Zero Conditional - to describe situations where one event always results in the other - we can use when instead

of if IF + PRESENT SIMPLE = PRESENT SIMPLE If you heat water, it boils. If people don't eat or drink, eventually they die. When the weather is warm and rainy, mushrooms grow very quickly. First Conditional - to talk about possible future events which depend on other future events - to give advice or an order, and to make a suggestion or a request IF/UNLESS + PRESENT SIMPLE = WILL/OTHER MODAL VERB + INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO They will sign the agreement unless their financial situation changes dramatically. If you want to make a good impression, remember to smile and make eye contact. If I see Mary, I will tell her. Second Conditional - to talk about imagined events in future, wich are impossible or unlikely If I went on a quiz, I'd win a lot of money. - to talk about impossible present situations If people had more common sense, there wouldn't be any wars in the world. IF + PAST = WOULD/COULD/MIGHT + INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO Sometimes, we use should, could or might instead of would, for example: If I won a million dollars, I could stop working. Third Conditional - to talk about unreal situations in the past, to imagine things that did not happen If we'd been driving faster, we would've crashed on that slipper road. IF + PAST PERFECT = WOULD/COULD/MIGHT + PERFECT INFINITIVE Sometimes, we use should have, could have, might have instead of would have, for example: If you had bought a lottery ticket, you might have won. Mixed Conditionals - to talk about situations that could have led to consequensces in the present If I had more self-confidence, I would have applied for that job. (...but I wasn't, so I haven't) If ther escue team hadn't found him, he would be dead. (...but they did, so he's alive) IF + PAST PERFECT = WOULD + INFINITIVE - unreal present situations, usually imaginary permanent states, which could have had some consequences in the past If Anna was here, she would've known what to do. If she didn't love driving, she wouldn't have become a taxi driver. IF + PAST SIMPLE = WOULD + PERFECT INFINITIVE

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