Your turn! Let’s see what you can do! . choose the most effective word or phrase within the context suggested by the sentence(s).

we found his dull lecture the next morning __________. inspiring . uplifting B. A. excruciating excruciating C.Item 1 After an exhausting all-nighter to finish Professor Clark’s research paper.

Item 2 After Betsy’s last purchase of a lemon—and the dealership’s unwillingness to repair problems that she thought the warranty covered—Betsy __________ the contract for her new car before she signed it. scrutinized scrutinized B. skimmed C. A. glanced at .

excitement C. and sighed.Item 3 Walter winced as he tasted the sauce. horror B. His __________ for Loretta’s cooking was obvious. A. shook his head. disdain disdain .

the assignment sheets are pages long and chocked full of requirements.Item 4 The students wished Professor Davis gave __________ directions for essays. complicated B. Instead. wide C. A. succinct succinct .

trepidation trepidation B. mirth C.Item 5 Sara was filled with __________. a tennis racquet in her hand. for she had emailed Professor Carson to explain that she was too ill to attend class but then ran into him at the Student Center. A. brevity .

A.Item 6 Simon had to __________ his cell phone after it rang for the third time in class. postpone . amputate C. relinquish relinquish B.

Larissa had difficulty __________ herself from the backseat when they arrived at her house. modifying B. extricating extricating . but he stuffed nine classmates into the little vehicle. A.Item 7 Roger’s car holds four people comfortably. hovering C.

We found his behavior __________. lackadaisical . punitive B. A. redundant redundant C. he read it again just as carefully. When he finished. but teachers loved his control of grammar.Item 8 Winston read his essay with a ruler. scrutinizing each line for errors.

he wore flippers on his feet and hands. When his girlfriend Maria saw his game-day preparations. she gasped and declared them __________. ostentatious ostentatious C. subdued B. pedestrian . A.Item 9 Larry dyed his hair blue and green and painted his face and torso in the same school colors. In addition.

A. incapacitated . Then we toured the __________ storerooms where the museum kept priceless treasures not on display. subterranean subterranean B.Item 10 We followed the guide down the stairs to the floor below the lobby. lofty C.

After the denouement Or the End. .

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