You Be the Change Program Overview

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead You Be the Change! Community Engagement Training
You Be the Change! trainings are offered to low-income community members and groups that advocate on behalf of the low-income community. The goal of this program is to develop low-income community leaders for the purposes of increasing advocacy and leadership skills. This ensures that low-income community members play an active role in decisions being made that affect their quality of life by building a base of grassroots power to address issues related to poverty, i.e. sustainable housing, sustainable stable communities, social justice, economic equity, and political growth. Leaders are selected based on the following criteria:  Previous community involvement  Demonstrated interest in addressing the issues/impacts of poverty  Representative of the geographical, racial, ethnic diversity of the communities of poverty Leadership training and development activities:  Complete 25 hours of in classroom public policy, leadership development, and community organizing training.  Two (2) one hour meetings with program coordinator to work on developing goals for the program.  One (1) monthly group meeting for reflection, ideas, and support.  Twenty (20) hours for field work on community engagement activities.  Individualized skills application tasks in relation to Community Action’s mission to reduce poverty and its impact on people in Ramsey and Washington counties.  Completion Ceremony Leaders gain:  Increased understanding and knowledge of public policy and community organizing.  Increased leadership skills (i.e. organizing around community issues, advocacy, and influencing public policy).  Strategic communication skills: issue identification and shaping - how to tell their story.  Interpersonal communication skills: interact in social situations with groups and decision makers.  Experience in working in collaboration with community members, nonprofit professionals and organizations on issue-based campaigns.

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