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Athens, 08 January 2009 Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Nikolaos Papavasileiou and I send my curriculum vitae and this

cover letter as a first step of knowing each other. After graduating successfully from the MSc in Accounting and Finance in Athens University of Economics and Business I started working in the biggest firm in Greece (ACME S.A.). I work in this company from September 2005 and I have achieved the goals I had set in the start of my career in this company. Working in ACME I had the chance to be familiar with many areas of the accounting and how to handle effectively these areas. Furthermore, my career there until now gave me the chance to realize that if someone tries too hard, respecting his team and the goals every period the team sets, then he will definitely fulfill both his personal and common goals. I decided to send my curriculum vitae to your company as I deeply believe that in YourCompany, which is one of the biggest companies in the world, I will have the chance to do the right for my career. Moreover, I strongly believe that the requirements of this position are familiar with many areas I have been involved in during the audit work until now. I truly believe that working in a company such as Your Company, I will have the opportunity not only to enhance my abilities, but also to offer my knowledge I have acquired until now in order to meet and satisfy the goals of the company. Last but not least, knowing that the field of accounting is the first priority for me, I believe that my ambition is possible to be fulfilled in one of the biggest companies in Greece, which plays simultaneously a protagonist role all over the world. Thank you in advance for your interest. Yours sincerely, Nikolaos Papavasileiou